1,742 Reports of Adverse Events After Children Received This Vaccine

A leaked confidential document exposed 1742 adverse events after children received a 6-in-1 vaccine.

Last week, VacTruth reported details of the 1,271 page confidential GlaxoSmithKline document, regarding their six-in-one vaccine. More confidential papers have recently been leaked to the press. The Belgian website Initiative Citoyeene  reported both leaked documents.

The latest confidential document concerns the Prevenar 13 vaccine, a pneumococcal vaccine manufactured by Pfizer (now merged with Wyeth). [1] This vaccine replaced the original 2010 vaccine Prevenar, which, as reported by the manufacturer, has actually increased, rather than decreased, serious infections.

The Prevenar 13 protects infants against Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria which can lead to cases of meningitis, bacteraemia (an infection of the blood), pneumonia and ear infections. [2] It is usual for the six-in-one vaccination Infanrix Hexa and the Prevenar 13 vaccine to be administered to small babies at the same time.

According to the leaked confidential Wyeth (Pfizer) documents and a reply from the European Medicines Agency (EMA), both the manufacturer and the agency are aware of a significantly higher number of adverse neurological events in children vaccinated with both Prevenar 13 AND Infanrix Hexa, as per the Belgian vaccination schedule at ages two months and four months.


First, let’s revisit the leaked confidential document regarding the Infanrix Hexa vaccine information, which I revealed just days ago on VacTruth. I exposed a hidden GlaxoSmithKline document that had been leaked to the press, revealing 36 infant deaths. [3]

The document, titled Confidential To Regulatory Authorities Infanrix Hexa Summary Bridging Report [4] stated that between October 23, 2009, and October 22, 2011, GlaxoSmithKline received a total of 1,742 reports of adverse events, including 503 serious adverse events, after children had received the 6 in 1 vaccine, Infanrix Hexa.

(Infanrix Hexa is a 6-in-1 vaccination, which combines the Combined Diphtheria, Tetanus and Acellular Pertussis, Hepatitis B enhanced Inactivated Poliomyelitis and the Haemophilus influenzae type B vaccine. It is used in 92 countries worldwide.)

The GlaxoSmithKline confidential document detailed each and every one of the 1,742 adverse events. The list was so long, it required a full twenty pages. Here are some of the adverse events detailed on charts between pages 11 and 31 of their document:

  • 106 cases of cyanosis

  • 69 cases of loss of consciousness

  • 165 cases of hypotonia

  • 102 cases of hypotonic-hyporesponsive episodes

  • 107 cases of convulsions

  • 20 cases of epilepsy

  • 98 cases of febrile convulsions

  • 33 cases of grand mal convulsions

  • 47 apnea attacks

  • 108 cases of vomiting

  • 43 cases of Gaze Palsy

  • 12 cases of anemia

  • 1 case of bone marrow failure

  • 6 cases of cardiac arrests

  • 53 cases of diarrhea

  • 593 cases of pyrexia (high temperature)

  • 22 cases of gait disturbance

  • 6 cases of anaphylaxis

  • 62 cases of pertussis (whooping cough)

  • 2 cases of meningitis pneumococcal

  • 3 cases of arthritis

  • 16 cases of muscle twitching

  • 22 cases of tremors

  • 264 cases of crying (does not indicate the severity)

  • 2 cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome

  • 10 cases of respiratory arrest

  • 7 cases of Kawasaki’s disease

All of these adverse events occurred after the child received the Infanrix Hexa vaccination, some just hours after being vaccinated. I am sure you will agree that these documented facts make extremely uncomfortable reading.

However, if this information is not disturbing enough, in the document, GlaxoSmithKline revealed on page twenty a total of 68 cases of vaccination failure! This fact proves that, not only does their vaccine appear to cause death, injury and illness in multiple children, but that this vaccine failed to give any “protection” at all to at least 68 children.

The document was signed by Safety Scientist Vanessa Corman and Vice President, Lead Biological Clinical Safety and Pharmacovigilance Dr. Felix Arellano, M.D., from GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals.


Now, let’s continue with the shocking new papers that the Belgian website Initiative Citoyeene have revealed. They stated:

“On the 4th of January this year, at the end of the required 6-week period, two Pfizer Group Regulatory Affairs Directors, Mary Allin and Helen Edwards, sent a response to Dr. S. Spinosa of the European Medicine Agency on the topic of ‘higher number of neurologic events reported in Italy following the coadministration of Pevenar 13 and hexavalent vaccines.’ The two directors specified at the end of this letter that based on data supplied, they did not feel there was any need to modify the vaccine’s reference safety information (RSI), in other words, its package insert.”

