FLUORIDE: How WRONG Can Health Agencies Be?

Excerpted from Vaccines & Vaccinations: The Need for Congressional Investigation,
Co-editors: Catherine J Frompovich and Laraine C Abbey-Katzev.
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FLUORIDE: How WRONG Can Health Agencies Be? Fluoride is a 50-year example!

Well, on Friday, Jan 7th, federal health officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finally admitted that American’s are getting too much fluoride, and for the first time in nearly 50 years, reduced the recommended level from 1.2 parts per million to 0.7. That’s a reduction of nearly 50%! (http://www.askdrgarland.com/?p=3749)


The following article appeared on KFSN-TV/DT’s website Friday, Jan. 7, 2011: (http://abclocal.go.com/kfsn/story?section=news…)


Fluoride levels too high in water, feds urge reduction

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced plans Friday [Jan. 7, 2011] to lower the recommended level of fluoride in drinking water for the first time in nearly 50 years, based on a fresh review of the science. One reason behind the change: About 2 out of 5 adolescents have tooth streaking or spottiness because of too much fluoride, a government study found recently. In extreme cases, teeth can be pitted by the mineral – though many cases are so mild only dentists notice it. The problem is generally considered cosmetic and not a reason for serious concern.

The splotchy tooth condition, fluorosis, is unexpectedly common in youngsters ages 12 through 15 and appears to have grown more common since the 1980s, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

But there are also growing worries about more serious dangers from fluoride. The Environmental Protection Agency released two new reviews of research on fluoride Friday. One of the studies found that prolonged, high intake of fluoride can increase the risk of brittle bones, fractures and crippling bone abnormalities. The fluoridated water standard since 1962 has been a range of 0.7 parts per million for warmer climates where people used to drink more water to 1.2 parts per million in cooler regions. The new proposal from HHS would set the recommended level at just 0.7. Meanwhile, the EPA said it is reviewing whether to lower the maximum allowable level of fluoride in drinking water from the current 4 parts per million.

According to a recent CDC report, nearly 23 percent of children ages 12 to 15 had fluorosis in a study done in 1986-87. That rose to 41 percent in a study that covered 1999 through 2004.

In addition, in 2005, the heads of 11 EPA unions, including ones representing the agency’s scientists, pleaded with the EPA to reduce the  permissible level of fluoride in water to zero, citing research suggesting it can cause cancer. [Emphasis added]

In Europe, fluoride is rarely added to water supplies. In Britain, only about 10 percent of the population has fluoridated water. It has been a controversial issue there, with critics arguing people shouldn’t be forced to have “medical treatment” forced on them.

For more information about the CDC’s position on fluoride, visit (http://www.cdc.gov/fluoridation/)

One of the ‘hidden’ facts about fluoride that is added to municipal drinking waters is this: It is an industrial waste product! Sodium fluoride [NaF], according to Wikipedia, … is prepared by neutralizing hydrofluoric acid or hexafluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6), byproducts of the production of superphosphate fertilizer. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_fluoride)

When fluoride orginally was added to municipal drinking water systems fifty years ago, it was an aluminum industry waste product. Dr. P.H. Phillips, biochemist, University of Wisconsin “Fluoride is an accumulative poison which accumulates in the skeletal structures, including the teeth, when the body is exposed to small daily intakes of this element. …it is like lead accumulation in the bone until saturation occurs and then lead poisoning sets in.”

Fluorides are general protoplasmic poisons. (http://www.fluoridation.com/quotes.htm)


What does the January 7, 2011 CDC decision about fluoridating municipal water supplies teach us?

The rationale and reasoning for this article on fluoride in a monograph on vaccines is this: To prove that government agencies make mistakes either unknowingly, willingly, or whatever—AND humans pay the price for those misjudgments.

Similar mistakes are being made with vaccines, only the problems are much greater and growing exponentially while there is an organized media campaign to keep health consumers in the dark about the health hazards associated with vaccines and their toxic adjuvants, excipients, and growth medium.


