Vaccine Whistleblower Site Blacklisted by Facebook and Web of Trust (WOT)

VacTruth.com has recently published articles on SIDS, a child dying shortly after being vaccinated, Bill Gates, autism, and vaccine failures. This information is being classified as “abusive” and “malicious” by Facebook.com, ultimately censoring important information from you and other parents.

How does this happen?

When we want to share an article with you on Facebook, we post a hyperlink, which allows you to click and view the article on our website. Frequently when you click on our Facebook links, you will be warned with a scary looking “Security Alert” such as the one displayed below.

Users regularly receive this "Security Alert" when they click articles VacTruth.com posts on Facebook.

Users regularly receive this “Security Alert” when they click articles VacTruth.com posts on Facebook.

As you can see from the alert, Facebook uses a partner named Web of Trust (WOT), owned by Sami Tolvanen and Timo Ala-Kleemola of Finland, to filter out “abusive” websites. [1]

But the real question is who and what is Web of Trust?

This is How Censorship Works in the 21st Century

An alert to someone clicking on a recent VacTruth.com article on their mobile device.

An alert to someone clicking on a recent VacTruth.com article on their mobile device.

Have you ever seen old gangster movies in which they demand money from shop owners for “protection?”

If the shop owner pays the gangster thugs, their property remains safe from any violence or vandalism. But, if the owner refuses to pay, bad things often happen in the form of broken windows, bullying of customers, or firebombing the establishment. This is called blackmail or extortion.

How does this example relate to WOT?

WOT calls itself the “… leading crowdsourced website reputation service” and uses a feedback system to give sites a reputation score. [1]

You can purchase their basic monthly reputation service for over 450 dollars a year. [2]

On the surface, this type of ranking system appears to be helpful. However, when you look behind the scenes, it’s reminiscent of typical mafia extortion tactics. Here’s how …

Anonymous Trolls

The entire WOT system is based on anonymous user ratings – which only encourage troll-like activity. What do I mean by this?

Some users are considered to be  power users, which gives their votes extra weight and access to mass ranking tools. [3] To show you how a few power users can tank ratings for a website, I want to share with you the graphic below. It currently reads:

Good site: 121 votes

Useful, informative: 199 votes

Child friendly: 2 votes

Spam: 1 vote

Hateful or questionable content: 5 votes

Ethical issues: 14 votes

Useless: 1 vote

Other: 5 votes


Comment ratings disabled by someone at WOT to keep negative ratings by power users on top.



VacTruth.com has poor ratings despite having overwhelmingly positive support.

The system is gamed. If you want to know how, read on…

Notice how someone has disabled comment rankings for VacTruth.com. Before this functionality was disabled, you could rank a comment with a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down.” This means the comments with more “thumbs down” votes go to the back of the line and get buried.

At one point, this functionality was enabled for VacTruth.com, but now it has mysteriously been disabled. Why?

As you can see from the graphics, the responses to our site are overwhelmingly positive, yet the rating is extremely negative. This is one example of how a handful of power users have completely tanked the reputation rankings of the site.

Let’s take a look at one of the power users.

Holy Sock-Puppetry George Clooney!

I want to focus your attention on one power user in particular named SuperHero58 – trust me, you’ll want to stick around for this.

This particular power user can be seen posting negative comments on not only VacTruth.com, but also:

Mercola – http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/mercola.com

Natural News – http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/naturalnews.com

Natural Society – http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/naturalsociety.com

And if we look at the statistics for this particular power user, we can see he has rated over 561,760 websites since his account was created in May of 2010!

That is an average of 527 Ratings per Day, or 21 posts an hour for 1066 days. Does that seem a bit fishy – or better yet, spammy – to you? I seriously doubt this person visited all of the sites they rated. But, it gets better.

The power user SuperHero58 has posted over 561,760 since May of 2010.

This screenshot of power user SuperHero58’s profile shows he has posted over 561,760 website ratings since May of 2010.

Since the whole premise of WOT is anonymity, we can’t actually prove the identity of SuperHero58. However, I think we can come close.

While doing a little digging, I came across this forum post showing SuperHero58 complaining about the WOT search engine in the first person, implicating that SuperHero58 is one of the owners, or someone highly vested in the company.

Here is what a Web of Trust forum post by SuperHero58 says:

… I am not the average person and I do believe that my Wot Search, can and it will become # 1

We already have over 35 million users base, I do agree that we need a strong and super aggressive distribution, but also more exposure

I get very upset whenever I see advertised computer products, but never anything about WOT, not even a mention of it

I remember the first time I saw someone wearing a T shirt with the logo of Fire Fox, it caught my attention and that is how I got FF, I love word of mouth, but I will like for the people of the World to know that WOT has a search engine; money comes afterwards, never before

Are we good?

Yes, so let go for number one

Business angels will only come, if we believe and act on it

I would like WOT to opt in auto complete for those who want it and six month time to delete information, for those who want it to make it faster; if we pay attention to the reason so many made Google, and learn from the mistakes that drove so many away from them; I tell you that you will see billions flowing in for new projects with the WOT logo

I know that I sound like a dreamer, but most of the time dreams come true if we try

With all my respect to someone who knows more that I could ever imagine

In a light note , if a movie is made about WOT

I want George Clooney to play me : }” (emphasis mine) [4]

You are not a dreamer, SuperHero58. You are a THUG.


