Brainwashed Police Prosecute Parents to Protect Vaccines

Ex-Police Sergeant Chris Savage

I have been very honored to work with retired Sergeant Christopher Savage of the Queensland Police Service during the past few months. Mr. Savage contacted me after watching the short film I recently published on VacTruth highlighting cases of false accusations of child abuse after vaccine injuries. [1] The evidence of sheer corruption he revealed sent shivers down my spine.

His papers confirm that the police are writing off cases of possible vaccine injury as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. They also highlight the fact that due to biased and inadequate training, the police are falsely accusing parents of manslaughter and Shaken Baby Syndrome and parents killing their own children because they have been brainwashed to search for signs of abuse, assault and foul play whenever a child dies.


Christopher William Savage joined the Queensland Police Service in 1989 at the age of 27. His training took place at the Oxley Police Academy and was completed six months later.

He had no particular views on vaccines before joining the police force and said that he cannot recall any real discussions on the topic of vaccinations while growing up. This perspective changed, however, when he received his Hepatitis B vaccine in October 1989 with his colleagues.

Sergeant Savage explained that after receiving the Hep B vaccine as part of the squad, he became totally exhausted. He spent the next two weeks in bed hardly able to stand up. When he asked a mainstream medical practitioner if the vaccine could have caused his symptoms, he was given a categorical no, and told that this suspicion would be impossible. Despite being reassured by the medical practitioner, Savage remains convinced to this day that the vaccine was responsible for his becoming so ill. His experience opened his eyes to a deeper evil still occurring, which I believe will rock the beliefs of many parents.


Sergeant Savage has given me a copy of a signed statement, which has been countersigned by JP N. Newbury (Qualified Number 10175) of the Gympie Magistrates Court office, stating his belief that vaccines are the cause of many cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). He believes innocent parents are also being blamed and are being falsely charged with manslaughter when babies die.

The statement identifies clearly and succinctly a variety of cases in which babies appear fit and healthy on the day of their vaccination but deteriorate after they received the vaccine. He has revealed a clear catalog of cover-ups used by the police force and the medical professionals. He has exposed the fact that every case is treated as if it were a case of manslaughter and newly bereaved parents and parents of critically ill children are being interrogated as prime suspects and potential child abusers. Their homes are being ransacked for clues and precious possessions such as sheets, mattresses and medications are being bagged up as forensic evidence. Their homes are being treated as possible crime scenes.

Sergeant Savage’s statement closes with these words:

“I understand that a person who intentionally makes a false statement in a statutory declaration is guilty of an offense under section 11 of the Statutory Declarations Act of 1959, and I believe that the statements in this declaration are true in every particular.”

(I have been given permission to include this valuable document as part of my research on VacTruth.) [2]

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The police are supposed to be unbiased and nonjudgmental, examining all the evidence, no matter how small, in order to determine why an individual has died. However, it appears that whenever vaccination is suggested as a possible cause of death, the police are choosing to ignore this evidence in favor of SIDS, child abuse and manslaughter.

Intrigued by the document, I asked Mr. Savage if he would provide me with an interview for VacTruth, which he agreed to do.


To clarify the normal series of events that occurs in cases of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), I asked Sergeant Savage what happens when a baby dies an unexpected death.

Sgt. Savage: When a baby dies suddenly from so-called SIDS, the parents become subjects of an investigation by medical staff and First Response police. If either of those find anything suspicious then detectives become involved. If both parents have a similar version that is credible they will most likely not face any prosecution. However, if there are inconsistencies in their stories, then the police look further into the matter.

Sole parents and de facto parents are the most likely to face prosecution because they don’t have the same stability and some even suspect the other parent of having done something wrong, especially when the police start asking questions about their partner.

Christina England: Do you believe that the police, along with the medical profession, are blaming parents as a cover for vaccine damage?

Sgt. Savage:  I believe the police are not realizing what has happened and don’t even look at the evidence pointing towards vaccines causing [infant death] , as their minds are stuck in the SIDS scam diagnosis that is prevailing in everyone’s mind due to annual RED NOSE day nonsense.

Christina England:  Could you outline exactly what you believe?

What he answered will shock many parents across the world.

Sgt. Savage:  The police officer is a member of the pro-vaccine brainwashed society and joins the Police Service where the SIDS mindset is already held. When he or she is tasked to attend a baby death, not only does the officer believe SIDS is real but they are also trained to look for signs of abuse and assault and manslaughter. So there is brainwashing on SIDS pushing the officer away from looking at vaccines and their training is to find evidence of foul play, which includes side effects of vaccines. The parents are too traumatized to think rationally and when the police start asking them questions about the other parent they become frightened, paranoid and defensive. The body is taken to a doctor for an autopsy to find out why the baby died. So there is another problem.

