“We are being forced to take a flu shot or wear a mask October 31st…”

John writes:

“We are being forced to take a flu shot or wear a mask October 31st at the hospital I work at. Are there any support groups I can contact. I’m highly against this and I have contacted an attorney who pretty much said I can take it or lose my job. That can’t be the final answer.”




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  • September 19, 2012

Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of the website www.vactruth.com he promotes well-educated pediatricians, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.

  • Michelle

    A friend has a similiar dilema which we discussed at length. To keep her job as a dietitian at a hospital she had to have a vaccine. I believe a medical exemption should work for her.  This does not address the mask issue but perhpas your workplace would give you flexibility with that. It is a sad testimony regarding the tactics of pharmaceutical companies and medical facilities to try and stronghold people to get vaccines. I am a mental health care provider on several insurnace panels and last year was getting letters from an insurance panel pushing me to get the flu vaccine. Since i saw few individuals on that panel, I just recently dropped my recredentialling from them. This is a wider issue of health freedoms, which each of us needs to fight at the state level. we should all have philosophical exemptions to not have this dangerous medical procedure done. Perhaps calling your local state legislator for support. One person can make a difference!! It is a national problem!

  • Wear the mask.  It will help those of us who are vaccine-free determine the illness-free and vaccine-choice friendly to care for us.

  • Thanks for your comments Michelle. But I don’t agree with needing to have philosophical exemptions.  We actually should repeal the mandates.  NO ONE should have to ask for permission NOT to vaccinate.

  • Marybeile

    I don’t even have the choice of wearing a mask. Get a shot or hit the road. Had not had one for the past 9 years working at this hospital with no incidences of flu or similar illness and had only ‘called out” once or twice.  Fought it tooth & nail, went to EEO, the Chaplin, wrote strong statements with references regarding the harm in taking the injection and the lack of effectiveness, to no avail. Was escorted to the immunization clinic to make sure I actually got the stupid shot!

  • It is not a short term problem here.  People need to strike, walk out, en masse!  Organize and organize strongly.  Pay attention to the Chicago Teacher Union strike.  In the face of heavy handed, heavily corporate funded political assault on public schools the teacher strike won many concessions to preserve public schools and public teachers.  There is much to learn from this strike as well as the Occupy movement which put a big slammer on the media coverage of the Tea Party with its support for the same corporate interests that are pushing the vaccines and the privatization of everything in our lives–all at the expense of human health, free choice, the environment and the state of humanity itself.

    Recall the revolt of the medical prof when the smallpox vax was about to be forced on health care workers. 30% refusal to allow that to happen put the cabosh on that effort.  Safey and lack of effectiveness were cited.  Collectively, you need to do the same with the flu vax.  The data itself is your argument.  But it must be done with collective power.  Oh, when will people in this country learn.

  • Novaccines4me

    I recommend HealthCare Professionals for Vaccine Choice at: 

  • Novaccines4me

    I recommend HealthCare Professionals for Vaccine Choice at: 

  • Davidjohnkenna

    the argument runs that to ensure high rates of vaccine uptake the medical staff have to be seen
    being vaccinated themselves. How else can you justify the theory of herd immunity. It just wouldn’t make sense. Herd Immunity is a central argument for pro vaxers. Of course its nonsense  most vaccines don’t in any case offer “full protection”. So what does that mean, half a herd is better than nothing! For sales at least! But mandated vaccines for staff is not that old? 
    It came in with the swine flu if I remember correctly. So how did they justify vaccines then!! In Europe uptake by the medical staff was around 20% for the swine flu and that amidst massive media hype. Then it was discovered that doctors were getting bonuses for giving the injections and if they went over 40% uptake the rate doubled.!! .
    Some countries like Poland didn’t buy into the swine flu so zero vaccines. and Germany was 8% uptake Sweden and Norway were high at 55%.. But despite cries of scam and fraud
    Pharma are having conferences on how to improve uptake for the next round of flu shots… 

  • Outback Gal

    Vaccination is big business in Australia. Before my daughter can enroll her daughter in any child care center, she has to attend an interview with a medical practitioner. The MD is tasked with trying to persuade her to change her mind and uses a variety of tactics including that other children will be at risk (herd immunity principle!). My daughter weathers the storm and eventually receives a letter asserting that all explanations have been provided by the doctor but that  my daughter remains a conscientious objector and does not therefore have to proceed with vaccination. 

    When there was an outbreak of chicken pox at one center (vaccinated child)  my unvaccinated grand daughter was sent home for the duration. Presumably because she might catch it and spread it to the rest of the herd. A recent TV program focused on and ‘shamed’ irresponsible parents who put the rest of the community at risk, and especially other children, by not vaccinating their children. The reporter asserted at the beginning of the program that vaccination is the solution to stopping disease and proceeded from there. At no point was an opposite viewpoint canvassed. At my local council workplace, all of the outdoor workers and aged care workers are given hepatitis B vaccinations.  “Herd” is probably an appropriate descriptor. Or maybe it should be ‘flock’ immunity?

  • vaccines.nothankyou

    Nice ideas.  At my facility, however, the antivaxers are a minority.  When I wore the mask last year I had to do a lot of educating; people thought I didn’t get it and argued the NEED  for the vaccine.  Only one other person out of a couple hundred wore a mask.  The mask was an intimidating idea to many who told me they didn’t want to get the shot but did not want to wear the mask fearing it would scare away the patients/customers!  I am curious to see if anyone else joins the maks-wearers this year! 

  • vaccines.nothankyou

    That’s what I’m thinking would be good–EVERYONE wear a mask so the others stand out.  I plan to decorate mine a little now and then….

  • vaccines.nothankyou

    What I find ironic at my facilty, (a little off subject but not really) is that the head honchos who insist on my wearing a mask and check to see that my nose is covered, etc., have stong fragrances in all their offices thinking it’s ‘nice’ smelling when it’s really intoxicating, literally.  It’s not allowed, but they seem to not have to follow rules….It’s a county facility that recently lost it’s union.  Everyone at the top agrees with them.

    I also heard last year that part of the reason vaccines are pushed so much is that a facility somewhere got sued because an elderly patient/resident died, supposedly from a staff member coming to work a little sick. 

    It is not mentioned very often, but these places all get paid to push vaccinations.  Who can’t use the extra boost to the budget!  Like doctors, they become trained to be sales reps for the vaccines.

  • Wear the mask.

  • guest

    You have to choices, not sure what the issue is here? Either take the injection or wear the mask? How does wearing a mask hurt you? It’s a bit of a ridiculous question i think. Why make a big deal out of it?

  • Belle7dcrn

    Ya know what, why not everyone wear a mask when they are not feeling well. Yes, thats right,you must wear it any time you are sick . Why just pick on the ones who opt out of getting a vaccine. I do not get the flu vaccine. I am a health care worker for 25 years and had the flu one time. I was sick for about a week and got better. Did not need big pharma vaccine full of things that I do not want to inject into my body because these things in my opinion will make you sicker than any flu.  But Big pharma really doesn’t care about you or me or our families. They want us to depend on them and believe me we don’t need them. Whats inportent to Pharma is the almighty dollar! Take charge of your own health.  We spend the most money on health care and yet we rank #37 in health. Infnt mortality is one of the worst.! Autisum,obesity to name a few.  Why don’t they promote good hygiene and things you could do through a good diet to make your immune system strong. And how about staying home when you are sick! Stop producing toxic food by raising massive amts of animals for quick slaughter. In the meantime you injest animals that suffer from the time they are born to the time they are inhumanly slaughtered. Think about what injesting suffering animals will do  to your health.  Personnally I always wear a mask when not feeling well or I wear one when taking care of a sick patient.  Its not really about wearing a mask or not wearing a mask its our right to choose for ourselves.  If we let government take that away from us  god knows what will be next.

  • Novaccines4me

    There are a couple of reasons to make a big deal out of it:                                                       1. I have to wear a mask from mid-Nov to May1st, every single day. I am extremely healthy. However, if my sickly co-worker accepted the influenza shot & she’s literally coughing up sputum & wiping her runny nose, she isn’t required to mask. It’s bullying.   2. Why should my personal healthcare decision be public information? The mask is a simple way for an employer to target non-compliant employees.

  • Cking4ii

    REAL SIMPLE: If their vaccines work like they say they do, then you shouldn’t have to wear anything. They are protected from getting sick by their wonderful vaccine. They shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Ask them why they are pushing a vaccine, which, by the fact that they are afraid of a non-vaccinated people calls in to question the effectiveness of said vaccine?

