Announcing UK Government Considering Mandatory Whooping Cough Vaccine For Newborns

The UK Health Authorities are considering making vaccinations compulsory for newborns, vaccinating them with the DPT at birth due to the whooping cough outbreaks in the UK. The BBC News reported that number of cases in England and Wales are already three times higher than those in 2011. (1)


First introduced to the UK in the 1940’s, the DPT is a vaccination for Diphtheria, Pertussis (whooping cough) and Tetanus. Since the introduction of the vaccination the whooping cough element in particular has caused huge controversy and outrage among parents and professionals alike. This is largely due to serious adverse reactions being reported, including convulsions, neurological disorders and sudden infant death syndrome.

During the sixties, seventies and eighties various documents proved that a number of doctors, pediatricians and neurologists were writing to the government outlining cases of seizures and mental retardation (as it was called at the time) following vaccination.

In January 1968 B.D. Bower a consultant pediatrician from The Radcliffe Infirmary (2) wrote a letter to Dr Sealey Ministry of Health stating:

“Following our telephone conversation about reactions to pertussis vaccination, I am giving you data on which my remarks about the risk of severe brain damage are based.”

A little further on in his letter Bower states:

“In 1964 my colleague Dr Peter Jeavons and I published a monograph on ‘Infantile Spasms’ (Clin. Dev. Med. No 15,Heinemannms London) and in this we discussed the relevance of immunization to the tragic infantile spasms – mental subnormality syndrome.”

It is clear from Bower’s letter that all was not good and my research shows that the UK government received such letters on a regular basis. However, they did very little about this as the whooping cough vaccine continued to be problem.

In 1979 D Neary M.D. a Consultant Lecturer in Neurology wrote a letter to the Department of Health (3) He wrote:

“I have an increasing number of patients bringing their epileptic children and asking whether the whooping cough vaccine could have played a part in the disorder. Could you give me as many details as possible about the present legal situation as regards this group and the type of information they require in order to prove a relationship between vaccination and the disorder.”

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Despite growing evidence that there was a problem the situation continued throughout the decades. In 1980 Professor Gordon Stewart made his feelings very clear as he felt that the government was withholding important evidence and information regarding the truth of this vaccination from the public. In a letter to Mr. P. Allen of the Committee for the Safety of Medicine (4) (5) (6) he wrote:

On page one he wrote:

“In reply to yours of the 11th February, I am sorry to say that I do not agree with you that there is nothing more that can or should be done. Let me say again the important matter confronting us is the safety of the vaccine. It is not in the publics interest to withhold additional information relating to the safety of the vaccine, which has come to our attention as a result of a collaborative programme and which is highly germane to our report.”

He continued on page two with the following:

“The situation changed when Dr Pollock saw fit to assure the public on more than one occasion that the vaccine was “perfectly safe”, that fears which had been expressed were groundless and that parents and doctors could therefore use it without fear. The reassuring statements issued by Sir Charles Stuart-Harris and by Professors Dudgeon and Miller were in the same vein, although NCFS to which they refer is nowhere near completion. This was so much at variance with what by that time, our Committee knew to be the case that a caution if  not a corrective statement was certainly called for. The lack of a corrective statement amounts to a repetition of the same dismal history which caused the problem in the first place and led the Ombudsman to blame your Department in no uncertain terms.”

In his letter Professor Gordon’s makes it very clear that the government knew that there was a problem with this vaccine but was choosing to ignore it. However, it was not just the whooping cough element that was proving a problem. The DPT vaccine as a whole had been causing huge problems as a document published by the WHO (World Health Organization) in 2000 (7) proved.

The WHO reported the following:

Vaccines against diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus (DPT)

Minor local reactions such as pain, oedema and erythema occur in 40% to 80% of cases when DTP vaccine is administered. In rare cases, a nodule can form at the point of injection and remain there several weeks. A sterile abscess appears in 6 to 10 cases per million doses administered.

Mild systemic reactions consist of temperature over 38°C and irritation (40% to 75%), drowsiness (33% to 62%), loss of appetite (20% to 35%), and vomiting (6% to 13%).