Doctors receive more pro-vaccine training than the public and so they won’t think of the vaccines as being the cause. The police also don’t want to rock the boat. They want to finalize the file. So in the absence of corroborating forensic evidence the police and doctors will most likely describe the case as SIDS.


Christina England: In your view at what point in the proceedings are parents being falsely accused of manslaughter or Shaken Baby Syndrome?

Sgt. Savage: Parents become subjects of the investigation regardless … in other words, police are looking for evidence of wrongdoing by anyone living in the house where a person dies, and of course, this includes babies. In the case of babies, police are told to seize clothing, medication and bedding for forensic analysis.

The shaken baby accusation may come if a parent recalls to police that they picked up [the dead baby] and shook the baby … or the autopsy finds physical signs such as bruising, broken ribs and the swollen or inflamed cerebral cortex.

The problem I have with the above scenario is that, in my experience, many parents who find their baby unresponsive, limp and lifeless, pick the infant up and give them a gentle shake to try to revive them. Parents may also be wrongly accused of shaking their baby to death if they inadvertently use the word ‘shake’ when they actually mean to say ‘bounce’ or ‘pat.’ [3]

Christina England:  Are you telling me that in the majority of cases when parents admit that they have picked up their unresponsive child and given them a gentle shake in order to revive them, at the time of questioning, this will automatically be logged as abuse?

Sgt. Savage: Exactly right, Christina. The way you described the gentle shaking is exactly what I meant, but the police are pre-programmed to identify Shaken Baby Syndrome, so as soon as they hear one of the parents say these words, the investigating officers misconstrue and begin questioning along the lines of Shaken Baby Syndrome and ask, “How much did you shake the baby?” and “Have you previously shaken the baby?” and “What happened after shaking?” They then ask, “Has your partner ever lost control and smacked the baby?” and “Has he ever shaken the baby in a rage?” The parent goes from primary witness to suspect for a serious crime and [parents] sense this and panic and police may interpret this as guilt. The police then write this on the report to the coroner and to the doctor doing the autopsy.

Often in de facto relationships, the other party may be abusive towards the baby and the mother. In these cases, police go after the father with vengeance because they honestly believe the father has done something to cause the death or injury, which the vaccines caused.


Sergeant Savage explained that there are several signs that can be misinterpreted as evidence against the parents. These are:

• Bruising

• Inconsistent versions of events from parents

• Bruising and broken ribs

• Swollen cerebral cortex

He explained that, in most cases dealt with by the police, the baby will have some bruising. However, when a baby dies, bruising is then considered to be evidence of the parent being abusive.

He added that this interpretation of the evidence could be incorrect, as ambulance staff sometimes gives CPR, which can cause bruising and broken ribs, which he says is then blamed on the parents. Inconsistent versions of events from parents, who are understandably upset at this very difficult time, can also lead to police attacking their credibility. Savage stated that the most common outcome is to take the option of writing the file in conjunction with medical opinion as SIDS without prosecution.

Christina England: Do you feel that too many cases where vaccines could be the cause of death are being written off as either SIDS or abuse, instead of being fully investigated?

Sgt. Savage: Yes. Vaccine damage is rarely ever looked at … pointing the finger of blame at parents is frequently done and the most common action is to simply write off as SIDS. The investigators could and should ask parents about their baby’s health prior to vaccines. It would eventually expose the vaccines for being the root cause of injury and death that it is.

Sergeant Savage also believes with certainty that any evidence of vaccines being a possible cause of sudden infant death is likely to be buried.

Sgt. Savage: The parents rarely make the connection with vaccines because they are so tired due to the impact of vaccines on their baby’s sleep, hence theirs. If they raise concern, the police should put it in the report, but the doctor who does the autopsy will see that and most likely dismiss it. There is pressure on the police not to rock the boat, too. That sort of information may save a parent from prosecution at least. [emphasis added]


Are the police simply unaware that vaccinations can cause injury and death? Or, are they very aware and this is why they will do all they can to cover up this fact? After all, the evidence has been there for years. (See “For Further Research” at the end of this article.)