So, let’s take a closer look at one of the confidential reports that Initiative Citoyenne has been quoting. This confidential document reveals that over a two-year period, 22 deaths were reported, representing 2.6% of the total number of cases and a total of 51 reported cases of lack of efficacy, or vaccination failure! [4]


The next section relates to reports of neurological events.

The Master of Health Administration (MAH), was asked by the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP), to provide a cumulative review of neurological reactions in those cases, which were reported to have received Prevenar 13 concomitantly (at the same time) with hexavalent (6-in-1) vaccine.

The MAH reported that during the two-year period between July 10, 2009, and July 9, 2011, a total of 1,691 cases of adverse events were reported after the Prevenar 13 vaccine. Of those adverse events, 312 cases (18%) were indicative of neurological reactions. [5] The 1,691 cases were then divided in three different datasets. The Initiative Citoyenne website explained the findings:

“An important fact is that Pfizer assessed the respective frequency of neurologic accidents in three different groups of children: those who had all received only the Prevenar 13 on the same day, those who had received both the Prevenar 13and other vaccines on the same day and those who had received both the Prevenar 13 and a hexavalent vaccine on the same day.

Of the 934 children who had only received the Prevenar 13 and experienced adverse effects, 87 displayed neurologic events (87/934 = 9%).

Of the 287 children who had received the Prevenar 13 plus other vaccines on the same day, and experienced adverse effects, 62 had had neurologic episodes (62/287 = 21%).

Of the 470 children who received the Prevenar 13 plus a hexavalent vaccine, on the same day, and reported adverse effects, 163 had experienced neurologic reactions (163/470 = 34%!!). It is therefore clear that the concomitant administration of several vaccines, particularly those recommended in the Belgian vaccine schedule (Prevenar 13 alongside Infanrix Hexa), multiplies the risk of neurologic reactions including serious and potentially irreversible adverse events!”

To describe the enormity of the situation, they further stated, in easy-to-understand terms:

“To grasp the extent of the problem, just remember that the Belgian annual birth rate is approximately 128,000, a very large majority of whom receive BOTH the Prevenar and the Infanrix Hexa. A simple calculation reveals therefore that the annual number of serious adverse effects, taking ONLY this vaccine into account, could be 3% x 128,000 births = 3,840 children!”


Interestingly, the Prevenar 13 leaflet mentioned earlier states reasons why your child should not be given Prevenar 13:

“Your child should not have Prevenar 13 if he or she has ever had an allergic reaction to pneumococcal or DIPTHERIA VACCINES, or any of the ingredients listed at the end of this leaflet.”

Despite this warning, the Prevenar 13 vaccine is often given at the same time the Infanrix Hexa vaccine, which includes a diptheria component! These vaccines are recommended from as early as six weeks of age, according to the leaflet, at which time a parent would not know whether their child was allergic to the diptheria component or not.

One Belgian child who lost her life as a consequence of being given several vaccinations in one visit, which included the Infanrix Hexa vaccine together with Prevenar, was Stacy Sirjacobs. Stacy was an eight week-old premature twin who died in December 2011. [6]

These vaccines were given to Stacy despite advice given by the European Medicines Agency in their ANNEX I SUMMARY OF PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS for Infanrix Hexa report which stated:

“When Infanrix Hexa is co-administered with Prevenar (pneumococcal saccharide conjugated vaccine, adsorbed), the physician should be aware that data from clinical studies indicate that the rate of febrile reactions was higher compared to that occurring following the administration of Infanrix Hexa alone.”

Furthermore, the document contained information about administering the vaccine to premature infants:

Limited data in 169 premature infants indicate that Infanrix Hexa can be given to premature children. However, a lower immune response may be observed and the level of clinical protection remains unknown.

The potential risk of apnea and the need for respiratory monitoring for 48-72h should be considered when administering the primary immunisation series to very premature infants (born ≤ 28 weeks of gestation) and particularly for those with a previous history of respiratory immaturity.”


The European Medicines Agency offered warnings about administering the vaccine concomitantly with another vaccine and cautioned health care providers to consider the additional risks of vaccinating premature infants. Then why was little Stacy, a baby born one month prematurely, delivered by Caesarean section, resuscitated at birth, who spent the next four days in an incubator, given these vaccinations and then sent home without any extra advice?