Think about this, as there are a few options to consider here.

First to ponder is this specific forum post could be complete nonsense and written by someone who is highly delusional. Or…

We can ask a question like, “Why would this person want a movie to be made about WOT and want ‘George Clooney to play me?’”

Who is “me” referring to?

Is this Sami or Timo – one of the owners? If it isn’t, it seems like someone close to them who is highly vested in the success of WOT. Don’t you think?

If this is one of the owners, then WOT is pushing their own agenda by negatively rating websites firsthand!

This issue isn’t to be taken lightly, as it is censoring important information. It would also bring into question who is privately investing in this company and what their agenda is. Who are these private investors? Pharmaceutical companies? Bankers?

I’m highly suspicious of WOT and deeply concerned about their ability to censor information. Furthermore, it appears that there are people in power that can affect your ability to get vital information with the stroke of a few keys.

Ultimately, it’s you – the parents – who are censored.

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Photo Credit

Jeffry John Aufderheide

Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of VacTruth.com, he promotes well-educated health professionals, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.

  • casey

    I think it’s time for a social media site that isn’t censored by fools and controlled by the government at large. It’s time to innovate, why should facebook be the only place to go, in fact it is my understanding that myspace is making a comeback under justin timberlake and Dr Lima has started a new social site as well.Most importantly kids and what is termed young adults are bored and overwhelmed by the mindlessness of facebook. There is no time like the present for change!!! Long live choices, it is the heart of the American freedom!!

  • 441019

    This is censorship of truth (by WOT). I (up till now) had no idea how this system works; in fact, I had never heard the words “WOT” or “Web of Trust.” We are truly living in a time of corruption and deception! We must keep speaking out on behalf of the truth.
    I have tried to warn my children (who are adults and parents) about the risks of vaccination, but they believe what they are told by the mainstream media–as most of their generation seem to do. It is as if they have been brainwashed and I cannot get through to them. But I try to make a difference by posting comments on websites.

    I have one grandchild with asthma and one (who was born in 1991) who has Asperger’s Syndrome.

  • Synthetic

    Even yahoo will not post certain comments they view as absurd. I have posted the truth and they refused to post on different subjects, even politics. Censorship? Absolutely. I have experienced it many times. I have copied and pasted pieces by other writers that we not allowed to be posted.

  • Synthetic

    Even yahoo will not post certain comments they view as absurd. I have posted the truth and they refused to post on different subjects, even politics. Censorship? Absolutely. I have experienced it many times. I have copied and pasted pieces by other writers that were not allowed to be posted.

  • Yostigity

    I knew a teenage girl who had seizures from the time she was two years old. After she got her newly required-to-attend-school vaccines, her condition worsened and she had to leave school in the 8th grade. I told her family there is a link between vaccines and seizures and deaths. Their belief system prevents them from seeing that they are able to solve their own problems. They put their faith and trust in doctors and pastors and conclude that the power is held by god to help her. They trust doctors because they have been trained to trust doctors. Doctors have become god-like, in their white jackets. When they are questioned, the patient is reprimanded with stern tones. I avoid doctors like the plague. I look at doctors with disdain rather than trust. They are no better than anyone else, and their intelligence is questionable. I have much more respect for EMTs, the people who arrive at the scene of an accident. They save lives. Doctors are just drug, vaccine or chemo pushers. The business of medicine and the medical industry behave more like a cult rather than anything based on learning or knowledge. And don’t get me started on arrogant, hoity-toity, know-it-all Registered Nurses who sit around and pretend to work.

  • Inspired

    Wow, Jeffry. Excellent article. The mafioso tactics of WOT remind me of the filmmaker, Aaron Russo and his film, “Freedom to Fascism.” His nightclub in Chicago was routinely raided and he was forced to pay protection money. It’s way past time for people to realize this country (the world really) is run by mafia thugs and they must to be exposed.

  • Facebook, is eventually headed in the direction of the Old Yellow Pages book, and that’s extinction, and with the internet everything happens much faster.

  • VaccineRisks

    Excellent article with interesting and shocking information.

    This message has been spread on several Facebook sites by a pro-vax troll:
    “Heya guys, I’m spreading this around. Please vote “Vactruth” on WOT,
    according to what you feel they deserve. This is one small way that we can fight the lunatic fringe and vaccine misinformation. If the site gets enough down votes, Facebook
    will issue a warning screen on any link to Vactruth, advising that it is an
    unsafe site to visit”.

  • This just turns my stomache. All the more reason to pursue the truth and expose them even more. I hope our voices never get lost in the fight against big pharma. Seems the only vehicle of truth is online and they want to do away with that more and more. Reach out to “breaking the set” with your information and see if they would be willing to help bring these tragic stories to the surface. The more exposure the better.

  • Lou

    “Vaccine Whistleblower Site Blacklisted by Facebook and Web of Trust (WOT)”

    How perfectly ironic. The WOT is EXACTLY how this “vaccination” deadly scam is being put over on the American Citizen.

    Naturally we TRUST the CDC even though they told us for decades that the seasonal flu was killing some 36,000 of us a year when the real figure is much closer to 360 or 1% of their bogus figure.