It seems to me extremely odd that the very paper Sergeant Savage said his colleague had planted into the possession of a prisoner charged with Shaken Baby Syndrome was Shaken Baby Syndrome – The Vaccination Link by Dr. Viera Scheibner [4] especially when you consider that this prisoner believed that his child had died after he received his vaccinations.

Sergeant Savage gives a very damning account of what really is going on behind the scenes. It is shocking how cases of possible vaccine injury are being covered up, written off as SIDS and blamed on innocent parents in what appears to be a worldwide cover-up to protect the vaccine industry at any cost.

Sergeant Savage makes abundantly clear through his statement and interview that in many of the cases he has been involved in and knows of, the children only became ill after vaccination. As the police are brainwashed to believe that all vaccines are safe, it has become an appalling policy for all parents to be viewed as potential perpetrators of manslaughter.

Sadly, any child can suffer a severe reaction after a vaccination. In some cases, children do die after receiving vaccines. Is it fair for that grieving parent to then be interrogated by the police as a murder suspect?

Imagine how you would feel if this tragedy happened to your baby. As a grieving parent, would you want to be questioned by the police as a matter of routine? Could you imagine how painful the death of a child is and how easy it would be, as a distraught parent, to say the wrong thing? After all, you would be in shock, very scared and deeply saddened.

In reality, many parents have endured the nightmare of being falsely accused of their child’s death. Some of them are behind bars today after being falsely accused and convicted of manslaughter after their child suffered fatal vaccine injuries. To help save parents from additional agony, when they are already facing the most heartbreaking loss imaginable, people like Sergeant Christopher Savage have to decided to speak out and risk everything to break the silence.


I would like to thank Sergeant Christopher Savage who has provided all the information contained in this article. I believe his bravery will help many families faced with false accusations of child abuse and manslaughter after vaccine injuries.

~ In loving memory of Amanda Sadowsky and Cameron Bruce ~

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Christina England, BA Hons

  • Christine MacVicar

    I am the mum who made front page news in two Scottish papers because I left the country with my ?Asperger’s son. He was being abused and his rights under the Mental Health Act and his Human Rights ignored.
    All the statutory bodies designed to safeguard patients would not investigate.
    Even appeals to Scotland’s Lord Advocate got nowhere.
    Five eminent professors are saying his dual diagnosis is wrong and our health board resorted to libel to get a mental health section.
    Can you contact me?
    [email protected]

  • Therese

    and this is how it is… can you imagine being a single mum and your beloved baby dies – shortly after vaccination  Can you imagine how it would feel to then be suspected of? But the Drug companies kill daily and no one questions them…

  • Chanysiler

    Can I reprint this article in a newsletter? 

  • Christina England

     Yes Chanysiler but you must fully reference my name and the Vactruth website.

    Thank you

    Christina England

  • Christina England

     I have emailed you Christine

    Christina England

  • Christina England

     Absolutely right Therese


  • Jenny

    Another way of brain washing the people involved with deaths of babies by the vaccine injury,
    A way of culling the population from birth up, all big Pharma drugs are poison, but we are talking about slow death normally, nothing cures, no matter how much rubbish we are fed by the  brought and paid for Scientists, the medical schools funded by big Pharma and the Doctors who are not only brain washed but paid a very healthy fee to think that way plus bonuses to carry out the duty of administering the poison.
    All part of the big plan of reducing Earths people. Wake up parents, stop playing there game.

  • Adrea

    See cops are people too, I know that even those cops who are still “brainwashed” I know they still have love somewhere deep in their hearts, just like the noble Sergeant Christopher Savage; Thank you so much for coming out and talking about this; even to save one person or baby makes you one of the real heros.

