“I allowed the doctor to persuade me into allowing them to give her the varicella vaccine…7 days later she woke up vommitting…”

What did your doctor learn about vaccines in medical school?

This question comes from Paula:

“My 6 year old daughter went in for a routine physical on July 13, 2012 for Pop Warner. She was in excellent health. I allowed the doctor to persuade me into allowing them to give her the varicella vaccine. I strongly said “no” to the MMR. 7 days later she woke up vommitting with stomach pain. (here is a short summary of our experience)She broke out with small blisters 9 days after receiving the shot. She was diagnosed with hand foot mouth disease by a couple doctors. Yet, no children she was exposed to during the time she was most sick ever got sick from her and we were not socializing with any ill people.

A couple days later, she stopped eating because of the stomach pain, In fact she went 3 days without food, 2 days without being able to drink fluids and more than 36 hours without being able to walk. The only thing that kept her alive was the ER trips in the night for IV fluids. All of her blood and urine lab work appeared normal, so we were repeatedly sent home. She is still sick and has not yet fully recovered.

I know that stomach pain is a side effect from this vaccine. My question is how do you fix it? Forget trying to get compensation from her medical expenses that total between $5k-$10k and still adding up, I want my healthy child back! Her energy level is low, she hasn’t gained back all the weight she has lost. She is 49″ tall and weighs only 37 pounds. She continues to have stomach pain, chest pain, pain under her left rib cage, and pain above her left hip.

Do you know of any similar cases and how to go about proper treatment for recovery? Her regular doctors deny she became ill from the shot yet the ER doctors outside of of our HMO said she clearly is ill because of it… but even they don’t quite put that on paper. They simply labeled her as having an allergy to that vaccine. I’m frustrated that our HMO doctors will not acknowledge the side effects, and that they don’t know how to treat them. Vaccines should not be given unless the side effects can be resolved. Any information or resources would be greatly appreciated!”


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  • September 17, 2012

Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of the website www.vactruth.com he promotes well-educated pediatricians, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.

  • John Fryer

    Very sad and only been repeated 400 000 times in the USA in the past 20 years. See VAERS data.

    In 1913 Professor Charles Richet got the Nobel Prize for the normal ANAPHYLACTIC reaction after a second or repeat vaccine which can end in sudden death.

    If this was a second or repeat of the MMR vaccine you have a case based on this Nobel Science never denied as anything but 100 per cent fact.

    One problem is the doctors and nurses have probably never heard of this professor and his work.

    Medical practioners are good at giving out vaccines but very bad at accepting they have harmed their patients. In fact 99 per cent of them have never had any adverse reaction from any vaccine they have given.

    In this case the doctors will no doubt go on telling all the world their never has been an unsafe vaccine and certainly not in their practice.

    The conclusion is you are dealing today with a medical world that gives worse treatment than a snake oil salesman but they will look on the snake-oil salesman with horror.

    A lady in the UK did get compensation (33 per cent worth of it) after an 18 year battle and after forming her own vaccine group and attracting thousands of helpers and support.

    Just be glad you are not one of the million babies or parents put in prison after their child suddenly died after a vaccine and while previously fit and healthy.

    Time is of course the best healer but if you go to that practiser of medicine then good luck to you.

    I would certainly get a SIGNED statement of these events from your practiser of medicine. Go just before they shut and refuse to leave until they sign this paper of FACTUAL events and ask them to write down what they know if anything of Charles Richet. ( I will be surprised if they do)

  • Chirocare

    Get to a chiropractor.

  • Healthranger7

    Zeolite powder and Chlorella can be used to remove heavy
    metals from your your body.

    Please check out:

    hank [dot] etszeolite [dot] com/index2 [dot] html
    Zeolite powder can be bought on eBay. For more tips to get your daughter well please send me a PM on YouTube.www [dot] youtube.com/healthranger7


    God bless you!



  • Healthranger7

    There is hope for her!

    Zeolite powder can be used to safely remove the heavy
    metals and toxins in the vaccine from your daughter’s body.

    Please check out:


    Zeolite powder can be bought on eBay. 

    Chlorella is also a great natural detoxification agent.

    For more tips to get your daughter back to health please send me a PM on YouTube.


    God bless you!