Commentary by co-editor Catherine J Frompovich

Finally, and after almost sixty years, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) acknowledged the need to reduce fluoride and the harm that ‘supplementing’ municipal water supplies with fluoride—a protoplasmic poison—is doing to children’s teeth, let alone overall health. What does that tell us? First, fluoridation is causing more harm to several generations now, and, second, those who really should know the facts and science surrounding health issues are totally out to lunch, in my humble opinion.

So, how can anyone believe government health agencies and the science they offer, particularly the U.S. FDA, when it comes to vaccine information that is being forced upon healthcare consumers with increasingly frightening mandates?

Just consider what the U.S. Supreme Court declared on February 22, 2011. In a six to two vote—Justices Ginsburg and Sotomayor cast the dissenting votes with Justice Kagan recused—SCOTUS [Supreme Court of the United States] reiterated the protection from lawsuits for vaccine/vaccination damage done to children and others that has shielded pharmaceutical companies and vaccine makers since 1986 when Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (Public Law 99-660), which should be rescinded and not reinforced because it’s what I would call a ‘bastardization’ of U.S. tort law.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, which represents 60,000 doctors, hailed the ruling. President O. Marion Burton said the decision “protects children by strengthening our national immunization system and ensuring that vaccines will continue to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in this country.” (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-02-22…)

Personally, I beg to disagree with the American Academy of Pediatrics, who ought to know better and not parrot pharmaceutical companies’ often-contrived pseudo-science when it comes to studies they pay for, produce, and usually publish in supposed peer-review journals that they own. What a hoax is being pulled off in the name of medicine and pharmaceutical science! And yet, there is no one in Congress, government health agencies, or law—except two women on the U.S. Supreme Court—who has the integrity and moral ethics to stand up for what is legally correct and place financial responsibility where it should be: Vaccine makers who make billions of dollars annually from vaccines that damage, kill, and ruin families of infants, toddlers, teens, adults, and senior citizens.

I truly believe the time has come for healthcare consumers to take to the streets in protest against a most insidious public health plan that is destroying more lives than protecting, since most vaccinated persons actually contract the disease for which they are vaccinated. That statement is dramatically proven in numerous charts within the monograph in the following chapters: Death, Disability & Vaccines Ineffectiveness With Validation From Peer Review Journals Charts & Graphs (pg.55) and Charts Illustrating Vaccine/Vaccination Ineffectiveness Globally (pg. 61), which can be downloaded on the VacTruth page for Vaccines & Vaccines: The Need for Congressional Investigation.

Isn’t it about time that we stood up for what is RIGHT?


(Photograph credited to Lel4and)

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  • March 10, 2011

Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of the website www.vactruth.com he promotes well-educated pediatricians, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.

  • This article is another great example to encourage parents to investigate the ingredients not only in vaccines but a plethora of other products – this includes GMOs. We ought not to automatically trust “authority” because in many cases the top level bureaucrats are heavily influenced by private financial interests.

  • Patrons99

    Very important topic! The relevance to public health cannot be overstated.

    Fluoride is added to 70% of U.S. public drinking water supplies and in virtually all of our foods and beverages.. The fluoride for our public water fluoridation is apparently imported from China, along with a number of gratuitous heavy metals. Is it any wonder that Special Education is the fastest growing segment in the public school system? The public should demand that ALL heavy metals and fluoride be completely removed from the public water supply. This is a basic responsibility of government, no? Is that too much too ask?


    “Exposure to fluoride may lower children’s intelligence says a study published in Environmental Health Perspectives, a publication of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (online December 17, 2010).”

    “The study authors write: “In this study we found a significant dose-response relation between fluoride level in serum and children’s IQ.”


    Reference”Serum Fluoride Level and Children’s Intelligence Quotient in Two Villages in China,” by Xiang et. al

    “The Cancer Connection to Mercury, Toxic Metals and Dental Cavitations”, edited by Bernard Windham.


    “The Toxic Metal connection to ADD, Aggressiveness, Impulsivity, Violence, Delinquency, Criminality, and Mass murderers/Serial killers” by B. Windham, a chemical engineer.


