Eczema as a Biomarker for a Genetically Susceptible Population

Did you know that you can put tetracycline in Rabies vaccine bait and when you x-ray the bones of the animals that consume it that they will fluoresce?


That Jordan dude jumps around topics like those little jitterbugs in summer on hot pavement.


Maybe not.  I did promise you in “Allergy-Immunity-Hypersensitivity the Hidden Link” that I would tie together the seemingly disparate conditions of immunity, hypersensitivity, allergy; and then reveal how it relates to the topic of eczema.  And I will.  So here it goes:

The 2002 Burton report on Autism [1] has testimony by Stejskal, a drug company insider, who said that their company did skin testing for thimerosal.  It turns out that EVERYONE is allergic to it but only about 20% of the population ARE GENETICALLY CAPABLE OF MOUNTING AN IMMUNE RESPONSE TO IT.  This response would be visible in the wheal and flare of allergy.  And there you go: I just brought you full circle back to the Rabies reference.  There are many ways that you can put a marker into biological agents like vaccines and laboratory created organisms.  You can tag the agents with specific DNA codes, immunofluorescent dyes, or radioactive tracers.  How do we know they aren’t looking for specific frequency flares and logging who has been dosed with what when they put you through a terahertz scanner at an airport?  Who, beyond me, ever even suggested such an outrageous cross-application of technology or ever brought the Stejskal data to your attention?  After all, I read the 2002 report word-for-word, cover-to-cover and nearly went unconscious from boredome (it seemed my dome had been bored out) when I came across their mention of the ICD-960 through ICD-999 codes for vaccine related diseases.  But I sense that you are dogpaddling, tasting seawater and still wondering what that triangular shape is that keeps circling, so let’s dig in:


Hypersensitivity Reactions

1)  Allergy/Anaphylaxis

2)  Delayed Hypersensitivity

3)  Serum Sickness

4)  Autoimmunity

EVERYONE is ALLERGIC to thimerosal (mercury SALICYLATE).  Salicylates provoke Serum Sickness.  Ahhh.  You can see that fin start to lower in the water a bit.  Allergy and Serum Sickness are 1 and 3 of the continuum of Hypersensitivity Reactions.  Ooooh.  The crowd makes satisfied noises even if they really don’t know what I just said.  So let me break it down because I am not here just to use 7-syllable words because my larynx might fracture.  This topic goes out in many directions like those modern fireworks with bursts and rings and stars — so put the clips on your Lederhosen and get ready:

Children are injected with vaccines containing thimerosal, a neurotoxic chemical.


-There are those who say that measles virus is a myelin basic protein mimic that leads to nerve tissue destruction and Autism and they are right.

-There are those who say that vaccines damage intestinal tissue allowing for undigested food and antigens to cross over into the circulation causing symptomology in Autism victims and they are right.  [Except for the bit where he says that vaccines are OK they just need to be safer.  That’s just clinical insanity].

-There are those who say that Mercury in Thimerosal is bad and that it causes symptomology in Autism victims and they are half right.  Mercury SALICYLATE.  Who talks about Salicylate?  The functional part of magic is misdirection, so if the only topic is Mercury, Mercury, Mercury and NO ONE is talking about Salicylate then you know by default that you and the debate is being manipulated.  In my book ICD-999 (www.vaccinefraud.com) I go to great lengths to demonstrate if you ask the wrong questions it doesn’t matter what the answers are.  The reason they can’t find a link between Mercury and Autism is because the cannibals have been hired to run the soup kitchen so you know beans aren’t going to be on the menu.  Beyond that, Mercury has its own neurotoxic signature.  So if they were to be generous or honest then it would be part of the ‘Spectrum’ of brain damage caused by willful biological attack.  The firework is going off on tangents, so stay focused and I will bring you back to the point of ignition:  Salicylate causes Serum Sickness.  Serum Sickness can provoke: Circulating Immune Complex CIC implantation with inflammation and cell destruction; IgE/histamine reactions that cause cell permeability (Leaky Gut anyone? and I’m not talking the famous archeologist); capillary clogging resulting in visible inflammation on the surface of the skin.  Ohhh, now we are back to Stejskal, wheal (IgE/histamine edema) and flare (cytokine cascade erythema) AND Serum Sickness is the reason why you need a lawyer and a doctor for a mommy and daddy to win a case in adversarial court paying out tax money as an award for mitochondrial-associated vaccine sequelae.  (The Poling Case)  EVERY PERSON ON THIS PLANET IS UNIQUE.  That means they will respond in unique ways.  You have a 4 x 4 matrices of damage that can be done with the hypersensitivity reactions and 70 trillion cells in which for them to play out in.  When you factor in all of the Lord of The Rings goblins pouring from the cracks in the form of: Serum Sickness, molecular mimicry, heavy metal toxicity, bowel wall and Lymph Sickness attack, then it is a wonder that children in North America can rub two words together to make a sentence.


You have to love that the govern mente as a corporate headquarters never takes responsibility for shooting biological weapons into people.  It is called a ‘vaccinal accident’ or they blame the patient as did Jenner for not having the right ‘constitution’ for accepting the gift of being poisoned.  After all it was Hanna Poling’s bad mitochondria that messed up their plans for a ‘successful’ vaccination.  However, in our universe: she was damaged.  That means that the vaccine was a success.  It was supposed to cause damage.  See the 1972 WHO memos.



If you are wondering how the branch of the pine tree penetrated your car’s windshield because you avoided a swerving vehicle that made you run over some nails in the road that punctured your tire that put you out of control to careen into a ditch full of Firs then the answer becomes a bit furrier than just: The branch did it.

Hypersensitivity Reactions instant replay:

1) Allergy (thank you Clemons Von Pirquet — what? did you think I forgot the theme?),

2) Delayed Hypersensitivity

3) Serum Sickness

4) Autoimmunity.

We can see that Thimerosal will provide at least #3 Serum Sickness just from the Salicylate and #1 Allergy in 20% of the population and possibly #2 in the other 80%. Measles can attack any tissue thus the brain flame  = #4 instant autoimmunity and the gut buster = #1, 3, and 4.  So, this is where the sparkly stars of the fireworks fade and the planetary ring shoots out from the center:

IF there is gut damage what will happen next?  Well, the intestines contain 80% of the lymphatic system.  This was one clue to what I have coined as the phrase: Lymph Sickness.  Any derangement of the tissue of the intestines or the lymph lining the intestines will allow undigested food to pass into circulation thus being tagged as an antigen and thus causing said food, when consumed again (DELAYED HYPERSENSITIVITY = #2 — BONUS!!!!) to be recognized as a threat.  Do you see now that the classic definition of Allergy based on IgE responses is a fraud to keep you coming in to the clinic for SKIN TESTING to sensitize you to the next thing they want to sell you a neutralizer for ALL THE WHILE THEY ARE PUSHING THEIR FLU SHOTS!!!!!!!!!

Consider the lowly antigen shot used by an allergist.  Most of them contain the hair of the dog that bit you (literally in some cases.  Hope the dog wasn’t rabid) PLUS PHENOL as a preservative!  Now, phenol is one step down from formaldehyde as a potent embalming fluid.  The creators of Thimerosal: Eli Lily referred to Salicylate in their internal documents as PHENOLIC ACID!  So you can see that your allergist is basically VACCINATING you with what is promoted as a desensitizing agent.  The ‘allergy’ shot has all of the components of a vaccine: antigen and adjuvant.  What a scam.  Cause disaster and then profit from the fallout!  Yes, this ranks among the most heinous crimes on the planet that you can see more readily played out in the Veterinarian’s office.  They shoot vaccines into animals that are magnitudes more toxic than the human kind into the bum of Fluffy.  Then Fluffy either gets cancer or hip degeneration that, of course, requires surgery and lots of money.  They do it to people and hide behind the you-don’t-have-allergy lie because they didn’t find IgE.  Because Pirquet equated Hypersensitivity to Immunity to Allergy you know that these monsters that inject these poisons are liars, harmers, maimers and killers.  IgA, IgD, IgG, and IgM, are among the popular ones that you might know about.  The Ig means: immunoglobulins.  They are proteins that glue onto foreign invaders so that the white blood cells can find, recognize and destroy the antigens.  White blood cells even come with a memory so that the next time they recognize the mugshot they can take out single criminals before they turn into a gang.  This whole range of immunoglobulins combine as CICs for that immunity-allergy-hypersensitivity continuum that Pirquet talked about.  Circulating Immune Complexes are the antigen (bad guy) plus antibody (policeman) pairs that clog up the bloodstream, can plug the kidneys and even implant in tissue so that the body recognizes itself as being contaminated and attacks itself.  That last one is the very definition of autoimmunity.  They call it something different in medical texts to cover up the fact that they caused it with vaccines and don’t want anyone to know about it so they also lie and say they don’t know what causes autoimmunity.  The whole time they are describing in detail IgA, IgG and IgM pathologies. [4]  But these are just the named ones that show up in the textbooks.  I didn’t do the lab work so I don’t know if they are holding out on even more.  After all, I already exposed them as liars —

Simple when I say it isn’t it?