Severe adverse events

  • Specific severe adverse events are described:
  • Persistent, inconsolable crying for more than three hours (mostly from pain, 1%).
  • Temperature in excess of 40.5°C (0.3%).
  • Unusual screams (0.1%).
  • Convulsions (usually related to fever, one case in 12 500 does administered) (Farrington et al., 1995).
  • Hypotonic–hyporesponsive episodes (one case in 1750 doses administered)(Cody, 1981).
  • Anaphylactic reactions are rare (two cases in 100 000 doses administered) (Edwards et al., 1999; CDC, 1996).
  • Convulsions are more frequent when there is a personal history (with a relative risk of 6.4) or a family history (relative risk of 2.4) of convulsions in the child
  • (Edwards et al., 1999; Livengood, 1989). There was an increased relative risk for convulsions 0–3 days after DTP vaccination (Farrington, 1995).
  • Systematic administering of acetaminophen or any appropriate antipyretic at the time and at 4 and 8 hours after immunization decreases the subsequent incidence of febrile and local reactions (AAP, 1997). It may also be of benefit if there is a personal or family history of convulsions (Ipp et al., 1987; CDC, 1987).”

The author did go on to add:

“The US Vaccine Safety Committee agreed in 1994 that there was insufficient evidence to conclude that pertussis vaccine could cause permanent brain damage (Edwards et al., 1999). Furthermore, the experts rejected the alleged causal link between DTP vaccine and autism, infant spasms, Reye syndrome and sudden infant death syndrome.”

Although my evidence from doctors, pediatricians and neurologists paint a different picture.

In 2009 the UK Discussed Making the MMR Compulsory

This is not the first time that the UK has tried to make vaccinations compulsory. In 2009 the British Medical Association was calling for the MMR vaccination to be made compulsory due to the fall in vaccination rates of the under 5 year olds. (8)

If the UK Health Authority is discussing making the DPT vaccination compulsory for newborns and succeeded the news recently announced on WDDTY (What Doctors Don’t Tell You) news site may be accurate.

The controversial website WDDTY (9) recently announced that the DPT was not the only vaccination likely to be made compulsory for newborns in the UK. They reported that the BBC had also announced that the UK Health Authority was also discussing making the MMR vaccine compulsory for newborns as well.

I was unable to verify their news source but if this is the case how dangerous could the MMR potentially be in newborns.

How Dangerous in the MMR for Newborns?

In 2010 I exposed a series of hidden documents that I stumbled across whilst researching at the Kew Archives. One of the documents that I exposed was a Ministry of Health Circular released in September 1968. (10)

Section 7 – Routine Vaccination of the circular stated that:

“Live measles vaccine should not be given to children below the age of nine months since it usually fails to immunise such children, owing to the presence of maternally transmitted antibodies.”

The circular advised that the measles vaccination should instead be given to children in their second year of life after the completion of the immunisation against diphtheria, tetanus whooping cough and polio.

This is interesting because the advice given by the Ministry of Health matches the advice given by Thomas Morson Pharmaceuticals in their manual for the single measles vaccination Attennuvax. (11) The manual states:

“Infants below 15 months of age may fail to respond to the vaccine due to the presence of residual measles antibody of maternal origin: the younger the infant the lower the chance of seroconversion. Children below 12 months should not normally be given Attenuvax unless they are at special risk.

Yet more advice warning about the dangers of the single vaccines being given to very young children can also be found in the product license for the single measles vaccine, Mevilin L.  Mevilin L is a measles vaccine containing the live attenuated measles strain Schwartz , the exact strain used in MMR vaccines today.

The product license reads: (12)

“Mevilin L should not be given to children under the age of one year of age unless at special risk.”

More crucially the license says:

“The vaccine should not normally less than three weeks before or after immunization with any other live virus vaccines.” (emphasis added)

All this important advice fell on deaf ears however, because by 1988 the Schwartz strain of measles was incorporated with two other live virus vaccines to become the MMR’ Pluserix.

The Measles Vaccination Becomes the MMR

In 1988 the MMR triple vaccine Pluserix was introduced into the UK by the JCVI after being banned in Canada. It wasn’t long however, before the Pluserix vaccine was found to cause severe side effects including encephalitis, meningitis deafness and death.

In 1992 seeing the error of their ways the UK finally banned the MMR vaccine Pluserix and replaced it with Mercks MMRII alongside other MMR vaccines.

Jumping  Forward to 1998

In 1998 the JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization) (13) stated the following side affects had been reported in relation to the MMR at a meeting held on Friday October 30th.They said:

“An increase had been noted in some areas in some (ADRS) reported on the Yellow Card scheme, mainly developmental autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) related to the MMR vaccine. Chronic bowel problems and epilepsy had been reported as well. Other conditions noted were deafness, Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM) and Myalgic Encephalitis (in older recipients). 91% of the reported cases had received the MMR by 18 months of age.” (emphasis added)

This statement included crucial evidence of harm being reported to the yellow card reporting system and yet this evidence has been repeatedly ignored throughout the years as the evidence that Mark R Geier, M.D, PhD and David A. Geier reported proved in 2003.