    Naturally we TRUST Big Pharma when they tell us their “vaccines” are 90% of 95% “effective” when their and the trusted CDC’s definition of “vaccine efficiency” refers to the production of artificially produced anti-bodies which has NEVER been shown to prevent disease.

    Naturally we trust our friendly family ped even though he/she is indirectly paid a bonus for making sure 90% or so of his patients are “vaccinated” to the CDC’s pincushion “schedule”.

    So trust, trust, trust but don’t look here for the information that will show you why you should be a little less trusting.

    IMO trust only after that trust is earned. EVERYONE involved with the MASS distribution of the increasingly FORCED “vaccines” has earned my eternal DISTRUST.

  • betsyanne

    I don’t belong to fb and never did and never will. Basically, though, it’s called a social web site, not a business web site, so I guess that may have played a role in why you and the other sites you mentioned were blacklisted. It may also have something to do with the former quackwatch operators, too. They are mostly in jail or going to court now, as I understand it from Tim Bolen at quackpotwatch but that doesn’t mean they don’t still have operatives around doing dirty deeds.
    Still if someone posts your link it shouldn’t matter to fb or wot. Don’t play hardball with them and give them press, even if it’s bad press. Just disable your account and never go back. Who needs it? There are other ways to spread your messages. I post your stuff at my forum and many others, and on a few blogs I visit from time to time. Word will get out. I hope fb goes down in flames. I’ve heard horror stories over the past couple of years about how people’s lives have been ruined by that site. Somehow, it just doesn’t seem worth it. And if you’re looking for privacy, that’s not the place for it either. Why would I care about what joe blow buys at the grocery store or how many dirty diapers their baby had in one day and junk like that. It’s just nuts. People give out TMI, as far as I’m concerned.
    Ditch them.

  • i could really rant about this bullshit but will refrain. please see if i may be able to help circumvent this issue via this page of my website. http://www.masterofmanythings.com/sensitive_content.html this is not a solicitation it is a gift to humanity and an honor to help if i can.

  • i see links dont work …look for “sensitive content” page of my site.

  • LexiR1

    I think doctors are starting to get nervous as people are waking up to the realities of our medical system, that vaccines don’t equal health and that there are wonderful alternatives out there. They’ll do anything to maintain their Godlike status so none of this surprises me. I suspect there’s much, much more going on to keep us under control then we’ll ever fully realize. It’s nerve wracking to stand up to them sometimes, but we have to do it to protect ourselves.

  • Michelle

    Important article Jeff. You are providing such a needed and important service by gettiing information on vaccine dangers out to the public.

  • Great point. I also think it is relevant to bring up the fact Facebook, an American company, is using WOT, a Finnish company for blocking. WOT has a very clever system for complaints.

    They recommend you visit and post your issues in their forum … while only having a mailing address available for contacting someone at the company. It’s more like a black hole, then anything else.

  • @441019:disqus – I’m glad this article was enlightening. Most folks don’t know how this small group of people – and I do mean small – is censoring thousands of websites they don’t even visit. I can guarantee you they rate more sites than they can visit — and just from the logic of what they do, if they actually did visit all of the websites they claim, their computers would be habitually infected with malware.

  • @b26c1ec1e5e2f3690421618be786a084:disqus – Thank you. Aaron Russo is another good example of how this happens. WOT just uses this in digital form. Appreciate the insight.

  • This is a matter of trust. Your point of view on the topic is accurate.

  • QB

    Perhaps WOT can be fought by other means. It is obvious that this superhero is actually a superzero and a zealot of the right wing who shuns the truth and is adamant about keeping anything that goes against their personal beliefs knocked down, regardless of who it hurts. Perhaps a web petition should be started to shut down or if nothing expose this for what it truly is… a sham of one mans need to control how people think by lieing, deception and misinformation. I think if more website new how this controlled rating works, they might think twice about using it. Word of mouth is powerful and if you can’t get them shutdown or to change their business practices to be more truthful and less misleading, you can at least get the word out there to other sites of their practices and perhaps a boycott??? Just sitting back and complaining won’t change it… we need to make it change and it starts with one voice!

  • Their system is being challenged – that is what they cannot stand. However, many doctors now have resorted to worshiping corporate science. What do I mean by this?

    If a patience comes in with symptoms of an illness, many doctors prescribe a pharmaceutical from the menu — almost as if they were at a restaurant. When the patient has a reaction to the medication, what does the doctor do? Prescribe more pharmaceuticals for that.

    Many situations could be avoided if doctors actually stopped addressing all of the symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs and performed scientific tests that are measurable, like blood tests, etc. But the reality is there isn’t much money in going that route, is there?

  • Thank you for your support, Michelle.

  • Interesting perspective, Kevin. Thank you for sharing this resource.

  • Probably a good plan, Betsyanne.

    I like Tim Bolen’s work and it certainly is uncovering a huge rats nest, isn’t it?

  • As my esteemed colleague Shawn Sigel says, vaccination is an issue of trust. This can be extended to the realm of health services and beyond, in my opinion. I think you hit the nail on the head, Lou.

  • @facebook-1282734495:disqus

    We can’t do this without your support. Thank you so much for standing with us to get out this important information. I sincerely appreciate it, Lena.

