The Value of Your Child’s Life – According to Those Promoting Vaccines

How do others value your child's life?

How do others value your child’s life?

Most mothers and fathers vividly remember the days they took their child for shots, filled with anxiety, knowing it would be painful for the child and not knowing how the child will react to the vaccine. As I spent some time researching how those people who tell parents vaccines are safe respond to questions and uncertainties from parents, I came across the following:

“Use emotional warfare on those questioning vaccines. Tell emotional stories full of tears and sobbing and unbearable grief and terror, about people in your own family or people you read about, who were sick with or died of terrible diseases. Don’t hold back details about bodily fluids and suchlike: the more gross the better. This stuff has a way of infiltrating the minds of parents, subtly influencing their decisions, in a manner similar to advertising.” [1]

The Vaccine Controversy

Later we will revisit the last paragraph. For now, let us wonder why there is a controversy surrounding vaccines. To provide you with a bigger picture of what is causing a vaccine controversy, let me back up and provide you with one personal aspect. Stay with me as the reason for a vaccine controversy unfolds.

When our daughter was born I was overcome with emotions I had never experienced before, emerging feelings of immense joy holding a miracle in my arms, so innocent, vulnerable and sweet. I made a solemn promise to my daughter, right then, right there:  that I would always be there for her, protect her, educate her and never walk the path of least resistance. After all, this child had been entrusted to me and I am responsible to provide her with the best life she can possibly live.

We are proactive parents. From the very beginning, I researched the safest car seat for my child, my wife did a good job breast feeding, and we have worked hard on stimulating our children intellectually. As a native of Germany, I clearly knew that I would give my children the gift of bilingualism. Prior to birth, I had already ordered an abundance of German books, picture cards, etc., to assist me in my endeavor of raising a German-speaking child in an English-speaking environment.

I vividly remember driving with our daughter to the hospital when she was 22 months old to see her newborn brother for the first time. We conversed in German the entire time and it struck me that my child spoke German much better than English despite the fact that she spent more time with English-speaking people (her nanny, mom, grandparents, etc.). I accomplished that incredible task by completely sacrificing myself and placing my daughter first.

When our son came along this task increased in difficulty. By the time our daughter was three she spoke German and English equally fluently. She is now five, still speaks both languages fluently, and she is beginning to read and write in both languages. We are going on long bike rides, she riding her own bike (she went on her first ten-mile bike ride without supporting wheels at the age of three), and my son is in a ‘bike seat’ behind me as we sing German songs and tell stories.

One Shot Changing Four Lives – Forever

Unfortunately, this is only part of our story. In 2011, when my oldest child was three and a half years old, we followed our pediatrician’s recommendation to catch up on some shots. That particular day, our daughter received one particular vaccine.

Twenty-four hours after that vaccine, she developed a horrific viral infection. Within the next few days, she started to have mood swings, became thirstier and needed to use the bathroom more often. Thirty days after the vaccine and 29 days after the rash, our daughter was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes.

During our first night in the hospital with our daughter, my wife and I looked at each other knowing that this would change our lives drastically. We agreed that we want our daughter to grow up feeling as carefree as possible and not feeling handicapped by her autoimmune disorder. My wife quit her teaching job the next day and became a homeschooling mother while managing type-1 diabetes.

The Children’s Hospital commends us every visit for the outstanding job we are doing in managing our daughter’s illness. Our daughter and son excel at their school work and cognitive and physical development, all the while not being impacted by type-1 diabetes.

In the days following our daughter’s diagnosis, I also had to make a decision: do I accept our daughter’s condition as ‘fate,’ despite knowing differently? What about the promise I made to my child at birth? We already established an environment for her to receive the best possible treatment, management and education. Where does this lead me as the father of my child?

The Beginning After the Injury

As I witnessed my child regressing into an autoimmune disorder immediately post-vaccination, I would have been highly irresponsible and negligent to continue to harm my child by continue to having her vaccinated. I wanted, however, to learn if there were other cases of vaccine-injured children and perhaps even medical professionals, researchers and scientific evidence to know what I had experienced first-hand.

