Shaken Baby Syndrome or Death by Vaccine? Doctor Speaks Out…

by Christina England and Michael Innis, MD

More and more innocent men and women are being falsely accused of committing shaken baby syndrome and later jailed for murder after a vaccine injury has occurred.

Unfortunately, an alarming number of medical and law enforcement professionals are quick to accuse caregivers of shaking their infants so hard that they have caused them to suffer from shaken baby syndrome (SBS), defined by a triad of serious brain injuries that can also be attributed to vaccine adverse reactions.

Medical professionals are quick to dismiss adverse reactions to recently administered vaccinations, or never consider them to begin with, while parents and caregivers are automatically assumed to be guilty of horrendous abuse, including the murder of young children. However, if these children have been shaken so violently that it has caused them to suffer extensive brain injuries, then why have so many suffered no external injuries as a result of their assault?

We need to ask ourselves whether just shaking alone can cause these injuries or if there are alternative explanations as to why these injuries occur.

Darryl Elliott is one of many caregivers serving a life sentence for a crime that he did not commit.

A Brief Synopsis of Darryl’s Story

Amelia Bowmar was a healthy, happy, mischievous toddler, until she received her MMR vaccination in May 2012. Within days, her caregiver, Mr. Elliott, noticed a lump on the back of Amelia’s head. The lump was obviously causing the little girl some discomfort, so when her mother (who wishes to remain anonymous) returned home from work, they took her to the local hospital.

When asked how she was injured, Mr. Elliott was unable to account for the lump, but thought that the family’s puppy may have knocked over Amelia. Later, it appeared that the injury might have occurred when she had banged her head on a coffee table while having her diaper changed at her grandma’s house.

“Blame the Parent” Theory

While Amelia was in the hospital, the doctor noticed that she had a small bruise on the back of her calf and the doctor contacted social services because he believed that the bruise was a human bite mark.

Social services decided to place the couple’s two children in the care of their grandparents, pending further investigation.

After a full investigation, the allegation that she had been bitten was unproven and social services returned both of the children.

However, everything suddenly changed two months later, when, after being “off color” all day, Amelia began vomiting.

Mr. Elliott informed us that to make Amelia more comfortable, he had decided to bathe her, and as he lifted her out of the bath, she slipped and banged her head, swallowing some water before bringing it back up. After drying and comforting Amelia, he checked her over and noticed no signs of head trauma.

However, around twenty minutes later, everything changed, he said:

“Around 20 minutes later I left her on a sofa (40cm) left the room briefly to fetch her a drink and returned to find her on the floor facing the ceiling. I picked her up and she curled into a c shape position. I turned her round to face me, tipped her head forward where I saw her eyes rolling to the back of her head and she looked like she gasping for air. I panicked and shook her about 6 times then called 999.”

Sadly, Amelia never regained consciousness and later died in the hospital of what medical professionals diagnosed as severe head trauma and pneumonia. Amelia was said to have suffered no back or neck injuries and reports do not identify that she suffered from any external injury whatsoever. Despite this fact, however, Mr. Elliott was accused of shaking the little girl so hard that he caused her brain to bleed and swell and was later charged with her murder.

Falsely Imprisoned for Murder

Try to imagine what it is like sitting in a jail cell for up to 23 hours a day, for a crime you did not commit. Sadly, this is the reality for more and more innocent parents and carers like Mr. Elliott.

In a bid to have this case reopened and the facts studied in detail, something which was not done at the original trial, retired hematologist Dr. Michael D. Innis asked VacTruth to publish a paper that he wrote titled Shaken Baby Syndrome – Shaken.

Shaken Baby Syndrome – Shaken, by Dr. Michael D. Innis

A pediatric consultant has testified in the trial of a child minder charged with assaulting a baby that some of the baby’s injuries represented a “classic text book case” of baby shaking. Obviously, this pediatrician, and others with similar views, need to be educated and abandon their habit of covering up the mistakes of their colleagues. They are menacing innocent parents and caregivers and are a danger to the whole community until they abandon the myth of the “shaken baby syndrome.” No apology has been made for the strident tone of this response, and some action must be taken to restore faith in the integrity of the medical profession which is under scrutiny.


Parents and carers are often falsely accused of injuring a child, asserting that unexplained bruises, fractures, retinal and subdural hemorrhages with ischemic encephalopathy, the so-called “triad” are signs of physical abuse. However, these features can be the result of tissue scurvy, defined here as a disorder of vitamin C metabolism in which vitamin C, although abundant in the plasma, is unable to enter the cell and ensure cell function because of a lack of insulin, which is necessary to transfer the vitamin C into the cell. The cause is an autoimmune reaction which destroys the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas, as evidenced by the invariable associated hyperglycaemia in these children. Here it is shown that the evidence of the prosecution experts, alleging death from the shaken baby syndrome, was demonstrably flawed. The shaken baby syndrome diagnosis is false and an innocent man was incarcerated. This irrational diagnosis should be abandoned. It is destroying the lives of hundreds of innocent people. 


Mr. Darryl Elliot was convicted for the murder of Amelia Bowmar based on the evidence of doctors who alleged Amelia was shaken to death. The basis of this allegation was the presence of a subdural hematoma, swelling of the brain with ischemic changes and haemorrhagic contusions in the cortex of the right and left superior frontal gyri of the brain. The brain and spinal cord showed evidence of old and recent injury, which was attributed to “non-accidental injury.” 

The condition of which the carers of the child could offer no explanation for fractures, bruises, retinal and cerebral hemorrhages with ischemic encephalopathy was given the name “shaken baby syndrome” in 1971 by neurosurgeon Dr. Guthkelch, who, unsurprisingly, could offer no other explanation for the lesions in the brains of these children, and as incredible as it may seem, nor could the doctors in the UK who reported on Amelia Bowmar a year ago.

Amelia had a disorder of the coagulation system as shown by a raised INR of 1.3,(NR <1.2) and an APTT of 39.6.(NR <39.0), which would explain the brain hemorrhages and others, but the evidence was ignored by the doctors who alleged murder, obviously uninformed in the interpretation of these and other laboratory results.

Their preoccupation with the shaken baby syndrome hypothesis also caused them to ignore the elevation of the level of glucose in the blood and the presence of glucose in the urine of Amelia. Both of these features are manifestations of an autoimmune response to antigenic stimulation, as I have explained.

Until the medical profession realizes that the shaken baby syndrome is a fabricated diagnosis without a shred of scientific evidence, they are going to continue to falsely accuse innocent people, deceive the judiciary system and send innocent people to prison.

Mr. Justice MacDuff said, when he sentenced Darryl Elliott for the murder of his partner’s baby, Amelia Bowmar:

‘You have been convicted, on overwhelming evidence, of the murder of Amelia Bowmar, a little girl of 14 months whose care had been entrusted to you by your partner, her mother. Your job was to look after and protect her but, instead, she died at your hands.

It is clear to me that because you perceived her to be misbehaving, or perhaps because you had to deal with her when she was sick, or just because you lost your temper at something wholly unconnected with her behaviour, you so violently and deliberately shook her as to the catastrophic injuries from which she died. Only you know exactly what went on inside that house on July 28 last year.

I accept that this was a spur of the moment loss of temper and also that you did not intend to kill. I also accept that you were immediately full of remorse – although that remorse has to be seen alongside an attempt to distance yourself from what you did and a failure to acknowledge your responsibility. Your failure to tell the truth in those early hours meant that the medical teams spent time investigating other possible causes. I am satisfied that Amelia was so seriously compromised that she would have died anyway. Buy you were not to know that.’

The judge believed the evidence of the doctors and the “overwhelming evidence” he refers to is analyzed here and is demonstrably “overwhelmingly non-sense.” (emphasis added)

The Testimony of Dr. P.H.T. Cartlidge, Specialist Field Pediatrics

Dr. P.H.T. Cartlidge, in his evidence, said:

“In my opinion the head injury was not caused by a fall from the seat of the settee and I struggle to conceive how Amelia could have climbed higher.”

He went on to say that:

“The mechanism of non-accidental head injury causing an acute encephalopathic illness, acute subdural bleeding and retinal haemorrhages is thought to be shaking, an impact or a combination of both. In shaking a child is often grasped around the chest and shaken.

Squeezing the chest impairs the return of blood to the heart and thereby causes an increase in venous blood pressure. This in turn causes engorgement of the veins that traverse the subdural space on the surface of the brain. Shaking the child and/or hitting the child’s head on a firm object leads to marked accellaration-decellaration forces that rupture these engorged veins, resulting on subdural haemorrhage The same shearing forces generated by shaking-impact can damage the parenchyma of the brain and also the spinal cord and cord roots.”

Comment from Dr. Innis

“Dr. Cartlidge gave an account of the fanciful speculative mainstream opinion of shaken baby syndrome, which ignores crucial biochemical evidence such as increased glucose in the blood (hyperglycemia), abnormal liver function test, abnormal coagulation tests and glycosuria (sugar in the urine), which proves that this condition is actually an autoimmune disease known as TISSUE SCURVY.

The shaken baby syndrome theory is actually unscientific speculation, as demonstrated in the peer-reviewed manuscript, Autoimmunity and Non-Accidental Injury in Children, in which it was shown that the shaken baby syndrome conceived by Guthkeltch to explain bruises, fractures, retinal and cerebral hemorrhage and encephalopathy in children, (called the “triad”), can instead be explained by an autoimmune reaction to antigens in a genetically susceptible child.

Children diagnosed as suffering from non-accidental injuries were investigated for evidence of immune response reactions following mandated vaccination and childhood illnesses. In the results, it was found in all the reported cases that the response to antigenic stimulation damaged the beta cells in the pancreas caused hyperinsulinemia, which inhibited the cellular uptake of vitamin C. This resulted in liver dysfunction. The failure of carboxylation of the vitamin K-dependent proteins resulted in hemorrhages and fractures associated with the triad.

Fractures, retinal and subdural haemorrhages and encephalopathy in children are autoimmune responses to antigenic stimulation in a genetically susceptible individual. Common antigens are mandated vaccines, viral bacterial and parasitic infections.”

Testimony from Dr. S.J. Hamilton, Forensic Pathology, Unit Leeds

Dr. S.J. Hamilton, Forensic Pathology Unit Leeds, who, with his colleague Dr. Malcomson, performed the post-mortem examination on Amelia, also gave evidence for the prosecution, in which he stated:

“Having considered all the findings with respect to the death of Amelia, it is my opinion that she as died of a head and spinal injuries. Neuropathology has revealed recent injuries including subdural bleeding, axonal injury in the medulla and spinal nerve roots, and fresh bleeding within older contusions within the brain itself. There is also evidence of older injury including older subdural bleeding and cerebral contusions. These are indicative of at least one, but possibly more than one, episode of significant head trauma. These neuropathological appearances are entirely consistent with non-accidental injury also referred to as paediatric head injury or sometimes “Adult Induced Injury.” Although some authors have proposed theoretical models that would indicate a natural single underlying cause leading to the finding of subdural haematoma brain swelling and retinal haemorrhage to my knowledge these theoretical models have not been accepted by the Courts. The presence of this combination of findings is entirely consistent with a traumatic aetiology. The lack of external injury means that it is not possible to state that there has been an impact to the head, although the possibility of an impact that has not left an external injury must exist.” (sic)

Comment from Dr. Innis

“I am one of the authors that ‘have proposed theoretical models that would indicate a natural single underlying cause leading to the finding of subdural hematoma brain swelling and retinal hemorrhage.’ Amelia had elevated blood glucose levels and glucose in her urine, features which confirm a diagnosis of tissue scurvy, as reported in the manuscript below.

 (Research from Dr. Jayamohan Jayaratnam, Consulting Pediatric Neurosurgeon)

Dr. Jayamohan Jayaratnam discussed all the available evidence, including the fact that initial blood-clotting tests show some raised clotting times with an INR of 1.3, an APTT of 39.6 and an APTT ratio of 1.3. With support from the evidence of Dr. Al-Sarraj, he concluded:

‘In my view this sufficient support for my already formed view that there is likely to have been a traumatic explanation for Amelia’s collapse. In view the globalized findings of ischemia, it was hard to place exactly what may have occurred. However with the focal injuries described by Dr. AL SARRAJ, in view of the absence of external signs of injury and in view of the bilateral severe ophthalmology findings, I believe it is highly indicative that a non-impact traumatic injury otherwise known as a shaking type injury has occurred to Amelia.’ 

Dr. Jayamohan clearly identified an abnormality of the clotting mechanism and then, for no apparent reason, chose to ignore it as a cause of the bleeding in the skull and elsewhere. His illogical conclusion needs to be further investigated for the safety of others with similar coagulation profiles.

Other caregivers may suffer the same fate as Darryl Elliot did if medical personnel continue to hold this view.” (emphasis added)

Testimony from Dr. Neil Gordon Stoodley, Consulting Neuroradiologist

Dr. Neil Gordon Stoodley, a consultant neuroradiologist, concluded his assessment of the situation with the remarks:

“I cannot think of a biologically plausible mechanism that would potentially directly link any event occurring toward the end of May 2012 and Amelia’s presentation with a severe (indeed fatal) encephalopathic illness at the end of July.

The scan abnormalities are all explicable on the basis of being due to an episode of non-accidental head injury. The mechanism of the injury is likely to have involved shaking. Majority medical opinion is of the view that what is likely to be required to produce such injuries is the backwards and forward movement of the unsupported infant head pivoting on the neck. It is believed that this leads to a degree of acceleration/deceleration and rotational forces and that the consequent differential rotation of the brain and skull leads to stretching of the subdural veins which cross the subdural space and it is this which leads to bleeding in the subdural space.” (emphasis added)

Comment from Dr. Innis

“Dr. Stoodley could not ‘think of a biologically plausible mechanism that would potentially directly link any event occurring toward the end of May 2012 and Amelia’s presentation with a severe (indeed fatal) encephalopathic illness at the end of July.’

The MMR vaccine, administered on May 25, 2012, was the biologically plausible mechanism Dr. Stoodley had difficulty in thinking that would potentially directly link an event occurring toward the end of May 2012 and Amelia’s later presentation with severe (indeed fatal) encepalopathic illness at the end of July.

An account of the condition, tissue scurvy, of which doctors, including Dr. Stoodley, are obviously unaware, is featured below. When doctors understand tissue scurvy can be induced by vaccines and also causes the signs and symptoms found in Amelia, they will stop misdiagnosing shaken baby syndrome.” (emphasis added)

Research from Dr. Al-Sarraj, Consulting Neuropathologist

Dr. Al-Sarraj provided a detailed account of the findings and concluded:

“The clinical history indicates presence of extensive bilateral retinal haemorrhages. These injuries, in addition to the presence of subdural haematoma and generalized ischemia (ischaemic encephalopathy) form the triad frequently seen in patients with non-accidental head injury. This is further supported by presence of subdural haematoma in the spinal cord, axonal injury in the pyramids of the medulla and axonal injury in the spinal nerve roots.

The presence of axonal injury in the pyramids and spinal nerve roots suggest head and spinal cord injury resulting from violent hyper-extension and hyper-flexion of the head and neck similar to those seen in shaking. The presence of extensive retinal haemorrhages supports this suggestion.

The pathological findings in the brain have to be considered closely with other findings of autopsy examination, radiological examination, eye examination and other investigations, before final conclusion. I will review the pathological findings in the brain and my interpretation if further information becomes available.


Head and spinal cord injury consistent with non-accidental injury. (emphasis added)

Comment from Dr. Innis

“There is no conflict with Dr. Al-Sarraj’s findings, but it is the interpretation of those findings which I dispute. He is evidently prepared to review his interpretation if further information becomes available and I would like to draw his attention to the fact that Amelia had biochemical as well as anatomical abnormalities. The biochemical diagnoses of hyperglycaemia, glycosuria, coagulation abnormality (INR 1,3, APTT 39.6) all suggest she was suffering from an autoimmune disorder tissue scurvy, [1] which I am sure Dr. Al-Sarraj is willing to consider.” (emphasis added)

Dr. R.E. Bonshak, Consultant Ophthalmic Pathologist

Dr. Bonshak gave a detailed account of the pathological changes seen in the eye when exposed to infection and injury and concluded:

Non-traumatic injuries which might possibly cause this form and extent of pathology include severe coagulopathy (bleeding disorder) leukaemia (with coagulopathy) septicaemia (with coagulopathy) meningitis (with coagulopathy) and catastrophic intracranial bleeding. I am not aware that these conditions have been identified.” (sic) (emphasis added)

Comment from Dr. Innis

“The hospital records and pathology report of Amelia clearly did show a severe coagulopathy, which Dr. Bonshak did not recognize.

1. INR (International Normalized Ratio) 1.3 (Normal Range 2 – 4.5)
2. APTT (Accelerated Partial Thromboplastin Time) 39.6 sec (Normal 27-35 sec)

Having been a haematologist in a teaching hospital, I HAVE REPORTED ON MANY THOUSANDS OF HEMATOLOGICAL RESULTS. These results indicate that a coagulopathy is present due to the reduction in the clotting factors XII, XI, IX, and VIII and spontaneous bleeding is inevitable. It also indicates that the liver is damaged because these factors are formed in the liver.

Dr. Bonshak has the evidence of a coagulopathy he requires to conclude ‘non-traumatic injuries which might possibly cause this form and extent of pathology.’”

Conclusion: Words from Dr. Innis

“Darryl Elliot has been found guilty of murder based on the evidence of doctors who are not competent in interpreting the hematological evidence which clearly indicated a coagulopathy caused the death of Amelia Bowmar.

Prior to migrating to Australia, I was one of the pathologists working for the coroner in The West Riding of Yorkshire.

I declare that I have not made any statement that I know to be untrue.

Michael D. Innis, MBBS; DTM&H; FRCPA; FRC Path”

A Letter From Darryl Sent to Dr. Innis From Prison

“Amelia had her MMR vaccine on May 23rd 2012, part from the nausea she experienced for a few days, how subtle would the vaccines have been in regards to any further illness? If Amelia collapsing was due to the reaction from the MMR vaccine, would my accident of dropping her heighten the risk to her? If Amelia had any blood disorder that caused her to bruise easily, would (in the words of the crown prosecution) my vigorous and violent shaking have brought on any external bruising to her upper torso? Did my panic and subsequent shaking cause Amelia more harm? I didn’t mention to the hospital that I had shaken Amelia in panic, if I had told them sooner, could it have save her life?

Medical experts did not believe my version of events, they don’t believe Amelia could have entered into the condition I found her in, unless she was involved in some kind of severe head trauma or NAI, I believe you have my version of the events, could you offer any explanation as to why Amelia’s condition turned so rapidly?

Amelia’s scan at Grimsby showed no abnormalities to a trainee radiologist, however, at Sheffield the next day a trained radiologist saw severe abnormalities, from 18.30 on the 29th July to 10.30 on the 30th, doctors didn’t know about anything going on in Amelia’s brain until a 2nd scan was done at 13.30 due to Amelia’s pupils being a different size, how much could have gone on in her condition between 18.30 and 13.30, that the doctors didn’t see?

Would more seizures in this period of time have caused more damage to her brain, why was a trained radiologist not available in such a life threatening situation, we was told they was checking for meningitis, diabetes, metabolic conditions, what else should have been explored? And if it wasn’t explored, why wasn’t it?

The coagulation condition you found, how long did Amelia have it? How would it or should it have been spotted, and how did it affect Amelia’s condition, before and after she collapsed?

What could have caused her levels of glucose to elevate and why wasn’t it spotted? What did glucose in her urine represent? What effect would it have had on Amelia? Plunkett’s report is now 14yrs old, has there been any other short fall fatalities since then? Finally, was Amelia’s death my fault?

Thank you for taking so much time out to try and answer my questions, thank you also for helping me in my struggle to clear my name, I loved my daughter and never unlawfully harmed her in any way, nor would I ever.

Myself and my family are truly grateful for the work you are doing for myself and Amelia’s mum and family, they need the truth just as much as me, many thanks Dr. Innis I am truly grateful.

Darryl Elliott

Dr. Innis hopes that by publishing this paper, Darryl Elliott’s case will be reopened and the truth of what really happened to Amelia Bowmar will be discovered.


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Christina England, BA Hons

  • SteveCA7

    Be aware that the NHS also wrongly refer parents of HPV vaccine damaged girls to Social Services for investigation of Fabricated or Induced Illness (previously known as Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy). In our case they even told blatant lies and minutes of their meetings obtained by Freedom of Information also identified 150 inaccuracies and gross inaccuracies.
    The TYMES Trust (The Young ME Sufferers) have also supported 140 families wrongly accused of child abuse.
    This is not a one-off. It is coordinated nationally. It is criminal.

  • Gman

    These type of cases are no doubt very hard to reverse. The countless infants that die of so called SIDS are the cases that make me crazy. I had a co worker that lost his infant son to SIDS when the child was two months old. Of course it was right after the child received several vaccinations in single visit to the pediatrician. I kept my mouth shut after it happened not wanting to add to their grief but I had no doubt at all that it was the vaccines that killed their child and not some pseudo BS nonsense known as sudden infant death syndrome. I feel sorry for Darryl. His conviction is unlikely to be reversed. His admission that he shook the child probably sealed his fate.

  • S W

    This is a bad example, unfortunately, because must of Darryl’s story does not add up to me. How does a 14 month old slip and fall when being “lifted out” of the bath? And he admits he shook her after she fell off the sofa. I believe that there are many cases of SIDS that are actually vaccine-related, and it’s a tragedy that parents are blamed. I am not convinced that this child is the victim of vaccine damage based on reading the details here.

  • How many more will have to go to jail before this issue is given National attention… probably many… the same with the shootings that have occurred.. Many more innocent people will have to die before psychiatric drugs are restricted, unless monitored in some way 24/7 by an outside entity… the age group most likely to commit killings due to psychiatric drugs should have a GPS attached to them. I tell parents at every meeting I have as a counselor and child birth educator and health coach to please become informed… I give them websites such as this one to look into it… there is a veil of denial due to the enculturation of values that keep them Frozen from seeking information … it is so sad… that we prefer pain and suffering to learn from rather than by listening and reading to rational thought by people who have asked the question… WHY and have unearth the truth of the “lies” our world give us as a means to control the people’s minds/thoughts… nothing can be more “Unloving” than the propaganda of vaccines and drugs…. the killing machine of our time…

  • DrKeteDC

    I think it’s still an instructive case because that shaking may not have caused the injury. Perhaps he was guilty of something but not enough to spend his life in prison. If rulings are based upon assumptions and not science, people will be prosecuted unfairly.

  • Free People

    This is what the VAXASSINATION Agenda is all about and always has been. It’s been known since the 1930’s that particularly pertussis vaxassination causes SIDS.

    It’s by design. Agenda 21. Sheeple who still believe vaxassinations are good for something need to wake the flock up and support a mass revolt against these criminals, critical in the USSA, most vaxassinated country in the entire world. SAVE THE CHILDREN!

  • amouse

    I’m so furious I can’t breathe. My beautiful six y/o contracted encephalopathy from his first MMR. The same doctor injected him w/ live polio vaccine. I know this because I “caught” polio. was ill for 1 month. When I told DR. Killbabies about my child loosing his mind he refused to see him said he was moving to Florida. Now they blame their sloppy measuring, poor mixing, data ignoring, lying eyes on the grieving parent. white coat mafia need to roll up their sleeves for a nice protective adult dose.

  • Larry Maher

    Well, I don’t know who is right or wrong. But I can tell you 35 years ago my daughter had colic for her first nine months. She cried non-stop the whole time. Sleeping only a few broken minutes every night my wife and I nearly went insane. We received no help from any relatives and I dreaded going home everyday. Unfortunately, unless someone goes through the insanity that arises from sleep deprivation it’s hard to explain it to anyone else. Today my daughter is a doctor but how we made it through those nine months is a miracle. I take no side here. All I can add that no one knows horrible thoughts can arise in anyone as your body, mind and soul begins to break down. 35 years later and there is still not much help for parents who have to go through this alone! I remember being told from some people that “All babies cry.” Oh well.

