Family Sues After Dangerous Flu Vaccine Causes Child to Become Severely Brain Damaged

A family in Perth, Australia, is seeking compensation from the pharmaceutical company CSL Limited. Their daughter Saba became severely disabled after she received the flu vaccine Fluvax in 2010. The family is suing CSL Limited for their daughter’s pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, profound disability, medical care and travel expenses, stating that Fluvax caused their daughter to become severely brain-damaged and almost completely blind.

Mr. and Mrs. Button say that their daughter received the influenza vaccine on April 19, 2010, and was later rushed to Princess Margaret Hospital, suffering from convulsions. Saba, now four, has been left quadriplegic and almost completely blind, and reports state that, three years later, she is stilling suffering from regular seizures and requires constant medical care.

Three Days Too Late

The Buttons’ case is being heard at the Federal Court, and if the family wins, they could receive Australia’s largest medical compensation payout of all time.

The West Australian reported on the story:

“… CSL lawyer Belinda Thompson claimed Saba had two other shots, Neisvac and Priorix, on the same day and alleged they may have caused febrile convulsions and fever.

Ms. Thompson said CSL was not required to do pre-marketing clinical studies for seasonal flu vaccines. She said her client was not told of at least 90 other children presented to Princess Margaret Hospital with adverse reactions – 19 of which involved seizures or convulsions – after receiving Fluvax between March 18 and April 15.

She said the WA Health Department was formally notified of these cases on April 16. The flu campaign was suspended on April 22.

The next day, the Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer advised the vaccine should not be given to children aged five and under.” [1]

Later that year Fluvax was suspended and was finally banned completely for use in the under-five age group.

When a vaccine is banned from use on children of a certain age, one would expect that no more children of that age group would be vaccinated. However, this is not always the case, because on April 22, 2013, the Medical Observer reported that eleven children were ‘mistakenly’ vaccinated with the vaccine, including three in NSW. [2]

This is three full years after the vaccine was banned for use on children under the age of five.

On April 16, 2013, the Medical Observer stated that the estimated risk of febrile convulsions in young children after being vaccinated with CSL’s trivalent inactivated vaccine (Fluvax) was 3 –10 per 1000 children and that this vaccine is no longer registered for children under five in Australia, the US and the UK. [3]

Avoid Giving This Vaccine to Young Children, Says the CDC

In August 2010, the Centers for Disease Control sent out a very strong press release about this vaccine. They stated:

“During the 2010 influenza season in Australia, administration of a 2010 Southern Hemisphere seasonal influenza trivalent inactivated vaccine (TIV) (Fluvax Junior and Fluvax) manufactured by CSL Biotherapies was associated with increased frequency of fever and febrile seizures in children aged 6 months through 4 years. Postmarketing surveillance indicated increased reports of fever in children aged 5-8 years after vaccination with Fluvax compared to previous seasons. An antigenically equivalent 2010-11 Northern Hemisphere seasonal influenza TIV (Afluria) manufactured by CSL Biotherapies is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for persons aged ≥6 months in the United States.” [4]

I found the next section of their statement to be particularly interesting and I have to wonder how many parents are actually given this information before having their child vaccinated.

“Prescribing information for the 2010-11 Afluria formulation includes a warning that ‘Administration of CSL’s Southern Hemisphere influenza vaccine has been associated with increased postmarketing reports of fever and febrile seizures in children predominantly below the age of 5 years as compared to previous years.’”

The CDC stated that in the USA the flu vaccine is recommended for all persons from the age of six months plus. On August 5, 2010, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommended that the Afluria vaccine should also not be administered to children from ages six months to eight years. Instead, they should receive other licensed flu vaccinations. They said:

“If no other age-appropriate, licensed inactivated seasonal influenza vaccine is available for a child aged 5-8 years who has a medical condition that increases their risk for influenza complications, Afluria can be used; however, providers should discuss with the parents or caregivers the benefits and risks of Afluria use before administering this vaccine to children aged 5-8 years.”

So, how many vulnerable children are still being vaccinated without the complications being discussed with their parents? And why are these dangerous vaccines still being administered to children?

How Dangerous is the Flu?

In a paper she wrote titled Health, Disease & Some History of Medicine, homeopath and general practitioner Dr. Jayne Donegan said that most of Western medicine is based on the “germ theory.” She says that, according to the germ theory of disease, if you come into contact with bacterium or a virus, unless you have had it before and you are immune to it, you will catch the disease.

Donegan says that if the germ theory were true, then everyone on a bus that was carrying someone with flu would catch the flu, but they don’t. Instead, the only people who catch the flu are those who are prone or susceptible to catching it.