That was the beginning of my research journey. Yes, there are other cases, many cases and many medical professionals, researchers and scientific literature pointing towards vaccine dangers and vaccines not preventing, but causing, illness. Writing as I researched, I shared some of my findings in my book VACCeptable Injuries?

Having found the cause for my daughters ‘injustice’ and having stopped it from further harming her through more vaccines, I knew my responsibilities toward my child had not been met. I began to research major diabetes foundations like the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the American Diabetes Association, the Joslin Diabetes Center and the Diabetes Research Institute. Even though all four organizations have contributed amazingly and wonderfully to the development of managing type-1 diabetes better today than ever (for which I am very thankful), I questioned whether their efforts will contribute to a cure.

The Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance found that “None of the major diabetes charities has set a time goal for a cure, and only one of the four, the DRIF, has adopted a definition of a cure.” [2] As I am missing the urgency from the mainstream diabetes organizations to find a cure, I felt that my responsibility as the father of my child is to engage in my own research. But now, back to vaccines.

As vaccines are administered to all children regardless of their differences (one size fits all), I am being rewarded through my research – tailored towards my individual child – to have found people, medical doctors, researchers, nurses, scientific articles and natural doctors to supplement the insulin treatment of our child.

My research has also led me to find a wonderful pediatrician who actually projects ethics in believing that parents, NOT PHARMACCEUTICAL COMPANIES, NOT THE GOVERNMENT AND NOT DOCTORS know their children best and should be the decision makers. He doesn’t push us to vaccinate, despite being pro-vaccine.

The Stories Parents Are Told to Avoid

I also found many other stories of vaccine-injured children:

You may find the story of ‘Little Ben’ to be very informative, whose family was rewarded one of the largest settlements in vaccine court for irreversible brain damage: http://www.littlebentrust.com/

Another heartbreaking story is that of Lisa Mark Smith who was severely injured by the flu vaccine. Her life and that of her family will never be the same: http://www.vacceptableinjuries.com/2013/05/a-mothers-flu-shot-nightmare-unedited.html

Lisa’s story is also available in Vaccine Epidemic, available at Amazon.com.

Another of tens of thousands of stories from vaccine-injured children is that of Caroline. Caroline was a happy, healthy, playful baby … until six months of age when she received the DTaP, IPV/OPV, Hep B, PCV7 and a flu shot, all at her six-month well child visit. After that, she began exhibiting a shaking behavior any time her excitement or sensations became more than she could process: http://regardingcaroline.com/index.html

A vaccine controversy exists, because every day children are injured by vaccines and families’ lives are changed forever by a medical intervention that has never been proven to be safe and effective in the first place.

The Value of the Individual Child

In his article The Value of Life, Statistically Speaking, Rick Jones explains that “healthy children may suffer adverse reactions, injury, or even death,” but “for vaccines, the enormous societal benefits trump the tragedies of the few.” [3]

In other words: the individual child matters nothing compared to the masses. This attitude seems contrary to the value we place on the individual within our society. American educators are trained to recognize and understand the differences in children. American schools prioritize the fact that “students are all different. That is what makes students unique and interesting human beings.” [4]

My teachers always told me that there was nothing worse than following blindly, as in doing so, I was empowering a group of a few to make decisions for the masses. Some of my teachers had seen Nazism and Stalinism and knew very well what they were talking about.

There are great dangers involved in riding any bandwagon. Once we parents take our seats on the bandwagon, we are no longer leading our families—we are simply fellow passengers along with our children. We are no longer the ones making decisions for ourselves or our kids—we have ceded this important responsibility to whomever is driving that particular bandwagon. And this is a mistake.

In any wagonload of people, the needs of individual passengers may differ greatly, and what might be good for some of the passengers might be quite dangerous—even deadly—for others. And if ‘others’ is our child, it is our responsibility—not the driver’s—to foresee the danger and keep her from taking that deadly trip. [5]

Asking You to Be a Bad Parent

The American Academy of Pediatrics asks the following rhetorical question: “Do you treat all your children alike?” before elaborating on the subject of what makes GOOD parents: “Probably not. You should relate to and treat each youngster differently. Treating each child as an individual is part of what makes that child a unique person and is a way of appreciating his special characteristics.” [6]

In this article the Academy provides many reasons for treating your children differently and uniquely. When it comes to injecting your child with potentially lethal toxins via vaccines, however, the ‘one size fits all’ method is applied as the Academy of Pediatrics calls for all children to be vaccinated using the same dosage regardless of weight, heritage or having thoroughly examined each child for potential side effects.