  • John

    One of the major issues that occurs when a baby is born is going through the birth canal requires about 60 p.s.i of force and this distorts the spinal column and sets up many issues for the baby as it grows. A chiropractor can adjust the infant a few days after birth and fix this problem allowing much better nerve flow.

    Vaccines have to damage the child by coagulating toxins due to the massively cationic Aluminum (AL+++) and other heavy metals including mercury. Yes, there are still traces of mercury in every shot that are called mercury free. Through a series of process the body goes through due to its anatomy, oxygen deprivation takes place in the water shed areas of the brain. This damage takes time to repair and in many cases, symptoms show up such as mini-strokes displayed in the facial features of the infant. Medical diagnostics do not exist that can show this lack of oxygen to the water shed areas created by the negative zeta potential in the blood limiting the red blood cells carrying oxygen to these tissues making them very weak and inefficient.

    Medical science is so very inept and primitive, but is being masked by the fancy medical devices that are measuring things that are irrelevant in many cases. The public has been duped and drug companies have hijacked the medical industry crating an obfuscation of the facts and real science needed to address very sick people.

    A very good example of this is blood pressure. Most people think high blood pressure is a disorder or disease and causes heart attacks and strokes. NOT TRUE based on any legitimate independent study. The blood pressure chart used in studies shows the surrogate-end point that assumes if the blood pressure goes up that correlates to heart attacks and stroke that the blood pressure is the culprit. It is a SYMPTOM, not the cause. So regulating the blood pressure only regulates the symptom, not the problem! The mercury in the kidney stops the kidney’s ability to process sulfur to make cholesterol sulfate. That provides 60% of the energy for the heart & brain to work. Vitamin D3 comes from breaking a double bond in cholesterol sulfate, so if you are deficient, you become vitamin d3 deficient, lack energy to the heart & brain and increase your chance of having a heart attack or stroke! All the while taking that blood pressure medication and thinking you are protecting yourself! LOL. .

  • John

    You need to take a side that says each baby in this situation needs to be analyzed from different perspectives. I’m sure there are a few babies that have been shaken, but I suspect that number is incredibly few. I had the unfortunate situation to see a man in a Las Vegas trailer incident that was on crack cocaine along with his wife that put his babies head through the trailer door. The baby died. He was tried and found to be temporarily insane and is walking the streets today! We have a system of justice that relies way to heavily on so called professionals, such are doctors, that rely on very inept diagnostics that do not paint the whole picture, but are assuming their diagnostics are the full picture. Now, we are left to make a judgement on circumstantial evidence at best because the so called experts are incredibly incompetent due to their lack of giving the complete picture.

  • John

    @ amouse: Your child was a victim of medical terrorism. As you will notice, they have no safety study that can show no harm happens to a child when they are POISON INJECTED. The reason is that they must be damaged to create the antibodies! So the proof is they are damaged. The extent of the damage is the real issue, not are they damaged. The MMR contains live virus and we know that if the child gets the mumps, they are protected against ovarian cancer and if they get the measles, they are protected against cervical cancer later in life, but only if they are naturally infected, not that stupid vaccine. The “R” or pertussis part of the vaccine has been shown to be 50% of the vaccine damage reported by VAERS (vaccine adverse event reporting system) that has recorded over $3.2 billion dollars paid to victims. Most likely your baby had antibodies to polio when born because 95% of all people had polio never knew it because it is a very mild disease and was going out of existence when the vaccine hit the market. They developed permanent immunity that led to the eradication of polio, not the shot!

  • John

    All vaccines contribute to SIDS! ALL of them, not just the pertussis vaccine. I am researching this issue and now have specific evidence showing how this happens. There are a handful of problems that are associated with the causation, but all of those problems have the same pathway to the cause. Vaccines are the major factor and it is the variation of quantity of each item that creates the difference in neuro degenerative symptoms you see and many you don’t see, but manifest in the person as they age. Look at the whole spectrum of neuro degenerative diseases and then look at the symptoms. They are ALL related. This is truly MAN-MADE and is being perpetuated by greed and avarice. NO ONE should ever be vaccinated for any reason unless it can be proved beyond an unquestionable doubt that it will save the person’s life for a specific incident! And that proof needs to be evidenced by several independent research groups not funded or supported in any way by the “Fox watching the hen house!”

    The biggest problem is finding funding to do this work. Who do you know can and will contribute to showing the world that vaccines cause neuro degenerative diseases? The major challenge is proving it requires creating the damage! Looking for volunteers! LOL. I have a way to see the damage happen and measure the extent of the damage now. Not an easy thing to do. Typical medical equipment cannot do that do to the way the body’s anatomy is constructed.

  • John

    The reason we have such IGNORANCE all around us is that people take “Beliefs” as facts. They use assumptions as evidence and obfuscate the truth in so called studies that are funded by the Fox watching the Hen House. A very naive public thinks that if the word “scientific” is attached to any article or the word “expert” is used, it must be a true finding for anything. Most experts are well trained on a subject based on their education derived from schooling or studies they use as their evidence. In LAW, it is not the truth that counts, but what you can prove.

  • Free People

    Dr Andrew Moulden who ‘mysteriously’ died at 49 was exposing the vaccine fraud throughout the nation. “Every and ALL vaccines cause harm to those who take them.” Andrew Moulden RIP. He took before and after pictures and one can see the obvious harm on the victims faces.

    Thank you for your work.

  • John

    @ S W: Yes, what you are saying is that the evidence is circumstantial at best, but I have dropped my child as part of the bathing process and it is not a common thing, but does happen. They can be very squirrely sometimes. There also other factors that need to be taken into consideration with this problem, not solely a vaccine problem even though it is a major factor in causing oxygen deprivation in many areas of the brain. The real issue with any of these events is the compilation of all the factors and the LAW is not about truth, but about what you can prove. That is the real problem here.

  • John

    Over 10,000 infants are losing their lives in America due to SIDS. There is no way all of those were due to shaking! Correlation does not prove causation. Having said that, it is a combination of items that cause SIDS and vaccines are certainly the major factor. I am researching this issue and can tell you that it is proving the causation, not how it happens is the stumbling factor. The biggest factor is creating the situation where the damage happens, who wants to volunteer? The medical diagnostics to show the problem do not exist due to the anatomy of the body, so what I am doing is attempting to show that all neuro-degnerative diseases and disorders are all caused by the same issues. My belief is that ADHD, Asberger’s, Autism, schizophrenia, even ALS and POTS express very similar symptoms.

    The very basis of medicine in America and most of the world is wrong. In order to have a strong immune system, you have to challenge that system in order to make it active. Children born with Gamma-Globulin Anemia have no ability to produce antibodies, yet they get over infectious diseases just as fast as the vaccinated & unvaccinated. You have to ask why if you have a brain. It takes the body 5 to 6 days to clone an antibody and store it for the future. Once this is done, you have permanent immunity. Those antibodies can get lazy. If you get chickenpox as a child, you clone those antibodies, but you need to be exposed to children getting the chickenpox to wake up those antibodies and that is what protects you from getting Shingles later in life! Vaccinations give temporary immunity, if at all. Antibodies cannot be cloned from a vaccine.

    Look at how cancer is treated. They go after the cancer, not the root cause. 50% of the chemo patients die of heart attacks due to the chemo affecting the heart indicated by the T2 wave upward motion indicated on the EKG. So doctors are killing patients? Yep! Since STEM CELLS are the ones that cancer begins due to DNA mutations, the body throws off millions of cancer cells each day through the lymphatic system and you don’t become symptomatic because your immune system is working.

    Vaccination damages the ability of the immune system to do it’s job. Any wonder why cancer is on the massive increase in the world?

  • John

    The HPV vaccine is loaded with Aluminum hydroxide! The MMR is loaded with it as is the HEP-B vaccine given to infants at birth! Mercury is still in all the POISON INJECTIONS as well, even though they tell you it’s out, there are trace amounts that FDA allows them to be called “mercury free.” There is peanut oil in all vaccines, but not disclosed due to TRADE SECRET laws as was disclosed in a Congressional hearing run by senator Dan Carlson.

    Look up the ingredients in vaccines and you will see so many problems that come from all this poison being injected into a child! It is frightening!

  • amouse

    he was never sick. My only hospital born child, I was told to push hard, you said about birth trauma and neck vertebra makes sense now as he could not hold his head up for three months. (zero control of neck muscles) I didn’t bring him to ‘well baby visits’ too afraid the doctor would injure him. It was later when he was strong, smart healthy and about to miss out on a summer program….

  • I apologize if I offend you that is not my intention…I would like to edit or rephrase your last statement… They are incompetent because they know not what they do…completely unconscious of the fact they are unaware..of information not provided to them. they are truly ignorant…and disconnected to the outcomes their actions produce…the only hope is to believe that somehow a few are set free from man’s policies and laws whether it be law or medicine or religion. . May we all wake up from the dream

  • James Peters

    The exact cause of SIDS is unknown, but it’s thought to be down to a combination of factors. Experts believe SIDS occurs at a particular stage in a baby’s development, and that it affects babies who are vulnerable to certain environmental stresses. This vulnerability may be caused by being born prematurely or having a low birthweight, or because of other reasons not yet identified. Environmental stresses could include tobacco smoke, getting tangled in bedding, a minor illness or a breathing obstruction. There’s also an association between co-sleeping (sleeping with your baby on a bed, sofa or chair) and SIDS. Babies who die of SIDS are thought to have problems in the way they respond to these stresses and how they regulate their heart rate, breathing and temperature. Although the cause of SIDS isn’t fully understood, there are a number of things you can do to reduce the risk. Vaccinations do not increase the risk of SIDS, and may reduce the risk slightly https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16945457 http://www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/Concerns/sids.html

  • James Peters

    It’s ironic that anti-vaxxers rail against ”Big Pharma”, as if they are hell bent on making people ill, but the package insert, written by ”Big Pharma”, is considered gospel. This is argument via package insert.

  • Gman

    Sounds like whoever brainwashed you did an excellent job!

  • James Peters

    This is what it comes down to for most, it’s a source of self-esteem for them. In their minds, they have ”educated” themselves. How do they know they are ”educated”?. Because they’ve chosen to disregard experts (who appear as authority figures) in favour of quacks and charlatans, whom they admire for their own defiance of authority. The combination of self-education and defiance of authority is viewed as an empowering form of rugged individualism, marking out their own superiority from those pathetic ”sheeple” who aren’t self-educated and who follow authority

    Martin Seligman has a lot to answer for, what with the whole ‘positive psychology’ movement and his promotion of self-delusion as a desirable trait.

  • guest

    ‘Doctor Claims That Hexavalent Infanrix Vaccine Causes
    Sudden Death Of Babies,’ Anti-Vaccination Advocates Question Why Report Was Confidential

    One doctor says there is a strong link between the Infanrix hexa vaccine and cases of sudden death among babies. The manufacturer of the hexavalent Infanrix vaccine, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), disclosed required information in a confidential report to the regulatory authority. In that report, which has been made public per orders by Italian Court of Justice Nicola Di Leo, according to the India Medical Times, the deaths of 72 babies took place within 20 days of getting the
    Infanrix hexa jab. Di Leo ordered the documents released during an autism-related hearing.

    Biological Clinical Safety and Pharmacovigilance
    GlaxoSmithKline Research and Development
    Avenue Fleming, 20 1300 Wavre Belgium
    *Combined Diphtheria, Tetanus and Acellular Pertussis, Hepatitis B enhanced inactivated Poliomyelitis and Haemophilus Influenza Type B Vaccine

    Infanrix Hexa
    Summary Bridging Report
    Date of the Report: 16 December 2011
    International Birthdate: 24 16 December 2011
    Date points: 23 October 2008 (European Union)

    A confidential 1271 page GSK document ordered recently by an Italian Court to be published shows that multiple vaccines cause sudden child deaths. [The document is a formal confidential previously unpublished submission by GlaxoSmithKline to the European Medicines Agency from 2011 and 2012.]

    The GSK document contains data about deaths occurring as a result of administration of Prevenar 13 vaccine [from Pfizer], Infanrix Hexa from GSK and some other vaccines. Prevenar13 is given to all British children.

    The analysis has been published on the US National Library of Medicines website using the data GSK provided to the European Medicines Agency. The data is conclusive. It is very clear and there is no room for argument.

    And the analysis is simple. Anyone can understand it. The very
    plain data the document contains proves the matter without any doubt

    Here is the key point from the published analysis [but there is more to read online]. It is not rocket science but very simple to understand: (https://childhealthsafety.files.wordpress(dot) com/2015/01/table-36-20111216-gsk-infanrix-hexa-summary-bridging-report-16-12-20111.pdf

    (Source: Table 36 The GlaxoSmithKline Biological Clinical Safety and Pharmacovigilance report to Regulatory Authority)…… if
    one analyses the data looking at deaths in first 10 days after
    administration of vaccine and compares it to the deaths in the next 10
    days, it is clear that 97% of deaths (65 deaths) in the infants below 1
    year, occur in the first 10 days and 3% (2 deaths) occur in the next 10
    days. Had the deaths been coincidental SIDS deaths unrelated to
    vaccination, the numbers of deaths in the two 10 day periods should have
    been the same. Similarly in children older than 1 year, 87.5% deaths (7 deaths) occurred in the first 10 days and 12.5% (1 death) occurred in the next 10 days.

    Here is the data presented in a way that the clustering of deaths can be seen clearly: (https://childhealthsafety.files.wordpress(dot)com/2015/01/20150210-gsk-psur-1516-infanrix-hexa-deaths.jpg)

    -Vaccines Proven To Cause Sudden Death In Children http://www.greenmedinfo(dot)com/blog/vaccines-proven-cause-sudden-death-children.

    Link to more information: https://childhealthsafety.wordpress(dot)com/2015/01/13/vaccines-proven-to-cause-sudden-death-in-children-67-deaths-only-explicable-as-caused-by-vaccines-drug-safety-regulators-had-the-information-for-over-2-years-and-let-children-die/.

  • amouse

    Lyme is endemic in Maine ‘Chronic fatigue’ is Lyme, instead of PSA’s about Lyme, ‘Chronic fatigue’ get’s airtime. Very strange….must be cheaper to treat chronic fatigue, then Lyme.
    My sister died of liver failure from chemo. There’s a bit of Shipman in all Docs, demanding patients, unsuccessful outcomes, or old malpractice suit. she was all of these.

  • Heather James

    Co-sleeping safely in a bed has actually been found to be associated with REDUCED risk of SIDS. And, of course, environmental hazards can easily include gross assault to the immune system, as caused by vaccines. There is a lot of junk science and cherry-picking of research in the pro-vaccine camp, as well as massive underreporting (by 90+%, according to a former FDA head) of adverse vaccine reactions

  • Sounds very similar to the Sally Clarke case in the UK. Monday 26 of January 1998 Sally Clarke’s son Harry has his DTaP vaccination, (Stolen Innocence:

    the Sally Clark story (Amazon) Four hours later Harry was dead. Unfortunately for Sally Clarke she had no explanation for her sons sudden death. Clark was convicted of murdering Harry and his brother Christopher who was believed to have been a victim of Cot death a year earlier. Sally Clarke spent three years in prison and was finally acquitted by the court of Appeal in 2003, dying in 2005 of a “broken heart”.

    Soon after her conviction in February 2000 Sally Clark’s family were contacted by campaigners on the dangers of vaccination. “They have no doubt that the DPT jab given to Harry four hours before he died is what killed him” (page 226). They support their view with a mountain of paper. “none of Sallys medical expert’s will give this theory the time of day”. The expert witness for the prosecution Paediatric consultant Roy Meadows said there was a one in seventy three million chance of two children in the same family dying of “cot death”.

  • amouse

    there’s a whole slew of adult vaccinations that might interest you…this years triple jab flue shot, or the new single cell tetanus, are you up to date on the HEPS? shingles, pneumonia, pertussis? Grave markers?

  • Thomas Johnson

    Tissue scurvy? Sounds like this Dr. Innis just made up a disease (no hits on PubMed). What evidence is there that any vaccine destroys beta cells, and specifically this baby’s beta cells? What evidence is there that insulin is required for absorption of vitamin C into cells? What was the child’s glucose level? Did they have to give her insulin in the hospital? And what is a normal INR? Is it <1.2 or 2-4.5? And a normal PTT? <39 or 27-35? What a mess!

  • James Peters

    I had a tetanus booster a few months ago and know I have a headache. Coincidence, I think not. Thanks ”Big Pharma”!.

  • James Peters

    Don’t sleep with your baby in a bed, sofa or armchair as this increases the risk for SIDS https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20148046 As do many other things.

  • guest

    “Sounds like this Dr. Innis just made up a disease”

    Here’s a partial list of unknown disease that sound made up. Science & medicine are not static-it is constantly evolving. New discoveries are made all the time that many initially disregard-especially if there is significant financial incentives to do so.

    -A newly discovered brain disease may point to something disturbing about Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s: https://nwpf(dot)org/stay-informed/news/2015/09/a-newly-discovered-brain-disease-may-point-to-something-disturbing-about-alzheimer%E2%80%99s-and-parkinson%E2%80%99s/.

    -Parry Romberg Syndrome: In this acquired (not inherited) disorder, skin and soft tissues on half of the face begin to shrink (atrophy), leading to a non-symetrical appearance. Typically, symptoms first appear before age 20, and there is great variation in the degree of severity. The cause of the syndrome –also known as HFA, progressive facial hemiatrophy, PRS or Romberg syndrome – is unknown.
    -CADASIL (Cerebral Autosomal Dominant Arteriopathy with Subcortical Infarcts Leukoencephalopathy): This rare genetic disorder causes multiple strokes in adults, even youngadults, and may progress to cause cognitive impairment and dementia. The symptoms of CADASIL are caused by damage to small blood vessels, especially those in the brain. Also known as Hereditary Multi-infarct Dementia, the symptoms and progression of the disease vary widely.
    -Cronkhite-Canada Syndrome: Symptoms of this very rare disease include loss of taste, intestinal
    polyps, hair loss and nail growth problems. CCS occurs mostly in older
    people. There have been fewer than 400 cases reported in the past 50
    years, primarily in Japan but also in the U.S. and other countries.
    -Rabson-Mendenhall Syndrome: This extremely rare genetic disorder is characterized by severe insulin
    resistance. Initial symptoms include abnormalities of the head and face,
    teeth, nails and skin. Other symptoms include skin abnormalities such
    as acanthosis nigricans, a skin disorder characterized by abnormally
    increased coloration (hyperpigmentation). In most cases, additional
    symptoms are present. Rabson-Mendenhall syndrome is inherited as an
    autosomal recessive trait, according to NORD.
    -Pseudomyxoma Peritonei: This is a rare malignant growth characterized by progressive
    accumulation of mucous-secreting tumor cells within the abdomen and
    pelvis. Symptoms include increasing size of the abdomen and abdominal
    pain. The disorder develops after a small growth (polyp) located within
    the appendix bursts through the wall of the appendix, and spreads
    mucus-producing tumor cells throughout the surrounding surfaces. Other
    names for Pseudomyxoma Peritonei include colloid carcinoma, malignant
    appendiceal tumor, malignant large Bowel tumor, peritoneal
    carcinomatosis and pseudomyxoma ovarii.
    -Hailey-Hailey Syndrome: This genetic disease is characterized by blisters and lesions that may come and go, usually healing without scarring. It becomes apparent after puberty and occurs because of a mutation in a gene responsible for production of a protein essential for good skin health.
    Also known as benign chronic familial pemphigus or HHD, Hailey-Hailey occurs due to a mutation in a specific gene that creates a protein that is
    essential for the proper health of skin, according to the NORD Web site.
    The disorder becomes apparent after puberty and symptoms can develop at any age.
    -POEMS Syndrome: POEMS is an acronym that stands for Polyneuropathy (affecting many nerves), Organomegaly (abnormal enlargement of an organ), Endocrinopathy (affecting certain hormone-producing glands), Monoclonal gammopathy and skin defects. Symptoms include progressive weakness of the nerves in the arms and legs, enlarged liver or spleen, darkening of the skin and excessive hair growth. Other names for the disorder include Crow-Fukase Syndrome, Takatsuki syndrome and PEP Syndrome.
    -Menkes Disease: This is a genetic disorder of copper metabolism that is detectable before birth, follows a progressively degenerative path, and involves several organs of the body but especially the brain. Symptoms may include seizures, stunted growth, unstable body temperature and unusual color or texture of hair. Other names for the disease include Copper Transport Disease, Kinky or Steely Hair Disease or Trichopoliodystrophy.

    All of these UNKNOWN disease are documented at the National Organization for Rare Disorders.

  • Thomas Johnson

    So you’ve listed some rare but medically-accepted diagnoses. Innis has made one up.

  • jds

    Just saying: I’m old enough to remember the culture of the medical community and political people of the early 1970s on. There was a culture in Western New York, that if a doctor said anything about a vaccination causing a reaction (now termed an “Event”), the doctor would mysteriously lose thier liscence to practice medicine in New York State. Wow, currupt or what. A politician my parents grew up with, went to grammar school with, said at one meeting: “This is how we do buisiness now”. Didn’t know whet that meant back then, but I do now as proven by Dr. Pan from California taking money to push mandatory vacc. If it was safe and provern so, why would they push for mandatory vacc? A friend of mine (who was the Mayor of a small town in New York Southern Tier, always said: “Follow the money” and “If you had a goverment mandated profit of billions per year, would you let it go for a few nameless faces?” Problem is, I would.

    I was old enough to remember my vaccine episode (Sept 1970, I was 5 years old). The “culture” back then was deny, deny, deny. And if that didn’t work, lie.
    My wife’s eldest child had over 30 seizures from the DPT (later found in hospital records), but at the time, she was told she was a nervous new mother and her dog just scared him.
    How many others are told the same lies?

    In 1970, the doctors said there was nothing wrong when my mother told the intake nurse that I had progressive pain in, and progressing up my forearms, less use of my hands over the previous weeks, and greater difficulty in breathing since the MMR booster. By late September, I was in an oxygen tent, great birthday present for a five year old! In about 1996, almost verbatim to what my mother told the intake nurse was published a type of GBS (Guillain-Barre Syndrome) in Cambridge University Press, but my mother didn’t use specific scientific & medical terms, she was just smart as a tack. You are NOT going to mandate and subject me again to such torture!
    In 1998 I started to have seizures of an undetermined source. After extensive testing, it was determined I have demyelination of the nerves in my brain from a severe “something” in my chiildhood.

    Congressman Bill Posey wants an investigation into the allegations of Dr. William Thompson (CDC), which are that Dr Thompson himself falsified the data of the 2003 study of the MMR vaccine in which he states he was part of the fraud, and he and his fellow CDC study personnel destroyed documents related to the study.

  • Christina England
  • Thomas Johnson

    “Tissue Scurvy is also known as Kawasaki disease”
    Apparently only by Dr. Innis.

  • John, thank you for your response… I am a student of A Course in Miracles…what you say about beliefs being thought of as facts… another word would be Truth… there is but one Truth… we are all brothers and sisters of the same god or source of origin… and while we fight amongst ourselves to protect our differences. ..which is the insane part of our existence… for we are all one and we all share the same dilemma …. which is how do we learn to forgive our need to be separate from one another and from our Source of Origin… so that we can then love everyone the same… and if we love everyone the same… we could begin to see the insanity of believing that injecting babies, anyone and animals with substances that do us no good is Wrong-minded thinking and pushes us further away from the truth that we all belong and should function as ONE.

  • AutismDad

    Judges are not capable of assessing or understanding the issue and as this judge did, jumped to conclusions and would not entertain other possibilities. Another vaccine victim and another family forever altered.

  • AutismDad

    Vac Troll at it again.