  • Fluoride also increases heavy metal absorption — of course heavy metals are also in the vaccines. Great info and thanks for sharing once again Patrons99!

  • Patrons99

    Jeffry – “Fluoride also increases heavy metal absorption — of course heavy metals are also in the vaccines.”

    Yes, indeed! Does fluoride help aluminum cross the blood brain barrier? If it does, that might explain why aluminum is associated with neurofibrillary tangles in Alzheimer’s disease and possibly with a number of neurodegenerative and neuroimmune disorders. Fluoride may be synergistically toxic with the metals, e.g. thimerosal and aluminum, and various “excipients”, polysorbate 80 and triton 100, in the vaccine schedules. This needs further study to define their composite LD50. Together, they are likely to be much more toxic, than any one of them alone.

    Dr Russell Blaylock, MD, Dr Gary Null, PhD, and others, have written about fluoridation and fluoride neurotoxicity. I’ve collected about a dozen links to articles on the topic and will post the links if there’s interest.

    “Aluminum interacts with fluoride to form a fluoroaluminum complex that mimics phosphate groups in biological systems.”

    “Because the aluminum-fluoride complex accumulates in the brain, it would also be expected to cause prolonged neurotoxicity, leading eventually to neurodegeneration and synaptic loss.”

    “In addition, fluoride enhances aluminum absorption from the gastrointestinal mucosa and across the blood-brain barrier. Of particular concern is the recent demonstration that fluoride readily forms a chemical complex with aluminum, similar to the phosphate ion, which is toxic to neurons at low concentrations and can act as an activator of G-proteins, a membrane link to second messenger activation.”

    “Another toxic effect of aluminum, and possibly a fluoroaluminum complex, is the activation of microglia. These are resident immune cells within the nervous system, which are normally quiescent, but are easily activated by a number of environmental and biological agents, such as viruses, mycoplasma, bacteria, aluminum, mercury, and several pesticides.”

    “It is obvious from this review that there is an intimate connection between the neurotoxicity of fluoride, aluminum, and glutamate that needs further attention. It is also obvious that excitotoxicity plays some role in this process, perhaps a central one.”

  • Patrons99

    The Dark Lords of the dental industry bear substantial culpability for the current holocaust – the epidemic of iatrogenic diseases. Fluoridated water and fluoridated toothpaste should have been outlawed long ago. “Amalgam” dentistry is criminal. Fluoride is a systemic poison. It’s a roach and rat poison. Dental fluorosis has been known for a long time.

    “Fluorine is the highest electronegative element and affects cell enzymes due to affinity to beneficial trace metals these enzyme repair processes require. Fluorine and aluminum compounds affect the lymph node dendritic cells and thyroid processes and cause the immune system’s ability to respond to pathogens to lock up and stop functioning, allowing the viruses to take control. Radiation causes a very similar effect due to ionization of water to make free oxygen radicals and the next most electronegative element effect next to fluorine. External radiation makes lots of free oxygen in the body that tightly binds these metals and removes them from proper cell use.”

    Fluoride probably disrupts the quantum coherence of our body, which is mediated by water. It can act as a hydrogen bond acceptor. It is probably synergistically toxic with aluminum and mercury, and a number of other heavy metal toxins.

    Personally, I believe that all forms of fluoride, aluminum, and mercury should be immediately outlawed from our “food” supply. They are systemic, cummulative poisons. I use the word food in the broad sense, to in include food, water, toothpaste, baby formula, dentistry, and the vaccine schedules.


  • Patrons99,

    I like the way you think and the information you are presenting. It certainly makes one take a second look at the ‘official story’ the public is given.

  • B. St. Marie

    Hopefully cities like this one: http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/Health/20110209/calgary-water-fluoride-110209/ will help to pave the way for the complete removal of this harmful substance in other cities. It’s refreshing to know that public awareness of these issues is growing. There are many that are simply putting their foot down and taking positive actions to facilitate change. I hope I live to see the day cities will begin to ban vaccines. Thank you for bringing attention to these issues.

  • Anonymous

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