Her death was a tragedy, yet babies are still dying and being neurologically damaged on a regular basis. The proof is in the manufacturer’s report in black and white. The drug companies know, the regulatory agencies know and worse still, our governments know.

Slowly, day-by-day, the depth of their corruption is being uncovered. Parents are not being told the truth, they are being deceived and lied to and the price they pay is extremely high.


These adverse events were being reported as far back as 2009.  So, why are these two vaccines still being recommended for babies as young as 6 weeks old? Surely, the most sensible and responsible action would be for the manufacturers GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer to suspend the use of these vaccines until their use can be shown to be reliable, effective, and safe. Instead, this information is being hidden from the public.

Furthermore, the mainstream media is so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Dr. Rebecca Carley, an expert specializing vaccine-induced diseases syndromes, has often stated on her radio shows that vaccinations are the ‘True Weapons of Mass Destruction,” and the evidence contained in these leaked, confidential documents shows she could be right.


The author would like to thank the website Initiative Citoyenne for bravely revealing the truth.

The staff at VacTruth wishes to express their heartfelt condolences to the family of Stacy Sirjacobs and other families whose children have suffered injuries or death following vaccination.

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Christina England, BA Hons

  • Michael

    If it is known that over a period of 2 years  22 babies died following vax , as reported by initiative Citoyenne   – representing 2.6% of the total number of cases –  then the matter has to be investigated by the police.  

  • esdave


  • Glenn Ost


  • Glenn Ost

    Thanks for sharing… The more I read about vaccins the more I want to avoid them.
    Here in Belgium only polio is subliged by law…But there must be a way to avoid it.

    Any tips are welcome..;

  • Obobob

    My boy is 2yrs old and very healthy, gladly the two countries we lived in they are no nazis so we are not forced to vax! Fight for your freedom of choice! Fight for your baby’s health, vax is garbage disguesed as benefit, but the truth is profits only for the labs/co’s. Vax is lie!

  • Vaccines, Blood & Biologics
    March 12, 2012 Approval Letter – Infanrix

    At the bottom of that above letter, go to and click on the title, below.



    These highlights do not include all the information needed to use INFANRIX safely and effectively. See full prescribing information for INFANRIX.
    INFANRIX (Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoids and Acellular Pertussis Vaccine Adsorbed)

    Syncope (fainting) can occur in association with administration of injectable vaccines, including INFANRIX. Procedures should be in place to avoid falling injury and to restore cerebral perfusion following syncope. (5.3)

    For children at higher risk for seizures, an antipyretic may be administered at the time of vaccination with INFANRIX. (5.5)

    Apnea following intramuscular vaccination has been observed in some infants born prematurely. Decisions about when to administer an intramuscular vaccine, including INFANRIX, to infants born prematurely should be based on consideration of the individual infant’s medical status, and the potential benefits and possible risks of vaccination. (5.6)


    So, as well that it states that the above common vaccine package insert does not contain the complete prescribing information, lets then go to what exists as the to be the claimed complete prescribing information. lets see what additional warning and contraindication statements are made. When you read through this you should be able to pick out the statements, as I have done here; that clearly show that almost anything goes as to use of this vaccine.

    Obviously the only thing that would prevent and contraindicate the administration of this vaccine, (Infanrix-Hib); would be as stated the evidence of and should be postponed only in subjects suffering from acute severe febrile illness. Meaning an infant having actively shown repeated seizure activity. If the seizures stop or under control with medication of course, they can go ahead and vaccinate. Nothing is enough, and these people are so misguided that it should be obvious to any person with a thinking mind with even the basic understanding of human physiology and seizure disorders, that these people simply have absolutely no realistic comprehension of when the risk of vaccinating, clearly outweigh the potential benefits. Who comes up with this stuff, and what actually are their qualifications? 

    One could only ask this important question. Who, and exactly what field of toxicology and/or neurological brain science, did they consult with before they came to these misguided and irresponsible conclusions? Collapse or shock-like state (hypotonic-hyporesponsive episode) within 48 hrs of vaccination; persistent, inconsolable crying lasting ≥3 hrs, occurring within 48 hrs of vaccination; convulsions with or without fever, occurring within 3 days of vaccination; should NOT be a contraindication for the administration of more vaccines. The previous listed, is evidence of brain and neurological harm; but oh well, if the child later looks to be fine??? And if they aren’t? Oh well vaccines do not and haven’t caused that, right? With as well a known existing only 1 to 10% reporting factor to VAERS; and why? Because so many doctors are so brainwashed by their pharma school indoctrinated training, that they refuse to ever admit to any vaccine reaction, much more even a severe one. “Its not related”; they tell the parents. Therefore just keep giving even multiple vaccines, in a single visit? Well, no advisement to the contrary exists in any prescribing document; quite obviously? 

