We’re “Anti-Vaxers” Because We Don’t Have a Choice

Newborn babies are often injected with a vaccine within hours of being born by aggressive nurses.

The line has been drawn. There are pro-vaxers on one side and anti-vaxers on the other.

Let’s look at each side. The website, ProCon [1], sums it up pretty well.


All children should be vaccinated according to the AAP schedule.

There should be no exemptions because unvaccinated children risk public health.

Vaccines prevent serious illnesses and death and have, throughout history, eradicated diseases.

Vaccines are 90 to 99 percent effective. If a vaccinated child does get a disease, it’s milder and less serious.

Vaccines are safe. They do not cause autism.

The risks of not being vaccinated outweigh the risks of vaccines.

Vaccines generate about $20 billion a year in the U.S.

Vaccines save society money. Every dollar spent on vaccines saves the public $18.40, or $42 billion, in medical costs, missed work, disability, and death. (This amount is from a 2003 article. I’m not sure if it is accurate for today and whether it’s a per-year figure or not.) [2]


Parents should have the right to make an informed choice about vaccines, including refusing them. The government shouldn’t intervene.

Forcing parents with religious beliefs against vaccines to vaccinate their children violates their First Amendment rights.

Many diseases were eradicated or almost eradicated before vaccines were available, mostly due to better hygiene and nutrition and clean water.

Vaccines create artificial immunity, which damages the natural immune system and leaves children more susceptible to diseases of all kinds. Diseases strengthen the immune system and leads to natural immunity. Recent disease outbreaks, such as measles and whooping cough, are mostly among vaccinated children.

Vaccines can cause serious and sometimes fatal reactions. They can lead to autoimmune disorders and cancer as well as brain inflammation, which can cause autism or death in some children.

Since diseases aren’t usually life threatening, the risks of vaccines outweigh the benefits.

The lifetime cost to care for a person with autism is approximately $3 million.


Many so-called anti-vaxers are really not against all vaccines. Most of the people I talk to would like to see a schedule that includes only absolutely necessary vaccines that are safe, given one at a time, spaced out, and started later (definitely skipping the hep B vaccine at birth). They have reasonable questions and concerns about the safety of the current schedule. If forced into an all-or-nothing choice, they say no to all of them. Hence, anti-vaxers. This is neither fair nor reasonable. If you question the safety of Tylenol for your young child, are you anti-Tylenol? If you question whether your five-year-old should be allowed to have a Nintendo DS, are you anti-DS? If you have questions and concerns about starting your child with diabetes on insulin, are you anti-insulin? If you’re looking for a new car and asking questions at car dealerships or doing research online about safety, are you anti-car?

Why can’t you just have questions about the safety and necessity of injecting dozens of known toxins into your baby’s bloodstream? More than four dozen doses from birth through kindergarten. Who wouldn’t question that?

Why isn’t there another option when it comes to vaccines? Such as pro-safe or pro-choice? Here’s something I’ve personally never understood. Unborn babies can be legally murdered on the grounds that the mother has the right to have an abortion. She has that choice. But if a mother chooses to not vaccinate her child, she risks the child being taken from her, vaccinated against her will, or thrown out of school.


If you dare to ask questions, you’ll be called all kinds of things. You’ll be an official anti-vaxer. If you are a parent who is pondering vaccines, I strongly suggest that you risk the putdowns and the label and ask yourself—and your doctor—these questions.

What is the incidence of all these diseases my child is being vaccinated against?

What’s the chance that he will contract one (or more) of them?

If he does, what’s the chance that he will suffer a serious and possibly permanent illness or death? (I’m talking about children who have access to clean water and food, not children who are starving and dying in the streets of a third-world country. At the risk of being a target of Bill Gates’ new anti-vaccine surveillance and alert system [3], I’ll ask this question: Instead of planning to vaccinate all those children, how about feeding them and giving them clean water?)

How can all children need the same vaccines in the same dose? How can a 7-pound baby be given the same dose as a 200-pound man? How can one size possibly fit all?

