Dangerous Vaccines Found to Cause Symptoms of Shaken Baby Syndrome

Over the years, parents have more and more commonly been blamed of child abuse if their child is diagnosed with the “triad” of injuries associated with Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) after receiving a vaccine. The “triad” includes bleeding inside the brain, bleeding behind the eyes and swelling or inflammation of the brain.

When a medical professional suspects that a baby has been violently shaken, they will examine the baby for the “triad” of injuries associated with SBS. These are subdural haematoma (bleeds inside the brain), retinal haemorrhages (bleeds behind the eyes) and cerebral edema (swelling or inflammation inside the brain).

The Triad of Injuries

Bleeding Inside the Brain

Norma Guthkelch, a retired neurosurgeon, wrote the first description of Shaken Baby Syndrome in 1971 in his paper Infantile Subdural Haematoma and its Relationship to Whiplash Injuries, in which he discussed 23 cases of strongly suspected parental assault on children under the age of three. He concluded that:

“It has been shown that there is a discrepancy between the frequency of subdural hematoma occurring in battered children and of the same condition complicating head injuries of other origin, the incidence in the former being unexpectedly high, though in most of those in whom there was no actual skull fracture there was not even  clear evidence of the application of direct violence to the head. This suggests that when the head is not the main target of attack the likely mechanism of production of the hematoma is one in which repeated sheering strains of one sort or another are applied to the cranial contents.

It follows that since all cases of infantile subdural hematoma are best assumed to be traumatic unless proved otherwise it would be unwise to disregard the possibility that one of these has been caused by serious violence, repetition of which may prove fatal, simply on the basis that there are no gross fractures or other radiological bone changes in the limbs, nor any fractures of the skull.” [1]

However, the violent shaking of a young child is not the only cause of the triad of injuries. These injuries can also occur after short falls, illnesses such as encephalitis and meningitis, birth trauma, vitamin deficiencies and genetic illnesses such as brittle bone syndrome. These causes are identified on the British Medical Journal’s online guide Best Practice: Abusive Head Trauma in Infants. [2]

Bleeding Behind the Eyes

The paper written by attorney Dermot Garrett entitled Overcoming Defense Expert Testimony in Abusive Head Trauma Cases indicates this fact very strongly when the author discusses retinal bleeding on page 35. [3] Garrett writes that a presentation at the 2010 American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Annual Meeting analyzed the results of 62 studies of pediatric retinal hemorrhages published since 1965.

Garrett says that all of the children studied were younger than 11 years of age, had undergone a detailed examination by an ophthalmologist and had been diagnosed with retinal hemorrhages due to confirmed accidental head trauma or non-accidental head trauma. The results of the analysis showed that seventy-eight percent of patients with confirmed accidental head trauma had retinal hemorrhages, in comparison to just 5.3 percent of the non-accidental head trauma patients, proving that not all cases of retinal bleeds are necessarily caused by child abuse.

Swelling Inside the Brain

Another cause of the triad of injuries associated with SBS is vaccine-induced meningitis/encephalitis, a severe reaction to vaccinations.

In 2012, Marahendra K. Patel et al. published a paper in the Journal of Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics, which discusses the case of a five month-old baby boy diagnosed with suspected post-vaccination encephalopathy following the DPT vaccination. Tests concluded that a reaction to the DPT vaccination was probable and in their discussion, the authors discussed several other worrying cases of similar reactions from India. [4]

In 2010, Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic wrote an extensive paper exposing evidence that she uncovered surrounding many cases in which children developed encephalitis or meningitis after they received vaccinations from as early as 1983, which she says were deliberately covered up by the UK government’s JCVI (Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunization). [5]

Dr. Viera Scheibner mentions vaccine-induced encephalomyelitis, characterized by brain swelling and hemorrhaging, in 1998 when she wrote a paper published in Nexus titled Shaken Baby Syndrome: The Vaccination Link. She had become so worried that parents were being falsely accused after their children had suffered a vaccine injury that she opened her paper by stating:

“Some time ago I started getting requests from lawyers or the accused parents themselves for expert reports. A close study of the history of these cases revealed something distinctly sinister: in every single case, the symptoms appeared shortly after the baby’s vaccinations.