At babies’ birth or two months of age, their parents have few clues how their newborn responds to different external stimuli. There are no thorough physical exams performed before subjecting babies to several shots at the same time. All of which is contrary to the notion of “know your child and treat her according to her unique needs.”

What Happens to Good Parents?

If you are one of those parents living by the principle that each child should be known and treated according to his or her needs, you may find yourself having a problem with the notion of having your child injected with 48 doses of 14 vaccines (if you live in the United States). Or you may be the parent who witnessed your child regressing into illness after receiving routinely administered shots, then saying, “NO MORE.” Should you dare take the story of your vaccine-injured child to the public, you deserve nothing but contempt, according to many health care providers and others promoting vaccines.

In her book Your Baby’s Best Shot, Stacy Herlihy proclaims, “Vaccines are perhaps the greatest health miracle ever known to mankind. Inoculations will protect babies and toddlers from everything from pneumonia to chicken pox.” [7]

It is more than questionable that vaccines provide sufficient protection from illness. To make a benefit-risk analysis is crucial. To read more about the questionable assumption that vaccines sufficiently protect from illness you may find the article “Vaccination – Human Necessity Or Dangerous Ritual?” of interest. You can access it here: http://www.vacceptableinjuries.com/2013/05/vaccination-human-necessity-or.html.

We should, however, focus on how Mrs. Herlihy – and many others favoring vaccines – answer to those parents questioning her assumption that vaccines are the greatest health miracle. Commenting on the book Vaccine Epidemic, Mrs. Herlihy proclaims that “human rights do NOT include the right to spread diseases to others.” [8]

A human right is defined as “any basic right or freedom to which all human beings are entitled and in whose exercise a government may not interfere.” [9] We can only assume that Mrs. Herlihy wishes to be in control of YOUR child, preferably via government control. Further commenting on an alternative point of view, the author of Your Baby’s Best Shot states that she removed the book Vaccine Epidemic, as an alternate view point “out of the library in complete disgust. This miserable exercise in creative typing is nothing but pages and pages of sheer misinformation by paranoid fools.” [10]

One has to question the very personal insinuations made by the author toward someone creating balance for better decision-making. It seems that Mrs. Herlihy disapproves of everyone going astray from her own point of view. Mrs. Herlihy offers utter contempt for responsible parents questioning the safety and effectiveness of vaccines when she states, “You’re a sad, paranoid, dangerous person with a ridiculous agenda.” [11]

Taking it a step further, Mrs. Herlihy responds to those mothers whose children have been injured or killed by vaccines by writing they are telling “…lies about her daughter’s illness and medical history.” [12] Perhaps caution is advised to read an author who uses ad hominems and pseudoscientific beliefs. Caution is warranted when reading an author who discredits any other viewpoint than her own as lies and insulting the person daring to share the story of her vaccine-injured child.

In summary, you are asked by the vast majority of health officials to override your parental instincts and anxieties following their agenda. If you refuse to subject your child to vaccines you are labeled ‘a bad parent.’ If you disregard your fears and consent to vaccines and your child is harmed in the process, then you are labeled a liar.

Utter caution is advised to blindly follow those who stoop to low levels of rhetoric as they seem to defend a vaccine religion rather than a medical intervention based on sound science. If injecting your child with live and attenuated viruses, as well as potentially lethal toxins, is truly based on sound science, one has to wonder why Mrs. Herlihy – as well as others promoting vaccines – have to stoop to such low personal rhetoric using “emotional warfare on those questioning vaccines.”


Who knows your child best? Who has to live with consequences resulting from decisions imposed on you by pediatricians or diverse authors, labeling parents as “paranoid,” should they express the ramifications of the child’s vaccine injury?

Good decisions are made by taking all perspectives, arguments and scientific outcomes into consideration. Those advocating for all parents to inject their children with toxic substances via vaccines are also advising to silence voices of thinking otherwise. Their tools are means of “telling emotional stories full of tears, sobbing and unbearable grief and terror and not holding back lies about bodily fluid.” Perhaps, at this point, you should start asking questions of those claiming vaccines are safe and effective.