    A history of febrile convulsions, a family history of convulsive fits, SIDS and adverse event following Infanrix-Hib, do NOT constitute contraindications??? Are they that far out of touch with the reality of what they are doing? Quite obviously so. And the parent comes back with a child with a worsening seizure disorder, and/or that is neurologically and/or brain damaged; and the doctor stands there clueless and making denial of any harm done by vaccines. And none of it will ever be reported to VAERS. Meanwhile all the while that the FDA and CDC ignore what they easily should be making connections to, as to far to many similarities and common adverse reactions, so that of course they never have to ever make any connection to the vaccine; as to in regard to the VAERS data. Gardasil, has been as well the perfect example of that said CDC and FDA whitewashing and denial of all harm, reality. Nothing is nor has been enough to get that vaccine removed from the pharma market. They have to much to lose, and would throw a red flag into the ring of their claimed vaccine safety; across the board, and for all vaccines. They know that; and they clearly are not going to allow that to happen.
    Read through this and realize what I am referring to.

    Infanrix-Hib – Detailed Prescribing Information


    Contraindications: Subjects with known hypersensitivity to any component of Infanrix-Hib or subjects having shown signs of hypersensitivity after previous administration of diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis or Hib vaccines.

    As with other vaccines, the administration of Infanrix-Hib should be postponed in subjects suffering from acute severe febrile illness. The presence of a minor infection, however, is not a contraindication.

    Special Precautions: Good clinical practice consists of enquiring into the medical history before proceeding with the vaccination (especially with regard to undesirable side effects which may have arisen during an earlier vaccination) and to proceed with a medical examination.

    Should one of the following events have occurred over time in relation to the administration of a DTP vaccine, the decision to administer subsequent doses of the vaccine containing the pertussis component must be taken in full possession of the facts. There may be circumstances eg, a high incidence of pertussis, when the potential benefits exceed any potential risks, particularly when the events are not associated with permanent after-effects.

    The following events were previously considered as contraindications for administering whole-cell DTP vaccine but is now considered general precautions: Temperature of <40.5°C within 48 hrs of vaccination, not due to another identifiable cause; collapse or shock-like state (hypotonic-hyporesponsive episode) within 48 hrs of vaccination; persistent, inconsolable crying lasting ≥3 hrs, occurring within 48 hrs of vaccination; convulsions with or without fever, occurring within 3 days of vaccination.

    A history of febrile convulsions, a family history of convulsive fits, SIDS and adverse event following Infanrix-Hib do not constitute contraindications.

    Drug Interactions: Infanrix-Hib can be administered either simultaneously or at any time before or after a different inactivated or live vaccine.

    Different injectable vaccines should always be administered at different injection sites. As with other vaccines, it may be expected that in patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy or patients with immunodeficiency, an adequate immunologic response may not be achieved.


    This is the typical wording and misguided logic by the way, that you will find written in the inserts and prescribing information, for all vaccines.


    Educate, Before You Vaccinate

    If Your Doctor Cannot Answer These 4 Questions, Don't Vaccinate!

    If Your Doctor Insists That Vaccines Are Safe, (then have them fill out and sign this form below). Remember as well that the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, shields all doctors, pediatricians, and as well the pharmaceutical vaccine makers, from any legal liability for the harm that potentially can be done to your infant, or child.

    Informed Consent/ Vaccine Risks Disclosure Form

  • There is a conflict  of interest behind /in the study of the vaccine –
    VaccineVolume 30, Issue 17, 5 April 2012, Pages 2710–2714

    Immunogenicity of Infanrix™ hexa administered at 3, 5 and 11 months of age
    http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0264410X12001958 Conflict of interest: All authors are employees of GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals.Funding: GlaxoSmithKline
    (GSK) Biologicals was the funding source and was involved in all stages
    of the study conduct and analysis. GSK also funded all costs associated
    with the development and the publishing of the present manuscript. The
    corresponding author had full access to the data and was responsible for
    submission of the publication.AcknowledgementsThe
    authors would like to thank Jyoti Kumari (GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals)
    for performing the statistical analysis, Dr Joanne Wolter (independent
    medical writer) for preparing the first draft of the manuscript, and Dr
    Julia Donnelly for editorial assistance.

