“My husband and I are missionaries…Are there any single dose vaccines available anymore?”

A parent named Tasha is wondering:

“My husband and I are missionaries, going to Africa. Because of the higher risks in country, we are required to vaccinate our daughter. Based on information we have found, most illnesses we vaccinate for are curable with access to medication and good healthcare. We will have access to neither once we move. Are there any single dose vaccines available anymore? I want her to obtain select vaccinations, but not all. Polio = ok, pertussis = unnecessary, meningitis = ok, diphtheria = unnecessary, etc. How do I find this out? And where do I find a list of side effects for each brand of vaccine? I feel in over my head trying to find the lesser of two evils!”


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  • September 28, 2012

Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of the website www.vactruth.com he promotes well-educated pediatricians, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.

  • Mike22

    I’ve never seen any remotely credible evidence to suggest that vaccines do what they are claimed and marketed as doing. It’s over 99% myth. If you really want to actually protect against viral infections, in my opinion you are far better off going with a consistent high dose of vitamin D3 (like 10,000IU per day per adult, 5000IU per day for children under 12 and 2000 for children under 5. Babies breastfeeding don’t need it). That plus a high nutrition diet will mean you are enabling your immune system to defeat viruses rather than crippling it with toxins contained in vaccines. If you are religious most religions forbid vaccines by prohibiting injecting foreign animal particles into the body. In my opinion there is no major religion that actually if you read their text allows vaccination – they are clearly advised against.

  • Liesjecochrane

    There are alternative ways, speak to your local homeopath about prophylactics for your child. Good luck!

  • I would suggest taking a few bottle so MMS (Sodium Chlorite) and Colloidal Silver.  Since these would kill organisms then you are covered for many types of illnesses.  I would also suggest taking a high quality Echinacea (everyone) daily while over there.  In fact, a medicine kit would be highly suggested with ingredients to help with various ailments.  Email me and I will help you with this. [email protected]

  • Medical Missionary Academy

    First, obtain the book, “The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies.”  Then research the questions “Do vaccines work? Have they ever worked?”

  • Steeveeb7

    I suggest you take a range of Homoeopathic remedies, you can purchase them on line and are very reasonably priced and extremely effective. Along with the other recommendations that have been provided here. My three year old son has not been vaccinated but has had been immunized via homoeopathy and has a truly strong effective immune system. 

  • Jd T

    Informed Parent (UK) have an excellent feature on travel vaccines and by Dr Jayne Donagan

  • Tony

    please check out mms as a treatment and protector , the best article i have come across is an article titled ” 
    No Miracle, Just Wonderful Chemistry”
    have a look and see if this sounds like it maybe useful 

  • pook

    Nothing is worth risking the life and quality of life of your child, no matter who says it’s ‘required’. Many of the suggestions listed on this fabulous site work, unlike vaccines, which have no credible science to back up it’s whitewashing claims.. Homeopathics, herbals, immune boosters, nosodes, diet and nutrition, acupuncture, essential oils, and other natural treatments are available. Seek out a good Naturopathic Doctor or good natural healer.
    The draconian attempts to force us into compliance and against our will is a frightening, totalitarian sign of more to come.