  • Jsb

    I am so sorry your child is suffering like this. My child suffers with stomach troubles, pain also and I regret every day that we allowed her to be vaccinated. 

  • Kay

    I recommend seeking the help of a CEASE therapist, it’s a fantastically effective and targeted  tool in de-toxing the effects of toxins. To find a therapist near you, go to http://www.cease-therapy.com/

    All the best

  • Anna Dutter

    My advice is to find a qualified homeopath who will be able to help your daughter eliminate the toxins from the vaccine and regain homeostasis.  If there is no one in your area, some homeopaths will work long distance, i.e. through skype

    Good luck

  • InformedConsent

    So sorry to hear.  We will pray that you find a solution.  Is it possible to find another doctor or even visit an emergency room in another hospital?

  • Patty Holden

    You need to do a heavy metal detox with the child.  If you can find the best holistic practitioner in your area, they could help you….or you could try it at home.  Cilantro is a safe way to do it at home, but many kids would not like the taste of it.  Try some of the suggestions below…there are many ways to do this that are safe and may clear up many of the effects of the vaccine.

  • I agree, find a great homeopath. preferably someone lisenced (md, do , nd dc) who also understands orthomolecular medicine. I also find that using a scenar device in this instance is helpful for getting the body out of the “fight and flight” response so healing can start.

  • This story is weird.  Smart enough to say no to MMR but too stupid to reject varicella shot?  It is ONLY chicken pox – not fatal, if she contracted it naturally.  Why not go hardcore and beat the crap out of the doctor and or nurse?  This story reads like a scam to get donations to treat a phantom child.

  • Michelle

     Don’t be so quick to judge! You can hang onto your money,no problem there BUT realize people are human…and the pressures are VERY real. It happened to me with my son. The doctors are relentless and do enough judging of us “evil” parents who dare question their “savior” vaccines.

  • Wizard3980

    Omg this story is absolutely identical to what happened to my son you need to start suppliment oatmeal or oatbran…. combined with flax seed oil this will help with immune response to the sores
    . Its the virus that is bringing her down my son never had mouth sores ever until he got that shot he too was diagnosed with hand foot mouth… he only had sores on iinside mouth hand and feet and one spot on his chest….. its imperative you get her iaymeal this will give her immune system a break from that virus…. i think varecella is contaminated with hhv1 i have heard numerous stories justblike ours… its unreal what our kids have to go through.. please contact me on facebook i need to speak with you more on this matter if you like… fb name jamie cosenza peoria il

  • Cody

    Gaps diet is extremely healing in these cases and along w finding a qualified traditional naturopath I would start the diet immediately!

  • Contact

    Patty, the varicella vaccine is a live one and does not contain the mercury or aluminum of many of the other vaccines. However, other types of detoxification and certainly immune building are vital here.

  • Contact

    Healthranger, there are no heavy metals in the varicella vaccine, unlike the Hep B, influenza, HPV, DTaP, and others.

  • notadoctor

    I specialize in the reversal of vaccine induced diseases headed under Dr Carley – check out her work at some stage http://www.drcarley.com or http://www.reversingvaccineinduceddiseases.com
    It definitely sounds to me that your child is vaccine damaged and needs to be detoxed immediately! The doctors will not pick up anything in the expensive tests they run because they are not trained to heal ; they are trained using the allopathic approach (treating the symptoms and not the cause)
    I suggest you consult with someone whom is trained to reverse vaccine damage. I can help you – all I need is to take  a detailed history of your child’s exposure to toxicity to develop the big picture and then develop the protocol for her recovery. Please reply to me if you are interested or drop me an email on [email protected]. If not, I would suggest you consult with someone whom you feel can help you in “alternative healing” because your daughter needs to be detoxed and the exact cause needs to be detected to ensure optimal healing and regeneration