While investigating the personal medical history of these babies based on the care-givers’ diaries and medical records, I quickly established that these babies were given one or more of the series of so-called routine shots-hepatitis B, DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus), polio and HiB (Haemophilus influenza type B) – shortly before they developed symptoms of illness resulting in serious brain damage or death.” [6]

Finally, Dr. Harold Buttram and F. Edward Yazbak wrote on the subject of false accusations of SBS and vaccine-induced encephalitis in their paper titled Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine Induced Encephalitis: The Story of Baby Alan. [7]

Dr. Buttram opens his paper by stating:

“In the following report Dr. Yazbak and myself have reviewed the case of an infant death which we believe to have been mistakenly diagnosed as shaken baby syndrome, the true cause of death in our opinions having been a vaccine-induced encephalitis. Having carefully followed the case and its developments for nearly a year, the report represents untold numbers of hours of study and investigation into the many technical parameters of the case. From this study we have come to realize that this case is representative of an emerging pattern of increasingly frequent vaccine reactions on the modern scene, which are being overlooked or misdiagnosed by our present health-care system.

The Story of Baby Alan is a poignant one, all the more so because it is something that could happen to any young couple or parent. Although the story is necessarily technical, nevertheless we urge that you read it. If you are a young person contemplating having a family, it is something that could happen to you.”

Despite all of this evidence, however, parents continue to be blamed of shaking their babies before all other possible diagnoses have been fully explored.

The Reid Technique

When SBS or non-accidental head injury is suspected, the police will interview the parents or caregiver who was caring for the child at the time the child became ill. According to parents who have undergone this interview, the interview process is extremely intimidating, and many succumb to the bullying tactics used, either by admitting that they injured their child or by accepting a plea bargain.

This may be due to the use of the ‘Reid Technique,’ a technique which is often used when interviewing a person suspected of shaking their child. [8, 9]

The Reid Technique is used in police departments around the world. It is basically made up of nine steps, and in my opinion, it is put in place to intimidate and force a confession out of innocent people. The nine steps are:

1. The police officer will present the suspect with evidence that they committed the crime. (This evidence can be real or fake.)

2. The officer comes up with a story as to why they believe the suspect committed the crime.

3. If the suspect tries to deny that they committed the crime, the detective will immediately interrupt the suspect.

4. If the suspect tries to give a logical explanation as to why it is not possible for them to have committed the crime, this explanation will be refuted.

5. At this stage, the detective will pretend to be the suspect’s ally.

6. The suspect, at this point, is studied for body language to see if they are about to surrender.

7. The interrogator provides the suspect with contrasting possible motives for the crime.

8. The detective will urge the suspect to talk about the crime.

9. The confession:  At this stage the suspect usually feels intimidated and anxious and a confession is taken.

The evidence that Sergeant Christopher Savage, a former police officer, gave to me in an interview last year discussing SBS demonstrates that this procedure is commonly used. [10]

Researchers Uncover The Truth

Early this year, Dr. Michael Innis published his latest peer-reviewed study in Clinical Medicine Research. His paper titled Autoimmunity and Non-Accidental Injury in Children discusses the cases of five children suffering from brain injuries and fractures after vaccinations. After studying each case in depth, he concluded that vaccination could be responsible for the triad of injuries commonly associated with SBS. [11]

In his paper, Dr. Innis outlines that the response to antigenic stimulation damaged the beta cells in the pancreas causing hypoinsulinaemia (unusually low levels of insulin in the blood), which inhibited the cellular uptake of vitamin C, resulting in liver dysfunction, failure of carboxylation of the vitamin K dependent proteins, resulting in hemorrhages and fractures associated with the triad. He concluded that fractures, retinal and subdural hemorrhages and encephalopathy in children are autoimmune responses to antigenic stimulation in a genetically susceptible individual.

He explains that common antigens are mandated vaccines, viral, bacterial and parasitic infections.

To understand exactly how cases of vaccine damage are frequently misdiagnosed as SBS, please read Dr. Innis’s paper in full.