  • Jack

    This year mask, next year mandatory. Haven’t you been following other hospitals around the country.

  • Phil

    If a person would get terminated for refusing the flu shot would they be eligible for unemployment benefits.

  • Loryschmitz

    Number 1 it is against our civil rights. We have the right to refuse it, but the hospitals are requiring you wear a mask. That also is a civil rights violation.
    Number 2 it has preservatives that are linked to Alzheimers. It is also actually dangerous in that 1 of the preservatives is mercury. you can opt for the preservative free but they are unwilling in most cases to provide it.
    Number 3 some people are allergic to eggs, which is where it is grown.
    Others can develop Guillian Barre.
    Number 4 some people have religious beliefs against, live or dead virus/bacterias being injected into the body
    Number 5 some people are prone to illness in the 2 to 3 weeks following injection. They say that that is just coinsidental. There is no research that I can find to back up this claim. It appears to me that it is a cover up.
    And for those who say “Just wear a mask for 12 hours”, You wear one for 12 hours at your job. In that case everyone should be required to do that then because we are all contaminated with bacteria/virus. Do you know how many people are in the grocery store with MRSA/VRE/and other virus and bacterias touching the food you are eating? or the cans you are opening? We are all exposed everyday. If healthcare workers need to be scrutinized then the whole nation should be. Bank tellers, accountants, lawyers, sanitation workers, store workers even homemakers, ie: everyone who talks to another human, should have to wear a mask or be subjected to injection.  

    Like me I am allergic to eggs. Why should I have to wear a mask. It’s not my fault I have an allergy. I get very ill if I havve the flu vaccine. I have tried the preservative free. YET every year I have to justify why I won’t tke the shot!

    They say it is required so patient’s don’t get the flu! Why doesn’t the patients have accountablity for getting the flu. Did they have the flu shot????????

  • Granolagirl411

    IMO it is a breech of my privacy. I now have to wear a mask and my patients look at me wondering…. “Is she sick?” Is she contagious?” “Is it because she wont get vaccinated?” As a nurse it is hard to say to your patients that is is not their business and a personal matter. Once I even had a patient ask me “Do I smell? is that why you are wearing that?” I had to explain why I wore this ridiculous mask. Invasion of my HIPPA rights. 

  • Rsslwm

     “NO ONE should have to ask for permission NOT to vaccinate.”

    Legally they cannot force you to “vaccinate”. What they do is bully you by various methods.

    The laws are in place to FORCE us to take the “H5N1 vaccine” or whatever pandemic vaccine they loose upon us. Fine they can “vaccinate” my .45.

  • Rsslwm

     “I plan to decorate mine a little now and then….”

    I am wearing this dumb mask because the people I work for refuse to think.


    I am also being required to wear a mask because I am declining the flu vaccine.  I am not looking forward to having to wear it 12+ hours/day.  Please register your “harassment” at NVIC.org on their “Vaccine Freedom Wall” whether or not you succumb to the shot.  They are our best legislative body for the Government. I think the more that show our support, the more say we will have!  We need to educate the public. 

  • concernednursegal

    I’m a nurse, going in tomorrow to discuss my religious reasons for not getting the shot, which i’m hoping wont be an ordeal… But I will be bringing up the mask issue due to the fact that you stated, its totally and completely my personal healthcare decision, key word personal. you know how many times i will have to explain the reasoning behind me wearing a mask, too many to count!!! The vaccine I believe only contains three strains of suspected viruses the CDC believes will affect our nation, but they are not 100% for sure, that leaves 200+ strains of flu viruses out of the illness preventing vac, soooo wouldn’t even the vaccinated employees be just as contagious, and that’s if the vaccine even works. CDC website even makes a claim that “unfortunetley not all people become immune after vaccination” they claim they then rely on the herd immunity crap which has been proven false! That being said, why isn’t every healthcare worker masking up???? How about we take it as far as mandating employees who smoke wear a mask, studies have proven that smokers have an increased chance of spreading not only the flu but other respiratory illnesses! If I have to wear a mask for 12+hours for some unjust uncivil reason, then I think everyone should mask for obvious reasons; reason #1 being the flu vaccine has not been proven to be 100% effective. what about asking the vaccinated emplyees to get a titer drawn, to actually see if they have immuity against the flu hmmm? if we dont know for sure why so they not need to wear a mask! I know the mask is a form of punishment, STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS PLEASE!!!!

  • JoAnne

    Perfect response, I am also a nurse.  It was my understanding that hand washing is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of germs.  As nurses we are actually the cleanest, washing our hands sometimes several times while in contact with a single patient, and have contact with around 8 patients per day.  But as caregivers we are being given the blame for spreading the flu.  I object to the flu shot.  Got very ill when I got it.  My son was hospitalized when he got the nasal spray.  2 nurses I know just got the vaccine because of the new policy and pressure, both became ill, passed out around the same time after the injection, at home.  Found by family.
    I could get the flu shot, say Im protecting my patients, go to the store and as soon as I touch a shopping cart, door handle, money, merchandise, I am sharing germs with every person in the place. Then the clerk who sees hundreds of people, touches hundreds of bills in an 8 hour period, hands me my change and receipt. And only is required to wash hands after using the bathroom.  I’m sure health officers, members of CDC  must have made a shopping trip sometime recently and thought of all those bills changing hands and the shopping cart handles.  Where do they come up with doing this to nurses, and not consider anyone else. Instead choose to stigmatize and berate Nurses.  The air is thin up there.  A lot of nurses just feel we are the guinea pigs.  Maybe a more reliable reporter of side effects too.  Wonder if the hospitals, CDC are getting kickbacks on the number of vaccines given.My getting a flu shot will not protect a patient from getting the flu if after leaving the hospital they have human contact again, or go shopping, or pump gas, or go to school, or have a family.

  • Lands81601

    There has to be a more effective way to handle this.  My story is just like everyone else’s on here-likely only the zipcode is different. Is any action being taken? Or are we all just sitting ducks?

  • Lands81601

    There has to be a more effective way to handle this.  My story is just like everyone else’s on here-likely only the zipcode is different. Is any action being taken? Or are we all just sitting ducks?

  • crj108

    Wearing the mask you become a walking advertise for NOT getting the Flu vaccine.  I will not lie to my patients as to why I am wearing the mask, so let administrators get the feedback from patients refusing the shot at discharge!

  • Esterlin17

    This issue is about the “not so almighty dollar”. Your places of employment will not receive their full medicare reimbursement without a certain percent of compliance with the new vaccine recommendations…They do not care about the rights of individuals, the lack of science, and the obvious ethical issues of forced injections…the bottom line is as usual…money..or should I say the love of money. Their god is mammon. That is who they will serve. Wear  your mask as a testimony of your faith.

  • Lisafirst1

    I purchased my own masks at breathe healthy on Internet.
    Wearing a mask for 12 plus hours stinks but these masks make it better.

  • Pmorris001

    You are responsible for what you put into your body. I won’t let the medical/pharma/gov establishment dictate shots or drugs that I must take to keep my job. Here is a list of reasons for refusing the vaccine:

    18  Reasons healthcare
    workers should NOT take the flu shot:

    -The vaccine is not effective – approximately
    half the people who take the flu shot will NOT develop protective antibodies
    against the flu.

    -Most ILI (influenza like illnesses) are caused
    by viruses that are NOT included in the flu vaccine.

    -The Association of American Physicians and
    Surgeons do NOT support mandatory vaccination of health care workers (HCW).

    4)     —
    Studies showing modest benefits in immunizing
    workers in nursing homes are NOT applicable to the acute care hospital setting.
    A massive experiment is being conducted by requiring mandatory vaccination of
    all workers.

    -All experimental subjects (i.e. HCW)should be
    asked for full informed consent before they are required to participate in the
    vaccination program. (see subject rights, Nuremburg Code)

    -OSHA recommends against mandatory vaccination
    programs in healthcare facilities.

    -The body is the temple of the spirit and should
    not be defiled with toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and mercury.

    -Title seven of the civil rights acts supports
    freedom of religion, including the right to refuse vaccination on religious
    grounds. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission enforces this right.

    -There are many more effective means to protect
    patients in the hospital from infection. (i.e. hand washing, removing urinary
    catheters and proper ventilator management)

    -Deaths from influenza have been greatly
    exaggerated; approximately 3000 deaths were directly attributable to flu in

    -I am not a member of a herd, I am an individual.

    12)  —
    Herd immunity theory was developed in
    populations that acquired NATURAL immunity, not vaccine induced immunity.
    Therefore no direct comparisons can be made.

