The Sudden Death of Your Child After Vaccination May Be Written Off by Researchers, Here’s How…


Researchers rarely consider vaccines as the cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Around the world, medical authorities tell parents that vaccination has been proven not to cause SIDS, and sometimes they are even told that vaccination prevents SIDS. However, the studies that are used to justify these claims use research methods that do not adequately investigate the possibility that vaccination may actually increase the risk of SIDS in susceptible babies.

The Case-Control Method

A favourite method used by researchers who are looking at the relationship between vaccination and SIDS is the case-control method. Case-control studies compare babies who died with babies who did not die.

The researchers select a group of babies who died of SIDS within a particular geographical area, and these babies are called the cases. Each case is matched with two or three live babies who are called the controls. The vaccination history of the baby who has died is then compared with the vaccination histories of the two or three babies who have not died. Babies who have not received any vaccinations are excluded from the study.

In the case-control studies that have been published, researchers have found that when the live babies were at the age at which the case baby died, they had received more vaccine doses than those who had died. This leads the authors to conclude that vaccination does not cause SIDS, which is a happy conclusion for those who want to promote vaccination, but far from scientifically sound.

One problem with the case-control method is that it could be comparing fragile babies who are susceptible to dying from an immunological onslaught with tougher babies who can survive being injected with animal tissue, human tissue, peanut oil, attenuated germs, toxic metals, toxic chemicals, and genetically engineered yeast. Case-control studies can be useful for investigating something that is static at the time of death; for example, whether the baby was sucking a pacifier, or lying face down.

However, the effects of vaccination are not static; they are ongoing, and they are unknown. Case-control studies can also be useful if you take all the confounding factors into account, but in the case of vaccine susceptibility, no one yet knows what the confounding factors are. Controlling for factors that are known to increase the risk of SIDS does not mean that you are controlling for factors that increase the risk of SIDS from vaccination.

An Important Discovery

In the most recent case-control study, which was done in Germany, researchers found that the babies who died had had fewer vaccinations than the ones who were still alive, and that their vaccinations had been done later. [1]

The latter finding may be significant. Parents can be reluctant to turn up on time for vaccinations when they feel that their baby is unusually fragile, or when they know that vaccine reactions run in the family. Some parents who are not keen on vaccination eventually comply because of the extreme pressure that is put on them, but they do it later than at the prescribed time.

Interestingly, the researchers did find a statistically significantly higher rate of developmental problems, hospital admissions and special investigations, like x-rays or electrocardiograms, in the SIDS babies compared to the live babies. [2] This discovery might mean that the babies with these problems, who were only 22 percent of the SIDS babies, were more susceptible to dying unexpectedly, and that vaccination played no role in their deaths.

Alternatively, it might mean that these babies were susceptible to an unknown effect of vaccination, and that vaccination killed them. A different study design would need to be used to ascertain whether vaccination played a part in the deaths of this 22 percent. The fact that these babies had had fewer doses of vaccine than the live babies with whom they were compared does not mean that they were not pushed over the edge by the vaccines that entered their bodies.

Metabolic Disorders

There has been some consideration of the role that metabolic disorders might play in making children susceptible to adverse reactions from vaccination, but while the possible relationship to SIDS has been considered by one group of doctors, there has not been an actual study. There are many types of metabolic disorders, but each one occurs in only a few children.

In 2010, a group of doctors published an article in which they considered the possibility that some children who were born with metabolic disorders may have died from the whole-cell whooping cough vaccine. The doctors paid special attention to a metabolic disorder called medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency.

After considering the biological pathways in children with medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency, the doctors concluded that one third of the babies who were born with this disorder, and who were also injected with the whole-cell whooping cough vaccine, could have died from resultant low blood sugar. [3]  Because medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency is very rare, this amounted to only 39 babies per year in the USA.

The consideration of medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency was only done seven decades after the whole-cell whooping cough vaccine was introduced. There are more than four hundred metabolic disorders that need to be considered and studied. There may be other types of vulnerability apart from metabolic disorders that make babies susceptible to dying quietly from vaccination. Case-control studies are unable to detect deaths that occur because of individual susceptibility.