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     one can see there is not much information about it-  
    Infanrix Hexa
    We are
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  • > I am sure you will agree that these documented facts make extremely uncomfortable reading.

    Nope. Because you omit the total number of children receiving these vaccines, and do no analysis whatsoever on how these rates compare with background level of the general population.

    I’m pretty sure, for example, that the second most prevalent ‘adverse event’ you cite (crying for, well, crying out loud) is pretty common in, you know, little kids.

    The only adverse reaction I am concerned about is the considerable welts caused by the sudden impact of desks on foreheads among those who have recently read your blog.

  • mochuck

    2.6% of the number of cases of reported adverse events. Not 2.6% of the >12,000,000 number vaccinated. That would bring the % down to 0.000002%

  • mochuck

    Given that the country with the lowest infant mortality is 1.8 per 1,000 or 0.002% a child is 10,000 times less likely to die following vaccination than other causes.

  • Grandmother of Ten

    Give me a break! How would you like for your child to consistently cry? Crying in a baby is generally a sign that ones baby is in some  kind of discomfort and/or pain. Plus anything that can cause these problems in even one child should be stopped!!!! There needs to be more research into other methods of preventing these diseases. Some of these diseases are not half as bad as the results of these vaccines.

    When there were less pesticides in our foods and water and air and less vaccines given to our people we had healthier children. I know I don’t have any statistics to show this but the incidences that children suffer today were not heard of in the 60’s and our children’s risk of death from these diseases was not feared as much as the poisons that are put in the vaccines that are given to our children today.

    And if that is not bad enough these vaccines are given to our tiny infants before it can be determined if these babies are born with some of these diseases or if the diseases are caused by the vaccines. How convenient for the pharmaceutical companies and for the governments that support these companies.    

  • Christian American

    Hello Grandmother of Ten, well said.  I  would like to add to a small portion of what you said….
    “Some of these diseases are not half as bad as the results of these vaccines”
    I would like to add that most of these immunizations were not even necessary anymore when they were first brought out, due to the fact that most of the diseases were not even heard of anymore in any cases for over 20+ years because our bodies ha built up natural immunities to ward off these diseases.

  • Christian American

    So you’re saying that because a child is more likely to die from “other ‘(natural)’ causes” that there’s no harm in adding to that percentage of “other causes” by way of immunization?Please sir/ma’am, you must get your head out of the clouds and start studying these immunizations and the effects rather than blow off the many, many warnings as nutjob conspirators.People who ignore this as just one’s opinion and treat studies of well informed people as overzealous are usually the first to say, “Well nobody told me!”, when in all actuality you were informed all along and chose to turn a def ear. And because of this attitude many more children will suffer. Don’t our innocent deserve better?????

  • Rohan Gaiswinkler

    Two hundred and sixty-four cases of crying. I’m shocked. Babies crying. OMG. Obviously we’d be much better off to have babies DYING [see that, provac people can go allcaps too!] than crying. They’re so quite when they’re dead.

  • > Give me a break! How would you like for your child to consistently cry?

    No-one said anything about consistent crying. The post only says that kids cried within some (unspecified) time after vaccination. Like kids do. I fell off my bike the same week as my vaccinations. Is that an adverse reaction? Is it bollocks.

    > Crying in a baby is generally a sign that ones baby is in some  kind of discomfort and/or pain

    As babies are. All the time. For hunger, for a change, for sleep, for wind, for any of dozens of reasons. With or without vaccinations. Which means that crying after a vaccination literally means this child is behaving typically of a child of its age.

    > Plus anything that can cause these problems in even one child should be stopped!!!!

    Stop putting nappies on babies, then. Stop feeding them in case they get indigestion. Don’t let them sleep in case they wake up hungry.

    You are a world class idiot.

    > There needs to be more research into other methods of preventing these diseases

    Which diseases? Full nappies? I can explain them right now: stop feeding your child.

    > When there were less pesticides in our foods and water and air and less vaccines given to our people we had healthier children


    Even if that were the case, it would not mean that pesticides had anything at all to do with childhood health. When pirates sailed the high seas, global warming was less of a problem. It doesn’t mean pirates absorb carbon dioxide.