  • @VaccineRisks:disqus

    Thank you for spreading the message. I know for a fact we are not the only ones effected by this poor system Facebook has adopted. I anticipate articles such as this one will bring to light how a few people are censoring information.

    It’s a house of cards waiting to be blown down.

  • There are some positive aspects of Facebook, however, I believe there are forces working behind the scenes to leverage this information for malicious purposes.

  • betsyanne

    Yesssirree, Tim and his daughter, Tangerine, both write good articles. Tangerine has been helping the raw milk movement by writing and making videos, etc. Didja hear that Montana passed a sweeping raw milk bill just recently? But that’s another topic . . .

    I found this info today and thought I’d share it here (about Fb). Interesting.


    I think texting is also deteriorating our society. No one knows how to write anymore, and the English language is suffering for it, as well. Now the public schools (which I think are just awful) are now singing the tune of not teaching children to write in cursive. They only want the children to print. How ridiculous is that??

  • betsyanne

    Fb certainly has a poor system, as does wikipedia, where anyone can change information or delete other people’s information. In fact, it’s been said that wiki has it’s own people hired to take down alternative health information the minute it’s updated on certain topics. Yes, we sure do live in the land of the free, don’t we? Argggg.

  • Jemima

    I post regularly on a forum in my hometown about the dangers of vaccines. One of the moderators is a lawyer. They must be getting revenue from the vaccine makers because they are always censoring one thing or another (I say) while allowing the pharma shills to say whatever they want.

    I deeply appreciate the information that Jeff and Christine share. Especially when I think of helpless little children being legally poisoned with impunity.

    I will not stop posting or cross-posting information until my dying breath. When the liars start yapping out more lies, it galvanizes me to post even more.

    I have learned a lot looking up links (pro/com) about vaccines and firmly believe it is a modern day eugenics program designed to weed out ‘inferiors’. THIS is why they refuse to do studies that include NON vaccinated kids.

    Time to go post more truthful information on another website. Perhaps I’ll start leaving leaflets about VacTruth at my drugstore, day care, EVERYWHERE!

    People need to know.

  • Barb

    Thank you for exposing this, I’m thankfully not on Facebook and do not value (important health) information based solely on opinions or beliefs.

    Since folks can post whatever they like and package it to look legit it’s best to take most everything online with a grain of salt unless it can be verified and passes the common sense test.

    My own health journey/allopathic nightmare took me back to the beginning of Pasteur’s precious germ theory; once I discovered he was little more than a cruel, greedy plagiarist (who stole and misrepresented the discoveries of Bechamp etc. while subjecting lab animals to unspeakable acts http://www.vivisectionresearch.ca/pasteur1.htm) with no medical background or experience and that his “science” doesn’t hold up to logic or scrutiny (certainly not the absurdity called Koch’s postulates) a whole new world of empowerment opened up, fear of illness or disease and the need for vaccines disappeared.

    There will always be those who blindly follow “professional” or others’ opinions rather than doing the research and thinking for themselves. I’m just grateful that at this time in history the lies are getting harder to cover up…

  • Cherry Misra

    We are absolutely in an age moving towards exploitation of the masses by corporate interests, disguised as government and I applaud Jeffrey John and all others who are fighting back. Im sure that medical science is simply rife with examples other than vaccines, but Im going to mention only one example here.: For more than 12 years there has been lots of research indicating that mercury is causing Alzheimers Disease in older people. (You can google on Kip Sullivan + Alzheimers, if you are interested). As with autism, the research keeps coming, but the powers that be simply give it a blackout.Now the interesting thing about mercury, is that you can do something about it, which means that Alzheimers can be prevented, and possibly reversed. Nevertheless, about two years back Time magazine ran at least 10 full pages on Alzheimers and it was the coverstory., , I scanned each page and I could not find the word prevention, and I doubt if the word mercury was anywhere also. What WAS there was the word “treatment”. Well, now we know why this issue was published- One of the big pharma companies had a drug in their pipeline for treating Alzheimers. Unfortunately for them, the drug turned out to be ineffective and was a big disappointment for them, but in the meantime, the population was all softened up to buy their new medicine, and to keep purchasing it for many many years. You can also notice little rumblings in the media about drugs for AD that may DELAY it, In this manner, everyone over 45 could start taking their medication , hoping that it would prevent Alzheimers.

    Dont have time right now to google on Kip Sullivan?- the answer is brief: If you want to prevent AD- stop eating fish more than once a month; refuse flu vaccines or any others that contain mercury ; Get those silver fillings taken out of your teeth by a biological dentist; Dont live near a factory that burns coal, such as a power plant; Dont eat high fructose corn syrup or take fish oil with mercury (Most of them have it- be sure to turn the bottle around and read the contents.

    Fight back with knowledge and truth and science.

  • QB,
    Thank you for your encouragement.

  • Your passion and desire to give others important information is contagious. Keep up the great work and keep charging!



  • Hi Barb, you’re welcome.

    There are certainly a need for ethical medical professionals to lead us – and I think that is what I believe has been co-opted. Unfortunately most are heavily in debt and many can be bought for a price.

    Clever marketing has been recognized to sell better than helpful and scientifically proven cures for disease.

    What would be left to sell if 95% of the population were in great health?