Long ago, I mentioned to a pediatrician who publishes articles about SIDS that I considered case-control studies to be an inadequate way of testing whether vaccination increases the risk of SIDS. He replied, “That’s the way it has always been done.”

Valentina A. Soldatenkova is a mathematician and physicist who has also expressed the opinion that case-control studies are inadequate for assessing the relationship between vaccination and SIDS. In her published critique of the existing case-control studies, she criticises the study designs employed and statistical methods used by researchers to conclude that there is no relationship between vaccination and SIDS. [4]

The Institute of Medicine in the USA has the job of publishing complicated whitewashes about vaccine side effects, and they, of course, have done exactly that in regard to the question of whether vaccination may cause some cases of SIDS. Their lengthy report on the existing studies concludes that “the evidence does not support a causal link” between vaccination and SIDS.

Soldatenkova says that their report should have stated that “the evidence is inadequate to accept or reject a causal relation between SIDS and vaccines.” [4]

Temporal Studies

Another type of study that is often quoted as proving that vaccination does not cause SIDS is the temporal study. Central to these studies is the assumption that if vaccination were to cause a sudden unexplained death, it would do so within 12 hours, or 24 hours, or 48 hours, or 7 days, or 14 days. [5,6,7,8] No one knows what vaccines do once they get inside the body, so no one knows what the time frame is for a negative effect. Implying that they do know is bordering on fraudulent.

Antibodies only start appearing two weeks after vaccination, and the production of antibodies continues for a few more weeks. The researchers, who are sometimes being paid to do the study by a vaccine manufacturer, have no basis for assuming that any negative effects of the ingredients in vaccines would take less time to develop than it takes for antibodies to develop.

The Possible Link Between Vaccination, Blood Sugar, and SIDS

It is possible that some SIDS deaths may be caused by low blood sugar. Dr. C. Horvarth reported that during a three-year period in New Zealand, the blood sugar level of 84 babies who had died inexplicably was measured at autopsy, and in 81 of them, the level was found to be below the normal range. [9]

Other studies have shown that low blood sugar is strongly associated with SIDS. [10,11,12,13] When the whole-cell whooping cough vaccine causes the level of blood sugar to drop, the drop starts at about 8 days after injection, reaches its lowest point at about 12 days after injection, and becomes normal at about 24 days after injection. [14]

Promising New Protocols

Many countries have passed legislation that an autopsy must be done after every SIDS death, and they have introduced protocols that have to be followed. This is a great step forward. Previously autopsies were only done if someone felt like doing one, and they could decide what to investigate and what to ignore.

One of the benefits of the introduction of autopsy protocols is that explanations are found for some of the otherwise mysterious deaths. In Germany, for example, a non-SIDS explanation for 11.2% of the SIDS deaths was found because of the autopsies. [15]

In the future, the protocols will help to identify ways to reduce the incidence of SIDS.  In the mean time, they help detect to infant abuse, and they help to prevent parents from being falsely accused of abuse. The protocols also mean that doctors can no longer write off blatantly obvious reactions to vaccination as SIDS.

The usefulness of the autopsies would be enhanced if they were to include an assessment of the blood sugar level at the time of death, which can be done even though blood glucose continues to be broken down for a short while after death. [10, 16]


SIDS has been occurring since long before vaccination was invented. [17]  As records of its incidence were not kept until relatively recently, it is not possible to know whether the rate of SIDS in modern times is different to what it was in the distant past. To gain more insight into the distressing phenomenon of SIDS, blood sugar levels at the time of death should be assessed in every SIDS autopsy, and every vaccine that is recommended for infants should be tested to find out whether it causes blood sugar levels to drop at any time after vaccination.


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Wendy Lydall

Wendy Lydall is author of Raising a Vaccine Free Child.

  • Kaz Smith

    thanks for this article. Due a baby any moment now but lost a child from SIDS after compulsory vaccination by a hospital. My husband was arrested trying to rescue our son to prevent vaccination

  • TheSkeptic

    Goldman and Miller in their paper on infant mortality rates (Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity? Miller NZ, Goldman GS. Hum Exp Toxicol. 2011 Sep;30(9):1420-8) discuss that while SIDS went down, it was really a result of reclassifying some of the SIDS death as SUID (sudden unexplained infant death).