  • Seasidenaturalhealth

    vaccinosis and the Vaccinia is a known reactor causing pox like adverse
    reactions that is why they stopped using this for small pox and why……as
    part of the wildlife rabies genetically engineered chimera vaccine humans that
    handle those rabies vaccines can and do come down with vaccina-pox like
    lesions-similar to “hoof and mouth” or “hand and mouth”.
    You need to find a classically trained homeopath as they are the best trained
    to recognize vaccinosis and then best trained to treat it. Actually cures come
    in homeopathy. We see cases like this every single day in veterinary medicine
    due to the high rate of vaccine use and overdose. Vaccines are unsafe and unnecessary,
    they are “illegitimate”. Our world leading veterinary vaccine
    researcher and immunologist has spoken publically about the lack of education
    in both veterinarians and in their instructors at medical school. They do not
    know enough about vaccines, vaccinology or the immune system to even be making
    vaccine recommendations. This is the same for medical doctors. Unfortunately,
    in this country medicine is now a commodity marketed by essentially minions
    trained up to only push the vaccine and drug agenda. The vaccines make the
    diseases, indoctrinate the patient into the chronic disease cycle and in need
    of management. Management with chemicals, toxins and drugs-synthetics, all
    things the drug company’s can patent and charge high prices for. This
    unfortunately has nothing to do with healing.

    The other
    subjects that public admission exists for, is the lack of nutrition education
    in both the veterinary and the human medical field.

    This is
    another area where corporate interests for marketing “cheap stuff dressed
    up to be nutritious stuff” is supposed to pass off as “science”.
    Like our nutrition class in veterinary school was actually marketing
    masquerading as “science” and supported a monopoly of one corporate
    food giant. There is no way that anyone in their right mind could ever see
    genetically engineered cereals; corn, wheat and soy with other landfill
    ingredients as “nutrition” for the pets, the companion carnivores.
    Yet this is what drives both the veterinary and the human medical field
    “the drug, biotech, and processed food markets”.

    Last case of
    last week; a dog was killed by a flesh eating bacteria that came after being
    vaccinated with unsafe and unnecessary Leptospirosis vaccine. The big P is
    trying to avoid liability rather deferring to reporting the damage as due to
    some “underlying issues” in the clients dog. Despite having been
    fully examined and found in excellent health and ready to be vaccinated by the
    veterinarian. Then, the dog was made ill right away and spending always
    thousands of dollars before dying. this is not the patients fault, this is the
    medical professions fault in concert with the unsafe and unecessary vaccines.
    But who can you complain to? The system is a racket because it is controlled by
    others doing the same exact thing. When the industry says “it isn’t
    vaccine damage” as they are trained to do, the very entities responsible
    for the damage go scot free; that being BOTH the medical industry and the drug,
    biotech industries that put them there.

    What can we
    do about the problem that obviously allows the fox to be in charge of the hen
    house and NO OTHER RECOURSE for those that have been harmed?

    Answer; JUST
    SAY NO!


  • tropicalisle

     Sorry, I didn’t see any request for donations.  And why are you suggesting violence?

  • John, I removed your suggestion to harm doctors and nurses from your comment. It was unnecessary.

  • Mary Aspinwall

    I am sorry to hear about your daughter’s suffering. Please message me. I am happy to advise you.

  • Ginger

     I agree with Michelle. I had a doctor threaten to report me to authorities for child abuse if I didn’t vaccinate my child. I was scared, but I didn’t cave in to the threats and today my 18 year-old daughter is vaccine free. I am so glad I stood my ground.

  • Kaylarenee86

    I looked into Dr. Carley and was very interested in her work. I could not however find any patient reviews or even get much reassurance from her that it was not a sort of scam. I never heard of any one else working with her either. Do you work closely with Dr. Carley? Have you used any of her methods?

  • Vankre_dar

    You need to see a naturopath doctor.. I myself have been going thru Mercury posioning from my fillings in my teeth.. Cholostrom and Cholodial Silver will hep counteract the vaccine. I can help you find someone if you are in the Maryland area.. Praying for your daughter

  • Schel67

    I’m sorry for your misfortune. I pray in Jesus name for her complete healing.

  • Orange

    Dear Paula,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter and what she is going through.

    I have only recently discovered that I have had longer term poor reactions to a Hep B that I received when I was 17. I have been seeing a Homeopath to treat my long-term chronic fatigue among several other “unexplained” symptoms.

    She suggested that I antidote the vaccine to clear it out of my system. I’m 14 days from my antidote and the night and day difference I can’t even begin to explain! After 6 years, I finally feel myself again!