Why isn’t anyone else presenting it this way?  Because they have programs to sell you.

But, we aren’t done.  Microbes and endotoxins (antigens secreted by bacteria) can also cross this damaged tissue into deeper tissue or circulation.  Therefore, what we see is not just a big old rubber stamp of Autism but a whole interlocking system of physiological disorders that should have the entire surface of the planet declared a triage zone.  So to complete my point: the endotoxins are proteins so they can provoke an immune response.  Isn’t allergy to Peanuts, and Wheat based on their proteins?  There is all this blather about Gluten when the Gliadin (rarely if never tested for) is the culprit in many cases.  Gliadin is the protein.  Because Gliadin and Gluten are a polymer, the difference is like that between a steel I-beam (Gliadin) and the rivets (Gluten) that hold it together.  Just because Junior doesn’t respond with IgE and balloon up like a beachball with anaphylaxis doesn’t mean there is not an immune component involved in a reaction to foods.  Beyond that, it doesn’t even need to be the food!  It could be that what you are eating feeds the microbes that have overgrown inside the gut allowing the microbes to produce their toxins that then affect the host.  Whether the genetic science behind Blood Type diets is because of the natural development of man or because of the genetic modification by vaccines, is simply academic to the observation that following your blood type with food restrictions works.  Authors go out of their way to delineate Food Allergy as an immune response but relegate digestive disorders, like intolerance and irritants, to other netherworlds.  If we look at an intolerance due to a substance that cannot be metabolized this would also qualify for an irritant.  Yet if there is inflammation associated with any irritant, aren’t we full circle back to an immune response?  Just not the holy cow of the IgE deception.  After all these things have to be processed out of the body.  The white blood cell army is the only way I know that the irritants can be processed inside the body, unless the undigested food in the gut is sluiced out by diarrhea.  I told you this was a very craftily packed firework.

I can only speak to the things I am familiar with.  You can reference anything that Jeffry has written on this topic.  In his multiple articles you will find that the causes and effects of so many other agents historically and in recent times have contributed to this ‘spectrum’ of intentional brain attacks that it really does seem like the goblins won’t end.





With all of this going on, all you need is time for the Autoimmunity to set in because the Hypersensitivity reactions are a CONTINUUM.  It is immediate with the measles virus mimicking nerve tissue.  It may take a while for the intestines as suggested by an internationally famous medical doctor.  We see that in the kidneys and other tissue it may also take some time for the damage to manifest, but the 1972 W.H.O. memos show that those reactions can be turned on or off by those who created the disease with the ease of someone throwing a light switch.  The gut bone is connected to the head bone.  Anyone who has ever had a Yeast overgrowth in their gut will know the autointoxication from the fungal bloom can just about put you to the floor.  So, why the dysbiosis?  Well, considering that Yeast of bread and beer was basically turned into a weapon in the 1980s via genetic engineering, this is one tough goblin to kill.  Beyond that, the immune system, as previously outlined, is so overwhelmed by the other distractions that it can’t multi-task such a strong invader.  It is hard to concentrate on the hot cup of coffee in the holder on your dashboard when you are careening towards a tree branch at 60 miles per hour when the speed limit is 55.


Worn out?  Take a break.  I’ll be here when you come back.


So what about the immunity, the allergy (Pirquet said that they were one in the same), and the markers, and the Rabies, and the lions and tigers and bears, OH MY!  ?  In my last book “Assaulted” (www.cafepress.com/icd999) I uncovered a very disturbing pattern in the testimony to congress that was being given by dermatologists who specialized in syphilology. [2]  The dermatologists said that Iodine in certain populations provoked severe acne and herpetiform lesions on the faces of those who consumed it.    Being a nondoctor, I had to reach deep into that mystery bag, feel around for something with a familiar shape and pull out a Hahnemann bunny by the ears.  In homeopathy there are three chronic/inherited miasms of interest to me:  Tuberculosis, Syphilis, and Psora!!!!

Psora is said to be an ancient miasm. [5] Skin lesions like eczema — see I told you this firework had a lot loaded in it — psoriasis, etc.  The focus organs are the bowel and skin, however, the condition can show as asthma with eczema.

The Tuberculinum miasm was called anti-psora before it was renamed.  Whereas Psora is a deficiency condition and Syphilis is a destructive condition, Tuberculinum is a combination of both.  Tuberculosis and its miasm is one part of my theory of why our lymph systems are clogged leading to the disease state that I coined the term: Lymph Sickness.  Coffee antidotes any attempt to bring the Psora out by remedy so it is no wonder to me why such a dangerous and suppressive drink is mandatory for Slave Work Units to keep them functional and without the obvious MARKERS (the theme of this article) of disease that Hahnemann suspected affected around 85% of the population.

A reviewer of my work offered an insight that when children with deep neurological autistic conditions are healing then eczema often surfaces as a sign of the exit of the miasm and healing.  However, doctors love to drive it back in with a steroid.  Avoidance of chasing the condition back in from the surface is warned about in reference #5 and the work of those using Iodine therapy who claim that fungus being chased out from the lymph system should not be treated topically because it risks pushing it deep into tissue where it may not be able to be removed.

When you look at the history of vaccination you find that syphilis (while typically attributed to lonely sheppards and invading colonists) was engrafted directly into the human population via cow pus or human pus since the days of Jenner [3], which coincidentally crossed over with Sam Hahnemann’s time period.  The implication being that if you were operating in the days before computerized labs with immunofluorescent tags, radioisotopes or other ways of tracking who got what poison, then the simple heartbreaking outbreak of acne vulgaris or skin rashes on the face would tell the smug observing Overlords that their experiment and population coverage was successful.  It would be a MARKER.  TB as you will find in the work of Crookshank (www.cafepress.com/icd999) came from the milk supply, vaccination, and just poor hygiene.  Within a generation later our buddy Pirquet would make sure that everyone got a nice miasmic dose of it with his TB ‘test’.  In my previous article “Allergy-Immunity-Hypersensitivity the Hidden Link” it is my nonmedical view that skin testing GIVES you a disease that you may have never had before.  When you consider the continuum of allergy, immunity and hypersensitivity even if there are no outward manifestations of disease or provocation as seen in the wheal and flare after the allergist attempts to conjure a reaction, the substance may be sitting there quiescent until there is a resensitization resulting in delayed hypersensitivity and then the continuum, well — continues.  You will have left the office with the assurance that you are not sensitive, allergic or reactive to a substance when you might have been primed for a new condition by the very person you went to and paid to relieve you of an unrelated but active condition.  This is brilliantly Evil.  We need only look at the work of Richet in 1902 where he claimed that taking a toxin from a sea urchin and injecting it into a test subject (victim) causes immunization that was said to be prophylactic.  A protection against the substance or disease.  However, if he repeatedly injects the toxin into the same victim they become anaphylactic.  This is precisely Clemens Von Pirquet’s continuum of hypersensitivity.  So you tell me how much sense it makes to submit to allergy ‘testing’?

Now pay attention:  In the first article I mentioned that Pirquet was studying Scarlet Fever infection that led to nephritis, which he called KIDNEY ECZEMA!!!

Put that in the mystery bag, shake it up a bit (don’t mind the noises and squirming) and we can see that Stejskal saying that EVERYONE was allergic to thimerosal but only 20% of the population was genetically capable of mounting a skin reaction to it should scare the ureen out of you.  That means that 80% of the population could be harboring this SYSTEMIC REACTION, for that is what Serum Sickness is, INSIDE their bodies festering like Kidney Eczema but completely unseen and unknown until it is too late.

Dr. Suzanne Humphries who has written brilliant papers on the topics of vaccines and renal disease commented:

“Too late’ meaning they go to the doctor because they smell like urea, or are extremely ill because their kidneys no longer filter the blood.  Death will then ensue without dialysis.  This process can take weeks, months, years.”