If Mrs. Herlihy were truly convinced that vaccines are preventing illness in children and are safe for all, she would welcome a scientific and societal debate, as her claims would withstand any scrutiny. Wanting to silence those questioning vaccines by means of intimidation and lies seems to imply that vaccine advocates are hiding something they wish not to be revealed.

[contentbox headline=”Support Families” type=”info”]To support families of vaccine-injured children and demand accountability for those being responsible for the tragedies, please visit the link below right now and sign the petition to ‘Lift the ban shielding drug companies from lawsuits for vaccine-related injuries or deaths.’




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Photo Credit

Markus Heinze

Born and raised in Germany, Markus Heinze came to America when he was twenty-three years old. As a volunteer, he taught at small Catholic schools and repaired houses during the summer. He earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Northern Kentucky University and a master’s degree in secondary education from Union College. For fifteen years now, he has taught German and French in several different public schools. He is married to another elementary school teacher, and they have two young children.

  • Frank Carman

    Have you tried various forms of chelation to rid your child of those toxic substances that have caused such great harm?

  • Priscilla Bromley

    Thank you for this article. Ms. Herlihy’s viewpoint is bias towards anything else besides what she wants everyone to believe. No open discussions and/or scientific evidence is allowed. The usual retort is labels and name calling to the effect that we are paranoid or all our knowledge about our own children (before and after the vaccines) is dismissed as our imagination and its always to the effect that we couldn’t possibly know what were talking about because we as parents are not doctors. As if all doctors are honest (doctors receive numerous financial incentives to push vaccines at the expense of our children’s health.) We, who have every reason to be against vaccines, are seen as paranoid when all the scientific evidence and case after case after case supports our decision. It always is in their agenda to push these vaccines. Instead of our government supporting what is just and fair and to the good of little ones. It should not be allowed that govt. is paid directly or indirectly to support vaccines. that schools should be funded by the govt. so that the vaccine agenda is further propelled and that parents are further bullied into getting them so our children can attend school. This insanity has to stop!

  • FrankR

    Dear Markus Heinze,

    as you speak German : Please have a look at Dr. Johann Schnitzer’s site on how to cure Diabetes ( http://www.dr-schnitzer.de/bhz001.htm ).

    He also wrote books on how to cure Diabetes I + II and High Blood Pressure.

    You also find a very good German Forum (Selbsthilfeforum, please google for it i can’t find the link right now) with lots of testimonies .

    BTW: There’s also an english introduction available on his website.

  • Lou

    “Healthy children may suffer adverse reactions, injury, or even death,” but “for vaccines, the enormous societal benefits trump the tragedies of the few.” Rick Jones

    No Rick you are WRONG. I will prove it to you in two simple sentences.

    1) The US “vaccinates” by far the most in the world; often two and three times the number of “vaccinations” per child.

    2) The US ranks 45th in childhood mortality; 44 of those countries who “vaccinate” much less have less children dying.

    Rick “vaccination” is a deadly myth. Those kids we are killing (SIDS et al) immediately; those kids who become seriously sick IMMEDIATELY after “vaccination”, those kids who drift off into being constantly sick most of their life, are being needlessly killed and harmed. There is NO long term benefit to “vaccination”. As for society Rick have you thought who is going to take care of the “vaccination” induced autistic adults we are creating by hundreds of thousands? I hope you have LOTS of room in your house Rick because YOU are part of our problem with “vaccination”

    “Vaccination” is associated with and demonstrated to cause sickness and death. There is NO evidence ANY “vaccine” is safe and effective.

  • Brutus

    “Caution is warranted when reading an author who discredits any other viewpoint than her own as lies and insulting the person daring to share the story of her vaccine-injured child.”

    Reading articles like this make me want to smash this person right in the face for their arrogance and gall for picking on ANY parent of a vaccine-injured child.

    Better yet, every time they open their mouth, lets give them 10,000 shots of their own ‘medicine’.

  • Markus Heinze

    I truly understand your anger.