    I can tell you what she prescribed to me, however I suggest you find your nearest homeopath and book an appointment as remedy’s are not prescribes solely on symptoms but also on you on personality (your “quirks”).

    I was told to take a full body cleanse (http://www.pascoecanada.com/en/product/69/WHOLE_BODY_CLEANSE/) Starting with 15 drops per products per day and increasing one drop until 30 a day per product. After one week, I was prescribed my remedy (in my case helios 30 ch. 4 seeds ever 12 hours. 3 doses). Your remedy will be different. You can go ahead with the cleanse. Even without the remedy, I did start to show improvement.

    If you can’t find anyone in your immediate area, you can contact my Homeopath. She is based out of Canada but I guess it’s better than nothing. I believe she will do skype consultations. You can find her at xerion.ca. Speak to Linda.

    Since I have been going through this pain and I know several others who have antidote their vaccines, you can know that there is hope for your daughter to be healthy and happy again.

    Good luck!

  • Cara

    Find a homeopath who has been trained in European as well as American homeopathy. They need to know what CEASE Therapy is. You want an individual approach for your child. By all means, simultaneously include an organic diet (no highly processed or GMO tainted foods) and professional supplements (from an alternative practitioner). It would be great if you could find a certified homeopath who is also a certified “traditional” naturopath and nutritionist. That way you are coming against the damage at different fronts. Holistic Biomed, which is a better approach than allopathic med, can sometimes be too focused on a “one-way” approach rather than treating the individual as a unique case with unique differences. You do not want to bombard the child with tons of supplements, anti-yeast and anti-fungals, as well as an  over-aggressive heavy metal detoxing.

  • diannejacobsthompson

    I forgot to add something–a warning. The bottom of the website page and the following page contain photos of what happens when a flesh-eating infection gets out of control and they are so graphic that if you have a weak stomach you shouldn’t go there at all. 

  • Cara

    I wanted to add … use only non-toxic toiletries (cleansers, lotions, toothpaste, etc) and non-toxic house cleaning supplies (laundry, surface cleaners, insect deterrents, etc). Make sure your child is not in a heavily moldy environment and remove fluoride with a device containing bone char (not alumina).

  • Thoma Maureen
  • Jhammer

    My son had a strong reaction to varicella as well, though his symptoms were more neurological. I gp. I have done a lot if research and found magnesium calms the inflamation in the brain and body. Also, since her symptoms are stomach related, she would benefit from probiotics greatly. The ones I give my children daily are natures way, ages 2-12. You will find them at whole foods in the refrigerated section. You need to get her body out of an inflamed state. Certain foods will help too. Also, find a good environmental doctor. Good luck. :-)

  • Cambridgechiro

    check out the science based nutrition program. Doctors using it can make recommendations from blood and hair analysis and it is very effective at returning the body to a healing state

  • KotosaMom

     I second GAPS. http://www.gapsdiet.com. If you do nothing else of the GAPS protocol, give her lots of bone broths to replace the nourishment she’s lost. It’s gentle on the stomach & extremely nourishing.

  • ml

    I would strongly recommend using the Homeopathy Center of Houston to clear the vaccine out of her. http://www.homeopathyhouston.com/  We have seen good things with them. 

  • Dr.Q

    Just take liposomal or lipo spheric vitamin C , 1/2 sachet (500mg) every 3 hours, per day at least 5 days. Or try with doctors who know about mega doses vit C therapies.

  • Bioenergetic Therapist

    She needs to be taken to a homeopath, she also needs high doses of vit c as from the comment below from Dr Q and then keep her away from doctors as much as you can.

  • Sharon

    This is horrible…If this happened to my child, I would immediately get them in front of a naturopath so we could start healing her gut and building her immune system back as well as start the process to get those harmful chemicals out of her! Makes me SO angry that this is happening to our babies!!

  • I can’t even imagine how you must feel. The only thing I would say is to go alternative to undo the ‘damage’. There is help out there and you will find it. <3 

  • 441019

     John: This is a cruel thing to say to a parent whose child was damaged by a vaccine. I agree that she should not have agreed to the shot, but it is hard to stand up against pressure from doctors.

