Documents Show Merck Paid This Popular Website $3.5 Million Dollars for Promoting Vaccines

Have you ever wondered how some websites come to promote vaccines? Well, here’s the answer: Pharmaceutical companies pay enormous amounts of money for websites to promote vaccines.

The influence is subtle for the unsuspecting parent – especially on popular websites such as WebMD.

According to documents located on Merck’s website, at least $3,592,850 dollars was paid to Medscape LLC, a subsidiary of WebMD Health, from 2008 through 2012. If you factor in other cancer programs promoted on WebMD by Merck, the total figure comes to $3,982,850. The amount is likely higher as one of the documents on the website is unavailable. [1]

Last year I wrote about doctors getting paid over $18,810,495.52 by Merck to promote their vaccines. You might notice a common theme: pharmaceutical companies pay huge sums of money to buy influence. WebMD is no exception. [2]

Until recently, the actual amounts have been anyone’s guess – and I think you will agree that 3.5 million dollars is a significant amount.


If we take a look at the WebMD website, you will notice a web page called Lifetime of Vaccines. It is sponsored by Merck. [3]

Waiting for you is a video message by Julie Gerberding, former head of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). She promotes the reasons why we should get vaccinated. Before you listen to her message, you should know she lobbied to get the dangerous Gardasil vaccine (also a Merck product) onto the vaccine schedule. She is also the current president of the Vaccine Division at Merck Pharmaceuticals.

Other sections of the website downplay any adverse reactions to vaccines or what is in the vaccines. For example, Merck softens the list of toxic ingredients in vaccines, listing only aluminum, mercury/thimerosal, antibiotics and formaldehyde, attributing to each a single sentence description. [4]

Not only do they downplay the toxicity of the ingredients, they also forget to mention the many other vaccine ingredients. What do I mean?

For starters, a very small sample of vaccine ingredients includes:

  • Aluminum Hydroxide (Heavy Metal)
  • Egg Protein
  • Formaldehyde
  • Bovine Calf Serum
  • Thimerosal (Heavy Metal)
  • Calf Skin
  • Aborted Fetal Tissue (Human Diploid Tissue)
  • Monkey Kidney Tissue
  • Mouse Brain

Being an informed parent includes knowing exactly what substances the doctor injects into your child! Click on the link now to get the larger list of vaccine ingredients. [5]

I should point out the amount of money WebMD was paid is just a small piece of the total pie that Merck and other pharmaceutical companies have funded to websites to promote vaccines. The Physician Payment Sunshine Act (PPSA) and other legislation now requires pharmaceutical companies to make this information available to the public by 2013.


The pharmaceutical company pockets run deep. When analyzed, you can see how much influence their money can buy.

Parents want strong children and honest answers. Do you really think Merck invested all of this money to educate you about vaccines or to sell their product? I will leave you to be the judge of that important question.

Lastly, as new documents become available, my hope is that parents will start to see how Big Pharma runs their operations: spending their cash to buy influence. Maybe vaccine safety does have a price tag.

[contentbox headline=”Amounts Paid to MedScape, LLC (1)” type=”info”]


Program / Project Description



Medscape, LLC Medscape/ Nemours Children Hospital: Rotavirus Lecture 154,000 9/17/2008
Medscape, LLC Medscape Spotlight, Case and Clinical Recap: Vaccines 300,000 3/16/2009
Medscape, LLC Oncology: Web Program 60,000 3/10/2009
Medscape, LLC Web Program and Publication: Rotavirus 135,000 7/1/2009
Medscape, LLC Roundtable Web Program 35,000 7/1/2009
Medscape, LLC Web Program: Pediatric Immunization 219,450 8/18/2010
Medscape, LLC Web Program: Pediatric Immunization 202,000 8/18/2010
Medscape, LLC Web Program: Rotavirus 187,000 9/28/2010
Medscape, LLC Adult Immunization Web Program 235,000.00 5/2/2011
Medscape, LLC Rotavirus Web Program 220,000.00 5/2/2011
Medscape, LLC Adult Immunization Web Program 180,000.00 5/2/2011
Medscape, LLC Oncology Web Program 80,000.00 5/2/2011
Medscape, LLC Oncology Web Program 150,000.00 5/2/2011
Medscape, LLC Rotavirus Web Program 203,000.00 5/18/2011
Medscape, LLC Rotavirus Web Program 147,000.00 6/14/2011
Medscape, LLC 2011 ASH Multiple Myeloma Web Programs 100,000.00 7/13/2011
Medscape, LLC 2011 AAP HPV Symposium 368,900.00 10/28/2011
Medscape, LLC Rotavirus Web Programs 174,000.00 3/5/2012
Medscape, LLC Adult Immunization Web Program 201,000.00 4/30/2012
Medscape, LLC Adult Immunization Web Program 201,000.00 4/30/2012
Medscape, LLC Immunization Web Program 254,500.00 4/30/2012
Medscape, LLC Rotavirus Web Programs 176,000.00 5/30/2012
TOTAL $3,982,850.00


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Jeffry John Aufderheide

Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of VacTruth.com, he promotes well-educated health professionals, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.