  • Never Inject Them

    Your articles are double sworded. A average person reading this is going to read the first paragraph, studies show vaccinations don’t cause SIDS. and not continue. Your articles are are written between the lines. The info of the dangers of vaccines is in there but you have to read very carefully. A person who is pro vaccine is going to read this and say oh see they say SIDS is not caused by vaccines. All your articles are like this. Very frustrating……………… I think your articles are doing more harm then good. But maybe that is your purpose?????

  • 1. With respect to the reported observation,

    “In the case-control studies that have been published, researchers have
    found that when the live babies were at the age at which the case
    baby died, they had received more vaccine doses than those who
    had died. This leads the authors to conclude that vaccination does
    not cause SIDS, which is a happy conclusion for those who want
    to promote vaccination, but far from scientifically sound”,

    it ignores the obvious:
    Once the child begins to have a serious adverse reaction to their vaccination(s) or, worse, dies, the vaccination process generally stops or, if the infant survives, should stop until the reasons for the adverse reaction can be medically established – if the reason is trully unknown, vaccination should cease.

    Thus, the reported observation has nothing to do with vaccination safety and everything to do with the lack of safety for the children labeled as post-vaccination-temporally-related ‘SIDS’ deaths.

    2. In Miller NZ, Goldman GS. Hum Exp Toxicol. 2011 Sep; 30(9): 1420-1428, the death rate had an anomalously higher level of deaths for one vaccine as compared to 2 to 4 ‘vaccination antigen groups’ given at the same time because that one vaccine, generally, the ‘at birth’ hepatitis B vaccine, simply ‘weeds out’ (eliminates) the most vaccination susceptible children.
    Clearly, absent proof of another cause all such SIDS deaths should be classified as ‘hepatitis B’-caused deaths.

    3. With respect to the comment by ‘TheSkeptic’ about the use of new labels to conceal vaccination-related deaths, one needs to add shaken-baby syndrome (SBS) and the ever-more-creative labels used to blame/indict the parent(s) or a caregiver for deaths that are temporally vaccination related (without unequivocal proof) to the SIDS and SUID labels.

    Given: a) the preceding realities, b) the fact that there exist tests that can identify many of those infants at higher risk of serious injury or death from a vaccination or vaccinations and c) the immunological reality that all vaccines given before the child is one year of age do not provide long-term (not less than 30 years of protection) disease protection, because of the lack of the development of the child’s immune system, all children should, at a minimum, have an exemption from vaccination until the available tests and parents’ families’ histories prove the child is not in a high-risk group or the child’s being breastfed ceases, whichever is longer.

  • Jim Bob

    So because the author did legitimate research (the best I’ve seen so far on this page which unfortunately doesn’t say much), and came to a conclusion that isn’t 100% inline with the antivax agneda, it must be doing more harm then good.
    Never Inject Them, it sounds like you form your conclusions before doing your research which a real scientist would say is bad science.

  • NO VAX

    “Case-control studies compare babies who died with babies who did not die. Babies who have not received any vaccinations are excluded from the study.”

    WTF type of ‘credible’ science is THIS supposed to be?

    Sounds as bad as what that pharma shill author Steven Salzberg says in his Forbes article “Congress Holds An Anti-Vaccination Hearing” :

    “Congressman Bill Posey from Florida was just as bad as Burton, demanding a study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children, a standard talking point of the anti-vax movement. (Congressman Posey: do you even realize that your question is almost identical to what Jenny McCarthy asked five years ago, on the Larry King Live show?)

    Here’s his question to the CDC’s Boyle:“I wonder if the CDC has conducted or facilitated a study comparing vaccinated children with unvaccinated children yet – have you done that?”

    Dr. Boyle wasn’t prepared for this. She tried to point out that many studies have been done looking at the relation between vaccines and autism, but she didn’t get very far before interrupted, thus:

    Rep. Posey: “So clearly, definitely, unequivocally, you have studied vaccinated versus unvaccinated?”

    Dr. Boyle: “We have not studied vaccinated versus unvaccinated.”

    Posey: “Never mind. Stop there. That was the meaning of my question. You wasted two minutes of my time.”