    -Protecting the public health does not include
    risking my own health.

    -Eat right and exercise and your immune system
    will function as it should.

    -Multiple recalls of vaccines are issued every
    year. I don’t want a shot from a potentially contaminated vaccine.

    -I do not want to risk a serious adverse effect
    such as Guillen Barre.

    -If I am permanently disabled due to a flu shot
    who will provide for my family?

    -The catechism of the Catholic Church provides
    ACTS. See catechism for applicable passages as it relates to refusal to take
    the vaccine.

    RPh in Texas

  • 700103

    My wife is 7mo pregnant, she is a nurse (RN). She will have to take the flu shot by Dec 7th or be suspended and then terminated from employment. Lancaster, PA. Please help if you have any information on how to help. No mask option.

  • jostoich

    Masks must be worn here also at UCDMC in Sacramento, CA. if you refuse the flu shot(s). Last year, masking was required for when “flu season was officially declared”, which was March through May.  This year it is required for “all flu season” which arbitrarily started on Nov. 1 and runs as long as they say it does. I’m so angry.  I sit in front of a computer all day in a cubicle and have no patient contact.  Masks are nothing more than a scarlet letter and indimidation.  What about our rights?  What about HIPPA????  We are being forced to divulge our personal medical information by wearing a mask!!!  At our workplace, there is only one mask that can be worn, the one they provide you and no others.  You must not decorate it in any way.  We need to get some good lawyers on this case.  Where is the ACLU???  Somebody needs to put a stop to this madness that is a clear violation of everyone’s rights to decide for themselves what goes into their body.

  • Scentifica

    Does anyone know if the CDC or the American Academy of Pediatrics implement mandatory Influenza Immunization at their place of employment?  Just wondering….

  • Scentifica

    Does anyone know if the CDC or the American Academy of Pediatrics implement mandatory Influenza Immunization at their place of employment?  Just wondering….

  • Gailcscott

    Hi i was wondering the same…i m not accepting this…our govt is becoming communist!

  • Charlene

    We used to be able to trust the medical proffession but not any more. You have to just use your best judgement, after doing the research yourself. If your doctor doesnt like it–you have to find another doctor. These damn doctors have immunity from prosecution, from being held liable for what they do–wether it’s from an “LLC”, or from these immunization laws that force us all to go there to get compensated for damages from what a doctor told us to do. It really sucks.

  • Jean

    Alliance Defending Freedoms and Rutherford Institute are two organizations that can help defend your civil rights and religious freedoms.

  • Scentifica

    I declined the flu shot at my place of employment based on
    my religious belief; now we are subject to wear a mask the entire work day.  

  • Scentifica

    Interesting site:  HealthCare Professionals for Vaccine Choice http://www.hcpvc.org/activism.html

  • Scentifica
  • Facebook.com/megaradhealth
  • Melmwest

    It’s intimidation. I opted to go home today instead of wear a mask. I work for a state facility. 80% of the staff receive the flu shot. It is mandatory for all residents to receive the shot. Today I was sent home for refusing to wear a mask. I do not get the flu shot. A staff member in my area was sent home and does have to flu. So the area is quarantined and all staff in that area who didn’t get the flu shot must wear a mask. No one else. Here is the PROBLEM. The women who was sent home and has the flu got the flu shot over a month ago. The other person to have the flu in another area ..also go to flu shot. Where is the logic in singling me out for not getting the flu shot? There is no logic to the argument that I am more likely to spread the flu or get the flu. Simple because the two people so far where I work to get the flu..HAD THE FLU SHOT. 

  • Gman

    I am a cath lab tech. Just received a suspension last week FOR GETTING THE MANDATORY FLU SHOT BUT NOT AGREEING TO WEAR A MASK FOR THE NEXT 10 DAYS. Go figure.

  •  It is not madness. It is a matter of public health. If you want to wear a decorated mask, go to a masquerade. Otherwise, get the flu shot.

  • Jostoich

    See Pmorriss001 post below…ditto to that!  Flu shots are a scam.
    The only decoration I want on my mask is the words:
    “Forced to wear this mask under duress – this mask is a scarlet letter, nothing more.”  After working for 30 years in the same job without having to wear a mask, now I have to wear one 6 months out of the year!!!  If you got your flu shot, then why do YOU need to be protected?  You don’t.  Flu shots are laden with toxic ingredients.  People need to wise up and stop accepting the pharmaceutical dogma that is thrown in their face.  I oppose ANY mandatory vaccine.  My body is my temple and I will not allow it to be polluted with mercury (thimerosal), ammonium sulfate, aluminum, formaldehyde (formalin), phenyl/phenoxyethanol (2-PE), polysorbate 80, tri(n)butylphosphate, monsodium glutamate (MSG), beta-propiolactone, and genetically modified yeast, animal, bacterial and viral dna among other toxic ingredients.  NO WAY!  Wake up America….your freedom is under attack!!!  The only people who are coming down with ‘flu like symptoms’ where I work is the ones who got the flu shot.  Go figure.  When will people learn, wake up, start questioning authority and top behaving like sheep being led to slaughter???

  • Ubuyused

     Totally agree. Are people so preoccupied with life to not research what these ingredients are.  We have the internet that it full of information at the speed of lightning.  Its your body, take care of it. 



  • Ursulariches

    wear the mask

  • Ursulariches

     There is no logic~ it is simply tyranny and  against humanity

  •  The vaccines are poison you moron. The radioactive mercury in them has already destroyed your mind or what mind you had. There is something that goes with the vaccines–probably in chemtrails–that will kill millions. Wake up you moron.



  •  BILL GATES SAID -if we can get more people taking vaccines we can reduce the population by up to 15 percent.  THEY ARE FOR GENOCIDE. Pure Poison is what they are.

  • robertmejia@yahoo.com

    The Vaccine agenda is simply criminal, once you take it, it will compromise your immune system and vital organs including your BRAIN. So there you have it, just say hell no or wear the mask. If they fire you, collect unemployment or work somewhere else. We are entering a period of tyranny on a global scale. Sorry to say, but it does not get better from here on. Prepare all you can. Do not waste time nor resources since those are limited and will be come more scarce. Grow your own food in a garden. Do not buy processed food since it is likely GMO, poisoned with additives and more expensive. Economize, because the globalists fully intend on sieging everyone who does not comply with their vaccine, etc agendas. Vaccines are just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Jeff,

    Two of my friends got the flu shot.  They both became DEATHLY ill.  One of them lives in an old age home. Everybody getting the shot is getting really sick.  I never take them.  

  •  My friends who got the shot are all sick.  VERY SICK.

  • Thoushaltnotsteal

    I would like to know the comparable health levels of the one class of individuals I know that can legally refuse vaccines…the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Don’t agree with their God ideas but I do agree with their stand against vaccines.

  • Flouride-Is-Rat-Poison

    Thanks for the comment Outback Gal .. Fellow Aussie & I agree entirely .

    There is so little about this anywhere – I noticed with a quick GoooGhoul ..
    Looks like many websites have been shutdown since I last looked.
    Have stayed away from most ‘Truth’ sites recently coz of Gov.Tracking.Au etc. –
    But I just don’t give a shit anymore … It’s just so infuriatingly Depressing!
    The entirety of the Truth of our enslavement is SO Amazingly Terrible It truly Boggles the Mind.

    Australia , as a whole , is Extremely indoctrinated into all of this Genocidal Madness ..
    Just as the Majority are Brainwashed into ‘thinking'[?] & ‘believing’ all sorts of Nonsense.
    ‘Herd mentality’ – Sure … but ‘Waking Up’ – ? – I think that’s a long shot this far into the game ..
    To think that such a massive population of Fools will suddenly snap out of their Mercury/Aluminium/Flouride induced daze (or whatever the bleep is wrong with them) and suddenly ‘believe’ (lol) the ‘Truth’ ;) … It’s actually quite an ‘oxy-moron’ of a thought :) (Though ofc , I always applaud the sentiment).