  • Jennifer511

    Hello – I am assuming that you are going over as missionaries to share and do the Word of our Father with the African people.  With that assumption, I would like to point you toward the instructions our Father gave us as to what we should and shouldn’t put into our bodies.  The list is found in Leviticus 23 specifically and also throughout Exodus, Deuteronomy, and Numbers, of which I’m sure you are familiar with. 
    Most vaccines are, at the very least, processed using things that Father instructs us to abstain from for our own good and well being.  For example, from what I’ve come to understand (and if anybody out there can further confirm or correct the following statement, that would be great) is that some of the media that vaccines are cultured on can include the diploid cells of aborted fetuses,  blood from monkeys, sheep, horses and pigs, and also chicken eggs.  I think the aborted fetus cells is an obvious, but Father also tells us not to consume blood or any animal that doesn’t have a split hoof AND chew the cud.  
    He also tells us that we are not to mingle the seed, which is exactly what they do to create a genetically modified organism.  The GMO feed that is fed to livestock and chickens affects the meat, dairy and eggs that we consume from these animals.  Additionally, things like spider and jellyfish DNA can be spliced into the seed to create the GMO plant.  Spiders and jellyfish are also on the list of things that Father says not to consume.  
    He created us, and I personally believe that of everyone I know, He would be THE authority on what we should and shouldn’t put in or on our body.  I believe He can be taken at His Word, as we take His instructions into our heart and do them, then healing and protection comes from that and that alone.  I don’t believe that we should put our trust in ANY vaccine that has REBELLION to our Father in it’s ingredients and/or processing.
    Please consider His Words of Wisdom and Instruction before you make your choice whether to vaccinate or not.  His Words are our very life, they give us our foundation and the ROCK in which to measure all things against. His Words will surely keep us safe in the physical world we find ourselves in.  It is too hard to discern what is right for our children without first checking it with His instructions.  It’s not always obvious or easy, with most of the products out there for sale, it’ll take some digging to make sure it is approved through His instructions.
    Exodus 15:26 says  “If you diligently heed the voice of the LORD your God and do what is right in His sight, give ear to His commandments and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you which I have brought on the Egyptians. For I [am] the LORD who heals you.”
    Deuteronomy 5:29 says ‘Oh, that they had such a heart in them that they would fear Me and always keep all My commandments, that it might be well with them and with their children forever!
    Fear Him and not the diseases – by abiding in and doing His Words of Instruction!  May it go well with you and your family!

  • krause_si

    It’s worse. “Viruses” don’t even exist! Inform yourself, read what Dr. Stefan Lanka has to say about “viruses”.

  • Jennifer511

    One more thing – why do we always feel like we have to chose the lesser of the two evils?  If it’s evil in any measure we can and SHOULD turn away from it altogether.  Whatever it is that the evil threatens doesn’t matter, it will have to flee from us when we reject it.  This is an absolute truth taught in the Scriptures.  This absolute truth is also established in the law of cause and effect – as sure as the law of gravity.  
    He will have mercy on who He’ll have mercy on – His mercies endure forever – such hope for us all!!!

  • Saqib

    Why don’t you use Homeoprophylaxis (Homeopathic Immunizations) instead of conventional vaccinations? http://homeoprophylaxis.wellnesshp.com/

  • Stevescrutton

    Probably, but why inject yourselves more often with the junk they put in vaccines, which are ineffective anyway

  • Ledwards72

    Take MMS – Master Mineral Solution with you. http://www.jimhumble.biz.Sodium ChloriTe + Citric Acid = Chlorine Dioxide – a low level Oxidiser. MMS has changed my life! I have been to Africa and carribean and not had any vaccinations. Treating sick people with MMS. I will never ever have a vaccination ever again. MMS will change your life :)

  • Eleanor UK

    I am a Christian and wish that I had relied more on God when I had my first 4 kids and had them all vaccd. Very sickly indeed, one nearly died. Two dear friends enlightened me and my 5th kid is vac free and amazingly healthy. Since then a friend of mine and all her kids, went out to Africa and had no vacs. Just took loads of garlic etc. No probs. Her friend, plus kids went too,but got vacs. They were very poorly. I have so much experience of vacs being bad for you, but not easy to put much here.  Build up and trust your God-given immune system before and during. :-)

  • TrustGodFirst

    MMR used to be available as separate doses.  When varicella vaccine came out in 1995,  we declined and researched it.  This is when we learned of the vaccines made with fetal cells.  We had always had the children get the single dose (3 shots for M, M, R) and it was then we learned the triple MMR had rhubella made with fetal cells.  Since we know the fetal cell vaccines are made with elective abortion babies – and now we learn the direct correlation with the sharp increase in autism at the times new fetal cell vaccines were introduced – we continued for just a few more years with the 3 separate shots.  But just a few years ago, the optional rhubella vaccine (non-fetal cell) was discontinued because they had pushed the triple shot resulting in only around 2% of the “market” taking the optional non-fetal cell rhubella vaccine.  There is now no option for MMR.  And we had stopped with vaccines well before then.  So there, in a very short summary, is a answer.