    Dr. Boyle simply wasn’t prepared for a Congressman who was parroting anti-vax activists. It’s too late now, but her response should have been this:

    Congressman Posey, only an extremely unethical scientist would consider conducting such a study. To compare vaccinated versus unvaccinated children in the manner you suggest, one would have to withhold vaccines from young children. We know from decades of evidence, involving tens of millions of children, that vaccines save lives. Few if any medical interventions are more effective than vaccines.

    But Congressman, the scientific community has done observational studies of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children, comparing autism rates in children whose parents chose not to vaccinate. Those studies show that autism rates were slightly higher in unvaccinated children. That’s right, vaccinated children had autism at a lower rate.

    So no, Congressman Posey, the CDC hasn’t done a study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children. Only a corrupt dictatorship could impose a study like that on its people. Is that what you want?”

    YES! This is EXACTLY what I want.

    CREDIBLE, UNBIASED SCIENCE with proper controls.

  • Heather

    A ‘real’ scientist would use unvaccinated controls instead of testing the poisoned against OTHER poisoned subjects. Don’t you THINK???

    Only a pharma shill would accept such shoddy research.

  • Jim Bob

    Sure. How about this?

    Reanalyses of case-control studies examining the temporal association between sudden infant death syndrome and vaccination

    Vaccine (March 2012), 30 (13), pg. 2349-2356

    Ronny Kuhnert; Martin Schlaud; Christina Poethko-Müller; Mechtild Vennemann; Peter Fleming; Peter S Blair; Ed Mitchell; John Thompson; Hartmut Hecker

    There is no increased or reduced risk of sudden infant death during the period after the vaccination. The previously reported protective effect seen in case contol studies is based on the inclusion of unvaccinated cases.
    PS. I do not work for a pharmaceutical company or any of its subsidiaries. I just disagree with poor research and anti-vaccine mythology which is actually hurting (and unfortunately in some cases killing) children.

  • Patty Cloonan

    Jim Bob…don’t make a statement without backing up your statement. Where did you get your information on unvaccinated children being hurt and killed? Come on Jim Bob, provide us with links to back-up your statement if you want us to believe your info is credible. Have you looked at a list of the ingredients in vaccines? Do you really think that we can inject toxic substances into our children, on multiple occasions, and not have ANY adverse health effects, including death? Unfortunately it is getting very difficult to trust “science”. The “science” behind vaccines and drugs is conducted by “scientists” that work for the very pharmaceutical companies that profit from that sale of them. Are these scientists going to “bite the hand that feeds them”? I am skeptical…very skeptical actually. Greed causes people to do unethical things. Try as I may, I just can’t figure out what benefit the anti-vaccine people would have by disseminating false information regarding the negative effects of vaccines?

  • freedom

    A retired policeman in Queensland, Australia has decided to talk about his experience’s whilst attending SIDS deaths, in part of his interview he said he always asked the parents if the baby had been vaccinated and when, he knew that the deaths he attended were the result of vaccinations but he witnessed the most appalling treatment of parents by fellow cops.
    Some parents are still languishing in jail, never under-estimate how far the foot-soldiers for the establishment will go, the cops are a major part of “red-nose day” and in turn they are given huge amounts of money to treat this cause as their very own ‘baby’, so to speak.
    The cops and the government are totally compromised and will throw the parent, or both, into jail to keep their millions they are bribed with……these thugs need to be exposed and this bloke is trying to do that.
    The Australian Cartel does not have a health system they have a disease-control management system that is rooted in an ideal of maximized profits and SIDS is a classic part of this evil little game the mugs play with us 24/7.
    The day that cops actually do the job that we are all brainwashed from childhood to believe they do is the day that Pigs Might Fly!…….I believe they can be extremely dangerous, ruthless and will say and do anything to protect the Cartel and all its members.

  • freedom

    dear oh dear that is just awful, I don’t know how anyone pulls through something like this it is just so heart-wrenching and very very sad.
    The rage within knowing they had killed your baby as you were trying to protect it would be hard to deal with……..if you were able to seek some kind of justice, sometimes a little justice can bring a little peace within….. you can see how vicious the system is and how the cops are there to make sure the parents are treated with the utmost horror and fear and I bellieve that they would like you all to go home and kill yourself so you will stf up for good.
    My empathy is your pain in my heart.

