Possible 400 Dead as UK Government Betrays Parents to Push Six Vaccines in One Day

The Daily Mail (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/heal…) have announced that the UK have decided to give toddlers vaccines for six diseases at once. David Derbyshire a journalist for the Mail says:

Toddlers are to be inoculated against six diseases at once in a bid to boost vaccination rates, the Government revealed yesterday”

He continued:

The ‘super-vaccination’ day will involve three injections to protect against measles, mumps, rubella, two forms of meningitis and bacteria that can cause pneumonia.”

The vaccines to be used in the UK’s three shot ‘super vaccination’ day are the MMR, PCV and the Hib/Men C.

This unusual and controversial move was on the advise of the Joint Committee of Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), an organization that sanctions and approves the vaccine policies in the UK. According to the Mail, the committee’s research shows that combining multiple vaccines on one day would cause no health problems. The Government believes the change will simplify the complicated vaccine schedule and boost the uptake of vaccines after the MMR scare in 1998.

However, many professionals are unhappy that the JCVI are now controlling the vaccine policies in the UK. The Child Health Safety website (http://childhealthsafety.wordpress.com…) have called the JCVI ‘needle happy and reckless’,saying that they have serious concerns over conflicts of interest.

They say:

Giving the JCVI control over vaccination policy appears little different to giving control directly to the drug industry”

Child Health Safety continue:

The JCVI is drawn from the British Medical professions and includes members with drug industry financial conflicts of interest [Declarations of Interests] and an historically poor record to the present day on vaccination and child health safety [revealed in Freedom of Information documentation ”

Paul Offit from the University of Pennsylvania stated in 2005 that in ‘theory’, a baby’s immune system can cope with having as many a 100,000 vaccines in one go, although he did change this later to 10,000. This was said when he was promoting the Pediarix vaccine a five in one vaccine, containing hepatitis B, polio, tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (whooping cough vaccine). (http://www.whale.to/vaccines/offit23.html)

I feel it is important to point out at this point that Paul Offit also has conflicts of interest. He is a member of the CDC advisory committee and has disclosed that he received $350,000 grant money from Merck to develop the rotavirus vaccine, in which he shares the patent, which was pulled 6 months after is was licensed because of severe problems. The Wall Street Journal has said that Dr Offit gets paid to go around the country teaching doctors that vaccines are safe. (http://www.lawyersandsettlements.com…)

Ginger Taylor a writer, speaker, advocate, activist, and therapist and owner of the blog ‘Adventures in Autism’ calls Offit ‘A poster child for medical conflicts of interest.’ In an email to Mr. Huvane and Mr Kranzler (http://adventuresinautism.blogspot.com…) she said:

Further, Paul Offit was personally reprimanded by the U.S. Congress, at length, for his ethics problems. He actually sat on the ACIP, the CDC committee that decides what vaccines go on the US schedule, and voted for RotaShield to be added to the schedule, knowing full well that it would pave the way for his own vaccine, Rotateq to be added and be immediately put into wide spread use as soon as it came to market.  Which is exactly what happened.  Offit should have abstained from any comments or votes on any thing to do with Rota virus because of his conflicts of interest.

Paul Offit is the poster child for medical conflicts of interest.

When you take vaccine advice from him, it is as if you called Merck to ask if their products cause autism.”

According to the Parents PACK October 2005 (http://www.whale.to/vaccine/…) Offit said:

“Children have an enormous capacity to respond safely to challenges to the immune system from vaccines. A baby’s body is bombarded with immunologic challenges – from bacteria in food to the dust they breathe. Compared to what they typically encounter and manage during the day, vaccines are literally a drop in the ocean.”

Having just shown that Dr Offit has an ulterior motive for promoting vaccines, just how safe is vaccinating a baby with six vaccines in one go? According to Neil Z Miller a medical research journalist and natural health advocate, not very. In his booklet, Overdosed Babies – Are Multiple Vaccines Safe? (http://thinktwice.com/overdose.pdf) he likens multiple vaccines to the equivalent of pouring 3 shot glasses of whiskey, gin and rum into one glass. He explains that you even though the shots are in one glass you are still ingesting 3 alcoholic drinks – not just one – with all the anticipated side effects.

