Patricia Finn – “I will not, under any circumstances, give up those names… I’ll go to jail first.”

If you have difficulties exempting your child from dangerous vaccines, you could look to someone like attorney Patricia Finn for help. But, not if it was up to the State of New York – they’re attempting to revoke her license and her client list. Why?

It’s difficult to say, but we have an idea.

Do you remember the H1N1 flu scam? As covered in the interview below, she helped protect nurses from mandatory vaccination. Consequently, experimental vaccines worth millions of dollars went unused. Think Big Pharma can keep their doors open when parents start rejecting vaccines wholesale?

It isn’t difficult to see why Ms. Finn is such a threat to their bottom line. The problem is, I don’t think they anticipated Patricia’s courage.

In life, you will find very few people willing to stand on principle as Patricia Finn does. In my opinion, she defines the word courage. During our interview she said, “I will not, under any circumstances, give up those names… I’ll go to jail first.

We need more people like her!


Below is of condensed interview that I had with her due to YouTube time restrictions.  The full interview will be made available in the very near future.

(Condensed Interview Runtime – 15:01)

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Jeffry John Aufderheide

Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of VacTruth.com, he promotes well-educated health professionals, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.

  • Patrons99

    Great post, Jeffry! This attorney deserves strong praise. Personally, I’d love to see more physicians stand up and show courage in the face of this ongoing onslaught and carnage by pharma. There is no sign of it slowing-down. This is frightening. I fear for the well-being of those who will follow us.

    It’s time the myth of vaccine-preventable disease was
    disclosed for what it really is. Myths are much harder to cope with than
    outright lies.

    Jandl JH, Simmons RL. The
    Agglutination and Scnsitization of Red Cells by Metallic Cations: Interactions
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    in the Shwartzman Phenomenon As Observed in Pulmonary Reactions. The Journal of
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    VIRUS ON CELLS OF THE RESPIRATORY TRACT. The Journal of experimental medicine.

  • Thank you  Patrons99. I appreciate the information you post on comments as it helps others understand the problem at hand. Keep up the great work!

  • Anonymous

    It’s disturbing to realize that the establishment is becoming more aggressive about “pushing” vaccination on everyone.
    In the case of abortion (which I am totally opposed to), we are told it is the woman’s choice if she wants to do away with her unborn baby. And yet in the case of vaccination, which is allowing our own body or our child’s body to be injected with harmful substances, we are expected to go along with it whether we want to or not–this is clearly taking away our individual freedom, a violation of the constitution, in my opinion. I can’t go to the local drugstore without seeing signs all over the store promoting flu shots. When I went to the doctor (my former doctor) and I declined a flu shot and a pneumonia shot, the doctor was very critical of me and suggested that I find another doctor. This was a doctor with a very well-known HMO.

  • Anonymous

    I forgot to say, thank you for this great article. I greatly admire this attorney–Patricia Finn.

  • Misramadhu

    Jeffry,  Thankyou very much for your work and efforts.  According to me Patricia Finn is a true American.   I think that one of the PR  campaigns that  safe vaccine advocates need to think about is  the means of convincing people that we must not allow mandated vaccines.   Even thosse who are otherwise believers and supporters of rights , tend to think that mandating vaccines may be necessary.  We need, for example some graphic examples to convey to people that  although it might appear ok to mandate vaccines today,  it could be a very different situation for them personally, tomorrow, and then it will be too late to ask for your rights back.  And we need the examples of other countries that do not force vaccines on people, but have good health statistics none the less.  Cherry Misra

  • tomas

    good point!  If we assert that abortion is a woman’s choice – after all, it’s her body and her life, then how can we turn around and say that no reasonable person has the right to reject neurotoxic vaccines into their bloodstream?

  •  Your story is very common — and I’m willing to bet if you asked that same doctor what was in the vaccines you would end up just getting a blank stare. Most doctors do not even consider scientific tests before or after vaccinations, which is unfortunate.

  •  Appreciate you reading and sharing! Thank YOU!

  •  Well said on all points. I would also say it is too late to get a child back after they’ve been vaccine injured … these children are now considered ‘necessary casualties’ all in the name of ‘herd immunity’.

  • Anonymous

    Very well done Jeffry – this is a brilliant interview!!  Should a petition be started? Or maybe a film producer should be contacted to make a film about Patti Finn’s serious and dramatic situation? It should certainly be spread worldwide.

  • Diaz_richard

     Has nobody heard of the Nuremburg Protocol?

  • Brendacomeaux

     The last time I got flu and pneumonia shots, I got pneumonia, never again.