  • 441019

    I read the book “Every Second Child,” by Dr. Archie Kalokerinos. He was an MD who worked with aborigines in Australia. There was a death rate of 50 percent(!) among the aborigine infants. Dr. Kalokerinos became aware that many of the infant deaths would occur after an immunization program. Doctors or health officials would come into an area and vaccinate the babies, whether or not they were healthy or malnourished, and leave. He discovered that when he gave intravenous vitamin C to a dying infant, the baby would miraculously recover. His conclusion was that these babies were dying of infantile scurvy, which was brought on by immunization. The diet of the aborigines was very poor, and because of that, the babies were malnourished. When a baby received vaccinations, what little Vitamin D they had in their body was “used up.” In addition, the aborigines lived in very unsanitary living conditions. When he tried to inform the health and medical authorities of his findings, he was ridiculed.

    The lesson from this is that a malnourished or sickly infant would be more susceptible to being injured by vaccines, and also the importance of vitamin D in preventing scurvy. The practice of giving vaccinations to children in 3rd world countries who may be malnourished or sickly could be doing them harm instead of helping them.

    Another point I’d like to mention is that infantile scurvy can cause bruising, which could lead to a parent being falsely accused of child abuse.

  • In the past 10 years the vaccine market has soared from $5.7 billion to $27 billion, a nearly five-fold increase.(1) It’s about time this over-vaccination racket was investigated.
    For further background on over-vaccination, see my website “Over-vaccination – Challenging Big Pharma’s lucrative over-vaccination of people and animals”: http://over-vaccination.net/
    There are webpages on:
    – Over-vaccination – a multi-billion dollar market;
    – controversial Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination;
    – the arbitrary Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) second ‘booster’ dose;
    – annual flu vaccination and the flu industry;
    – pertussis/whooping cough – how does increasing the number of ‘boosters’ of
    the – current vaccine protect against the new strain?
    – over-vaccination of pets – an unethical practice;
    – questions for the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation
    (ATAGI); – the Australian Academy of Science re “The Science of Immunisation:
    Questions and Answers”; and The Cochrane Collaboration;
    – forum discussion on vaccination e.g. the university and CSIRO-funded The
    Conversation forum; Ben Goldacre’s ‘Bad Science’ forum; and the Virology Blog.
    It’s about time the scientific/medical establishment was challenged over its participation in the gross exploitation of people and animals via over-vaccination.
    Ref 1: 20 Top-selling Vaccines – H1 2012: http://www.fiercevaccines.com/special-report/20-top-selling-vaccines/2012-09-25

  • Proof that Big Pharma Doesn’t Care About Vaccine Harm, (Wyeth SIDS document)

  • Jim Bob

    Um…I’ve just provided a reference in the above post to a peer-reviewed journal. Title, Issue, Volume and page numbers are all there. Please read and we’ll discuss. Unless you have a specific concern not related to that article that you would like to raise.
    As for your other concerns, I’m assuming you have proof that the CDC, FDA, WHO and essentially every health agency in the world is being paid off to say vaccines are safe. I only ask for proof of this because you demand it from people who believe that vaccines are safe.

  • Jim Bob


    Here is another study worth reviewing:

    The epidemiology of fatalities reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System 1990–1997

    Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety (June 2001), 10 (4), pg. 279-285

    Linda E. Silvers; Susan S. Ellenberg; Robert P. Wise; Frederick E. Varricchio; Gina T. Mootrey; Marcel E. Salive

    Conclusions: “The trend of decreasing numbers of deaths reported to VAERS since 1992–1993 follows that observed for SIDS overall for the US general population following implementation of the ‘Back to Sleep’ program. These data may support findings of past controlled studies showing that the association between infant vaccination and SIDS is coincidental and not causal. VAERS reports of death after vaccination may be stimulated by the temporal association, rather than by any causal relationship.”

    I’ll post a few more as I find them. Perhaps we can discuss the data and information provided in these articles regarding SIDS and vaccines instead of the vague accusations like “its the toxic substances”.