  • Smith

    Chelation is one way to purge the body from the toxic heavy metals but unfortunately, vaccine induced auto-immune reactions are catalysed by the distorted (animal and human) proteins, viruses and other adjuvants (eg. even peanut oil!) found in the Witches’ Brew .

    Vaccine manfacturers claim that incompatibilities and interactions among the antigens and other ingredients of the vaccines make them difficult to produce.

    Which of course makes them difficult to accept.

  • This is an amazingly well put together article, thank you.

    Biomedical treatment is and has been as a fact successful in many cases in the recovery from vaccine harm and ASD. The earlier you start obviously the better the outcome may be. It is not a one size fits all program, nor as to its protocols and much time doing research and figuring things out needs to be done by the parents. The reason is that it is not just one vaccine nor just one vaccine ingredient in and as to triggering of causation. These protocols directly implicate vaccines, detoxification, and providing the childs body with the necessary means to heal. There are as well some doctors of course who specialize in this but they are few, and as well simply because the risks of retaliation by the in denial of all medical profession, all to often exists.

    Biomedical Treatment

  • Sean

    Great article! Sometimes in my frustration, I put together only a pincemeal argument which hurts my case. This article covers the issues very well.

  • This is about the best site you will find on vaccines/research

  • Meg
  • MA

    I am using etiquette of not using UPPER case. As a few have told me off literally; for me its the CONTENTS. As a firm believer that humans are being used as great farming tools for big pharmas and the scum elite in power. I wondered through my pondering moments that the Creator must have been a Great Designer if humanity did not need vaccinations prior to the lies of Jenner and his Co-partners in the Crime against Humanity. So the question still remains why if we were born once upon a time with the most amazing immune system why is it being tampered by humans? Why? is the sad story all of US tell in our hours of pain when we have to deal with the Now.

  • Markus Heinze

    Sean, I understand. After many lies and insinuations I figured it is time for me to sit down and compose an article, as thousands will read it, compared to a few reading an argument.

  • Markus Heinze

    Danke Meg. Ist ja heute erst erschienen. Dann werde ich mir wohl für heute Abend keinen Film ausleihen (-: Hoffe dir hat mein Artikel hier gefallen. Hast du mein Buch schon gelesen?

  • Markus Heinze

    The last post is from 2011. Do you know if there are more current posts?

  • Dorit

    Explaining that science supports vaccinating is not picking on a parent of a vaccine-injured child and is in no way inappropriate. Threatening to “smash” people in the face, on the other hand, is very problematic. I am sorry to see the author of this article apparently condone such behavior.

  • Anonymous

    Threat of physical assault against Ms. Herlihy in the comments (with which you agreed) screenshotted, and a complaint filed with the hosting company.

  • Markus Heinze

    Hi again Dorit. To make sure my position is clear I ended the comment with ‘NICELY, but determined’.

  • Ravensinger

    “Mrs. Herlihy proclaims that “human rights do NOT include the right to spread diseases to others.” [8]”

    Funny – seems to me that that’s EXACTLY what vaccination is.

  • Sallie

    I will be sending this article to the legislators I am asking to BAN VACCINES 2013. Since the ingredients, diseases and intent may not be enough to get through to them, perhaps the personal toll will. Well done Markus.

  • Simone Harris

    “A doctor who does not doubt is not a doctor….. he is an executioner.” — Agatha Christie, Hercule Poirot. Need I say more?

  • GH

    Any valid medical practitioner who cares for patients with T1DM (type 1 diabetes mellitus) knows that this is a disease process that is ongoing for MONTHS prior to the onset of physical symptoms. This is because the pancreas can compensate for the autoimmune destruction of the beta-islet cells that produce insulin for a long time until a threshold is reached. So then it follows that your child by your story was NOT vaccine-injured in acquiring type 1 diabetes. That is an irrefutable fact. With all the “research” you’ve done on T1DM, you should really know stuff like this now.

  • Markus Heinze

    Hi GH. Every child, every human being for that matter is unique in its biological make-up. Therefore we can expect a different progression of illness in different people.

