Have All Your Staff Vaccinated and We Will Give You £1.4 Million Extra Funding, Says UK Government


The UK government is now paying medical professionals to get vaccinated.

According to MK News, the UK Government has decided there is more than one way to force hospital staff into receiving this year’s flu vaccine. Knowing that many hospitals are struggling financially, the government has decided to turn their hand to bribery by offering extra cash to financially dependent hospitals, on the proviso that they vaccinate all their staff with this year’s flu vaccine. MK News, reporting on the story, said:

“Figures have revealed that less than half of all frontline NHS staff are vaccinated against flu, and at some hospitals, this can fall as low as one in five.

But in order to give hospitals an incentive for extra cash, the funds will only be released to them if they meet a robust target of vaccinating 75 percent of staff against flu.

And while the figures will not affect the hospitals’ £1.4m funding this year, if they do not meet the figures, it will affect the amount they are given next year.”

What this means is that any hospital failing to meet this year’s flu vaccination target will not only fail to receive this year’s extra funding, but they will also lose out next year as well.

UK’s Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt explained that he wanted every NHS trust to vaccinate more than 75 percent of their staff this year in order to protect vulnerable patients. [2]

An Unofficial, Unethical, and Illogical Mandate

However, is force vaccination the way forward? Many irate hospital staff are extremely angry and have accused the UK government of emotional blackmail, calling the move unethical. One health care professional, commenting on the story in Nursing Times, stated:

“This isn’t giving people a choice to get vaccinated or not. Sounds like they’re holding trusts to ransom, saying you’ve got to get 75 percent of your staff vaccinated so that the underfunded A&E departments can receive a little top up (after years of under-resourcing). Or, it’s a great ploy of not paying anything at all, as a good guess that there won’t be enough staff getting vaccinated.

Flu jabs are no guarantee of keeping people out of A&E over winter.

Also, does this mean people who don’t work in the NHS or where there isn’t an A&E won’t have to worry?

I [would] like to see/hear chief execs, directors, senior managers and politicians all get their jabs first, then work a couple weeks as frontline staff would between Christmas and New Year, lead by example and put their money where their mouth is.” [3]

Quite right, too. They should indeed put their money where their mouth is.

While these idiots are force-vaccinating NHS staff around the UK, using their cash as nice, fat, juicy carrots, I wonder if they are informing the staff about the possible side effects of the vaccine and telling them that far from protecting them against the flu, the vaccine could give them the flu, instead!

The CDC says:

“The nasal spray (also called LAIV or FluMist®): The viruses in the nasal-spray vaccine are weakened and do not cause severe symptoms often associated with influenza illness. (In clinical studies, transmission of vaccine viruses to close contacts has occurred only rarely.)

In children, side effects from LAIV (FluMist®) can include:

  • runny nose
  • wheezing
  • headache
  • vomiting
  • muscle aches
  • fever

In adults, side effects from LAIV (FluMist®) can include:

  • runny nose
  • headache
  • sore throat
  • cough” [4]

The above list of impressive side effects from the vaccine, given by the CDC, certainly sounds like the flu to me. So, what is the point of giving nurses, who spend their time looking after sick and vulnerable patients, a vaccine that will cause the very symptoms they wish to avoid?

The Flu Vaccine Can Cause Death

In 2011, the co-founder of the Safe Schools Campaign, Mary Tocco, wrote that it is common knowledge that the flu vaccination has the potential to cause serious side effects including death:

“They combine various flu virus strains based on an educated guess and then recommend the shot to everyone, including children and pregnant mothers. According to the CDC Vital Statistics Report 1999-2003, influenza death for children under the age of 5 skyrocketed as they began to implement the flu vaccine for the children. From 1999 to early 2002, death rates were declining from 25 down to 10 per year. Then, the latter half of 2002 the CDC mandated the flu vaccine for children and the death rate climbed from 25 deaths per year in 1999 to over 90 in 2002! Death is a pretty bad vaccine side effect!” [5]

Given her evidence, I personally believe that it is far safer to catch the flu, than it is to risk a virtually untested vaccination concocted from an educated guess at what this year’s flu strain is going to be.


Nurses have always been thought of as natural born carers. To force them to have vaccinations by dangling a nice juicy carrot in front of them with a vaccine syringe on the end and saying that their patients will suffer if they do not have the vaccination is pure evil. This is nothing short of emotional blackmail.

Why should the government think that it is right to deny hospitals much-needed funds all year and then say that the money is only available if they vaccinate their staff with dangerous and unnecessary vaccines?