For those trying to decide on the use of vaccines or not: These are the Door Prizes that EVERYBODY leaves with.  This is not a russian roulette of syringes where maybe you might dodge the boulette.  You are going to get damaged whether you see it or not.  For all of the grief that eczema and other outward signs of internal disease causes us consider this:

EVERYONE who told me they had stage 4 cancer said they were never sick a day in their lives.  If you have no functional immune system you have no immune reaction and Pirquet taught us:  Measles rash is NOT the disease.  It is the result of the impact of antibody/antigen pairs clogging the capillaries!  Can you see it?  I hope you do.  I know I am verbous, but it is really hard to capture the sparklies and push them back into the firework package so that you can see it as a whole.  The skin rashes are the body’s System Status Board that tell you that something is wrong on a systemic level.  Let us examine local vs. global reactions to the Hypersensitivities:  Allergy can be a runny nose or red eyes (local), or where-the-hell-is-the-epi-pen? anaphylaxis.  Serum Sickness can be the ‘some adverse reactions may be swelling and inflammation at the injection site, fever, joint pain, malaise’ (false local) because Serum sickness, by the time it gets to your joints, has already gone systemic.  The word “serum” implies systemic because the blood vessels and the blood are considered connective tissue.  In simple terms it means that they connect to every single cell in your body and sent the message to your brain to heat up.  Your body wouldn’t mount a fever unless the invader overwhelmed the entire system.  And Autoimmunity — well, who cares if it is just your brain or your pancreas or your bowel?  It is your body eating itself up because it saw its own cells as the enemy due to the CICs and then released oxidative chemicals to dissolve the CICs and the cells.


Thanks.  Glad you asked.  For a while there I thought you had forgotten.

Got your knickers cinched up?  Because this is going to be another of those wild rides.

Because the hawkers have their programs to sell, and they make disclaimers that the results may vary for the different desperate doers of their doctoring, they will attribute the cause of the skin lesions to one thing.  When you evaluate the Atkins diet against the Blood Type Diet, of course it will work for the majority of the population in the USA because they are Type-O.  That is just probability.  I am compiling a list of symptoms that are common to those who claim that if you have them then you JUST have Candida, or JUST a thyroid condition, or JUST a clogged gallbladder, or JUST chemical allergies (ooh, hey, back to allergies).  But, when you peel back the layers you find that a primary failure of the thyroid can lead to bad bile that leads to gallbladder problems that lead to the gut not being sterile that leads to microbial overgrowth that leads to food and chemical allergies.  So, then wouldn’t the prudent question be: What took out the thyroid?  (or other primary organ).  Given that Congress was obsessed with causing undetectable goiter, they held the 1947 Hearing [2] in which a large topic during the testimony was skin lesions of the face.  The thyroid seems like a likely place to start.

But, I won’t even bother to try to pin the tail on the eczema.  Just like the Autism spectrum that is nothing but a cover for a total attack on the brain via as many agents as they can possibly deploy, the eczema is just one of those MARKERS that proves they were successful in their deployment.  More insidious than that is that they can track you by these skin reactions as being “One Of Those!”  “Those”, would mean the kind of people who genetically respond to their poisons thus making it difficult for the enemy to hide their poisonings below the threshold of perception.  After all, 80% of the population is completely unaware that they are suffering from systemic Serum Sickness and festering a long term illness like a fermenter vat.  Think about this: skin rashes from Iodine would prevent people from taking Iodine that is essential for health.  The rash tells the victim that something is wrong and needs to be taken care of, but the results of that specific intervention causes a negative feedback thus dooming them to the ill health inflicted on their ancestors and them.  The manifestation of the disfiguring skin lesion tells those who caused it that the Miasm has been set in the genome or deep in the tissue.  Personally, I don’t care about appearances — I want resolution.  I continue to take nascent Iodine to chase the disease out from inside the lymph so that it will be exorcised from the body.  Remember the warning that some practitioners advise to not treat these skin conditions from on the outside because if they are from something like Candida you can drive it deeper into the tissue where it is nearly impossible to extract.

One person wrote me to say that my first article allowed them to see patterns that had bothered them for some time but were unexplained.  The goal of this article is to show that if you are upset about the eczema on your skin that makes you or your child look bad and hesitant to be seen in public, plus causes pain and discomfort, then how much more should you be alarmed at the eczema INSIDE your body that you cannot see that is destroying you or your child from the inside?

I have no program to sell, so I will also cite Hulda Clark who says that if you have a very tough infection of roundworms that their molting chemicals cause eczema.  Until you get rid of the worms you will never get rid of the skin lesions.  So which one is it?  This is why I don’t take sides or make a declarative statement.  It could be either or both!  How would I know?  Everyone who has ever been vaccinated has been permanently damaged.  Anyone who has ever owned pets or goes anywhere other than a hermetically sealed bubble will be exposed to roundworms (yes, in North America where even the Merck Manual says you can get Dog Heartworm).  [ok, that bears explanation: Visceral Larval Migrans is where the larvae crawl through the human body like a pile of dirt looking for the genetic material of dog heart.  This can go on for several years until the worms die inside your now-swiss-cheesed body.  This intense crawling feeling will, of course, be attributed to a psychiatric disorder (like Morgellons is) because the Psychiatrists are the lowest paid of the medical profession and they need market share.  After all, no one REALLY reads the Merck Manual—]

Summary:  What caused our problems?  The hypersensitivity continuum.  Where did this continuum come from?  One source: the end of a needle.


This is the second in a series of scary articles on what they did to us, so what can we do about it?  Of course number one would be to avoid the assault.  Number two would be to remove the allergens.  Number three would be to dampen or shut off the hyperimmune response.  Generalizations, I know, but not a bad plan.  But not a good one.  We are living in a world where they invent new diseases faster than designer jeans.  Even if that were not so, then my latest postulate that I think is unique in the world of Alternative Machinations is that the lymphatic system is a reservoir of disease.  So, that even if  you were to clean out your bowels of Candida or other offenders, that this then becomes new grazing land for the amoeba, bacteria, fungus and other organisms that were waiting back stage behind the curtain.  This may be why Lyme victims treat and then relapse (well, beyond the indiscriminate use of antibiotics taking off the cell walls of the organisms making them go stealth deeper into the tissue).  See, I told you this firework was complicated.  What does that mean, though?  It means that no matter what ‘therapy’ you try, there is an unlimited supply of goblins waiting to come out the cracks of the lymph system (hence my concept: Lymph Sickness) so that you have to continually mow them down as you would a lawn until you can come out with the tiller and take it out at the roots.

Do you remember that ALL of the goblins retreated when the Fire creature awakened?



1. The Status of Research into Vaccine Safety and Autism, The Burton Report, 2002.

2. Hearing before a subcommittee of the committee on interstate and foreign commerce house of representatives eightieth congress first session on h. R. 2717 a bill to amend section 301 of the federal food, drug, and cosmetic act, so as to prohibit the introduction into interstate commerce of salt, for table use, not having a required content of iodides ; JUNE 11, 1947

3. The History and Pathology of Vaccination, 1889, Edgar March Crookshank; and Jenner and Vaccination; A Strange Chapter of Medical History, 1886, The Natural History of Cow-Pox and Vaccinal Syphilis, 1887, Charles Creighton

4. Oxford Textbook of Clinical Nephrology, 1992, Volumes 1-3.

5. http://www.homeoint.org/morrell/articles/pm_psori.htm



Photo Credit

Patrick Jordan

Patrick Jordan likes to call himself an Illinois Farmboy. Regardless of truncated higher education, and his experience in a wide variety of american industry employment, pattern recognition is the only thing that sets apart those who are intelligent from those who will perish for the lack of such a survival trait. Memory, too, is a survival trait, for, if you had vast life experience and 30+ years of investigative research to draw from but could not remember it, then you would still be fodder for the machine that intends to consume us all. Patrick has found that it took 6 books to explain just the basics of what he calls Planetary Military Occupation using the Medical Manhattan Project that goes beyond singular topics of Autism, Morgellons, Cancer, etc. to show that it is all a combined generational plan to subjugate and genetically engineer mankind. Knowledge is power so the first step is to identify the Predator, next alert the herd, then neutralize the threat. That last part is up to you.

  • Dismayed

    So…..what can we do about all this? The article has left me feeling very hopeless.

  • Dismayed

    So…..what can we do about all this? The article has left me feeling very hopeless.

  • Terry Robinson (Australia)

    Please have a staff person write this article in precise bullet-point format, using clear English. I am sure this information is of extreme importance – which is why it needs to be concise and with references appropriately noted.

  • Dismayed

    I agree with Terry. I know very, very few people who would wade through this. I’ve been studying the vaccine issue for 20 yeasr, and it was extremely difficult for me to digest it.

  • Hi Terry,
    Did you know that when Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring had its debut it caused a riot?
    Are you aware that atonal music such as his and other’s using that style has no Tone Center so that the ear cannot find the fundamental of a key signature or resolution?
    This is like that.  I have taken the scope of over thirty years of study of hundreds of sources and tried to distill them to a single article.  The only flawless science writer I know is Dr. Gilbert Ling.  The world never heard of him because the govern mente saw to the suppression of his work.  I have abandoned all expectation of ever achieving his perfection of words.
    That being said, musicians when approaching a complicated or complex piece of music take it sections or even just bars at a time and work on the notes and phrasing.  Repeating it and rehashing it until they get a sense of what the composer wanted to convey.
    Then they make it their own.
    You, too, could take my work, attempt to rewrite it and rephrase it yourself for yourself instead of relying on others as a crutch and when you came across a concept that either interested you or that you might have found absurd, you could research it yourself and you might even exceed what I have done.
    I will say that this is one of the most important articles that I have ever written.  It took 7 books to say what needed to be said leading up to this.  So, if you are not willing to do the work on your own, there is nothing I can or will do for you.