Donegan believes that catching diseases and illnesses is a good thing. She believes that children become susceptible to appropriate infectious diseases at an acceptable age, when their immune system needs to learn what to do and when they need a clean-out. She says that once they have been nursed through an illness successfully, their parents will often notice they develop new skills and abilities. [5]

Her paper is simply written and easy to understand, and a must-read for all parents contemplating vaccination.

The flu can be dangerous and can lead to life-threatening illnesses such as pneumonia. However, in general, most healthy humans can come through the flu quite easily with no ill effects. Most doctors recommend bed rest, plenty of fluids and Calpol/Paracetamol/Advil to reduce the fever.

In the 2012/2013 season, despite the hype, the total number of pediatric influenza-associated deaths, according to the CDC, was 154, which is minimal, given the size of the USA. [6]

If all cases of flu were life-threatening, then everybody who suffers a bout of flu would be rushed to the hospital in the same way as a person suffering from meningitis. They are not, proving that all cases of flu are not life-threatening. I am not saying that the flu is not the slightest bit dangerous, but I am saying most healthy people can sail through the flu as they can a common cold.

How Effective is the Flu Vaccine?

A common question that parents ask is, Does the flu vaccine protect children against the flu? Sadly, the answer to this question is, No, it does not. Vaccinated children can still catch the flu.

In January 2013, The Daily Beast reported that CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden acknowledged that the flu shot is only 62 percent effective in reducing symptoms of the disease. [7] This means that out of every 100 people vaccinated with the flu shot, 38 of them will get the flu anyway.

The Daily Beast stated that not only can you catch the flu after receiving the flu shot, but by receiving the vaccine, you are also being vaccinated with dead viruses and, in most cases, preservatives made from mercury and other toxins that keep the vaccination fresh. They reported that thimerosal contains approximately 49 percent ethylmercury, and can cause impaired neurological development in children, as well as headaches, respiratory distress, and gastrointestinal damage.

I checked an additional source to confirm that CDC Director Dr. Thomas Freiden did indeed say that the flu vaccine is only effective in 62% of people vaccinated. [8]


After reading realms of information about the flu shot and the many tragic cases of vaccine-injured children, including the sad case of Saba Button, in my opinion, a child is far more likely to suffer serious side effects from the flu vaccine than from the flu itself.

However, despite the many children who have become seriously ill after various flu vaccines, the governments around the world continue to portray the flu vaccine as safe and effective.

Many flu vaccines still contain thimerosal, an ingredient that is said to have been removed from vaccines from as far back as 2007. [9] Since that time, this dangerous ingredient has slowly crept back into many childhood vaccines, albeit at a reduced level. You have to wonder why that is happening. In my opinion, the governments need to make up their minds. Thimerosal is either dangerous, or it is not. They cannot have it both ways.

As another flu season is approaching, parents need to educate themselves fully about the pros and cons of having their children vaccinated. It is clear that banned vaccines are still being administered to children and this could mean that many more children will become severely brain-damaged, like Saba, as a result.

I would recommend that all parents educate themselves before they vaccinate their children during this coming flu season.

Let us all think of little Saba and her family as they go through this difficult time.


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Photo Credit

Christina England, BA Hons

  • Taximom5

    “…the flu shot is only 62% effective in reducing symptoms of the disease. This means that that out of 100 people vaccinated with the flu shot, 38 will get the flu anyway.”

    First of all, “reducing symptoms of the disease” is not the same thing as “getting the flu anyway.”

    But more importantly, the efficacy rate of the flu shot, which the Cochrane Review (the gold standard of mainstream medical review) indeed calculated at 59% (even lower than 62%), means something quite different than “59% of those vaccinated don’t get the flu.

    *How They Arrive At 59%*
    For every 100 people vaccinated with the flu shot, only 1.7% get lab-confirmed influenza.

    Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?


    The difference between 1.7 and 2.9 is 59%.

    That is how efficacy is calculated.

    So, for every 100 people, vaccinated OR unvaccinated, at least 97% aren’t going to get influenza, anyway.

    Also, please note that it’s not possible to calculate efficacy in reducing symptoms of the flu via the flu shot, as there are so many unknown viruses that produce the same symptoms as laboratory-confirmed influenza. Influenza only causes a very, very small percentage of what we commonly call “flu.” The vast majority of such illness is caused by unknown viruses and food-borne pathogens, not influenza. The flu shot has no effect on those illnesses, except perhaps to disrupt the immune system’s ability to deal with them.