What is the chance of my child suffering a serious adverse reaction and maybe even dying after getting a vaccine or a combination of vaccines? (For some answers, you don’t have to look any further than the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System [4] and the Federal Vaccine Court which, by the way, has paid more than $2 billion to families of vaccine-injured children since 1989. [5] How does our government create a FEDERAL VACCINE COURT and still deny a link between vaccines and autism? It’s ludicrous.)

Why hasn’t our government funded a study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children? That’s the first thing you think they would have done. If they are so sure it would prove that vaccines are safe and don’t cause autism, wouldn’t they have done it by now? And why has there never been a study on the safety of the combination of vaccines given to a child at the same time? Here’s why. Because they know what the studies will show. And that is that the incidence of autism is far less in unvaccinated children. That they are healthier overall than vaccinated children. That none of the ingredients in one vaccine is safe, let alone all the ingredients in the combination of vaccines. And when all these truths come out, their multi-billion-dollar industry will crumble.


I’m tired of the name calling and insults. Not that I’m personally offended, but it’s a waste of time and energy and doesn’t begin to address the problem. We are forced to be all or nothing. We either get our kids all the recommended vaccines or we’re anti-vaxers. If we question the safety or necessity of vaccines and choose not to vaccinate our kids, we’re putting other children’s lives in danger. We belong to a cult. We are conspiracy theorists. We have blood on our hands. We are ignorant.

Here’s my response. All of us ignorant cult members/conspiracy theorists with blood on our hands are following the money trail. The $20 billion trail. We follow the studies claiming that it’s been proven that vaccines do not cause autism. We know they are often funded by the vaccine manufacturers. We know that the articles describing such studies are written by doctors with ties to pharmaceutical companies. We know that Paul Offit made somewhere between $13 and $35 million off his rotavirus vaccine patents. [6] We know that the AAP receives millions of dollars from vaccine companies. [7] We know that Bill Gates pays the media and groups that write medical articles to portray him in a positive, almost “saintly,” light for his global vaccination campaign. [8] We know that in 2011 Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier made more than $13 million. [9] These are just a few examples, but the evidence is clear. The people who promote vaccines are making big bucks.

People who question the necessity and safety of vaccines aren’t getting a piece of the pie. For the most part, they are parents of kids with autism, and they’re broke or soon will be. There’s no financial gain for them in vaccines. They have no hidden agenda. Their purpose is to help their own children as well as other families with vaccine-injured children. The CDC can’t say the same thing. The AAP can’t. Neither can the FDA. No one else can. Just follow the $20 billion trail.


We can be called cult members and conspiracy theorists. Whatever. We’re not letting anyone inject our children with toxins. If that makes us anti-vaxers, then so be it.

If you mixed mercury, aluminum phosphate, ammonium sulfate, and formaldehyde with viruses, then got a syringe and injected it into your child, you would be arrested and sent to jail for child endangerment and abuse. Then why is it legal for doctors to do it? And why would you let them?” [10]



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Photo Credit

Jennifer Hutchinson

Jennifer Hutchinson is a freelance editor and writer. She has devoted the last few years to helping Jake recover, researching autism and vaccines, and sharing what she knows with others. She lives in Winchester, Virginia, with Ann and Jake.

  • Silver

    Great Article Jennifer, Thanks!

    Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries of Official Statistics

    pdf version here

  • Lauranz

    Fantastic article! Thanks!!

  • Laura

    If I were forced into this, I would want the person that is giving the injection to sign some saying they will be held accountable if something happens to my child. How many would sign? How can we trust them if money is the reason for all this. Do you know how the flu knows when to show up? after flu shots are given. This may sound funny but, I do think this is true. The year they did not have enough flu shots, flu did not show up at the same time as  years before. I think they bring the flu to us. I take D Earth each day to keep safe.

  • AussieMum

    I have always said, why do you have to be either, either, or?

    I am not a pro-vaxer, I am not an anti-vaxer, I am a non-vaxer for my own family.

    Why a non-vaxer, because I witnessed my son go through “hell” after each vaccine and “yet” my doctor was not concerned.