I found his paper easy to read, interesting and revealing and I was particularly enlightened to see him open his paper by quoting the work of psychologist Lisa Blakemore-Brown, who in 1995-1996 became the first professional to identify that parents were being falsely accused of child abuse after their child had suffered a vaccine injury.

Do You Need More Proof?

Many other professionals support the fact that parents are being falsely accused of SBS. In 2008, Kent R. Holcomb published the paper Shaken Baby Syndrome: Actual Innocence Petition, in which he demonstrated that the Shaken Baby Syndrome theory was unstable by using a “hypothetical case.” [12]

In his paper, Holcomb states that the biomechanical branch of science is the one and only discipline with the expertise, experimental data, and responsibility to determine if a biomechanical event such as human shaking (SBS) or lethal minor falls (LMF) can or cannot cause potentially fatal injuries such as subdural hematoma (SDH).

For years, the triad of injuries has been the only evidence used in criminal procedures to convict parents of shaking their babies. According to a growing number of professionals, this misguided trust has resulted in many innocent parents being charged and convicted of murder.

However, times are changing, and as Holcomb explains, the history of medicine is full of examples of practices that, during their times, were generally accepted by a consensus of medical opinion, only to be later rejected as useless, potentially harmful, or sometimes even lethal.

Professionals are recognizing that Shaken Baby Syndrome is an unsafe diagnosis, due to the evidence being presented with the use of biomechanics. According to Holcomb, the study of biomechanics has proven that humans lack the physical strength needed to cause fatal brain injuries from manual shaking alone. He says that if a child were to be shaken as described in SBS cases, then this violence would result in a high incidence of spinal paralysis from neck injuries in infants, which has never been reported in association with SBS.

In 2009, Holcomb published a paper titled Justification for a Federal Injunction to Suspend All Vaccine Licenses Based on Unreasonable Health Risks and Causal Links to Chronic Disease Pandemics.

Holcomb states very clearly that vaccines are unsafe at all levels. He says that a hypothesis is not proven until all the data has been read. He says:

“When evaluating vaccine-safety-hypotheses, like all other hypotheses, the SHHS (Secretary of Health and Human Services) cannot accept the hypothesis as proven nor upgrade it to scientific theory, until said hypothesis is submitted to vigorous scientific testing and until all attempts at falsification have failed.

Assessing all the clinical trial and epidemiological studies that are available to support the “vaccines-are-safe” hypothesis, the SHHS would recognize that each one of these studies have flaws that would prevent them from earning QER I or QER II ratings. 21-day clinical trials that lack proper controls cannot support long-term safety claims. Every SHHS population study failed to either apply proper methodology/design or represent the proper population group. Other population studies, such as the secret VSD studies, though published, could not be classified as valid science since their methodologies and data sets were not disclosed. A hypothesis that cannot be examined or tested is not science but rather a faith-based belief system.”

Holcomb makes very clear throughout his paper that vaccinations have not been adequately tested or evaluated and states that when assessing the quality of data, the SHHS would know that “repeated opinions based on poor quality data cannot improve the quality of evidence.”

Holcomb states on page three of his paper, “a hypothesis that cannot be examined or tested is not science but rather a faith-based belief system.”

This statement is absolutely correct and I believe that the same could be said for the SBS hypothesis. The hypothesis that the “triad” of injuries can be caused by manually shaking a child has never been proven; therefore, it is a “faith-based belief system.” In fact, biomechanics have proven that it is not physically possible to manually shake a child with enough veracity to cause the “triad,” which is supported by the work of Dr. John D. Llyod and many others. [13]


There are many papers that state that children have died within weeks, if not days, of receiving multiple vaccinations. Many of these children have been misdiagnosed as suffering from Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Shaken Baby Syndrome is a hypothesis — a theory — as it has never been conclusively proven that a baby has been shaken to death. I have yet to find concrete evidence of someone physically shaking a baby so hard that the baby has later died solely from the “triad” of injuries. There are, however, a number of biomechanical studies stating that it is not physically possible to manually shake a baby to such a degree that it causes the triad of injuries associated with SBS.

Therefore, this leaves us with the question, Can vaccinations cause the “triad” of injuries associated with SBS?