  • Jennifer Hutchinson

    This is blatant criminal activity, and it goes on all the time! Thanks for sharing, Jeffry.

  • Jennifer Hutchinson

    This is blatant criminal activity, and it goes on all the time! Thanks for sharing, Jeffry.

  • Jennifer Hutchinson

    This is blatant criminal activity, and it goes on all the time! Thanks for sharing, Jeffry.

  • Jennifer Hutchinson

    This is blatant criminal activity, and it goes on all the time! Thanks for sharing, Jeffry.

  • Nemesis

    They also pay people to come to websites like these in order to spread fear, intimidate them into not reading/posting responses and spread disinformation.

  • That is fact. The term for this is astroturfing.

  • Dr Suzanne Humphries

    I guess it comes down to whether this is just advertisement like advertising for cheese whiz or cocacola.  The difference to me is that there are mandates in place to give this crap through needles to people. So why all the advertisement for something that is mandated?  It is about getting the doctors all good and brainwashed as another line of defense. That would be like training the cashiers at the supermarket to get you to purchase cocacola.  Oh wait…they already have trained the cashiers at CVS and RiteAid to push flu shots.  Legally they are not doing anything wrong.  Ethically it is an abomination. 

  • Not a worried guy


  • Argus

    And exactly what law has been violated? Please name the jurisdiction and the statute.

  • Tim

    Do you have any information on pediatric clinics who recently are promoting themselves as “vaccine only” clinics, refusing to take regular patients who are not up-to-date on their “recommended” vaccine regimens?

  • Argus

    On the other hand, it is a very effective way to make information about these products available to the public. Without efforts such as this, you would be making accusations of trying to keep information ‘secret’.
    Oh, wait. I have already seen several articles on this site where publically available information is triumphantly held up and proclaimed to be information that companies want to keep ‘secret’.
    I guess reality is whatever you want to pretend it to be. TRUTH doesn’t enter into it.

  • Christina England

    Support groups are also funded by Big Pharma. ADDISS an ADHD support group in the UK is heavily funded by Eli Lillyhttp://www.addiss.co.uk/payingenoughattention.pdf .  Have a look at this link it shows just who funds the American Diabetes Association http://www.diabetes.org/assets/pdfs/2008-revenues-received-by-ada.pdf

  • V4V

    When I saw the title of your email in my inbox, I thought, “I bet it’s WebMD” – and I was right.    The media (web,TV,magazines) has more influence on our buying decisions and health choices than many people realize.  It is highly effective – and very expensive to advertise.  This is why only big corporations, such as Merck, Novartis, Sanofi-Aventis, GlaxoSmithKline (a.k.a. “Big Pharma”) can afford to advertise, or afford to buy ghost-written studies, or promote their toxin-riddled shots. 
    “Not a worried guy” posted sarcastically.  What he fails to realize is that, unlike Pillow Pets, Charmin Toilet Paper, or Dell Computers, medical advertising is different from regular advertising.  It is supposed to be trustworthy, according to most readers, because it has to do with our health and well-being.  It is promoted by our “trusted” doctors and nurses and the entire A.M.A. medical establishment.  
    So, WebMD, which many people trust as a source of medical advice, treads on unethical ground by promoting vaccines as a source of protection against disease, which has never been proven – although they like to pretend it has been proven.

  • Mick

    You go to WebMD looking for some information and at the very top of the page in huge letters are, “Who needs vaccinations” or “Many vaccines require more than one dose” or “Confused about vaccinations?” or “A doctor’s take on vaccines” or “Do you have questions about vaccines?” etc…  These ads look like they are part of WebMD because they are at the very top.  This is very misleading to anyone viewing.

  • V4V

    Excellent point Mick.  Jeff, can you put a screenshot up of WebMD’s page as a demonstration?