    For lookup, google
    –  rhubella non-fetal discontinued
    –  child of god fetal cell vaccines – lots of other info on the site too.

    Refusing vaccines may impact your foreign travel, and your choice of schools, colleges, and career (med and nursing schools most require all vaccines, incl chicken pox varicella.  there are some that accept waivers, but hard to find and sometimes difficult to hold to your case.)

  • Joann Capone

    To the missionaries off to Africa. I have a large family and started questioning the immunizations in the early ’70’s.  There are a few places in Pennsylvania, I don’t have the info right now, but there was a few numbers I called where they are experts. try google Immunization Exemption….or if you want to know by example, put the name of the immunization in and add class action suit, it will show real life examples of what that shot does to a child… and pput the name of the shot and add stock prices…good luck    p.s.  I always keep a good supply of exemption forms to give to my kids and grandkids, at the doctors, they use scare tactics….my experience…. no chicken pox, no hpv, no flu, no shingles  (chicken pox, herpes, shingles all from the same family, one can produce the other condition)  Hep . B, has given a friend hep. C….

  • Joann Capone

    To the missionaries off to Africa. I have a large family and started questioning the immunizations in the early ’70’s.  There are a few places in Pennsylvania, I don’t have the info right now, but there was a few numbers I called where they are experts. try google Immunization Exemption….or if you want to know by example, put the name of the immunization in and add class action suit, it will show real life examples of what that shot does to a child… and pput the name of the shot and add stock prices…good luck    p.s.  I always keep a good supply of exemption forms to give to my kids and grandkids, at the doctors, they use scare tactics….my experience…. no chicken pox, no hpv, no flu, no shingles  (chicken pox, herpes, shingles all from the same family, one can produce the other condition)  Hep . B, has given a friend hep. C….

  • triplem

    Honey,   do your research and you will soon discover that  vaccines are designed to do 2 things…maim and kill

  • triplem

     Eleanor, I have always been amazed that people who profess to believe  in God turn away from him and resort to the diabolical agenda that are vaccines 

  • Susan

    very well said jennifer <3 God bless

  • Jennifer511

    I’d dig down on what the process to get citric acid before taking it internally – lab created  – it has to be fed a media to produce the end result being citric acid.  The media can be from a genetically modified, chemically sprayed plant – doesn’t sound safe to me.

  • Jennifer511

    <3 and encouragement to you, Susan – True lovers of the Word who worship Him in Spirit and in Truth – are quite a treasure!

  • Tasha

    The problem we have is that the country we are going to in Africa REQUIRES us to obtain certain vaccinations in illnesses they are attempting to eliminate (yellow fever, measles, rabies, etc.) We must obtain those.

  • Orange

    They bundle vaccines like your television stations. My friend is also in missions and suffering horrible side effects from I believe her vaccines to Africa. We’re still working out the logistics of her and Africa but the vaccines are slowly killing her as she goes into the field. 

    Go to xerion.ca and their staff can hook you up with a Health Canada Approved alternative that is effective known as Homeophalaxis. They have been working with me to antidote my HepB (since the side effects ruined my 20s) and I might even antidote my MMR. Go to their site and give them a call. I just wrapped up a Vaccination Seminar the other day with them. Honestly, just knowing what is IN the Vaccines, makes me swear I will never take another again (nor the rest of my family). But the good part is that there ARE effective alternatives. 

    Good luck!

  • Curtbst

    as a natural health practitioner for over 30 years we know as fact that the efficacy of vaccines is null!! I can debate anyone on that issue.

  • janie inMN

    triplem – i find your comment very offensive. many people DO believe in God and have gotten vaccines. it’s NOT because they’re turning away from God! my mom had me vaccinated (in early 1960’s) and i had my kids vaccinated (late 1970s – early 1980’s) because we trusted our doctors. i trusted what my pediatrician was telling us. it’s what you do to protect your kids from ‘killer’ diseases. NOW? i know better because of education/information that’s available thru internet and high-speed internet access… and because traditional med failed me and i was ‘forced’ to research on my own!! you need to remember that the pharma industry has hoodwinked the doctors too!!