Taking this into account a baby having six vaccines in a single paediatric visit, is the equivalent to the baby receiving six different drugs on one day. Also the baby will be subjected to not just one but three painful shots in one go which is extremely traumatic for a young child.

It was stated in the book ‘Vaccines’ that Dr Offit contributed to however:

“Studies of cortisol concentration and behavioral responses of infants to vaccination indicate that responses are similar in infants who receive two injections during one visit and those who receive a single injection, suggesting that a second injection does not increase stress.” Vaccines, 4th ed. pp. 103.

This statement is totally misleading, as a young child will scream just as loudly whether they have had one, two or twenty two vaccines and to say differently is ridiculous.

Due to new evidence recently revealed, the UK government is in fact deceiving parents. It has now been revealed that multiple vaccinations in one go are not as safe as they would want us to believe. The UK government are fully aware of this fact.

On the 27th October 2010 some very disturbing news came to light. The website WDDTY revealed that recent evidence discovered by a journalist on FOI (Freedom Of Information) shows that forty children have died in the UK after routine vaccinations such as the MMR. Another 2,100 children have suffered a serious reaction. This came to light when the UK were forced to disclose the information.

WDDTY (http://www.wddty.com/40-uk-children…) say:

The UK’s Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) was forced to reveal the figures following a request from a journalist under freedom of information legislation.”

They continued:

It is suspected that just 10 per cent of all deaths and reactions from vaccines are ever reported; if so, this means that 400 children have died from a vaccine and 21,000 have suffered an adverse reaction in the UK alone.”

Despite knowing these alarming facts, the UK government are still saying that multi vaccinations are safe and effective. They are lying to parents by saying these vaccines are safe when clearly they are not. The government are fully aware that vaccine injuries are under reported and that these vaccines are killing possibly hundreds of children. However, instead of looking into these alarming figures and discovering why so many children are dying or being injured after a vaccine, they are more intent on pushing vaccine uptake. Once again they are seen putting profit before the health and safety of UK’s children.


Christina England, BA Hons

  • Christine Branden

    One word….GENOCIDE!!!

  • Portia

    deliberate Genocide.

    How low can these people stoop in order to make a profit from vaccines and poison children at the same time?

    All because parents woke up to MMR.etc.

    No doubt the deaths and side affects wil be blamed on parents and many will serve time in jail like Sally Clarke etc.

    All this pain and misery rather than accept responsibility for the deliberate poisoning of innocent children.

    How many must die before people say ENOUGH.?

  • Granny

    When my son was in the hospital at Loma Linda Univ. Med Center, we met a mom who had been coerced into giving her 2yr old toddler all its shots in one day. She had previously declined them, but the doctors were relentless. She gave in. They also gave the child an x-ray, and she does not know for what reason, as the child was not sick. She was there with Baby because in just one week, Baby had leukemia. There were several other children, she said, who also had an x-ray along with their vaccines, and now they, too, had leukemia. I wish I had gotten her contact info, but we were stressed with our son’s situation (aplastic anemia). I will never forget the self-loathing this Mom felt for herself for letting them do that to her baby. I don’t know what became of them, as we went to another hospital for treatment soon after.

  • Ursula

    This is absolute madness. I wished parents would do their own research rather than blindly trusting their doctors. Because if they did, this wouldn’t happen! And yes, I agree, this is deliberate genocide. All vaccination programs are, as NOT ONE vaccine EVER has been proven safe or effective.

  • Alan

    “Diet, injections, & injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, & any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.”

    Quote made by Bertrand Russell, from his book “The Impact of Science on Society” (1953) p. 50.

    These psychopaths have a serious agenda – don’t let them sleep.

  • Christina England

    Thank you for all your valuable comments.

    Granny I have heard of others who have had leukemia after multi vaccinations. I have not heard of a child also
    having an xray though.

    Children will continue to die and get seriously ill or brain damaged if parents will not accept that doctors
    are not God and they do not know best. Most experts as I have tried to demonstrate are being paid to
    develop and promote vaccines.

    Please read a list of vaccines that are being developed for the future. Everything from smoking to grass allergies.