  • Thank you for the information Cherry. I’d also like to mention pharma is co-opting the Autism movement, too. For example, Robert Ring was a scientist from Novartis and now works for Autism Speaks.

  • Emma Stanley

    WOT can be gamed, and the pharma shills will gang up on a website, happens to be all the truth sites about the damage vaccines do. The WOT is aware of this ability to be gamed, but I am very surprised at Facebook. Then again they are “corporate” and pharma’s bring them big revenues. It’s all about money, dishonest, and there is no Free Press on these social media sites, depends on who owns them. Thankful we have a site like yours to really hear the facts, thank you for your service to humanity. There is nothing more damaging that a day old baby receiving a chemical shot full of carcinogens.

  • Why dont you release a weekly newsletter and then all the folk who support you can paste it on facebook. Will this help, I am not sure. John Wantling, Rochdale, UK

  • Hi John, thanks for the suggestion. In the scenario you suggested, WOT and Facebook would throw a security alert for anything http://vactruth.com/ regardless of who posts it.

  • Petrina Walker

    We are doing that right now with http://thinkpinion.com/. People can say what they think about anything and everything uncensored, although we ask people to be respectful and courteous. You can be yourself or be anonymous to really encourage free speech. I find on friend circles like FB there are peer limits. We just need people to use it :)

  • 441019

    Thanks for your reply. Yes–it would not be possible for one person to visit so many websites.

  • Pip1021

    Fab article, very enlightening…though sadly, not surprising. Keep up the good work!

  • Jeffrey, I posted this to seismiclogic. I strongly recommend that you get to the various ANONYMOUS sites on Facebook and post it to them. They are at war with Facebook for not blocking pedophiles. They will make noise about your stuff being blocked. They’ve been quite good at getting things “UNBLOCKED”

  • The general public must as well first understand the real history of modern chemicalized medicine, and why how it became what it is and why it remains the largely failed system that is. They must understand why there are no other promoted options from within that system, other than the tightly controlled system of information that it is. Of course the public and even the people working within this organized system of allopathic health care, have a great deal of reluctance to ever believe that they have bought into a large scale health care scam that has gone on now for over 100 years.

    The concepts of what is being exposed here, is and should be unimaginable for most people that have never been exposed to this information. Quite obviously it is a near unbelievable and yet a Twilight Zone style situation, where real history literally disappears, and even the Encyclopedia Brittanica is purchased by the Rockefellers and all adverse historical information deleted and rewritten. This is a situation where people like Antoine Bechamp, and several other prominent figures during the day and time frame of Pasteur (and that actually in comparison had it right); thus literally disappeared from existence as to any recording of what they put forth and knew regarding real and naturopathic health care. The only thing to be left standing was the knowledge of chemicalized medicine, with all thus branded as unscientific quackery; all while the real quacks took control of all existing medical schools. A story of big money, greed, control, and the only thing that could sell big profits. Selling sickness and disease; and never finding the real cause nor the real cure to anything; is NOT health care.

    If you think I am at all incorrect; I suggest that you first review the information, data, and the actual historical account of this that I am about to put in front of you. Once you realize this bigger picture for all of what it actually is; then modern medicine and vaccination becomes entirely exposed for the major fraud that it actually is. The soil and the seed; the terrain verses the germs and pathogens. They truly have had it all backwards.

    The Real History of Modern Medicine

    The False Foundations of Modern Medicine

    Death By Medicine, (two well done studies, check it out)

    The False Theory of Vaccine Derived – Herd Immunity

  • Dávíd Ben-‘Ánáh’gín

    Why not just send the articles on Google+? They don’t censor the type of content your articles you send out, because I send articles about alternative health on there to the “circle” that I made for that topic all the time.

    David Ben-Anah’gin

  • Can you create another vactruth site on facebook under a different name, such as vaccinetruth, or whatever? Once again, I’m not sure. I just emailed Facebook complaining about web of trust. John Wantling, Rochdale, UK

  • There’s a new website out there to counter WOT. It’s called WOT Sucks!. Go there and tell your story about WOT. Tell why WOT’s a fraud. Give the names of sites that are being unfairly treated by WOT.

    WOT Sucks wears WOT’s red labels with pride!

  • The URL for WOT Sucks! is http://wotsucks.com.

  • Beth A. Baker

    Good detective work. When I see WOT’s message it will be practically meaningless to me from now on and I will ignore them. This is censorship at its worst.

  • Claude Gelinas

    Awesome article!

    The WOT is pure non-sense as near-total anonymity is a dead end, in terms of credibility. Facebook is one of the CIA’s virtual creatures and as such, is mostly about control and the steering of public opinion.

    In the face of Evil, we stand strong and continue to push ahead with the truth, even as trolls try to pull us down into their miserable darkness.