  • AntiVaccine Grandmother

    It has been our experience that the police believe everything the doctors are saying. A famous Atlanta children’s hospital doctor testified in court (or in our case just over the phone) and totally omitted a very important fact namely that our baby had a SEVERE Vitamin K deficiency (from the antibiotics in vaccines). The attorneys and the Court do not have medical knowledge and therefore rely on the doctors. But what do you do when the doctors lie or conveniently omit information which can proof someone is innocent? Our baby’s father is still in jail awaiting trial. He did not shake our baby and  the hospital knows it. We have medical proof what caused our Baby’s near fatal subdural hematoma. The problem with these cases is that Juvenile court does not require any proof. The police needs to realize that doctors and hospitals lie because they have to protect themselves from lawsuits. This is a very complex subject. We feel the first step is to require proof in form of extensive medical testing prior to the hospital calling the police and/or childprotective services. There are many causes for a subdural hematoma and even some of the other so-called signs of child abuse. Our baby was completely flawless, no bruising, no retinal hemorhaging etc. and their first conclusion was that she was shaken. Dr. Harold Buttram writes in his book that there are about 70 different ways/reasons why a child can have a subdural hematoma and the hospital picked child abuse/SBS. They have a lot to learn. Again, the police is at a disadvantage due to the lack of medical knowledge and only make matters worse for parents accused of something so horrific as harming a baby.  BUT THE WORST IS OF COURSE THE LIES AND DECEIT ABOUT THE OFTEN FATAL CONSEQUENCES OF VACCINATION. IF YOU TAKE THE PERTUSSIS VACCINE AND INJECT MICE YOU GET BRAIN SWELLING/DAMAGE. AND WHAT MAKES THE SCIENTISTS, DOCTORS AND BIG PHARM THINK THAT YOU WILL HAVE A BETTER OUTCOME WHEN INJECTING IT INTO A BABY? THEY CLEARLY LIVE ON ANOTHER PLANET!! 

  • Christina England

     Are you in Illinois or Chicago? If so please contact me through Jeff. Thank you for your comment. I am sorry to learn that your family is yet another fighting false accusations. Christina

  • Lou

    “In what appears to be a worldwide cover-up to protect the vaccine industry at any cost.”

    Something far more politically important is being covered  up here. The Vaccination Industry is only a MEANS of implementing the UN Agenda 21 Depopulation Mandate. Most “developed” nations are implementing Agenda 21 in ALL its horror.

  • TheVaccineHorrorShow

    Hi Christina;
    What springs to mind is the lifetime achievement of Dr. Archie Kalenkeros.  Do a search his work and Sids among others Vaccine issues.  I think this would be very
    interesting to the readers and to Sgt. Savage as he worked in Australia for many years.
    He was a court witness in Vaccine Caused SIDS!!!


    It’s time we reached critical mass on the murderous scam that is the Vaccine Injury.   Never forget SV40 and the corresponding explosion of soft tissue in the population.  The developer of the Vaccine knew many decades ago (see YouTube video) that
    it had live Sv40 virus in the Polio Vaccine and the Manufacturer went ahead and 
    used it on hundreds of millions of people ….KNOWINGLY!



  • Ambo

    I am so disgusted with Facebook right now…when you click on the link to this article from Facebook it says, “The link you are trying to visit has been classified as potentially
    abusive by a Facebook partner. To learn more about staying safe on the
    internet, visit Facebook’s Security Page. Please also read the Wikipedia articles on malware and phishing.”  

  • Spearce

    You wrote another excellent article, Christina.

  • kaboogie

    I helped with work on the Allen Yurko case many years back. He spent years in prison until finally, many dedicated people, including Dr. Buttram, helped get the conviction overturned. What a horror they endured.

  • Therese

    Did you as well meet Dr Archie Kalokerinos and dr Roy Kupsinel during the Alan Yurko case? Roy told me about this at the time – he passed away sadly in 2007 (Roy) that is

  • AussieMum

    What an honourable man.

    Thank-you Christopher Savage for coming forward. There is very little information about vaccine injuries in this country (Australia) and it is about time the mainstream media expose the dangers of vaccines on those who are susceptible.

    Once again thank-you to Christopher Savage and Vactruth.

    Mum to 10 yr old, severely Autistic, non-verbal and vaccine injured son.   

  • V8_rah

    I never got Rubella through high school, and after I had my daughter in 2005, they made me have a Rubella shot, never had normal LFT’s since, and my energy levels have never returned to normal… Then last year was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis, you ask the specialist and google all you can, and there is absolutely no explination as to how ppl get it… all they say is they have found “genetic factors” are involved….. vaccinations sure as hell would be a believable explination in my opinion…

  • Scientific proof that the known cancer causing SV40 virus, a previous contaminant in the polio vaccine, is obviously either contagious; or the virus is still in the vaccine/s.

  • Lovely_ritasmith

    This is routine in the US.  All SIDS cases are investigated as homocides with the parents the primary persons of interest.

  • Nemesis

     I remember this being on the news here in the UK. Not sure if it’s the same case because the parent has won his appeal based on the vitK thing. The news said nothing about vaccinations but it’s the obvious cause.

  • Flouride-Is-Rat-Poison

    The Coppers are complicit in this Tyranny … whether they know it or not.
    SImply being one instantly makes you the enemy.
    Yeh .. the SS troopers were just ‘Boys (with toys) being boys’ ofc :p

    I don’t beleive there is any validity to this story and I don’t believe any Cop would say such things .. & if he does exist and is still a cop , he should pull out his fancy gun and shoot it at his head.