  • AntiVaccineGrandmother

    My hairdresser’s husband got a flu shot every year and got the flu every year. 5 years ago he died from a super agressive brain tumor. There is no family history of cancer nor brain tumors. I think this speaks for itself. All vaccines are dangerous but because of the profits involved, nobody has the honor and decency to speak the truth. Anything for a buck even if it means dead and brain-damaged children by the thousands. Vaccine manufacturers can do what they want. The Governments of this world give them protection. Shame on them!

  • Ricky Barnes

    Thank you taximom.

    Yes, what you’re referring to is “research efficacy”, a statistical slight of hand that is common with pharma studies. It means an lab-induced titer response. In the field, however, a distinct protection (one that is measurable) would be referred to as “clinical efficacy”. And in the case of these products, the very large studies have been unable to show any clinical efficacy at all. Which, of course, means the products are clinically ineffective. Please watch for my film, The Trouble With Boys, which will hopefully be released in 2014. Thank a bunch and best of luck. Truly, truly,

  • ricky Barnes

    Oops: Let me amend somewhat – I got ahead of myself. We’re talking about “absolute benefit” versus “relative benefit”. Pharma uses “relative benefit” , when “absolute benefit” is what we’re really interested in. So the “absolute benefit” is roughly 1%, which could also be determined as nothing more than chance, and of course, does not take into consideration the harsh chemicals which have now been introduced into the body. Some of those chemicals, polysorbate 80 (associated with infertility and a host of other nasty affcets), Aluminum (linked with Alzhiemers, Parkinsons, ALS, etc. – when I was a kid, there was a big aluminum can scare because Aluminum was found in the brains of Alzhiemers Patients {we don’t hear about those studies anymore!?:( }) And of course, our good old friend ethylmercury, which is contained in the preservative Thimerosal. Yes, we thought they took mercury out of the mix? Unfortunately, up to 90% of all flu vaccines still contain this preservative. Soviet Union banned it over 20 years ago… Oh well. At least we have our freedom…?:(

  • Barb

    Thank you, I’m deeply grateful to the courageous who speak out against the atrocity of vaccines.

    It’s truly heartbreaking to witness the suffering of innocent souls who pay the price for the mind-numbing arrogance & greed of those who promote the quackery and circular reasoning of Pasteur’s germ theory & so called “evidence based medicine”.

    The growing tide of dissent is slowly turning because of sites like this, rock on!

  • Jim Bob

    Here’s some brand new research that shows that despite only moderate efficacy rates of the influenza vaccines, there is still significant benefit related to receiving the vaccine.


    And yes, the study was funded by GSK. But I’m not going to assume impropriety without evidence.

  • Unicorn

    for those of us who see the culling, it’s just sad

  • Louchious


    Please check us out. We have some related info as to vaccines. Please bookmark us.

  • Jim Bob

    Whose culling who?

  • Lou

    If you ask YOU are being culled.

    The only ones allowed to cull are those who control our “government”.

  • Lou

    “The growing tide of dissent is slowly turning because of sites like this, rock on!”

    Oh god I hope and PRAY you are correct. I do feel in my heart you are correct. The evil that is “vaccination” and Industrial Medicine in bed with “government” has to END or we the people perish.

  • Lou

    “Nobody has the honor and decency to speak the truth.”

    Nobody but US the hundreds of millions of sheep getting MURDERED by Industrial Medicine.

    This insanity will not end from the CORRUPT top down. It will end from the SUFFERING bottom up. Spread the word.

    “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth” Albert Einstein

  • be honest CSL …. fess up

    Will mainstream media in Australia run this story about the Perth, WA, family who is suing CSL?

  • Matt

    I have environmental allergies. Hardly ever got a cold or flu ever…. then I was in a course in a local college that told me if I wanted to stay and finish the course , I had to get the flu shot… I was never so sick with as many different cold and flu symptoms as I was that winter… ever since I been sick 2 – 3 times a yr and for several weeks at a time…. 43 yrs before that shot. I was healthy….. Just my personal experience … I will never accept a flu shot again…. Id rather a gun shot !!!!!!

  • Jim Bob

    So who controls the government exactly?

  • Alicia Hersh Beers

    This needs to be informed more cause there still giving flu shots to young children. My 2 got it and there under 5

  • jacqui


    You said “The flu can be dangerous and can lead to life-threatening illnesses such as pneumonia if the victim lacks the immune system to fight off the simple virus that is the flu..”

    If the victim lacks the immune system to fight off the simple flu virus then they definitely should not get a vaccination.

  • Markus Heinze

    Oh…this is hilarious Jim Bob…In other words Jim Bob is saying: “Here’s some brand new research that shows that despite smokers getting lung cancer, there is still significant benefit related to smoking. And, yes the study was funded by Marlboro. But I’m not going to assume impropriety without evidence.”