    > I know I don’t have any statistics to show this

    I know you don’t. But you don’t really need them to make shit up to impress gullible people. You only need evidence if you want grown-ups to take you seriously.

    > our children’s risk of death from these diseases was not feared as much
    as the poisons that are put in the vaccines that are given to our
    children today.

    I actually don’t care about your fear. I care about dead children.

    > And if that is not bad enough these vaccines are given to our tiny
    infants before it can be determined if these babies are born with some
    of these diseases or if the diseases are caused by the vaccines.

    Do you really think it’s impossible to determine whether a child has, say, measles when its born?

  • Christina England


    There are different degrees of crying. Inconsolable crying or high pitched screaming continuously after vaccinations is a common adverse reaction and can be a sign on vaccine induced encephalitis.


  • Christina England

     Thank you Grandmother of Ten.

  • Argus

    To Christian American (below):
    Two problems with your logic, bucko,
    1. These are merely reports of events observed to occur after vaccination and do not constitute proof that the vaccine was the cause.
    2. Even if you choose to believe that these reported deaths were caused by the vaccine, as mochuck has pointed out the rate is exceedingly low – lower by orders of magnitude than the population background rate.  Therefore you must conclude that the vaccine does not add to infant deaths, it prevents them.

  • Pneely71

    He probably works for the government and/or pharmaceutical companies, he’s supposed to be oppositional of the truth…just plain Evil.

  • Dr. Rima

    Thank you, Christina! I salute your courageous and cogent journalism. 
    Articles like yours, based in fact, not furor, make it clear that the vaccine haox must end, that those who chose to protect their bodies and that of their loved ones must have the right to do so without state or medical bullying.
    In fact, vaccination is one of the 5 Big Lies used to control and reduce the population.  As such, it has no place in health care, only in illness creation and management.
    Yours in health and freedom,
    Dr. Rima
    Rima E. Laibow, MD
    Medical Director
    Natural Solutions Foundation

  • bertmaathuis

    Mu intuïtion says: [absolutely] NO to vaccinations. (And my consciousness is só sure!)

    Is it just a matter of [very high] income, profit? So I really dó believe.

    Let´s choose for a real natural mankind!

    Almelo (Netherlands)

  • You have not addressed anything I said.

    I do not have any financial interest in vaccine use.

    On the contrary, I own a small parcel of shares in a funeral services company, so if anything, your valiant efforts stand to make me money. I wish it were otherwise.

  • Gerez Gerez

    It´s ok and nice to talk about statistical results, like “less likely” or “very low death rate”
    The problem is, if you kill your son because government forces you to shot him with something he probably doesn´t need at all, his death is the 100% of your and his life.
    Are you willing to live with those odds? not knowing what can happen after taking the shots?.
    “Just take it, he can die, but is very uncommon”.
    Are you freaking out of your mind?.

  • Argus

    “The problem is, if you kill your son because government forces you to shot him with something he probably doesn´t need at all. . .”

    The problem is, that you present a false dichotomy here. The choice NOT to vaccinate carries a risk that is far greater than any from the vaccine. Denying this is a way to rationalize that failing to act is better than taking the action to protect against an illness that could result in a death thst could have been avoided.

    Can the individual outcome of either choice be predicted? No. But the effects on population groups are known, and that is how the odds can be identified. How do you feel about children dying of preventable disease?

  • Gerez Gerez

    How do you feel about children dying of vaccine induced side-effects?. The only difference between your question and this one, is the number of deaths. How many are ok and how many are not?.

    Now my answer.

    I don´t agree.
    Again you talk about risks levels and statistics..

    How can you predict my risk to develop a decease?.Probably, analyzing where do I live, what foods I eat, to what things i get exposed to, my genetical background, etc, etc, and many more etcs.

    But guess what, nobody does that, instead, they say vaccine everyone worldwide, most o them do not need it, but just in case, we can save you from mostly non fatal deceases at the risk of developing much more serious problems you didn´t have.

    Can you explain the real need of HPV vaccine then?, why doing a massive innoculation to prevent a low percentage decease?. shouldn´t they study every individual and then determine if they are at risk or not?. Yes, but that is costly, is much easier to overshot and overdose.

    Then, as most people shot didn´t where at a real risk in the first place, what you did is to increase their chances to get the bad side effects for no real improvement.