  • LexiR1

    L. Hubbs, I don’t feel you are at all incorrect. Over 20 years ago my doctor’s were trying to rush me into surgery to remove my ovaries because of ovarian cysts. At age 29, I didn’t want to mess up my hormones for the rest of my life. I went to see a naturopath for the first time and he said, “no problem, I have a tincture right here.” My body reabsorbed the cysts and I still have my ovaries. I never told my conventional doctors because at that time I was scared to death of their reaction. However, they were in awe when doing a couple of followup ultrasounds they saw the cysts disappear before their eyes. That was my introduction to alternative medicine and I’ve never turned back. My animals have benefited from my new knowledge and receive no vaccines ever and are raw fed. I’ve never seen such beautiful, healthy, lean, fit animals ever. I’ve read extensively and taken an extensive homeopathic course (which I use for my animals when they need something) so I feel very comfortable in the alternative world. I’ve also refused any and all vaccines since leaving home at 17. I should also be vibrantly healthy, but an industrial exposure ruined my lungs making life very difficult. There are some things alternative medicine can’t cure. Kind of ironic that I’m looking at a possible proceedure to help me, but my insurance has declined coverage. The doctors just hand me another inhaler even though they don’t work. Even if you WANT care from our crummy medical system you can’t get it!!!!!

  • MA


  • empiricist

    The information age…. where secrets are hard to hide. One can understand the problem this presents to those who deceive as a profession. So their only recourse is to use the internet to continue their deception with paid shills and propaganda. A former stock shill told how they have people paid to talk up or down stocks on discussion groups. The propaganda websites do not have a comment option- a dead giveaway. Facebook has ties to the intelligence community- they have software that gets the pictures and ties it to names, and then can identify people on camera off the street automatically. Scary. So I’ll try out thinkpinion at least.

  • Rori

    I was able to post a link to this article on my FB wall. Hope that helps, even a small amount.

  • Rori

    Who is Dr. Lima?

  • Never be scared to speak out in front of those doctors, as nothing can change until they start getting it. They are the ones that should fear you, and us; because they have had it clearly, all wrong. We will refuse to continue be their victims, and to be victimized by them; so to speak. Thank you for your amazing story, and I have heard many of those similar stories. When you get into the the know of the circles of naturopathic protocols, what you find is an amazing number of people who the mainstream route, and pharmaceuticals failed them repeatedly, with their condition only getting worse, and only with more failed pharma chemicals added. When they searched for the answers in the right alternative circles, amazing recoveries took place. This is real, and there is absolutely no question about it.

    A Basic Understanding of Naturopathic Health Care

  • Anonymouse

    One solution for directing people to web pages is to unlink it as such. Here’s an example “website at domainname dot com /123456789”. Nothing is linked, the vital info is there and one can type it in for themselves. Forum posts are littered with these kinds of podts. Where there’s a will there’s a way. I for one am tired of the bullying and data collection from all the big boys. I wish we could be left alone. Thanks for the article.

  • WOT

    WOT is a free community-powered safe surfing tool that tells you which websites you can trust based on other users’ experiences. It protects you from threats that only humans can spot, such as scams, phishing, and bad online shopping experiences.
    Comments express the views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of WOT. A site’s reputation is computed from ratings, not comments. Leaving a comment is completely optional and since users who disagree with the reputation are more likely to also write a comment.
    Both comments and comment votes have no effect on reputations, and comment voting is automatically disabled for all sites where the ratings are controversial to prevent abuse. You can learn more about ratings, comments, and comment votes here:

    The WOT system is meritocratic. We have designed the system to analyze each user’s rating behavior from several aspects, including statistical modeling, in order to determine their trustworthiness. When you start using WOT, your ratings have minimal weight, but if you keep rating sites consistently, your ratings grow more trustworthy over time. The idea is to make the system difficult to manipulate. However, users who rate a lot of websites have no more weight than those who rate fewer sites. In fact, the most active users are often considered less reliable by our system, because their behavior is rather abnormal. You can learn more here:


    WOT does not adjust reputations manually under any circumstances as well, as you cannot buy a good reputation.
    Trust seals are available only for those sites that have already earned a good reputation, and should the reputation decrease, the trust seal will be automatically removed. This is explained here:


    If you have any further questions regarding WOT we recommend you to check:

  • A “community-powered surfing tool that tells you which websites you can trust based on other users’ experiences.”- this is automatically going to yield flawed results, particularly when you are talking about a socially and politically HEAVILY BIASED subject like this. The point remains that no website, WOT, should be able to regulate what others decide they want to look at.

  • guest

    But what you are saying is that the ratings of websites is entirely subjective to the opinion of a majority of the public…correct? So, anyone who doesn’t like this site can give it numerous bad ratings and it will therefore be blacklisted.

  • Molly

    I will never stop sharing the dangers of vaccines on FB and in person, the toxic ingredients and the horror stories of parents with vaccine damaged children. Until the last day on earth i will share these parents stories, studies, and information warning people about vaccines.. WOT and noone will stop me!

  • Please explain then how WOT prevents abuse by users who try to blacklist a site merely because the content expresses opinions with which they disagree. Clearly this site is a reputable site. That is, it does not promote spam, malware or malicious behavior of any kind. This site is an educational site. If WOT is to be trusted, it should not be able to manipulated by those who have their own censorship agenda.

  • WOT is therefore a useless web surfing tool unless you are a child. The ease of corruptibility of WOT,as demonstrated herein, is certainly a fatal flaw in its design IMO. I certainly will not use a censored search engine & will also advise others to avoid it.