    Shame on all police for violating our lives with their corrupt practices.
    Unless harm is caused .. there is no crime …
    if there is harm involved .. Well that’s when the ‘Detectives’ come in to play.
    Coppers are the enemy of the people .. they are the SS in Blue.
    They are brainwashed in ALL that they do.

    Police are the Tyrants servants.
    Might have good intentions to start with (HellRoadPaved) …
    They all end up corrupt due to the nature of the system.

    If they were told it was their Job to Inject poison into babies … you know they would do it …
    By Force if necessary. yep.
    That’s the type of Scum they are.


    (Stay in the Protest Zone … or you will be Shot , tazered , Sprayed , cuffed , tazered again & severly Beaten with clubs etc)

    lol … when will you’all realize the extent of the ingrained Fascist ‘Power’ Structures? …
    Maybe Tomorrow aye :p

  • BoBo

    Chris. you should be ashamed of yourself. You have discredited a job you loved and then turned on. Please get back to the real facts that you are not tellint’ the truth about. Keep your anti vaccine company producing, but don’t make up crap about the Q.P.S. that supported you and tried to help you. Claire would be really proud of you. Remember. Want to go further?

  • BoBo

    Hey Savage, remember you do not work for the Q.P.S. anymore. they sacked you medically as you are insane. Do not embarrass those who serve with dignity unlike you.

  • paulreviere

    Mafia style is going at this
    and is the power ful groups, that everyone in power wants to run from
    That explains THE HPV VACCINEs
    laevern • a year ago

    Flag as inappropriate
    all hpv vaccines and gardasil
    the testing was not finished
    that is how a bad pharmacy drug is pulled off the market
    they look at the testing
    sueing for side effects???
    VIOXX was pulled of the market ,, the side effects agreed with the testing MSDS sheet
    and the american heart association made VIOXX be pulled off the market
    with the testing
    so………MERCK can go on as they were currently dissagreeing with people and their side effects??????????????????/
    so this terrrible drug will never pulled off the market
    Merck goes on no Gardasil does not do that

    ect ect ect
    wAy more

  • Dominique McFaddon

    A website named ‘Losing In the Lucky Country’ has sullied the reputation of this good man.

    I am here to attest to the fact that I worked as a Training and Placement Officer to a P/T employee in a police office branch which at the time, was located on the top floor of Flinders Mall, Townsville. This was where the bulk of police files were maintained.
    I have cited most of the personal files for Qld Police employees that worked in the Townsville area during that time as the person who I was contracted to assist had regular duties that included filing, photocopying, and collating.
    To make it clear, it was a partially government funded but entirely separate organisation which contracted me to assist this woman in her part time employment duties.

    I distinctly remember the name Chris Savage. I have seen his file, and he was a popular and well liked employee. The lady whom I assisted on the job spoke very kindly of him. She regularly called him by his first name.
    Furthermore, I cannot recall seeing anything listed on this man’s profile which marries up with the version that has been spun by the anonymous ‘witness’.

    Editors note: I have used an alias to protect my identity from persons who may also attempt to sully my reputation or my career however if Chris wishes to sue this person responsible for the sickening claims made against him, he has my support (and my contact details).

  • izzy

    Thank you for sharing this, we all need to educate ourselves about these issues.

  • Anonimiss Jackson

    Please see the Facebook Community Page & the Facebook Group Page:

    Autism – The Lies

    We’d really appreciate your support, so if you agree (or undecided), PLEASE:


    Thank you :)

  • Anonimiss Jackson

    One word: HERO!

    The world is in desperate need of more people like him. People like Doctor Andrew Wakefield too!

  • Anenome Ofdepopulation

    We, the people thank Chris Savage for his courage and high moral fibre in speaking out on behalf of helpless little ones. Big Pharma is so powerful that under no circumstances can a death ever occur due to a vaccine despite toxic additives into a baby’s blood system such as mercury. Why are they injecting babies with mercury/thimerosol?? The shill website you mention never addresses this nor do the (all v similar sounding) ‘comments’ but focus only on personal attacks on the whistleblower, a sign that he is a threat to the status quo.

  • Anenome Ofglobalgov

    Go to fairdinkumradio.com and listen to aussie Leon for more info on this and numerous other topics that are important to we, the people and being either downplayed/ignored or censored by mainstream media. Also go to his archives for more on these and other topics, resistance media.