  • Hi Dismayed,
    Your assessment of the situation is like that of a person who has gotten a wonderful gift for christmas that says: “Some Assembly Required” on the box.
    Why depressed now?
    My work clearly shows that you have been hosed by the best Satanic minds in the business for the better part of 6000 years.  I have exposed a large portion of those lies that didn’t seem to depress you for the past 5999 years because they also blew Hope up your skirt.  Well, the information presented here demands WORK, not waiting around for some guru to sell you their version of what truth might be that week.  Work towards the concepts of Molecular Switches that can shut down disease processes and restore health damn near instantaneously.  I am talking New Medicine.  Not the old stuff built on lies that either doesn’t work or works just enough to keep you functional.
    There is no room for depression here.  There is only room for Anger.  Anger at those who lied at you.  Anger for health and lives that were robbed from all of us.  Anger to be the motive force — that Fire — that drives the goblins away and has enough energy left over to power the steam engine to purify the corruption left behind.
    You might be going through the Stages of Grief having lost a dear friend of Lies in Mainstream Medicine.  You’ll get over it.  Anger is one advanced stage that will draw you along to healing.  When you realize that you can finally assemble that new gift on a foundation that will not crumble then you will pull yourself out of your depression and get to work.

  • Dismayed

    I don’t think you are hearing us, Patrick. You are obviously too brilliant for your own good! The young parents who are over-vaccinating their kids need PLAIN ENGLISH that they can understand. That is why I am dismayed….not because of your information. But because your information will not ever reach those it is intended for. They will NOT read this. Guaranteed. THAT is why I am dismayed. They read everyting on their smart phones. They don’t read articles and books. Believe me. I’ve tried and tried to reach many. In 20 years, I have only had 1-2 people rethink the vaccination issue.

  • Leslieofthebeach

    Great info, that said, please try a re-write so it’s easier to read. State facts, try bullet points. Give recommendations for cleaning up the mess from the inside out and repairing the damage.
    This info is too important to be lost in so much text and hyperbole.
    Thanks for sharing!  Keep it coming!

  • Crispybunny

    I got the Pertussis vaccine when I was pregnant last year(Didnt know better). Anyway, after I had my son a couple of months later my skin became EXTREMELY sensitive. I will randomly get itchy and break out in hives for virtually no reason. I have NEVER had this kind of allergy and it popped up out of nowhere. Do you think it is linked?? If so, is there a way to make it stop?? I dont vax any of my family anymore.

  • When I was trying to wade through this article, all I could think was, “this man needs to write a book, he is trying to condense waaaay too much here.”  There is some great stuff but I have to say, I agree with the others. If you write an article for the masses, you should really make it readable. No need dumbing it down…perhaps a series of articles?  Or just an advertisement for a book maybe? Your genius is hanging out because the thoughts just seemed a bit scattered making some of it incoherent. Thanks for writing however…I have NEVER seen any of this info before.

  • I think I might be up for the challenge of writing this in plain English for those who (understandably) found it hard going – I’ll put it on my ‘to do’ list… 

  • Sarcha

    Thanks Patrick. Great information that I will definitely re read a few times to absorb and understand. Unfortunately people these day look for quick answers and quick fixes. There is no such thing and we all need to gather as much information and understanding as possible. This will not be gained from a smart phone, abbreviated paragraph or bullet points?! So I thank you for taking the time for doing the research and writing your articles.

  • My brain bone hurts! Just kidding, I liked it, read the whole thing. 

  • guest

    Can homeopathy heal?

  • guest

    Can homeopathy heal?

  • Kspezza

    So how do we fix the damage that is done? How do we clear the body of mercury salicylate?

  • Margaret Smith

    Homeopathy has helped me immensely.  Patrick, I enjoyed your brilliant tirade.  I think you might do with a dose of homeopathic Platinum if other symptoms allign.  So what do we do about the damage done?  I think homeopathy, water structured with healing, wholesome food, and being connected to the earth and to God,Goddess All That Is.  I agree that putting cortisone on eczema pushes disease back into your body.  When I did that I came down with a nasty bronchial infection. 
    So to extrapolate from your idea that we all have Lymph Sickness, then we should heal our lymph. So jumping on a mini trampoline, food enzymes esp. Bromelain, (and eat slowly and chew food well), eating fresh  fruits and fresh vegetables without pesticides and meat without hormones and antibiotics.  Drink water kefir or kombucha instead of soda and no floridated water or animals who drank the floridated water.  Stay away from white sugar and white flour.  Stay away from anything you are allergic to- like wheat for many people.  Most people know these things.  And stop doing any more damage with vaccines and unhealthy food.
    Good Luck.  (and I don’t mean that facetiously.)

  • Info

    “eczema is just one of those MARKERS that proves they were successful in their deployment.  More insidious than that is that they can track you by these skin reactions as being “One Of Those!”  “Those”, would mean the kind of people who genetically respond to their poisons thus making it difficult for the enemy to hide their poisonings below the threshold of perception.  After all, 80% of the population is completely unaware that they are suffering from systemic Serum Sickness and festering a long term illness…”

    Overt reactions following vaccination is an indication of vitality.  

    According to the Laws of Direction of Cure the body heals itself from the top down, the inside out, and in reverse-chronological order (which means the body will work on the most immediate situation first.)  Allopathy, unfortunately, does not recognize the Laws of Direction of Cure.

    Reaction to vaccination is the body’s attempt at correcting interference  fields created by statutory vaccination medical procedures. Vaccine reactions can take numerous forms. 

    Reactions are treated with suppressive allopathic interventions not allowing the body to do its work of discharging, further devitalizing the vital force of the individual. This begins health problems often perceived as weakness but actually of high vitality.  A strong vital force will express symptoms attempting to correct created problems due to vaccination.  Often the most intense reactions are a show of immune strength at eliminating the offense.  

    Weak immune systems also react but will not have the vitality to illicit healing reactions but will take a less overt pathway due to lack of vital force.  Their symptoms will show up later as chronic disease.  The weaker our vital force becomes vaccination reactions will become less overt showing up years later as chronic disease.  A good thing for allopathy and linear thinking. 

    With vaccination, the best we can hope for is minimal brain damage and a weakened vital force.

    It works on all.  Weak and small.  Strong and vital.  Nobody escapes.  

  • Kendra Rogers

    I was not vaxed during my pregnancy with my severely food allergic son who has severe exzema. Nor has he been vaccinated for anything ever. At 10 months, he reacts to things in MY diet (I EBF) as eczema. When I no longer eat an offending food, it clears up. He is allergic to the top 8, corn, sesame, citric acid, and red skin potatoes. Explain that?!

  • guest

    Nice comments… I have allergies, I am shortsighted (this is my brain damage)- no more vaccines and my children never got some. My little son sometimes has big skin irritations- homeopathy says that bad stuff is transported out of the body this way. It might appear to people who have no vaccines. 

  • guest

    Kendra Rogers, you transmitted it to your son. And suppressing treatment like antibiotics or other medicine can also lead to that. Interesting fact. I say: Good homeopathy from the beginning and doctor only in cases of accidents…

  • Francesca

    Amazing information!
    I just wish to contribute some info. 
    In the Philippines, we have not had Dengue fever for quite awhile, in fact decades.
    Now, suddenly in the past 3-5 years, Dengue is prevalent, claiming the lives of many.
    And then suddenly, now, just in the past month, there is a vaccine from a Foreign Parmaceutical Company, for Dengue.
    How do you see this proceeding in the coming future?
    Do you think they are going to do a massive, nationwide, mandatory vaccine for Dengue?

  • Ella G

    Hi Kendra, I honestly dont have any answers for you but am intrigued and have some questions. Do you have allergies and/or eczema? has he had many antibiotics in his short life? do you have mercury (amalgam) fillings and/or root canals? if so, how many? Did you have c-section birth? i have heard that us mothers pass on our gut health/bacteria onto our children when they are born so our gut health is important for their protection. i am not putting blame on anything but am very interested to understand why your son has this as im sure you are :)

  • Sarah

    A bit hard to read, BUT full of great information that following my health history makes a lot more sense than any Doctor ever offered!!!! Don’t let it overwhelm you, let it anger you to the point that you MUST research more, to learn more for you and the ones you love!!