    When will mum’s all over the world realise that “mum’s know best!”  Instinctively we know the needs of our own children. Why? It is all about the survival of our genes!

    Therefore MUM’S should decide to vaccinate or not to vaccinate-END OF!

  • LocalHero

    As far as I’m concerned, taking ANY vaccine is utter madness. You can’t possibly understand anything about how the human body works and remain pro-vaccine. That is a certainty.

  • Excellent article with many relevant and logical points.
    Regarding the pro-vax point “There should be no exemptions because unvaccinated children risk public health”:  
    Pro-vaxers often argue that vaccinating is for the “common good” because of “herd immunity”.

    In reality herd immunity exists for naturally acquired diseases. Vaccine induced herd immunity is a myth:

  • natasha tauber

    As always, great article! I would add to the ‘anti-vax’ list: NONE of the viruses claimed to exist and cause illness have EVER been found/isolated/proven to exist ….check out Stefan Lanka, virologist, for great insight into medical history related to the invention of viruses…  

  • notsofree

    Cults worship things, thus it is the high priests in big pharma and medicine who are gathering the masses into a “cult” like atmosphere to worship vaccine, drugs ect…  Most of us “pro freedom” parents worship God (not a thing, but Almighty supernatural Creator of Heaven and earth).  We are the outliers who won’t be coaxed into the cult, therefore we must be demonized as if we are in the wrong.   Sounds like a convoluted sociopathic attempt at marginalizing freedom!!

  • Mleawicks

     i totally agree!!!!!!

  • Marcella

    Amen! Thanks again, Jennifer!

  • Argus

    This article is just one massive strawman argument.

  • Argus

    This article is just one massive strawman argument.

  • Missy Fluegge

    Jennifer, thank you for presenting a thorough article outlining viewpoints from each side of the vaccination debate! What a well-written resource for parents, especially those who are newly learning to examine and question the ingredients in vaccine. When you include relevant facts as you have done, the best course of action becomes obvious, doesn’t it?

  • Christina England

    Love it Jennifer, thank you for making my day. You are sooooo right.

  • Drivel4u

    I would ask the doctor if he/she was willing to risk his/her life on the vaccine. In other words; “Doctor if my son/daughter/grandson/granddaughter, etc becomes disabled in any way after vaccination are you willing to bet your life? Because if my son/daughter/grandson/granddaughter, etc becomes disabled, I’ll kill you!”

  • JennyG

    Bloody good article with many main questions that all thinking adults with children and babies should be asking.
    So many lies around the vaccination programe and many people just repeat the lies, example
    “Vaccines prevent serious illnesses and death and have, throughout history, eradicated diseases”.
    The charts and facts show clearly this is a false statement but repeated so many times is now a “truth”
    We must not be bulled by the system that is set up to make the drug companies rich, allowing them so much power that they can lobby the Govenments and do what ever they like.

  • JennyG

    Yes I agree, the vaccinations given, often starts of an epidemic, I think we are seeing this more and more often, Measels, whooping cough are two examples.
    I am also very sure that the flu shots given from september onwards starts the ball rolling. I am comvined that some of the shots in each batch contain live virus, so the person receiving it, spreads it around unknowingly. Swine flu with all the hype was introduced in 2007, but it has taken till now, for many people to become infected after each additional flu shot yearly has been adapted, last year in the UK swine flu and bird flu were mixed into one shot, and it has been going around ever since, causing sinus infections, chest infections, a very mucus cough that takes weeks to abate, and I am pretty sure many deaths that are not being reported by the media. We now get all year round flu. So what a great help vaccinations are in controlling the population.

  • Lou

    “And when all these truths come out, their multi-billion-dollar [Vaccine] industry will crumble.”

    And much more importantly the vast trusting public may start to critically examine “health care” in  general and the 3 TRILLION “Medical Industrial Complex” will COMPLETELY collapse as people discover they do not need an industry that at best is indirectly murdering them.

  • betsyanne

    When I tried to go to the ProCon.org web site, it was an interesting trip.  In the end, however, my computer will not open anything on that site, although it’s all archived material.  Hmmmm.  Couldn’t open the one on raw milk, couldn’t open the one about vaccines, couldn’t open the one about the 2012 campaign.  Maybe I’m just picking all the wrong ones??