  • Jim Bob

    Here’s another:

    Sudden infant death syndrome: No increased risk after immunisation

    Vaccine (January 2007), 25 (2), pg. 336-340

    GeSID group The; M.M.T. Vennemann; T. Butterfasz-Bahloul; G. Jorch; B. Brinkmann; M. Findeisen; C. Sauerland; T. Bajanowski; E.A. Mitchell

    “Although previous studies have shown either no association between immunisation and SIDS or even a decreased risk of SIDS, adverse effects, including death, from immunisations continue to cause concern, especially when a new vaccine is introduced. Methods: A large case control study with immunisation data on 307 SIDS cases and 971 controls. Results: SIDS cases were immunised less frequently and later than controls. Furthermore there was no increased risk of SIDS in the 14 days following immunisation. There was no evidence to suggest the recently introduced hexavalent vaccines were associated with an increased risk of SIDS. Conclusions: This study provides further support that immunisations may reduce the risk of SIDS.”

  • Jim Bob

    And another:

    Change in immunisation schedule and sudden infant death syndrome in Hungary

    FEMS Immunology and Medical Microbiology (September 2004), 42 (1), pg. 119-124

    Klára Törő; Rita Mészáros; Árpád Mészáros; Zsuzsanna Csukás

    “Following introduction of Hib immunisation, there was a decrease in deaths due to meningitis from an average of 3.5% of all infant deaths between 1990 and 1998 to an average of 1% of all infant deaths between 1999 and 2002 (p=0.00). There was also a significant decrease in the proportion of SIDS in the age range ⩾2 months from 48% in the earlier period to 39% after introduction of the vaccine (p=0.03). The decrease in SIDS might be due in part to decrease in unrecognised Hib infections or to induction of antibodies by the tetanus toxoid to which the Hib polysaccharide is conjugated that are cross reactive with bacterial toxins implicated in SIDS.”

  • Yes they are all corrupt and are paid off in one way or another. Remember, every drug that has hurt or killed people was first deemed “safe” by the FDA or CDC. After thousands of deaths, they pull the drug off the market after they have made their money. How would you feel if one of these casualties was your child? All of the parents of vaccine damaged children in this country feel betrayed by their doctors and big pharma for hurting their child. They have made many changes to the vaccines to make them “safer” in the past few years. If they were so great to begin with, why have they changed them to eliminate some of the dangerous ingredients? One in fifty children is now diagnosed with autism, compared with 30 years ago, it was one in a thousand. Every year the vaccine schedule grows and grows….I don’t know about you, but I think this is pretty strong evidence.

  • The WOT (WOT stands for Web Of Trust) has placed a warning on this article – what a bunch of losers! Truth to the WOT is like garlic to a vampire, hence the WOT’s pathetic attempts to deter people from accessing articles such as this one – obviously because REAL information about the vaccination issue may curb parents’ vaccination propaganda-induced enthusiasm for injecting their children with poisons. By the way, the WOT warning can be circumvented simply by clicking ‘Ignore this warning’ at the bottom left of the WOT message.

  • How awful Kaz! I would love you to post your story with a photo or photos on my Facebook page “My child’s vaccine reaction” for the benefit of other parents, but it’s of course up to you.

  • Acccording to Australian vaccine researcher Dr Viera Scheibner PhD, Hib is a vaccine-induced disease in babies because the microorganism causing Hib is perfectly harmless unless unless the immune system of the person carrying the Hib organism is weakened or disturbed in some way. That’s where vaccines come in: repeatedly injecting babies and children with toxic and allergenic substances is an outright assault on their health. It comes as no surprise that although Hib incidence may have dropped as a result of vaccination, the overall number of cases of various types of meningitis has not decreased at all. Vaccines don’t prevent menigitis and ill-health, but cause it – by design.

  • Lou

    “My husband was arrested trying to rescue our son to prevent vaccination.”

    IMO we need to prevent this situation from occurring.

    o Have a “normal” birth at home. There are all kinds of benefits. A good midwife will impart 100s of times the practical knowledge a new mother needs as a ped keeping up his boat payments. Knowledge verses NEEDLES now here is a tradeoff not hard to make.

    o NEVER let your flesh and blood out of your sight for a SECOND in a place where NEEDLES are commonly kept. It has gotten so bad they are commonly, with impunity, injecting, AGAINST the known wishes of parents. This includes schools on “mass vaccination” day.