  • Hi Francesca,
    I have a motto: if you think things are bad, don’t worry, they are worse than you could possibly imagine.  Dengue is one of those agents the military uses as a way of making the population sick without killing them outright. 
    I have a PDF from 2003, that says they are playing with a dengue vaccine for primates that combines Yellow Fever and Dengue particles.  This tells me that, of course, it is not a vaccine but a delivery system for biological engineering of molecules within the human body.  If you understand Morgellons disease; transhumanism; and nanotechnology you can see that none of this has ever been about public health.  Dengue and other vectors were released as tests on American populations by what passes for the US govern mente.  It was done primarily on low income black people so the military only had to track hospital admissions to see how successful they were.  People died, so this was a war crime.  As you can see this war and these crimes are global.

  • Hi Francesca,
    I have a motto: if you think things are bad, don’t worry, they are worse than you could possibly imagine.  Dengue is one of those agents the military uses as a way of making the population sick without killing them outright. 
    I have a PDF from 2003, that says they are playing with a dengue vaccine for primates that combines Yellow Fever and Dengue particles.  This tells me that, of course, it is not a vaccine but a delivery system for biological engineering of molecules within the human body.  If you understand Morgellons disease; transhumanism; and nanotechnology you can see that none of this has ever been about public health.  Dengue and other vectors were released as tests on American populations by what passes for the US govern mente.  It was done primarily on low income black people so the military only had to track hospital admissions to see how successful they were.  People died, so this was a war crime.  As you can see this war and these crimes are global.

  • Hi Kendra,
    One thing that stands out for me is that no one is asking WHERE the eczema is showing.  When you study Traditional Chinese Medicine you see that there are major organ Meridians but also Collateral lines across the body in which energy flows.  These can follow nerves or lymph and they can often tell, if it is lymph, what organ systems are affected by where the rash shows.  Always keep in mind that the rash is not good or bad but NECESSARY to show outwardly that there is a problem INSIDE the body.  Whether it is systemic yeast that is transmitted by breastfeeding after you eat a food that makes it bloom in your body, yeast in the baby after a food trigger, ascaris molting chemicals, or an overworked immune system trying to push something out, the surface of the body is in a disease state, but it is NOT the disease.  So, for example, if the rash followed the lines of the large intestine meridian of your baby’s body then a good start might be looking at suitable remedies that addressed the baby’s large intestine.
    Because you are vigilant about your baby’s health I have no doubt that you prevented any vaccines from knowingly being given.  During the birth was your baby ever spirited away by a nurse or doctor then returned to you with some excuse that they had to wash or weigh your baby?  The jab can happen so quickly that you would never have known.  Hospitals get paid and are required for their continued operation to give as many vaccines as possible or they will be punished by the govern mente.  This is why they criminally administer vaccines without consent.  That being said, if your child was never in your arms 100% of the time then the default assumption is that they vaccinated without your consent.
    Regarding allergies:  What test was done to show that the 8 substances were reactive?
    -Corn could be corn, could be the mold that comes with the corn.
    -Citric Acid is an antifungal so sometimes reactions are provoked by consuming something that makes the microbes mad and they let you know to keep you from consuming that.  This concept is what I was trying to communicate from the 1947 congressional hearing on iodine.  The skin damage from consuming iodine was so bad that the doctors told their patients to never take iodine.  Catch 22.
    -Potatoes are moldy too, but they also have hemagluttinins (makes your blood stick together) that brings us back to the Blood Type Diet that is the simplest and least expensive first step to try.

  • Hi Ella,
    You think like a forensic scientist.  One thing that everyone should keep in mind is what Ella talks about: inoculation at birth by resident flora.  We are now slaves to buying Bifidobacterium Infantus (renamed to something absurd) in a jar when natural childbirth should have caused that to be a part of the baby’s natural gut bacteria.  C-section bypasses this and this is a very important insight on why these new generations of people growing into adulthood are in dysbiosis.  Thanks for the tip.

  • Hi Margaret,
    Some of us are so far gone with so many years of abuses that just one modality doesn’t provide the ‘miracles’ that some people experience, so I tend to back up the Caterpillar strip mining earthmover dumptruck of remedies and unload the entire content on myself.  I have found that for chronic illness that homeopathy in 1x, 2x, 3x are the only things that are effective but then that becomes the realm of naturopathy and orthomolecular remedies.  We can see this in attempts to unclog the lymph.  Some people might have miracles with Silicia in homeopathic doses but for those of us whose lymph is the consistency of a dill pickle (Alum is the same substance used in vaccines as it is for making a crisp pickle!) then Silicon in any dietary form including bamboo shoots is helpful.
    I am very curious if you were suggesting the Platinum for another poster or me?
    What are the properties and indications for platinum?
    Food enzymes are an essential!!!!
    Thank you for bringing that up.  BUTT, and it’s a big one:  always keep in mind that if you are using something like Papaya and it is on the AVOID list for your blood type that you are working against yourself.

  • Hi Kspezza,
    The reason I am working on the concept of molecular switches is that for every posting here, including my own, you will get that many suggestions of what to TRY based on the unique physiology of everyone who has a condition.  You might try every single modality and still not get relief because your body was damaged in a different way.  Hulda Clark suggested getting the heavy metals out of the body physically with L-Cysteine amino acid.  If you can tolerate it.  Depending on the manufacturer and what excipients they put in their formulas, sometimes taking a prepared substance can be just as bad as already having what you are trying to remove from your body.  Funny thing is:  The S-Allyl Sulfates in garlic are chelating agents that remove things like Arsenic and Mercury that have an affinity for sulfur.  The Salicylates are a phenolic acid.  No doubt there will be many posters who will suggest homeopathy or a dozen different things to try to get the salicylates out.  Hulda says that salicylates (including the aspirin family) can cause tinnitus but she just recommended just avoiding them.  Then it really gets nutty.
    Hulda said that if you have benzene pollution of your food that if you use an ozonator on the vegetables for 20 minutes it breaks the benzene down to phenol.  She then said to add baking soda and that will break down the phenol.  Can we assume that there are oxidative and buffering carboxylating mechanisms in the body that can do this if they were intact?  I don’t know.  She goes on to say that vitamin B2 will break benzene in the body down into phenol but then she offers no followup on how to get the phenol out (?)  Could baking soda give the body the buffering that it needs?  I don’t know.
    The reason why I have not applied myself too much to this situation is that you have to decide if you are going to stamp at fires directly beneath your boots or work on the whole burning forest.  My attention has always been on the Serum Sickness created by the salicylates so after my first attempts with remedies for phenols I changed my focus.  I have unreferenced notes that Glycine, Taurine and Acyl Co-A conjugate phenols.  Glycine and Taurine are major components of bile so this tells us that the liver might be able to handle phenols and get them out of the body if our bile was not turned into the consistency of green toothpaste.  So that pushes us into the realm of gallbladder purges and I am currently working on a gentle way to do that since many recipes including Hulda’s can be very harsh on the body.

  • I am glad that no one has answered this question because it is a loaded one.

    If the poster is an Agent then they are looking for a claim that the FDA will come down on you quicker than a piano from the first floor window.

    I guess if your dog was named Homeopathy and you taught it to walk behind you then Homeopathy could Heel.

  • Cheers!  Robyn.  Since the brain bone is connected to the gut bone, have an apple and it might feel better.  No, seriously.  Unless you are fructose intolerant, apples are part of the process of making the gallbladder function better.  Really want that cranium calcium to hurt?  Wanna guess what might be behind fructose intolerance?  Poor digestion like a sludgy gallbladder.  The dog has chased its tailbone on this one.  Maybe we can call this dog Homey and take him home with us.
    Thanks for slogging through.

  • Lindamartinseng

    I agree with nearly all respondents, this information needs to be available and more easily understandable for more of the population! A book with bullet points and recommended changes or methods to make positive changes would be extremely helpful-otherwise very few people will ever see this information, let alone understand it’s implications! Thank you for what you have done!

  • Hi Carolyn,
    This was the distillation of several of my books into a form that is akin to taking a drink from a firehose.  I am not flippant when I say that this is just the bare necessity of what we need to know, consider, and work from, in order to undo the lies and damage that mainstream medicine has inflicted on us.  We as a species are so far behind the 8-ball that I am not sure that we can catch up with, let alone exceed, the assaults that have been done, are being done and are planned on us.  I never stay more than an arms length away from a dictionary, or encyclopedia and there are times when I have had to put textbooks back on the library shelf thinking that either I am a total idiot for not understanding a single word or perhaps the jargon and concepts have been occulted on purpose lest we consume that fruit of the knowledge of Good.  I have pretty much resigned myself to writing run-on sentences and trying to get an idea out with its own footnotes in parenthesis because there is no easy way to say this stuff.  As to writing to the masses, I don’t.
    One man responded to me by private email after reading this with a message that he wanted to do whatever it took to make his child better.  He wanted to research the topics himself and wondered if there was any material in layman’s terms.  I told him that even my books would be of no practical use and that WE are writing the books right now if we abandon the old medical lies and do the groundbreaking on molecular switches to permanently reverse and repair all of the damage done to us.  So in that respect, I write for an audience of One, who ever that might be, and how many ever of them might be out there. 