Let’s face it. If all staff members do decide to have the flu vaccine, “for the sake of their patients,” and 90 percent of them end up with the flu as a result, then what exactly is the government going to do? I can hardly see the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, changing beds and carrying bedpans. Can you?


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Christina England, BA Hons

  • ushi

    Do not get vaccinated-this years flu jab must be worse than ever to have them promising this much extra money to sterilise you, clog the brain and give you an earlier death. Why not vaccinate the cabinet FIRST.

  • DrKeteDC

    Unconscionable behavior based on superstition. Just how is being vaccinated yourself supposed to help the patients? You still carry the virus. Add to this the fact that vaccines don’t work and all I see is cronyism taken to its extreme.

  • DB

    This year, the Joint Commission on Healthcare is, for the first time, requiring me to track how many of our employees get the flu shot. Our goal is, over the course of a few years, as.. suggested by TJC is to get 90% compliance with the flu shot!
    The did say that they are not mandating the flu shot as a prerequisite for JCAHO certification.
    I wonder when that will start?

  • novaxforme

    I am a registered nurse in Colorado. The Dept. of Health has mandated that hospitals and other facilities here must reach a 90% vax rate for staff. They refuse any exemption outright except for medical, verified by MD, DO, PA or NP. No chiropractor or naturopath can give you an exemption. You can get a religious exemption if you push for it. But, You must wear a mask the entire flu season. This despite that in Colorado, the law says we have a personal philosophical exemption, religious, or medical. I am no longer working as a nurse now because of this. I am changing careers. You can too. If you must keep your job and take the vax, take a nasal vax early in the season. blow your nose quickly, and use a netti pot to flush your nose asap. Also, see websites about building up your body before, and detoxing the vax after. Namaste

  • Tyranny

    This is exactly what JAACHO plans on doing in the US in the very near future.

  • Beau

    Give all nurses and doctors a copy of my free e book and a box of homoeopathic remedies for the safest way forward for public health and public finance…..http://www.enlightenmentdvds.com/resources/InfluenzaAccuteViralConditions.pdf

  • Great article again, Christina. Please keep shining your light on the crazy ‘misconceptions’ of academia and the health scare system!
    I consider the word ‘side effect’ a hypnotic ruse. Vaccines have ADVERSE effects, meaning: effects that the vaccine recipients never bargained for when they got themselves jabbed — after having been scared, manipulated or convinced by the fairy tales told by their doctors, hospital boards or governments. Vaccines ALWAYS have adverse effects, whether these are immediately apparent, or not.
Influenza (and any other infectious disease) is only potentially life threatening when a person’s body system already is compromised or overburdened with toxins and pathogens. 
The best examples of undesired effects of flu vaccines are the Guillain Barré Syndrome that ruined the lives of many vaccinees during the American flu hoax vaccination campaign in 1976, and the narcolepsia caused by Pandemrix during the Mexican flu plandemic that was conjured up by the pharmaceutical industry and dutifully elevated to a phase 6 by Margaret Chan of the WHO.
    Important to realise, is that we never know for sure what is in these vaccines, for as far as I am concerned, even the industry’s product inserts are fairy tales…!
    On the one hand the vaccines producing companies don’t have to disclose their ‘proprietary formulas’, while on the onther hand even they don’t know which unknown quantities of unknown viral, bacterial and otherwise toxic contaminations originating from the production process are present in their end products…
The profitable, psychopathic British campaign in this article calls for total civil disobedience: get the vaccines, check the box in the vaccine recipient’s register, and drop his/her unused nasal vaccine or vaccine syringe into the incinerator!

  • Alex Jones

    This September, October, and November the county health department is bringing the flu-clinic to the elementary, middle, and high schools so the kids can get their mercury formaldehyde polysorbate 80 shot – I mean flu shot – during school hours. They can get their second dose/booster in January. The shot and the nasal mist will be given.
    WHY would anyone think that the CDC (Center for Disease Control), the WHO (World Health Organization), the NIH (National Institute of Health), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, or the American government CARES about our health or if we get sick? These same groups – and their partners – state the planet is overpopulated with 7 billion people and counting.
    If they want to stop people from reproducing, they should just come out and say it and stop beating around the bush with these toxic vaccines. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have free sterilization clinics? Get your tubes tied or a vasectomy for free? Or is that considered unethical? It’s a brave new world that we are dealing with.

  • Evan Eberhardt

    If vaccines are so wonderful, safe, and effective, why must tactics like this be used? What a goddamn farce. May big pharma rot in hell.