    In “Five Stages of Evolving Beta-Cell Dysfunction During Progression to Diabetes”, Gordon C. Weir and Susan Bonner-Weir argue that “unless some process, such as autoimmunity, is producing rapid β-cell destruction, individuals in stage 2 usually evade progression to diabetes for years” (http://diabetes.diabetesjournals.org/content/53/suppl_3/S16.full).

    The Autoimmune Disease Research Center at the John Hopkins Medical Institutions clarifies the autoimmune process for you: “Autoimmune diseases are, thus, defined when the progression from benign autoimmunity to pathogenic autoimmunity occurs. This progression is determined by both genetic influences and environmental triggers” (http://autoimmune.pathology.jhmi.edu/whatisautoimmunity.html).

    What could those environmental triggers be? In “Association between type 1 diabetes and Hib vaccine”, Classen discovers the following:
    “We initiated and funded a collaborative study with Tuomilehto on the effect of the Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine on type 1 diabetes and found that the data support a causal relation (paper submitted for publication). Furthermore, the potential risk of the vaccine exceeds the potential benefit. We compared a group that received four doses of the vaccine, a group that received one dose, and a group that was not vaccinated. The cumulative incidence of diabetes per 100000 in the three groups receiving four, one, and no doses of the vaccine was 261, 237, and 207 at age 7 and 398, 376, and 340 at age 10 respectively” (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1116914/).

    Not too long ago I received the following message from a mom that is indicative of what is wrong with those studies you refer to when claiming vaccines are not the cause of type-1 diabetes in many children:

    “I started researching vaccines in the 80s, long before I had any children. I resolved that NO children of mine would ever have a vaccine – and they haven’t. None of my ten (yes, I have given birth to ten children!) have ever had a single shot. They are also healthier than all of their peers. Coincidence? I think not! My husband was pre-med (Biology/Chemistry double major) and I was pre-law (French/Econ Major) when we met. The vaccine issue was a very, very big area of contention for us. This was 1990, long before the internet put medical publications at your fingertips. He challenged me, the non-science major, to prove to him scientifically that my assertion that vaccines are more dangerous than the diseases was in fact true. This was serious enough that I would not marry him unless he agreed, up front, that we would not vaccinate any children. He was equally adamant that he wouldn’t take my word for it, nor my feelings, but that SCIENCE must show the truth. This was difficult, but I was motivated! I went to the University library where I had access to real medical publications and journals. I found relevant articles, photocopied them and took them to him for review. What he found was stunning…that often the abstract of the article was very misleading. He was versed in statistics, I was not…he understood sampling and the manners in which researchers might remove subjects from a study…often for unknown reasons. Sometimes he suspected the reason that subjects were removed from the sample included the fact that their exclusion made the data more palatable. Palatable for the outcome the scientists were trying to get. The bottom line is that article after article he read pointed to the fact that vaccines were NOT preventing the diseases they claimed to prevent. Data was manipulated, disease diagnosing criteria was changed, all to make the vaccines look more effective than they really are. After investigating the vaccine ingredients, such as adjuvants (which by the way are WORSE today than they were in the 90s; squalene is an example) including thimerasol (mercury) and aluminum are VERY harmful to the central nervous system – especially when it is still developing, as it is in infants, he was appalled. NONE of this information was offered to him in his pre-med classes. The outcome? His scientific training showed him conclusively that we would NOT vaccinate because it is more dangerous to vaccinate than to allow a healthy immune system to develop permanent lifelong immunity while fighting a disease that they may or may not ever get. Our children have been in public school – the assertion that you MUST vaccinate or they can’t go to school is a red herring. I trust that you will research this issue and fight for your childrens’ health. No one can take away the vaccine, and its potential damage to your child, once that shot goes in their body. Protect your child, you know best!”

  • GH

    Right. I got halfway through that last paragraph before giving up. Crazy mom anecdotes do not constitute good scientific argument.

    “What he found was stunning…that often the abstract of the article was very misleading. He was versed in statistics, I was not…he understood sampling and the manners in which researchers might remove subjects from a study…often for unknown reasons.”

    Amazing then that these same peer-reviewed publications could not come to such conclusions under scrutiny of review.

    To paragraph 1 – Nobody is arguing that T1DM is not an autoimmune process. It is. I’m telling you its a progressive illness that has onset many months prior to onset of physical symptoms which makes the <1 month time frame highly unlikely in your child's case.

