A Mother Asks About Formula Options & Daughter’s Eczema Problems

This question comes from Brittany:

“I read your article about how allergies, immune response ect cause excema. My daughter who is 4 months old has had excema since she was 2 months old. She has never been vacinnated. I know her allergy is from me consuming dairy because when I stop eating anything with dairy in it her excema starts to clear up. I also have a hyperthyroid condition and I have to stop breastfeeding her. I do have a freezer chest full of breastmilk which does have dairy in it. My problem is that I don’t know what formula to put her on or should I look into getting donated breastmilk? Soy is poison and I don’t want her on soy formula. I also don’t know what to do about her excema. I looked up hypoallergenic formulas that are prescribed which you get from a pharmacy but 50% is corn syrup, which is most likely genetically modified, and 25% is vegetable oil (soybean, being one of the oils). I’m at my wits end and only want to do what’s healthy and best for her. Can you offer me any advice?”


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  • September 15, 2012

Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of the website www.vactruth.com he promotes well-educated pediatricians, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.

  • MamaJane

    Yes, do look into donated breast milk. You have more options available to you than you have thought. Reach out to other mothers in your community and find your states Facebook page for Human Milk for Human Babies. Also check the surrounding states if you live in a small one. You may not be able to get your child breast milk full time but it is far better than the formula options you have available. Your child may have up to as many as 20 milk mamas who are more than happy to share with you.

  • Sweetbellaboutique

    Hi, I am going thru something similar with my 5m old. She is clearing up now.  Question, are you consuming store bought dairy or raw dairy? My little one is doing fine on raw goat milk formula, receipe at organicthrifty.com. She is thriving on it and is a great alternative to formula, which I would never touch, like you said, the ingredients are toxic. If baby can not do dairy at all, look at WAPF formula receipes, there is a liver/non dairy formula that lots of babies have done well with. That would have been by next step if she kept reacting. I am also hoping to get donated breast milk from a friend that eats cleanly like I do. You can ask for donated breast milk on facebook, Human milk 4 human babies. Also, to help soothe my lil one, calendula oil really did the trick. Hope this helps!

  • Sweetbellaboutique

    oh, you can find raw milk in your area on realmilk.com

  • Brittany

    are you saying that my daughter wont react to raw dairy?

  • brittany

    yes i have always used store bought dairy and just recently found out through weston price how terrible it is. i avoid it as much as possible and here excema cleared up. But now that my thyroid is all whacky she cant have my breastmilk and that frozen breast milk that I do have has dairy, so the excema returned. The problem with raw milk is that I can’t get it anywhere in Ohio because it is illegal, the only way I can get it is if I pay for a herd share. Also, I admit of being afraid that the milk may be contaminated if i did pay for a herd share, if I could even find a dairy farmer to agree with me taking unpastuerized milk from his/her farm. I havent seen the non dairy liver formula on westons website, i will check into it, thank you!

  • There is a company out of New Zealand that can ship a goat based infant formula. I think one is called nanny care or Kari Care.j Goat formula might be the answer since the proteins are often digest able even for kids who cannot do dairy. 

  • Pkall1

     Most people are allergic to dairy and do not know it and its due to the process called pasteurization (research it).

    For most who are allergic, consuming raw dairy will not cause a reaction.  Have you thought about taking care of your thyroid issue with natural supplements instead of pharma?  You can take seaweed (iodine) instead.  There are other options….you just need to research it.  oneradionetwork dot com and natural news dot com.  Hope that helps!

  • Pkall1

     Most people are allergic to dairy and do not know it and its due to the process called pasteurization (research it).

    For most who are allergic, consuming raw dairy will not cause a reaction.  Have you thought about taking care of your thyroid issue with natural supplements instead of pharma?  You can take seaweed (iodine) instead.  There are other options….you just need to research it.  oneradionetwork dot com and natural news dot com.  Hope that helps!

  • Elhohenstein

    Who is telling you that you can’t breastfeed? I would recommend contacting your local La Leche League leader to get some advice. If it’s from a medication you will have to be on, the leader can check in Dr. Hale’s book about breastfeeding and medication. For the ezcema I would get your baby on a high quality probiotic and continue to avoid dairy. If you are unable to continue breastfeeding (again I would look for more opinions on this) donated breastmilk would be best. Good luck!