In 2003 Mark R Geier, M.D, PhD and David A. Geier wrote a Clinical Article titled ‘Pediatric MMR Vaccination Study’ published in International Pediatrics/Vol. 18 (14). The aim of the study was to analyze the incidence of serious neurological disorders in comparative examination between MMR vaccine and a vaccine control group.

During their discussion they wrote:

“These results show that primary pediatric MMR vaccination in children is associated with a marked increase in serious neurologic disorders in comparison to DTwcP vaccination. The increase is statistically significant for cerebella ataxia , autism, mental retardation and permanent brain damage following primary pediatric MMR vaccination in comparison to DTwcP Vaccination. These results are remarkable considering that DTwcP vaccination has been found by the scientific and medical communities to be responsible for permanent neurologic sequellae in children.”

It appears from their results that little had changed through the years, even though the MMR was very definitely responsible for neurological disorders in a number of their subjects.


Given the factual evidence that I have outlined from government papers, letters and peer reviewed studies is it a wise move for newborn babies to be vaccinated from birth with either or both of these vaccines? Many newborns are sick and frail due to being born earlier and earlier in pregnancy. It is my opinion that governments around the world are introducing too many vaccinations too soon and rather than prevent illness these vaccines could potentially cause more disabilities and death in very young children.

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Photo Credit

Christina England, BA Hons

  • Theo

    No such thing as mandatory in a free and open society.  Is there a suggestion that our society is turning into a bullying technocratic authoritarian dystopia?  Since when did the organisation parading as our servants get given the right to enforce something upon us without our consent?   They didn’t.  Remember that you have rights.  They cannot take them away from you.  But you have to be mindful of them and exercise them – otherwise they atrophy like unused muscles.

  • Theo

    No such thing as mandatory in a free and open society.  Is there a suggestion that our society is turning into a bullying technocratic authoritarian dystopia?  Since when did the organisation parading as our servants get given the right to enforce something upon us without our consent?   They didn’t.  Remember that you have rights.  They cannot take them away from you.  But you have to be mindful of them and exercise them – otherwise they atrophy like unused muscles.


    I had 4 children I spaced the vaccines out a lot, I had them given later than the recommended times AND less of them at once. I left out the whooping cough one. Now I would advise everyone NOT to bother as our govt lie to us AND I believe the vaccines are not remotely necessary UNLESS the babies are put into big child care facilities in which case they will be at risk of more disease. Even then I personally would not do this to my children or grandchildren. I was right about the housing collapse on the 2 occasions when it occurred PLUS the big recession that followed the last collapse of housing market bubble which was created by easy loans and too low interest rates. I was right about the IRAQ war and I call out the govt of UKFUS for war crimes with regard to Libya & Syria aswell. In 70s I was saying that AMERICA was the greatest threat to world peace & it was us ESPECIALLY in UK/US & Europe who were the ones who should not be allowed nukes~more than other nations. Common sense is so rare but I have some. Humanitarian action for Libya meant in reality– bombing kids up in their beds, the water supply & grain stores and putting terrorists/thieves into power including Salafist Wahhabi Muslims who are prolific in USA UK supported Al CIADA. So what does vaccination mean really? Liberating Iraq REALLY massacred one million of them & threw nuclear poison over them ~so what does vaccination really mean?

  • bonny

    this is genocid  by courupt gov who are on the take and big pharma  all part and parcel of the same team selling sicknes and deisaes to the common pepoel and infants who are complyent pationts ruining are imune system and dna and lowering are iq  they are the lowest of the low forcing poison on children dispicabl


     it has turned but we always over estimated our society’s freedoms. Abroad we behaved like fiends in Africa assassinating whomever was a good leader if we could & creating armed conflicts in African nation after African nation. Gaddafi was targeted for assassination many times & the one party for all-Jamahiriyah was opposed by us Westerners

  • Debbie

    The lies keep coming.  Hopefully  intelligent individuals who are actually making informed and researched decisions regarding their health will see the objective and factual truth.  As this happens, we will loss our trust in our government, health care system and many other organizations.  Trust is a terrible thing to loss and very difficult to regain.  I did not vaccinate my child and she is a great example of health as an adult.  Todate, I still have the opinion that the safety, effectiveness and long term residuals of vaccinations are not definitely known.  Just questioning those three factors gives me reason to not to take the vaccination risk.  As a primary care physician, I do not get the flu shot and trust me I see plenty of sick individuals.  In 24 years, I have missed 3 days of work due to illness.  I practice wellness, prevention and chiropractic care.