    The validity of whether vaccines have some role in causing diabetes is not advanced by articles by Classen. First of all most of his data is unpublished as letters to the editor (as in the 'study' you reference). I can write so and so without any evidence in this fashion and hope it gets published too, without actually producing real research. This individual owns a website (vaccines.net) and company (Classen immunodeficiences) that benefits directly from anti-vaccine claims. People on this website often spout about how all of us physicians are bought without regard for the fact that the 'MDs', NDs and otherwise who support anti-vaccine claims have much more to gain than the vast majority of academic researchers.

    If you simply google Classen and look beyond all the Lalaland whale.to, vaccnines.net crap, you can find links outlining the number of non-credible claims he has made previously (http://webspace.webring.com/people/il/lmorgan/fearmongers/classen_credibilty.htm). That website is dated but its enough to show all the silly accusations he makes. With a track record like this, unless his work is validated by outside sources (which it is not), there is no validity to it whatsoever given the inherent risk of bias.

  • Markus Heinze

    “You are telling me”…is fine, but it doesn’t lend any credibility to your argument. The scientific literature clearly states that the time span of autoimmune progression differs.

    Adding to the scientific literature is our vaccine injury lawyer who has seen many cases of vaccine induced type-1 diabetes with a rapid progression and onset. He of course has to provide facts by means of expert testimony.

    The mom anecdote is more of a testimony about ten healthy non vaccinated children, healthier than their peers. It is also about a former pre-med students who exposes that medical training does not consist of understanding how all the different vaccine ingredients act in individual children. Oh, yes, that is because there haven’t been any studies.

  • if you check around on her site there is more on just about everything, have a look around…

  • They are injecting children with programmable HeLa cells. This is also in GMO’s these vaccines are terrible. RF programming is also a factor. Kids need to stay away from cell phones etc. See here:



  • leave a comment on her blog if there is something specific you want, she will get it to you… have you seen clint richardson’s movie re this?

    You need to know that your kids are securities, that is how they force this, they are owned as ‘persons, citizens, or residents’ under US law. That is how the game is played. There is a bond to their name, that the bankers own. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zs55fU5kx1o he also has one called lethal injection… take care, keep doing what you are doing…!!!

  • One google search comes up with this, GH. All you are doing is making baseless claims, and personally attacking the messenger, without actually offering a basis for refute of anything whatsoever. This is a and the classic form of denial. And as for your claimed reference link digging for some dirt, you didn’t as much as bother to see if it worked, and it does not.

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  • Markus Heinze

    Thank You, Lowell. I think anyone who conducted research views GH’s response as an affirmation that the progression of type-1 diabetes differs greatly in different individuals. As we have (and you do through your sources) shown repeatedly, vaccines can throw the immune system in a hyperactive spin causing rapid destruction of beta cells. I am still waiting for GH to provide me with research proving his claim that the progression is the same for all prior to diagnosis. Well, I won’t hold my breath.

  • Jeff C

    “Crazy mom anecdotes” or not, people are listening and that is why the entire medical establishment is in a frenzy. Do you argue with chem trail kooks or Holocaust denial conspiracy theorists? Doubtful, as no one cares what they think. However, when a mom (or dad for that matter) says their child regressed into autism or an autoimmune disorder after receiving multiple vaccine doses in a single office visit, people listen. When every adverse reaction is dismissed as a coincidence by the evidenced-based crowd, people notice.

    People also notice that hand-waving ASD rates of 1 in 88, peanut anaphylaxis rates of 1 in 50, ADHD rates of 1 in 16, and asthma rates of 1 of 10 as “better diagnosis” doesn’t pass the smell test. Folks intuitively understand that children are far less healthy that they were a generation or two ago. Folks have also noticed the infant mortality rates have flat-lined for 15 years in the US, despite the fact they continue to fall well below ours in Japan and Western European countries with far fewer vaccines administered. Drug-company funded studies then effectively ask us to believe them instead of our lying eyes. People are calling BS, and the medical establishment is in a tizzy that we dare question their authority.

    Here’s a tip, if you are trying to convince people that your argument is correct, it’s a good to avoid sneering at them in the process.