  • Hi Brittany,
    I am not a doctor so it is impossible for me to give medical advice.  Anecdotes from the 1950s say that goat’s milk can reverse many infant disorders.  This may be due to the use of bovine fetal serum in vaccines that cross-sensitize mother and/or baby to cow’s milk.  What is important for everyone involved is to try every rational approach while keeping note of why or why not such approaches might work.  If you have pets and do not remove them from your entire living space then you will never know if the eczema is from any allergen, parasite, microbe, or shedded vaccine that the pet might carry.  It is a great thing that you child has never been vaccinated but if you have pets and they have worms then worms are Nature’s vaccinators.  The molting chemicals of roundworms can cause eczema and that could be cyclical.  It seems obvious that your breast milk is a trigger, but if we were to jump to the conclusion that it was just cow’s milk when there is a major endocrine organ involvement as your thyroid then the Big Picture is being lost.  I would explore the idea of thyroid hormones from your breast milk causing a condition already in your baby to come to the surface.
    Bovine growth hormone in commercial milk can also be a factor in your endocrine problems.  The foreign hormone might also be passed on through nursing.  Please let us all know if you were consuming commercial dairy products.  Please tell us what parts of your baby’s body that the eczema shows.
    You seem extremely vigilant over the options open to you.  Village wet nurses were common in the past.  Consider that if you use human donated milk that it will contain the immune components and any microbes and altered hormonal functions of the donor.  It is clear from my work that who we are is housed in our white blood cells.  When you share immunity with another person or animal then that fundamentally changes who we are.  You are in a desperate situation so I do not say this to add to your troubles or restrict options.  It is my way to give both sides of every story.  Sometimes lack of known options drives us to explore more options.
    I work constantly in the background and will repost if I have anything useful.

  • Brittany

    We do not have any pets, my thyroid could be the issue. We have been keeping an eye on my thyroid for a couple of years. It’s elevated but not to the point of needing medication, at least when I was pregnant and before that. Right now I’m not sure because I lost my insurance but my hair is falling out like crazy, my bm are more frequent than before my pregnancy, and I often have pulsating tinnitus. I don’t want to give her my breast milk bc I’m afraid my levels may be too high, so I’ve been giving her my frozen stash of breastmilk and her excema came back ( I was still consuming cheese, cheesecake, other dairy items, not straight milk, it’s been a long while since I had a glass of plain milk. I couldn’t eat cereal when I was pregnant, and now I don’t know if it was because of the milk or the cereal. I plan on treating my hyperthyroidism when I get insurance again and I’ve researched how I want to treat it, not by killing my thyroid like most doctors do.

  • JPower

    My kids both drank the goat’s milk formula from New Zealand after they stopped breastfeeding.  Cow’s milk isn’t healthy for any age, no matter what the dairy industry says.