  • Michele

    “Children have an enormous capacity to respond safely to challenges to the immune system from vaccines. A baby’s body is bombarded with immunologic challenges – from bacteria in food to the dust they breathe. Compared to what they typically encounter and manage during the day, vaccines are literally a drop in the ocean.”
    by this logic, then, a child’s immune system has an enormous capacity to respond to childhood diseases and should not need a single vaccine. JUST SAY NO TO VACCINES!

  • Christina England


    Only Offit could make such a statement!

    Most children are born equipped with an adequate immune system to combat disease. This, with good sanitation and a healthy diet is all they need to keep healthy.


  • Sandy

    Thank you Christina for an interesting, informative and well formulated article. You have drawn attention to an unethical and most disgraceful situation.

    Vaccine manufacturers normally state in the product documentation that there is no data available regarding co-administration with other vaccines. There is no reason at all to believe that this situation is any different now.

    Quote from the Mail (see link in the article):
    “The change was proposed by the joint committee on vaccination and immunisation after research found combining the jabs on one day would cause no health problems for babies. The committee’s research – based on detailed interviews with a small number of mothers and fathers – also found that the change would be ‘acceptable to parents’”

    – So the “research” which concludes that there would be no health problems for babies was performed by interviewing a small number of mothers and fathers. That’s a rather special definition of “research”!

    One cannot conclude from small numbers in research because there will be no statistical significance.

  • Christina England

    A very thought provoking comment Sandy.

    A few points that should be taken into account.

    1. Who were the parents questioned?
    They could have been each other don’t forget.

    2. How small were the number of parents questioned?
    Small can range from two to two hundred and two.

    3. Were the parents questioned from a range of different areas throughout the UK?
    The variables will be immense.

    4. Who asked the questions?
    A researcher involved can bend statistics accordingly.


  • Sandy

    Yes Christina, your thoughts about the “research” are certainly relevant! The few parents involved could easily have been friends having a good old coffee and cake party together.

    (It’s easy too to make sure that babies don’t feel pain or cry so much when injected: before sticking the needle into the baby, simply swab the injection site with a local anaesthetic!)

  • candice marchant

    i personal believe there isnt anythink any1 can tell me about Vaccines that will make me believe they are safe my little sister is proof that vaccines are dangerous and my daughter is never having any.i have a lots of friends with kids that share the same view.

  • Kelli

    Why is it that Big Pharma preys the most upon innocent children? Children are born healthy and stay healthy very easily as long as they are well nourished. Vaccines along with the whole cancer racket are amongst the biggest frauds in the psuedo-medical field of this century. For that matter most of allopathic medicine is nothing but a racket.

    Check out this site sometime:

  • mart
  • Robert

    @ Mart


  • Christina England


    Please check out Ben Goldacre. He has been avidly backing the use of vaccines for years and it is easy to see why


    Robert I am afraid on this I agree with your comment.


  • Gracie

    Has there been any studies of what vaccines are doing to the poor underdeveloped countries that the WHO organization sends old vaccines to? Is there increased deaths or autism there? Could studying those unsuspecting people crack open the myth that vaccines are safe?

  • Christina England

    Dear Gracie

    You could read this article I wrote


    Also reading through Archie Kalokerinos’s work

    Interview With Veteran Physician to Aboriginals (1)

    A little tricky to give a link as it goes straight into a document

    Try Googling his name

    This is another one



  • Gracie

    Thank you so much Christina for opening my eyes to this. It feels like such a nightmare. It’s so much deeper than I ever dreamed! I’m honestly flabbergasted! Thank you for all you have done to try to show people what is taken place. I pray someone will listen to the cries of these children and the parents soon and not the money.

  • Christina England

    That’s OK Gracie. Yes indeed it is tragic but we must all do our part in passing the information to others to open the worlds eyes and to educate.

    Please read this



  • Gracie

    I read your article on Vactruth Facebook page, it is what set me into the direction to learn even more about vaccines. I have always had a fear of the MMR shots, thinking the others were okay. Thankfully I stopped ALL shots. In the last couple of weeks my youngest (5) has possibly came down with whooping cough (the cultures aren’t back yet) of course my husband and I get the lectures of putting my kids and others at risk and being negligent in not vaccinating. Your article helped calm my fears that maybe I was wrong to have stopped. I read where pertussis has an outbreak every few years, whether immunized or not people still get it. (Professor Gordon T Stewart) Again thank you for the information, I will continue to spread the information around to as many as will listen.