  • notadoctor


    Busy day and have been meaning to reply to your message so here I am and hopefully my timing is good :)
    Firstly, I must commend you on wanting to do a background check. I’ve found that with us as a people there is an interesting thing that happens when we are in a state of uncertainty usually brought on by health that threatens loss of some sort. Most of us don’t see ourselves as being qualified to make decisions  about our own bodies. So we look for someone with more certainty and just because they have more certainty doesn’t necessarily mean they are right. But as a culture we are taught to respect authority so off we go drugging ourselves and subjecting ourselves to unnecessary traumatic surgeries. So I actually feel relieved because I to have been scammed and its high time we take our health and prioritize it, right? 
    In terms of patient reviews – not sure where to start because Dr Carley has reversed 4000 cases of Autism alone. She was an MD who’s dream was to help and heal people until she realized that the allopathic approach was more about the cash cow and less about healing. Her only son had a terrible reaction a vaccine he received as she was just like all of us and believed that vaccines were good for us because thats what we were told right?
    Anyway, her son suffered brain damage as a result. Dr Carley proceeded to do her homework and found the cause of her son’s suffering was the vaccine and when she took the measures to make this heard – it ended in her son being taken away from her and her medical license was revoked. Which she then went on to become a teacher in reversal of Vaccine Induced Diseases, Auto Immune diseases and Cancer in people and in pets. 
    Here is a link to a youtube clip where Dr Carley spoke on the subject of VIDS.
    Dr Carley was mentioned on vactruth.com less than three weeks back on the article published on this site -At Last! Government Documents Locked Up for 30 Years Proving This Vaccine Unsafe Finally Revealed because what she has been saying for 12 years about the truth about Autism was revealed in these docs. The lady “Christina England” who does some work for vactruth.com has worked with Dr Carley in the past so you may wanna reach out to her. Or contact Dr Carley yourself and gain clarity on the questions you may have that concern you. 
    In terms of myself, my niece was a healthy beautiful girl and after the turn of her 18month birthday she received her scheduled inoculations and slowly the  Autism crept in. And thus my research began leading me up to meeting Dr Carley and giving up my booming career to become certified at her academy and now I am a full time Health Coach specializing in the teaching people who are vaccine-damaged, have autoimmune disease or Cancer to take their health back. As our bodies were engineered to heal itself. Its very simple really – the problem is you have to clean out the lies we have been told and learn the true laws of how our body works and work with it. 
    If you wish to chat more to me we can do so via email or skype – let me know.
    If not, I hope my reply has offered you some clarity. 
    Wishing you Love and Light.

  • Miss Sunjewel

    Get your child treated by a homeopath who can give her a homeopathic of the vaccine to undo the damage!

  • j h

    Report the side affects of the vaccine to VAERS. (You doctors were supposed to do this according to US Law – The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 (42 U.S.C. §§ 300aa-1 to 300aa-34)).  Consider petitioning the government for compensation, but know that the process can be frustrating.   http://www.hrsa.gov/vaccinecompensation/index.html   Consider suing your doctor for not presenting you with the VIS (Vaccine Information Statement) before administering the dose of vaccine and for not following the 1986 Law.  You cannot sue the doc for the damage that resulted from the vaccine, but you do have legal grounds to sue for not giving you the proper information if they did not give you the VIS or file with VAERS after you reported the injury.

    Research “leaky gut syndrome.”  Go to a certified naturopath who graduated with a degree in Naturopathic medicine from an accredited college, because regular MD’s don’t know anything about “leaky gut,” and depending on the state you live in, Naturopaths might not be what they claim to be.  Find one or more real naturopaths to help, if you don’t like one, find another to find food allergies in your daughter’s diet.  Research the GAPS diet (Gut And Psychology Syndrome diet) to heal your daughter’s gut and only use non GMO organic foods, and farm fresh organic pastured eggs from a small farmer (not from the grocery store).  Restore her gut flora (bacteria) to healthy levels using  LOTS of probiotics, and natural probiotic foods and natural unprocessed organic food.  Stay away from any kind of processed food, or food with ingredients you can’t pronounce, and get rid of all processed pasteurized dairy products.  Research RAW organic Kefir – it does wonders for the intestines/gut.

    Don’t give up, there is a ton of information out there and you are going to have to take charge if you want your daughter to get better.  NO doctor out there is going to care about getting her better more than you do, so don’t leave it in someone else’s hands.  My friend’s son had a similar reaction to his chicken pox shot, and she healed his gut with naturopaths and food.  Good luck!