    (It’s the ultimate ‘Evil Genius Plot really) –
    “Here everyone, this poison is the cure for disease and doesn’t (usually) kill you in small doses – but Everyone has to have it and inject it into their babies at birth – Therefore , anyone refusing the vaccine should be considered Highly ‘Dangerous’ … Make Sure your Family is Protected – Stay Away from the ‘Unclean’ – And be Sure to Report Them To The Authorities.” :p
    – I mean , it is truly horrendous lol .. WHO in their ‘right mind'[!] would Ever consider this  even slightly acceptable!? – {Well , 95% of everyone actually!} Crikey! … Is there Any hope at all?
    (& It is So eerily Similar to the Nazi Approach – Treating everyone ‘arriving’ at the death camps in a very civil manner (Medico’s) – Leave your belongings here (giveUsYourMoney) as we cut your hair to make you healthy and lice free (humiliation/wear a mask!) .. Now on through to the showers , there you go .. All in the name of your Good Health! – LockClick! [Muffled screams].)
    Big Brother on the Televisual Propoganda Box Telling the Slaves to Get their Flu shot this season – Who could have thought , even a couple of decades ago .. that it could ever have become THIS Orwellian & Sci-Fi/Nightmarish in such a short amount of years. Sure, Tyranny has been around For many millenia – but never anything like Now – Super High-Tech Tyranny and Genocide.

    In Fact – Without going into detail – It IS all based from Nazi Death Cult roots …
    One only has to look up the (De-Classified) ‘Operation Paperclip’ when the US imported 161(from memory) Hitler’s (& Mengele’s) Nazi Scientists into their country to work from them – One can peice together the peices thereafter quite easily if they wish to get closer to the Truth of what is happening on this Prison Planet (no affiliation to the site) and how much of it is connected and often directly related.
    (Monsanto/Bayer – Thanks for CyclonB (Gassing Jews) & Agent Orange (Defoliant and melting face skin babies) Planticides (Round Up – destroys Living DNA & has 1/2life of 10000 yrs) – and Pesticides – Insecticides –  Pharmaceuticals – GM Foods  & Crops – & the Proudly named ‘Terminator Gene’ Seeds that grows once & yields Only sterile seed that can’t be re-Grown! … There is more ofc , but I feel that concerned people should know these things – Yes , Vaccinations are about as Evil as it gets – but understand that the entire system is rigged – We are being poisoned and manipulated from every angle (so to speak) and one aspect of the Tyranny is is not seperate from the others.

    *Anyway , I’ve had so much run through my head of what to say .. (Autism Increase?) :)
    I haven’t had any since ‘boosters’ (as they were called) at around 3yrs old – maybe again at 5 or 8 too but can’t be sure – but I conciously skipped all other school ones after that – I had read Narnia chronicles etc and could add, multiply, divide etc. any size number on the blackboard by 4yrs old – grew up under poverty line so thankfully went to small country public schools – a great stroke of luck, I Now know! 
    The purpose of giving the slight  background there is to highlight that although born intellectually healthy (let’s say) – Going to ‘competetive schools’ at a young age most likely would have suited me – therefore using whatever intellect for a competetive sense in return for ‘reward’ (or sense of it – likePuterGames;)lol) .. Instead of ‘Questioning’ all the ‘Questionable’ so called ‘education’ (I call – Indoctrination) we were fed (and continue to be fed) our Whole Lives! (Learn HOW to Think and Learn – Not WHAT to Think & Learn).
    It truly is crazy how much I’ve found I’ve had to ‘Unlearn’ – It’s almost constant.

    I don’t trust any of the ‘mental health’ stuff either ofc , but autism which is different – Is on the rise in these Aluminium-Poisoning countries – I believe that Vaccinations are Possibly the Most Evil of the numerous ways we are being poisoned these days(because they actively target defenseless babies & children – It is Very Very difficult to convince people who have ‘picked sides’ on this one – Then there are the Chemtrails , which are actually Bleedingly Obvious and has 10’s of 1000’s of hours of video evidence , photo’s online , science & Logic – but they are in the sky! lol – they are all but impossible to miss when being sprayed in force! – What aeroplane flies in a grid shaped flightpath!? – Or a series of ‘Grill-Element’ U-turns!? – Hah! , It’s beyond ludicrous to suggest this is normal and has “Always Happened” – but still – Most over here either have No Idea or simply class it in the same ‘Conspiracy Theory’ category they can  seem to throw ANY sort of Information into these days – Anything you don’t agree with , Just put it in the CT category – ‘Australian Powers-that-Be have been Immensly sucessful at ‘Polarizing’ views on EveryThing! Probably the same evrywhere but it seems there is almost ‘no such thing’ as a rational debate on any subject whatsoever ..
    It’s either This – or It’s – That. Good vs Bad , Me vs You .. and rarely any deeper – Unfortunatly , the internet is now mostly full of the same with only few exceptions.

    Flouride is the main ingredient in Rat Poison &  first known to be used via the water supply in Nazi Concentration camps like Aushwich to keep the prisoners docile (dumbed down) to prevent escape attempts. Banned in most of Europe (& possibly Canada[?]).
    But it’s good for your teeth right?   (lol , wrong ofc. All Lies&Statistics as usual – also incidence of ‘Flourosis’ in the teeth of children is increasing – yep caused by excess flouride ofc.)
    Given just these particular known facts how could Anyone use this stuff!?
    Flouride & Vaccinations actually quite similar in that they both propose that regular so called ‘Low’ doses of extremely toxic chemicals is good for you in some miniscule way.
    But I know what most readers(yehright,lol) would be thinking right now – “oh , no I Have to use Flouride toothpaste – I think it works for me” , heheh. Yeh , I know It’s tough to change such things sometimes (not really tho) – Well nearly All Medz & all Vaccz are the same – Like Junk Processed Foods – or Like Sending the Kids to a ‘School’ etc :p

    But Flouride , just Like Chemtrails & Vaccinations etc (oh my how
    the list goes on – PlanetDeath by Monsanto included) – The Realities are
    Ignored and people submit – to keep up with their ‘neighbours’ – Then
    blame & accuse others when they are not so quick to submit to the
    same regime – Like the ‘getting a job’ Debt-Wage Slave Society based on a
    totally farcical and corrupt economic system (as has been shown clearly
    & repeatedly) – And the some submit in some ways but not in others ,
    often still in opposition[!] to Many of the fundamental Truths and
    clinging to many Lies that are usually interconnected .. etc. etc.

    Veering back onto topic (somewhat) … It starts at a young age through
    already brainwashed parents – through the TV & other MainStreamMedia
    – Through School , Through Peer Pressure and Herd Mentality … many
    many sources in a constant continuum of reinforcement (Which is why the
    term ‘Brainwashed’ is so apt) …

    How do you stop or reverse this? … [Oops – Ran out of Space – :) …]

    Without a complete re-structuring starting from the fundamentals

  • robertmejia@yahoo.com

    All you can do is prevent these poisons (Aspartame, Fluoride, Mercury, MSG, Vaccines etc) on an individual basis and maybe-MAYBE convince others but don’t count on it-we are in an ENDEMIC depopulation phase of World History and the elites are using TRILLIONS of dollars for the wars, psy-ops, propaganda, distract-entertainment, economic displacement/chaos sabaotage etc. It’s this simple, life sucks because the Globalist controllers have persuaded people to actually erroneously approve or ignore their control/destruction systems. People are insulated against “conspiracy theories” but show them the JFK speech or Eisenhower warning of the Military Industrial Complex, they were both referring to the New World Order that funded stalin and hitler from the USA and other Rothschild/Rockefeller sources. Use nutriodine against fluoride, http://www.nutrimedical.com and filter your water, there are filters that take out fluoride and arsenic etc. Just Goo-Ghoul it! So basically, deception is the main tool of these killers. Stay strong and live well, you cannot change people except by changing yourself-by example. But either way, don’t worry, it’ll be over in a little while and all these devils in govt will be thrown into the pit of hell to burn for ever and EVER! Also, this may be unpopular but the Global Govt actually promtes BOTH “atheism”, satanism, and their Anti-Messiah G-Zeus aka Jesus which in Latin, “Iesus’ means “that is swine” and replaces YAHUWEH and YAHUSHUA who have nothing to do with ZEUS and SWINE, and of course, the sacrficial animal sacrificed to ZEUS was a SWINE/PIG. Antiochus Epiphanes started this when he conquered YAHrusalem and forced Yahudiy to sacrifice a pig to ZEUS and killed them if they observed sabbath, circumcised. Antiochus FORCED on pain of death SUNDAY sabbath/worship. Now you know why BOTH Catholics and Christians observe SUNDAY sabbath. In short, the Satanist-Globalists run the world and corrupt “religion”, govt, etc. They are liars and destroyers JUST LIKE THEIR FATHER SATAN.

  • Flouride-Is-Rat-Poison

    ^Well I probably should have just left it posing the Question :)
    I was a bit stuck on how to phrase my proposition for change anyway ..
    But I guess to round it out quickly  … Something like ..