  • Nonib

    If mandatory vaccination comes in, I’ll be ready to march the streets like those in history had to do!

  • Lou

    “No such thing as mandatory in a free and open society.”

    There is no such thing as a free and open society in both the UK and USSA IMO.

  • notsofree

     Bingo!!  If you want to exercise your God-given rights, you will be considered an enemy to the state.  You will be maligned, mistreated, and discriminated against simply because you say no thanks!!  Believe me I know, 5 kids with no vaccines doesn’t help a family make any friends.  5 kids 15 years no shots, no antibiotics, and no antipyretics.  Just strong faith, good health, good food, regular chiropractic care, and common sense when they get sick, they have a 98% chance of getting well. 

  • OMG

    Totally agree with your conclusion! Thanks Christina, very thought provoking.

  • Jenny Allan

    So-Is the UK Government also planning to ban breastfeeding? This is NATURE’S WAY of protecting newborns by transferring maternal antibodies.

    From above:-
    “Section 7 – Routine Vaccination of the circular stated that:
    “Live measles vaccine should not be given to children below the age of nine months since it usually fails to immunise such children, owing to the presence of maternally transmitted antibodies.”

  • RESIST! I know I will if it come here to America!

  • CORRECTION: “come” = “comes”

  • Thank you Christina E for yet one more excellent, well formulated article and for exposing and drawing attention to this shocking situation.
    This article deserves to be widely spread.

    Your careful and conscientious research obviously takes a lot of time and energy.

    Many who are suffering receive invaluable help and are deeply grateful to you because of your excellent investigational journalism and your sincere commitment to your work.   

  • KeineImpfungenMehr

    First of all, the triple increase of whooping cough in Great Britain needs to be confirmed. The media lies and only reports what someone (Big Pharma) is feeding them. Nobody confirms! Secondly, Dr. Suzanne Humphries clearly describes how whooping cough can be easily overcome with Vitamin C, and shouldn’t the CDC and other health organizations fund research for prevention and healing rather than pumping our newborns full of toxic, unproven, unreliable junk aka vaccine? What medication would still be on the market with that many toxic and objectionable ingredients and side effects? If you are against abortion, you should definitely not vaccinate your child because they use aborted fetal cells. That alone is a reason for me not to vaccinate.
    There is such a huge amount of lies and misinformation out there that truly just a few handful of people know the real truth. ABC news reported this morning that the whooping cough vaccine may not last as long as previously thought. They claim that is the reason for the increased numbers of whooping cough. And what is the solution for that might you ask???? You guessed it, more frequent booster shots = higher profits for Big Pharma. And now Great Britain wants to immediately vaccinate your baby as soon as it pops out of your body. What will happen is this: more deaths from SIDS (a stupid name which tells you nothing and hides the real reason for the baby’s death – namely vaccination), more brain damaged children, more autistic kids, more kids with cancer and other diseases like diabetes ADHD and later on in life schizophrenia and bio-polar disorder.
    One important last fact, the vaccines are more toxic and dangerous than the disease they are supposed to prevent. Good nutrition, cleanliness, probiotics (which now have been added to baby formulas) are the cornerstones of a good immune system. Vaccines injected into newborn infants only accomlishes 2 things: it poisons or kills the child and makes Big Pharma rich.
    And on a human rights level – my body my choice, my baby – my choice!

  • Excellent comment KeinelmpfungenMehr. Your last words there are very catching:
    “My body my choice, my baby – my choice!”

    May we suggest that this be widely quoted and even written on banners?

  • Daisy

    In June 1988 my one year old son was given the DPT vaccination.  Winthin hours he was having convulsions and as a young mother with her first child I was terrified. The doctor who administered the injection came out immediately to our home and was clearly worried. 
    I can’t believe all the problems it has caused for my son over the years but even more astonishing to me is the fact that I was completely oblivious to the dangers of vaccines until recently.  I never believed that our own government would do anything to harm us…and now they want to put statins in the water! 

  • guest

    Will never happened, no vaccinations are compulsory in the UK and they never will be. Plenty of people have allergies or reactions which mean they cannot have injections.