    Anything else that hilarious up your sleeves? PLEASE SHARE!

  • AussieMum

    …CSL recalled the paediatric version of Fluvax as a “precautionary measure”…

    The family will be seeking compensation under the Trade Practices Act, on the grounds that the Fluvax is an allegedly “defective” product.

    I wish them all the best.

    Elizabeth-Mum to vaccine injured son.

  • 441019

    I feel outraged when I see articles like this. I believe that all parents should wake up and refuse to allow their children to be vaccinated. And I think it is inexcusable for a doctor to give a flu vaccine to a baby. Most flu shots contain mercury–a known neurotoxin.
    There are people running this world who do not care about babies, children, and the public in general–this is obvious. And there is evidence that there is a plan to reduce the world’s population. I don’t believe that the earth is overpopulated. There are still large unpopulated areas of land in the world, and the reason there are people starving is due to political and other reasons. But I am sure that the earth is capable of producing enough food.

  • Guest

    The banks of course. The governments work for the banks. They are
    the dominant minority and they dont need as many of us anymore, hence
    all the shouting about supposed overpopulation. “oh my God, it’s just
    with people. We’ve got
    to do something about it.” Well they are
    doing things about it. They just don’t want to terrify you. They ARE
    depopulating the planet and these vaccines are a big part of that. If it
    doesn’t kill you outright, it braindamages you, either a lot or just
    knocks you down a few IQ points. When these children reach adulthood
    they might just discover that they are sterile too, but they would never
    link that to a vaccine they got when they were a baby. This is human
    farming in action. The vaccines are also providing future patients for big pharma to make more profits

  • John Galt

    lol…the banks of course. The governments work for the banks. They are the dominant minority and they dont need as many of us anymore, hence all the shouting about supposed overpopulation. “oh my God, it’s just overflowing
    with people. We’ve got to do something about it.” Well they are doing things about it. They just don’t want to terrify you. They ARE depopulating the planet and these vaccines are a big part of that. If it doesn’t kill you outright, it braindamages you, either a lot or just knocks you down a few IQ points. When these children reach adulthood they might just
    discover that they are sterile too, but they would never link that to a vaccine they got when they were a baby. This is human farming in action. The vaccines are also providing future patients for big pharma to make more profits

  • AussieMum

    I doubt it!

    The mainstream media in Australia are “Big Pharma’s” puppets.

    Elizabeth-Mum to vaccine injured son

  • be honest CSL …. fess up

    Channel 7 is proving itself to be a legless puppet.
    ABC is closely following.
    Which mainstream Australian newspaper or television station has the guts to follow the Button’s legal action?
    I guess the advertising dollar rules and they will not.
    Shame on them.

  • Jim Bob

    Can you show me evidence of this?

    That is proof of co-ordination of the banks and government through pharmaceutical companies to raise profits?

    Did you know that it costs more to contain an outbreak of viral disease (via hospitalizations) than it would to vaccinate the population?

    Therefore wouldn’t it make more sense to stop producing vaccines?

  • Jim Bob

    Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for contributing nothing to the discussion….and a very ridiculous strawman argument.

    You (and much of the anti-vax community) really need a lesson in logical fallacies before attempting to drawn conclusions of this material which seems way beyond your comprehension.

    But I suppose you have evidence of a cover-up with regard to this study since you seem afraid to discuss the science behind it. I’ll quote this from the disclosure from the research since I’m almost certain you didn’t read it: “The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.”
    2 questions Markus,
    1) Wouldn’t they want to hide the fact that this study was funded by a pharmaceutical company if the data were manipulated in order to avoid scrutiny? Why didn’t they?
    Hint: Its about academic integrity which is something that the whole anti-vax community lacks.
    2) I just wondering Markus, Will you call out “Dr.” Quackfield for not publishing or declaring his competing interest in his study? Moreover, are you willing to say that his study carries no weight because he had a financial incentive to lie?

  • Markus Heinze

    Jim Bob, there is really little to add to my previous response. It highlights the intentional naïveté you put forth to support your argument.

    Dr. Wakefield is only one of hundreds of credible and respected doctors and scientists uncovering the vaccination fraud. I bet you have ad hominems for every one of them.

    Like to watch a good movie? I recommend ‘The Constant Gardener’. Now, that’s how you proof vaccines are safe. Pay attention to the number 62.

  • Lou

    Viral “outbreaks” can be contained to the individual with a little salubrious vitamins C and D. If the government cared to do so.