  • AutismDad

    Buh Wah Ha Ha. You’d love MEIN KAMPF

  • AutismDad

    You must think parents are completely idiotic. Yea don’t sleep on top of your babies folks!!!!

  • AutismDad

    Excellent Post

  • AutismDad

    Yea the big CONSPIRACY THEORY James and people have nothing better to do than share their vaccine injury and death stories, when they should be drone like and weak kneed.

  • guest

    Naming a disease has to begin somewhere and as these illness are listed as “rare” the cases are increasing and that label will be removed. Autism at one point was rare but now it isn’t. Atypical Measles syndrome was rare until it wasn’t. Encephalopathy was rare until it wasn’t. Cancer was rare until it wasn’t. Gliobastomas was rare until it wasn’t. Neurofibromatosis was rare until it wasn’t. Proteus syndrome was rare until it wasn’t. Progeria was rare until it wasn’t.

    As the human gene pool mutates from not only vaccines and their adjuvants but also environmental factors more “rare”-made up diseases will emerge as the scientific community tries to distract the population from discovering the actual causes of these genetic changes.

  • amouse

    THE GREATER GOOD free on Amazon prime instant video… Merck & CDC officials, and stories of the damaged. Merck & CDC won’t remain undefeated for long

  • sabelmouse


  • Thomas Johnson

    The fact that scientists and doctors discover new diseases doesn’t make Innis credible.

  • transportjohnny

    Thank God all the trolls have not shown up here!!!!

  • James Peters

    A troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion, often for their own amusement. You really dig deeper don’t you

  • James Peters

    Remember: the plural of “anecdote” is not “data”

  • James Peters

    Common sense isn’t so common. Also try reading the link for a start

  • Julez

    Is there a crowd sourcing agenda set up where all the concerned people of the world can contribute to fund our own research? I know the money has to come somewhere, but there have to be people willing to do it, and people willing to fund it out of their own pockets so we can end this madness.

  • Julez

    Another problem is the definition in the manual of what SIDS actually is. Because there is no positive identification the doctor can or is willing to specify of the injury causing death it is attributed to SIDS. If a reaction is not immediate, the correlation to vaccines may not be made. I had amalgam fillings removed, 3 days later I had an unexplained seizure. It took me YEARS to connect the dots.

  • Julez

    I think a few flu shots would do you nicely. ;)

  • Call me biased, but when I see “gov” in a recommended URL I move on. Sorry, but I stopped trusting “authority”, especially in the field of public health, a long time ago.

  • Thanks for the high-school psychology lesson. Yes, I am trying to educate myself. I have just read three books on statins; and thanks to the knowledge I have gained, I have decided not to take them – despite pressure from “authority”, in the form of my family doctor.

    Anyway, what were the people who brought us thalidomide, Vioxx, Baycol and the Urabe strain of the MMR vaccine, if not quacks and charlatans?

  • AutismDad

    I won’t waste a second reading trash science.

  • AutismDad

    Why remember something stupid?

  • AutismDad

    If that’s a confession James, I’ll call Brian Hooker.

  • AutismDad

    They will. No vaccine for that.

  • Reynaud

    Thalidomide was never authorized for sale in the USA. The FDA’s blocking of thalidomide use in the USA in the early 1960s was a resounding early success story for FDA regulatory policies & processes. The local hero was Dr. Frances Kelsey who had a background as both a pharmacologist and M.D. She stood against approval of thalidomide stating that not enough safety testing had been done. As a result of strong lobbying by Dr. Kelsey’s and others at the FDA, the Kefauver Harris Amendment was passed by the congress in 1962 with stronger drug regulation provisions. Yes, many birth defects were seen in Europe & Canada but only a handful in the USA – All where people obtained the drug in Europe. Regulation in Europe at the time was lax and drugs were not tested on pregnant animals – The consequences being horrific, of course!

  • Reynaud

    James… You forgot to mention the Dunning-Kruger effect!

  • Reynaud

    John… Please tell us the LD50 for Aluminum Hydroxide salt and correlate that with how much can be found in a vaccine. Then demonstrate that you know the significance of an LD50 value. Toxicology is all about the dose!

  • James Peters

    It was aimed at a certain someone. As for Brian Hooker http://scienceblogs.com/insolence/?s=Brian+Hooker

  • James Peters

    In the words of Criss Jami: ”Confirmation bias is the most effective way to go on living a lie”

  • AutismDad

    That’s science right?

  • Thanks for that information. We had thalidomide victims in Australia and New Zealand, too. (I am in New Zealand.)

  • Sleeping with a baby in a bed is not what kills infants. You are just re-parroting the mindless and misleading garbage that you have been fed. The truth is that vaccines are responsible for both falsely accused shaken baby syndrome, and as well SIDS. The physiologically based causation is actually quite similar. What you view as knowledge is seriously behind the times as to the real knowledge and understanding that does exist. When the CDC catches up with that understanding and within the view of the public, hell will already have long frozen over. The CDC knows what is going on, but their liability factor and their responsibility for what has taken place, would finish them and the entire foundations of their toxic and contaminated vaccine program, would obviously crumble at their very foundations. They would be finished, and they know it.

    Falsely Accused Shaken Baby Syndrome, (and vaccine caused SIDS)

  • eggman2

    How many more children are going to die or get damaged before the vaccine makers are stopped ?

    I was viewing videos on YouTube about psychopaths , and after reading the comments of pro-vaccine propaganda prostitutes, I am convinced. They are psychopaths.

    Their bosses, the junk medicine robber barons, are the high society psychopaths.

    Both show no empathy or remorse for killing so many babies. They don’t get emotional or angry. They are self-righteous. And always blame the victim or their loved ones for whatever happens. Those are typical psychopathic characteristics.

  • eggman2

    Environmental stresses cause SIDS. There you go. VACCINES are an environmental stress injected into the body.

  • eggman2

    Yeah, it is like this damaging thing and that other one causes death, but VACCINES that are equal or worst in damaging, do not.

    It sounds like an schizophrenic making illogical claims.

  • eggman2

    That is you.

  • eggman2

    Yeah, there are prostitutes in government, too.

  • The Health Liberty Revolution to Save Our Children from Vaccines

    Those tiny miracles. God’s most precious gift to us. We hold them in wonder just moments after they are born. We love them in a way we never loved anyone, and they love us in a way that no one else ever will. We will not be silent while our children are being harmed by those who have no liability or accountability for their actions. We will not bow down before our oppressors and witness the biological integrity of another generation of children be destroyed in this bitter harvest that can only continue if we allow it to continue. This is a Health Liberty Revolution and we are declaring our independence from the profit-driven, fear-based toxic paradigm embraced by government and fed by industries that are bankrupting America’s health care system and taking away our freedom to choose how we and our children heal and stay well. The pharmaceutical industry and negligent doctors must be held fully accountable and liable for vaccine injuries and deaths in civil court. And every public health law in America must include informed consent protections in the form of flexible medical, religious and conscientious belief exemptions. The mountain you must climb is high, but you will climb it and bring about a new age of enlightenment in this Health Liberty Revolution led by people for the people. And you will not give up, just like we have not given up, because we are doing this work to save our children and the country we love. We are the daughters and sons of liberty, and our mission continues: No forced vaccination. Not in America.

    Read more…

    THIS BELOW IS THE MOST FIRED UP VACCINE TRUTH SPEECH’S, EVER MADE, (very complete in its information), by Barbara Loe Fisher.

    The Health Liberty Revolution to Save our Children, by Barbara Loe Fisher

    Published on Oct 28, 2015

    NVIC’s President Barbara Loe Fisher spoke at the CDC Truth and Transparency Rally on October 24, 2015. In her speech she spoke of the history of vaccine injury, the creation of the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) and its failure to provide vaccine injured Americans with a no-fault non-adversarial mechanism for vaccine injury compensation and the betrayal by the U.S. Supreme Court of making the VICP the sole remedy for vaccine injury compensation. Learn more at NVIC.org.


    Falsely Accused Shaken Baby Syndrome, (and vaccine caused SIDS)


    Baby M’s Parents,


    Secretary of Health and Human Services,

    Preliminary Neurobehavioral/Forensics Report: Baby M, a minor.
    Dr Andrew Moulden BA, MA, MD, PhD April 30, 2009


  • You are a vaccine troll and clearly a shill, no real identity, Peters; and even that much you refuse to admit to. Just look in the mirror and say it. ” I am a lying and in denial, vaccine shill, and a TROLL. Who pays you, Peters? Your only goal is to attempt to continue to lie and misinform enough to act as damage control. It is clearly not working, and it never will.

  • Oh look, more of Gorki’s attacking and twisted misinformation filled, blog pages. No real science there. Just more in denial attempts at damage control and in continuing to mislead the continuing to be sheeple public and the so called standard and mislead big pharma educated, so called health care medical model. David Gorski is clearly a sick man, and you need to just face that.

  • Hum Vaccin Immunother. 2014;10(1):129-37. doi: 10.4161/hv.26269. Epub 2013 Sep 4.
    Combined hexavalent diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis-hepatitis B-inactivated poliovirus-Haemophilus influenzae type B vaccine; Infanrix™ hexa: twelve years of experience in Italy.
    Baldo V1, Bonanni P2, Castro M3, Gabutti G4, Franco E5, Marchetti F6, Prato R7, Vitale F8.


    Key paragraphs, below!!!! And why was Jacob Puliyel and other guys first replies removed by the editors. Isn’t this evidence of a cover-up if there EVER was? This is a very dangerous vaccine and it always was. Yet they walk away with the big profits, no matter what.

    [The TOKEN study aimed to assess comprehensively a possible causal relationship between vaccination and unexplained sudden unexpected death of children between their 2nd and 24th month of life. The study was supported and sponsored by the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute (PEI) and the Federal Ministry of Health (Bundesministerium für Gesundheit). Unfortunately this large study with a wealth of data has not been published in an indexed peer reviewed journal as yet. It is available here:


    Parents of children who had died of SIDS were requested to participate in the study. 37.6% (254 cases) could be included in the study, where parental consent was obtained. Tables 31 and 36 show significantly increased risk of unexplained sudden unexpected death in the first 3 days after hexa- or pentavalent vaccination (1st and 2nd year of life).

    So it appears that active studies have confirmed that there are two vaccines which cause ‘sudden deaths’. I am grateful that the Italian Court has allowed public scrutiny of GSK’s PSUR reports held as confidential by the EMA.
    Jacob Puliyel]

  • Who and where are your experts? Where are the experts that are bold enough to risk their job and maybe even their life, for the truth, and to present with thew truth. Our side of it all is the only side that has those existing experts.

    So tell me directly. It appears that what you are saying here, is that you oppose self education, and self learning? Is that correct; yes or no?

    So what you are telling us is that the public should only follow the so called experts that a re pro vaccine and pro big pharma and as well pro-standard and conventional slash and burn cancer industry ? Is that correct, yes or no?

  • Actually it is you Reynaud, in your delusional hypocrisy that suffers from the so called, Dunning-Kruger effect. Wake up. In fact a better description of your personal condition would be in having the effects of, cognitive dissonance.



  • Have you ever read this page, and with its many sources of reference, and in realizing just how corrupt big pharma and the FDA really are? Its the same thing with the CDC. It is nothing but a revolving door of appointment and hiring, and that within the pharma circles. This what they call self education; and which is something you are obviously opposed to. You want to stay a sheeple, and to never be an actually educated, stray sheeple.

    Pharmakeia (aka sorceries) of Babylon

  • From that study.

    [ At birth, the temporo-mandibular joint is not yet fully formed, and thus the jaw can be easily displaced upwards and backwards pushing the tongue into the upper airway to form a partial or complete block of the airway. Indeed, this can happen with firm flexion of the infant’s head so that the chin pushes against its own chest. Further research is needed, but on present evidence, all parents should be advised to sleep their baby in a cot or similar next to their parent’s bed, until baby is at least 6 months of age.]

    And are there any lengths they will not go to in the attempt to claim to SIDS causation being anything other than vaccines? Is there any other ridiculous form of a misleading smoke screen other causation they will not come up with, and in their refusal to consider and address the issue of vaccine causation?

  • You are a complete hypocrite, so called James Peters. Confirmation bias entirely describes what YOU are doing. It describes as well the entire list of sham and junk science studies that the pharma pro-vaccine connected side has done. Be sure you read the article, and as you tell others to do, when you reply post.

    Bracing Ourselves for More Sham Vaccine Studies

    Confirmation bias, also called myside bias, is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s beliefs or hypotheses, while giving disproportionately less consideration to alternative possibilities.[Note 1][1] It is a type of cognitive bias and a systematic error of inductive reasoning. People display this bias when they gather or remember information selectively, or when they interpret it in a biased way. The effect is stronger for emotionally charged issues and for deeply entrenched beliefs.


  • But until the CDC and Paul Offit both admit it all, its still all good, right Thomas Johnson? And vaccines do nothing but good???

    Clinical Medicine Research
    Vol. 3, No. 1, 2014, pp. 6-8. doi: 10.11648/j.cmr.20140301.12

    Tissue scurvy misdiagnosed as shaken baby syndrome

    homicide – Michael D. Innis, Retired Haematologist Princess Alexandra Hospital Brisbane Australia

    Abstract: “Tissue Scurvy” is an autoimmune disorder in which there is an abundance of Vitamin C in the body(unlike the Seafarer Scurvy of yesteryear) but it is inhibited from entering the tissue cells to perform its functions of maintaining the integrity of the blood vessels and skeletal tissue and partaking in several enzymatic reactions because of the lack of insulin which is essential for the transfer of Vitamin C into the cell. The result is the development of fractures, hemorrhages and other lesions of Scurvy. Here it is shown a child alleged to have been murdered by being shaken to death was found to have hyperglycemia, implying insulin deficiency and concomitant Tissue Scurvy. It is concluded that the diagnosis Shaken Baby Syndrome, and all examples of unexplained fractures, bruises, retinal and subdural hemorrhages with encephalopathy – the so-called “TRIAD” – are in fact an autoimmune disorder following antigenic stimulation in a genetically susceptible child. Vaccines administered within 4 weeks of the onset of symptoms are the most common cause. The Shaken Baby Syndrome is a fabricated diagnosis and has no place in medical jurisprudence.


    Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS): Major Causes are Known but Ignored

    Published: March 20, 2015
    Shaken science
    A disputed diagnosis imprisons parents
    Prosecutors build murder cases on disputed Shaken Baby Syndrome diagnosis

    And how many falsely accused parents and caregivers, do we yet need to get out of prisons?

    March 23, 2015
    When babies die, a disputed diagnosis sends parents to prison for abuse

    For decades, when a child appeared in an emergency room with certain symptoms, including bleeding behind the eyes and bleeding around the brain, many doctors assumed violent shaking to be the cause. But in recent years, the Shaken Baby Syndrome diagnosis has come under intense scrutiny, and so have many of the resulting prosecutions and convictions. Special correspondent Jackie Judd reports.


    Shaking: “A False and Flawed Premise” (Lots of info here)

    New Film Exposes Shaken Baby Syndrome Myth – Opponents Want to Silence it at Film Festivals

    a feature investigative documentary

    May 28, 2015
    Mainstream Media Finally Exposing Shaken Baby Syndrome as False Diagnosis – How Many Innocent Parents Have Suffered?

    Is Shaken Baby Syndrome Often Misdiagnosed and Caused by Vaccine-Induced Rickets? http://medicalkidnap.com/2015/01/06/is-shaken-baby-syndrome-often-misdiagnosed-and-caused-by-vaccine-induced-rickets/

    Many Experts Have Discredited Shaken Baby Syndrome. So Why Is Maria Mendez Still in Prison?

    At least half of all parents tried over shaken baby syndrome have been wrongly convicted, expert warns

    New Study Shows US Prosecution “Hot Spots” of Parents Gaoled for Battered Babies They Did Not Batter Shake or Injure: New Paper “Autoimmune Tissue Scurvy Misdiagnosed as Child Abuse”

    Conversations With Dr. A. Norman Guthkelch
    Dr. Norman Guthkelch, October 2012

    Retired pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. A. Norman Guthkelch was the first person to propose in print, in the British Medical Journal in 1971, that shaking an infant could cause subdural hematoma. He is now trying to straighten out what he considers a “horrifying” misinterpretation of his work in court.

    Read more:

    Shaken Baby Syndrome:

    Vaccine Cover Up
    That Can Land You in Jail
    Ground Breaking Information You Need
    To Keep Your Family Safe!


  • Thomas Johnson

    Again, it seems that only this Dr. Innis believes in the disease “tissue scurvy”, which he coined, and which he describes as being caused by vaccines, thus triggering an autoimmune reaction that destroys beta cells resulting in lowered insulin levels and therefore lowered vitamin C uptake by cells despite normal blood levels of vitamin C, and results in physical findings identical to those classically described in SBS.
    None of your links show anyone else has confirmed any of his multi-step theory. The only supporters of his theory appear to be him, friends and family of the accused, defense lawyers and anti-vaccine types.

  • Again in your stubborn, made up, and in denial mind, you reviewed absolutely nothing here. You just came right back in your in denial, and your arrogance, and reposted a reply.

    You can easily see that it was not just Dr Innis that believed in and showed directly this premise and the details of vitamin C being involved in SIDS and alleged SBS. Just because it is not found other references to the same exact physiologically based outline that Dr Innis put forth in regard to vitamin C, does not make it incorrect. Can you refute that explanation, or can any of your standard pharma medical model cohorts refute it directly? if you could, you would have already done that. You can’t.

    And so you attempt as well to obscure the massive size of the bigger picture, with one stubborn and actually incorrect claim. You do a good job of repeatedly and intentionally failing to see the elephant in the room. Anyone with any common sense at all can clearly see as well at this point, that vaccines are involved as the major causative factor.

    Eradicate Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Now!

    Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and The Vitamin C Connection

    Dr. Archie Kalokerinos volunteered to undertake the mission of reducing the rate of S.I.D.S. amongst aboriginal people in the opal mining region of Australia. At the time, approximately 50% of all aboriginal infants died of sudden infant death syndrome. He found that almost all of them were terribly deficient in vitamin C, so he provided them with supplementation. None of the infants died from S.I.D.S following the supplementation.

    Read more:

    I think you need to face these facts, Thomas Johnson. You need to as well realize the fact that the standard medical model is not about providing for physiological health; it is about managing symptoms; and of course which they can and do create more symptoms and chronic health problems with their drugs vaccines and protocols, than they can ever actually treat. Real healing and heath care is not on their agenda. What kind of health care is that; and do you yet wonder why the population is steadily moving to the natural understanding of health care and its knowledge?

    Clearly vitamin K deficiency can cause also much more than the standard medical model has ever known, and far more than just vitamin K deficiency bleeding.

    Vitamin K Deficiency Disease
    Michael D. Innis, MBBS, DTM&H, FRCPA, FRCPath.1

  • Describe in your own words why you feel he is not credible? Is it just because the information is clearly not favorable to vaccines? Explain why his findings are incorrect?

    Clinical Medicine Research
    Vol. 3, No. 1, 2014, pp. 6-8. doi: 10.11648/j.cmr.20140301.12

    Tissue scurvy misdiagnosed as shaken baby syndrome
    homicide – Michael D. Innis, Retired Haematologist Princess Alexandra Hospital Brisbane Australia


    Clincial Medicine Research Journal – abstract

  • Reynaud

    Isaac Asimov, the notable writer and scientific philosopher wrote:

    “Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'”

  • James Peters

    Citations please

  • Thomas Johnson

    Kalokerinos thought those kids had scurvy, not “tissue scurvy”. To believe Innis’ theory you have to believe
    a) vaccines cause destruction of beta cells
    b) cells can’t absorb vitamin C without insulin
    c) “tissue scurvy” (if you can get beyond a and b) looks just like SBS.

  • Thomas Johnson

    See my post above.

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    James Peters, the fly that sits on all health news sites, is here. As always, ridiculed, as always, repeating government agency’s denials and lies for penny a post.
    This time with co-troll under name of Johnson.

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    James, have you been on psychiatric medications from early age? You sound like robot, producing computer- generating responses Some kind of communication disorder.

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    Lies, whatever your real name is. (sounds like another account of the same bore James Peters)
    Kelsey was under pressure by FDA management to approve thalidomide. Since she resisted , the decision was made to fire her. At that time it was much more difficult to fire a scientist than now, but she was doomed. What saved her – reports started to come from Europe about horrific birth defects. Later FDA began calling themselves heroes and saviors. Many cases in US resulted from free samples that pharma gave to doctors before FDA approval, and it could be many more – every woman with slightest morning sickness could get thalidomide, because the culture “trust your doctor” and pop all the crap he prescribes, is much more prevalent in US than in Europe.
    I hope, pharma shill, your PR pharma department will make flu shots mandatory even for basement residing worms like you.

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    For millennia, mothers and animals co-sleeped with their babies. Was it cold distant parenting that made you so neurotic and pathologically obedient to authorities?

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    James Peters is not a hypocrite, he is psychopath and loser- paid internet troll with hidden profile.
    Never had own children, and never will.

  • Just like I said, your stubborn mind simply will not give it up. Kalokerino’s findings then pass your judgement, but then on the other hand, Dr Innis findings, do not? Quite obviously Kalokerino’s extensive findings were very significant, but yet remain entirely ignored by the refusing all natural means to the physiologically based understanding of human health care, standard pharma based medical model. As I said more than once here already, explain specifically why Dr Innis and his findings, are wrong? You obviously can not do it, and so why are you still claiming it to be wrong? Go ahead then and explain on a physiological basis, what Kalorkerino was finding? Oh, you can”t do that either? What then, are you saying that Kalokerino was a misguided, or a fraud. Is big pharma a fraud? And yet you are in your denial acting as if you are an assumed authority on this subject matter?

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    I guess the reason for your headache was that someone hit you on the head after you pestered her with your “science”.
    You just forgot the episode because of vaccine-induced hippocampus damage..

  • Your answer to my question is simply to state that there is no evidence to prove it? I asked you to explain on a physiological basis why the said Dr Innis information was not fact, and nor true. Explain it in physiologically based terms, why it is not true; and that is what I asked you to do.

    As I said in regard to vitamin C, explain to me as well what Dr. Archie Kalokerinos was seeing in the aboriginal infants and children, and if Dr Innis was wrong?

  • It is obviously not, so called; and unlike you that is my actual identity. https://www.facebook.com/lowell.hubbs

    And oh, so now you want to as well in your own high level of obvious hypocrisy, add another name to the list, anti-intellectualism. You know what? That term is the same thing as all the other things I have above given description to. Democracy has nothing to do with it, and your ignorance is clearly NOT as good as my knowledge, and nor the common knowledge.of those who actually independently research this issue regarding vaccines. You can deny that all you want.

  • Here is a long list of studies and data regarding vaccine aluminum adjuvants.

    Vaccine aluminum adjuvant causation of neuroglial activation and neuroinflammation in the brain of patients with autism- Page 2

  • Communication/delusional/hypocrisy disorder. Its very common among the hired and basement dwelling shills. It is the only kind of people they can hire in the attempt to do damage control. it is all not working out very well for them. i think some of them actually, and only the best shilling liars, can sometimes get a cubicle upstairs, and where they can actually see daylight from a window.

  • James Peters
  • They only send their most evil, delusional, half way skilled in deception, their most pathetic shilling hypocrites, and their best shilling liars to this site.

  • You know what though, vaccination is the greatest single source of existing coincidence, on the planet earth.