There are no studies conclusively proving that vaccinations can cause the SBS triad, but since vaccinations have been never been proven to be conclusively safe, as it is classed as unethical to study equal numbers of vaccinated and unvaccinated children, this hypothesis cannot be examined or tested, therefore rendering it not as science,  but simply a faith-based belief system, as Holcomb suggested. Unfortunately, this belief syndrome has caused the incarceration of many innocent parents.

Not all parents who are accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome are child murderers, and as we have seen, there are many causes as to why children die from these horrendous brain injuries. The medical profession needs to examine the real causes of Shaken Baby Syndrome, especially vaccination, and stop using parents as their ‘get out of jail free card.’

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Photo Credit

Christina England, BA Hons

  • tonibark

    Another problem with the Shaken Baby diagnosis concurrent with no neck fractures or other evidence showing trauma to the cervical spine is mechanical implausibiity.

  • shawnsiegel

    Thank you, Christina. Thank you, Jeffrey.

  • Another great article, so it’s a shame that the second paragraph of the Conclusion gives people the impression that a hypothesis and a theory are one and the same thing when they are, of course, different.

  • Danielle

    So sad. Wish parents could understand when the doctor says “they will be fussy for the next couple of days and cry a lot” – it’s because of the vaccine-induced encephalitis. Poor, poor babies… this makes me so sad. And I feel for those poor parents who knew no better and then are being accused of BSS :( How sad.

  • Danielle


  • kjhall

    How long after injections??

  • Sharon Cook Schade

    ONLY give initial information to MEDICAL personnel without a lawyer. I’m sure there is a way that it could still be used against you but it is less damaging. In today’s society, you’re GUILTY until (or IF) proven innocent. Sadly, that burden is on YOUR head vs those that are prosecuting you :( The following video isn’t about medical issues, BUT it is QUITE RELEVANT!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wXkI4t7nuc NEVER talk to a police officer without a lawyer, even if it is initial questioning where you think it is “just” information gathering….it WILL be used against you even without your miranda rights being offered because you are not “officially” under investigation, but initial suspicion is always there. Even if there is no initial suspicion, if the suspicion changes they can and will BACKTRACK to original conversation as evidence against you. it is YOUR right to have a lawyer present in ANY police questioning, no matter how “benign”….EXERCISE that right!! Even with “off the record” conversations, their word against yours and it WILL lean towards the officer’s word as true vs yours. Don’t even talk to “strangers” as they could be unknown investigators planted to gain “evidence” against you. If you ever feel uncomfortable, stop talking!! Remove yourself from the situation or just plain say “I’m am done talking about this.” It’s a SCARY world we live in…God bless us as we FIGHT for our parental rights and to listen to our God-given INSTINCTS to do what we feel is right and appropriate for OUR children; especially when it is going against the grain of mainstream ideology!!!!

  • Jean De Lapp

    truely an eye opener

  • Eva D Gigi

    Its call Eugenics, brought to you by Zionist Doctors, as described in Protocols of Zion,.


    Christina, great article but you may want to make “Norma”
    into Norman Guthkelch. I wish everybody (all doctors) would think things
    through and realize just how flawed this SBS triad diagnosis is. In essence, if
    you could shake a baby this hard to create a subdural hematoma (without an
    impact), the child would be dead or quadriplegic from a severe spinal cord
    injury. That is essentially it – in a nutshell.

    Reaction time varies since every child is an individual.
    However, the manufacturer and the CDC make special mention of the 7th
    day which was exactly the day our little Phoebe fell unconscious. Obviously
    they know something they are not telling parents. Only due to the vigilance of
    Phoebe’s dad (who is still incarcerated after 1.5 years for supposedly having
    shaken her) is she still alive. Otherwise her death would have been diagnosed
    as SIDS.

    We are so happy to still have our little one (my
    grand-daughter). She is thriving and does have some developmental delays
    but we are confident she will overcome these completely. She is so beautiful and has such a strong and wonderful spirit.