  • Mpt145

    You’re can look for “safe” vaccines (they don’t exist) but you’re still under the delusion that they work and will somehow protect your daughter from disease?  Hey missionary, why not trust God and ask him to protect her? nah… too much faith… rather trust my doctor. pfft.

  • Kingmarku

    The countries REQUIRING certain vaccinations are doing so because of misinformation to those of sincere concern for their populations and, most predominately, corruption and bribery, as the pharmawhores conscrript the willing throughout Africa  to continue enslaving that continent with different chains than previous generations. If you go to the country in question, be sure to follow the money and find out who benefitted.  In the meanwhile, remember that “they shall drink poison )or ingest by other means – my interpretation) and not be harmed.  If He is sending you, then He will protect you.  If you are volunteering to go where He has not sent you, then beware. Good intentions do not take the place of annointing and calling. I have learned that one the hard way too.

  • Mpt145

    Sorry.. you’re dong this because you think  Africa REQUIRES them.  Well, they MAY have a hard line stance for yellow fever… but the rest just get exemptions.  Travel vaccines aren’t required anymore than school vaccines.  Are they forcing your daughter and to get vaccines but not you? I doubt that’s the case, but if so, leave her home or smuggle her in.

    All vaccines contain blood, which we as christians are commanded NOT to ingest blood.. if you’re not supposed to eat it you’re sure not supposed to inject it into your body.

    15:20&29, Acts
    21:25, Lev
    7:26-27, Lev

    Don’t disobey God’s written word and defile the temple of the Holy Spirit because you ‘think’ he want’s you to go on  a mission.  If God’s plan is for you to go on a mission, HE will provide a way for you to do that without disobeying Him, defiling the temple and knowingly threatening your daughter life and health.

    Looks like He is testing your faith missionary… will you stand?

  • Bonita

    Where in Africa ? I live in South Africa, and non of my 3 daughters has ever had a vaccine. All 3 healthy as can be !!! Not one ever seen a doctor or taken antibiotics.

  • Godsfool713

    its not the vax ….its what is laced in the solution…..I stop the vaccination schedule Early…my two never had an anti-biotic nor an earache…thats healthy……never let them inject anything in YOU or YOURS

  • Godsfool713

    In the 1800s the Rockefeller  and Rothschilds bought the Medical school Establishment in North America,. and the Encyclopedias and they changed the medical school  curriculum To Treat the Symptom and only the symptom and the Encyclopedia the DEFINITION was change and you could only imagine the TRUTH…. not even close what these White coats preach or even what they think …Do they ever THINK?? dont they Question?? 

  • Spearce

     Fortunately, some doctors think, such as Dr. Lawrence Palevsky and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. But not enough of them do. I am wondering about something you said in your comment, Godsfool713 – do you have some examples of some terms that had their definitions changed when they bought the encyclopedias?

  • Erwin Alber

    Hi Bonita – you may be interested in checking out the ‘Vaccination Information Network – South Africa’ on Facebook. :-)  

  • Erwin Alber

    Great feedback! It’s your decision but there is NO WAY I would allow anyone to inject me or any child of mine with a vaccine. Vaccines don’t prevent, but promote ill-health.  

    Apart from Saudi Arabia, no country requires travelers to be vaccinated against any illnesses except yellow fever if you enter from a country where yellow fever is endemic. It may be a different matter if you are applying to be a resident, in which case I would choose another country to travel to because to comply with such requirements is in my opinion not worth the risk or getting oneself or one’s children poisoned with any of this toxic filth. It’s really a matter of priorities: your children should come first in my opinion – everything else is of secondary importance as far as I am concerned.      

  • TrustGodFirst

    Tasha – obey God first, then continue in other parts of life.  How can we voluntarily follow to please the mandates of men over obeying our Lord first?  If you cannot get exemptions when you have knowledge of the truth and convictions, then follow Him first.  We have been in situations like this (with vaccines) that have been “our life plan” changing.  Affected the direction we had to go, closed doors, changed decisions, became restrictive, etc.  The church has compromised in this day of modern persecution (that is not recognized because of our compromises).