    Tetanus Shot: Just as Bad as Other Vaccinations

    Why You Never Need A Tetanus Vaccine, Regardless of Your Age or Location

    5 Reasons I Won’t Get a Tetanus Shot

    Gardasil-The Flagship Example of the Failure of Vaccine Authorities to Regulate and Assure Vaccine Safety
    “HPV Vaccine Has Done This to My Child” – ” I am NOT a coincidence”

  • James Peters

    As for moving the goalposts to aluminium, elemental aluminium has never been added to vaccines. Some vaccines have aluminium salts, either aluminium phosphate or hydroxide. Both are safe (Pubmed 12184359.1 & 22001122.1) http://www.fda.gov/BiologicsBloodVaccines/ScienceResearch/ucm284520.htm The amount of aluminum present in vaccines is very small and the LD50 is very big (over 4,000mg/kg in both rats and rabbits). Aluminum is present in our air, water and food. Most adults eat far more daily (7-9mg) http://www.chop.edu/centers-programs/vaccine-education-center/vaccine-ingredients/aluminum#.VjQci_vzak8 Its added for the induction of a good Th2 response (Pubmed PMC2807488)

  • OMG, and again you just post more attacking and twisted trash from the Gorski, (no real science there at all), blog? And that is in your desperation, all that you have. Wow.

    All that article does is throw more senseless false discreditation at Science Publishing Group. It does NOT address the study, refute the study, and nor any other specific published study that journal has published. That is all you vaccine shills can ever do, and that is just throw more cheap and false discreditation at everything? How actually bad do you look right now, Peters?

  • James Peters

    Wow!. Not only am I a troll but a shill too. Are you going down the lines of the pharma shill gambit?. It must be nice to just assume that someone you disagree with is lying or biased. It removes the burden of trying to understand and address their actual points. You can then erect a convenient straw man and tilt at it to your heart’s content. I have zero ties to ”Big Pharma.”

  • James Peters

    On November 4th, 2013 Andrew Moulden died. An individual reported to be his sister posted a Facebook message stating that “My brother was Bipolar and it was consuming his life. Drew committed suicide on Monday.” http://rationalwiki.org/w/images/7/77/Moulden.png http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Andrew_Moulden

  • Free People

    Wiki…right. Government owned LYING website WIKILIES.
    Federal Death Administration (FDA) raided his office, took EVERYTHING and 3 days later, silenced him forever. Gubmint does this all the time.

  • James Peters

    It’s not even a link to Dr Gorski’s blog for a start. Science Publishing Group is a scam http://scholarlyoa.com/2012/12/05/three-new-questionable-open-access-publishers/ Someone pays them a few hundred or so to get a paper “published” in one of their “journals.” http://www.researchgate.net/post/Are_students_being_warned_about_Science_Publishing_Group http://scholarlyoa.com/2014/06/17/science-publishing-group-publishes-junk-science/

  • Free People

    True, Psychopaths – “both show no empathy or remorse for killing so many babies.” — same as with the criminal psychos running and working for planned murderhood.

  • Free People

    They won’t remain undefeated for long…TRUE. They’ve exposed themselves due to their greed. Many people are waking up unfortunately due to personal experience with damage and even death by vaccines. It’s gotten so bad with people now REJECTING the injects that gubmint is beginning to make them mandatory which is even worse for big vax INC because the people are revolting against FORCED poison needles.

  • The subject matter was vaccine toxins, and obviously no one moved the goal posts. Aluminum is clearly a vaccine toxin; and just one of many.

    The studies on that page regard the use of vaccine aluminum adjuvants, and those are include aluminium phosphate, and aluminium hydroxide. These are the most common adjuvants in human vaccines, and even though they are technically aluminum salts, they are still made from aluminum, and contain aluminum.

    First of all that FDA linked study did nothing more than compare the alleged amounts of aluminum consumed in foods, to the amounts in vaccines, and as if they are and were one and the same. No such thing is true, and injected aluminum does not follow the same human biological and nor physiology based human body channels and nor in regard to detoxification and elimination that the human digestive system does. Is this yet some sort of rocket science to you? Paul Offit promotes the same FALSE information in his CHOP publications. It is nothing but literal junk science garbage. It is as well literally criminal the corruption, misinformation, and the lies these people at the FDA and CHOP, operate under.

    The needed and proper safety studies as to aluminum adjuvants obviously have never been done! They have as well never been required by the FDA. Aluminum was initially determined to have a safety status of (GRAS), and since that time almost 90 years ago, and even though since that FDA determination, aluminum as well was used later in vaccines, nothing has changed as to that said determination. You can see the studies and data on my page and right in front of you, and that show directly the mechanisms of vaccine harm done that aluminum adjuvants do when injected in the human body. You ignore it all and just reparrot the same old misinformation that you were fed.

    Vaccines deliver 4,925 mcg of aluminum by 18 months, safe limit is 25 mcg

    Dr. Paul Offit’s Aluminum Deceptions and Academic Misconduct (one very important article, to read)

    The Defense of Aluminum Adjuvant, Debunked

    A More Rigorous Defense of Al Adjuvant, and Why it is Wrong

    Part 1: Immune Activation and Autism

    See all posts on Immune Activation

    Part 1: Immune Activation and Autism
    Part 2: Interleukin-6 and Autism
    Part 3: Monkey Experiments
    Part 4: (Coming Soon) Prenatal vs. Postnatal Immune Activation


    Scientific Papers Library
    Immune Activation

    Danger of Aluminum in Vaccines

    VRM: The Problem With Vaccines Part 2 – Synergistic Effect of Heavy Metal Toxicity On The Body

    Paul Offit-The Real Truth

    Vaccination toxicity: The Zeta phase of MASS and “blood sludging”

    Aluminum Adjuvants – Lack of Safety Data – Lack of Aluminum Adjuvant Safety Studies

    Vaccine Caused Ischemia/Hypoxia http://www.vacfacts.info/vaccine-caused-ischemiahypoxia.html

    Dr. Andrew Moulden: Learning to Identify Vaccine Damage

    The Mechanisms of Vaccine Injury and Via Cytokine Storm

  • James Peters

    Don’t overwork you’re under-taxed brain

  • Free People

    Wow! Awesome links there Lowell – thanks!

  • Free People

    Good post. “more “rare” -made up diseases will emerge as the scientific community TRIES TO DISTRACT THE POPULATION FROM DISCOVERING THE ACTUAL CAUSE OF THESE GENETIC CHANGES.” GREAT POINT!

  • Anyone, and like you Peters, that depends on the rag publication rationalwki, and where anyone can write and contribute unverified information, is a pathetic… loser!

    Andrew was murdered, plain and simple. His closest friends who knew him, say the same thing. I have spoken to them. He was onto something big, as a fact. His contract to stay silent on vaccines, in the medical facility he worked was also just up at the time of his death; and he was free to speak. he was not renewing the contract. Just a coincidence in timing; I think not. I have spoken twice by phone in the past to the other sister, who is a half sister. That family and his real family was in fear in my view and impression of it, and chose to accept the suicide version of it, in saying that even to challenge it and investigate it further, would not bring him back.

    This was the last known video that Andrew ever did.

    Dr Andrew Moulden – Genesis 1:1-11

    His knowledge and his work always spoke for itself, and quite clearly.

    Vaccination toxicity: The Zeta phase of MASS and “blood sludging”

    Vaccine Caused Ischemia/Hypoxia


    Baby M’s Parents,

    Secretary of Health and Human Services,
    Preliminary Neurobehavioral/Forensics Report: Baby M, a minor.

    Dr Andrew Moulden BA, MA, MD, PhD April 30, 2009


  • Free People

    The worldwide vaxassination experiment is the most criminal FRAUD that has ever existed. It’s been known since the 30’s that pertussis vaxassination causes SIDS but the world has turned a blind eye on this fact because they believe the governments that own them, who repeat the same lies over and over declaring ‘vaxassinations prevent epidemics’ when the complete opposite is true. Most diabolical SCAM in history.


  • Free People

    Ok then – SHILL. That better? Good.

  • Free People

    dot gov…yeah right. LIAR

  • It clearly is his blog, and you would even lie about and misrepresent that fact? You mean to actually tell me you didn’t know he has another similar blog, and that is called Respectful Insolence, and edits under the name of Orac? Just because he was not the author of the article, doesn’t mean anything.


    And who is Stephen Stringham, and what gives him any credibility, in the researchgate link? Dear professor, “Bla Bla bla” And you call this official information, on the Science Publishing Group? Pathetic.

    The next link is nothing but a blog by author, Jeffrey Bealll

    Stating: I work as a librarian at Auraria Library, University of Colorado Denver, in Denver, Colorado.

    What the h e double tooth picks would he know? And these are the official sources for your throwing false discrediation claims; and that as well still have not addressed the said and specific study, and nor whatsoever?

  • I clearly and fully understand you claimed to points, Peters; and as to what i have time for, all of them to this point have been fully addressed. Who do you think you are kidding and lying to? There is no straw man here, but you. You are a known vaccine troll and a shill, and you have been for a long time You can deny that all you want. You directly or indirectly have ties to someone with vested interests, and obviously there is no denying that.

  • Free People

    Excellent comment. Saving it for reference.

  • Thomas Johnson

    Scurvy isn’t the same thing as “tissue scurvy”.

  • Thomas Johnson

    What is the evidence that vaccines cause the autoimmune destruction of beta cells?
    What is the evidence that insulin is required for cells to take in vitamin C?
    What do you mean by “physiologically based terms”?
    Kalokerinos apparently believed lot’s of aboriginal Australian kids had scurvy.
    Innis is not claiming SBS children have scurvy. He says they have normal blood levels of vitamin C, but through a series of events initially triggered by vaccines have “tissue scurvy” which he describes as low intracellular vitamin C levels.

  • Really? And what is the difference; you just go ahead and explain that difference? You argue just to argue.

  • AutismDad

    VACCINE SCIENCE at its most basic.

  • Kalokerinos supplemented high levels of vitamin C, and the infants and children survived, and SIDS literally disappeared and that had been a major and recurring issue.

    Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and The Vitamin C Connection

    Excerpts: The resemblance between these symptoms and S.I.D.S. is not merely coincidental. While the name, sudden infant death syndrome is relatively new; this identifiable pattern of sudden death has been around for a long time, and the methods of preventing it were known centuries ago.

    Dr. Archie Kalokerinos volunteered to undertake the mission of reducing the rate of S.I.D.S. amongst aboriginal people in the opal mining region of Australia. At the time, approximately 50% of all aboriginal infants died of sudden infant death syndrome. He found that almost all of them were terribly deficient in vitamin C, so he provided them with supplementation. None of the infants died from S.I.D.S following the supplementation. He later wrote about it about in the book, Every Second Child, with co-author and the Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling. He noticed that during his work with the aboriginal people, the pharmaceutical companies had been using the aborigines for mass vaccine experimentation, in what he felt was a campaign of genocide. He also reported that vaccines in Africa contained H.I.V., and this whistleblowing is why the medical establishment began maligning his reputation.

    The good doctor went on tour with other doctors throughout the United States, in an attempt to spread the word about the main cause of sudden infant death syndrome. Kalokerinos and his peers were ignored by the medical establishment, because his findings were not politically correct medicine. The doctor was preaching that the cure was nutritional instead of pharmaceutical. Additionally, he proved that there was a direct link between unexpected child deaths and vaccines that had caused deficiencies of vitamin C. What other doctors heard was that modern medicine was actually the problem. To them, it made Dr. Kalokerinos the problem. As a result of this cover-up, approximately 2,600 babies die each year from sudden infant death syndrome in the U.S. alone.

    All deceased S.I.D.S. victims who are tested for vitamin C deficiency show only trace amounts of this vital nutrient, without exception.

    Dr. Kalokerinos wrote that many of the aboriginal babies died immediately after receiving vaccines. He blamed this on the amount of extra sodium ascorbate (vitamin C) that their bodies needed to counteract the toxic effects of the vaccines. He recognized that massive amounts of vitamin C are utilized whenever someone is sick, or when his immune system is otherwise aggravated. Vaccines are designed specifically to force a hyper-immune response, and this is done by the use of poisonous adjuvants.

    Babies need vitamin C for development in the womb, and prenatal vitamin C helps to prevent the future onset of S.I.D.S. Even after birth, most infants desperately need the natural vitamins found in breast milk. Nutritional deficiencies place infants at risk of developmental problems and infantile death. The commercial infant formulas are not a healthy option. The inability of manufacturers to properly mimic human breast milk and vitamins is shown in the reduced immune systems of children who are fed infant formulas. Statistics show that the nutritional deficiencies caused by infant formulas vastly increase the likelihood of childhood health disasters, such as S.I.D.S.

    Read more:

    Now tell me how this is NOT interconnected??? What level of tests would be necessary to determine that tissue scurvy, and general deficiency of vitamin C and vaccinations, are not entirely related? And that as well addresses your claims in your above reply. It all clearly appears to be VACCINE related, and in regard to the TOXICITY of injected vaccines. Today as well misdirected doctors and pediatricians give small children from 5 and up to 9 or more vaccines in a single day and office visit. Just because of Paul Offit’s denial, intellectual dishonesty, and scientific ineptitude and in the lack of proper studies; should parents just simply continue to take one for the herd mentality, and just accept that the death and sacrifice of their infant and/or child, was necessary to protect the herd? Anything that beyond stupid, is a criminal offense; and as well for any vaccine provider, involved.

    Tissue scurvy misdiagnosed as shaken baby syndrome

    homicide – Michael D. Innis, Retired Haematologist Princess Alexandra Hospital Brisbane Australia

    Abstract: “Tissue Scurvy” is an autoimmune disorder in which there is an abundance of Vitamin C in the body(unlike the Seafarer Scurvy of yesteryear) but it is inhibited from entering the tissue cells to perform its functions of maintaining the integrity of the blood vessels and skeletal tissue and partaking in several enzymatic reactions because of the lack of insulin which is essential for the transfer of Vitamin C into the cell. The result is the development of fractures, hemorrhages and other lesions of Scurvy. Here it is shown a child alleged to have been murdered by being shaken to death was found to have hyperglycemia, implying insulin deficiency and concomitant Tissue Scurvy. It is concluded that the diagnosis Shaken Baby Syndrome, and all examples of unexplained fractures, bruises, retinal and subdural hemorrhages with encephalopathy – the so-called “TRIAD” – are in fact an autoimmune disorder following antigenic stimulation in a genetically susceptible child. Vaccines administered within 4 weeks of the onset of symptoms are the most common cause. The Shaken Baby Syndrome is a fabricated diagnosis and has no place in medical jurisprudence.


  • [What is the evidence that vaccines cause the autoimmune destruction of beta cells?]

    Review of Vaccine Induced Immune Overload and the Resulting Epidemics of

    Type 1 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome, Emphasis on Explaining the Recent

    Accelerations in the Risk of Prediabetes and other Immune Mediated Diseases


    BMJ. 1999 Oct 23; 319(7217): 1133.

    Association between type 1 diabetes and Hib vaccine

    Causal relation is likely


  • Your co partner trolling shill, Thomas Johnson, likes that beyond stupid reply comment: and what is that worth? Is he working in the bottom feeding basement cubicle, beside you?

  • You don’t even know what you are talking about, Reynaud. LD50 as well has nothing to do with it. Go ahead and just answer your own question. You know you can’t do it, and that you are just attempting to confuse the issue, and as if you know what the right answers. You don’t. If you claim to actually understand toxicology in regard to this neurotoxic effects of aluminum adjuvants, then go ahead and tell what is the toxic dose threshold? Tell me, and where and when that was determined; and I will expect a direct answer?

    When has the harmful and/or toxic does of aluminum adjuvant injected in a vaccine, ever been determined? Does the CDC and/or Paul Offit have that study? No they do not. All they have ever looked at is the comparison of aluminum amounts typical found in foods that are consumed, and compared that to the amounts in vaccines. It is NOT the same thing. Injected does go straight into the blood stream and when a vaccine is injected into the muscle. Injected doses obviously do not follow the same pathways, and nor in detoxification and elimination from the human body.

    There are zero and no adequate safety studies existing in regard to vaccine aluminum adjuvants, as a fact. Just face it.

    Vaccines deliver 4,925 mcg of aluminum by 18 months, safe limit is 25 mcg

    Vaccine aluminum adjuvant causation of neuroglial activation and neuroinflammation in the brain of patients with autism- Page 2

  • graceds

    Thanks for the history lesson.

  • James Peters

    The blog I linked to is written by Dr. Martin Rundkvist and not Dr Gorski – here is the link you didn’t read again http://scienceblogs.com/aardvarchaeology/2012/12/13/nice-try-science-publishing-group/ You have nothing but bad ad hominem’s. It’s no wonder why you fall for anything

  • Thomas Johnson

    Again, scurvy is an accepted medical diagnosis. “Tissue scurvy” is a made up diagnosis.

  • Thomas Johnson

    Classen’s studies have never been found to be reproducible.

  • Thomas Johnson

    Posting another Innis article isn’t really helping your case. And the issue isn’t SIDS, Kalokerinos or Offit.

  • Thomas Johnson

    And you liked disqus’ ad hominem.

  • Really? And how is that, and what sense, does that even make?

  • If that is not the issue here, and as well as to this article; then what is? I can see that you get paid just to argue, and just to argue, no matter what, and to never give it up. Or is that just your in denial and stubborn mentality, that results in that outcome?

  • Why, just because he was the only one with enough concern for children, and with the guts to do the right thing, and to do such studies? You know that no such studies will even be done within the pharma mis-educated standard medical model circles; and simply because to do is is considered politically incorrect and literal blasphemy to their vaccine savior god.To do so will also clearly risk being the ending your career. You need to just simply face the level of silencing and corruption that exists.

    Can you personally refute the study, as incorrect? Can you refute it based on any other related study that has been done. You can’t; and so prove me wrong?

  • Why do you consider it a made up diagnosis? You consider it that, just because the big pharma based, mislead, and directed foolish people within the standard mis-educated and deceived medical model, did not even as much as address it, and yet remain entirely oblivious to the physiological understanding of the condition? The entire said medical model is oblivious to any real physiologically based understanding of human health care, period. That real understanding will produce healing and cures, and they do not want that. Such an outcome of understanding of how to heal and create healthy people, is of course not in their best interests, and as only creating a diagnosis and treating symptoms is what keeps their billion dollar drug and vaccine empire, as profitable as it is.

    Medical journals report that pharmaceutical-based medicine is one of the leading causes of death & injury in developed countries. Medicine Kills Millions

    Death By Medicine

    Soil/Terrain Theory -vs- The Germ-Theory of Illness and Disease

  • And again, and as I said, that is the best and the only thing you can put forth, and that is the twisted misinformation of Gorski, (aka Orac). It is as I said, still Gorski’s blog, and so can just admit it; and as you earlier had denied. No articles get written there that do not pass Gorski’s own mindset and twisted publication, mentality. That is just fact, and not an ad homineum reply, and nor as to my conclusion. I as well recognize the level of your own hypocrisy.

  • Anything else than praises for their false vaccine savior god, and all big pharma mislead, is considered as literal blasphemy, and disrespect for the injected, toxic and contaminated vaccine holy water.What other product produced anywhere has been allowed since 1987 to have zero legal liability for any manufacturer, or provider?

    Not even a dangerous vaccine and that was known to be, and in that it was also known at the time that it could have been made safer, is enough to allow for legal compensation for the harm done; and that in the federal court.

    ET AL.
    Bruesewitz v. Wyeth’s Impact on the Vaccine Safety Debate

  • James Peters

    Do you have any evidence that Dr Gorski either own’s the website and/or is editor-in-chief?.

  • James Peters

    Dr Classen is an infectious-disease advocate. Also countless researchers worldwide who have studied the issue have not verified Dr Classen’s own findings.

  • Gorski is aka Orac, and it states that right in his bio on the blog site page. He is the editor of the said blog. Where have you been living as to your knowledge, under a rock? I already knew that, years ago.


  • James Peters

    I might as well argue with a brick wall. Yes I know Dr Gorski is Orac. But that’s not the blog I linked to. The blog was written by Dr. Martin Rundkvist – here it is again! http://scienceblogs.com/aardvarchaeology/2012/12/13/nice-try-science-publishing-group/

  • James Peters

    The post is still up on the page he use to administrate https://www.facebook.com/DrAndrewMoulden/?fref=nf If you click 2013 and read the second post down you will see it. I also added the screen shoot from that website too. But I’m sure you know more!

  • And again, it and that link is from the the very same blog source, and yes he is the editor of so called, scienceblogs. Do you find evidence of anyone else being an editor, or the editor of that blog source? As well, obviously nothing but attacking pro vaccine blog articles are allowed to be published there.

  • James Peters

    He is one of the editors of the science based medicine website https://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/editorial-staff/david-h-gorski-md-phd-managing-editor/ As I asked before do you have any evidence that Dr Gorski either own’s the website (scienceblogs) and/or is editor-in-chief of that site (scienceblogs)?.

  • In view of what I replied and thus told you earlier, that said information is clearly irrelevant. That FB page is all you trolls and shills people can ever come up with, and obviously I read it and knew of that claim, a long time ago. That claim obviously as well has nothing to do with any conclusion of discrediation of this knowledge, and nor of his work in promoting the vaccine truth information that he Dr Andrew Moulden has put forth, in the past.

  • An advocate? How beyond stupid is that claim. Where have they studied it, and in the same way that Classen did? Who are they, go ahead and name those said countless researchers? They have not actually studied it, period. Wake up.

  • I just showed you that evidence. Do you have any evidence that he is not the editor, and that someone else is editor of so called, science blogs; or so called editor-in-chief? If so, then produce that evidence now, or give it up.

  • Thomas Johnson

    It doesn’t, but you did it.

  • Thomas Johnson

    The issue is that Innis made up a disease. Posting another Innis link where he describes the disease he made up, and rambling on about a lot of other irrelevant topics isn’t helpful.

  • AutismDad

    Thanks for telling us how you really feel Lowell. The Troll Syndicate are as dense as they come, and James Peters , what a specimen.

  • Thomas Johnson
  • Thomas Johnson

    Because it is a made up diagnosis. And what do you mean by “real physiologically based understanding of human health care”?

  • James Peters
  • I see, and so instead of doing a real study, Pediatrics just went to the Vaccine Safety Datalink project of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; and then they denied everything that was there. How is VAERS an actual indicator of the incidence of childhood diabetes, as a result of vaccination, or in regard to its incidence. The CDC as well has ignored and denied the common links in regard to Gardasil as well. They will NEVER tell the truth, and all of it is similar to the fox or the coyote guarding the chicken house. Again, you are nothing but foolish in believing this kind of nonsense.

    Link number two.


    Cumulative incidence and relative risk of type 1 diabetes was compared among three birth cohorts of Finnish children: those born during the 24 months before the H influenzae type b vaccination trial, those in the trial cohort who were vaccinated at 3 months of age and later with a booster vaccine, and those in the trial cohort who were vaccinated at 24 months of age only. The probability of type 1 diabetes was estimated using regression analysis assuming that there were no losses to 10 year follow up and no competing risks.

    THIS IS JUNK SCIENCE AT ITS BEST, just face it. It is a waste of time in even reading it.

    Diabetes and Genetic Epidemiology Unit, National Public Health Institute, Mannerheimintie 166, FIN-00300 Helsinki, Finland
    Look at the author affiliations…none of these pharma connected sources and their minions want to understand the causation, and nor to cure diabetes, and no matter where on earth they exist. If they do and withing those circles, they will NEVER cure it with a pharmaceutical drug, and as they have tried to do, and failed.

  • What do you mean by the real physiological understanding of health care. You have to be kidding? Wake up. And there was no made up diagnosis, as to, tissue scurvy, just face it.

  • First study is an unrelated measles vaccine study. Second study I already directly addressed above. This third study comes from the same epidemiological junk science based Danish source that claimed the MMR vaccine and Thimerosal never contributed to autism.