  • Argus

    Dream on, Lou.

  • guest

     Word. Not every pro-vaxxer is keen on every single vaccine, they just know that vaccine theory is sound, even if vaccines aren’t always perfect. This article is ridiculous.

  • Tamarque

    Written in a well balanced way but missing many points.  One interesting one is that the history of vaccines has contained the same conflict from its beginnings.  Came across a book on the terrorism of vaccines that was written in 1921.  Jenner was in cahoots with the wealthy way back when and his own son died from his experiments, if I recall correctly.  There never was any proof on the either the efficacy or safety of vaccines–only the push from money, and marketing spin!

    And vaccinated kids who get the disease tend to get a much worse case than unvaccinated children.  Thus, the impact from the vaccine is much worse.

    Another point is that many vaccines spread the disease via body wastes.  We see this clearly with vaccinated dogs.

  • What do you mean, dream on, Argus? Are you just being arrogantly defiant, or are you yourself that far into dream land denial that it would not think nor believe that to be deserved, nor that it would have just cause to happen? You obviously refuse to understand nor believe that all of the Medical Industrial Complex is and always has been founded on false beliefs, as to the understanding of health, in relation to the human body. Nothing has been and nothing would be enough information for you; would it, Argus? You can continue your denial of all,  while self thinking people continue to learn and know the truth; your choice.

    I know that for you, Argus, it is a place you dislike to go, but welcome to reality!Dr. Peter Glidden talks about the third leading cause of death in the U.S. You might be surprised to find out what it is!http://www.ihealthtube.com/aspx/viewvideo.aspx?v=b176f7e93ba85c91More videos by Dr. Peter Glideenhttp://www.ihealthtube.com/aspx/search.aspx?sp=PETER++GLIDDEN&displayType=videosDeath by Medicinehttp://www.webdc.com/pdfs/deathbymedicine.pdfDeath by Medicine TrailerDeath by Medicine explores the dominant medical paradigm, the current health crisis, and a healthier, more holistic system. Based on Gary Nulls groundbreaking book with statistical evidence of hundreds of thousands of injuries and deaths due to conventional medicine. It looks at the pharmaceutical industry, drug reps, medical schools, medical journals and the absence of real medical science. The lack of oversight by our regulatory agencies, private insurance firms and lobbying influence upon our legislators. The result is the American medical system is broken and it is time to create a new medical paradigm.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPNDL4M4qC4Mercola.com's Death by Medicinehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7_e_4AOsFoDoctors Are The Third Leading Cause of Death in the US, Killing 225,000 People Every Yearhttp://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2000/07/30/doctors-death-part-one.aspxThree years later, new study.Drugs and Doctors May be the Leading Cause of Death in U.S.http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2003/01/15/doctors-drugs-part-two.aspxEx-Pharma Sales Reps Speaks Out – Pharma Not in Business of Health, Healing, Cures, Wellness.Gwen Olsen spent fifteen years as a pharmaceutical sales rep working for such healthcare giants as Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Abbott Laboratories. She enjoyed a successful, fast-paced career until several conscious-altering experiences began awakening her to the dangers lurking in every American medicine cabinet. http://youtu.be/AazObF_pHSUShow Me The Research! 110 References Showing The Benefits Of Chiropractic Care On The Immune Systemhttp://www.chiropracticlifecentre.com/?p=379The Questionable Contribution of Medical Measures to the Decline in Mortality. This study has never been refuted. Check out where it was done.http://links.jstor.org/pss/3349539http://www.ppge.ufrgs.br/giacomo/arquivos/eco02072/mckinlay-mckinlay-1977.pdfDeath by Medicine, Part Ihttp://www.healthe-livingnews.com/articles/death_by_medicine_part_1.htmlDeath by Medicine, Part 2http://www.healthe-livingnews.com/articles/death_by_medicine_part_2.htmlReferences.http://www.healthe-livingnews.com/articles/death_by_medicine_references.html

  • Really? 