    The doctors are ill equipped to properly diagnose vaccine
    injury because most medical personnel are in denial about what this toxic
    witches brew does to an infant’s brain (for some reason, I as a lay person have
    no problem imagining what toxic mercury and aluminum can do to an infant’s
    brain). Doctors are supposed to diagnose child abuse in “good faith” and that’s
    what we all want, however if they have a one-track mind and see child abuse in
    every situation, then they are creating a huge amount of problems for parents
    and caregivers. The already overburdened legal system simply does not have the
    time nor the money to get to the truth. They simply accept what the doctors
    tell them even if it is a lie like in our case. They made up stuff and we have
    proof from two physicians that they lied. But the doctors/hospitals know it’s
    difficult to sue them so they don’t hesitate to lie. After all, doing the right thing and admitting that they misjudged is simply not an option, right? Juvenile court is the only court where a doctor can
    claim something without any proof whatsoever. Scary.

    Despite having no retinal hemorrhaging, no bruising, no
    broken bones, etc. they still accused us of having harmed her. This was the
    scariest thing I have ever been through. We are currently trying to bring this
    to the attention of a judge or someone who will listen. We are also still
    waiting for Phoebe’s dad’s case to go to trial so that he can be vindicated.

    Somebody needs to clue these doctors in and prevent parents
    and caregivers from being thrown into jail for years.


    How many more babies have to die, become handicapped, become
    Autistic etc. before this MADNESS ends?

  • MarkStruthers

    Thank you, Christina, for writing this excellent and important summary of the outrageous injustices that are perpetrated by malignantly ignorant triadists.

    The late Archie Kalokerinos also understood about this metastatic cancer that envelops the medical profession.

    At the end of his book, ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome: an abusive diagnosis’ he wrote:

    “Something terrible has infected my medical colleagues – or a considerable number of them. The time has come to end this form of abusive diagnosis. The time has come for doctors to look squarely at what is there for all to see in the medical literature, and to consider the unjust errors of gigantic proportions which have been made, and to correct them.”


    And earlier he had written:

    “While authorities have been busy prosecuting innocent people, a vast new understanding of the practice of paediatrics has been neglected. A dirtier page of the history of medicine is hard to imagine. In my mind this even surpasses the awful days of witch trials.”

    Archie Kolokerinos, a Greek Australian who died last year, was a hero, a true physician and a proper scientist. Archie was one of the pioneers who unravelled the natural complexities of the triad, SBS and SIDS, and provided a compelling alternative explanation for these otherwise abusive diagnoses. He has been shamefully ignored by the medical establishment.

  • SIDS and SBS, or cot death and the shaking of babies are nothing but cover stories for vaccine damage. And never ever will any authority in the whole wide world admit that vaccinations are killing and maiming babies, as dr. Viera Scheibner has proven with her study of the breathing patterns of babies using the true breathing monitor CotWatch.

    On my website I published the document in which John Lloyd shows that it is virtually impossible to shake a baby to death.

    When presented with a baby with broken bones and subdural hemorrhages doctors merely appear to have a Pavlov reaction: without listening to the parents, without testing the histamine and vitamin C levels in the blood of the victim they immediately jump to the conclusion that the parents have shaken their baby to death!

    To me this seems to be an emotional reaction, not a rational and scientific approach!

  • quicksilver


    This is true and if I remember correctly a police officer got involved in a case and did well to prosecute and the money was so good he developed almost single handed an inquisition technique guaranteed to get any innocent person convicted. From full time policing he moved to full time prosecution witnessing.

    The SBS industry has grown and the public purse is unlimited with just complaints when you challenge the police, that witness X stung them for experts fees and by that we are talking almost to 6 figure numbers for a few hours work often without even seeing the dead or injured child at all and bolting ready made Witch Finding phrases not related to any more than lynching type opinions. Weve got to punish someone and mom will do nicely. And success from both the emotion of horrific clinical signs and a good acting ability works every time. This is what happened they say and then turning to the defendent and asking why they did it. Complete fiction but it pays for the yacht and manor house et al.

    Roy Meadow was the number one expert at play acting like this and could go to a secret vaccine meeting and talk of the latest anaphylactic deaths and all the gory signs there-of and next day go to court on oath and say quite happily that the vaccine meant child X was less likely to die after the vaccine. I mean secret to him is SECRET!