    We have 16 studies already that clearly state that vaccines do not cause autism.”
    — Amy Pisani, Executive Director, Every Child By Two

    “16 studies have shown no causal association between vaccines and autism, and these
    studies carry weight in the scientific industry.”
    — Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC Today Show Medical Editor

    “The science is largely complete. Ten epidemiological studies have shown MMR vaccine
    doesn’t cause autism; six have shown thimerosal doesn’t cause autism.”
    — Dr. Paul Offit, “Autism’s False Prophets”

    Read more:

    The Current Failure of Pertussis and Measles Vaccine, (multiple outbreaks in which it was found that 80 to 90% were vaccinated)

  • And in your denial, and after your making multiple reply posts here, when are you going to directly show and prove that? You can see what I have put forth.

  • Did what? So you can’t answer the question, and nor directly, I see, Imagine that.

  • eggman2

    Murder for profit is one the junk medicine robber barons schemes. They make money in selling material from human beings. They have their Dr. Frankensteins working hard on it.

    That is one of the main reasons that they have such a hard time accepting and promoting a completely natural way of parturition. They make money with the placenta , umbical cord blood, and all.

  • Thomas Johnson

    Well I wondered what you meant by it because you blindly accept a made up disease like “tissue scurvy” not based on physiology, but simply because it caters to your anti-vaccine views.

  • Thomas Johnson

    We were talking about vaccines and type 1 diabetes (which Classen thought were linked) and you said I couldn’t post studies refuting it. So I did. And the first study is a Cochrane review that concluded, “We could assess no significant association between MMR immunisation and the following conditions: autism, asthma, leukaemia, hay fever, type 1 diabetes, gait disturbance, Crohn’s disease, demyelinating diseases, or bacterial or viral infections.” You described it as “an unrelated measles vaccine study”.
    Lol and you call my understanding of human health inept? You can’t even understand a one page summary.

  • Thomas Johnson

    You have put forth nothing but nonsense. Here are 3 things to address:
    a) What other researchers have agreed “tissue scurvy” exists?
    b) What studies have shown beta cell destruction due to vaccines?
    c) What evidence is there that insulin is necessary for vitamin C to enter cells?

  • Thomas Johnson

    You upvoted disqus_k3oycamNOW’s ad hominem attack on James Peters. I upvoted James Peter’s response. You then complained James Peter’s response to the attack was a “beyond stupid reply comment”, complained that I was his “co partner trolling shill” for upvoting his response, and now you act like you don’t remember any of it or see your hypocrisy. Imagine that.

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    I think I just nailed it with James Peters medications. I actually feel sorry that he can not earn the money by any decent means other than trolling for poisons on behalf of “authorities”.
    And it is not completely his fault (or your fault in your trolling, respectively). Those “authorities” outsourced a lot of decent jobs abroad, brought millions of H1B visa holders to take remaining jobs, put american college graduates in debt (at least 1/3 of them are unemployed after graduation, and many more employed below their level of education). For those millions of unneeded young men (including you and James) they found a solution – load them with vaccines, chemicals, pesticides in their GMO food, fluoride in their water, then in due time process them through hospices.
    In the meantime employ them to troll for vaccines for McDonald salary. And you both probably feel lucky to find this puny job – better than serve those GMO hamburgers. Sad.

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    But your comment is obviously illogical and out of context, when you or James write it on your own, without copying and pasting from troll manual. Lowell can not help it.
    And when you copy and paste, it is robotic and boring, like a lecture of Alzheimer-affected bureaucrat.

  • Reynaud

    Note that the safe limit of 25 mcg of Al is only that prescribed for kidney function impaired individuals.

  • Reynaud

    Fired??? Dr. Kelsey retired from the FDA in 2005, at age 90, following 45 years of service.

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    Mercury in flu shots gave you reading comprehension problems? FDA was looking for excuse to fire her and clear the road for thalidomide approval, when reports about horrific birth defects in other countries started to pinpoint at thalidomide as a reason. Later FDA admitted, that if injuries were not as visible (absent limbs), nobody would care about thalidomide side effects on children. Like if children were born with autism/low IQ they would say “correlation is not causation”. Thalidomide does cause a host of other problems, like heart defects, but that was noticed much later, when thalidimide kids started dying of heart disease.

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    James Peters, is your assignment to fill all discussion board with worthless comments? to scare away people.? You fill all websites with so much garbage, that impression is there are 10 people copying and pasting under your name. You are ridiculed and still persist, like a fly. Get a few flu shots and slip into Alzheimer – already

  • AutismDad

    One of those refridgerater Momma’s science and EXPERTS claim cause autism. Then they said coincidence causes autism.

  • AutismDad

    Big Dummy syndrome

  • Reynaud

    CREDIBLE reference needed that “the decision was made to fire her”

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    Looks like an enema is needed to wash shill Reynaud’s brain from below. And even will not stop the lying. Run to your pharmacy for flu vaccine, fool

  • So YOU are ADMITTING that the needed and the proper safety based aluminum adjuvant studies, have not been done. You are admitting as well that you do not even have a clue as to what you are taking about. You are additionally admitting that in regard to vaccines, that the proper safety studies have NOT been done, and other than from the true independent study side of it all, and from and as to the real data side of it. Thanks for admitting to that.

  • James Peters

    ”Get a few flu shots and slip into Alzheimer – already” Now only a troll would say something like that http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/stories/johns_hopkins_flu_facts.html

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    Yes, flu shots with high aluminum, formaldehyde, exitotoxin MSG and mercury content ( 25 times more mercury -50 000 ppb-than in so called childhood “mercury free” vaccines. Limit for drinking water – 2 ppb). Plus nasty viruses and animal and human rotting tissue. That is what doctor prescribed for you. I feel sorry for poor nurses who has to submit to the crap and are fired when they refuse, but for you, James Peters – flu shots is what doctor prescribed. I hope your employers force all trolls like you to submit to flu shots annually as a condition to earn your meager troll salary. You get what you deserve.

  • Wrong, Tissue scurvy is clearly based on the understanding of human physiology. You simply refuse to accept that explanation. I’m not catering to anything but facts and truth.

  • Again. This time read it. First study is an unrelated measles vaccine study. Second study I already directly addressed above. This third study comes from the same epidemiological junk science based Danish source that claimed the MMR vaccine and Thimerosal never contributed to autism.

    And then I provided linked evidence in regard to what I referred to. Read it in the above replies. Clearly I understand far more, than you do. You simply refuse the answers and act as if they were never there. That is simply, pathetic, and you are in fact inept in your understanding of the subject matters that you attempt to address here. Face it. Actually, you obviously do not care what the truth is; the provaccine side is right, and the vaccine truth just has to be always wrong, and case closed, in your world.

  • As to your broken record still playing, the said questions are actually irrelevant, and when you can not show the stated issue of tissue scurvy to be incorrect. Just because similar supporting studies produced by other researchers are not existing; does not alone make it false, or incorrect information.

  • I said no such thing. I never said I did not remember what takes place here. You simply did not provide a question that was intelligible as to its understanding. You are a co partner trolling shill. There was no hypocrisy involved, and no matter how crazed and twisted you want to, and try to make it.

  • So now its so bad that when one of their own is bold enough to become so called politically incorrect, and stand up and be heard, that they just disconnect from even knowing the guy, or ever having any affiliation whatsoever? They control all of the information and no one else is allowed to step out of their line with the truth, and as this man obviously did..

    John Hopkins U scientist questions CDC push for flu vaccine

    Johns Hopkins Scientist, Peter Doshi, Ph.D., Reveals Shocking Report on Flu Vaccines

    Scientist Peter Doshi from the John Hopkins School of Medicine has issued a SCATHING report on the dangers of flu vaccines in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) that completely demolishes the established ‘scientific’ theory that flu vaccinations are safe and effective.

  • Thomas Johnson

    What’s even worse is you’re using a made up diagnosis to try to get child killers out of prison.

  • Thomas Johnson

    It’s like arguing with a tree stump.

  • Thomas Johnson

    It’s just a theory-and a bad one. And when the various steps in a theory have no basis in reality it’s only irrelevant to people with agendas. But try this: what evidence is there that anything, anything in the world, can cause low intracellular vitamin C levels with normal blood levels of vitamin C?

  • Thomas Johnson

    Must have been another comprehension issue on your part. Jeez, even disqus_k3 understood it.

  • Reynaud

    Omission = Admission ???

  • Reynaud

    Safety levels of anything are a moving target with many governing conditions like route of administration, the nature of the specific compound (aluminum salts are very different compared elemental aluminum), age of patient, weight of patient, underlying medical problems, etc. The safety level of one scenario cannot reliably be applied to another. It’s highly likely that with the direct rapid intravenous infusion method of TPN procedure that this has all been taken into account in defining the safety level and, as mentioned before, that 25 microgram safety level is only applied to those with renal insufficiency. Those with normal renal function present much less risk and I would conjecture that the risk is so low that safety limits are not even deemed necessary to be a specific warning! The slow absorption of Al salts with Intramuscular injection presents an different safety profile.

    Just what kind of “NEEDED SAFETY STUDIES would satisfy you??? I already know… Only those that show aluminum salt based adjuvants are EVIL TOXINZ? EVERY clinical safety trial of ANY vaccine containing an aluminum salt adjuvant constitutes a safety trial of aluminum salts and many specifically mention the safety of the adjuvant.

    Examples gleaned in just a few minutes of PUBMED searching:

    Comparative Safety of Vaccine Adjuvants: A Summary of Current Evidence and Future Needs.


    From abstract: “… existing adjuvants based on aluminium salts have a strong safety record”

    Vaccine Adjuvants: from 1920 to 2015 and Beyond.


    From abstract: “Continuing safety evaluation of licensed vaccines containing adjuvants/adjuvant systems suggests that their individual benefit-risk profile remains favorable.”

    Experimental studies of a vaccine formulation of recombinant human VEGF antigen with aluminum phosphate.


    From the abstract: “The vaccine has shown an excellent safety profile in mice, rats, rabbits, not-human primates and in recent clinical trials in cancer patients” and “Our results support consideration of aluminum phosphate as a suitable adjuvant for the development of new vaccine formulations”

    Safety and immunogenicity of a trivalent recombinant PcpA, PhtD, and PlyD1 pneumococcal protein vaccine in adults, toddlers, and infants: A phase I randomized controlled study.


    From the abstract: “The candidate trivalent PPrV was safe and immunogenic in adults, toddlers, and infants. Addition of aluminum adjuvant improved immunogenicity in infants without changing the safety profile.”

    A Randomized, Blinded, Controlled, Dose-Ranging Study of a Respiratory Syncytial Virus Recombinant Fusion (F) Nanoparticle Vaccine in Healthy Women of Childbearing Age.


    From the abstract: “Three hundred thirty women (18-35 years) were randomized to receive 1 or 2 doses of RSV F vaccine (60 or 90 µg) with or without aluminum phosphate adjuvant… The vaccine appeared safe, immunogenic, and reduced RSV infections.”

  • AutismDad

    vaccinechoicecanada.com/personal-stories (long list of personal stories)

  • Vaccine Injury Awareness Month; The Truth From a Broken Parent

    Are Vaccine Injuries Really Rare? Parents Speak Out

    Vaccination Research: Mom Shares Vaccine Horrors And Won’t Vaccinate

    MMR Vaccination Plunges Child Into Autism and Mom Will Never Vaccinate Again

    9 Vaccines In One Day Cause Autism and Severe Sickness In Child

    Ru Andrade shares the story of her child who received 9 vaccines in one day at a 15 month wellness visit and says, “THAT WAS THE DAY WE LOST HER.” Her child was born healthy, but soon after the child was sick on a very regular basis, likely because of the vaccines. At 12 months of age her daughter received the MMR vaccine and that night her daughter screamed in pain and had pain in the head and so she took her child to the hospital. The doctor suspected it was the vaccine that caused the screaming and pain. Amazingly, her child developed the measles from the MMR vaccine. The child was chronically sick. Three months later the child had nine more vaccines and she developed severe sickness, which included fever, cough, trouble breathing, and even staring into space. She would then be diagnosed with Autism two months after the 9 vaccinations. Ru reviewed the doctor charts and realized that her child was always chronically sick after vaccination.

    After she began doing research she discovered Jenny McCarthy’s book and also stopped all vaccination, including for her other child. Stopping all vaccination was the best decision she ever made. She got her child into biomedical treatment for Autism and she was able to recover her child after years of biomedical treatment.

    Ru opposes mandatory vaccination. She believes all parents should educate themselves before deciding to vaccinate.

    Stop Mandatory Vaccination


    9 Vaccines In 1 Visit Causes Severe Vaccine Injury To Child – Stop Mandatory Vaccination

    Casey Ohlsson shares the story of her boy who was severely vaccine injured at his 9 month shots, where her boy received 9 vaccinations and within one hour started having seizures. The doctor said it was a “coincidence.” She searched for and found biomedical treatment therapy that ultimately helped to recover her boy after many years of treatment. Later, she gave birth to a daughter who was never vaccinated and her daughter is very healthy and rarely gets sick. Vaccination is not for everyone, and should never be mandated by the government.


    Vaccination: Parents Conclude Vaccines Are Not Safe For Their Children

    Introduction to HTW: Hear This Well

    Hear This Well: Breaking the Silence on Vaccine Violence

    Parents Voice: Children’s Adverse Outcomes Following Vaccination

    Bought-The Movie

    Govt Wipes Recent Vaccine Injury Data From Website

    Herbert Leonard Ley, Jr. (September 7, 1923 – July 22, 2001) was an American physician and the 9th Commissioner and head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    After his resignation, in an interview to the New York Times, Dr. Ley warned the public about the FDA’s inability to safeguard consumers. People were being misled, he believed “The thing that bugs me is that the people think the FDA is protecting them – it isn’t. What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it’s doing are as different as night and day,” he said.[5][13]

    Read more:

    Dr J. Anthony Morris

    “There is a great deal of evidence to prove that immunization of children does more harm than good.”—Dr. J. Anthony Morris, former Chief Vaccine Control Officer and research virologist, US FDA


    Gardasil-The Flagship Example of the Failure of Vaccine Authorities to Regulate and Assure Vaccine Safety-“HPV Vaccine Has Done This to My Child”

  • All of your false excuses and as well twisted and false rationalizations in the first paragraph, and as well as the irrelevance to the vaccine aluminum adjuvant safety issue, are exactly that.

    As for paragraph two, you are beyond ignorant, if you think that vaccine clinical trials, are aluminum adjuvant safety trials, as for those vaccines that use them. You as well in your mindless condition obviously consider any documentation written that even mentions the words, safety of adjuvants; just has to be indicative that they have studied that safety. How officially ignorant can you actually show yourself to be, and yet get?

    As for the five Pubmed selections that you put forth. Those are nothing but a complete joke. None of them are actual aluminum adjuvant safety studies. None of them as well ever looked at the issue of vaccine aluminum adjuvant causation of neuroglial activation and neuroinflammation in the brain of patients with autism; and although that not the only issue, is the main concern with aluminum adjuvants. That, and as well the non specific dysregulation of the immune system they cause. When you as well combine all the other toxicity and chemical in vaccines, and as well vaccine contamination, and as well found in now all the vaccines grown on and created with aborted fetal tissue, you have a cocktail for endless creation of as well autoimmune disease, and a immune system dysregulated chronic health conditions. Its a literal injected Pandora’s box.

    As well, all of your so called selections have clear ties and vested interests in vaccines. Have you ever looked for any independently done studies? You refuse. It is not me that is attempting to cherry pick studies. You simply have no actual safety studies.

    You ask what kind of aluminum adjuvant safety studies, would satisfy you? Why ask that question when the answer is obvious; and as well all while and just like I said, the needed and proper safety studies have never been done. You can not produce that study, and you, and no matter how many times you attempt to FAKE it. Just face it.

    Just give it up Reynaud; the entire vaccine safety issue is a FRAUD.

    Vaccine aluminum adjuvant causation of neuroglial activation and neuroinflammation in the brain of patients with autism- Page 2

    Vaccine Production With – Human Diploid cells (aborted fetal cell tissue)

    Vaccine Contamination

  • Try and present with an actually intelligible question.

  • No, as I said you obviously have a writing your reply posts, coherency problem. You as well make crap up as you go, and make false accusations, and then when you get that pointed out to you; you still refuse to be wrong.

  • Quite obviously it is happening, and regardless of if you can explain it. The standard big pharma mislead medical model will never ever study it, and not anything related to vitamin C; so unless other people do and from the independent and actually caring about human health side of can physiologically based nail it down; it will and the situation continue to kill children, and nothing will ever change regarding that outcome. It just remains a mystery of course, and just another unexplained SIDS death. That is beyond disgusting, (if not criminal), and just because pharma has no interest in actual physiologically based heath; but only in toxic drugs and vaccines. Healthy people, can make no big profits. Its all about money. ..

  • The tree stump is you, face it you simply refuse to ever be wrong. You can point that out repeatedly, and work circles around you with the truth put forth to the point anyone should by that point be able to understand it, but not you.

  • Thomas Johnson

    You can not be helped.

  • Thomas Johnson

    “Quite obviously it is happening…”
    That’s not evidence. Try to answer my question.

  • Thomas Johnson

    You were the only one not coherent enough to understand it. Why do you think that is?

  • eggman2

    When someone goes to the restroom , what do they do there ? For some things you don’t need citations–just common sense. Besides the testimony of prostituted scientists is worth nothing.

  • I have proven to you quite clearly that it was your own inability to form a coherent statement, in your reply. You sick and twisted vaccine shills simply refuse to ever be wrong.

  • Your question has been answered repeatedly, so just face it.

  • Really? And coming from a stubborn jack arse like you, who refuses any form of truth and reality, that false opinion really means a lot.

  • Continuing on with all your twisted stupidity, certainly does nothing to bolster your lack of having had any point to make here, whatsoever. You argue just to argue.

  • Vaccines, that is what. Clearly vaccines, and especially multiple vaccines deplete stores of vitamin C within the human body, and as well as necessary for detoxifying those nasty injected vaccine substances, glutathione. Perhaps they are not testing by the right and proper means.

    Falsely Accused Shaken Baby Syndrome, (and vaccine caused SIDS)

    Glutathione, Tylenol, Vaccine Adverse Reactions, and ASD

  • The real killers are the doctors and Pediatricians giving multiple vaccines in a single day. You can FACE the evidence, or you can refuse the evidence; your choice.

    Falsely Accused Shaken Baby Syndrome, (and vaccine caused SIDS)

  • Diabetes is an autoimmune disorder where the immune system attacks the pancreas and destroys the cells which make insulin. Vaccines can cause immune system dysregulation, and especially aluminum adjuvants, and thus vaccines can certainly cause that said autoimmune outcome. That alone is enough for me to say no to vaccines, and among multiple other issues.

    Vitamin C — Needed More Than Ever


  • Did you even read my reply? Obviously you simply ignored it.

  • Thomas Johnson

    No, the real killers are the people whose agendas cause vaccine-preventable illness and death. And those who shake babies to death.

  • Thomas Johnson

    I read it 9 days ago. Did it get any better?

  • Thomas Johnson

    Truth and reality? Right!

  • Thomas Johnson

    All 3 questions remain unanswered by that worthless post, of course.

  • Thomas Johnson

    You didn’t answer the question at all.

  • Thomas Johnson

    Lol in what universe?

  • Thomas Johnson

    I’m sorry you can’t understand.

  • Thomas Johnson

    You sick and twisted anti-vaxxers simply refuse to admit you are wrong.

  • Really? Then who is it continually, and do you see here fighting for their literal existence, and to make another lying reply post? You; and that’s who.

  • I understand perfectly, and you?

    1 in 10,000 had autism prior to the increase in no liability vaccines in 1987. You say that is all though better diagnosis? Where were the lost to the world, flapping their hands and arms autistic children, in the 70’s? Where were the ones wearing helmets? It was rare, and I never knew of any. And today?

    1 In 45 Children In The U.S. Has Autism, According To New Estimate

  • That is entirely, and completely… bullh$t. The truth has now become evident and all to obvious, and YOU in your support of its continence are as criminally liable as the doctors and the Pediatricians that have unwittingly conducted this and in continued refusal the evidence, and in denial level of the infant slaughter they have been responsible for. Wake up!!!

  • Post the answer, you deny the existence of the answer. Repeat. Repeat.

  • Really? And you did not and could refute the conclusion to the said findings.

    I as well have concluded that vaccines have always and continue to do more harm than good. Do you have any refute to that conclusion?

    Health Care Freedom-What Does That Mean-To You?

    Now they are even killing the boys, with Gardasil; and they have only begun with the as well dangerous, Gardasil 9.

    Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: Fatality after Gardasil
    Gardasil®-related fatal myocardial infarction in a teenage boy – case filed in United States Court of Federal Claims Office of Special Masters.

  • Where are your answers, to this????

    Vaccine Injury Compensation: Government’s Broken Social Contract with Parents

    Study Concludes Rise in Autism Not Due to Better Diagnosis

    A new study recently published in Frontiers in Pediatrics provides evidence challenging one of the biggest myths about the autism epidemic among children, which is that “better diagnosis” is entirely responsible for the substantial increase in the diagnosis of cases of autism and pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) over the past three decades. The study, “A prospective Longitudinal Assessment of Medical Records for Diagnostic Substitution among Subjects Diagnosed with a Pervasive Developmental Disorder in the United States,” independently analyzed Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) data that has been extremely difficult to obtain from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services until recently. As we head into this political season where it appears autism will be a topic of some discussion, hopefully this very important study will add context to the information we get from the media reporting on the autism epidemic.

    Read more…

    A Prospective Longitudinal Assessment of Medical Records for Diagnostic Substitution among Subjects Diagnosed with a Pervasive Developmental Disorder in the United States

    Soil/Terrain Theory -vs- The Germ-Theory of Illness and Disease

    Vaccinations CAUSE Allergies

    You are visiting Barbara Feick Gregory’s Vaccines & Food Allergies Information website


    The Shocking Link Between Peanut Allergies And Vaccines

    Vacine-Induced Allergies

    Peanut oil in vaccines behind widespread peanut allergy epidemic

    Peanut Allergy & Peanut Oil in vaccines

    Vaccines and the Peanut Allergy Epidemic
    Dr Tim O’Shea DC

    Vaccines Cause Allergies – Dr. Dave Mihalovic

    Peanut allergy and the role of vaccination

    How to Cause a Peanut Allergy Epidemic in 4 Easy Steps

    The Peanut Allergy Epidemic: What’s Causing It and How to Stop It

    First, vaccines often cause childhood ear infections, and because of all the aluminum and cytokine activity dysregulating the immune system.

    Funny thing you don’t often find those said ear infections and repeat chronic infections in the un-vaccinated children.

    Then when a doctor gets information of the means which commonly can help eliminate the problem, they often ignore it because it has nothing to do with big pharma drugs, and that is all they know and have ever been training in is prescribing chemical and synthetic drugs; and because you say it is unproven; no natural means to health which works with the human body should ever be considered. And how many pharmaceutical companies have ever studied the relationship of dairy and/or allergies in regard to the trigger and causation of anything at all, in regard to human health? The answer is none have, and nor ever will. And what likely triggered the allergies that are nearly non existent in unvaccinated children? Again likely it was getting all the multiple vaccines that infants and children get today. 34 injected doses of vaccine by the age of two.

    And what non pharma journal data should they and will they ever be considering? None of them, right? So they can just keep treating those ear and respiratory infections repeatedly with antibiotics. Oh that one didn’t work so well, so lets treat this chronic condition again with a different antibiotic. Right?

    An no doctor should ever do refer out to do allergy testing, either; regarding those said ear infections??

    Causes of Ear Infection


    In Childhood Ear Infections, Dr. Michael A. Schmidt presents over 16 scientific studies that show that many cases of chronic ear infections are due to food or airborne allergies or hypersensitivity reactions. Allergies can cause significant pressure changes within the middle ear, as well as obstruction of the eustachian tube. The most common allergens implicated in ear infection are cow’s milk and dairy products, wheat, eggs, chocolate, citrus, corn, soy, peanuts or other nuts, shellfish, sugar, and yeast. Dairy is the number one contributor to childhood ear problems. Proper allergy management, such as elimination and rotation diets, can produce dramatic recovery in allergic children with chronic ear infections.