    Without a complete re-structuring starting from the fundamentals …
    … Which means a Revolution Anyway you look at it ..
    I’m not sure It’s possible at all to change the path to Doom we are on.
    Is it even Possible to ‘Remove Power’ anymore? The way I see it , It is the First time in History When even Mass People Power can probably Not ‘Overthrow the Regime’ Due to their High Technology and Control Grids already in place – But that’s another topic no doubt. :)

    Anyway –  ‘How do you stop or reverse this?’ ..
    This Way of ignorant ‘thinking’ .. This Brainwashing Continuum?
    Well ‘Spreading the Word’ ofc – Being well versed & Getting the Information out there etc ..
    Being Forceful with the Truth when applicable whilst at the same time not Forcing the Truth down peoples throats is a tricky balance and often uncomfortable – but I think the importance of this needs to be Emphasised , Expanded & Put to Practice much more and much more often than it currently is. That said .. It’s obvious that ‘Education’ only goes so far – There is more than enough Information out there and many will not even attempt to see or hear it (even in convenient Video format , it is still a very tough time getting most to even casually observe it) – I think that ‘in the long run’ we actually need a ‘long run’ .. i.e. Over Time the Hidden Truth’s can gradually come to be recognized as Common & Self-Evident – The only reason most of these Corrupt systems aren’t already recognized as Plainly Obvious and Self-Evident Hideous Truth’s is because 1. It’s a relatively new and modern paradigm still evolving while it plays out & 2. The Brainwashing and Propaganda has been in effect for a lot longer than our collective capacity to share information/facts/truth and are both also continuously playing out & Evolving.
    There are other things at play that could be pointed on but I think it’s these paralells that primarily point to the reason for the seemingly ‘unchangingness'[!] of the delusional masses – i.e. “Why Won’t they Wake Up!” ;)

    So , I think that given these evolving paralells and given the known capacity of Time to unveil the Truth … If ‘Given Time’ .. We can Breed Out the Ignorance – or Breed In the Truth – Depending how you like to look at it :)
    Fairly obvious and simple , I just like to say it the long way lol :D
    This still doesn’t give us much Hope .. but it is a little. It depends on whether the rate of Varied Destruction Vs. the rate of the ‘Truth Uptake’ gives us enough time to at least balance the Equilibriem – hopefully slowing the ‘Destructive’ and allowing Truth to Flourish at a greater rate. (lol srry , haven’t written in a while).
    The Truth and ‘A Better Way’ (if you will) can be bred into the children of likeminded parents ofc , also bred into the ‘common perception’ of wider society – slowly but surely more people will be Wise to what is Happening.
    Of course there are still the generations that will continue to perpetuate the Ignorance & Lies as the majority have done for so long .. But with the persistance of the ‘Truth Sayers’ constantly expanding and evolving also there will be many (mainly younger people as usual) who will ‘break away’ from the Ignorance of their Families and those around them (I’m sure many of us came from this , I know I did) .. So yes .. given time , there Is still some small hope for ‘Humanity’ yet – Though efforts really need to be maintained and continually strengthened – This is No Time to Rest on our Laurels.
    The Power-Mongerers & Evil-Doers that be are Not backing off , Nor should we.
    No matter how Excrutiatingly Difficult it can be :(  (sigh … Deep Breaths) ;)
    Power to the Truthful – Power to the Peaceful –
    Power to the People Just – Just Power to the People –
    (Hey look , it Rhymes lol) :p

    Anyhoo – That 1/2 covers what I wanted to express & will have to do for now :)

    So just quickly – back to a couple of things I meant to mention at the beginning of my 1st reply regarding Australia & Vaccinations (I know I’m slightly off topic here and there but I always like to add a good cross section of relatable issues & subjects – Plz forgive me if it’s been a bit much) :) :

    I was initially curious as to whether this mandatory ‘Flu-Shot’ or ‘Wear the Face-Mask’ was a very new thing or has been happening for many years & whether anyone knows if it’s happening broadly in Australia too? .. Still curious but right now my mind-set is telling me it’s not that important and I will probably come to find out in good time – still , if anyone actually reads this (lol yehright :D) and has information pertaining to this practice in Australia , I’d be much oblidged ofc :)

    Just wanted also to mention , in relation to Australian ‘Authorities’ severe success in brainwashing the masses over down here :
    (and this may Highlight how Aus is particularly adherent to this Evil Scheme) ..
    It’s So absolutely committed to the propoganda here that just recently a Lady from the US planning to give talks here in Oz (slang for Aus ofc) about the dangers of Vaccines etc was branded ‘anti-immunization’ (or whatever derogatory term they call it) and Completely Refused Entry into the Country!!!
    Even I was shocked at ‘the Guv’ literally banning her from speaking here (I forget the name but she is a prominent figure on the subject and had given many talks in many countries – – Free Speech!? lol No way mate – This is Backward arse Australia and we have No Rights at all – Especially not that one ;) heheh
    I gotta poke fun and have ‘a larf’ lest I go completely bonkers …
    But yeh – Sad but True :/
    I saw the programs too that were mentioned – even the Non-Commercial ‘peoples station’ the ABC here on their main modern Live Daily News Talkback panels I would have hoped at least discuss it (whatever the opinions and fascist extremists they have on) but to my shock even They simply read the story (of the lady not being allowed in) then after a quick cynical laugh by a few panelists and something along the lines of “oh , these looneys” & “yeh, so she should be banned , bloody idiots” … … That was it – a Pause – Host started to ask for more opinions but then stopped and like someone in his ear told him to ‘move on’ he quickly stopped and just went straight to the next discussion – It was So unbeleivably infuriating and embarassing – I remember it vividly (though not the good ladys name ;) heheh I’ll look it   :)u

  • Flouride-Is-Rat-Poison

    Cool … Tanx for the awesome reply ;)
    (your much better at .. compressing the info into text than I) :D …
    (or … Philosophising with a Sledgehammer!) lol , so to speak ;)
    I woulda (& possibly shoulda) left this at that …
    But felt the need to comment on just the ‘end part’ of yer words.

    Maybe Waaay Off Topic , but riddle me this ..
    How (on Earth) did ‘Lucifer’ .. i.e. – ‘Light’ become the ‘Prince of Darkness’?? (I know it’s all alllegory anyway , but ..)
    Who is Satan? .. and .. Isn’t it just a descriptive construct just like all the others? You don’t actually think that they have any ‘true’ beliefs do you? .. Isn’t all of that (Like the Freemasons requiring that new entries (entres) have to ‘practice’ a religion (no matter what religion – all accepted , surely just a requirement to see who is gullible/vunerable/submissive etc))

    Just like their ‘Cremation of Care’ ceremony where they burn the (lets hope) ‘Effigy’ of a child in order to reneg compassion in order to dominate … Isn’t it just more of the same insane repetitiveness?
    Recycled Control mechanisms , christianity no different.

    Now … that might not gel with some .. but surely in order to understand  the Actual , The Truth … we must ‘disregard’ such petty constructs as ‘organized’ religion (hey , did God tell you your version wasn’t organized? ..lol)
    I am not an atheist … Nobody knows .. anyone says otherwize is safely classified a Liar or delusional. There is Mystery aswell as Misery.
    DO you not agree that in order to overcome our Slavery by very intent evil fascist dominators we must Disclude ALL farcical constructs?

    (though … I find Astrotheology and all related recycled religions study very interesting I must say)

    Anyhooo .. Cheers :)


    (and pps … NOT an Atheist! lol :D)

  • Flouride-Is-Rat-Poison

    I still think most people miss the point.
    Sure they can’t force You … but tell that to the baby.
    We had No choice.
    And Vaccinations are just 1 bit of the equation.
    Maybe you won’t stab babies with poison needles anymore right? ..
    But how do you ‘earn a living’ etcetera .. ?
    Same old bullshit.
    May aswell be poison stabbing babies yourself if you still work and vote and pay taxes and send kids to school etc.
    It’s not like “oops , vaccines were bad – we stop that = Society is healed!”
    You’all want the truth to be known about this evil practice?
    Well Stop funding and reinforcing this fascist regime with all of your other ‘common’ behaviour.
    Many of the replies I see on here seem to affirm that many peoples don’t understand that it is the OTHER parts of their ‘lifestyle’ that ALLOW this Evil Vaccination practice to continue and evolve.
    Your ‘Local Member’ or Parliment … Will not do anything to change what IS. They are as Deluded as you.


    (oh … It’s just a contrail grid …) :p
    Nice flight-path ijiots.