  • Accusations of it being any such scam are entirely unfounded. We encourage knowledge for those who seek it here, John. Not ridicule. 

  • Benjaminmycars

    My son, when he was 6 years old got his Varicella vaccine, “for school” also.  He happened to have blood work done the day of the shot, including a thyroid screen. (normal).  Immediately,
    the shot area swelled up to the size of a half baseball, hot and painful…also fever within 30 min.
    The doctor said, tylenol and ice for 48 hours.  My son all of a sudden started having redness on both cheeks (like someone slapped him), and became allergic to foods of different types (never had any allergies before).  Sent to a immunologist and tested for auto antibodies.  Found out his thyroid TSH went from 2.3 (before vaccine) to 6.0 (after vaccine) and greater that 1000 for antibodies against his thyroid.  Started on Synthroid within a week, and told that the varicella
    caused Hashmotois Thyroid disease….which is life long.  Reported to VARES and they didn’t
    do a thing.  Today, my son still has thyroid issues and because of this has developed dermatomyositis in both his thighs and has 2 life long illnesses that has changed his life forever…he’s in and out of a wheelchair and there is no cure for the myositis and the thyroid disease is life long also.  Take your son to a Immunologist and have tested for auto antiboides for EVERYTHING!!

  • Benjaminmycars

    Did the ER do Blood work and also check for type 1 diabetes…blood sugar.  Also I have had friends kids react to the varicella vaccine and they were diagnosed with Celiac disease (stomach auto immune disorder that the kids can’t digest gluten and /or wheat products).  If your daughter did not have blood work done recently, make someone do it….especially like I said before…checking for auto antibodies for everything.  Hope she gets the help she needs!!  Good luck…and don’t take no for an answer….also, make SURE you are taking her to a CHILDRENS ER, not a general one.  They aren’t experts with kids, like the Childrens’ ERs/hospitals.

  • Emily_hook

    I don’t, but my chiropractor specializes in prenatal care and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to health and wellness. He did a workshop on vaccines and has so far been able to answer any and all of my questions.
    Dr Tyson Perez
    West Coast Chiropractic, Carlsbad CA

  • Ildiko

    I strongly suggest using homeopathic detoxification! 

  • Cpunt2002

    An alkaline diet, everything organic, greens, green, and more greens, spiralina, chlorela, everything living raw. check http://www.rawfamily.com  http://www.greensmoothiegirl.com  http://www.hacres.com  http://www.livingfoodsinstitute.com  Dr. Robert Young 

  • Cpunt2002

    The chicken pox vaccine is a shingles sentince for your sr. years. 

  • Kim Logan

    I think your Daughter needs homeopathic Thuja, this can help clear the system. after a reaction to vaccines. However I would also consult a homeopth as the reaction does seem servere

  • Hadawiga

    She didn’t give the MMR…

  • Andrea Schnowske, DC

    Many times the additives and toxic chemical preservatives cause allergic reactions and since those substances are designed to stick around in the body you may need to talk to a doctor near you about a detoxification program to rid the body of those chemicals. Many of the chemicals contained in vaccines can also damage nerves and lead to a weak nervous system. I’d also recommend visiting a chiropractor to make sure the nervous system is working properly and to make sure your child’s nervous system gets the support it needs to heal and function properly. 

  • Proballo7

     Thuja has ailments from vaccination in it’s remedy picture, BUT it is mostly in reference to the smallpox vaccine. PLEASE do  not give your daughter a homeopathic remedy suggested on the internet! See a qualified homeopath who can treat your daughter’s unique case. I do think that homeopathy would work well in this case to resolve this.

  • Barbara Nelson

    I would suggest you investigate the possibility of stem cell nutrition (not stem cell transplant) being helpful.   We have found it beneficial for an amazing variety of health problems in people.   It encourages the release of more of the patient’s own stem cells from the bone marrow and they will go to the organ most in need.   StemTech is the only company marketing StemEnhance so it could be worth you contacting them in whatever country you are in.  If you need a web site address for a particular country feel free to contact me at [email protected] 

  • Melaniemariewilliams

    Visit Doctor Rebecca Carley’s websit. she is a md whom now helps people cure vaccine induced side effects and diseases. her son was in effect ruined due to vaccinations…so she began researching extensively and found vaccines to be harmful…..she will take your calls day or night.