  • Cherry Misra

    This is an excellent article.  To get at the root of what is happening with vaccines, we absolutely have to focus on what the pharmaceutical companies are doing.  Remember-  EVERYONE  is their victim, even doctors –  Their children too are harmed and they give wrong advice and treatment to their patients. 
       Somewhat off topic-  I would like to mention that one of the most interesting things  I ran into this past year was an interview with Dr. Suzanne Humphries.   I cant recall if you have covered her work here.  Her history is that she was a standard-care nephrologist for 14 years, never questioning vaccines until the year of the swine flu , when she began to see patients with failing kidneys who had had normal kidney functioning earlier.  Remember-  in the year of the swine flu , people were encouraged to get both the regular flu vaccine and the swine flu vaccine- often both containing high mercury levels.   She states that she has even seen one person go into kidney failure after just a single mercury vaccines (not a flu vaccine).  I was amazed to read about this and the information came in very handy for me , when , one day I chatted with a young man in a market in New Delhi.  He mentioned that he was a kidney patient and I asked him to sit down and explain things to me.  His story was that he had earlier eaten fish and had one dental amalgam put in.  Somehow he felt that the amalgam did not go well with him and after than he was found to have high blood pressure and poor kidney functioning.  He then saw a nephrologist, whom he found to be a kind, caring person.  The doctor , thinking that this man might need dialysis some time gave him two vaccines, both with  mercury.  After this his function became much worse and he was fully ready (mentally) to face dialysis.  Over some months his kidney function improved .  I explained to him that when his doctor gave him two mercury laden vaccines, his immune system would be severely deranged.  I thought this would not mean much to him, but after thinking for a minute, he said ” Thats right, because after that, whenever I get sick, I dont get better”  .   Just think about this for a minute-  What can be more bizarre than a nephrologist regularly giving his patients a poison for the kidney.  Unfortunately, Im sure that if this doctor is doing this, others are doing the same.  Additionally, I might mention that this man has thyroid malfunction and hair loss too- both symtoms of mercury poisoning.

  • Dr Suzanne Humphries

     Well Argus it would be one thing if it was actually scientific information.  But since even the most prominent and educated immunologists admit that the field of immunology is incomprehensibly vast and that they know almost nothing of it, one could not possibly find information on vaccines that is scientific and that would be educating in a balanced manner.  This is NOT about informing because the information is not available and what is called information is nothing beyond corrupt science posing as fact. The truth is that vaccinology is but religion written on the back of ignorance.  Have a look at this article if you can and you will see that information cannot possibly exist to show that vaccines are safe or effective across the board.  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22179281  and http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16938537  Then go to clinicaltrials.gov and see the exculsion criteria for vaccine trials and that the very people they force them upon are the ones who are often excluded in the trials. Then notice what the controls are and the follow up times.  Really ?

  • Jennifer, it looks as if you struck a nerve. I wonder if Argus revealed his real name, his company and/or person would be on the “Paid” list on Merck’s website? Just a thought.

  • Argus

    So your argument is that because we don’t know EVERYTHING, then we know nothing.

    What about a field where NOTHING is known about how it (supposedly) works? That rule would apply in spades, there. Homeopathy comes to mind.

  • Dr Suzanne Humphries

     No Argus. My argument is that doctors are being influenced by propaganda and not balanced information because the goal of the advertisement is to get doctors to give more vaccines. But those same doctors have no idea what they are doing to people because the scientists designing the vaccines and the immunologists don’t know.  But worse is that those doctors don’t know what they don’t know!  Just like you. 

  • Argus

    “But those same doctors have no idea what they are doing to people because the scientists designing the vaccines and the immunologists don’t know.”

    And you do, I take it? How?

    And since you announce yourself as being so all-knowing, please explain how homeopathic remedies work.

  • Argus

    No I have never been paid by Merck.

    But if it makes you feel better, just assume that I have. And whatever else you want that would make me ‘biased’ in your eyes.

    There. Now we can just stick to talking about facts, where bias doesn’t enter in.

    Jennifer or Jeffry, what law has been violated by this activity that makes them criminals?