  • Looking24you

    Go to your MD and let him know that wearing the mask males you feel panic and stressed with loss of focus. Go home early a.few days and go to he MD each time. MD may be able to write a systement as to claustrophobia … good enough to not war mask… maybe covered as disabil

  • Gmail

    Masks are forced to bully and intimidating a worker to conform to the employer. No way do i think they are preventing flu by this practice. Because every visitor can come into hospital without a mask. Also patients and visitors can go to cafeteria and touch everything. i believe in masks only if you have flu symptoms. i don’t take the shot because i have a automate problem and i am afraid of them. We don’t get to know what’s in them. I know what’s in my food but don’t know what’s in something you’re trying to inject in my body. the last flu shot after i got it they said oh by the way it covers you for the h1n1. Felt tricked into it. I wished we had someone to stand up for us. I can’t compete with a hospitals unlimited legal funds. Wished i could win lottery because i would sue the hell out of my sorry hospital

  • robertmejia@yahoo.com

    Get and use NDF Plus by Bioray which is a gentle heavy metal detox. Also get some PURE NAC,and Glutathione for detoxing. Raw organic foods, organic eggs drunk (unless allergy) will help detox. Stop using all mercury-contaminated HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup/Corn Sugar etc), Aspartame, Aluminum/MSG laced foods that can make your vaccine issues even worse since some vaccines are known to include aluminum, MSG, aspartame, mercury which means those food-ingredient-laced toxins could trigger your immune system to freak out since your immune system freaked out with those same ingredients in the Vaccine!

  • robertmejia@yahoo.com

    Oh, believe me, they love to ask people to accept and do STUPID nonsensical things, they are training people to be unthinking SLAVES.

  • Mooky

    I work at a very large skilled nursing facility in South eastern massachusetts. Part of a corporate chain. My story is the same as all of yours. I WILL NOT take this shot, and I am being forced to wear a mask from January  until the end of march. However, here is where it gets juicy: We are in the midst of a large flu/respiratory illness right now. Probably not flu, as none of the swabs are coming back positive. (Is this flu thing a total scam?) Anyway, about fifty or seventy residents are very ill, coughing and hacking and bad, just bad. Corporate visited and saw that many nurses and aides were wearing precautions masks when doing care on these very sick residents. And corporate decreed that- wait for it, wait- anyone who got the flu vaccination cannot wear a precautions mask. Even if they want to. They said the masks are now only for those who refused the flu shot. Which isn’t many of us. Nurses and aides are up in arms about not being allowed to wear precautions, but the decree has been set forth. 
        There is something very wrong going on right now across the country. Something is very, very wrong. People need to wake the HELL up. I have been with this company for years and I have never seen anything like this go on. Next year, mark my words- mandatory vaccs or termination. I am counting on it. 

  • Ellis_mair


    I’m so frustrated with this flu shot/ Tamiflu issues. I work in a hospital and was told I had to go home without pay if I didn’t go and get the Flu shot, but they said it didn’t matter because the flu shot take two weeks to be affective and I would not be paid for two weeks. I think they (the hospital where I work) likes messing with people because five minutes late she said you could take your vacation pay why would I use my vacation pay for something they want me to do. 
    They said I could take Tamiflu. I got the prescription and took it, for one day. The next day I had a stuffed nose and a sore throat. A friend also send article where people in Japan are jumping off balconies after taking this medication. Another article said it really effects people who have depression and anxiety. The last I check Canada was a free country. My employer also told me if I didn’t like it I could go and work somewhere else. It reminds me of a time where people were given shot without their knowledge so they couldn’t have babies. I’m so mad and  It feels so wrong, I took the shot once and got sick, I don’t want to put chemicals in my body that I don’t know what will happen later. I’ve worked for this place for fourteen years and it getting worse, I’m so angry. 
    Thanks for listening. 

  • Maybe class-action lawsuit, this vaccination is Globalist-Speak quasi-legal 100% sham since there are near always exemptions, waivers. They are into DEPOPULATION. Watch Bill Gates youtube video “Bill Gates Depopulation” and he states it CLEARLY, ‘we are going to use vaccines and family planning [aka abortions too like China’s 1-child policy] to REDUCE WORLD POPULATION’ since “we need to reduce Co2 to as close to ZERO as possible” and humans are in his equation of Co2 for the Global Warming crap.

  • but I think the real reason your angry is because this Beast system has knocked on YOUR door and this is the worst kind of wake-up call, one that threatens your survivability and should remove all illusions about the myth of a “clumsy, misguided but beneficial Govt” you see, their agenda is clear: DEPOPULATE then the new crop of lemmings will be easier to control and take to the new environment of tyranny without resisting since the old culture and way of thinking is to question, to challenge, and to REPLACE corrupt govt.

  • Whenever I hear the word Corporation, I recall it’s latin roots mixed with mysticism. 
    CORPORATION = Corpo [BODY]+RA+TION [means “the process of becoming”]. So a Corporation in terms of morality, law, humanity is a BEAST System to treat humans like animals that worship/become RA/SATAN/DEATH. And you just have to look at the Vaccination of Pregnant women, previously recommended AGAINST, now vaccinated and the DEATH rate has increased 4,250%!!!!! Yes, so they worship DEATH. With Pharmacide, vaccines, MSG, Aspartame, HFCS/Soda/Corn products contaminated with Mercury (2nd in toxicity to PLUTONIUM). Then you have the TSA scanners that UNZIP DNA and sheeple walk right in with a goofy smile. Furthermore, the shadow Govt has made people in the USA “Corporate Strawmen” with all uppercased spelling and 2nd CLASS human beings bound by corrupt CORPORATE LAW/POLICY/”mandates” etc. Totally fraudulent and actually occurring RIGHT NOW. This is why there is illegal money, illegal FED, illegal voting, illegal wars, unlawful laws/codes etc, black-box usurpation of a representative republic.

  • They should be taking Curcumin x4000. This is a VERY good supplement for anti-cancer/inflammatory/viral/bacterial/fungal. Excellent must have!!

  • Agent Katie Smith, idiot, lemming-puppet of the Pharmacide Companies and tyrannical Hospital Managements.

  • Get an understanding doctor to “sign off” on the vaccine record :D officers in the Military do that ALL the time.

  • worship money or yahuweh!

  • Facts don’t work on these Bureaucrats and Govt pig tyrants, they get their orders handed down from the CFR, United Nations, Bilderbergers, Globalists etc who want to depopulate! They have armies of lawyers, liars, politicians and idiot puppets in medical field/Pharmacide industry to pimp DEATH and DISEASE. Look at all the deaths in mass shootings, crazy murders, all linked to SSRI’s. You see, when you cripple individuals, you get control over those individuals and the masses as a whole. Indeed, Pharmakia was used by the Ishmaeli Assassins. They would dope them up to do suicide missions. Mind-control, THINK.

  • very most likely so, only disability or resigning/quitting make you ineligible for unemployment. Contact your local EDD. It’s a no-brainer, these guys can’t make the legal case for firing but they will FAKE IT with lies, “it’s to protect the patients” as if health care providers are WMDs!!! Funny but tragically so!

  • I hereby mandate you stick your head up your arse. hey, I mandated it! You will get fired if you don’t stick your head up your ARSE. You see, vaccinating is sticking your head up your ARSE because they are toxic, dangerous and produce death and disease. Now if you TRUST the gubbamint, well you are HOPELESS!

  • Please don’t use weak arguments like this “privacy” thing. They will simply state that patients deserve and environment and “Care” by vaccinated “safe” care providers/staff etc. because YOU ARE A WMD of deadly germs. LOL!! They will say patients right to life and germ-sterilization-induced-by-vaccines-environment/staff. Sure they thinking is ridiculous because vaccines CAUSE disease and death. NEW PARADIGM!! They will fire you and tell you to have your privacy ELSEWHERE.

  • the steady and heavy CREEP towards FULL-BLOWN tyranny. In 10-yrs they will have a forced sacrifice of your first born to satan or molech, your option which evil name/deity to kill your baby for. Mind you, there are already 30-50 million abortions in the USA alone and many are likely FIRST-Born.

  • In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act. 
    George Orwell Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/g/georgeorwe136282.html#QLG6Fdx3xSluZCxh.99 

  • ashley andersone

    dont get the flu shot or any shot!

  • Dustin Scott Files

    Sure it is because all of the Scientific studies that prove getting a flue shot stops patients from getting the flu? Wait a second there isn’t one… The best study out there on this topic says that the flu shot is ineffective (60% or less) and the possible long term effects are also unknown. There is one effective treatment that nurses know and that is being clean, and the Cochrane Collaboration reports that Nurses wearing a mask and other protective gear would more likely reduce he chances, so therefore the nurses that wear the mask care more about the patients health. There is a reason that 65% of doctors do not get this shot and that is bad science period. This is big pharma putting pressure on health care workers and that is it. I just hope the long term effects of injecting one self with these additive poisons and dead “flu viruses” over the years doesn’t really hurt people, especially Nurses that really work hard for these companies and the people they treat.