    So Argus, you are thus claiming that your Provaxer side has been in this article, misrepresented? Eight sentences provided there; and it was a misrepresentation? Or are you claiming the Antivaxer (Provaccinetruth) side, was misrepresented? 

    Perhaps you would you like to expound upon it all further, and explain that one in some more detail? Please as well, attempt to refrain from any unsubstantiated fear mongering.

    Straw man

  • Here’s my problem with this debate.  FIRST, I have tried to find good scientific studies PROVING that what occurs after vaccination is actually the “creation” of immunity.  I have not found any proof that what occurs is anything more than sensitization.  Sensitization is the mobilization of the immune system, but it is not against a particular disease and seems to eventually lead to auto-immune problems.  Auto-immune problems are created when the immune system runs riot. 

    SECOND, the few good analyses performed on, say, the flu vaccine proved that it is crap. It doesn’t protect against anything.

    THREE, one of the few really excellent books about the problems of vaccination (VACCINE A by Gary Matasumoto) definitely indicate that vaccines and their adjuvants cause more problems than they solve (which, much like black swans, are the exception that disproves the statement that ‘vaccines save money.’  The horrible diseases caused by vaccines and the ones that I personally suspect (allergies, autoimmune disorders, Alzheimer’s) actually cost much more than the incidental cost of childhood diseases.)

    FOUR, both Matsumoto’s book and the other really good book on vaccines that speaks to the issue of the SV-40 contamination that has caused  a variety of cancers appear to demonstrate that sticking a needle full of unknown stuff into one’s body can have long-term effects that NOBODY is quantifying

    FIVE, THE FACT THAT THERE HAS BEEN NO ATTEMPT TO ACTUALLY STUDY ANY OF THE ITEMS MENTIONED IN MY FIRST FOUR POINTS MAKES THE SCIENCE IN VACCINES VERY SUSPECT.  Until somebody makes a real effort to actually collect, study and analyze sound vaccine data, it is a mythology not a science.

    SIX, unlike many people, I grew up in a doctor’s household.  I learned the scientific method from my earliest years.  As a matter of fact, the first books that I read were my dad’s medical books.  I HAVE NO PARTICULAR REVERENCE FOR “CLINICAL STUDIES” and the other buzzwords of science.  Clinical studies means that a bunch of numbers are collected on a specific question.  Depending upon the population involved, the question asked and the quality of the data collected…one might or might not get real insight into the cause and effect involved.

    SEVEN and FINAL point, what we know is influenced by the tools at our disposal and our methods of interpretation.  Before microscopes, the concept of GERMs was unknown.  After microscopes, we understood that germs were involved, but we weren’t sure which ones were the culprits.  With the advance of genetics and other science, we know more, but we are far from sure about many things.  TO THINK THAT SCIENCE CURRENTLY HAS ALL THE ANSWERS IS FOLLY.  TO THINK THAT A PRACTICE (VACCINATION) that was never properly studied might not have flaws or errors in the interpretation of outcomes is the height of myopia.


  • The vaccine theory is sound, guest? Based on what? That the vaccinated were stated to have acquired increased antibody titers during the vaccine clinical trials? Are antibody titers the only mechanism and source of immunity in the human body? How do they know for certain how many people were as to efficacy, and as a fact, actually protected? Do you have any studies on that? Do, and have any of those illnesses ever run in cycles? Have an major communicable illnesses/ so called diseases, ever run in cycles that peaking and then died out, even without a vaccine? I suggest that there were.

    Does natural, and not vaccine derived herd immunity, ever play a role; even though a vaccine is in use? How can vaccine derived herd immunity be anything but a myth, when 1000’s, if not millions of adults on the planet have not had any vaccines in years, or in fact decades? Are infants, school children, and teens; the only subjects of being vaccinated, priority in that so called herd? You know historically, that-that is the situation we have had.
    The majority of those adults that have not been vaccinated, quite obviously would have very little to no longer have any protection from a previous vaccine. That much should be obvious, right?