  • Don’t be so ignorant of reality, Jim Bob. The entire system of organized pharma chemicalized medicine and vaccines is indoctrinated from day one with a set system of beliefs and the protocols are undstood to never be questioned. The participants as well withing the medical so called profession not allowed to question, nor deviate from the accepted and very controlled protocols of the accepted so called standards of care. If you do that, you will end up with a career suicide, to even suggest questioning and going against that system. They all know that. Those agencies are not being paid off for their silence directly. Their very existence depends on denial of the all adverse information truth, and that the truth never being not only known; but ever being admitted to. Their very existence, those said agencies in assumed and believed authority, depend on the denial of all harm done; which in actual reality, they are overseeing and conducting a massive level of harm done, and if the real vaccine truth be known.

    Modern medicine and and as to the concept of vaccines, have had it wrong from day one. You simply to need to wake up and face some actual reality, Jim Bob.

    The False Foundations of Modern Medicine

    Cluster of “SIDS” deaths in north Idaho prompt parents to blame vaccines; doctors, government deny vaccine link

    I WANT you to do one thing, Jim Bob! View this below video, and get back to me as to what your impression is of it, and what your defense and refuting statement would be.

    Uploaded on Feb 13, 2008

    Finding your baby dead in his crib is a horrible image but it was a reality for three North Idaho families who found their infant sons dead last fall.

    Are vaccines to blame for infant deaths?

    Isn’t Your Baby’s Life Worth More Than $250,000?

    Here is more proof that pharma knows!. The knowing and willful redistribution of known and unknown hot lots that caused infant death, (written off of course as as SIDS) and that they have done in the past!!!! There is is, right in front of you, Jim Bob!

    Proof that Big Pharma Doesn’t Care About Vaccine Harm, (nor SIDS)

  • Jim Bob, in regard to the doing very needed, vaccinated verses entirely unvaccinated studies issue, please explain your disagreement with and provide your refute of and as to the viability of the following statements, and thus the arguments made for and as to the necessity of these types of studies, that are made in the below videos?

    12. Academic Integrity Fund Interview: Dr. Andrew Wakefield

    13. Academic Integrity Fund Interview: Dr. Andrew Wakefield

    Autism Media Channel-Video Playlist

  • Dr. Archie Kalokerinos



    If you do not care about real the history that mainstream has ignored, or if you feel you must deny it; then this information of course, is not for you.

    Cot Death and Vitamin C , (of course vitamin C as well provides for detoxification, and what are vaccines? Toxic!)

    Quotes-vitamin C & crib death


  • Relative trends in hospitalizations and mortality among infants by the number of vaccine doses and age, based on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), 1990–2010


    JAMA Study: Kids With Fewer Vaccines Have Fewer Doctor and Emergency Room Visits

    A Population-Based Cohort Study of Undervaccination in 8 Managed Care Organizations Across the United States

    Unvaccinated Children Suffer Fewer Infectious Diseases: Study

    VIDS – Vaccine Induced Diseases

  • Costa Rica

    I was wondering when someone would bring up Viera. She claims to have the “Cotwatch” system but provides no proof of it ever existing other than her word. Pictures or video of said device would be helpful. I’m actually surprised no one has demanded she share all she knows about this “life-saving” device. Why not?

  • Wendy Lydall

    Jim Bob is funny. He has not read my article. The journal article he is promoting here is useless for exactly the reasons that I have explained in my article.

  • Wendy Lydall

    lol. Same as above.

  • Wendy Lydall

    This is interesting and is not the type of study that I have described in the article.


    THE FIRST THING ALL PARENTS,must realize is ,THE POLICE GANGS,do not work for the PEOPLE,you have been brainwashed into believing this,SECOND,medical school is a basion of rich worthless criminals from middle class families who DON’t give a SHIT ABOUT YOU OR YOUR FAMILY,they take bribes from anyone with money,and killing your children is part of their depopulation plan,making money is ALL THEY CARE ABOUT,you have been CONNED BY VOMIT VISION,doctors will KILL YOUR CHILDREN ,and later at one of their parties ,LAUGH ABOUT IT,AND YOU TRUST THESE SCUM…………….THIS AIN’T LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRIERRI………THESE DOCTORS ARE ALL PAID KILLERS,ITS THE NEW DEPOPULATION PLAN AND AMERICANS ARE SO STUPID ,EVEN WATCHING THEIR CHILDREN MURDERED,DOESN’T WAKE THEM UP……………….