  • Occupation please…

  • Dr Suzanne Humphries

     Argus has a homeopathic remedy ever rendered someone unable to speak after one day?  Has a homeopathic remedy even induced seizures, GBS, kidney failure, TTP?  When you lose an argument this is  typical behavior to find another limb to pull and divert the real conversation which had nothing to do with homeopathy. It had to do with millions of dollars being spent to influence doctors to sell Merck’s products, not to educated doctors of the potential adverse events and how to spot them. Because according to ACIP and Merck there are virtually no contraindications to vaccines.  That in and of itself must be questioned.  Is homeopathy mandated to people who don’t want it?  Is it being hammered into the consciousness of doctors who need CME credits by millionairre homeopaths?  You’re way off and now everyone knows you cannot defend Merck’s practice of propaganda dissemination to the sound of 3.5 million dollars. 

  • Dr Suzanne Humphries

     And yes Argus. I know what I don’t know.  How? Because I had to personally witness dozens of kidney patients with deterioration of their stable CKD unwind after vaccines.  And I went to the literature to find something to support the practice of administering vaccines to those with acute renal failure, with nephrotic syndrome, with glomerulonephritis, with CHF active, with cancer on chemotherapy with acute kidney shutdown– because these are the patients I was taking care of while they were being vaccinated according to hospital policy.  And there was indeed NO scientific support for that practice that I witnessed to be harmful. So until you produce for me ltierature that supports vaccinating those people you should keep your head in the library looking. Because that I how I know what I know and what doctors who listen to Paul Offit on medscape don’t know.  I don’t pretend ever to be all knowing. I think that is the position of the vaccinators. 

  • Butler

    Ah yes Argus, obviously someone pulled the wool over the eyes of Washington times?

    and http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/as-drug-industrys-influence-over-research-grows-so-does-the-potential-for-bias/2012/11/24/bb64d596-1264-11e2-be82-c3411b7680a9_story.html

    One day when the average person realises just who is in control here, “lynching” won’t describe what might happen then.

    If immunologists ADMIT that they have NO IDEA how the immune system works, or HOW the cellular immune system functions with the humoral immune system – or even if there is a system they’ve not yet thought of then two things apply, then vaccinology is absolutely religious dogma, assuming that what they don’t know won’t get in the way with what they do know.  Furthermore it’s knowing, willfull IGNORANCE.

    You were given evidence showing that knowledge of the immune system is abysmal… , then you ask….. “And I suppose you do?” 

    I’m not a doctor.  I’m a mother, who has been at the butt end of immunologist who know nothing, and who told me that this “immunodeficiency” they said I have should be treated by X, W and Z.  I refused and instead, researched through pubmed nutrients KNOWN to result in clinically observed immune system improvement, particularly with regard to the front line part of the immune system – the cellular or innate immune system.

    The immunologist who have stood by watching me, do what they said couldn’t be done, would admit that I know MORE about MY immune system than they do.  And they have watched others do the same thing as well. So yes, some of us do know, in a practical way, how our immune systems work, far better than the ignorant experts.

    If you were on an operating table about to have a hip replacement, and a surgeon DID NOT TELL YOU ….

    that the procedure they were about to do was experimental only, and that they had no idea if your body could cope with it, or whether the immune system would reject the ****(insert here, the latest device withdrawn by the FDA)**** , 

    ….and you later found out through bitter experience that you were in agony – courtesy of something they KNEW they knew nothing about…., and had your leg amputated, and your immune system in disarray for the rest of your life, …..

    …..would you be happy that you were sucked in, thinking that it was properly tested and they knew what they were doing?  And what say you discovered that actualy, you hadn’t needed the procedure in the first place. 

    And then people wonder why the mortality statistics for preventable medical error, hospital acquired infections are so high.

    Doctors wonder why their legal indemnity insurance payments are so high…. 

    People wonder why that drug, or medical procedures portrayed as “cutting edge” turned  to custard….

    … and most of them don’t realise that the situation portrayed by the Washington Post is ONLY the tip of a gargantuan iceberg of ignorance, lies and deceit.

    You spout off about homeopathy coming to mind, but the point still arises, that the USE of homeopathy doesn’t kill the vast numbers of people world who blindly USE mainstream ignorance…… believing it to be cutting edge fact.

    Often, everything people are told is masterfully crafted to seem like something it is not, by people with conflicts of interests so deep they’ve lost the ability to know what a conflict of interest even is. 

    In fact, I sometimes even wonder if the word “truth” exists in their dictionary.

  • Butler

    Go back and read those two Washington times articles posted above.