  • Hi Crispbunny,
    Although it is grim (what isn’t on my website?) you can go to the 1, 2, 3, Dead! page to find a reference of what Pertussis toxin does to Neutrophils.  Shuts them off like a light switch.
    Molecular Switch!
    Sometimes competitive inhibition cannot be removed and the switch is broken off in the OFF or ON position.  Sometimes allosteric inhibition can be pushed out by another molecule and you get the true meaning of the word Molecular Switch where you can undo what was done.
    Regarding your ‘hives’.  Look up the word Hives sometime and find out what kind of hypersensitivity reaction they classify it under.  Although it is annoying I must always emphasize that it is NECESSARY because it is telling you that something is unbalanced in your body.  I like to project in my mind that if the hives are showing ON the skin then what else like those hives is happening IN the body like tissue and organs?  This is your chance to root out the problem and correct it.  Could it be that the pertussis turned off your immune system, some nasty got inside, somehow your neutrophils got turned back on, or if they didn’t then some other part of your white blood cell army took up their job?
    All questions, I know, but inquiry is the starting point for all of us as we apply our new view on what is wrong.  Are you showing Allergy, Delayed Hypersensitivity, and Serum Sickness from that vaccine?  If so then is that three separate things? or three versions of just one thing?  This is what I was trying to convey in the article.  If we view the derangement of our immune system as a single continuum then it might be easier to getting around to finding a fix.

  • Hi Leslie,

    We are in the Hyper Bowl of hyperbole at 4th down and 4 yards to go….

    Consider yourself on the cutting edge of new medicine.  There are many posters out there on this and other pages that have a great deal of knowledge and experience in addressing diseases that were given to us, but the greatest failing of them all is lack of physiological Mechanism.  Without that we cannot achieve a system of healing from the inside out based on the concepts I presented here because all will be lost in empiricism and anectdote and no clinical, repeatable concepts.

    I tried bullet points once, but I had to buy a new computer monitor…

  • Thanks for your kind words and thanks for the spontaneous guffaw over the smart phone reference

  • Hi Susan,
    Thanks for rising to the occaision.
    There is a story about a mathematician who would come up with hypotheses but would never do the proofs.  When his collegues pressed him on this he said:  I am an explorer not a colonist.
    What might be perceived as cruelness in my responses is the equivalent of a professor demanding that the class meet the pre-requisites themselves through hard work and study.  Although people call this kind of data advanced, it is the bare minimum of where we need to be at as a species if we are to overcome the damage that has been done to us.  This is why I am so adamant about people getting up to speed.

  • Hi Dismayed,
    I didn’t hear you because you didn’t say that in your first post.  I only heard: dismay. 
    Share my dismay:  I hosted a large email list where fine folks would say that my material was over their heads.  I do a Slave Work Unit job to try to pay the bills because telling the truth will bankrupt you, but this ‘work’ is my life.  It is all that I do because I have been forced to watch military medicine kill people in front of us with all parties helpless to do anything about it.  For two reasons: all medicine is a military construct and it will crush you if you oppose it, and there were some who were too ignorant and cowardly to do anything about it BEFORE it got lethal.  So when my listmembers said that my material was too advanced I offered every single one of them to write in and tell me what they didn’t understand and I would answer them personally, or share anonymous replies with the group so that we could all benefit.
    A long sentence to say that I offered my life to these people and they couldn’t even rub a few words together to make a sentence.  So, I do not write for the masses.  I have no altruistic bent to change Hearts and Minds.  If you read the post for Carolyn, I write for that One person who grabs on like a bulldog and will not let go of the stinky sock even if you lift them off the ground with it in their mouth.
    Anyone not willing to wade through the material will have to go the way of Darwin (survival of the fittest) and here is why: the same neurological damage that is seen from vaccines in children also etches away at the brains of adults.  This is a calculated attack to destroy logic and critical thinking pathways so that, although the people you are addressing seem to be functional adults they are the cognitive equivalent of autistics or savants.  I opened this second article with a reference to Rabies.  Did you know that they are creating a strain of Rabies in the lab that can actively target specific architecture in the brain in order to disable specific functions? 
    Here is another one of my harsh realities that you must confront: You may be wasting your time.  Some of the damage is so complete (think stage 4 hypersensitivity = autoimmunity = missing Mud Pellet {ancient Chinese term for the brain — they didn’t know what it was used for}) that the masses cannot be repaired or recovered.
    I applaud your dedication to this work for the past 20 years.
    Ask yourself: Have my efforts worked in the past?  Not very well by your own admission.  So, isn’t the funny version of the clinical definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results every time?  If you abandon your pursuit of persuading the unpersuadable and focus on the task at hand of uncovering the molecular switches that will restore our health then you will have what you need for yourself and your family.  The ignorance of the world effects us just like the mass of lemmings rushing towards the cliff that might take a few unwilling dissenters off the edge.  That being said, if those mad masses that weren’t completely brain dead got just small doses of nascent Iodine then you would see near miracles in their seeping awareness of just what is wrong around them.  Did you know that bread dough used to be conditioned with Iodine before they replaced it with the hypnogogic Bromine?
    You see, that is another simple molecular switch that drops the scales from their eyes.
    I would like for you to think of the old school of medicine having given you a hammer with a broken handle, a rusty can full of bent nails and a pile of rotten lumber.  You can’t build anything from that.  What my work tries to do is fix the handle, straighten the nails and start with fresh wood and a blueprint.

  • DrSuzanne

     Fermented vegetables are almost as good.  You know, not all mothers have the perfect vaginal flora. When we need help going to original source of it all – the dirt, the vegetables is my choice. I think it is a crime to deliver a c section child and not tell the mother to administer probiotics to herself and her infant.  

  • DrSuzanne

     As a homeopath, and a former allopath I do NOT believe that homeopathy or anything else is a magic bullet.  Homeopathy sometimes heals by itself, but I believe that starting with basics, what goes in and out of us is paramount and if you don’t have that in place don’t even bother with homeopathy.  Many homeopaths disagree with me and think they can heal anything no matter the circumstance. I’ve just not seen it played out that way unless the remedy affects consciousness and gets them to start from the ground up.  That said, homeopathy is a great adjunct to toxic/vaccine injuries. But in and of itself?  I say no.  jMO.  We have two unvaxed, never antibioticized kids. HOmeopathy heals them every time. If they were vaxed and had their bowels trashed with antibiotics I doubt they would respond so well. 

  • Mizraeofsunshine

    And, I agree with Patrick…unless you are willing to work for “your supper”  you will not retain, or know how to deliver, this much needed information to those that seek the knowledge.  Mystery schools were not mystery schools in the beginning because the knowledge was hidden, but because many did not want to do the work necessary to gain the knowledge.  However, knowledge in and of itself does not a correction make…..implementation of an action plan starts with one person….YOU!

  • guest

    You are so right, Suzanne, I do the same experience with my 2 kids. English is a foreign language for me, that`s why I have problems to understand Jordan`s sarcastic answer. I posted other stuff under the name “guest” and he did not see, that I am serious with my question. “Guest” is already written in the formulare, don`t know what`s wrong about..

  • guest

    the same “guest”

  • guest

    the same “guest”

  • guest

    “accident” means broken arm or something like that

  • Ella G

    Thanks Patrick, not a forensic scientist just a naturopathic student and a mother :) i read the info here and asked those questions as obviously the more i learn the more i can help people when i will one day ‘finally’ be able to practice.. i was also wondering if kendra had been around any large amounts of toxins during her life, like where she worked or lived… great write up patrick, keep up the good work

  • Terry Robinson (Australia)

    Susan, if you were able to condense Patrick’s article to its core elements that would be greatly appreciated by most VacTruth readers. Good luck with the project if you can spare your precious time… Terry Robinson.

  • Hello Guest,
    Here is a non-sarcastic answer to highlight the seriousness of the situation:  Here in the United States only criminals get justice.  I have seen people murdered by medicine and it was written off as natural causes.  But if an alternative practitioner makes a claim of diagnosis, treatment or cure they are put in prison.  So when you ask if homeopathy can ‘heal’ you chose a dangerous word that even if it was innocently asked it could entrap anyone stupid enough to answer it with a ‘yes’.  You seem to think that being an unregistered name with repeat postings gives you some kind of identity but we will never know if you are an employee of the US Navy trolling for nefarious purposes.  The internet is a military construct and everything is recorded, and analyzed.  Just because this media is convenient does not make it safe.

  • guest

    Oh, good for me not to live in the USA, thank you for explain me better!