    HERES THE WAY YOU DEAL WITH THESE CRIMINAL SCUM IN BLUE,get a couple of your friends together and capture these scum and inject some gasoline in a needle into them,it won’t bring back your child,BUT justice will be served…………………

  • johnfryer

    Your comment about SIDS has been around for ever and the LIMERICK comment supporting that idea is BUNKUM.

    SIDS came to the UK and USA in the late 1960s.

    By 1977 one culprit was well and truly nailed.

    In the USA fire retardant clothes were mandated for babies UP TO six months of age. They contained over 10 per cent of dangerous ORGANOPHOSPHATE chemicals (used for weapons of mass destruction). The chemical was REMOVED immediately.

    Then vaccines increased in number with MERCURY ( similar actions to organophosphates) being used right up to today but not for the very very young.

    Also belatedly they discovered organophosphates all over the babies bedding and again they were removed often by police when they investigated the cot deaths which peaked at one dead child in 500 and in total over one million dead babies in total.

    The police, the government, the bedding people have not exactly broadcast the toxic materials around the modern babies but they have obfuscated, put parents and carers in prison and been handsomely rewarded for keeping parents in the dark about why this holocaust happened.

    And that good LIMERICK lady also had an enquiry into ORGANOPHOPHATES and in line with her BUNKUM quote that SIDS has been with us since dot she told us that ORGANOPHOSPHATES in bedding and clothing caused NO HARM to babies.

    So why isnt it in our babies clothing today and in their bedding?


    Somebody or lots of bodies need to be put in prison for these deeds which continue to the present day.


    Or if we do its a very slow process.

  • Hilleman Suze
  • Robert Westcott

    Didn’t Dr Viera Scheibner say that cot death was unhear of before mass vaccinations began? She studied it extensively with her husband who was an MD.

  • joe

    The same Viera Scheibner who invented “cot watch”. I too would want to create more hooplah and promote more fear about SIDS if I wanted to sell more product

  • Joe

    The same Dr. Archie Kalokerinos that believed vaccinations were used for deliberate genocide and also to spread HIV in Africa. Sounds like a really credible and grounded person doesnt he……..

  • madelaine

    Bob ive just had a similar discussion with the anti-vaccine people putting out my own personal view that vaccine does have risks, for some, but that i believe the benefits actually do outweigh the negatives as a whole and that its dangerous for us all to stop vaccinating…..a normal friendly discussion one might indulge in on the internet……..until .one women actually wrote and accused me of secretly working on behalf of the pharma industry and the government to promote vaccines, damage us all and getting paid for it!!!!!! first i laughed because it was so ridiculous, then i was just amazed, and lastly it confirmed absolutely my suspicions that some of these people are, quite frankly, crazy :-))

  • Lou

    “Crib death” was so infrequent in the pre-vaccination era that it was not even mentioned in the statistics, but it started to climb in the 1950s with the spread of mass vaccination against diseases of childhood.” Harris L. Coulter, PhD



    When I was 26 years old, I learned my HBsAg was reactive when I was required to undergo medical exam for an employment (so depressed I wasn’t hired and the doctor had to write in big words, ‘not fit to work’ on my medical result clearance). It was my first time to be tested with that kind of blood work, so I have no idea when I contacted hepatitis B virus. My husband and I are the only ones who knew about my situation. I am so embarrassed and ashamed because hepatitis B is considered as an STD, like the infamous AIDS/HIV. My husband has no hepatitis B (thankfully, but I fear that even with his hepatitis B vaccine, he will get my disease,though doctors assures us he is safe from me.I always sleep longer than usual on weekends, always tired, often experiences tummy ache, sometimes unexpected skin itchiness/rashes, arthritis, irregular bowel movement and am temperamental But today am totally cure with the help of this clinic i came across on this web FORUM, the clinic name (HEALTH MED LAB) here is their email CONTACT THEM IF YOU ARE diagnosed OF HEPATITIS B VIRUS or any other sickness healthmedlab@chemist.com

  • Falsely Accused Shaken Baby Syndrome, (and vaccine caused SIDS)