  • Catherine J Frompovich

    441019, You state a perfect example of how Big Pharma’s ‘money influence game’ plays out, I think.  Pharmaceutical companies encourage, lobby, support and even finance any aspect that involves pharmaceuticals, e.g., contraceptives in all forms, and now there will be contraceptive pills for men coming on the market soon; a woman’s right to choose abortion which involves other pharmaceuticals, i.e., anesthesia and/or antibiotics they produce; antibiotics they produce that are used in animal husbandry in the production of animal meats, which Congress, the USDA, and FDA ignore the damage being done to those who eat animal products, see this CBS news article about that http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-18563_162-6191530.html.
     Big Pharma enforces their rights so much that we now have corporate governance, especially at U.S. federal health agencies, it seems, and health consumers have NO rights to choose how to take care of their health, bodies, and children.  When will it stop?  When will Congress, the media, and the general public wake up to what’s happening?  Everyone can’t be that doggone dumb, can they?  Or, does Big money control Congress and the media?  What do you think?

  • Catherine J Frompovich

    If all the vaccines being pumped into U.S. children and adults were effective in preventing disease–not contributing to them as is the apparent consensus emerging–shouldn’t the USA be ranked Number 1 in health? 
     The New England Journal of Medicine published this article http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp0910064 that readers may find interesting.This statement in that article, I think, says it all: “In addition to its technical value, the explicit assessment of reform efforts
    contributes to transparency and accountability.”  Reform in transparency and accountability definitely are needed and should be enforced by Congress and the U.S. court system, including the vaccine court, regarding vaccines together with exposing the lack of transparency in vaccine trials both pre- and post-marketing, that also should include all pharmaceuticals Big Pharma produces, I think.

  • Brianbrain

    If you have a look at this site,it shows that most diseases were dying out and that vaccinations were doing harm then(death rate increased after vaccinations started).I had pertussis when there was no antibiotics of use at that time and had all the childhood diseases.Deliberately looked for the kids with Measles,mumps,chicken pox etc.Never had a polio vaccine.Don’t believe in them.

  • Brianbrain

    If you want to see the MOST BIASED report on vanccination from Al Jazeera and they must know their own children are at risk and are playing russian roulette ….


    AND GO Patricia for the world …

  • Lowell Hubbs

    This study here link below was of particular interest, and the below link was the only one found and is somewhat illegible, but still readable. Interestingly, this was the kind of science they were doing in the late 1920’s through the 40’s and the study published in 1957, 54 years ago. Now, where has that kind of science progressed to since then, in relation to the effects of aluminum adjuvants, and particularly as to the effect on red blood cells and agglutination? Particularly as well in regard to normal blood flow and ischemia within the brain and body? There are now many good studies available as to the neurological effects of aluminum and aluminum adjuvants, that I have a small collection of. However as well as to those said studies; the content of those, are something the CDC would and could never refute with any studies they can muster, and/ or information they have ever put forth. And likely that is moreso than in just my opinion. Why? Because their countering aluminum adjuvant safety studies, simply do not exist. I mean, what exactly happenened after 1957? Did the CDC’s crank telephones all fall off the walls, and they were unable to make any calls into any actual science department, or what? Purveyors of real science is what the public is mislead to believe they are at the CDC? Really? And they as well that follow my work, call me dangerous. LOL

    Agglutination and Scnsitization of Red Cells by Metallic Cations:

  • Lowell Hubbs

    We seem to be in somewhat short supply of attorneys and people like Patricia. Look at what has happened to those that have gone before you, Dr. Wakefield, Dr. Carley, and several others. This is in the likeness to the literal battle bewtween David and Goliath. The now pharmaceutical Goliath with to much to lose; the real truth be known. It is a spiritual battle between the truth and light, verses the darkness of decades of being fed complete misinformation and as well having had the real historical record covered up.

    When the smoke and mirrors clear, what you have left standing is this. As to the needed science; the authorities put forth that the only thing needed to make the scientific claim proving such as vaccine erradication of such as small pox, polio, and mealses etc., they only need to do two things. Show an increase in antibody titers during a vaccine clinical trial, and later put forth that the horrible so called disease is reduced or gone. “Correlation is then for them well sufficient to imply and prove causation” That, even though in the scientific community, it is known that true immunity actually involves just a bit more than just production of vaccine induced antibodies.