    As to the vaccine safety studies; and as well regarding multiple repeat vaccinations; why are there existing few to no real safety studies; nor anything much beyond the vaccine clinical trial stage? Why did they only do epidiomological studies (one of the top promoted studies, CDC funded), on only one vaccine, the MMR, and as well only one vaccine ingredient, Thimerosal? Is that ALL there is to look at? Then the so called authorities called it all good, stating that all the science is in and we looked at it all; and no connection to anything was found. Does that not seem at all just a bit disingenuous?

    Do you know of any scientific study that shows that vaccines have never and will never create stronger strains of exisiting non targeted pathogens ; similar to what we know about antibiotics? It’s an entirely differant situation? Really? How?

    Do you know of any study that shows that vaccines have never and will never cause a mutation of the vaccine targeted pathogen? That is exactly what has happened and is happening with pertussis vaccine, right now. Non targeted B. parapertussis now as well existing as much more prevalent. Why is not the CDC getting a bit more honest about that, instead of continuing to push a clearly failed vaccine? How can it be anything but failed when the majority of the outbreaks are in the fully vaccinated? Outbreaks of measles as well have occurred in the fully vaccinated. 
    The medical arena claims to be about and to have all the science; touting that scientific method, right? Even if vaccines were highly effective and if we could put that argued issue aside; do not the CDC, FDA, and the known vaccine so called authorities have a duty to as well provide honest and accurate information as to the true risks of vaccine harm?

    The authorities no matter what, continue to claim that severe and damaging vaccine reactions are rare. VAERS, although not necessarily causation proof, has gone entirely ignored by the FDA. If you did the math, given that VAERS is known to have only a 1 to 10% reporting factor, those reports then do exist as an example of majorly unanswered and unresolved issue, as to the question of actual and the real safety of vaccines.   
    I submit to you that there is a larger picture as to vaccine safety, that is being entirely ignored.

    Vaccine Damage – Science

    Anti – Vaccine

  • JennyG

    Must be your computer, worked fine when I checked it out…

  • Logan

    Thank you for posting this, and for posting everything like this. I have an 8 month old son who I am not vaccinating. After realizing that I’m different than everybody I know, I was encouraged to write a paper explaining why I don’t vaccinate. Well, I can’t stop writing. My paper is now at 80 pages, and I’m going to keep going. Thought I might as well just keep writing what I find and try and get it published. We need more articles like this that are helpful, informative, and back them up with their research. We also need more people willing to read articles like ths.

  • Logan

    Thank you for posting this, and for posting everything like this. I have an 8 month old son who I am not vaccinating. After realizing that I’m different than everybody I know, I was encouraged to write a paper explaining why I don’t vaccinate. Well, I can’t stop writing. My paper is now at 80 pages, and I’m going to keep going. Thought I might as well just keep writing what I find and try and get it published. We need more articles like this that are helpful, informative, and back them up with their research. We also need more people willing to read articles like ths.

  • Sharonlscott

    Great article, 15 years ago i had my son given MMR after asking numerous questions and against my better judgement, I did’nt realise then that it was my intuition telling not to have this done to my 13 mth old son, but I did after alot of pressure from health professionals. I do regret this as my son was immediately ill and became distant, lost alot of weight, when i mentioned this to health professionals it was ignored and told they can get feverish after, then when he’s 2 he’s diagnosed as high functioning aspbergers syndrome. All my son’s records before the MMR were indicating he was a healthy baby with no cause for concern, after MMR it all went downhill, definately not a coincidence. He’s never had anymore MMR or other jabs as I just won’t risk his autisim getting any worse, I also have a 22 mth old son who’s never had any jabs and is completely healthy, he had measles at 14 mths brought im i’m sure by a friends grandaughter who just had MMR shot, which i did’nt know until after they had visited, but he got over measles with no seemingly after effects, and i’m sure with a better immunity and more natural one. If people could see what it’s like to watch your baby change before your very eyes and become autistic and withdrawn when they were perfectly fine before their shot, it’s very heartbreaking to see. I’m presently applying for a vaccine damage payment and an insult of £120,000 sounds alot, but not when they have ruined that childs potential and left them with a severe learning disability, and also an admission of guilt on the governments part, also took me 15 years to find out about this payment through the DWP in uk, kept that one quiet as usual.