  • Dustin Scott Files

    What really sucks is when you are a Nursing student and you know how dangerous these shots are and the pressure is so high to have to get them. Either get them or be shunned by your peers and look dumb in front of the patients at clinicals for having a mask on. This is stressing me out more than the school.

  • Jhonny

    OMG I work for an eye doctor and they looking forward to have the staff vaccinated and of course I refused like millions here..that did not work.. I was actually force persuaded to get..however when I did the had order last year flu shot which was expired n on top of all that I got severely ill…now after two weeks they want to inject the new flu shot and I don’t want it… Is really pointless. I will never do the shot…everyone I know who gets it become flu like sick…I might loose my job…sad face.

  • Rav Kohen Yitshaq

    Shalom!! These shots are the New World Order just getting warmed up worst things are still to come, They will win due to it is not enough of us to stand up against them, It will take States and Cities to win this Battle and if our Leaders do not Stand up for us, We will lose the war unless Yahuweh intervene on our behalf,My wife also works at a Hospital and As Hebrews We do not believe in no Drugs and the shots is just another Drug and as a Pastor i call all drugs VooDope they voodo u into thinking u are ok but they are killing u this is Against THE MOST HIGH’s Torah/Law for HIS Children but we Know who is Running this Earth at this Time, SATAN Themselves and until Yahushua Returns they will continue to run every thing and they will kill Millions with their DRUGS yearly. Sad News i must give u it is Praying time IN MRS.USA as Never Before and I will leave u with this, We all better call upon the True Name and GOD and Jesus is not the true names they are the Problem, The names of Satan’s Titles of the illuminati and Free masonry system and this is a Christian Nation but not a Nation of YHWH Our CREATOR, We say Baruch haShem and we need HIM More than Ever Before and lets not forget WW3 is coming, What will they do to make that happen, The shots are nothing compare to that, Just call upon YHWH and be Safe from Destruction, I am Talking about the End of Days we call…yomhadin= The Judgment Day, are u Ready Readers? Have u being Born From Above,Acts I:8 and Yoh.3:3??? Chance Favors The repared Mind, Phil.2:5, HalleluYah and Shalom!!!

  • bob

    Get your head out of the middle ages and get the shot they work. I you dont we all need to do what is needed to protect ourselves

  • Audrey Yarper

    Chemtrails are behind the flu like symptoms.

  • jules

    you better get a clue and worry about ur damn self. No one should be forced to get anything.

  • ACLS Paramedic Ben

    The masks that are provided by the hospitals are the only one’s allowed to be worn??? I wonder why. I wonder if they are preprepared with an agent that can be inhailed or absorbed? Why can they insist you must only wear their masks.. why not any mask that meets or exceeds the standards …. curious?

  • Chris

    we wear them from November until end of April. I find this to be a forced violation of HIPPA. This tells everyone the status of my vaccination.

  • Chris

    The flu shot covers only one strain of the flu. There are several out there. If you know anything about microbiology, (did you pay attention in that class during nursing school?), a virus will mutate regularly. You be a good little conformist and accept garbage into your body just because they tell you it is good for you. People DO get sick from this inoculation. Wearing a mask is just a show of force by the employer. They do not protect anyone from flu. the masks provided are complete garbage. It is a HIPPA violation.

  • Linda Lashbrook

    I say “if” you get vaccinated you should definitely wear a mask. This so call (poison) aka”vaccine” only protects against the strains that are in the vaccine. At any given time there are well over 200 different strains of influenza. No thanks to the poison, I’ll take my chances. Well, this year, they are making the vaccine mandatory or wear a mask. I’m actually fine with that the way people cough and sniffle around anyway, but I feel like I’m being singled out because I refuse to take the shot due to personal reasons (vegetarian), having a bad reaction to it, the ingredients I have severe allergies to. The hospital where I work is also placing a small sticker on the badges of employees that do take the shot. I have no clue what that’s about, but again, I feel singled out. I just really wish people would research these types of things instead of blindly following along and believe all the bills$&t that our government “feeds” us. I trust no one.

  • Uknow123

    I understand there is an ongoing lawsuit regarding it being a hippa violation forcing us to wear a mask…

  • Debbie

    I am with you.

  • Linda Lashbrook

    I’ve purchased my own yo wear because those yellow “paper” marks are essentially like having a tissue over nose and mouth, and they smell horrible. Does anyone know if there is a guideline to what type of mask is recommended? I’d think the n-95’s are s bit overkill

  • Linda Lashbrook

    I believe it is a violation of privacy, it’s no ones business what I chose to do/not do to my body. Abd this thing with the stickers is non sense. Yet another way that I can be singled out. Damn out government for dictating what they demand us to do to our bodies. All it is to them is money. Has not one thing to do with public safety. I wonder how many of the higher up officials take it, and the members of the FDA, CDC, NIH, and so on.

  • k

    I feel the exact same way. Totally singled out because I declined the flu vaccine, I am also wearing a mask. However, I am around co-workers coughing and sneezing and management doesn’t make them wear a mask. Very frustrating

  • Linda Lashbrook

    Just yesterday at work I was commented to by an er doc that “oh, you didn’t take the flu shot either!” Excuse me, but its not any of his business. Two: that’s a direct violation of my right to privacy! (Hippa). So, yeah, I’m treated like Typhoid Mary and pretty much mocked. Thanks a lot asshole government. I’m rather heated about this. What to do.

  • Linda Lashbrook

    In one unit they had the nerve to announce over intercom “if you don’t have your flu shot you must wear a mask, repeat you must wear a mask if you don’t have your flu shot”. I’m livid about this. That is a direct violation of my person medical information that’s now public knowledge. Which means I’ll be ridiculed and made to feel guilty and have drs try to tell me why I should take it. In allergic to ingredients (not the egg protein) and I have personal convictions that I’m going to stand firm on.

  • courtney

    I also had to decline the flu shot due to an neurological reaction I had the first time I ever received the flu shot. My work currently singles out those employees by making us wear masks. I feel like I am treated differently by my patients and their families. It has been frustrating working with pediatric patients that are afraid of you and do not understand what it means to be wearing a mask. I understand that it is important to keep our patients healthy, as they deserve to be free from potential harm, but don’t you think we are grown up enough to notice when we begin to feel “under the weather”. I guess my biggest fear is what is yet to come… Will I have to risk being fired because I cannot receive the flu shot?

  • Denise Gonyea Cook

    just say no to vaccines!

  • Denise Gonyea Cook

    We all know by now that forcing staff to wear a mask is a form of punishment. Now that we know that this years flu vaccine is ineffective against the flu shouldn’t everyone wear a mask now? Truth is it should be our right to choose what goes into our bodies. Wearing a mask and using universal precautions should be practiced by everyone especially if not feeling oneself or around sick patients.

  • Linda Lashbrook

    I do believe all states have a religious exemption. Check w your health department. Also, check with your pcp and see if they will write a letter for you staying it’s s detrimental to your health and well being to receive such immunizations. I’m going to have to do this, too. I have health issues and it’s in my best interest to not take it. In addition to being allergic to many ingredients. Best of luck to you. Also, I’d advise you, don’t sign anything! Anything that employer tells you, get it in writing. Make nites of any conversations. It will come in very useful should they Fire you. (That would be discrimination). Make your own case.

  • Christine Je

    Gloria Alred
    Attorney for RIGHTS!!
    SHE’ll take this or a class action & BLOW the mandate to smithereens. NURSES/ALL u guys!!–GET AHOLD OF GLORIA ALRED attorney!!!!!!

  • Christine Je

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    Attorney for RIGHTS!!
    SHE’ll take this or a class action & BLOW the mandate to smithereens. NURSES/ALL u guys!!–GET AHOLD OF GLORIA ALRED attorney!!!!!! }

  • Christine Je

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    Attorney for RIGHTS!!
    SHE’ll take this or a class action & BLOW the mandate to smithereens. NURSES/ALL u guys!!–GET AHOLD OF GLORIA ALRED attorney!!!!!!