  • I agree that even though Facebook is badly managed, it has positive aspects in that for one thing, it has become a haven of vaccine dissenters and vaccine opposition. My ‘Vaccination Information Network’ (VINE) FB page now has over 30’000 subscribers, so that quite a few babies have been saved from the jabs thanks to the information posted on VINE. I am therefore grateful to Facebook for providing me with a platform for my views and information concerning vaccination, which is in my opinion an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science and must be abolished as a matter of urgency in order to prevent this medical abuse of children from continuing.

  • I actually find WOT quite helpful because when I see their pathetic warnings I know I’m onto a good article!

  • Hi John, the problem occurs when anyone tries to post a link on facebook to an article on the vactruth website. Different username on facebook would unfortunately not make any difference. But good idea on complaining to Facebook about WOT. I’ll do the same.

  • Please visit my FB pages ‘Vaccination Information Network’, “My child’s vaccine reaction” and ‘Vaccine free children photo gallery’ Molly – would love to have you post comments on them!

  • I appreciate WOT – whenever a WOT warning appears on my computer screen it’s virtually a guarantee that the information I’m accessing is worth looking up!

  • Your comment on this page proves that you are personally monitoring this website and not leaving it to the public. I used to use WOT years ago until I found that they were blocking all the vaccine truth websites and I then uninstalled your crap. Thank you for proving WOT is not truly trustful.

  • Dawn

    It happened to me with WOT as well. Fully cited and documented posts… apparently not good enough for the likes of some people. I was also called “dangerous to children.” I could see being called dangerous to status quo, but not to children. So many of my readers tried to vote in opposition to one man who had the power of hundreds apparently. I think it’s absolute crap. I have often wondered if some WOT pro-vax “users” are really a bunch of people using the same account. Interestingly enough, I decided to make my website only viewable in the US and Canada (My trolls were from other nations where there is no recourse. In the US, we can bring legal action against people for cyber harrassment, stalking, bullying, fraud and defamation of character) and then I contacted facebook about WOT and a couple weeks later, my blog lost the WOT warning from there. I am not sure what did it though. I agree with the poster, when WOT or Viper warns of a dangerous page, it means I am about to learn something AWESOME. Even google will block pages and put up 404s in the US when the exact link is viewable in other countries and searchable in other countries. I have Canadian friends who help me do research pertaining to natural cures for caner for example.

  • A better solution is to use a URL shortening site like bitly. Facebook will usually not block these links.

  • Hopefully everyone here that has commented will remember to sign up there are vote this website 99/100 for all five categories, fight them at their own game.

  • Linda B

    Carry on the work that you started. You are reaching people who think. There may be no hope for those who don’t unless they are awakened one day when someone close to them in injured or killed by vaccines. You are fighting a good fight. You have helped more people that you will ever know. God bless you in all that you do.

  • Conmed vaccines vs Homeopathic Vaccines: Pick your choose http://drnancymalik.blogspot.in/2011/05/connmed-vaccines-vs-homeopathic.html

  • Appears fixed I received no warning…. https://facebook.com/vaccinetruth

  • I refused a mammogram, and after arguing with me my doctor said, “You’d better come up with some better reasons next time.” Um… or what? I haven’t gone back to her since then. What sort of a threat was that? Does she think she can force me? Thank goodness it hasn’t come to that!!

  • LexiR1

    I also refuse the mammograms. No family history, I’m not fat, I don’t smoke, etc. etc. The one mammogram I had at age 30 there was a speck of dust that caused them to call me back in to hit me with yet MORE radiation to prove that it was only a dust speck. After that I said, “No more” and have refused them ever since. My lung situation is going to get me way before breast cancer ever will and yet they were still pushing me to get a mammogram. Really? That and all the vaccinations. Yep, lets just slam my immune system so I have nothing left to fight with. Great idea. Sheesh……

  • anit

    Is WOT optional? Because I would rather use my own mind to decide what is trustworthy than have someone else decide what I can trust and what I cannot. I would like to block WOT as “abusive.” Just what the general public needs. Another entitly telling them what they should and should not believe. They don’t even have to think for themselves! No wonder most don’t anymore!

  • Concerned…B. Warren

    http://savemylifedrrima.com An American doctor and her American retired husband General Stubblebun who live in Panama and work to warn the people of risks against their well being and health perpetrated by the federal government and corporations working against your health.

  • Ephraiyim

    yeah u used WOT for a couple of week till it became obvious that it was rigged. Some of my favorite sites were impossible to rate and I would get warning about sites I had visited with no problems before. It’s a total scam-stay the hell away from them.
    So far as Facebook is concerned I signed off for good 1 1/2 years ago when I found out they had board members who were former CIA. That was enough for me. And don’t tell me it is just a false rumor-I anin’t buyin’ it.

  • Robert Foy

    Consider the fact that the Facebook IPO was a big money maker for M.Z.. Many of those that invested are themselves large corporate types. It is completely believable that pressure to censor was placed on M.Z. under the threat of loss of advertising $$. After all is said and done, there are NO business ethics anymore and $$ rules the world.

  • Wonderful to know there are others out there that share my same feelings.

  • Wonderful to know there are others out there that share my same feelings.