    In fact the number of SBS cases has to be kept artificially VERY VERY VERY low or the public would get outraged. You can convince the judge and the jury once but if you try to fill the prisons with a hundred times as many moms as every other villain it might cause suspicion of INJUSTICE to the wary. And its so nice to get an innocent in jail so a top UK judge once said.

    Before the police inquisition we had the MSBP inquisition also brilliant until rumbled and in 2001 or so it was actually IMPOSSIBLE to get into UK social welfare unless you subscribed fully and religiously to the word of Roy Meadow. It (MSBP) comprised about half the course. Long enough to chuck out the intelligent in the groups!

    Today with Roy never able to witness on harmed infants from vaccines which to him was murder by the parent, MSBP changed to some other set of initials that didnt take on well but the battering idea and name SBS or shaken baby has taken over from MSBP beautifully and the money just ROLLS in again.

    Evidence of harm is so extensive that it is always toned down from harm in EVERY bone in the body to choosing just one or two.

    The damage is so great that there is a REAL need to PUNISH but it would be nice to get the CULPRIT and not just condemn the victims family. The VACCINATORS!

    ANAPHYLAXIS is a Big pHARMa secret and anything done on this now has to be without involving Big pHARMa or their money.

    I was surprised that EXACTLY 100 years after the Richet paper on ANAPHYLAXIS we have in 2011 ONLY the second conference to discuss anaphylaxis in his memory and gratitude without Big pHARMa involvement naturally.

    Anaphylaxis and the long term effects are officially unknown except as SBS, MSBP and that other Factitiious Illness is EXACTLY what Richet spoke of. MSBP to Meadow, SBS to Chadwick but ANAPHYLAXIS to Richet from the NORMAL reaction to a repeat vaccine.

    But it took Richet a hundred years of vaccine research by him and others to understand ANAPHYLAXIS and it took the vaccine crowd a hundred years to make it change into a crime by the victims own family. Quite clever really by Big pHARMa who have the monopoly on convincing people that lethal actions of theirs are always completely SAFE SAFE SAFE. And regulators industry and government lawyers RIG the evidence to convict by Witch Finding once more.

    The parents could not explain how every bone in the body had been destroyed so they must be GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY.

    And the million SIDS is to the SBS mob just another million moms who GOT AWAY with their dastardly crimes that they do to a SINGLE MO. And for Sally Clark and Angela Cannings proof that it is good to slam the INNOCENT even for SIDS.

  • quicksilver

    Here is yet another doctor (Shewho has spent ten years researching vaccines:


    The comments may sound over the top at times and miraculously MOST seem to get through their vaccine initiation into life:

    GOD only knows HOW!

    Something to do with our million year built up immunity ?


    not 200 years of controversy called IMUNISATION

    For sure.

    If you disbelieve this and consider the vaccines are SAFE.

    Then you can make an easy 1 million or so by showing it by volunteering to go through the same baby course of vaccines.


    See you in HEAVEN



  • AlexC

    You do know that SIDS and SBS have been around since before vaccination of babies? Maybe you should actually read REAL scientific literature, some of which dates back LONG before infants were regulary given vaccines.
    Try again with the next ridiculous claim, and the educated and scientific facts will continue to prove you wrong every time.

  • AlexC

    If your argument is that humans have lived for thousands of years without immunizations then you are correct. You are more than welcome to revert back to the previous few thousand years were humans rarely made it past the age of 40.
    If you would like to live DOUBLE the lifespan of previous humans, grow up and realize that you’re wrong. Stop pretending that you’re smarter than hundreds of thousands of highly educated people that prove you are wrong.

  • quicksilver

    I am not sure Alex you have read what I say.

    The 200 years refers to the time we have had vaccinations and has nothing to do with a desired life span of a human though there are ancient reference to such lives that today would seem impossible.

    We have to assume the stories are just myths and not based on fact?

    The article talks about the VERY FEW who get shaken baby syndrome and their chance of even passing 6 months of life is small indeed.

    The article then links this set of clinical signs with vaccines. If you are familiar with the science of Professor Charles Richet who studied anaphylaxis as the normal unwanted effect of a vaccine and added to that the knowledge of the work of Sir Henry Dale on the capillary system after such an insult you will not doubt the veracity of this article or the implications for the vaccine industry.