  • Melody Murray

    OMG…my gut tells me your statement ”
    Because you are vigilant about your baby’s health…” is the truth, I wanted to scream when I read it. Here I thought that I was being super mom by presenting to the hospital and attending nurses/doctors my wishes in writing about absolutely no vaccines of any kind, shape or form, while I was in recovery from a C section, my baby’s daddy said he watched the nurses give our baby 3 shots. They told me that 1 of the shots was an insulin shot because she came out with very low sugar. Well, crap, I am no doctor and I wasn’t awake to read any labels so how the heck do I know if that was an actual sugar shot. Get my baby home and she is covered in Eczema. Patrick, we are truly screwed from cradle to grave. I am a very outside the box thinker and I already know how bad it is though so many still have their rose colored glasses on but I can still be amazed as to the extent that we are really screwed. 

  • Melody Murray

    Boy, you got that right, Patrick. The internet was built by the military. Used by the military long before ever being allowed to be used by the public. It is not safe by no means or stretch of the imagination.

  • healingeczema

    This was an excellent article, especially the conclusion regarding the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is the body’s sewer system. Moving the lymphatic fluid is key to flushing out the toxins from you body, including toxins from vaccines and old viruses/bacterias etc. Please view Dr Morse’s uploads on youtube entitled ‘The Great Lymphatic System’ to gain practical and effective knowledge on how to understand the system and move your lymph.

    I am writing a book on eczema, the causes and how to detoxify your body from the causes. If you would like a free copy when it is finished please email me at [email protected]

  • Me Over Here

    I love the sarcasm and I love it all. Though I will have to read it over again, but I’m used to doing that anyways with books that I’ve read of relative topics anyways. Gotta learn the lingo and learn the medical grammer. Please keep it up.

  • Me Over Here

    I love the sarcasm and I love it all. Though I will have to read it over again, but I’m used to doing that anyways with books that I’ve read of relative topics anyways. Gotta learn the lingo and learn the medical grammer. Please keep it up.

  • Lou

    “I go to great lengths to demonstrate if you ask
    the wrong questions it doesn’t matter what the answers are.”

    If ever this political maxim has been PROVEN it is with cancer.

    “Despite more than 2.4 million papers published on
    cancer research to date conventional medicine has largely failed to identify
    safe low-cost effective methods of cancer intervention and prevention.”  
    Life Extension, Note this is not possible Folks. Cancer is
    being used as a means of
    IMO. The problem is not with the good people
    working in the cancer vineyards; it is with our political hierarchy centered in
    the Rockefeller controlled HHS

    “Just by decreasing a
    cell’s oxygen content by about one-third, cancer is automatically induced.
    Nothing more is required for cancer to develop.”  Doctor Otto Warburg 1924

    “But how long cancer prevention will be
    avoided depends on how long the prophets of agnosticism will succeed in
    inhibiting the application of scientific knowledge in the cancer field. In the
    meantime, millions of men and women must die of cancer unnecessarily.”   
    Doctor Otto Warburg 1966

    “In group 3 which consisted of raw food
    and high vitamin C a very satisfying 35-times decrease in cancerous lesions was
    achieved. The incidence of severe cancerous lesions in these experiments was
    caused to vary over a 70-fold range by nutritional measures alone.”   
    Doctor A.B. Robinson PhD, Linus Pauling Institute, Note
    WHAT you eat can decrease your risk of each of your cells becoming cancerous by
    at LEAST 70 times.

    “The chief, if not the sole,
    cause of the monstrous increase in cancer has been vaccination”
     Doctor Robert Bell, Vice President International
    Society for Cancer Research at the British
    “Laetrile is more effective in
    the control of cancer than any substance I have ever tested”.  

    Doctor Kanematsu Sugiura, Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute

    “I was astonished to find no cases of
    cancer. I saw NONE among the natives 200 miles from the coast. This absence of
    cancer seems to be due to the difference in the nutrition of the natives as
    compared to the Europeans.”   

    Doctor Albert Schweitzer 1913, Note Schweitzer later said “It is the sugar.”
    Both Cancer and Autism are POLITICAL diseases. The solution to both is political.

  • Alli

    Patrick – Fantastic article and have to say, I will be re-reading, due to your style and information, however, my take is that if anyone wants to know what you are saying, they will find a way to “get it”. Nuff said!

    I have a couple of questions about the eczema – my autistic son, age 6 now – ages 4 and 5, each spring, his arms and legs would break out in eczema – inside the elbows and behind the knees and surrounding areas of both. I would get pretty severe for him. I had this same issue as a child but mine went on for years, off and on. My son – we are healing as best we can, all naturally – no meds not ever. We use tons of modalities and keep on keepin’ on with that front. Question – placement of the eczema – ??? any ideas on that? I additionally think that Spring – when my son’s eczema took place – late Feb- late June – the liver was trying to work and his body was getting out much, from the brain, I think. Any ideas on this?

    Next is me – history would take too long. I have had hives, welts and eczema since shortly after I gave birth to my son. Have tried many modalities with much success finally – bits and pieces as you say – there is SO MUCH that is challenged in my body – but I have viking ancestry so I’m somewhat bad-ass at even nearing 50! (okay – at least my thinking in this light keeps me going so I leave it at that! :)   Question – placement – at first the welts and hives were off and on for a couple of years after my youngest son was born and it was all over me – legs, arms, trunk – pretty amazing!!! Then that stopped, and for the last 3+ years my eczema is mostly on the front of my neck,drawing a line down from my ears inward to the center, and not lower than the neckline; Inside elbows, elbows, inside arms on forearms, severe at both sides of the wrists and sometimes down the tops of my hands to my knuckles; Sometime splotchy on my face – lower cheeks. There are other spots but they aren’t commonly affected. I have never gotten an answer on my eczema – never, or I have gotten all the wrong answers. Let me just say that I know I have issues with low thyroid, adrenal fatigue-extreme, low cholesterol, food allergies, lung issues, weak kidney, weak/stressed liver, estrogen sensitive, low progesterone, EBV, mercury toxicity and aluminum toxicity – you get the picture. Anyway – just wondering re the placement concerning my eczema. I know that holistic rule – the body works things out from the inner, down and out the body but honestly my body has not done this much – due to my neck and facial eczema. There is some pushing out my hands to my fingers but all in all – this out and down ideal is not in my case. Wanted to know any ideas you many have – thank you. Not looking for any dx-ing – just ideas to consider.

    I have been shocked and amazed at reading this. I have had to put it down just to cope. The allergy shot thing really got me – never thought of that and of course I was one of the only kids I knew at the time, who got allergy shots. I was one of the only kids that was reacting with allergies in the 70’s. Allergies & asthma.

    While I’m at it I would also like to know if a baby (me) born in the mid 1960’s (Sacramento, California)  would have gotten vaccinations as a baby. I was given up for adoption and put in a foster home so I was left in govt. care – those two words don’t go well in my mind. Anyway, all I remember is a vaccine when I was around  . . . . 8 or 9 at our elementary school. I do not remember any more shots after that – AT ALL – I know during the elementary school shots – not what they gave us in the arm but I do remember that sweet-tasting polio crap they gave us in our mouths. I am wanting to know if anyone knows what the history was in Calif. in the 60;s/70’s for babies and children, possibly what else I got besides that polio vax.

    Appreciate any responses – thank you for your writing. Going to look for more from you Patrick – I will not stop until I have a pretty good understanding of the whole system process – brain/gut/immune/lymph – for mySelf, my kids, my family and anyone else I can help. 

  • Alli

     Adding that my son only had the eczema issues in that 4th and 5th year – he did not have it this last Spring. He was vax injured from the Hep B at birth and then again with three Dtap’s when he was 20-24 mos. No other vax’s within that time frame and non since or ever will be!

  • Rori

    Hi everybody, Pat Jordan here.  I have requested my good friend to post this
    message for me since Disqus and other comment services will not allow me to
    post at this time.  I have updated my
    browsers and tried every trick that I can but it seems that the underlying
    (lying) cause is that they want me to buy a new expensive operating system so
    that the free internet search engine will work. 
    Homey don’t play that.  So, I have
    not been ignoring any of you, I simply could not get through.  I will respond if I can correct this
    problem.  You are always welcome to
    contact me directly at:  [email protected]


    Thanks for your patience.

  • Rori

    Hi everybody, Pat Jordan here.  I have requested my good friend to post this
    message for me since Disqus and other comment services will not allow me to
    post at this time.  I have updated my
    browsers and tried every trick that I can but it seems that the underlying
    (lying) cause is that they want me to buy a new expensive operating system so
    that the free internet search engine will work. 
    Homey don’t play that.  So, I have
    not been ignoring any of you, I simply could not get through.  I will respond if I can correct this
    problem.  You are always welcome to
    contact me directly at:  [email protected]


    Thanks for your patience.