    The “government” no more cares about our health than the puppet president cares about bankrupting the country by spending 100 million borrowed dollars on a PR trip to his homeland.

  • Lou

    Good question it is not you and I that is for sure.

    We are getting some strong hints these days. Who would want to know the intimate details of the lives of 310 million Americans that NSA is recording each and every day with each and every phone call, email, website visit, doctor visit et al? Why do they want to know these details?

    Answer that and you may find out who controls America.

  • Lou

    If they have the immune system they do not NEED a “vaccination” or anything else.

  • Jim Bob

    Actually you’ve added nothing here anyway so I guess it makes sense you have even less to add.

    Thanks for refusing to discuss the science! But I guess ignorance is bliss – the motto of the anti-vax movement.
    I ask again: any proof of a cover-up? Or are you just reading between the lines. In which case, your standard of evidence is severely lacking.

  • Jim Bob

    Ok. So if you drink some orange juice and stand in the sun, you’ll be protected from pertussis, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, small pox etc.?

    Why don’t you drink up some OJ and go hang out in an infectious disease ward without protection to test that theory?

  • Jim Bob

    This is slightly off topic: But I thought the anti-vax community might want to be aware of this:

    “Detection of Clinically Relevant Genetic Variants in Autism Spectrum Disorder by Whole-Genome Sequencing” from the most recent issue of the American Journal of Human Genetics.

    New evidence has been found to suggest that as many as 50% of autism diagnoses can be attributed to genetics not vaccination. This study is part of a larger study to be released in the fall. It also gives an explanation of why autism afflicts males more than females.
    It kind of pokes a giant hole in the “vaccines cause autism” argument.

  • Jim,

    Eat contaminated or ill-prepared food, never wash your hands, drink dirty water, and keep believing getting loaded up with vaccines somehow protects you.

    Do you believe nutritional status has any bearing on how the host can deal with an infection?

  • Lou
  • Jim will likely ignore any evidence from Jungeblut or Klenner on the subject of Vitamin C and Polio.

  • Jim Bob

    I don’t get what you’re saying?
    Lou said that vitamin C and vitamin D provide adequate protection from life threatening illness. I asked him to test his theory.

  • agnostic

    Let me guess, the study was funded by “BIG PHARMA!”

  • AussieMum

    This case will probably settle out of court for an undisclosed amount.

    This will be one way the pharmaceutical industry will stay out of the spotlight “making admissions about a defective product” that was administered to our innocent babies.

    Elizabeth-mum to vaccine injured son.

  • Jim Bob


  • NotFooled

    So, what you are saying is the big spike in autism over the last ten years is cause by a sudden change in genetics…. right…. try again, you aren’t fulling anyone.

  • NotFooled

    fooling… not fulling

  • Markus Heinze

    So far I haven’t seen you provide any science. All I see is quackery designed by special interest groups to further their cause. Perhaps you can enlighten all of us? How, dear Jim Bob, would you design a study proving vaccine safety and effectiveness. Show us the methodology.

  • Jim Bob

    The increase in autism diagnoses started happening a long time ago. It just appears that there was a jump 10-15 years ago because of changes in diagnostic criteria.
    If you can come up with a logical explanation of why Autism is more prevalent in males than females that isn’t related to genetics, I’m all ears.

  • Jim Bob

    Perhaps you can point out exactly why this study is incorrect in its methodology or results.
    I’d love to know why you call it quackery.

  • Markus Heinze

    That’s precisely what I would like for you to do. It’s easy to continuously point out the errors other make, as you do. How about you contribute something. A real chance for you to deviate from the studies you constantly point to. Show us that you are an expert and not simply a puppet. Lay it out to us: How would YOU design a study proving vaccine safety and effectiveness Jim Bob?

  • Jim Bob

    What in the world are you trying to get at?

    Would you like me to discuss the merits and shortfalls of the research? I’ve already posted my thoughts on the article. Its built on the foundations of a Cochrane Collaboration study that the anti-vax community loves to quote. But instead, it broadens the scope and length of the study 10 fold.

    I’m just wondering why you won’t discuss the merits (or de-merits) of the article?
    Instead you try to deflect by asking me to design my own study? What in the world are you smoking?

  • Markus Heinze

    No Jim Bob. I don’t want you to discuss any secondary source. I would like for you to step up and show me how YOU would design a study to prove vaccine safety and effectiveness.

  • Argus

    I think the answer is that Marcus deparately wants to avoid discussion of this article, since it provides evidence and conclusions that are contrary to his own ‘beliefs’.
    Thus the quick hit and run to call it ‘quackery’ and try to change the subject to designing the ultimate ‘safety and efficacy’ study.
    We see right through you, Marcus.