    Read more:

    Kids Given Vaccines Have 22 Times the Rate of Ear Infections

    Vaccine Could Be Increasing Ear Infections with Resistant Bacteria

    First they cause and create ear infections because of and due to vaccines, and then they turn around and create conjugate vaccines that they say prevent against streptococcus pneumoniae, a major pathogen of acute otitis media. And then they create another vaccine that creates ear infections which become super bug antibiotic resistant. Around and around it goes. Never consider and nor figure out how and the basic means to just provide for and make that child just simply healthy by the natural means creation provided for.

    Scientific proof that vaccines can cause asthma and allergy!

    And when do you think Paul Offit and the CDC will get around to addressing THIS study?

    Vaccine. 2008 Mar 25;26(14):1725-30. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2008.01.041. Epub 2008 Feb 13.

    Kinetics of asthma- and allergy-associated immune response gene expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from vaccinated infants after in vitro re-stimulation with vaccine antigen.

    Lahdenperä AI1, Nilsson LJ, Regnström K.


    The global expression of immune response genes in infants after vaccination and their role in asthma and allergy is not clearly understood. Pharmacogenomics is ideally suited to study the involved cellular responses, since the expression of thousands of genes can be assessed simultaneously. Here, array technology was used to assess the expression kinetics of immune response genes with association to asthma and allergy in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) of five healthy infants after vaccination with Infanrix-Polio+Hib. At 12h after in vitro re-stimulation of the PBMC with pertussis toxin (PT) antigen, 14 immune response pathways, 33 allergy-related and 66 asthma-related genes were found activated.


    Epidemiology. 1997 Nov;8(6):678-80.
    Is infant immunization a risk factor for childhood asthma or allergy?

    And yet they wouldn’t think that vaccines can as well cause allergies, and food allergies?

    Asthma and Allergies: A Natural Approach

    A Holistic Approach to the Treatment of Asthma

    Nakayama T, Aizawa C, Kuno-Sakai H. A clinical analysis of gelatin allergy and determination of its causal relationship to the previous administration of gelatin-containing acellular pertussis vaccine combined with diphtheria and tetanus toxoids. J Allergy Clin Immunol 1999;103:321–5.


    Biologicals. 2003 Dec;31(4):245-9.
    Removal of gelatin from live vaccines and DTaP-an ultimate solution for vaccine-related gelatin allergy.
    Kuno-Sakai H1, Kimura M.

    Charles Richet discovered more than a hundred years ago that injecting proteins into mammals will cause the development of allergies to those proteins. Subsequent exposure to those proteins will cause an allergic reaction that he termed – anaphylaxis. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for this work.

    In other words, food proteins in vaccines can cause the development of food allergies.

    Charles Richet – Biographical


    Vaccine Induced Allergies

    D. O’Hagan (ed.), “Induction of Allergy to Food Proteins,” and “Real and Theoretical Risks of Vaccine Adjuvants,” Vaccine Adjuvants (NJ, Humana Press, 2000) 10 & 32.
    Can Vaccines Cause Immune Dysfunction Resulting in Allergies, Asthma and Anaphylaxis?

    Rise In Childhood Food Allergies Being Linked To Vaccinations

    Vaccinations CAUSE Allergies, (especially severe peanut alergies)

    Can getting a vaccination cause an allergy? (Many more studies listed)

    Allergy. 1978 Jun;33(3):155-9.
    Aluminium phosphate but not calcium phosphate stimulates the specific IgE response in guinea pigs to tetanus toxoid. Vassilev TL.


    The ability of aluminium phosphate and calcium phosphate to stimulate the synthesis of tetanus toxoid-specific anaphilactic and antitoxic antibodies is compared. The observed differences in the kinetics of IgG1a, IgG1b and antitoxines are quantitative–titres after application of aluminium phosphate are higher. Booster immunization with aluminium but not calcium phosphate-adsorbed toxoid leads to a prolonged synthesis of specific IgE. It is hypothesized that the regular application of aluminium compound-containing vaccines on the entire population could be one of the factors leading to the observed increase of allergic diseases.


    Int Arch Allergy Immunol. 1999 Jul;119(3):205-11.
    Pertussis adjuvant prolongs intestinal hypersensitivity.

    Our findings indicate nanogram quantities of PT, when administered with a food protein, result in long-term sensitization to the antigen, and altered intestinal neuroimmune function. These data suggest that exposure to bacterial pathogens may prolong the normally transient immune responsiveness to inert food antigens.


    Pediatr Allergy Immunol.
    Immunoglobulin E and G responses to pertussis toxin after booster immunization in relation to atopy, local reactions and aluminium content of the vaccines.

    The correlation between total IgE and PT-IgE, which was most prominent in children with atopy, indicates that the role of immunization for the development of allergy merits further studies.


    J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 2000 Feb;23(2):81-90.

    Effects of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis or tetanus vaccination on allergies and allergy-related respiratory symptoms among children and adolescents in the United States.

    Results: The odds of having a history of asthma was twice as great among vaccinated subjects than among unvaccinated subjects (adjusted odds ratio, 2.00; 95% confidence interval, 0.59 to 6.74). The odds of having had any allergy-related respiratory symptom in the past 12 months was 63% greater among vaccinated subjects than unvaccinated subjects (adjusted odds ratio, 1.63; 95% confidence interval, 1.05 to 2.54). The associations between vaccination and subsequent allergies and symptoms were greatest among children aged 5 through 10 years.


    Evidence and Mechanism of Vaccines/Injections causing Food Allergies, Asthma, Type I Diabetes and other Autoimmune Disorders

    Mechanism of food allergy development

    When food proteins are injected in to the blood stream, a type I hypersensitivity reaction against an allergen, encountered for the first time, causes a response in a type of immune cell called a TH2 lymphocyte, which belongs to a subset of T cells that produce a cytokine called interleukin-4 (IL-4). These TH2 cells interact with other lymphocytes called B cells, whose role is the production of antibodies. Coupled with signals provided by IL-4, this interaction stimulates the B cell to begin production of a large amount of a particular type of antibody known as IgE that are specific to the food proteins. Secreted IgE circulates in the blood and binds to an IgE-specific receptor (a kind of Fc receptor called FcεRI) on the surface of other kinds of immune cells called mast cells and basophils, which are both involved in the acute inflammatory response. The IgE-coated cells, at this stage are sensitized to the allergen (food proteins). [1] [2]

    Mast cells and basophils are found in large numbers in and around the mouth. These locations are prone to injury and thus need more protection against infection. These mast cells and basophils are now IgE-coated and primed to react to the food proteins.

    If the vaccinated person now eats these foods, the food proteins bind to the IgE molecules held on the surface of the mast cells or basophils in the mouth. Cross-linking of the IgE and Fc receptors occurs when more than one IgE-receptor complex interacts with the same food allergenic molecule, and activates the sensitized cell. Activated mast cells and basophils undergo a process calleddegranulation, during which they release histamine and other inflammatory chemical mediators (cytokines, interleukins, leukotrienes, and prostaglandins) from their granules into the surrounding tissue causing several systemic effects, such as vasodilation, mucous secretion, nerve stimulation and smooth muscle contraction. This results in rhinorrhea, itchiness, dyspnea, and anaphylaxis. Depending on the individual, the allergen, and the mode of introduction, the symptoms can be system-wide (classical anaphylaxis), or localized to particular body systems; asthma is localized to the respiratory system and eczema is localized to the dermis.[2]

    In other words, an allergic reaction occurs to the foods that contain the food proteins which were present in the vaccine. Red seaweed is a food source for shellfish. Vaccines can induce an allergy to red seaweed proteins. Consuming shellfish (or any seafood that is contaminated with red seaweed proteins) will result in an allergic reaction.

    The same mechanism holds for any other protein that is injected into the body.


    Review of Vaccine Induced Immune Overload and the Resulting Epidemics of

    Type 1 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome, Emphasis on Explaining the Recent
    Accelerations in the Risk of Prediabetes and other Immune Mediated Diseases

    BMJ. 1999 Oct 23; 319(7217): 1133.
    Association between type 1 diabetes and Hib vaccine
    Causal relation is likely

    Serological examination of IgE- and IgG-specific antibodies to egg protein during influenza virus immunization.
    N. Yamane and H. Uemura


    The concentrations of serum IgE (PRIST) and IgE- and IgG-specific antibodies to egg protein were determined in paired sera taken from students who had received influenza virus vaccine. Although persons who gave a history of allergy to egg or to chicken feathers were excluded, 10-16% of vaccinees possessed higher titres of serum IgE and IgE-specific antibody (RAST) to egg white (F1) allergen before vaccination. The titres of IgG-specific antibody to egg protein (ovalbumin and ovomucoid antigens) were negligible, and did not show any significant response after vaccination. In contrast, IgE-specific antibody to F1 allergen rose significantly in a considerable number of the vaccines. The results obtained indicate possible contamination of vaccine products with allergens of egg origin and a potential risk of allergic manifestation after influenza vaccination.


    So obviously you can become IgE response allergic to anything in a vaccine. Latex included.

    Serological examination of IgE- and IgG-specific antibodies to egg protein during influenza virus immunization


    The concentrations of serum IgE (PRIST) and IgE- and IgG-specific antibodies to egg protein were determined in paired sera taken from students who had received influenza virus vaccine. Although persons who gave a history of allergy to egg or to chicken feathers were excluded, 10-16 % of vaccinees possessed higher titres of serum IgE and IgE-specific antibody (RAST) to egg white (Fl) allergen before vaccination. The titres of IgG-specific antibody to egg protein (ovalbumin and ovomucoid antigens) were negligible, and did not show any significant response after vaccination. In contrast, IgE-specific antibody to F1 allergen rose significantly in a considerable number of the vaccinees. The results obtained indicate possible contamination of vaccine products with allergens of egg origin and a potential risk of allergic manifestation after influenza vaccination.


    Self-Organized Criticality Theory of Autoimmunity


    Systemic autoimmunity appears to be the inevitable consequence of over-stimulating the host’s immune ‘system’ by repeated immunization with antigen, to the levels that surpass system’s self-organized criticality.


    Here comes the 21st Century Cures Act: Say Goodbye to Vaccine Safety Science by Barbara Loe Fisher

    Barbara Loe Fisher in Atlanta: “No forced-vaccination, not in America!”

  • That right. And you? What do you present with here, but just more endless and sick, denial?

  • Has your level of deliberate ignorance and denial, become any better? You read and considered nothing; so just admit, you refuse to be wrong, ever. Obviously nothing would ever be enough, ever.

  • Just the opposite; and again, it was you that was not coherent enough to form a proper question. Then you just continue to deny that and feed off it for the next 12 reply posts. You are and as most vaccine shills, just disgustingly sick; and so just face it. That is what you are.

  • How about if you try and get a life, and just face the fact that vaccines have always done more harm than good, and that today that is even more evident than ever before. That is what is happening. The evidence is everywhere. Those that continue to promote this holocaust of vaccine destruction on the health of humanity, will deserve their spot in hell. One day and when you get there, and when it is to late; you will as well remember that I said that.

  • Come on Johnson, don’t you have any more replies? Lets get rolling here?

  • Thomas Johnson

    You believe a myth.

  • Thomas Johnson

    Guess it didn’t.

  • Thomas Johnson

    You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Thomas Johnson

    Gave up, huh?

  • Thomas Johnson

    When all else fails…move those goal posts!

  • Thomas Johnson

    Blah blah blah

  • Thomas Johnson

    Hooker and the Geiers? Lol

  • You beyond stupid arse hole, this information has nothing to do with either. How about if for once you go and get to the real issues, and get started with actually addressing refuting something here directly, and, instead of just throwing just more false discreditation mud and poo at it.

  • You sound more than a bit, defeated; oh poor deliberately ignorant and in denial, Thomas.

  • That is not moving the goal posts at all, and that is just shoving the reality of vaccines again under your deliberately ignorant and denial nose; again. You beyond pathetic, soul.

  • A high level of major hypocrisy is certainly running more than abundant in your world, and now isn’t it.

  • Quite obviously, I do. Face it.

  • Just more three word replies? That is the best you can do? Pathetic.

  • Oh, now a four word reply? Your getting better? You are living the real myth, so face it.

  • CharlieB1972
  • Thomas Johnson

    “You beyond stupid arse hole, this information has nothing to do with either.”http://journal.frontiersin.org/article/10.3389/fped.2015.00085/abstract
    This is the “study” your vaccinereaction link is about, fool. So do you just copy/paste without reading the links, or do you just not understand them? Or both?

  • CharlieB1972

    So your response to strong evidence from the peer reviewed literature supporting the safety of vaccine adjuvants is to get really angry?

  • CharlieB1972

    Stop protecting criminals who shake their babies to death!

  • Really? What actually happened here is that I exposed and shot down every piece of literature and so called study he had. You have a complete explanation of that right in front of you. You shills refuse to be wrong, and you as well refuse to give up your references as obviously worthless junk science. The truth is anger? You beyond silly, childish, and twisted man. Facts are facts, face it. Truth is truth.

  • It STILL does not have anything to do with the GEIRS, and nor HOOKER, because you have not proven them to be and nor shown them to be non-credible. You have not shown the study to be non credible, and nor have you refuted one single line and item in that study. You simply and only threw false discreditation at the study, period. That is what I was talking about. And you are an ARSE hole because you simply think you can get away with crap like that just because again some lame blogger as we have talked about before, has written articles that falsely cause you to derive that kind of a mindless and in denial conclusion.

    Now, get to the actual study and this is the full study, and tell me exactly where and how the study and its findings are incorrect? Quite obviously you are not interested in what the truth is for theses children with autism, but only in denying that truth and outcome.


  • You are not going to get anywhere just simply reposting the false and misleading provaccine talking points that we have all read and heard 100 times before. Ever single claim there in that article link, can be directly refuted. I am not going to waste the time typing up a 25 inch long direct reply to that article; but I will submit this little gem for you.

    Refuted directly by me – 6 Dangerous Anti-Vaccination Arguments Analyzed, Explained, And Shut Down


  • Thomas Johnson

    Now that you understand the “study” was written by Hooker and the Geiers (which you obviously didn’t know previously) there’s no point in even discussing it.

  • CharlieB1972

    So if you don’t believe in germ theory, how can vaccine shedding be dangerous?

  • CharlieB1972

    “What actually happened here is that I exposed and shot down every piece of literature and so called study he had.”

    Nope. The science behind vaccines is rock solid.

    “Facts are facts, face it. Truth is truth.”

    Indeed they are, and the facts show tremendous success for vaccines. Smallpox eradicated, millions of measles deaths prevented in developing countries every year, much lower levels of Hepatitis B, and many other successes as well.

    The truth is that in addition to being highly effective, vaccines are mostly safe.

  • CharlieB1972

    While we’re on the subject of facts, anti-vaxxers need to stop trying to let criminals who shake their babies off the hook for their crimes. Throwing dead babies under the bus in an attempt to make false arguments against vaccines is just sick, but considering the vileness regularly displayed by the anti-vaccine cult, it’s not a surprise!

  • Again. You are the one so called and no identity CharlieB1972, throwing vaccine injured and vaccine killed infants, under the us. As a fact. Why don’t you just be a MAN, and FACE it???

    Falsely Accused Shaken Baby Syndrome, (and vaccine caused SIDS)

  • You are a LIAR, an entirely delusional liar, that REFUSES to give up the false information on vaccines. You are SICK. You are delusional. And you are conducting nothing but another attempted vaccine shill, SMOKE screen. Refusing to give up the vaccine LIES and complete misinformation, and within that just presenting with more… Smoke and Mirrors.


  • That question just goes to show that you are entirely clueless as to what is actually being put forth, in regard to the false germ theory. Just keep refusing, to educate yourself. You see, if you actually admitted to seeing and understanding anything, you would be finished, and you know it. WAKE UP!!!!

    Soil/Terrain Theory -vs- The Germ-Theory of Illness and Disease

    The False Foundations of Modern Medicine

    The Real History of Modern Medicine
    Origins of Medical Industry Corruption

    The Drug Story-A Factological History Of America’s $10,000,000,000 Drug Cartel, Its Methods, Operations, Hidden Ownership, Profits And Terrific Impact On The Health Of The American People.

    Death By Medicine

    Pharmakeia (aka sorceries) of Babylon

  • I fully understand and understood who the study authors were. It is YOU that refuses to understand that FALSE discreditation alone, does not refute or discredit a study and nor any study. You still have not provided any direct refute whatsoever as to the data and conclusions in regard to the study. So obviously you are admitting that you have no ability to do that. How beyond in denial, and SICK are you, anyway? Obviously that question here has been more than answered. Pathetic.

  • Thomas Johnson

    If you knew they wrote it you wouldn’t have said it had nothing to do with them.

  • You simply refuse to get it. The study does not have anything to do with the Geirs and nor Dr Hooker. The study has data in it, fool. and you clearly have no alternative knowledge, and nor and ability to refute it and the data which is within the study. You threw nothing but false discreditation at this said study. So therefore the study has nothing to do with these people, personally. Just like I said in another reply post; comparatively how much extreme bias does the FDA, CDC, AAP, and Paul Offit have? In your mind anything that is not pro-vaccine information, is simply assumed to be biased and non credible. You have no place here. All you are is a trolling vaccine shill that simply refuses to be wrong, ever. You can not respond to anything, and you can not actually directly refute anything. All you can do and ever do here is throw again and again more denial at it all, and more false discrediation mud, and your own poo at it. It is simply, sick.

  • CharlieB1972

    The measles vaccine reduced worldwide deaths from measles to less than 120,000 in 2014 from 2.6 million in 1980. What a success for vaccines! There is no evidence that vaccines are killing MILLIONS of people every year; the good from vaccines far outweighs the bad.

  • CharlieB1972

    Bechamp was an excellent chemist. He did pioneering work that was central to the vital to the synthetic dye industry. He also developed, an arsenic compound used to treat parasitic diseases. He was, however,wrong about germ theory..

  • CharlieB1972

    So how does this Wall O’ Text explain that arguments against vaccines because shedding are consistent with germ theory denial?

  • Thomas Johnson

    “DG and MG conceived the study, conducted the research, involved in the interpretation of the data, and drafting and revising of the manuscript. BH was involved in computer programing, conducted the research, and drafting and revising the manuscript.”

    Yet you believe, “The study does not have anything to do with the Geirs and nor Dr Hooker.”
    You clearly are in way over your head.

  • CharlieB1972

    Here’s some more facts about vaccines. HPV is highly safe and effective!


  • CharlieB1972

    It’s not surprising that some anti-vaxxers would cover for terrible parents who abuse their children. They themselves are terrible parents who abuse their children! This is how anti-vaxxers allowed their children to suffer from whooping cough for months rather than seek proper medical attention:


  • You stupid, stinking, and complete… arse .. hole. I obviously just showed you that just the opposite of that, is truth. Just face it.

  • Skeptical Raptor, and just another attacking, lying, and twisted shill blog site, and that was the best you could do? Charlie “SICK” B, WHAT amounts to an actually and with no real identity…a VERY… SICK …man. Charlie B. There is no water in HELL, Charlie B, and with an eternity of TORMENT in HELL. ARE you ready to face that, and your well deserved, demise? For ALL eternity.

  • HPV vaccine has done this to my child.

    Gardasil-The Flagship Example of the Failure of Vaccine Authorities to Regulate and Assure Vaccine Safety

    “HPV Vaccine Has Done This to My Child”

  • No, the fact is that you still can do nothing but throw false discrediation at the study. Face it. You have nothing. The TRUTH is THERE.

  • Why don’t you first form an intelligent and cognitive level question??? You can’t, and because you simply do not and refuse to understand what is going on here. That is why you fail again and again to even form a logical and informed question. Until then, and when you can just; just keep gnawing on your block of wood and cussing it all.

  • Thomas Johnson

    That’s right, Lowel, just deny what an idiot you are and try to change the subject. So do you still think Hooker and the Geiers have nothing to do with the paper Hooker and the Geiers wrote? Or can you not remember that far back?

  • Bechamp’s work had far more implications than just that, and you know it. And his work clearly shows and proves why the toxic drug and toxic and contaminated vaccine route in health care, is all WRONG, and WHY it always was, period.

  • All just more misinformation, and with the known and typically well known, lies.

    The Current Failure of Pertussis and Measles Vaccine

  • And YOU are STILL arguing about who did the study, and instead of having any focus placed on what the study is about, and what the data in the study shows you. YOU VERY VERY SICK ….and in denial … man.

  • Thomas Johnson

    Dum dum dum dum dum

  • Gorski, AGAIN? That is clearly and obviously not worth anything. You entirely brainwashed, and in denial… fool. THE DOCTORS AND THE VACCINES …ARE THE REAL BABY KILLERS. JUST WAKE THE HELL…..UP!!!!! It takes a REALLY sick and evil person to deny the obvious evidenced of that

    Falsely Accused Shaken Baby Syndrome, (and vaccine caused SIDS)

  • It is NOT misinformation, you sick, in denial, and obviously demented, trolling shill …IDIOT!!!.

    Gardasil-The Flagship Example of the Failure of Vaccine Authorities to Regulate and Assure Vaccine Safety

    Gardasil The Real Truth

  • In regard to the issue of REALITY, YOU are in DENIAL of the real facts and information.

    The Current Failure of Pertussis and Measles Vaccine

  • CharlieB1972

    I read that, and it has nothing to refute what I said about the decline in measles deaths because of vaccines.

  • Come on, no identity Charlie B; wake UP and STOP being a mislead, and for profit, SHEEPLE!!!!

    The truth about the measles, natural immunity, and the vaccine

  • CharlieB1972

    There are actual peer-reviewed large-scale studies of the safety of Gardasil in my link. They are true information. The “Gardasil causes everything” from the anti-vax crowd is false information!

  • CharlieB1972

    I’m happy to praise Bechamp as a chemist. His work was groundbreaking! His rival theory to Pasteur’s germ theory was not totally unreasonable given the state of knowledge at the time. It just turned out to be wrong.

  • So what you are telling me is that you could care less about real life Gardasil injuries, new medical conditions, and death. And just as long as the vested in vaccine interests studies still approve of the disastrous practice of injecting this dangerous and unproven for any effectiveness, vaccine.

  • CharlieB1972

    How is germ theory denial compatible with vaccine shedding? The latter depends on germ theory!

  • CharlieB1972

    I’m not the one who is gnawing and gnashing and cussing it all.

  • Oh but in fact it does, and because it clearly shows that the measles vaccine in the long term, has caused more problems than it resolved. The ONLY solution is still obviously going with natural immunity, and it always was. You refuse to get it.

  • CharlieB1972

    I care about Gardasil injuries. The families deserve to be compensated in the rare cases that this happens.

  • Really? And clearly and obviously at this point, how beyond dumb, are you?

  • CharlieB1972

    In 1980, about 2.6 million people croaked worldwide in the quest for measles natural immunity. In 2014, that number was down to less than 120,000 because of vaccines. That’s a lot of lives saved by vaccines.

  • Come on Thomas, actually get to refuting the study and its data. Just admit that you can not do it. Just admit that all you can ever do again and again, is to just throw more in denial false discreditation at it.

  • CharlieB1972

    Gorski didn’t write any of this. He let the anti-vaxxer speak for herself. She was more interested in her world view than the health of her kids.

  • Just another LOAD of B.S. It didn’t show or prove anything. What does that article as well have to do with SIDS and the falsely accused SBS issue? You posted that in a reply that was somehow in your denial, attempting to address that issue.