  •  Hi V4V – the link to the site is under the references section or click here: http://www.webmd.com/lifetime-of-vaccines/default.htm

  • Argus

    ” I had to personally witness dozens of kidney patients with deterioration of their stable CKD unwind after vaccines.”
    And you published a study demonstrating the difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated kidney patients in a peer-reviewed journal about this where?  Or is this just anectdote.
    “. . . has a homeopathic remedy ever rendered someone unable to speak after one day?  Has a homeopathic remedy even induced seizures, GBS, kidney failure, TTP?”
    How would we know?  Are there any published safety studies or is follow-up monitoring ever done for these products?  Where are the studies on long-term effects of homeopathic products?
    “this is typical behavior to find another limb to pull and divert the real conversation which had nothing to do with homeopathy.”
    No, I am simply trying to illustrate that while you insist that vaccines must be dangerous because we do not know “everything” about the immune system or how they work, that homeopathy is not held to any such standard.  In fact, instead of not knowing everything about how homeopathic remedies work, it is accurate to say we know NOTHING about how they work.  In fact, there are no controlled scientific studies demonstrating homeopathy is effective at all.
    And homeopathy is something you profess to believe in.  You are being inconsistent.  Some would even say hypocritical.

  • Argus

    Washington Times? The links you provided are to the Washington Post.
    I read them.  I do not see anything in them naming a law that would be broken by sponsoring the publishing of medical information on WebMD.
    Jennifer said the criminal activity was blatant.  So there must be a law somewhere that she is referring to.

  • V4V

    Argus, in reference to your arguments with others on this page (are you here to practice for debate team?): I find all studies phony, regardless of who or what they benefit.  My judgement on vaccines, WebMD, and the medical establishment are based on 35 years of hundreds of personal experiences and the experiences of others who have been harmed by vaccines, medication side effects, doctor’s ignorance or incompetence, etc.  You are just here to argue a void argument and act like it’s a valid argument.  
    I believe what I see with my own eyes rather than a study in an “established medical journal”, because that is what observant, intelligent people do.  If you trust studies, be my guest.  That is your freedom and your ignorance to choose.  Do you know who paid for the study?  Do you trust them?  If you trust them, you are stupid.  TRUST is the main problem here.  Why should I trust strangers who write so-called studies in the first place?  
    I deeply distrust those who go into the medical establishment.  I’ve personally seen, across the U.S.A., doctors who take cocaine, nurses who get prescriptions for narcotics from doctors… What we here, on this website, have witnessed will never be changed by your arguments, because you have not seen or experienced what we have experienced.
    Argus, argue all you want, you’ll never change my mind.  Why are you even here?  You like playing “devil’s advocate”… how appropriate.

  • Dr Suzanne Humphries

     Argus regarding your post from one hour ago, where are your and Paul Offit’s studies showing the safety of vaccinating those patients I mentioned?  They don’t exist.  I saw and documented and have all the evidence in my possession to prove what happened. Many others know for themselves and their families that their kidneys failed after vaccination. You cannot produce any evidence that vaccines are not causing kidney failure in CKD patients because the research has not been done. And BTW kidney failure rarely happens in 24 hours and can take weeks to months after an insult of aluminum, mercury or any immune stimulating event. The burden of proof is not on me but on the manufacturers and on those who recommend based on “opinion-based recommendations” not science, not evidence nothing more than a fantasy of need and efficacy.  We are not talking about homeopathy .  Do you have to keep changing the subject because you have a little ADD or because you can’t keep yourself grounded in the argument for some other reason.

    There is NO evidence that vaccines are safe beyond a few weeks. Doctors need more information than Paul Offit bloviating his personal opinions on medscape. And more than manufacturers advertisements.  If a vaccine did cause harm, do you think Merck would put that in their ad?

  • This is corrupt to the core but how do you ever put a stop to it.  Technically they are just advertising.  It’s false advertising but it seems no one ever gets prosecuted for false advertising or fraudulent sales pitches.  Law is not my area at all but I really want to hear from lawyers as to why pharmaceutical companies can lie directly or pay others to lie for them and never get sued.  Pepsi on the other hand had a promotion years ago that they couldn’t actually back up and they got sued.  Pepsi didn’t actually lie, they just counted on no one winning the promotion (I just remembered now, they were saying the winner would get a jet…a military jet).  So why does Pepsi get sued but pharma is completely immune when they commit fraud on a regular basis.

  • Butler

    Actually argus, drug companies are for the most part, above the law. They do what they like.  FDA only smacks them with overboiled noodles when it’s so blatant that it’s not possible to give them a few million as a reward.

    And in many cases, the FDA are complicity with the drug companies and they get away with murder as well. That was one of the the points of the WP reports, which you appear to prefer to ignore.