  • Argus

    I can’t believe that you would call Wakefield ‘credible’ and ‘respected’ after all that is now known about him.

    And what is your answer to Jim Bob about him hiding the fact that he was being paid by a lawyer looking to bring a case against a vaccine manufacturer at the time his Lancet article was published?

  • I think Jim can speak for himself. Unless you do, in fact, speak for him.

  • Jim Bob

    No wonder you’re so misinformed. Refusal to accept and review the research of others and reliance on personal experiments and anecdotal information is what led the anti- vax community down this misguided path from the start. Given your inability to read and discuss a simple research article, I don’t see any point I. Continuing this conversation.

  • Argus

    What a puerile comment to make.
    In the tone of a school-yard taunt.
    From the so-called ‘editor’ of this site, no less!
    Readers, are you impressed by this guy?

  • Markus Heinze

    Jim Bob…what a shame. I am giving you the opportunity to be mature and you are throwing a hissy fit. I am asking YOU to show us how to design a study proving safety and effectiveness of vaccines as I noticed something….whereas some of us here actually built something displaying independent thinking skills by means of having written articles, books, etc…you seem to only critique via means of studies provided by special interest groups. Is there anything you can do on your own? Perhaps show us how to design a study proving safety and effectiveness of vaccines?

  • Argus

    What a puerile response.
    From the so called ‘editor’ of this site.
    Readers, are you impressed?

  • agnostic

    Show us the studies!

  • AussieMum

    ABC has definitely taken the pro-vaxers side. You can expect it from the commercial channels but not the ABC. There goes our hard earned taxes!

  • Encephalopathy

    I am impressed by Jeffry’s response. If you are not impressed Argus, then go somewhere else.

  • Jim Bob

    This entire post is regarding the study posted above.

  • Jim Bob

    Argus summed it up sufficiently.
    I don’t see how designing my own experiment refutes or supports the arguments denoted in the above research article. In fact, it adds nothing to the debate other than to distract and evade readers from the real arguments discussed above. I’m guessing that’s Markus’ goal when he cannot make a real refutation to the evidence presented.

  • Maybe you should once and for all stop ignorning all this unbiased science right here, Jim Bob.

    The Unbiased Vaccine Science and Data

    The Vaccine Damage – Science

  • Here is what real and unbiased science looks like, Jim Bob. What you are dealing in is nothing but pharma, CDC, and Offit connected junk science, put forth by people with way to much to lose if the vaccine truth admitted to and known.

    Slow CCL2-dependent translocation of biopersistent particles from muscle to brain



    Long-term biodistribution of nanomaterials used in medicine is largely unknown. This is the case for alum, the most widely used vaccine adjuvant, which is a nanocrystalline compound spontaneously forming micron/submicron-sized agglomerates. Although generally well tolerated, alum is occasionally detected within monocyte-lineage cells long after immunization in presumably susceptible individuals with systemic/neurologic manifestations or autoimmune (inflammatory) syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA).


    On the grounds of preliminary investigations in 252 patients with alum-associated ASIA showing both a selective increase of circulating CCL2, the major monocyte chemoattractant, and a variation in the CCL2 gene, we designed mouse experiments to assess biodistribution of vaccine-derived aluminum and of alum-particle fluorescent surrogates injected in muscle. Aluminum was detected in tissues by Morin stain and particle induced X-ray emission) (PIXE) Both 500 nm fluorescent latex beads and vaccine alum agglomerates-sized nanohybrids (Al-Rho) were used.


    Intramuscular injection of alum-containing vaccine was associated with the appearance of aluminum deposits in distant organs, such as spleen and brain where they were still detected one year after injection. Both fluorescent materials injected into muscle translocated to draining lymph nodes (DLNs) and thereafter were detected associated with phagocytes in blood and spleen. Particles linearly accumulated in the brain up to the six-month endpoint; they were first found in perivascular CD11b+ cells and then in microglia and other neural cells. DLN ablation dramatically reduced the biodistribution. Cerebral translocation was not observed after direct intravenous injection, but significantly increased in mice with chronically altered blood-brain-barrier. Loss/gain-of-function experiments consistently implicated CCL2 in systemic diffusion of Al-Rho particles captured by monocyte-lineage cells and in their subsequent neurodelivery. Stereotactic particle injection pointed out brain retention as a factor of progressive particle accumulation.