  • Hello Everybody,
    Get out your acupuncture dolls and take a look at what Brittany shared with me about the location of her daughter’s eczema.  She said it was on the left temple.  Now it is said that there is a larger amount of lymphatic tissue on the left side of the body.  I don’t know why this is cited all of the time because I can’t correlate it with the work of Vodder (manual lymph drainage) but what I have noticed is this:
    Hulda Clark said that the liver is compartmentalized in its detoxification functions.  Certain parts of the liver deal with certain toxins.  It is almost like a factory with an assembly line.  I have noticed (and I may be wrong) that the left side of the lymph system although clogged and polluted by many things including microbes responds on acute exposure to chemical toxins while the right side responds to molds.  The whole system is tied together and integrated but this is a casual observation over the years.
    When you look at your Meridian lines the Gallbladder and the Sanjiao, aka Triple Warmer are in the temple area.  Since TCM didn’t cross over completely with western medicine there are those who associate the Triple Warmer meridian with the Thyroid.
    Interesting, huh?
    Lita Lee (Enzyme Therapy) said that a damaged/poisoned (back to chemicals and high levels of artificial and natural estrogen) thyroid will also take out the gallbladder.  A domino effect.
    For myself I take all of these clues, look at remedy options available, and then try to tailor things to addressing the organ system that seems to be affected by the presence of inflammation over the meridian.  This brings us full circle to trying to determine if the thyroid involvement is within baby herself or coming from mom?  If baby’s gallbladder/liver might be congested or infected thus interrupting digestion and allowing toxins to build up to be excreted through the skin?  Or a Monty Python: Something Completely Different.
    The something different could even be Mycobacterium Avium Paratuberculosis that taints a very large percentage of dairy in the United States.  It has been linked to Crohn’s disease.
    Don’t know.  Can’t say at this point.  But this is the kind of flowchart that I go through to fine tune an approach so that it is not randomly throwing remedies at a situation, although that is an approach that I do quite often.  The problem being that if you throw a whole bunch of things at it, you will never know which one worked and why it worked.  We must compile a body of knowledge on the mechanism of action so that the next time a mother or father comes up with this same problem a focused approach can be made instead of sorting through 50 kindly offered but ineffective suggestions.
    Again, I am not a doctor and it is impossible for me to give medical advice.  I reviewed a video by Guy Abraham M.D. where he states that hyperthyroidism can benefit from supplementation with Iodine.  This is completely opposite of what mainstream medicine says and they want to burn, destroy and remove as many thyroids as they can.  I have seen many women after thyroidectomy become slaves to thyroxine supplements and still suffer ill health because you can give hormone replacement all day long but if the body is still iodine deficient it will still be ill.  Since I always give both sides of any story when it is available to me, I will say that I would not take the product that Abraham promotes due to the stearates in them.  Other than that the formula seems to be sound.  I would experiment with nascent iodine, but then I know that I am not allergic to iodine.  Abraham also says that the fear of iodine allergy is actually based on MEDICAL DYES that use iodine that can be toxic as opposed to Iodine as an element.  Things to consider after much study on your part.

  • Michelle

    I agree, who is telling you, you can’t breastfeed? I have Hashimoto’s- basically it’s hyper and hypo thyroid condition and I took medicine and breastfed. If you don’t want to take the normally prescribed Synthroid you can always take Armour which is not a synthetic hormone. My hair falls out because of my Thyroid but it fell out a ton more in the months after having both my sons- It’s a very common side effect to childbirth.  There are many woman who have thyroid problems and don’t know it and even breastfeed.

  • Brittanypayne25

    Okay so I don’t know what exactly to take from your research. I’m about to just start making a bone broth formula for her. I will also get her thyroid checked. While I was pregnant I had severe pain under my right rib cage and I was told it was her feet, I also told my doctor I thought I had cholestasis because I itched everywhere and when I scratched I would get hives. When he saw me I showed him a scanned up hive and made him aware that if I did scratch I would break out. I didn’t scratch so when when I showed him the hive he told me it was a broken blood vessel!!!!!! what an idiot. I know my thyroid is messed up, my mother also had graves disease. I plan on taking alpha lipoic acid and Low dose Nexatrone when I can get my insurance. I just took out all dairy, grains, beans, nightshade vegetables out of my diet in hopes to heal my gut. I’ll be eating mostly organic. So do you think this will help me heal? Also my daughter was jaundiced a couple days after she was born but I just thought it was the lights they put her under or the vitamin k shot I didn’t refuse. I had to give her formula for the first week bc if she didn’t get hydrated she would become more jaundice and she would have to stay there without us. I wasn’t producing enough milk to hydrate her. Also she started getting excema on her right temple for about a week, but it was small and went away.