  • LEliel

    There is no vaccine that works. All of them supress immunity. Single dose is just a myth. They are not better because they are in single dose. Yes, you can buy single polio (Imovax e.g.), single meningitis – by the way which kind of meningitis you mean? hemofilus, meningococcus, some other? Even meningitis doesn´t attack everybody who is infected, only person with weak immune system can get it. Any vaccination weakens immune system. 
    The best thing you can do for your daughter /and yourselves) besides your trust in God, is to eat the best food you can, supplement vitamin C in high doses (5-10g daily), you don´t need to care about vitamind D in Africa, don´t give any antipyretic drug in disease and God or nature do the rest. Buy some good homeopathic travel book. 

  • purplemothman

    For God’s sake, don’t give any vaccines to any children. They are often maliciously spiked with chemicals to make people sterile as well as to actually give the very same diseases that those vaccines are supposed to protect against. 

    47,500 Indian kids were crippled for life by cheap unsafe oral vaccines for polio provided by genocidist Bill Gates. As if Bill Gates is not rich enough to provide to provide the safer ones that do not contain the still infectious attenuated live virus that maliciously and intentionally damaged those children, without doubt killing some of them in the process, as sometimes it is the lungs and not the arms or legs that are crippled. Bill Gates has openly stated that a reduction of one billion world population or so can be achieved with vaccines and family planning. But vaccines have been found to contain concealed agents that sterilize people permanently; look it up on the internet.

    It takes 200 infected kids to leave just one of those infected permanently crippled. So 20 times 47,500 means 9,500,000 kids were needlessly infected. That is about one in 17 of those infected. Yet officially, not a single child got polio in India this year. It is all propaganda, They call polio by a variety of new names to conceal what is going on, a massive depopulation drive by sterilizing people with vaccines and giving them disabling and even fatal diseases that they should be preventing them from catching. Check out the alternative web sites like Dr Mercola and Mike Adams, and Lorraine Day. They will tell you vaccines are entirely unnecessary. What is of far more importance is drilling water wells so the kids can drink and wash in fresh water.

    Giving out vaccines would just be cold-blooded murder, despite your best intentions in total naivety, thinking that the people who manufacture them sincerely want to help people. They are the same type of people as arms manufacturers and cigarette manufacturers. 

  • Wow. “Your only hope is to find a sympathetic MD and ask them to simply sign a
    certificate for you, without actually having a standard vaccination,
    and I would recommend at the same time taking a homeopathic one in any
    case.” Find a sympathetic doctor who will lie for you? Pretty ridiculous. I do not understand why anyone would put their child in jeopardy like that. It is beyond me. You aren’t choosing to live in a bubble in the middle of a commune in South Dakota – you are moving to Africa. Vaccinate your child.

  • Somehow I have a feeling that many people who believe in God also got cancer. Not a good tactic.

  • Katie, we have a 50% cancer rate, even among children, because of the vaccinations.  Google merck scientist maurice helleman cancer AIDS and you will get an audio file of an interview with him admitting cancer and AIDS were in their vaccines.  

    We have a 50% cancer rate because there is cancer-causing fluoride, chlorine and arsenic and pesticides and fertilizers in our water.  
    We have a 50% cancer rate because the food you buy at Safeway or Walmart, etc. is processed and contains mercury (high fructose corn syrup) and other carcinogens.  

    We have a 50% cancer rate because doctors don’t know the first thing about nutrition, and when you get one who does, and seeks nutritional and natural methods of preventing and curing cancer, the FDA seeks to shut them down (google Burzynski or you can watch it on netflix watch instantly). 

    Katie, have you heard about the 300,000+ children in India who were paralyzed from Bill Gates’ polio “vaccine?” Or about the two American girls who died after Gardasil and their autopsies showed the Gardasil marker in their BRAIN TISSUE? What about the 2012 U of Pitts study in which scientists induced “autsim” in monkeys by administering the routine childhood vaccines.  

    Bet you didn’t hear about them. Do you even read these articles posted here? 

  • meah

    Homeopathy is one of the biggest scams out there. It is by definition the opposite of medical science.

  • curtis

    vaccines are the biggest scam out there!