  • Hi Alli,


    [Just so that everyone knows: if there is a long lag time
    between you posting and me responding it is because Disqus has a technical
    problem with dialup.]


    Thanks for your kind words and thanks for taking the time to
    ‘get it’.  When I let your descriptions
    of the skin manifestations just wash over my grey cells my first impression is
    lymph stasis that just happens to show up wherever because as we know from the
    Burton Report all skin reactions show systemic disease.  But, as you say, the body is a system status
    board so the Meridians and Collaterals can guide us into organs and systems
    that might need attention.  Everybody
    should have the naked acupuncture man (now I think they make a woman doll too)
    with the lines and dots that you can use colored pens on in order to highlight
    the Meridian lines.  It will give
    practical associations for things that we were never trained to observe unless
    you spend your days pouring over anatomy and physiology books.  Yes, some people do not have a life —-


    Anyway.  It is well
    documented that dermatomes indicate what is going on inside the body.  Herpes Zoster (shingles) will follow nerve
    trunks on one side of the body.  If you
    follow these branches back to the nerve root and their spinal association with
    a chiropractor’s parasympathetic nerve association chart you can get some
    interesting correlations with that as well. 
    From what you described if we just stick with the acupuncture doll then
    the inside of the elbows can be Lung and/or Pericardium.  Given the seasonal association, my first
    inclination was exposure to mold and therefore the Lung would be more likely
    since inhalant allergens can provoke a skin response.  (Allergies and Asthma as you point out later).  Just think of the red eyes, red nose, and
    rashes of those with hayfever (another Gift of Jenner) for the concept that the
    skin is showing a systemic reaction to a provoking agent.  Bet you wouldn’t have put industrial
    chemicals in there with the rest of what we are talking about, but you can get
    some pretty angry eczema from inhaling vapors from chemicals as well.  You, see, it doesn’t matter what the
    provocating agent is if the immune system is imbalanced.  I had mentioned mold at the outset, and it
    is a distinct possibility, plus it still fits the pattern of what we are
    talking about, because, although it is a living organism and can cause trouble
    in many ways, one of the main problems is mycotoxins so we are all the way back
    to chemicals again.


    The spots behind the knees fit well into the loop that the Bladder
    Meridian makes.  In the Chinese system
    many kidney problems arise from a bladder infection that rises up the tubes
    into new territory.  According to
    D’Adamo the fucose sugars of cranberries and kelp won’t get rid of a current
    infection, it just makes it harder for the bacteria to get a grip after you
    remove them from the cell walls.


    Regarding the nearly full coverage of the skin rashes you
    had after delivery: my first thought was it was somehow related to hormone
    homeostasis.  You later mentioned estrogen
    sensitivity and low progesterone.  My
    memory isn’t what it used to be, but I seem to remember some obscure candida
    site saying that our best friend mold likes to eat hormones among other things.  These days when I hear of a metabolic
    product like hormones being low the first thing I think of is that a vaccine or
    allergy provocation test caused an autoimmune response and the body is
    attacking its own substances.  All-over
    body skin lesions means systemic disease. 
    Just like Pirquet and his measles. 
    The viruses were throughout the entire body so the entire body would
    show the response to it.  So, that makes
    us focus on just what might have been in your body to have provoked
    antibody/antigen complexes, or histamine release from mast cells, or —-?


    The ear to neck path could be many things but the Stomach
    Meridian seems to fit that bill.  Things
    get tricky when you try to crossapply concepts from a culture that is so
    radically different from modern north american thinking, especially since
    traditional chinese medicine was developed 5000 years ago.  Stomach Yang is related to the stomach,
    while Stomach Yin is related to the pancreas although they never had a concept
    of the pancreas when they came up with those systems.  I don’t mind going out on a limb or even running the saw on the
    wrong side I am sitting on when I look at the rest of your posts to see that
    your baby got DTaP, when Pertussis is a known pancreas toxin.  Now, I am fully aware of you saying that the
    neck eczema was yours and the shots were your son’s, but the other thing that
    people rarely pay attention to is that vaccines are shed by people and pets, so
    anyone in the household could have been exposed to the vaccine components.


    So what about facial eczema?  What I have seen is mold and chemicals (but I repeat myself) as
    triggers, but what is really going on is the body is showing that the sinuses
    and tonsils can’t drain past the face into the neck and then into the portal
    vein of the liver to get rid of whatever is ailing it.  Geezopete. 
    Where do you start with that one?


    Well, (and it’s a deep one) we have to go to the bowel.  The Large Intestine, by the way, is the
    Zhang/Fu pair with the Lung so we have made a full circle within the Meridian
    system as we tracked the eczema in a circle around the body.  80% of the lymph system is in the
    intestines.  If the intestines are dirty
    the liver can never be clean.  If the
    liver is dirty then the lymph can’t drain into it if the lymph can’t move then
    everything backs up including the intestines.




    Everyone is feeling like they just got it but are confused
    on how the intestines can be both the start and stop point of the circle.


    Colon cleanse is critical for keeping the liver and lymph
    working.  I have tried to clean up liver
    and lymph without working on the colon and got NOWHERE!  Inside of wrists to knuckle is Large
    Intestine Meridian.  Top of hand to
    third knuckle is Triple Warmer.  Again,
    the ancient chinese didn’t know a thyroid from a Mud Pellet (brain) so it is
    only just a modern association.  You
    mentioned Thyroid and Adrenal (ALL of the endocrine organs are dependent on
    each other).  I think it is the work of
    Jeffry that showed that Epstein Barr comes with the Polio Poison.  Because of the volume of connections Jeffry
    was making to the single assault of Polio vaccine, I was able to come up with
    the citation in my book The Rise and Fall of Kingdom Animalia that EBV USED TO



    (shameless merchandising plug).


    My coining of the phrase Chronic Lymph Sickness that seems
    to fit a chiropractor’s observation that people’s lymphatic systems are gelled
    like string of pearls beneath their skin. 
    This sickness had to start somewhere. 
    What better place then polio vaccines that can be demonstrated to have
    been unleashed in the 1950s right about the time that Theron Randolph was
    noticing chemical allergy, D’Adamo’s father was doing work on lectin
    interactions of food in the blood, and the post-war, medicated housewife was
    being garbagecan diagnosed with mental problems when they probably had chronic
    fatigue and fibromyalgia from the polio/EBV that was given to them by the
    criminals that now labeled their patients as nutjobs.


    Have I covered damned near everything yet?  Seems to be a tidy little package with one
    central supply house causing all of our woes.


    Regarding the vaccine mania that started in the 1970s, we
    will have to wait for input from other readers as to what might have been in
    the hospital delivery system in the 1960s to know if it was as insane back then
    as well.  There used to be restrictions
    on vaccinating pregnant women but that has been totally removed from the
    textbooks.  When it comes to miasms it
    doesn’t matter if baby wasn’t shot up as long as the parents were because all
    of that genetic damage will transfer to the offspring. 


    One of the most striking things about your post is that you
    question the alternative medicine view of first-in-last-out and
    top-down-clearing of disease.  My
    decades of experience with Whitecoats and Greycoats showed me nearly all of
    them couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag and nearly the entire
    world is nothing but repeaters of things that they heard or read and never
    clinically demonstrated for themselves. 
    Because I too have had difficulty proving out these assumptions, I
    started to formulate a hierarchy of microbial obstacles to health
    advancement.  This too will fly in the face
    of the religious Bechamps advocates.  I
    don’t discount his work but when there is mold in your body eating Mercury or
    as part of a microecology built up around tapeworm infection, it is the same as
    being up to your butox in alligators during the swamp draining process.  I always refer back to Hulda Clark that
    mycotoxins prevent the liver from being able to detox, so even if the Mercury
    was the reason for the mold being there you have to get rid of the damned mold
    so that you can function.  King Mold is
    at the top of my list for things to get rid of first and then the body can start
    to work out the other things that are holding it back.  But then we are back to that same circle
    again.  If you clean the fungus from
    your bowels that just opens up brand new territory for protozoa to come out of
    your lymph and into the open space.  So
    you take the Salt and Vitamin C purge to clear them, but then bacteria bloom in
    the space left when the protozoa that grazed on them are gone.  So you take probiotics.  That helps to lessen the bacteria but they
    release viruses on the way out —-


    And so it goes.


    Every individual person needs to come up with their own
    individual way of dealing with what is going on.  This is despite my evaluation that the Master Template of disease
    is biofilm in the gut, lymph stasis and chromosome damage that are the main
    obstacles to fixing anything in everybody. 
    One-size-fits-all miracle therapies don’t exist.  We pretty much need PhDs in all of the
    sciences to cope.

  • Catherina Lucy

    The comments made here looks as if no child have ever died because of the treatment by modern medicines.Very bad.