    If you stick you head in the sand like they do then all will be well with us but not for the unlucky chosen victims of the vaccine lobby.

    And what do you mean by beeing proven wrong? Does that refer to the fact that hundreds of thousands of highly educated people have taken the vaccine test with amounts of material to reflect their greater weight?

    I cant remember reading about the SUDDEN ADULT DEATH to a hundred thousand people after mimicking the vaccine schedule of their child.

    Can you give me the link on the net please?

  • quicksilver

    EVIDENCE please!

    SIDS dates to 1969 in the UK.

    SBS dates no more than the 1990’s. before then it was MSBP or some other name.

    And yes you can quote all you like from ancient history but without evidence or actually living then its all smokscreens.

    And nobody ever thinks any clinical condition has just one cause.

    But the increase in Cot Death is a real increase since 1969 and if it had started in the year dot we would all be dead now.

    And the same for SBS where the increase was even more recent than 1969.

    In the bible cot death was associated with green wall coverings and we know very dangerous green wall coverings were in use until fairly recently (ANTIMONY compounds).

    Evidence for SBS is found in early brain operations a long time ago.

    Funny that today we have lost that ability to cure sufferers of SBS?


    Concorde no more:

    Trips to the moon no more:

    And no idea what causes health issues or what to do!

  • quicksilver

    Yes the BMJ made the mistake of naming NORMAN as a girl!

    They get lots more important things wrong today!

    But if you check out Norman on the U tube you will see he has had that St Paul conversion and realises he got it RIGHT in 1953 and WRONG in 1971.

    In 2013 he says of SBS convictions that you couldnt hang a cat on such evidence.

    Basically this means the science hasnt moved forward but backwards as the new disciples still cling to mothers all inventing the same MO a million times over to kill the child they so desperately wanted and cost them so much (and now PRISON too!)

    Norman when asked why he is trying to get his ideas on SBS changed tells us:


    Time to Witch Find the Witch Finders!

  • quicksilver

    And dont forget without bigots in the medical profession or is it BOUNTY HUNTERS, we would be seeking the WHY and not the INJUSTICE of it all.

    These bigots actually make the problem WORSE!

  • quicksilver

    The document 3 is an evil document

    It is pure witch finding:

    see page 8:

    “In the absence of a verifiable history of a severe head injury or life-threatening central nervous system disease, retinal and ocular hemorrhages were diagnostic of child abuse.”

    M.G.F. Gilliland et al., Systemic and Ocular Findings in 169 Prospectively Studied Child Deaths: Retinal Hemorrhages Usually Mean Child Abuse, 68 Forensic SciIntl 117-132 (1994).

    Again you invite the VICTIM to explain how they battered the baby so you can SAVE yourself.

    If you havent battered the baby its tougher fr you:

    Because you are not just guilty:

    But guilty of with-holding evidence or not explaining your guilt to the doctors, lawyers and police!

    The literature is FULL of Retinal Haemorrhages which is not the fault of the parents or guardians but doesnt fit in with a trail by Witch Finding.

    Dont let facts get in the way of a LYNCHING please!

  • Delius

    There is only one word for people who excuse child abusers and murderers by blaming their actions on vaccines:

  • Delius

    It’s one thing to be against vaccines; that’s just normal stupidity. But to excuse the horrifying actions of people who abuse and kill their own children? That is a depth of disgusting that is sickening to contemplate. How do you live with yourself?

  • Delius

    Yes, by all means, let’s excuse the child abusers. Unbelievable.

  • I live with myself because I studied to know the difference between the two. Studying is rational, your reply is emotional, not to say delusional.
    And I bet you never read the product insert of a vaccine. If you had, you would know that vaccines are toxic bombs, as know many doctors who have awakened from the academic hypnosis that “vaccines are safe and effective”.
    Already in 1722 a doctor saw that the introduction of foreign material in the human body (‘ingrafting pox’) was “an artificial way of depopulating a country”. Wagstaffe MD, cited by E.M.Crookshank MD in ‘History and Pathology of Vaccination’. 1998.

  • hexa_gone

    There are 2 words for people who insists on guilt of a person based on hypothesis and lack of evidence – ignorant and delusional.