  • guest

     Again NO proof that SIDS is caused by vaccinations. Don’t claim something you have no proof of. If you think good diet and being clean is going to prevent you contracting a deadly disease you are living on cloud nine. No matter how clean or healthy you are, you can still contract a deadly disease and die. Simple as. If you don’t want to vaccinate then don’t. But don’t expose my children when they aren’t old enough to be vaccinated by your unvax’d children and do not claim that vaccines cause things when you have no proof. You all look for someone to blame because you don’t want to accept that sometimes children just are autistic. Sometimes people just die for no reason – This happens in adults too, not just children. I’m sure not EVERY SIDs death baby had vaccinations. Until there is proof you are all just as guilty as you claim people are that vaccinate. you have no proof and could be putting your child at risk of disease for no reason…..genocide is a bit harsh, but to use your words – if it is later proven that all this speculation about vaccines is hogwash and your child contracts a deadly disease and dies…you could have prevented that…now who would be the guilty one?

    Instead of all freaking out about vaccines perhaps you should all campaign and put money in to a system that is independent (i.e NOT biased towards vaccines and not biased against them (as you clearly are) in order to research it instead of assuming you are right with no physical scientific proof.

  • Pauline Mardell

    Can anyone tell me how and where I can get separate vaccinations for my grandson? I have been reading all the research and am now utterly terrified. I worked as a teacher in a special school and several years ago could not believe the huge rise in autistic children.  I knew something was going wrong somewhere and instinctively knew Andrew Wakefield was right.
    I am in the UK.

  • Ingaorama

    I think all these vaccines are mutating the origin of whooping couch-making it mutate = the pertussis vaccine do not work..same as when children/people have got  too much antibiotic so when they rely need it -it do not work..All these vaccines containing foreign DNA and grown on some gmo culture is making our DNA mutate-downgrade or upgrade..like we were computers..well…as other “computers” infected with viruses= the computer crashes..In human it means death…

  • Ingaorama

    I forgot to say that the pertussis vaccine for whooping couch do contain chemical which is used to make encephalitis in lab rats/ and other animals used for tests..Nice…no wonder they need vaccine for  encephalitis and or meningitis..The same work for vaccines as other drugs= making a new vaccine for the side effects of the first one…and on and on..in the end the last vaccine they make will be the same as started all the vaccine business in 1786 which was small pox…,,In the end we shall look at the start”…

  • infoderp

    As someone who has asthma and atopic eczema all my life, why have I had no adverse reactions to the flu jabs I’ve had every year for the last 8 years?  Are the evil vaccine manufaturers going in for the slow kill? ;)

  • Rachael Tm70

    Early 2012 my husband developed whooping cough; heaven knows from where as he works from home and never goes out. Then my teenager got it. To be honest, if it wasnt for the sound i would have put it down to being a normal bad cough that lasted longer than usual. Then my 3yr old got it as well as my 1yr old and things got scary in my head. I have chosen not to vaccinate which has been a very scary but well thought out process but here i was being in a situation where my children were being put in the firing line for my decision. Six weeks of hell as i watched my children cough and cough, problems getting my doctors to recognise that it was whooping cough, a visit to A&E in order to be diagnosed properly. I tried everything possible; high levels of vitamin C etc but nothing worked. As we sat in a normal childrens ward (side room only, which amazed me considering all the hoopla over how dangerous its supposed to be) i sat thinking. The doctors were more interested in the ward next door where a lot of children had an upper respiratory infection, i think it was bronchiolitus, and something just switched on in my head. I remembered my mum saying that you never gave a cough milk. So i googled it into my phone and told my gobsmacked nurses that everytime my children had their milk drinks it became worse and that i was stopping the dairy drinks which they were insisting he drink. I told the consultant that i thought they were milk intolerant and they gave me soya and sent me home. The cough completely cleared up within 12hrs. It never came back and i just wished id done it sooner. Without the milk the whooping cough wouldnt have been have as bad. As a last note, i knew 5 others who had whooping cough before and during the period 3 out of the 4 children we have got whooping cough and all those young children were recently vaccinated and none of their doctors spotted it, it took me telling them to go to A&E to get it diagnosed. I believe thousands get whooping cough every year that go undiagnosed by incompetant GP’s. I asked the A&E pediatric dr why the gps couldnt spot it but i could, she said theyve probably never seen a case before which didnt really answer my question. Because my 3yr old had less milk than my 1yr old he had a bad but bearable cough, unlike my poor 1yr old who was drinking stuff that was making the cough more mucousy. I told the doctors and the consultants what a difference it made switching to soya and they just dismissed me completely. Would i have wanted the vaccine for my children after all that, no i would not, they were and are perfectly fine.