    Another, example of your logics. It is medically proven that taking low doses of aspirin on a daily basis can prevent some coronary deceases. Therefore, if everybody takes aspirin everyday, we will lower the chances of strokes of the average person.

    True, but you are not saying that a few people will die doing that, and many people won´t get any benefits, but get the side effects of aspitin. The average improved their health at the cost of killing others.

    You see, the problem with statistics is that they are made with maths, but they are not maths. I´m not a number, I´m a person, you´re seeking in them a moral escape to justify the dark side of medical practices.

    Finally, I´m not against any kind of vaccination per se, I´m against mandatory vaccination, against medical massive approaches to problems.

    Anyway, I really appreciate the discussion, and wanted to thank you for pointing out your views on this issue.


  • Christian American

    I have tried to get back into this site to respond to you and each time I try discuss will not let me back on, today is the first time I have gotten back in.

    Not sure why you are addressing me, I don’t agree with immunizations. IMO they are unnecessary and cause more harm and diseases and never protect from them, even the pharmaceutical companies don’t back them up in their laboratory studies as preventative measures against these diseases.

    They just keep feeding us the same old crap with NO doccumented poof through individual double blind studies. They tell their scientist exactly how they want these immunizations studied according to their guidelines which will
    satisfy guidelines set by the CDC, FDA, WHO and other government organizations which if these studies were to be graded they would barely pass the grade.

    Then we have the CDC with their hands in the till as share holders of these pharmaceutical companies and other organizations such as FDA and WHO with past
    board positions in these pharmaceuticals and then being opted out of any conflict of interest cases by these same government orgainzations due to the fact that the job they do is to protect us. Nobody questions them because of
    that fact. Follow the money, the pharmaceutical industry is a big money train, it’s all a numbers game and the general public are their guinea pigs.

    We see all the court cases out there about this drug and that drug causing death, diabetes, cancer and all kinds of neurological and respiratory problems and we understand these drugs to be capable of harm, yet people still
    question weather or not immunizations cause harm because of big pharma and governmental cover up.

    As I stated before, Don’t our innocent deserve better???

  • Christian American

    Man would you get your head out of big pharma’s tail and come out and tell the truth. Quit taking money from them or whatever incentive’s they are giving you and just tell the truth.

    Think about it, would you sit down to dinner and eat parts of an aborted fetus? How about Mercury, would you add it to your drink as a flavoring? What about lead, is that on the menu tonight? If not then why in the world would you ever promote shooting this crap into an innocent child.

    Have you been informed that 21 of the 24 laboratory studies conducted by the pharmaceuticals on immunizations were performed by a man who is a wanted and known criminal? A man who tops the federal most wanted list for 22 counts of wire fraud and money laundering, facing a total of 260 years in jail for his crimes. He is a scumbag and his character right there show’s he can and probably was paid off. Check into it, go ahead, I don’t and will never lie.

    BTW, calling me “bucko” is a sure sign of intelligence. Lets be adults and try to have an intelligent conversation please.

  • Christian American

    BTW Argus, you stated….

    “1. These are merely reports of events observed to occur after vaccination and do not constitute proof that the vaccine was the cause.”

    What are you saying here? Of course these events occurred after the vaccination, they certainly aren’t happening before them. If that were the case then nobody would be stating that the immunization inoculations were the cause. And the fact that they occur after the immunization and not before should be proof enough as to the actual cause. What more do you want.

    You also said that even if I choose to believe these deaths were caused by immunizations that the death rates are exceedingly low. Seriously, are you seriously ok with this? I guess you’d be alright with a gunshot wound if the pharmaceutical company started touting that the death rates were “exceedingly low”.

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  • FF

    1700 cases to how many vaccinations?? because we all are aware that any drug, even the simple aspirin, has side effects, that’s not a question. What it seems to me is that this is a one-side story that fails (with or without intention) to underline the good side: how many children WERE protected and how many lives were saved. Of course, everyone has an opinion and has the right not only to know the facts but also to decide. Just that you should expose the whole story, not just the part that is according to your beliefs. Otherwise is called manipulation. And media, we all know, is the master of manipulation.

  • FF


  • Argus

    Read anything Christina England has written here and you will see this same pattern.
    At least no reputable media organization will publish any of her stories; her only outlet are sites like this one that practically nobody reads because of the shoddy reporting.

  • I am so said about the children. who the hell is doing this bad work please give the name of person and going to police and arrest them. Best Jabong offers

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