  • She can’t force you as of yet. I don’t know what reasons you gave her but the ionizing radiation and tearing tissue with the compression of the breasts are enough reasons. And there’s the fact that one mammo (we get 2 each time) has many times more radiation than one chest xray. Look into Breast Thermography. It isn’t covered yet by ins but well worth it. Can detect possible problems up to 8 years before they happen. (Unlike mammos that only tell us we may have a tumor.)

  • It’s just a growing concern that we must stay vigilant about. We were censored in the late 90s by our local paper when we tried to write in about an incident that happened. When we wanted to purchase an ad to inform people, we were not allowed. Hoping someday this can all be stopped.

  • scoutabout

    The same goes for Wikipedia with any subject that is alternative health and medicine. Wikipedia is totally biased against natural health therapies. Do not use Wikipedia for anything related to health and medicine!

  • Mike F

    Diana, the radiation from a mammograms is absorbed by the metals found in tissue and aluminum salts found in air, water, food and medications create a sink for the breast. We have just finished a clinical trial on the breast and found the metal from earrings and dental fillings can be absorbed into the breast especially if one is using an antiperspirant or a crystal style deodorant. Use thermal imaging and have the tech scan the neck and underarm for any lymph node that may be blocked. There are new CT scans that can cause more damage and were released even when the FDA Scientist working on the devices reported patients were being harmed. There is a pending lawsuit.

  • juno

    Thanks for the eye opener. The best way to stop them is the education. I never knew that WOT and what they do until now.

  • The Enforcer

    Excellent work! Keep us informed so that we may make our own decisions!

  • Martina

    I have just come out of hospital after 2 scans and know that if it isn’t written in a medical book they won’t proceed further. Nerve tissue is complex but when it doesn’t behave as they expect you are a faker. Never mind that another doctor has seen and written up on the damage in a previous operation. I have been told that I should be walking without problems after my latest scans. Yet the neuro surgeon who operated on me 5 yrs ago and saw the nerves with his own eyes said he didn’t know how I managed to stand let alone walk. now my walking is failing and the new team of doctors in another area won’t go further because the MR says I’m fine. I mention this because a lady in the hospital bed next to me had an MR before her op. It was meant to be a simple job; but once they got in there it was much more complicated, so why do they treat these diagnostic machines as gods?

  • Martina

    I too appreciate this information. 2yrs ago before being enlightened I had my usual flu jab and spent most of the winter with pins and needles. Thankfully I found this site before the next one was due or I could have been in serious trouble


    Thanks for exposing the MyWOT Fraud. Sami, SuperHero58, Kraftwerk, Myxt are known scammers. We are a growing list of members of the MyWot Destruction Group. We will continue to expose MyWOT SCAM.

  • David

    If SuperHero58 is one of the owners I am Santa;

    If you read the whole WOT forum (like me) you will see that he is an average user who really loves WOT, a huge fan but never one of the owner/developers.

    WOT is also not a scam; your site got a red rating because the meritocratic majority do not trust a anti-vacine site like yours.

    WOT sold like e.g McAfee a “Seal” but want to stop this soon, I guess there are not enough costumers for that.

    All you have are conjectures no facts.

  • Santa

    Jeffery is absolutely correct. David, you are either totally naive or a member of the elite community competing for a larger badge. SuperHero58 … think about his title. He truly thinks he is superman. But when a mafia style organization allows him to do his tricks on people, then later offer them the solution of correcting their rating with a small $700 fee. What do you think?

  • Awesome Blank Avatar

    WOT scoring system or whatever you like to call it is so easily manipulated it isn’t funny. The fact that we seem to have a spokesperson of some sort here to water down the problem suggests that they are not even phased by the scale of the problem.
    How did they find this website in the first place hmm?
    Looks like someone’s in damage control to me.

  • GiggaDate

    At http://www.GiggaDate.com we have been totally destroyed by various forms of negative seo and the form of WOT or scam advisory sites. They feed off of long tail keywords specifically relating to domain names. I’m in on destroying them with you. Incidentally, i find it totally not surprising that Facebook is promoting them. I don’t know if any of you have tried facebook advertising but it is an even bigger scam than Google adwords. Pay per click… It’s a scam for dinosaurs but the problem is we don’t have viable solution. It is so profitable to make robotic software view and click adverts that nobody can prove otherwise too, It’s what so many undesirable developers want to do. Also with regards to WOT, most of their traffic comes from Russia if you look closely into it. That says it all if you want my opinion. I am offering a solution to these problems we face in today’s internet world. Be part of the team at http://www.avepya.com together we can build an honest and trusted community. Perhaps we can offer a service which is not backed by the people who are destroying the world. Perhaps we can even turn the tables on them. Avepya.com will be owned and operated by the members. Each member owning an equal share in the site. Ass a group of millions we will be able to manipulate the internet in the same way said people are doing now. Only we will do it in the reverse, by honesty, sharing success, sharing profit, and most importantly offering a pay per viral service to companies which are not part of this scam which has killed the internet as it stands today. Yes i am developing Avepya.com by myself currently but it will be nothing without the members. Each member will own the exact same share of the business as i will, we will all be equals, no one person has the final say. I i want to speak to every member myself personally and on webcam. People with nothing to hide normally don’t mind speaking on webcam. Add me on skype akindofmagic lets discuss what avepya can be.

  • GiggaDate

    Where is the group, how do i join, what are we doing to destroy wot? Please skype me akindamagic