  • Free People

    Another great article from Christina, please keep them coming! I wouldn’t be a bit surprised when this starts happening in the US.

    I would like to share another great article I just received in my Inbox today.
    The 2013 Measles Outbreak Cause: A Failing Vaccine, Not a Failure to Vaccinate.

    For those who are still ‘on the fence’ about vaccinations, here are the real scientific facts and don’t allow anyone to bamboozle you about the ‘efficacy’ of vaccines because they are all a hoax. It’s all propaganda for business. (25 billion per year).


    Vaccination does not equal Immunization because it’s impossible. Common sense is so rare these days it should be classified as a super power. Our CVS, Walgreens etc..are using bribery to sell the Flu/MMR Vax. When pHARMacies use bribery for customers to get their Flu Shot, one should use a little common sense and ask oneself why are they doing this.

  • Evan Eberhardt

    Indeed. Vaccines are a religion. There is no sound science behind the practice.

  • Marjorie Simpson

    I am more concerned with the payouts to GP’s to make certain all children are vaccinated by the day they start school. I delayed vaccination by a few weeks for my oldest as he was very anxious about it and I wanted some time to get some books and let him decide himself. He did but it ended up 3 weeks to late to qualify for payment. I was given some real horror stories, but the fact is – if we lived in any other part of the UK he would have waited another year. School starting age has it reasons – but my children are home educated. I also believe this payout is responsible for doctors insistence on vaccines after serious reactions. I am not anti vaccination. But my sons reactions to each batch was exponentially worse than the one before. The last round at 13 months left him unable to walk or speak for months ( he had been walking and using complete sentences for months) . Each vaccine saw hi right arm collapse frequently after wards but this was far worse after the last round as well. Even now – four years later he has some problems with right hand and right leg gives way occasionally. Still we are told to vaccinate and just keep him in the hospital for a few days. The reactions lasted months and there really isn’t much a hospital can do anyway – not to mention the trauma of hospitalisation. However – three separate Health workers have advised me not to vaccinate as the history of reactions is to severe – but never to quote them as well because they would lose their job – this doesn’t sound like a fair way to practice medicine. Surely we can acknowledge that a child allergic to peanuts should not eat peanut butter and a child with an obvious allergic reaction to vaccines should most likely not be vaccinated – at least without some investigation as to the likelihood of another and potentially more severe event.

  • Tim Kelly

    Vaccines are eugenics, pure and simple, along with the other degraders of our health, sodium fluoride in water (if you are lucky, otherwise hydrofluorosilic acid waste, which bears NO relation to CALCIUM fluoride that was the original test substance), GMOs, chemtrails (if only for Vit D denial…but they have the ‘benefit’ of negating solar panels and possibly adding viruses etc), pesticides, food irradiation, microwave ovens, wifi, mobile phones and other EMFs, fracking to eradicate water supplies, along with Wars and genocides organised by the continued Roman Inquisition for Papal Supremacy upheld by the Jesuit military through freemasonry and the Papal Knighthoods, Queen Elizabeth II being Dame of the Order of St.John and Papal agent…the wealth she holds is not her own but Papacy treasure… We are fully in the midst of Satanic/Luciferian depopulate and degrade agenda…

  • Kristy Leigh Sharp

    I’m an RN in Santa Barbara. The hospital here is doing it, too. All medical staff and healthcare workers have to get it. I’m choosing the Sanofi one manufactured in U. S. that is preservative free. The other is Merk, made in Australia, and I do not trust Merk! I’m going to follow Dr Blaylock’s website on what to do if vaccines are forced( keeping inflammation down, etc) BTW, all the people I took care of last year w/ flu and pna, had their vaccines! No one keeps up with these stats.

  • Luciana

    Please tell me is it possible to get in touch with an ethical moral Union for the hospital workers ………and go on strike and get all the relatives and friends of the workers and organize a CLASS ACTION ……The cruelty and the lies of the vaccines for profit cartel ARE also a reflection of the ignorance and blind faith of the people. Any suggestions ANYONE????

  • Luciana

    Thank You! Like all other corespondents You too are brilliant! And, of course, Yu are one who has made the effort to SEE JUDGE and ACT ….and furthermore You give encouragement and good example to other and prevention + solutions for detox. Brava! IT WOULD BE GOOD IF ALL WORKERS WOULD UNITE…..AFTER DOING THEIR HOMEWORK in order to prepare demonstrations well organised and at the ready with AFFIDAVITS/STATUTORY DECLARATIONS to be filled in by all those who are being paid to inject the toxic infectious vaccines that have make people very sick or outright killed them. The “good” ethical & moral & well informed medical doctors and nurses have known for a long long time that VACCINES ARE INFECTIOUS ……..therefore when the medical staff in hospital come to work infected by vaccines ..they will infect the sick patients in hospital in their care. Simple fact!