    Nanomaterials can be transported by monocyte-lineage cells to DLNs, blood and spleen, and, similarly to HIV, may use CCL2-dependent mechanisms to penetrate the brain. This occurs at a very low rate in normal conditions explaining good overall tolerance of alum despite its strong neurotoxic potential. However, continuously escalating doses of this poorly biodegradable adjuvant in the population may become insidiously unsafe, especially in the case of overimmunization or immature/altered blood brain barrier or high constitutive CCL-2 production.


  • Jim Bob

    I am unsure of what you are trying to suggest with this study. It still doesn’t explain why ASD afflicts males four times more often.

  • Read it Jim Bob. What I said was that was an example of unbiased science, and what real physiological human health science looks like. The kind that you obviously refuse to consider. Read the study. And then go to all the other studies I have put forth on the two pages of listings I gave you. Then put it together and come back and tell me again that there is no connection between any vaccine and ASD. All the science shows or proves no connection, right, Jim Bob. Who’s science? Why are you even bothering to debate this issue when to do so involves the level of closed mind that you have. That is not a debate. That’s denial.

  • Curious

    While I’m curious I just don’t have the time to read endless studies to try and cypher out what Lowell is implying. If you would be so helpful Lowell could you cut and paste together a document that shows point by point the connections and exactly what I’m supposed to be seeing. There is a lot of info in there that is extraneous to the point. Thanks

  • hoagy1

    What a brilliant analogy.

    It is amazing how some people (including doctors – who, to be honest, should know better than to abuse their position of trust) will try (but not succeed) to blind you with science.

    You are quite right in saying that the medical community will use the arguments and statistics that suit their own purposes (usually to line their pockets) while ignoring similarly arrived at findings that work against their argument.

  • Anna Rodgers

    fantastic article as always – I really hope this family wins their case!!

  • MikeB

    Great article but it missed an important fact – When the CDC
    or news press quote the vaccine is %62 effective it doesn’t mean that for every
    100 people vaccinated that 62 of them will be protected and not get the flu. It’s
    an epidemiological study, the control group is compared to the general
    populace. In this case only 1.62 people who are unvaccinated (out of 100 people) get the flu every year. The study of vaccinated people showed that, when vaccinated, only 1 person got the flu…so technically, statistically, the risk of flu was reduced by .62 (this is not even one whole person), this is not 62% out of 100 people. This is how the drug companies lie and twist the facts.

    To get the figure of 62 people saved from the flu you would
    have to vaccinate 9994.4 people!!!

  • Lowell

    It is your job to educate yourself, from the material that was given you.

  • TetraMom

    I feel you are trying to be helpful and am not trying to attack you. A holistic doctor once told me that just as you pass down your DNA you also pass something down known as ‘Junk DNA.’ This is essentially your toxin load that you and your mate pass down to offspring. That is why people have to be careful about getting the flu shot over and over again in their youth, and then having kids without detoxing first, for example. This could be how the genetic theory could have some weight, but it is still toxin derived. We also pass down many of our unresolved emotional issues to offspring. They can go generations and generations deep.( I once worked on energy clearing for a boy with autism, and he had many many unresolved emotions from many generations back). These energies can be passed down and called ‘genetics’ and babies can be born with inflammation on the brain, hence large heads, which some claim as autism as being genetic, when it is toxin load from the parents. To have predispositions to autism is possible, as I had vaccine injury from pertussis (epilepsy), but I also was more susceptible as I was born with a cleft lip, usually indicative of a schism along the divide – in the brain. I think that vaccines fire off a strong ‘trigger’ for all of the junk load that kids are carrying, including vaccine loads from parents.

  • Suzy

    Jim Bob, Epigenetics is what causes genes to express or not express. Therefore it is not the genes that cause the autism. It is the environmental effects on the genes, i.e. vaccines, mercury and other toxic elements which some people may have a genetic predisposition to not be able to clear as well as others. So why are we not testing before giving these deadly poisons, to see which people will not be able to handle them? It’s a crime against humanity.

  • mplo

    I disagree with the notion that the flu isn’t dangerous. Not only can it lead to really life-threatening illnesses such as pneumonia, but something like 36, 000 people here in the United States die from the flu each year, which, imho, is a lot. While the flu vaccine is no guarantee that a person won’t get the flu, s/he won’t get as sick if they do come down with it. The same holds true with the one-time pneumonia vaccine, which, btw, unless a person has asthma, diabetes, or any other chronic illness that affects their immune system, is not administered to people under 65 years of age.

  • mplo

    It’s not because autism is on the rise, but because many more people have become aware of autism, hence resulting in the diagnosis of more people as having autism.