  • Marion Delgado

    We can lead you to science, but we can’t make you think.

  • UKTeen

    The US government has had no need to do studies because the British did them after they found Mr Wakefield was found to have basically made up the results, he subjected children to needless horrible tests like lumbar punctures, all of which were against the Royal Free’s orders and the doctors code of conduct. He was also paid by a lawyer to find a link between MMR and autism in order to make a large sum of money.
    Yours sincerely a healthy vaccinated UK teenager.
    Sorry no references but its all readily available.

  • Out of touch! Judge Mitting in the lawsuit brought by Dr. Wakefield’s colleagues on the Lancet study Dr. Walker-Smith and Murch found for the plaintiffs and restored their licenses, finding that there had been no fraud, the sick children’s symptoms had been accurately reported (they regressed into autism or bowel disease within days or weeks of the MMR, hmm…), and he reprimanded the GMC for its shallow reasoning and false conclusions, and mandated that they include a legal board in such cases in the future to prevent a repetition of the abuse present in the Wakefield Lancet case. Dr. W’s insurance wouldn’t pay for hiim to be part of the lawsuit. That was over a year ago, and you guys are still posting about his so-called fraud? Vaccines cause autism. My baby was given the hep-B vax at birth, she reacted with four days and nights of endless screaming, vaccine-induced encephalitis, and was later diagnosed with autism. Like hundreds of thousands more. See Patti White testimony, Michael Belkin, Judy Converse (When Your Doctor is Wrong: the Hep B Vaccine & Autism).

  • The Ranter

    How about we let all of you create a community inside of, I don’t know, what is it usually called?? Oh yeah a compound!! We will let not get vaccinations and ignore the progress of science and medicine, as long as, you agree not to come out without going through a decontamination procedure. If after 3 generation the life expectancy doesn’t drop by 25 or so years then someone will listen to you crazies argument. The truth is you effect us whether you like it or not.

    All of you are just as bad as the people who sterilize EVERYTHING with anti-bacterial medicine. Antibiotics are over prescribed but pretending that vaccines don’t work is idiotic. I loved the hearty debate at first because science needs to be questioned but your using pseudo science.
    As a climate expert I won’t be swayed by pseudo-science. We need to prove to people that EVERYONE WILL DIE in a few generations if we don’t implement some very scary uses . Just saying why don’t the most committed among you go live in that compound and watch as people die earlier and earlier. The thing is I don’t want measles, mumps and I definitely don’t want a disease ridden kid getting my niece and nephew sick B/C they haven’t had their shots yet. You effect other people. It’s not like your anti-vaccine and it has no effect upon us. We are seeing diseases we thought we had eradicated. I don’t want to live in Africa where suddenly a new deadly disease pops up.

    You and your un-vaccinated kids are a walking disease and I think the CDC should do whatever they can to eradicae you.

  • The Ranter

    Good luck proving that but I feel bad for your son. I hope you find some peace. Maybe your son is Vaccinne-Allergic. Their aren’t many cases but I would find out. Other then that you have no hope, scientifically speaking, getting the judge to agree that what worked just fine for billions before should be stopped b/c your son could have had Asbergers all along??? Most kids aren’t diagnosed until ages 3-11 so your son, unfortunately was diagnosed right on time. May I ask is he high or low functioning? I hope you get the money but you need a new strawman b/c vaccines aren’t it. I appreciate people like you ensuring that vaccines are carried out with the utmost scrutiny on the people providing them so no mistakes are made. However, they DIDN’T DO ANYTHING to your son. Love your son the way he is and you can’t fix the past and don’t get caught up in the hate this site generates. Vaccines are safe and necessary. I don’t want the unvaccinated getting mumps, etc.. and passing it around. I just wish all of you the best. Life is unfair but that doesn’t mean someone is to blame.

  • Sky

    Thank you for this article! You have cemented my decision TO vaccinate my children and push for mandatory vaccination in schools and daycare centres (with concessions for those with certain medical conditions making vaccinations unsuitable).