  • Liam Mullins

    Marjorie, you must be a very slow learner if you allowed your son to be vaccinated repeatedly after his adverse reaction to the first one. Then you still say you are not anti-vaccination? This defies logic. How many more children have to die & how many more are damaged by these toxic chemicals before we say enough is enough and tell eugenecists like Jeremy Hunt to get lost. Chemical warfare is being carried out against us on many fronts and the sheeple take it and say nothing. Jeremy Hunt should be tried for crimes against humanity and any doctor injecting these vaccines should be struck off and prosecuted.

  • Lucy Brenton

    I agree. The bigger carrot and bigger stick obviously point to their desperation to reach high levels of compliance. Why? Is it only profit? Is it more disease and therefore more profit? Is it eugenics? Population control? None for me or my family. We know better than to inject toxic substances into the bodies of our children and ourselves.

  • Marjorie Simpson

    I trusted my GP, and was assured the reactions were temporary and harmless. I also have seen the results of measles first hand, was terrified with the last outbreak, and I have a lot of worries about leaving my child unvaccinated as well. But I still have doctors telling me it was all coincidence – it isn’t possible to have a negative reaction after the vaccines he was given etc… There needs to be honest reporting of reactions, and studies done that show harmful effects as well as positive ones, but this is not happening. Instead I just get the horror stories of putting my child at risk, and told that a reaction is impossible. But when I ask for that in writing – they refuse.

  • elnura

    You’re living in fear which is exactly where the Industry wants you. Look at what you’ve done. Despite your misgivings about the shots, you allowed your child to make the decision instead of you-the parent. That’s your job, not his.. He’s a child and doesn’t have the life experiences to make medical life altering decisions. What a way to take the responsibility off of yourself. Not only did you allow him to make the decision, you allowed him to be vaccinated again despite the fact he had sever adverse reactions. You believed the line your GP gave you because you didn’t want to make a decision and it was just easier to let him have another jab than to go toe to toe with the GP. What would have to happen to your son for you to grow-up? He’s your child and the DRs work for you. You tell them you will not allow him to be harmed any more. Get a lawyer if you must. You begin this whole horror story because you didn’t want to be the parent and take responsibility for the safety and health of your son. You put it on his back. Shame on you. Absolution you are not getting here. At least from me.

  • elnura

    That’s at least not from me.


    what happens if you do refuse? What happens if all of you refuse? I think you should refuse it.


    my child had measles after all the vaccinations and i had measles because my mum discovered a local child had it and took me & brother there on purpose to infect us-having measles whilst we were young was the best time to have it.


    could you and colleagues FAKE vaccinate one another?


    fake the data, discuss it -who wants to be fake vaccinated.


    excuse me i find this offensive-atheism has no sound logic or science

  • Evan Eberhardt

    Yeah, but vaccine supporters make the claim of science. There is none. Thus, its continued practice should be called out for what it is. A religion.

  • Kristy Leigh Sharp

    There is so much pressure in the hospital re: vaccines. A healthcare worker in Colorado was fired for refusing and then allegedly giving a patient the flu. Up until this year, we could opt out for religious or medical reasons. You can choose to wear a mask for six months, but you can’t take it off at all, except to eat in the break room. Then you have pressure from MD’s not wanting you to take care of their patients if you didn’t get it, etc. I love my job and need the money. There’s no other hospital around here, and they pay very well. Besides, most hospitals are doing this now. Unfortunately, too many healthcare workers think vaccines are safe, for people to protest effectively, or too scared to speak out. No one wants to lose their job or their license.

  • Kristy Leigh Sharp

    There aren’t enough of us to be effective. No one wants to lose their job or license. We can choose to wear a mask for six months, but to me, this is not a choice.

  • notsofree

    A compulsive and very intolerant “religion” at that!! Thus is really no religion, but a cult!!

  • Holding On

    It’s already in practise in the states. Where I live in se PA, the hospital has implemented this get stuck or lose your job. Sick, sick, sick.

  • Free People

    Yes it is sick, and I’m thinking many people will leave their jobs at hospitals because of it and hospitals will end up having to hire dummies who will accept the vaccines. Already hospitals are providing horrible services, it can only go downhill from here.