  • Hi Everybody,
    Brittany shared with me that she does not have pets so that helps us narrow down what the eczema might NOT be from.  That leaves the typical autoimmunity (still undefined), yeast, or some other cause.  When I brought up the location of the eczema she revealed that it was on the left temple and that is where the gallbladder and what passes for the thyroid Meridians cross on both sides.  Because the Meridians are on both sides this explains the eczema on the right side that faded.  Baby was given a Vitamin K shot.  Vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin and bile (liver/gallbladder) is a fat emulsifier.  Who knows what kind of antigenic reaction could have come from the shot?  Baby also had jaundice and was put under the lamps so we are full circle back to the liver and gallbladder.  By using the tools that the ancient healers used: ruling out the things it isn’t and gathering detail history on what it might be we see that Baby’s body is actually telling us where to look.  I have always called the body and especially the skin the System Status Board like the big wall-sized maps of railroads or powerstations with lights that go off when there is a problem at a certain site.
    I am unfamiliar with homemade bone broth.  My only comment is that when we look at the physiology of the cow we find that the calf drinks the cow’s milk rich in calcium because it is a dumb animal that needs strong bones.  Hu-mans on the other hand have brains slightly smaller than dolphins and require large amounts of Iron to grow the brains.  I could only suppose if there was marrow in the bones that it might pass for being sufficient for growing a human baby rather than a calf.  If I were making up a pot of nutrition I would make sure that there were plenty of high-iron containing vegetables in there so that it would be easy to assimilate.
    Brittany also shared some things that I did not get specific permission to bring to the open discussion but in general it goes to my postulate that a clogged lymph system is at the heart of bowel/lymph and liver/bile backup.  Silicon as found in bamboo shoots and/or homeopathic Silicia is a start at breaking up the aluminum gelled lymph —-
    I just stepped away from the computer to put a can of bamboo shoots in full sight so that I have them for dinner just now —  that is how important this kind of sharing on the net is.
    Lita Lee says that a damaged thyroid can lead to a damaged gallbladder.  So we are full circle back to those Meridians crossing the temples.
    Pain under the right rib cage was the FIRST DEFINITION of HYPOCHONDRIA!  Hypo means below, chondria means ribs.  So those monsters passing as MDs were blaming psychological disorders on people that they KNEW had liver and gallbladder problems.  If they didn’t know then they still should have been put in stocks in the public square for being stupid.  Most likely you had liver and gallbladder problems during pregnancy because sludgy bile and gallstones are common during that time.
    Since you indicated that your mother had Graves disease, there are some Alt Meds that say it is from a virus.  If that were true then this could be a generational thing being passed via body fluids such as nursing.  So lets look at the cascade: bad thyroid can make a bad gallbladder.  Working backwards what caused the bad thyroid?  If it were a virus then that should be addressed.  Dr. Abraham lumped ALL of the thyroid diseases into Iodine deficiency including the Hyper forms that the MDs tell you to avoid Iodine if you have them.  Iodine is a broad spectrum antimicrobial.  I am not suggesting that it be used.  I am telling you to do the research.
    On the topic of Morning Sickness.  I think it was Pfeiffer in Mental and Elemental Nutrients that said it was simply a lack of vitamin B-6.  For anyone who was given Zofran you will find that it is written up as possibly affecting the liver and that it passes in the breastmilk.

  • Elhohenstein

    I would really be concerned about the health of your baby if you switch from breastmilk to a bone broth, especially at such a young age. I agree bone broths are great for children and adults especially for healing the intestines (as well as lots of probiotics) but for your baby in a time of such growth and development really needs your breastmilk which is designed specifically to meet her needs. The innitial reaction from your daughter was probably from the formula she had in the beginning which probably caused damage to her gut. If you were to just eliminate the cows milk from your diet you would see a world of improvement. It can take up to 3 weeks for it all to get out of your system but it would totally be worth it. Have you looked into the gaps diet for yourself? It focuses on healing the gut and you could do a modified version while breastfeeding. If you are healing yourself and fixing your diet your thyroid problems may settle down but your breastmilk is not the problem with your daughters ezcema. (its the cows milk and possible other irritants in your diet). Here is a link to the gaps (gut and psychology syndrome) diet page if you are interested: http://www.gapsdiet.com/ and another interesting article by la leche leage about lactation and thyroid: http://www.llli.org/ba/feb06.html

  • Pam

    Rely on common sense.  Your baby needs breast milk.  Identify the source of inflammation that is the root of your symptoms and consider the function of your whole body.  Food sensitivities are often the problem.  You already identified dairy.  Remove it entirely.  For you it’s not healthy so be vigilant.  See a nutritionist or integrative doctor who can test or at minimum do an internet search for ‘foods most likely to cause inflammation’ and remove them from your diet.  This reduces symptoms in most people.   Improve your own health and nurse that baby.

  • Brittany

    This is a recipe that I found for infants with a dairy intolerance posted by the Weston a price foundation. I’m not just feeding her broth, there are a lot of other things that go into the formula, such as, chicken liver, lactose, probiotics, oils, ect. You can google it. I’m still pumping and saving my milk until after I get my blood results back for my thyroid levels.

  • Formu Land

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