  • Christine Je

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    Attorney for RIGHTS!!
    SHE’ll take this or a class action & BLOW the mandate to smithereens. NURSES/ALL u guys!!–GET AHOLD OF GLORIA ALRED attorney!!!!!! }

  • Christine Je

    Gloria Alred ATTORNEY!!!!!!
    Attorney for RIGHTS!!
    SHE’ll take this or a class action & BLOW the mandate to smithereens. NURSES/ALL u guys!!–GET AHOLD OF GLORIA ALRED attorney!!!!!! }

  • Christine Je

    Gloria Alred ATTORNEY!!!!!!
    Attorney for RIGHTS!!
    SHE’ll take this or a class action & BLOW the mandate to smithereens. NURSES/ALL u guys!!–GET AHOLD OF GLORIA ALRED attorney!!!!

  • Christine Je

    Gloria Alred ATTORNEY!!!!!!
    Attorney for RIGHTS!!
    SHE’ll take this or a class action & BLOW the mandate to smithereens. NURSES/ALL u guys!!–GET AHOLD OF GLORIA ALRED attorney!!!!!!

  • Christine Je

    Gloria Alred ATTORNEY!!!!!!
    Attorney for RIGHTS!!
    SHE’ll take this or a class action & BLOW the mandate to smithereens. NURSES/ALL u guys!!–GET AHOLD OF GLORIA ALRED attorney!!!!

  • Christine Je

    Gloria Alred ATTORNEY!!!!!!
    Attorney for RIGHTS!!
    SHE’ll take this or a class action & BLOW the mandate to smithereens. NURSES/ALL u guys!!–GET AHOLD OF GLORIA ALRED attorney!!

  • Christine Je

    Gloria Alred ATTORNEY!!!!!!
    Attorney for RIGHTS!!
    SHE’ll take this or a class action & BLOW the mandate to smithereens. NURSES/ALL u guys!!–GET AHOLD OF GLORIA ALRED attorney!!!

  • Christine Je

    Gloria Alred ATTORNEY!!!!!!
    Attorney for RIGHTS!!
    SHE’ll take this or a class action & BLOW the mandate to smithereens. NURSES/ALL u guys!!–GET AHOLD OF GLORIA ALRED attorney!

  • Christine Je

    Gloria Alred ATTORNEY!!!!!!
    Attorney for RIGHTS!!
    SHE’ll take this or a class action & BLOW the mandate to smithereens. NURSES/ALL u guys!!–GET AHOLD OF GLORIA ALRED attorney!!!!!!

  • Christine Je

    Gloria Alred ATTORNEY!!!!!!
    Attorney for RIGHTS!!
    SHE’ll take this or a class action & BLOW the mandate to smithereens. NURSES/ALL u guys!!–GET AHOLD OF GLORIA ALRED attorney!!!!!! }

  • Christine Je

    Gloria Alred ATTORNEY!!!!!!
    Attorney for RIGHTS!!
    SHE’ll take this or a class action & BLOW the mandate to smithereens. NURSES/ALL u guys!!–GET AHOLD OF GLORIA ALRED attorney!!!!

  • Christine Je

    Gloria Alred ATTORNEY!!!!!!
    Attorney for RIGHTS!!
    SHE’ll take this or a class action & BLOW the mandate to smithereens. NURSES/ALL u guys!!–GET AHOLD OF GLORIA ALRED attorney!!!!!! }

  • obathos

    This year was a “first” of sorts at the hospital where I work (in support, btw – not direct patient care). I have always refused the shot and opted for the mask ever since the hospital started the “get the shot or wear the mask if you want to remain employed” policy over the last few years. I’m in Massachusetts, and this year the “flu season” has dragged 5 full months (instead of the normal JAN FEB MARCH) period – and with no end in sight. I expect we’ll be in our masks into May because we get regular emails from Infection Control telling us how epic the flu still is in our state. Also – this year the normal online “employee declines his or her flu shot” bs is totally different. Where you opt to decline, there is a sort of “claimer” which says something like: this employee declines the shot… EVEN THOUGH THIS YEAR’S DOSE WILL PROTECT THE POPULATION FROM BLA BLA BLA… words to that effect. THEN comes the “reason for declining” drop down option (which also contained “claimers”) – and if you didn’t choose one you STILL had to enter text for “other” or you couldn’t close the form. After thinking about the stupid question for a few seconds I entered as my reason not to get the shot: “I PREFER THE MASK.” I simply did not want to give them any reason they could come back at me with lol. Many employees (very many) who had their flu shots came down with the flu in my hospital – which is a mandatory stay home until symptoms are gone. I know they are dragging the mask policy out in order to shame/force us to get the shot but I will never budge UNLESS it becomes a condition of employment. I’ve been there 16 years. Long after any “real” flu season has ended, I wear my mask this year as a sort of badge of honor. I don’t get the flu and those who got their flu shots DID. I know that by NOT buckling under I am pissing the flu police administrators off much more than they are pissing me off as “mask season” drags on perhaps into late summer ; )

  • sandlynx

    I went for about 20 years without getting a flu shot, then a doctor talked me into taking the flu shot. (My mind must have been checked out that day.) I got the flu for the first time in 20 years. Also, a couple years later, under heavy pressure from the docs, I accepted the flu shot again. This time, I got a serious bacterial infection that I found out two years later was from the flu shot I was given. I did not have one flu symptom, but massive bacterial infection. This bacterial infection was also had by a nurse at the hospital where I got the flu shot, and she checked out the source of the batch. Yes, it was contaminated with bacteria. She also will no longer take any flu or other shots. If a health care worker is doing this…. Since then, I refuse all flu shots no matter the pressure. If they go to mandatory, I will still refuse, even if that means I have to evade it by hiding in the woods or whatever. Do not take the flu shot or any other vaccination.

  • sandlynx

    They want to reduce the CO2 to close to zero. Anyone with a basic understanding the the life cycle, knows that plants breathe CO2, and without it, they will suffocate and die which means we will have no food sources after a while. These people are absolute, complete and total idiots and psychopaths bent on everyone’s destruction. Actually, they appear to want to destroy the whole planetary system with all life.

  • sandlynx

    In Pennsylvania, a hospital there told all employees that they MUST get a flu shot by a certain time and if they didn’t, they would be considered to have resigned. I’d call that mandatory. My friend put in her vaccine exemption on time, and they still tried to “resign” her, saying that “she didn’t get her flu shot on time”. This is Nazi tactics folks. I think it’s time we fight back vehemently.

  • sandlynx


  • sandlynx

    Linda, I think everyone, including those who take the flu shot, should wear masks because it is known that those who take the flu shot are shedding virus for two weeks or longer. They kind of turn you into a virus spreading machine! I see this as obnoxiously counterproductive and probably part of their agenda to make more profit from sick people.

  • sandlynx

    I hope I can get a vaccine exemption since I have Celiac’s disease and the flu shot has MSG (monosodiumGlutamate = gluten) in it.

  • sandlynx

    Check out the Amish too. There seems to be a link between vaccines for kids and autism. Yeah, big argument about that. But, the Amish have almost zero autism. They are surrounded by communiites that vaccinate and have an autism rate of 1 out of 87 children. Duh. Ya think there might be a connection between vaccines for kids and autism?

  • sandlynx

    Yup, happens every year in elder care facilities. It is known that elderly people have reduced immune capacity. So, the medical nazis use the excuse that they need the flu shot. The last thing they need is the flu shot since their immunity is already down. They are a welcoming target for viruses or any other opportunity of sickness or disease.

  • sandlynx

    I was told a long time ago that, if someone tries to force you, or rush you into doing something, you can be sure there is something wrong with it, including the push to vaccinate everyone mandatorily.

  • sandlynx

    Yes, an obvious troll!

  • sandlynx

    My friend who works in a PA hospital did get a vaccine exemption. She did get hassled. She did get the exemption under the deadline and the dealline for getting the flu shot which she does not have to take now, but they still harassed her and told her that “she did not get the flu shot in the stated period”, so she now considered to have “resigned her position”. (!) — Nazi tactics. . Duh. She still won though. Get the vaccine exemption. There are doctors who will sign it for you. Ask around and you will find out who they are.

  • sandlynx


  • DebRTR

    Wow! I also got sudden onset UTI almost exactly 12 hours after my flu shot and within 2 hours went from feeling like, hmm, something’s NOT right to gross hematuria and passsig clots in my urine.This is the first other report that I’ve seen of a bacterial infection following the shot….nurse told me that this was ” not considered as a reaction ” and won’t prevent me from getting the shot in the future…NOT! I’M DONE!!…( this same thing also happened to me approx 23-24 yrs ago, and in hindsight, I wonder if it was immediately following a flu shot, since our employee health nurse said that this year’s vaccine contains ?? something that hasn’t been in them in MANY years)