    Next when it comes to scientific proof that vaccines can cause such as autism or neurological and brain damage; then the table is turned so that belief becomes that no amount of correlation proves causation, and thus any such claim now becomes a logical fallacy  … Association Does Not Equal Causation; and the qualitative evidence does not withstand the mostly CDC funded epidemiological (scientific) study evidence they have claimed to have looked at and looked at. And what, all in all did they claim to have studied? One vaccine, the MMR, and one ingredient, thimerosal. Thats it. And all the scientific study evidence they say is in, and to look no further. Anything that claims to anything else is a fraudulent undertaking, YOU should take absolutely no stock in; right? No proof ever, nor even as to the harm of Gardasil; keep getting your necessary and safe and effective vaccines. You are proclaimed a misguided and negligent parent or person if you don’t. Fear mongering again and again, that if you dont’ do as they say, you are putting your child and the whole city and country side at risk. People like Patricia as well being railroaded as  by the misguided followers of the vaccines save all those lives, propaganda machine.

    Freedom is gone, and no matter how many endless vaccines are on or added to the CDC schedule, its still all good, and no proof is found ever of the risks outweighing the benefits that our white coat false purveyors of pharma science tell us is there. If it is so safe and effective, then WHY is noone in their circles liable for any damage; while they endlessly continue to deny the damage? They deny the existence as well of the non-vaccinated children that are the healthiest children around, and rarely if ever need their prescriptions. Instead they grumble that they are not getting ill because they ride free on the backs of the communities herd immunity. But then lets ignore all the outbreaks in the vaccinated, as if they never happened, and lets not focus at all on how many were vaccinated. Instead, its far more effective to claim it was all due to the unvaccinated, and as well to fear monger the need of more boosters. Thousands of parents out there now in fear of unvaccinated children; but the vaccines work?

    What about all the thousands of people that have not had a vaccine in now in over four decades; aren’t we a huge hole in the herd immunity?  Why are none of us seeing any outbreaks of anything? The vaccines benefit has lasted four decades; all of what, five vaccines we recieved? Excuse me if I remain a little skeptical?    



  • Patrons99

     Lowell –

    Generally speaking, vaccine-associated sudden deaths in infants and adults are really not exceptional. There are many examples which can be cited. Here’s one of them:


    “The post-mortem report clearly says that ‘blood-stained frothy liquid’ was seen coming through the left nostril. Air passages were found to be congested, and contained blood stained-froth. The lungs also showed a mottled appearance, congestion and petechiae (red spots due to mild haemorrhage).”

    See also the article by Paul Maher, MD, MPH, titled “Vaccines Narcolepsy and Sudden Infant Death” on April 29, 2011.


  • It is something I have stated for years, the evidence strongly indicates that vaccines do cause SIDS. In the second reference you had, they made as well a strong statement reference to the findings near the brain stem, and anything that changes normal activity and oxygen and blood flow there, of course would and could potentially cause death. I find it amazing as well that they refer to it in the first article reference as an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction, would actually cause all that; even if an anaphylactic reaction? That outcome would not be typical of an allergic nor anaphylactic reaction would it; even if the person died of it? Perhaps there is someone that could answer that? Anaphylactoid reactions are something that have been stated related to some outcomes, after Gardasil.

    Wiki: Anaphylactoid reaction a reaction resembling generalized anaphylaxis but not caused by IgE-mediated allergic reaction but rather by a nonimmunologic mechanism. But would the outcome that child had after the pentavalent vaccine, be typical of the findings as to an anaphylactoid reaction, either?An encephalitic reaction may actually come closer to a description of what takes place? The most over-all under studied area we have out there is in regard to as well an aluminum adjuvants potential effect on blood and oxygen flow. Those who could, intentionally fail to actively study these issues, because they do not want to know.

  • There is a whole industry built on caring for disabled children, from teachers to buses to medications and therapies. Why would they do anything to change that?
    And we as responsible adults should not allow these thing to continue, it our responsibility as parents to protect our children at all cost. The least we can do is go back to the previous standards of proving FIRST that these drugs are safe. We need to stop being the lab rats testing to see IF these vaccines are harmful. OUR CHILDREN ARE NOT LAB RATS!

  •  My doctor didn’t even ask me if I wanted a flu shot, he just ordered it. When I refused to take it, he blew up and slammed the door in my face! I changed doctors right then. I found out later that he missed his bonus because I refused the shot.
    They know the elderly are not supposed to get the flu shot because it makes them senile, yet that demand our elders get them anyway, they will scare them into taking them just to get that bonus. It turned my father into a mindless vegetable who never recovered.

  •  What is it?

  • No vaccines

    “Big Pharma enforces their rights so much that we now have corporate governance, especially at U.S. federal health agencies, it seems, and health consumers have NO rights to choose how to take care of their health, bodies, and children.  When will it stop?”

    Never. Big Pharma wants to be totally in charge. Be afraid…… A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.

    Alexander Fraser Tytler