  • willgoring

    Something which might be of interest to you:


    Yet more proof that autism starts well before birth. But don’t let a silly little thing like science get in your way, eh?

  • Brids

    It always amazes me that people who use terms like “pseudo-science” often times spew bullshit like this. People were getting measles and mumps long before there was ever a vaccine for it and now you think everyone is going to suddenly die from it? What kind of crap is that? Talk about pseudo-science. No scientist in the world would agree with a statement like that.

    And while we’re on the topic of common knowledge, lets talk about Africa. Since you don’t seem to understand why many countries in Africa have such a poor life expectancy, I’ll let you in on the big secret. Hygiene. Yep, that’s right, not lack of vaccines but simply the failure to wash their hands or maintain a fresh drinking supply or poor/no plumbing. Hygiene had prevented more diseases than all the vaccines in the world. You can vaccinate yourself all you want but if you’re drinking water contaminated with raw sewage you’re going to get ill, plain and simple.

    Furthermore, you just talk about children getting the vaccine. So what about all those non-vaccinated adults walking around? Don’t you think that matters? Why do *just* the children need to get vaccinated but not the adults? It’s broken logic. Plus, you act as if people who are vaccinated are immune, they aren’t. People with the vaccine who are sick are just as capable of spreading it to you or your child as someone who sick without the vaccine.

  • childadvocate

    We need to campaign for a law that prosecutes these parents when they die from these preventable diseases! They are killing their kids.

  • spam 90210

    And how would non-vaccinated kids affect his vaccinated kids? I thought the vaccine makes you immune?

  • spam 90210

    Is that what you tell a parent who watched their child be permanently damaged immediately following a vaccination?

  • spam 90210

    We are all vaccine allergic. Some of us can filter out more toxins than others based on many factors. How dare you tell this woman that you know her kids better than she does. What a douche.

  • mamaelephant

    Many of the moronic comments aside, thank you for this article. I’m in the same position as the author- being pushed over to the “anti-vaxer” side because it’s an all or nothing deal pretty much, which sucks bc there are some vax I would like to get for my kids but others I absolutely refuse to get for them so we’re stuck not being able to get any at all. I have a child on the autism spectrum who’s never had a vaccine in his life. I have a child who almost died from a form of strep pneumo that was found to *not* be one of the strains he would have been vax’ed for had we done vaccines yet I still had to deal with being berated by some of the hospital’s med pros and some family members regardless of the fact that it wasn’t even one of the strains he could have been vax’ed for (thankful for the other hospital staff that stood behind me and called out their collegues for their ignorance and lack of professionalism). There should not be ANY one-size-fits-all medical procedures, we and our children all deserve individualized care and the rights to make individualized health care decisions. Anyone who says it’s an easy choice to either choose all available vaccines or not vaccinate at all has not fully done their research because, personal beliefs aside, there are enough facts both pro and con that make it clear that there is NOT any single one right answer. Instead of some of you commenters being so omnipotent and righteous try to remember that, vax or not, we ALL have difficult choices on our hands, we all should be grateful to live in a time and place where these options and access to medical care exist, and we’re all just trying to do what we feel is best for our children. Be gentler with each other, teach your children to be supportive and caring, even for those who may not agree with you or think how you do.

  • Rabbit333

    I was all for vaccines and never questioned them until my twins got their Pertussis vaccine at 18 months, and then both came down with whooping cough two weeks later. I told their Doctor they hadn’t been around anyone with Pertussis and he told me “they probably got the illness from the shots, that’s where most, if not all cases of pertussis come from.” I thought that was strange, but a small price to pay for being protected. So I continued to get them their shots. Then we had another daughter, when she went in for her routine 6 month shots she had 8 seziures within 3 days afterwards. She doesn’t seem to have any long-term damage thank God. But I have seen enough, and I’ve been fooled enough. After over 3,000 hours of research from accredited medical journals and combing through every vaccine insert there is, I am an anti-vaxxer.
    And they made me this way.

  • Robert

    You guys are dumb.