    The Current Failure of Pertussis and Measles Vaccine

    The truth about the measles, natural immunity, and the vaccine

  • Not in the US they didn’t; and those numbers are highly questionable, and considering the source. In industrialized cities there is no measles issue, and if any it is only in underdeveloped countries with obviously inadequate sanitation and nutrition. But YET you attempt to link it all together as the all same thing. DUMB. You as well refuse to consider all the health problems that humanity has experienced and faced, and all due to not receiving any natural immunity to measles. You refuse to believe that there is any natural benefit to health when acquiring and recovering from measles naturally. That is because the entire standard and big pharma mislead medical model has received zero physiologically based education in regard to such issues.

  • You really do not care about SH&T, and you know it. Those injuries as well are clearly, NOT RARE. There are thousands of them on on multiple continents. And the deaths, all just an unproven coincidence, right? Like I said, you can BURN in HELL You are nothing but a sick and in denial……..LIAR.

  • Oh, but actually you are. You are nothing but a lying, sick, and in denial vaccine trolling shill. What is your real name, and go ahead and list any and all conflicts of interest that you have? You know as well that you are going to LIE about it, and because that is what people like you always do.

  • You refuse to understand the germ theory correctly. No one said there were not any germs and nor pathogens. Actually review the information, in honesty. I am not here to educate people like you, and who refuse to be educated and even when that information is right in front of them

  • It is NOT wrong. The major failures of the standard big pharma based medical model as well is additional proof that Bechamp was correct. You refuse to admit that drastic and major level of obviously existing failure, and that the truth is that the very foundations of that medical model were in terms of physiologically based speaking, majorly incorrect.

  • CharlieB1972

    “Not in the US they didn’t; and those numbers are highly questionable, and considering the source. In industrialized cities there is no measles issue, and if any it is only in underdeveloped countries with obviously inadequate sanitation and nutrition. But YET you attempt to link it all together as the all same thing. DUMB.”

    It’s only dumb if your attitude can be expressed by the hashtag #americanlivesmatter. Otherwise, the people in underdeveloped countries are just as valuable, and we should take whatever steps we can to save their lives, including vaccination. Do the alleged benefits of acquiring measles come anywhere close to saving 2.6 million lives per year? If not, vaccination is the best policy.

  • CharlieB1972

    ” It didn’t show or prove anything.”

    It shows that some anti-vaxxers are very bad parents who are willing to let their children suffer terribly to protect their own world view.

  • CharlieB1972

    It’s the anti-vax “doctors” like Mercola and others who have the REAL conflict of interest! Unlike most doctors, they have “stores” where they sell supplements that are barely regulated by the FDA. The more success they have in running down vaccines, the more of their supplements they can sell. These “doctors” are part of Big Supplement, and are just using anti-vaxxers to make themselves richer!

  • AGAIN. WHAT AN OBVIOUS LOAD OF LYING NONSENSE, AND ENTIRELY TWISTED….BULLSH$IT. You are UNFIT to reply post here any further, and ever, period.

  • And you have not proven any of that, and nor ever. I have proven in the information, that many parents are falsely accused, and that the problem was in fact the vaccines. Wake up and just end your major level of rotten and lying, denial!!!!! Like I said, you are beyond UNFIT for any further reply posting and so called debate, here. You refuse the information and do nothing but cling to and re-parrot the entirely false and misleading misinformation that you were and continue to have been fed.

  • You are still talking the same thing, and as if underdeveloped countries with majorly inadequate sanitation and as well nutrition, were on the same level as, and one and the same as the US. There is zero evidence that vaccines are saving 2.6 million lives per year; and that anywhere in the planet. Your own mislead, and sheeple ignorance, continues to be near to beyond sickening.

  • Thomas Johnson

    So if people don’t believe the same crazy conspiracy theories you do they shouldn’t be allowed to post on this web site? Lol.

  • What YOU present with is not the evidence of crazy conspiracy theories. What you present is the evidence of your own stupidity, your own brainwashed condition, your lying insanity, and the evidence of your complete denial of all, period. And last of all your own willingness to work as a trolling shill and a lemming for and to further promote the big pharma for profit, and saving their careers, LIES. FACE IT!!!!

    The entire foundations of so called modern medicine (poison) have been grossly in error for 100 years. The system is one of false trust and with misleading levels of brainwashing, and with a heavy dose of if you mess with us and stray from what our pharma religion preaches, you will be dogged and thrown out on your head, and left with nothing. It is literally is a like a strong arm mafia operation, with as well total control of all allowable information. It is the DEVILS work.

    Have they done some good, and can they? Of course, and obviously so; but in the much larger picture of it all, and in its totality, they have and continue to do far MORE harm than good. To change that, the entire system needs ot be destroyed, and rebuild from the ground up, and that means real physiological understandings of the human body and real natural health care, and as creation intended it. They must replace mans ways with Gods ways, and in full respect for the magnificent result of creation. Without that, it will all only continue to FAIL and fail again.

    It is THEIR illusion, and that smoke and mirrors illusion in their mirror, must be fractured in a millions pieces with a 5 lb hammer, AND right in front of them, for them to have any chance of waking up. I have attempted for years to do that, and any chance that I have have.

  • YOU are a disgusting LIAR. You are attempting to put forth nothing but just more lying deception and false discreditation., You are as well nothing but a COMPLETE HYPOCRITE. Wake up!!!

  • You can ignore it all you want, but the facts and the truth clearly exist.

    Falsely Accused Shaken Baby Syndrome, (and vaccine caused SIDS)

  • Wake up to how badly you have been mislead and lied to!!!! You do not care, and it is all about damage control, and maintaining the vaccine lies and the false propaganda. Just face it.

    The truth about the measles, natural immunity, and the vaccine

  • CharlieB1972

    “…go ahead and list any and all conflicts of interest that you have?”

    With regard to vaccines, none.

  • CharlieB1972

    My numbers are not “just drawn out of the air.” They come from the World Health Organization.

    Most measles deaths are in developing countries, which makes vaccination there all the more compelling. We can’t turn them into developed countries overnight with modern health care, but vaccination is a short-term intervention that has a great deal of benefits with low costs. Hopefully, we can eradicate this cruel disease within a couple of decades.

  • Thomas Johnson

    You’re failing miserably.

  • Really, and just because in your mislead, mindless, and in denial personal condition, you say so? A three word reply. You are as well just plain lazy. See if you can actually make an honest reply, to that post you responded to. You can’t, and you know it.

  • Have you ever attempted to determine where the WHO gets all their data? Their data amounts to we say this and we say that happened. Little to nothing is backed by actual evidence.

    And oh, you mean as well the same WHO who together with the CDC and big pharma backed the false flag H1N1 deadly pandemic scare and scandal in 2009-10. Whoo haa bucks and worldwide profits for big pharma. The false pandemic that caused as well 100’s of aborted fetus’s after that, and as always those untested vaccines were given to pregnant women. In that same year they as well learned in Canada in their studies that due to the concept of original antigen sin, that if you had the common flu vaccine, that your risks of severe H1N1 flu and death, were significantly increased. You know just like last year when the seasonal flu vaccine was way for for its actual match as to what was really circulating.

    You as well are actually a complete waste of my time, but you do make a for a good sounding board, thanks.

    The Currently Failed Flu Vaccine Expose/ With Original Antigenic Sin Study Info

  • You trolling vaccine shills lie about that each and every time. Go ahead and provide your real identity, and so we can verify your statement. Without that, your word means nothing.

  • You know that the greatest source of coincidence on the planet earth, is vaccines. Nothing would ever be enough evidence of the harm done.

  • Thomas Johnson

    I just did. You are failing miserably. You’re just wasting your life with all this nonsense. Maybe you could shelter dogs from your local animal shelter. Or cats. Maybe be a scoutmaster for one of the local troops. But get out there and make something of yourself!

  • CharlieB1972

    “Have you ever attempted to determine where the WHO gets all their data? Their data amounts to we say this and we say that happened. Little to nothing is backed by actual evidence.”

    You’re arguing from incredulity, not evidence.

    “The false pandemic that caused as well 100’s of aborted fetus’s after that…”

    Thank goodness for the rubella vaccine, which has saved plenty of fetuses from miscarriage, being stillborn, or having severe birth defects!

    “You as well are actually a complete waste of my time…”

    It’s an honor.

  • CharlieB1972

    Indeed they are! The incidence of one disease after another plummets shortly after vaccines are introduced: Measles, diphtheria, chickenpox, HIB, yadda yadda yadda. Must be a bunch of coincidences.

  • James Peters

    What harm and where is the good evidence for any of it?

  • The evidence is right in front of you. And what is your excuse for not seeing it and nor acknowledging it? Just keep your nose stuck in that CDC and Offit false information, and propaganda. Deliberate Ignorance, is bliss.

    CDC exposed as private corporation colluding with Big Pharma

    The illusory notion that the federal regulatory agency known as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is somehow a public entity working on behalf of the people to protect us all from disease is simply laughable.

    The CDC, by definition, is a private corporation working on behalf of its stakeholders, which include key players in the pharmaceutical and vaccine industries that profit from the spread of disease, not from real prevention and cures.

    The first and most obvious clue that the CDC isn’t what it appears on the surface is the fact that this supposed government agency is listed in the official Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) directory as a for-profit corporation.

    D&B is a Fortune 500 company based in New Jersey that maintains databases on more than 235 million companies worldwide – it’s a who’s who of the global business climate, and is recognized as one of the first companies to be publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

    Here’s a screenshot of the CDC’s listing on D&B, courtesy of the AntiCorruption Society:

    Big Pharma and the CDC: one in the same

    CDC pushes fake science promoting deadly drugs, vaccines

    Read more:

    Vaccines-The True Weapons Of Mass Destruction

  • That is nothing but a load of repeatedly refuted garbage, and no amount of evidence that it is that, would ever be enough for you; and you know that. And what is the actual and real rate of life altering, vaccine injury? Why do you choose to continue to live in complete denial of the existing vaccine caused holocaust on the health of infants and children everywhere? Have you listed your existing conflicts of interest yet? No, you have not even listed as much as your real identity, now have you? As well, what if any comprehension do you have in regard to the concept of doing far more harm than good? Approximately 32 doses of vaccines by the age of 2. 49 doses of 14 vaccines by the age of 6. 69 doses of 16 vaccines by the age of 18. How many of those, have you had?

  • Arguing from incredulity, not evidence? What kind of and beyond mindless nonsense is involved in that claim? Again, the question was, WHERE is the EVIDENCE, and as to their numbers?

    Where is your evidence in regard to the Rubella vaccine claim that you made? The WHO says this, and the CDC says that; and the almighty Paul Offit says, this. So you are as well telling me that if one vaccine kills children before they are born, its just ok cause the Rubella vaccine is claimed to have saved them. If anything was a waste of time here, it has been arguing with trolling shills the likes of you, who refuse the evidence of any real vaccine truth, and while stubbornly maintaining and continuing to insist on living in their own complete denial. You have zero honor existing anywhere, believe me.

  • Failing miserable is found in your own ignorance and your inability to adequately reply and respond to anything here, and if at all, there so called, Thomas. You are nothing but a miserable excuse, and a joke; attempting to make a false mockery of any and all forms of evidence of the real vaccine truth. That, any any person who puts it forth. Just face it.

    I am actually proud of all the vaccine truth information I put forth. And are you proud of all the lies, denial, misinformation, and the false propaganda that you do nothing but re-parrot from the vested interests sources that have everything to lose, the real and complete truth be known?

    Other than your participation in being a vaccine trolling shill, go ahead and make a list all of your fine accomplishments?

  • CharlieB1972

    By all means, show me the evidence that rubella is just as common in the U.S. as it was before the vaccine.

    The actual rate of life-threatening vaccine injury is very low.

    I’ve had quite a few vaccines, including Hepatitis A and B and yellow fever. I didn’t keep track of the exact number of vaccines I’ve had over the course of my lifetime; that strikes me as a rather strange hobby.

  • CharlieB1972

    I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time trying to talk to anti-vaxxers. I’m casting my bread on the waters, as it says to do in the Bible.

  • Thomas Johnson

    You’re not putting forth vaccine truth. You believe in the conspiracy theory that vaccines cause massive harm and that all the doctors and governments of the world are covering it up.

  • Your stupidity and your level of ignorance is at a deliberate and continued level of being just massive . Nothing involved with this is just a conspiracy theory, wake up the evidence is clearly there. As far as the doctors, they are not part of this and nor any conspiracy to cover it up. But they all do know that to speak out is and will result in an obvious and inevitable end to their career. Government that is a different story. They are all a victim of the pharma for profit system that created it all. Wake up.

  • You are DOING the devils work…make no mistake about it. That is what it actually is. Start investigating the true powers of the self healing body. Big pharma has it all wrong, and they have had it wrong for the past 100 years….WAKE UP. VACFACTS http://www.vacfacts.info

  • The evidence shows that the vaccine injury rate for the MMR vaccine, is quite clearly much higher than the risk of Rubella. You can get all the toxic and contaminated vaccines you want; but as an adult it will still not be anything compared to the existing CDC children’s schedule. I would really like for you as well to get the new Gardasil 9. Safe and effective, is the mantra. Don’t forget.

  • Its everywhere and if you look, it is right in front of you, but you refuse to see it. VACFACTS http://www.vacfacts.info

  • Thomas Johnson

    So how in your tiny mind are doctors not part of your conspiracy theory given that they order all the vaccines? Are there covert government agents infiltrating all the world’s doctor offices? Who is coordinating all that? And where is all that vaccine injury evidence?

  • CharlieB1972

    The evidence shows no such thing. Rubella is no longer endemic in the U.S., and that’s thanks to the vaccine.

    Gardasil IS safe and effective!


    Vaccines are not toxic in the doses given, and they are rarely contaminated anymore.

  • CharlieB1972

    In the New Testament, Jesus Christ healed the sick. Doctors and nurses are following in His footsteps by vaccinating people and therefore preventing them from getting sick in the first place.

  • James Peters
  • And is that all you have to respond with, such stupidity?

  • What a large load of ignorance and stupidity. What big pharma has done is replace Gods creation and the knowledge of healing, and the self healing human body, when given the right means, with mans greed and the obviously failed ways of big pharma. Wake up; it is and you are doing and supporting the devils work. You are so entirely brainwashed that you refuse to even begin to think outside of the big pharma box.

  • Skeptical Raptor? Ah haa haa ha… and that is the best you can do? You entirely pathetic, soul. What, you don’t even have any Merck paid off and paid for information? WAKE UP… AND JUST QUIT LYING and attempting to DECEIVE the public.

    Gardasil-The Flagship Example of the Failure of Vaccine Authorities to Regulate and Assure Vaccine Safety

    “HPV Vaccine Has Done This to My Child”

    Gardasil-The real Truth

  • You are again creating a scenario that is not there. You in YOUR small mind, fail again and again to actually understand what goes on. And vaccine injury is everywhere, you just refuse to see it.

  • Thomas Johnson

    Well, Lowell, if there’s this huge global vaccine injury cover-up as you say then there must be one friggin’ gigantic bunch of people involved-100’s of thousands, actually. When in medical school are all the doctors taught about it? 3rd year? 4th year? Or is it during their internships or residencies?

  • All they need to know and realize is what happened to people like Andrew Wakefield, and Andrew Moulden. What part of this can you not realize and comprehend? All standard big pharma medical model mislead doctors, all know that to speak out against the big pharma savior holy water vaccines, or to produce studies that are resulting in a vaccine truth and if not considered antivaccine outcome to that study, and put forth information and data; in that happening they all know will lead to attack and literal career suicide. They all know it, and by the examples that have clearly been set. It does not matter as well, what country it is in. It is all controlled by the very same big pharma medical monopoly and literal mafia.

    Health Canada Corruption – Dr. Andrew Moulden – MD, PhD

    Dr Andrew Moulden – Genesis 1:1-11

    122 Research Papers Supporting the Vaccine/Autism Link

  • Thomas Johnson

    Moulden was a quack, Lowell. Wakefield is a fraud. And an endocrinologist who didn’t believe in insulin for type 1 diabetics or a doctor who didn’t believe in antibiotics for bacterial meningitis would be committing career suicide for the same reasons.
    And who coordinates all the world’s governments to participate in this giant vaccine harm conspiracy? Did Obama know about it as a senator or did someone tell him when he took office? Who, in your mind, told him about it?

  • Dr Moulden was NOT a quack, YOU are a quack. Not a single doctor or so called professional in his field of expertise, EVER refuted his work, and nor his presentations. They couldn’t, and because it was all based in irrefutable fact and proof. Certainly with the level of damage that information did to the vaccine program; certainly if they could have refuted it, they would have.

    Your false comparisons are as well entirely ludicrous and unrelated.

    Your chosen and willful level of complete ignorance still abounds, and no matter how you attempt to spin it. You simply refuse to get it. To do so destroys every bit of the ground that you are attempting to stand on; and you know it.

    That so called coordination has gone on for now at least 100 years, and it does not happen over night. Did Obama know about it? How beyond ignorant and entirely beyond mindless, is that question. Obama has nothing to do with it.

  • Thomas Johnson

    Moulden was never a licensed physician, never published a study, and charged patients to “diagnose” them by looking at their pictures and videos and then charged them again for supplements.

    As for Wakefield:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Wakefield

    And if this big vaccine harm cover-up conspiracy exists, and is sanctioned by all the world’s governments, how could the president of the United States not know about it?

  • CharlieB1972

    There’s no evidence that most of the Gardasil VAERS reports actually were the results of vaccine.

  • CharlieB1972

    God gave us the wisdom to invent vaccines.

  • CharlieB1972

    So, Lowell, why do you think that rubella is no longer endemic in the US?

  • CharlieB1972

    Ah, Teh Aborted Babeez gambit. The Catholic Church is the world’s foremost opponent of abortion. There is no other. However, the Church still allows the use of the vaccines that are cultivated using cell lines that originated from abortions.

    Abortions are not being done to harvest fetuses for vaccines. There were only two abortions in question, and they happened more than 40 years ago. Rejecting these vaccines makes as much sense as rejecting organ transplants from murder victims.

    There are no aborted fetal cells in vaccines.

  • The Catholic Church, and nor the Vatican are any form of an authority on vaccines, and nor vaccine safety. Thus, your claim is irrelevant.

    I never said abortions were being done to harvest fetal cells for vaccine production. They apparently already have all they need. Perhaps that involves an unanswered question, as to where they are getting those human diploid cells, and where will they continue to. The replicated cells from two abortions obviously do not, can not, and will not last forever.

    The PROOF that there exists aborted fetal cell fragments and such contamination has been RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, and again of course you ignored it. Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute, has found all the evidence and proof of that, which should ever be needed. Wake up and quit just accepting the false claims and propaganda that you are fed, and from those who have no ability to be honest, or they will lose everything, and obviously nor do they have a this point any means to and nor will they ever do anything but a corrupt job of regulating vaccine safety. The FDA is clearly and obviously not regulating vaccine safety, and that is all to obvious, after the known issues with Gardasil, and as well in regard to the cover-up of the contamination issues with that vaccine. The FDA as well can even as much as demand and require that a true saline placebo be used in comparison of systemic effects of a vaccine. They couldn’t possibly be, or get any more derelict and corrupt in their duties to protect the public consumers as to vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs.

    Actually REVIEW this information, quit making false excuses, and just stop ignoring it. But then, oh that’s right, you could care less what the reality of any of this is, and what the truth is. You shilling game is only to deny it all; no matter what.

    Vaccine Production With – Human Diploid cells (aborted fetal cell tissue)

  • You are replying to a person who believes that at 9 years old, they had a severe reaction to the rubella vaccine, that almost killed them. So I may be the wrong person to ask.

    I can clearly see that the pertussis, and measles vaccines have been and as time goes on, and increasing failure. Why would by some magic, Rubella vaccine be any different?

    The Current Failure of Pertussis and Measles Vaccine

    Mounting Evidence Shows Many Vaccines are Ineffective and Contribute to Rise of Outbreaks Caused by Mutated Viruses

    Vaccines Are Causing Mutations That May Jeopardize The Health of Future Generations

    Documentary “Shots in the Dark” Delves into Catastrophic Vaccine Reactions

    Culprits of Autism Identified: Toxins, Gut Bacteria, Nutritional Deficiencies, and Vaccines Made with Human Fetal Cell Lines

  • And you are really that beyond stupid? You took the self healing body of creation, which provided everything that was needed, and given the right means; and you replaced it with the failed toxicity and endless injected contamination, of vaccines. 49 doses of 14 vaccines by the age of 6, with almost 30 of them by the age of 2. We had 5 vaccines when I was a school kid, and maybe 10 shots in all.

    I have not had a vaccine in over 4 decades, and I never will. There are thousands and if not in the big picture millions of adults who have never been re-vaccinated since their school days. If they were re-vaccinated at all, it has been comparatively, very minimally. WHERE is your so called vaccine derived HERD immunity? Such levels of ignorance and stupidity. And you just unquestioningly believe anything and everything you read, and are told.

  • No evidence exists in your mind for anything ever, never will, and no matter what; don’t you know. Vaccines are the greatest source of entirely denied injury and harm, and that is always claimed as just another coincidence, on the planet earth.

    Gardasil-The Flagship Example of the Failure of Vaccine Authorities to Regulate and Assure Vaccine Safety

  • He was never licensed to to push and prescribe your toxic pharma drugs and vaccines, and that was by choice, and was the opposite of what he wanted to do in his life in regard to health care. Dr Moulden’s education, his work, and what he put forth speaks for itself, entirely. You can just face that reality, or you can refuse to. Your choice. He educated a lot of people to the vaccine truth, and quite effectively. His life is evidence of what happens when you speak that truth.

  • CharlieB1972

    Our bodies were so self-healing that we used to croak at the age of thirty on average.

    Numerous vaccines, including measles, offer lifetime immunity, so there’s no need to re-vaccinate for them. Herd immunity ROCKS!

  • CharlieB1972

    You keep posting that same stupid link about the “failure” of the measles vaccine over and over again, and it shows no such thing. It’s all just a bunch of hand-waving and dancing around the facts about the success of the vaccine. So once again, I REPEAT:

    1. Measles incidence is down by 99.9% in the good old US of A. About 400 deaths and 100,000 hospitalizations are averted every year as a result.

    2. Worldwide measles deaths have plummeted from 2.6 million in 1980 to a little over 100,000 in 2014. That’s not because of clean water and nutrition in developing countries. It’s because of vaccines.

    Anti-vaxxers can argue from angry incredulity against CDC and WHO data, but not from evidence, especially since they are happy to quote CDC and WHO when it suits their purposes.

  • CharlieB1972

    The argument against abortion is a moral argument, rather than a scientific one. The Catholic Church makes the moral argument against abortion, but it also states that the vaccines derived from cell lines that started from abortions are morally acceptable. The Church does not need to be an authority on vaccines to have views on the morality of abortion.

  • Thomas Johnson

    To be an anti-vax conspiracy theorist you have to be a quack apologist, don’t you?

  • There is no conspiracy “theory” existing, when you have not shown nor proven that the information was only a “theory”. When evidence is right in front of you, it becomes no longer classified as just a theory. Who is apologizing here. There is no where that you see me doing that.

    So, what does that make you, so called Thomas Johnson? It clearly makes you the real quack, and obviously as well, an obviously incompetent and crazed whack job. Just face it. There is no denying that is what you are, and what you have proven to be. . .

  • This basic issue in regard to vaccines created with aborted fetal cell tissue is largely not even about the issue of the morality of abortion, you fool. I did not even bring the morality issue up. It is about the harmful effects of the contamination left behind in the vaccines that have been created with this said process. Harmful effects that are now being documented in the information right in front of you, and that you ignore and refuse to see, and nor to acknowledge any of it, of course.

    But bringing up the morality and the Catholic church issue, thus of course entirely then allows you to evade the more important issues of vaccine contamination. Did someone ask you what the Catholic churches view was? Did anyone say they care what that view was? No, you entirely evaded the real issues, and again by your maintaining your own ignorance, move the goal posts, evasion tactics.