    But that’s fine.  You can subsidise big pharma all you like.  And if it turns bad on you, that’s your problem to deal with. 

  • Butler

    This is a stupid system where I can’t put my reply below a mistake.  The WP articles don’t deal with the fact that often FDA is complicit.  They do deal with the fact that drug companies ruthlessless flout the law, and use every possible legal and illegal loophole, as well as scientific “un” reason.

  • Butler

    Yeah, in the tiniest print, in the most illogical place, using words no-one understands, and only when FDA makes them.

  • Argus

    So you have rejected medical science and believe things based only on your personal observations.
    That’s how medicine was practiced 200 some years ago.  I guess you want to go back to the days when the life expectancy was shorter and diseases ran rampant.
    No, I don’t believe any of the ‘regulars’ here will be persuaded by my arguments.
    But others that may read this website and come under the false impression that any ‘truth’ is posted here need to be see the illogic and outright lies for what they are.

  • Argus

    “You cannot produce any evidence that vaccines are not causing kidney failure in CKD patients because the research has not been done.”
    Can you produce any scientific evidence that vaccines DO cause kidney failure in CKD patients. You say you have evidence (I doubt that it is in a scientific form) but where can it be seen?
    The simple fact that some people with CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE died of kidney failure isn’t enough.  Can you produce evidence that people with CKD that do not receive vaccinations NEVER die of kidney failure?  Or that there is any difference in death rates from kidney failure between the two groups?
    Otherwise you are asking us just to believe what Suzanne Humphries says is true. 
    And I’m not ready to accept the word of someone that turns their back on the medical profession to embrace something as totally implausible and unproven as homeopathy.

  • Butler

    Argus below… you wouldn’t accept the WORD of anyone, no matter their qualification anyway.  Are you double board certified?  Were you once a nephrologist who TAUGHT medical students?  Were the once THE person in a hospital who was considered the best in their field?

    The only thing it would take to convince you, (but I even doubt that) is if all Suzanne’s cases were accepted to be published in a medical journal AND forty more studies supported what her facts stated – AND all the hospitals, Paul Offit, Orac and Steve Novella came out and supported her.

    Pigs would fly before any of those things happened.

    And even then, you’d still be whining about homeopathy and using that to discredit the information.

    I know a doctor who has 30 years worth of blood tests from her practice showing that during that time, a large percentage of her paediatric base (many of whom were vaccinated) have repeatedly got “measles”.  Those blood tests show serial rises with each case of IgM NOT IgG. 

    Not ONE medical journal has ever accepted any article written by that practice, even when provided copies of the tests, and backed up by signed statements from the lab that the tests were not misdiagnoses.

    And you’d never accept that practice’s word for it either.

    So even if Suzanne wrote up all those cases, it would be an incredibly naive person to think that any medical journal would accept a case series.

    You’d be whining that there weren’t 1, 692 controsl, 12 more co-signatories, or that X Y and Z wasnt’ done.  Every farcical excuse under the sun would be rained down upon any article which questioned your paradigm.

    That’s what always happens when someone says something that doesn’t conform to the dogma of the day.

  • anne

    Argus, go back to your little troll shot of prevention blog site where you sheeple belong.  Leave the thinking to us. 

  • All the evidence of you should ever need of vaccines doing more harm than good, can be found by reading the studies that are as well listed and found many of them right in Pubmed. Studies that detail the exact mechanism of harm by which vaccines do that harm and exactly why vaccines, and especially repeat multiple vaccines, are not worth the Russian roulette style risk that they have been. The CDC has ignored every one of those studies, and where they should have taken it seriously enough to fund follow up studies of their own confirming or refuting the already existing studies. Follow up studies, with the allowance as well of unbiased oversight, so the vaccine truth researchers and the public can not say the studies have been intentionally fudged.

    You choose to be clueless and in denial, by choice, Argus. Either you are connected to something, and/or for some reason your conscience obviously can’t handle it.

  • Argus, please go ahead and explain with all the evidence that you have, how and why homeopathy does not work? 

    Tell me as well why we should not believe the knowledge of the fact that for example during the 1918 flu pandemic, that homeopathy saved many more people than convention medicine of the time, ever did? Obviously you can not comprehend that the human body has amazing healing capability when given the right means. What you believe is that if the human body has any issues as to health, and as well as to any  pathogen in the human environment, that-that can only be dealt with as to any form of recovery by taking chemical drugs that attempt to destroy the pathogen. Or in the alternative you believe pathogens can only be dealt with by attempting to create temporary immunity with a toxic and potentially contaminated vaccine. Please explain as well in detail how and why if modern medicine can be backed by all that good science, when in two well done studies, modern medicine was shown to be a leading cause of death in the US, if not the leading cause? The first and original study was published in the AMA Journal. 