  • mplo

    People afflicted with such chronic illnesses as asthma, diabetes, AIDS, those without spleens, and who are HIV-Positive, among other things, are even more likely than many, if not most other people, to suffer complications from the flu, but anybody, even healthy, young and/or active people, can come down with pneumonia, etc., as a result of the flu. Some people can’t get the flu vaccine, due to the fact that it’s made with eggs, but people who come in contact with such a person should definitely get the flu vaccine.

    Age also makes people more at risk for suffering complications from the flu, which is why they recommend that anybody over 50 get the flu vaccine, as well as people who work in the healthcare field, in nursing homes, and rehab places, as well. People with various neurological disorders, such as CP (Cerebral Palsy), and epilepsy also should get the flu shot.

  • mplo

    Lou….THAT is crazy!! Do you really believe that? Polio and other such horrible disease are NOT easily defeated with Vitamins C and D. That is pure BS that you’re spouting out, and I ain’t buying it!

  • tv is brainwashing

    Wrong again MPLO, nobody has ever died from the flu, that’s another one of those half truths we are told. People who are very sick and who’s immune system is shot can develop pneumonia from the flu and then die or if they already have pneumonia and contract the flu they can die.the flu shot will kill the sick. The mentality of the drug dealing pharmaceutical companies is that if everyone gets a flu shot, it wont spread to these people. Ask for information before getting jabbed, i have the information sheets for FLUVAX and the ingredients list is all toxic to the human body with exception of some salts and they even state some ingredients that may be in the vaccine that isn’t supposed to be, along with some 42 side effects that range from mild to severe which can result in death! ADMITTEDLY! They also admit that in 2010 there was a huge amount of seizures in children being reported after receiving FLUVAX vaccine which is an admitted side effect.But don’t worry it’s quickly followed by saying it’s rare, but they know it happens! So i’ll just put up with the flu thanks and they can keep their risk of death to themselves,what do they care,they can’t be sued.

  • tv is brainwashing

    MPLO you are just a sponge full of pharmaceutical propaganda, stop wringing yourself out all over the place. Everyone can hear the garbage you regurgitate on the T.V any time there is a scare campaign. Get this through your head WATCHING T.V IS NOT RESEARCH!!!

  • tv is brainwashing

    That’s the problem right there everyone is too lazy to do their own research so they just rely on the good old brainwashing box to give the only info they need to know… proudly sponsored by BIG PHARMA!

  • tv is brainwashing

    HAHAHA It’s made with eggs. Allow a well researched full and wholey truthful adult post the ingredients for FLUVAX vaccine as written on their own information sheet for southern hemisphere 2013: Active ingredients: H1N1 strain 15 micrograms
    H3N2 strain 15 micrograms
    B strain 15 micrograms
    Other ingredients: Sodium chloride
    Sodium phosphate-dibasic anhydrous
    Sodium phosphate-monobasic
    Potassium chloride
    Potassium phosphate-monobasic
    Calcium chloride

    Fluvax vaccine may also contain trace amounts of detergent (sodium taurodeoxycholate) egg protein (ovalbumin), sucrose,neomycin, polymyxin B sulphate and betapropiolactone.

    It doesn’t sound as though Fluvax even knows exactly what’s in their vaccine!

  • tv is brainwashing

    With that mindset, wouldn’t it be wiser for America to stop starting wars so they wouldn’t have to spend the 767 Billion dollars that they have in Iraq? First thing you should do is not take mainstream news as the whole truth. if you want real news here is a start…. INFOWARS.COM DRUDGEREPORT.COM NATURALNEWS.COM

  • tv is brainwashing

    Hey put ya purse back in ya handbag MPLO, nothing is being sold here. Save up all of your money for your pharmaceuticals,you’re gonna need as much as you can coz once you’re prescribed one, you’re gonna need another and another and another etc to counteract each side effect! Manufactured illnesses are quite profitable for your your pharmaceutical drug pushing buddies.

  • me

    The main reason that Thimerosal is still present in vaccines is that doctors are allowed to keep using the old vaccines until they run out.

  • adam

    would it even be 62% effective? what percentage of people would catch the flu if they all had no vaccine?

  • guest233

    mplo..autism was virtually unheard of before 1930. Not until the advent of vaccines did it become a problem.

  • diversity

    the dose of vaccines was in USA and Scandinavia small, In the US the concentration stayed low, in scandinavia it decreased steadily. Surprisingly the rate of autism increased however in both countries. there is no correlation between autism and vaccines. There is however a correlation between vaccines and diseases. the higher the percentagee of vaccines, the lower the number of sick people.

  • Jenniffer

    That large number of deaths from ‘flu is a lie. Ask the CDC. It is based on modelling and estimates. Didn’t you even wonder where all the bodies are piling up?