    What you can do to sort of ‘cancel out’ the vaccine poisons (if leaving this job is not an option and you have to take the poison) is to mega dose yourself with Vitamin C Ascorbate (crystals) ahead of time.

    Go to http://www.Orthomolecular.org and find a recent article on Claus W. Jungeblut who discovered (in1935) that Vitamin C Ascorbate cancels out vaccine poisons because Vitamin C is the actual cure for all the diseases synthetic vaccines are concocted for. Check it out.
    Please spread the word too. Thanks!


    do it- use the mask- they may relent.

  • Free People

    “I am not anti vaccination”????…what will it take for you to wake up about vaccines?


    Unless you stand up to them you will all suffer more. Going along with their harmful compulsory poisons into our veins is something we must be bold about and stand up against. Why not see if you can have pretend vaccinations by those who are willing to fake vaccinate you?

  • Free People

    Wear the mask or take the Jab. The mask is your only choice.


    you cannot allow them to abuse you to keep your job and license because you are also permitting them to abuse everyone else too.


    The evidence of Christ’s existence is historically overwhelming. CS Lewis found Christianity very logical-it is reasonable and goes beyond mere reason too.

  • It seems a little more than coincidental that each year right after the flu mist gets going on a large scale that the so called flu season takes right off and new cases start getting reported. Well of course, the flu mist is an attenuated live vaccine, and that can shed. In the below excerpt from the FluMist product insert they state it as only immunocompromised persons would need to worry about shedding. Are they attempting to claim that only the immunocompromised people, and not a normal person would be at risk of catching the flu form a just vaccinated person. They are obviously admitting that they know the flu can be transmitted to another unvaccinated person by a Flu Mist vaccinated individual. Preposterous.

    FluMist ® (Influenza Vaccine Live,Intranasal)
    Intranasal Spray 2012-2013 Formula

    17.2 Vaccinationwith a Live Virus Vaccine

    Vaccine recipients or their parents/guardians should be informed by the health care provider that FluMistis an attenuated live virus vaccine and has the potential for transmission to immunocompromised household contacts

    At least one vaccine strain was isolated from 80% of FluMist recipients; strains were recovered from 1-21days post vaccination.


    What really seems preposterous in it all is in the fact that the state departments when they report the numbers of flu cases, never report nor tell the public if those cases were confirmed by PCR, or just how those cases were confirmed as flu. Would not a person need to know as well regarding those numbers of flu cases, in and of those cases; in how many of those cases did those said people previously have that current years flu shots. How about in regard to as well the reported flu deaths; same questions. You never get this information. As well why is there never any data provided to the public from any local or state department, thus informing anyone as to the reported number of cases of flu, in how many of those cases did that years flu vaccine match the flu strain in those cases they are reporting? It would be pretty simple for the public to determine and realize the actual effectiveness of the flu vaccine and each years vaccine; if they had that information.

    For some reason the CDC and state departments have a sating policy that you do not need nor deserve that said information. Everyone is just expected to line up each year and take one for the herd. No thank you, I can recognize blatant public authority deception, and when I see it. Why would anyone with the proper awareness of what is in a flu vaccine (and its potential toxicity); ever risk the possible adverse effects, and that when the public health authorities are no more honest and forthright in this than they have been. The public is intelligent enough to undertand if or not the vaccine actually worked, based on the needed and basic data like that. That is likely why you are not getting it. They do not want the public to actually know how ineffective flu shots are.

    17.2 Vaccination with a Live Virus Vaccine

    Vaccine recipients or their parents/guardians should be informed by the health care provider that

    FluMistis an attenuated live virus vaccine and has the potential for transmission
    to immunocompromised household contacts

    At least one vaccine strain was isolated from 80% of FluMist recipients; strains were recovered from 1-21days postvaccination.

    Which Flu Vaccine Should You Take, None of them. Dr Mayer Eisenstein

    What’s In A Flu Shot?

    Don’t Vaccinate Before You Educate!

  • Responsible mum

    I declined vaccines for my son. Just tell them that you decline and it’s not up for discussion. They can’t make you do it. I figured out early on that I am 100% responsible for the health of my son – including the consequences. The doctors who tell you ‘we believe that the benefits outweigh the risks’ are not responsible for your kids health, they are only giving you their opinion. Therefore, if you’re not responsible, no one is.

  • Abe Blue

    Exactly….science is a process. Vaccines have been proven to be very dangerous.