Are Eye Drops and Vitamin K Shot Mandatory in Michigan?

A parent who wishes to remain anonymous writes:

“Hello, I was wondering if the eye drops and vitamin k shot are mandatory in Michigan? Also, I have read women take nettle leaf a few weeks before giving birth to boost vitamin k levels. Does anyone know what kind of nettle leaf to take because there are different ones available. Your help would be great. Thanks.”



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  • October 1, 2012

Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of the website www.vactruth.com he promotes well-educated pediatricians, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.

  • Guest

    Eye drops are only necessary if you have an STD. This can cause the baby’s eyes to become infected during vaginal delivery and may end up in blindness.  Vitamin K is just not necessary in most cases. You can ask for an oral version of Vitamin K instead of the shot. I live in MI and I did not get eye drops or vit k for any of my children. My oldest had a disorder which caused him to bleed heavily at his 8 day old circ, but they gave him oral Vit K. I do not know much about the nettle leaf…I would have to look that up.

  • Jessica

    ummm What disorder? Are you sure they didn’t nick an artery and neglect to tell you?

  • Future

    It is not ‘Vitamin K’. It is a synthetic load of swill that has nothing to do with vitamins, manufactured by some of the biggest convicted criminals in our society. They inject this stuff into young babies as an investment, assured that it will make them ill in the future and they can then feed of its misery.

  • Jeri

    Michigan has the right to choice.  Or refuse.  Unfortunately they will inject before asking unless you make your preferences known before the birth.  Even then they will try to inject the baby unless you stay on top of what they are doing constantly.  Your best option is to make it clear to anyone who will listen that you do not want your newborn injected with anything, given anything orally with out your express written permission.  

  • Carolyn Stevens

    Nettle leaf Tea is yummy! It has a perfect Vitamin C and Iron ration for perfect absorption so great for anemia and allergies too!

  • Anna

     Another option would be to have your baby at a free standing Birthing Center.or a home birth…And, you won’t have to worry about it being done behind your back.  Because your wishes will be honored. :-)

    Anna/ Doula/Childbirth educator/Health Coach with North Houston Birth Center.

  • Anna

     Absolutely right.   You can get organic vitamin K.  and it is administered over a period of time to give your baby that extra boost of protection if for some reason it was a little difficult at crowning.  Many parents at North Houston Birth Center elect not to have the Synthetic Vit. K administered… I personally will not give it…

  • Ekyng

    practising lotus birthing means that your baby will not need to have vit K as they will receive all of their clotting agents from their placenta and wont need to clot because their umbilicus has not been severed

  • zamani

    Hi, I’m in a different country to you so I can’t recommend a tea but you can get the RDA of vit K very easily by simply increaisng your intake of things such as parsley, broccoli etc. I would like to recommend these links to you which will give you a lot of info that I found very helpful before giving birth. 
    Hope they help you get some answers. Good Luck!

  •  I have seen a baby go into an anaphylactic shock 15 minutes after her perfect water birth, because the midwife (who so far had had nothing to do) wanted to make her imprint and gave this newborn a teaspoon of vitamin K fluid. The  midwife panicked and sent the mother and her baby to the hospital. Before the mother could say or do anything, the doctors stuck an intravenous line with antibiotics into the baby! This girl is now 17 years old, never got any vaccines, yet is hopelessly overweight because of those antibiotics she got in her first hour of life.
    MDs are morons, or better yet: medical devils…

  • CamillePotter

    Point blank: Michigan requires the vitamin k shot and eye ointment by law.  We are due any day and I have researched this up and down.  We wanted to deliver at home, but we are delivering at St. Joes Ann Arbor.  They are required by law to perform the aforementioned procedures.

  • Merryberry3stars

     Well i guess that answers the question! Here in the UK I was given a choice between the injected or the oral vit k. I don’t know anything about eye drops….We obviously chose the oral vit k, we HAD to choose one or the other. When reading up on it, i found out that the vit k is to prevent something which is so unlikely to happen that the whole thing seems completely necessary. So what is the REAL reason for it? Luckily in this country we still have the right as parents to refuse vaccinations but I doubt that we will have this freedom for much longer.

  • Merryberry3stars

    That should have been unnecessary Sorry!!

  • guest

    Hi i live in the UK and a few years ago i was offered vitk injection for my son, when i asked why i was told because i was breast feeding, my child wasnt getting enough vit k,  what did they compare this with? milk from a cow!..for calves….. not for humans…mmmm professionals hu!

  • Immaculatehealth

    Vitamin K was started as a routine to help combat the excessive bleeding caused by newborn circumcision done before the seventh or eighth day of life since this is when clotting factors are found to have briefly elevated to adult levels. The excuse now used is that vitamin K is given to help prevent bleeding into the brain, a condition which it actually increases the little one’s risk of having. Erythromycin in the child’s eyes is given because of the presumption of chlamydial infection in the mother. Neither have any place in routine birth in this doctor’s humble opinion.

    Paul Hayes

  • 221bbakerst

    vit. K is only needed if you  are going to get a circumcision before day 8 of life. on this day your baby has more vitamin k in his body than any other time in his life, this aids in blood clotting. which is why God told Moses to do this to boys on…you guessed it…Day 8!

  • Andrea

    Michigan does not require it. It’s a hospital’s policy. Have a home birth instead! Hospitals are for sick people complicated birth not normal healthy birth! Plus they are cheaper, no one takes your baby from you, no transition back home, more relaxing..the benefits are endless!

  • concernedmom

    How can you blame one dose of antibiotics given at birth for a baby that sounds like she was dying on the child being overweight at age 17? Antibiotics do not make you overwieght later in life!

  • Angela Patrick

    Does anyone have a reliable resourse to look up the risks of Vitamin K?