  • Bracha

    Get an advice from a anatural health therapist in your area, or alternative /complimetary medicine practitioner. The child needs detox (to klean the body) from the ingredients the vaccine contains. It can be herbal medicine and homeopathy .ASAP
    All the best.

  • Kimberly_weninger

    Have you considered a heavy metal cleanse? Activated Charcoal or Liquid Bentonite have been useful in cases of vaccine side effects…..good luck; so sorry your girl is going through this!

  • Foxie

    This is terrible! :( I hope your little one recovers. Have you reported this incident to V.A.E.R.S. (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System 
    http://vaers.hhs.gov/data/index)? Doctors don’t report it, they aren’t required to. Might be something to look into. 

  • Rich_muffy

    Look up the 80/10/10 diet. 70% raw food vegan diet is the best start

  • Anonymous

    Consider consulting with Dr Suzanne Humphries and Hilary Butler.
    Beyond Vaccination Forums 

  • psh

    Thank you everyone for your advice and feedback.  On Sat. they did more blood work and she tested reactive to EBV/mono which is in the same family as varicella.  She is being referred  for allergy testing and for a CT scan with contrast.  I will search for a homeopath as well.  I filed a VAERS report. 

    What amazes me though, is I tried to e-mail the maufacturer of the vaccine and could not.  You can only call or mail in letters or send faxes to them regarding adverse reactions.  I prefer e-mail because they can be traced!  I can’t believe what cowards they are.  Not wanting to own up to their mistakes… and not wanting trackable incident reports.  I tried to e-mail them with a question as if I was placing an order… and the system was able to pick up that my child had an adverse reaction and it would not process my e-mail!  I would prefer to send them e-mail so that it can be traced, so  they can’t deny receiving notification that their vaccine made a child sick. An e-mail can’t get lost in the regular mail or accidentally tossed in the trash, and your words can’t be misinterpretted like they can from a telephone conversation.  I want that company SHUT DOWN and OUT of BUSINESS!


    after 3 years, I realized my son’s eczema and also found out he has leaky gut..caused by candida and allergies caused by vaccines.  he is almost eczema free.  I do have info that can make sure you get to the bottom of this – for good.  I am so angry at the govt and vaccine manufacturers…and the fact that you cannot sue them for injury, and that they don’t have to list inactive ingredients (such as peanut oil – hence, peanut allergies..and yeast, etc.) because they are protected trade secrets.  If you are interested in hearing more (no I am not a salesperson or peddler!), you can contact me via facebook at diana stem shea  ..I will give you my phone number then.  Thanks, and I hope to hear from you.  One thing I promised the big guy upstairs was that if I could cure my son, I would try to help others that were willing to be helped.  This has consumed 3 years of our lives..still does.  The more I learn, the sicker I get.  My 8 mth daughter is and will remain vaccine free.  Wish I knew then what I know now.  My son was a perfect healthy baby until these monsters ruined his body.

  • johnfryer

    Professor Seralini has just done a long study on GMO and shown harm. Denied by the Big pHARMa companies that also market completely safe vaccines that we are talking about here.

    Excuse me while I choke. (not a big harma chap though!) They have this kind of science which to the common person is called:LIES MORE LIES and BIGGER LIES. In this they truly EXCEL. Meanwhile just think that if you dont breast feed your baby then you may have primed his organs et al with GMO soy/corn etc so that your baby took maximum benefit from each and every vaccine which incidentally is often GMO’d for effect too. Denial of GMO harm. Denial of vaccine harm. Means our health gets worse. And the children are the first to suffer. When a plane crashes, no effort is spared to establish cause and put in action remedies. When vaccines harm us it gets printed on those little bits of paper that no-one reads. And when GMO harms us – its what harm? I cant see any dead bodies. And so the SHOW goes on. And lets not forget all those health types that insist they dont get one safe vaccine for the flu every year but insist your fragile baby can take 11 at once, repeated several times in their first year in our novel GMO world. What hypocrisy! But they are so right; if they truly value their SAFETY!

  • Ashley