    Death by MedicineBy Gary Null, PhD; Carolyn Dean MD, ND; Martin Feldman, MD; Debora Rasio, MD; and Dorothy Smith, PhD


    Death by Medicine, Part Ihttp://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2003/11/26/death-by-medicine-part-one.aspx


    Drugs and Doctors May be the Leading Cause of Death in U.S.

    Death By Medicine


    Death By Doctor

    Homeopathy, Allopathy, and the 1918 Influenza Pandemic

    [PDF] Influenza epidemic 1918


  • Argus. Do you think people just make things up as they go, and intentionally make up stories just to make the vaccines look bad? Do you actually think as well that people in educated fields of medicine such as Suzanne would do that? There is obviously not anyone that would be qualified enough for you, but perhaps Paul Offit. Observation is observation. 

    The CDC has admitted that dietary intake of aluminum can be harmful for people with existing kidney problems. Would it be incomprehensible to you that injected vaccine adjuvants would or could have the same effect? Oh, but that’s right, without any biological nor physiological science to back it, Offit claims that dietary aluminum has been found to be in higher amounts than in a vaccine, or the vaccines. So being that he claims that they are one and the same thing, and detoxed all the same way, there is NO need for ever having done any vaccine aluminum adjuvant studies. It would be physiologically impossible for injected aluminum adjuvants to be detoxed by the same process as that regarding dietary intake.

    Not one actual safety study has been done in the entire 80 years that aluminum adjuvants have been used in a vaccine. Oh, that’s right as well, Offit claims that to be all the proof they need of safety. He did one study to see if the injection site got red and/or swollen after aluminum adjuvant containing vaccinations, and of course they did; and then he called it all good, the vaccines work. Just like the ADA claims that silver mercury amalgam tooth fillings are safe, simply because they have gotten away with using them for 100 years.

  • Argus


    Great idea! You will find a lot more truth there than on this website where the biggest lie is including the word “truth” in its name.

  • There you have it, and Argus pointed it out. Big Pharma is answerable to no one. No actual laws exist. They all can as well over a few years of conducted fraud, be fined billions by the DOJ, and no one ever goes to jail because they are to big, and they still come out with a nice profit. Business as usual.  

  • Lacie

    Lol. Argus is funny. He sounds very bitter about homeopathy. I wonder if he knows why there has never been a study on homeopathy. Or when it was stricken from the Britannica. Don’t you think if medicine were an honest business, they would be slightly intrigued by the prospects of inexpensive, earth derived ways to heal people? Don’t you think they would have studied it? No, they won’t study it, ever, because it does work, and if proof exsisted, it would to a point discredit modern advances, and people would be more inclined to use it.
    As I always say, whether I am a magical and lucky individual, or placebo works everytime, homeopathy works so much better than anything else. Or maybe my family and I don’t get sick because we don’t vaccinate…

  • Jack

    Argus it is well known that when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry that “medical science” is an oxymoron. You show your true alliance when you use that term.

  • Naturista

    Great site. Thank you for putting so much information in one place.  Even though I am a doctor, it is often difficult to convince young anxious parents to exercise caution with vaccines. Having this site to refer them to makes it easier. 

  • Flouride-Is-Rat-Poison

    Genocide – for starters.
    International Law.
    Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide 1948


    …any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

    (a) Killing members of the group;(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life
    calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

    — Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article 2

    Article 3 defines the crimes that can be punished under the convention:

    (a) Genocide;(b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;(c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;(d) Attempt to commit genocide;(e) Complicity in genocide.

    — Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article 3

    This IS the Crime.
    & Vaccinations are just one of the ways we are being Poisoned and Enslaved – Nazi Style!
    It’s like people have forgotten What Happened before … barely 70 years ago!
    It seems the majority reckon that because it was So Utterly Terrifyingly Horrible ..
    That it Can’t Happen again!? … Crikey! … Well , It IS happening again!

    It is Genocide plain & Simple. No exaggeration needed.
    There are few more serious crimes than this.
    Though somehow – I don’t think the big-wigs are going to take Themselves to Task are they … Nooo The ICC is just for Them to prosecute others (like the only guy , recently , from some Poor-arse country whose corrupt regime they probably funded anyway  :p

    It is well known that when $ are involved – Corruption is involved.
    On every level – Governments – Corporations – Police – Medical – Legal …
    They have all proven their capacity for corruption , time & time again.
    Who could ever dispute this? .. This which could possibly be considered – A Fact!
    Yet somehow … Someone could suggest … that somehow …
    Pharmaceutical Companies are immune to this!? (no pun intended , but lol)
    They are So ‘Scientific’ (lmao) So ‘Godly’ So above the Norms of other wealth chasing sectors that there is no way that they could be corrupt!!

    Wow … I’d hate to be the one trying to argue that absurd notion.

    Cheers :p

  • 441019

    A former doctor recommended the WebMD website to me as a good website. This doctor also was very annoyed with me because I declined to get a flu shot and a pneumonia shot, a couple of years ago.

  • jasonmchicago

    the problem is that most pediatricians are paid off too. They are truly clueless about vaccines.

  • der_whatev

    omg, wait…you mean, a private company paid another private company to advertise its products? HOLY SH*T!!! call the President! alert the media! this outrage must not stand!!!

  • Greenfutures

    In addition to lists of what chemicals are in the vaccines, it is as well to emphasise that THEY ARE THERE FOR A PURPOSE. That purpose is, of course, to hijack th ecellular responses of what we/they term “the immune system”. If they did not add these chemicals there would be no “immune response” with measurable antibody titres. The infective material would almost certainly simply be eliminated by the injectee’s physiology and the incident forgotten.

    This hijacking gives rise to the collateral damage we all know and hate.

  • cw

    Apparently the first reference is to a page no longer available. Is there an alternate link to this information, please?

  • Christina Graham

    I had one flu shot my entire life in 2012. I had 10-20 seizures a day for almost a year, blackouts, and joint and muscle pain. I also still caught the flu as did my husband and daughter who all got the shot. My 2 year old who did not get the shot was fine. To this day I now have adult onset epilepsy which “coincided” around the flu shot and is a “coincidence” says Dr’s.

  • Tim

    Can I ask where did you get that shot? And was it the same place / time as the rest of your family?

  • Christina Graham

    I believe 10000% in vaccines. I still believe that they can help, however, until your own child reacts harshly to them you will never understand. While there has been studies done there is such a conflict of interest between the CDC and the Vaccine Makers. Do you disagree? My daughter had seizures after her 2, 4, and 6 month vaccines and we were told it was a coincidence. At 3 we gave her the MMR and she had 105 fever and breathing difficulties and we stopped vaccinating her. After the high fevers started with my 2nd son along with screaming we stopped his as well. However, even I was worried by the measles outbreak and took my 4 year old to get his MMR. Within 6 hours he has a 105 fever as well and by the next morning he was blue. We took him to the ER were they diagnosed him with an “unexplained” oxygen level of 74% and a high fever and told us it was a coincidence. He has a 103-105 fever and breathing treatments for 12 days. At the end of that time he suddenly developed a rash on his entire body that the Dr finally said was a vaccine reaction. While he is better we have been dealing with breathing issues weekly since. Now, I am not saying vaccines are dangerous to all people, but certainly there is a decent sized population that these reactions are happening too. Ignoring this fact is just dangerous and very unscientific. However, profit is involved and to say it isn’t a motivator in making sure that everyone is following the exact schedule is just naive. 4 out of 4 in my family have had a vaccine reaction from seizures, to high fevers, to breathing problems. My husband was rushed to the ER after his H1N1 with a heart rate of 255bpm. I had seizures after my one and only flu shot. Maybe we have a genetic issue? I don’t know. But they are not safe for every single person.

  • Christina Graham

    Yes, we got it at CVS pharmacy and we all got it at the same time. My son was too young to get the one they offered so we just skipped him. It was in San Jose, CA.

  • Christina Graham

    In December, my son got the MMR at 4 years old and ended up in the ER. 6 hours after he received his vaccine he had a 105 fever and an “unexplained” oxygen level of 74%. He woke up blue. His breathing difficulties and high fever lasted for about 11 days. Since my daughter has had similar reactions we decided to stop vaccinating them. I am convinced it may be a genetic factor making them and myself more susceptible to reactions.

  • AutismDad

    But without the vaccines you’d be fine. Don’t blame yourself, its what vaccine makers want.

  • sabelmouse

    that’s how it works. some of us are [more] susceptible. that’s how the canary party came into being , we’re canaries in a mine.