  • That information clearly does show the obvious and repeated failure of both the pertussis and measles vaccines, and in repeated cases where 80 to 90% of the outbreak was found in the fully vaccinated. If that is not classified as vaccine failure, then what is? Why has not the CDC been honest about those many failures of those two vaccines? Why has not the AAP been honest about what obviously exists in regard to those failures? Again it is just one cover up and case of ignoring evidence, after another.

    You can again ignore that information, and replace that page of information on my site, with the false and misleading CDC and WHO data; but it DOES NOT make it and that evidence, go away.

  • That is just another load of misleading garbage.

    Really? What vaccines have been shown or proven to provide lifetime immunity? The fact is, that NONE of them, have. Only a few years at best; and for many that get vaccines, even that may be questionable. You could not have come up with a more obvious, and known, LIE.

    How would vaccines create life time immunity, when they are obviously not even protecting the school age children and teens? Go ahead and divert yourself from that misleading WHO and CDC information, and realize what really goes on in the outbreaks that have occurred.

    The Current Failure of Pertussis and Measles Vaccine

    How does this aluminum adjuvant containing pertussis vaccine, commonly DTaP, create herd immunity, when it is proven that the vaccinated when challenged with pertussis infection, and even though remaining asymptomatic, that they can still spread the pertussis pathogen to others, including infants to young to be vaccinated. Yet ever public advertisement you see out there for the pertussis vaccine, makes no mention of that fact. They just want everyone from old grandma and grandpa, and the entire family to get vaccinated with this toxic, and for profit vaccine.

    Acellular pertussis vaccines protect against disease but fail to prevent infection and transmission in a nonhuman primate model

    Nonhuman Primate Model of Pertussis

    Our results demonstrate that the baboon provides an excellent model of clinical pertussis that will allow researchers to investigate pertussis pathogenesis and disease progression, evaluate currently licensed vaccines, and develop improved vaccines and therapeutics.


    Pertussis Vaccine Study Shatters Illusion of Vaccine-Induced Immunity

    The Emerging Risks of Live Virus &
    Virus Vectored Vaccines:
    Vaccine Strain Virus Infection, Shedding & Transmission

    Public Health Officials Know: Recently Vaccinated Individuals Spread Disease

    You see, they forgot about creation, and replaced immunity with the failed pharmaceutical ways of man.

    Waning of Maternal Antibodies Against Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Varicella in Communities With Contrasting Vaccination Coverage

    Conclusions. Children of mothers vaccinated against measles and, possibly, rubella have lower concentrations of maternal antibodies and lose protection by maternal antibodies at an earlier age than children of mothers in communities that oppose vaccination. This increases the risk of disease transmission in highly vaccinated populations.

    Read more:

    Protective Effect of Childhood Measles Against Degenerative Diseases in Later Life

    Measles Virus Infection Without Rash In Childhood Is Related To Disease In Adult Life.
    The Lancet, January 5 1985

    The presence of measles specific antibodies is usually taken as evidence of typical measles in the past; in the present study it was regarded as evidence of infection with measles virus, but not necessarily of the common disease accompanied by a typical rash. The association between a negative history of measles in childhood and certain diseases later in life was investigated by a historical prospective method, based on school health records combined with self-reporting in adulthood, and tests for specific IgG measles antibody. There was evidence of association between a negative history of measles, exposure in early life (possibly injection of immune serum globulin after exposure), and development of immunoreactive diseases, sebaceous skin diseases, degenerative diseases of bone and cartilage, and certain tumours. It is suggested that the presence of measles virus specific antibodies at the time of acute infection interferes with development of specific cytolytic reactions, and enables intracellular measles virus to survive the acute infection. If this hypothesis is verified, use of immune serum globulin after measles exposure has to be reconsidered.


    The truth about the measles, natural immunity, and the vaccine

    Autism costs estimated to reach nearly $500 billion, potentially $1 trillion, by 2025

    £32billion bill for autism, Britain costliest condition: Total cost of treatment, care and support is more then heart disease, cancer and strokes combined

    Vaccines Market worth $57.8 Billion by 2019

    The Lewin Study: Another Backward Epidemiological Exercise That Proves Nothing, (published in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)

    You Can’t Find the Truth About Vaccines by Burying Your Head in (Vested Interests in Vaccines) Peer-Reviewed Studies

  • Thomas Johnson

    The myth of a global vaccine-harm cover-up is a whopper of a conspiracy theory, Lowell.

  • Like I said, you can burn in your special placed in hell and for all your lies and denial. You are clearly and simply a whopper of an idiot and a mislead soul; and there is no way you can deny that.

  • Thomas Johnson

    You’re just an ignorant angry troll.

  • CharlieB1972

    “Did someone ask you what the Catholic churches view was? Did anyone say they care what that view was? ”

    So what? You don’t get to tell me what arguments I can and can’t use to support my case.

    The moral argument against abortion is one that at least needs to be considered in relation to vaccines. It was ably refuted by the foremost anti-abortion organization on the planet. The “contamination” argument is just nonsense!

  • CharlieB1972

    I could point out the millions of saved lives in the developing world, and the benefits in the developed world, but you’ll just keep posting your same stupid link that refutes absolutely none of that over and over again. It’s like talking to a wall.

    Post some specific text in your reply that proves my claims wrong, not just your stupid link again.

  • CharlieB1972

    Measles is a VERY infectious disease. If the vaccine only lasts for a few years, then it should be raging through the population in much larger outbreaks than what we saw at Disney. But it’s not. Insert explanation here:

  • CharlieB1972

    It’s a good thing that your grandparents lived into their 90s, but that clearly wasn’t the case for everyone. Do you not believe that life expectancy has improved over the past couple of centuries? Do you think that improvements in sanitation and medical care had no effect on lifespans?

    Look at graveyards from the 18th and 19th Centuries and see how many children were buried before they had a chance to grow up. That’s not happening now. Childbirth used to be the leading cause of death for women. That’s not happening now, either.

  • You simply refuse to see any form of reality and truth.

    Myths of Modern Medicine: The Increase in the Human Life Span

  • Simple. The vaccine is NOT and was not the cause for the lack of measles just raging through the general population. But keep on with your false fear mongering, all that you want. Vaccine derived herd immunity, is an entirely false myth. In fact the measles vaccine has caused a situation where we may not ever be able to eradicate measles, and through natural immunity. That is obviously the only way it will ever be, eradicated.

    As well, natural measles has a beneficial effect in priming the immune system, and thus helps prevent other illnesses and disease conditions later in life.

    The already long existing and the real study science has already long since, shown us what the REAL truth is.

    Measles jab reduces inherited immunity

    A recent study found that women vaccinated with the measles vaccine pass on far less immunity to their offspring than women who are not vaccinated. Measles jab reduces inherited immunity


    Waning of Maternal Antibodies Against Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Varicella in Communities With Contrasting Vaccination Coverage

    Conclusions. Children of mothers vaccinated against measles and, possibly, rubella have lower concentrations of maternal antibodies and lose protection by maternal antibodies at an earlier age than children of mothers in communities that oppose vaccination. This increases the risk of disease transmission in highly vaccinated populations.


    Protective Effect of Childhood Measles Against Degenerative Diseases in Later Life

    The above study indicates that a lack of rash in measles is associated with an increased incidence of autoimmune and degenerative diseases in later life. As the rash is the means through which the toxin is expelled from the body, its absence leads to the measles virus remaining in the body. The widespread use of vaccination has led to the appearance of “atypical measles” and “mild measles” where no rash develops. This can expose children to diseases in later life.

    Read more:

    Measles Virus Infection Without Rash In Childhood Is Related To Disease In Adult Life.
    The Lancet, January 5 1985

    The presence of measles specific antibodies is usually taken as evidence of typical measles in the past; in the present study it was regarded as evidence of infection with measles virus, but not necessarily of the common disease accompanied by a typical rash. The association between a negative history of measles in childhood and certain diseases later in life was investigated by a historical prospective method, based on school health records combined with self-reporting in adulthood, and tests for specific IgG measles antibody. There was evidence of association between a negative history of measles, exposure in early life (possibly injection of immune serum globulin after exposure), and development of immunoreactive diseases, sebaceous skin diseases, degenerative diseases of bone and cartilage, and certain tumours. It is suggested that the presence of measles virus specific antibodies at the time of acute infection interferes with development of specific cytolytic reactions, and enables intracellular measles virus to survive the acute infection. If this hypothesis is verified, use of immune serum globulin after measles exposure has to be reconsidered.


    Measles Vaccines Part I; Ineffectiveness of Vaccination and Unintended Consequences. ~ by Dr Viera Scheibner (PhD) – See more at:http://www.vaccinationcouncil.org/2013/01/18/the-ineffectiveness-of-measles-vaccines-and-other-unintended-consequences-by-dr-viera-scheibner-phd/

    Measles Vaccines Part II; Benefits of Contracting Measles ~ by Dr Viera Scheibner (PhD)

    The truth about the measles, natural immunity, and the vaccine

  • CharlieB1972

    That totally disregards my question. Why isn’t measles raging through the population if the vaccine lasts only for a few years or not at all? Perhaps the answer is that the vaccine really does provide lifetime immunity!

  • The only thing disregarded here, is the information I put forth to you, and quite obviously in the very little time it took for you to reply; (less than 10 minutes), you obviously reviewed here, absolutely nothing at all.

    This shows right here in the many cases of measles vaccine failure, and where up to 90% of the outbreak was in the vaccinated, that the measles vaccine has been an increasing failure. Given that information, it is not then possible to claim that measles vaccine creates in anyone, any form of life time immunity to measles. These are cases of measles and as well pertussis vaccine failure, that largely again, the CDC has ignored. Both I and my brother had the measles vaccine in the 1960’s; and both of us still had the measles. So, I likely now do have life time immunity.

    Ignore it all you want, the real truth is there.

    The Current Failure of Pertussis and Measles Vaccine

  • We in the US, are NOT living, in the developing world. Your comparisons even if they were accurate, are and would not be valid.

    Repeated cases of measles vaccine failure, that have been clearly documented; are clearly enough proof of the existing problem, and irregardless of how much you insist on disregarding that information. You simply do not, and will not get away with asking for a different answer, and just because you do not like the evidence in front of you, and nor the answer that was replied with and thus given to you.

  • CharlieB1972

    “We in the US, are NOT living, in the developing world. Your comparisons even if they were accurate, are and would not be valid.”

    So what? The lives of people in developing countries matter just as much as our lives do. Should we vaccinate them or not?

    “Repeated cases of measles vaccine failure, blah blah blah handwaving blah blah blah…”

    Measles incidence is down by 99.9% in the US since the vaccine was introduced. That’s a smashing success. How do we account for that?

    1. The vaccine really does work.
    2. We developed a form of measles sanitation in the 1960s, which is different from the sanitation that wiped out smallpox, which is turn different from the sanitation that caused chickenpox incidence to decline by more than 90% in the US since 1995.
    3. The measles viruses got together and decided not to infect us so much anymore.

  • You can use any argument that you want, it obviously still FAILS.

    You obviously do not have any moral conscience either, so don’t even bother to throw all your fake smoke and mirrors at me. You simply refuse to get it.

    The contamination in all vaccines created and produced with aborted fetal cell tissue, (human diploid tissue), has clearly and obviously been found. Just because the CDC and FDA have ignored that finding and that fact, does not make it any less real. Significant independent studies have already been done, and obviously you continue to insist on ignoring that very real, fact. There exists as well very relevant data in regard to the increase in the change points in autism diagnosis, each and every time a vaccine was added to the schedule and with this said new process of production. How much can you actually continue to ignore?

    Believe me, any thinking and concerned individuals and parents, are not going to be ignoring this information; and that, irregardless of your denial and your efforts at damage control, here.

    Vaccine Production With – Human Diploid cells (aborted fetal cell tissue)

  • You should focus more on the issue of your high level of hypocrisy.
    Trolls get paid, I don’t get paid. That, or they have an existing vested conflict of interest in the subject matter. I have been doing this for years, I don’t get angry, by repeatedly putting forth the evidence of the vaccine truth, I just get even.

  • Thomas Johnson

    Wow look at the internet tough guy making threats. And you don’t have the slightest understanding of “vaccine truth”. It’s laughable.

  • That is just another tactic used by vaccine shills, to falsely claim a threat was made, and that when none were made. What a desperate and twisted man you are. You are a man, right? Thomas is your real name?

    Quite obviously I am repeatedly running you over like a steam roller here, and with the real vaccine truth in these replies. What is laughable, is only your denial of that fact. What you understand is only the false propaganda and misinformation that you have been fed. That which you were fed and continue to just simply, re-parrot. .

  • No one said the data that you have in regard to the underdeveloped countries, is correct. The other problem that you people always have to, and in the mistake that you make, is to attempt to translate and transcribe data from an undeveloped country, directly onto the US situation data, as if it were one and the same thing, and in which are not one and the same. Just as if to quit vaccinating in the US would eventually equate to going back to third world country outcomes. Any way that they can continue the get vaccinated, false fear mongering.

    Like i said all you ever and can do is replace the real data, with the false and one sided data of such as the CDC and WHO. It is all a matter of which set of data do you have the honesty and the ability to realize is right, and to believe?

  • Provide scientific evidence for the average length of immunity duration for the measles vaccine? Lets as well see a larger scale study. There you go, and that is where you would find out the real truth. They have never wanted to do that study, and because they already know what that over-all duration is, and what the truth is.

  • Thomas Johnson

    You can’t even begin to understand vaccines when you deny germ theory.

  • CharlieB1972

    But you’re happy to believe the CDC and WHO data when they show increases in autoimmune diseases so you can try to blame vaccines!

  • CharlieB1972

    Anti-vaxxers are fond of saying that measles death rates were down by more than 99% before the vaccine was introduced. Run that in reverse, and you’ve got

  • CharlieB1972

    Again , if the measles vaccine only lasted for a few years, we would be seeing far more cases than the few hundred per year that we have now. Where is your alternative incidence data to support this? State or national incidence data, not “There was a small outbreak where most of the victims were vaccinated.”

  • Sue

    Well guess I am risking deletion.. Oh well them the breaks… Let just say save the children….


  • There was not just a small outbreak, and there as well were multiple outbreaks in the vaccinated, (where 80 to 90% in the outbreak were in fact fully vaccinated), and as for both pertussis and measles vaccines. Outbreaks, that obviously the CDC minimized, (falsely blamed the un-vaccinated for), and as well outbreaks they entirely failed to acknowledge.

    The Current Failure of Pertussis and Measles Vaccine

  • CharlieB1972

    Once again, there are only hundreds of cases of measles per year as compared to hundreds of thousands before the vaccine. I’d love to see more “failures” like that. Where is your alternative incidence data to show that I’m wrong?

  • But real facts, data, and reality (to be correct), do not run in reverse. Simple speculation, is not and does not and because of its practice, then become the equivalent actual real truth, and reality. Gorski, in regard to his blog articles, uses that tactic all the time, and in fact it fails every time.

    In regard to the WHO information, you obviously do not care what has shown, otherwise. Again, you do not have a clue what you are talking about. You just make it all up, and your ignorance filled claims as you go, and of course again as you refuse to do, and to accept any independent research.

  • You are simply happy to just put word in my mouth. The CDC and WHO show direct increases in autoimmune diseases, as well? Go ahead and provide that information? What I generally look at is in regard to the incidence rates that the CDC admits to has majorly increased. That being as to the incidence of learning disabilities, allergies, ADHD, asthma, autism, diabetes, cancer, etc.

    That is right, we will use your own information sources against you, and if and when we can. Expect it.

  • You obviously can not even begin to understand anything at all, here period. You continue to insist on making a false claim. That false claim involves a false interpretation of the false, (so called denied), germ theory). You error again is in continuing to state that it has been denied. Again, it has not been denied, it has simply been defined and described in a way and by a means that YOU refuse to see and accept. Why? Because you know it destroys the entire big pharma mislead foundations, that you stand on.

  • You are basing that on nothing but a false assumption of correlation equals causation. No study has ever as well ever done anything but the same thing. As far as alternative incidence data, i just gave you that and put in right n front of you, and you simply again ignored it.

  • Thomas Johnson

    Spin it however you want but you either believe in germ theory (Pasteur, etc) or you’re a germ theory denialist. Just making up your own theory and calling it “germ theory”, especially for someone as ignorant a you, is a joke.

  • CharlieB1972

    But you’ll reject CDC or WHO data out of hand if it shows vaccines to be safe or effective. That’s cherry picking.

  • CharlieB1972

    Give me an example of the “real” incidence data and compare it to the CDC data. Pick a year, let’s say some time in the past 20 years or so.

    It’s amazing how the incidence of disease after disease plummets after the introduction of vaccines. It’s an amazing coincidence.

  • CharlieB1972

    So what are you saying? That anti-vaxxers are wrong about measles deaths rates dropping by more than 99% before the incidence of the vaccine because measles never really was that dangerous? That measles viruses only were deadly in America, but not in developing countries?

    WHO’s data is much better than wild speculation.

  • That is obviously not what I said at all. Your attempt to again spin it all around in your twisted favor, is not working. Historical data recorded at the time and by those that lived at the time, is NOT wild speculation. What the WHO puts forth, that is wild speculation, and as well based on nothing but assumed correlations, equal causation.

  • So what you are saying is that you are nothing but a crazy coincidence theorist. Just like you have done as well in regard to vaccine injuries.

  • The only thing I reject in regard to CDC information, is the information that I know and can show is false information. There is a load of it, and it exists on a majority of their site pages. As far as the WHO, when I see data that is only supported by correlation equals causation premise, and as well that none of the numbers are ever verified by any source other than them, and their invested interests cohorts stating that-that is what happened, I tend to reject that. I reject that as well when the real historical information recorded at the time, shows that an entirely opposite outcome is what really happened. You simply accept the false and unproven information, and reject the real information.

  • You are again so conveniently forgetting that there existed at the time, not just Pasteur, but also Antoine Bechamp and who put forth his concepts very clearly. Those concepts were in direct opposition to Pasteur’s germ theory. You are again refusing to educate yourself to the information that you are attempting to address here in your misguided replies. You assume a false understanding of Bechamp’s studies and as to the work and information he put forth. You see, in your mind they only way you can win here, is to lie about what is and has been put forth. You simply again and again put forth a false and misleading description of the information, and then refuse the real understanding of it. That is what you have been taught to do, and by the sources that intentionally fail to understand, no more than you do. You can not educate someone like you, that refuses to be educated.

    Soil/Terrain Theory -vs- The Germ-Theory of Illness and Disease

  • Thomas Johnson

    Bechamp was wrong, though. You’re a germ theory denialist.

  • Antoine Bechamp was clearly right, and Pasteur was obviously wrong. That as well is the reason that alternative means to health care actually work to heal and provide for recovery of human health. That is why you standard big pharma mislead medical model has been in the bigger picture, such a major and repeated failure.

    Every situation in health care needs to be determined on its own merits of benefit verses risks in treatment. Society can not determine the actual benefit and verse risks, and with the mislead education they get from doctors and selling to the public, TV commercials. What as well and every time is the longest part of any drug ad TV commercial; the LONG list of side effects, right? That does not exist when natural substances and protocols are used. You can deny the success of naturopathic based health care, verses big pharma’s version, all you want. The standing evidence is all to clear..How would YOU ever even begin to determine that, and when you obviously have zero understanding of what takes place. No proof exists and nor evidence for anything ever; and nothing would ever be enough; in your world. If it doesn’t support big pharma, and/or vaccines; it all then in your mind becomes only an unproven conspiracy theory. How beyond in denial and dumb is that.

  • Thomas Johnson

    Pastuer was right. No one even remembers Bechamp.

  • Just because the Rockefellers and the powers that be existing at that time chose to delete all evidence of the existence of Antoine Bechamp from all of their sources of standard medical field history, does not make him any less important in regard to the information and work he put forth. They had to, because the realization that Bechamp was right and that Pasteur was wrong, could not be left to stand the evidence and scrutiny of that within the standard medical model, and as well of today. The evidence of that happening has clearly been recorded in history and from multiple sources. Pasteur’s theory and claims are the only ones that would support a billion dollar pharmaceutical drug and vaccine empire. What kind of a nimrod can not, and refuses to comprehend and understand that?

  • Thomas Johnson

    The Rockefellers?

  • You really are uneducated to reality. And you actually have no idea of the Rockefeller family connections to the previous donations to and buy out of all medical schools, and the transformation from well working at the time naturopathic protocols in health care, and the complete change over to the chemical pharmaceutical existence of the big pharma mislead and educated standard medical model of today? You were given the reference information, and so why did you fail and refuse to review that? Your level of continued selective ignorance and denial, is clearly all by your own choice.

  • Sue

    No wonder you are a disciple for BIG Pharma.. you haven’t got a clue have you??? I am sure you still believe the world is flat as well….

  • Thomas Johnson

    That’s shocking. When did the Rockefellers do that again?

  • Thomas Johnson

    I’m not a conspiracy theorist, darling. That would be you.

  • Sue

    Darling wee Tommy you don’t even rate a look in with conspiracy theories.. Oh was it a conspiracy theory that the word is not flat.. I see.. Ho ho ho..

  • Thomas Johnson

    No sweet cheeks-it’s a conspiracy theory that the earth is flat.

  • Sue

    Well Tommy lad.. I can see once again you are ooooozzzzing with intelligence.. and you still think the world is flat.. bless your little cotton socks.. your mother must be proud…

  • If you stopped ignoring the existing multiple sources for that information that you were given; you would know. Start educating yourself, and instead of just mocking every form of information that shows you the real truth and history. Give me a report as to what is contained in this information, and as to what you can dispute and refute, regarding it. That should be a good one.

    The Drug Story – What Nujol Started – A Factological History Of America’s $10,000,000,000 Drug Cartel, Its Methods, Operations, Hidden Ownership, Profits And Terrific Impact On The Health Of The American People.

  • Thomas Johnson


  • Thomas Johnson

    Jesus Christ you are insane.

  • Sue

    Lets change that to cry and then you may know how the parents feel of vaccine damaged children.. As I said your mother must be proud..

  • Sue

    And your answer if .. he is insane,.. he is asking you to give some sound information back,, but you cannot.. so you just say

    “Jesus Christ you are insane”

    Oh Thomas Johnson.. isn’t it time you gave up on your posts.. they are just stupid..

  • Thomas Johnson

    What do they feel when their child dies from a vaccine preventable disease?

  • Really? And how is that. The real insanity is in your refusal to face the reality of historically recorded information in regard to the medical model you serve. In that information as well it directly puts forth why the understandings of that big pharma mislead medical model are entirely based on a false and incorrect foundation. Don’t be personally attacking me, and simply because you can not and refuse to face the truth and reality of the information that is in front of you.

  • Sue

    “Bernard was right; the pathogen is nothing; the terrain is everything.” — Louis Pasteur’s deathbed words

    Out of Pasteurs own mouth,, I am wrong and Bernard was right….



    Take heed Thomas Johnson ….. “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”
    ― Søren Kierkegaard

    Louis Pasteur Recants His Germ Theory
    On his deathbed Louis Pasteur said “Bernard was correct. I was wrong. The microbe (germ) is nothing. The terrain (milieu) is everything.”

  • Thomas Johnson

    You seem to like them.

  • Sue

    Oh I think you will find that the children that are dying from disease you are suggesting are usually caught from people who have been vaccinated.. And the preventable disease you are talking about is mostly in the poorer countries.. where we should be helping with food.. hygiene.. health.. not giving vaccines into starved frail little bodies…

  • Thomas Johnson

    Pasteur recanting his theory on his death bed is a common anti-vax myth.

  • Sue

    Well I guess I could put you into the same category as Hitler.. I have read about him to do i like him do i think he was a good man.. NO.. do I think you are a good person NO.. Do I think you are a TROLL yes…

  • If he didn’t, he clearly should have. The man should have realized the destruction of health that he actually caused, and all based on largely a false foundation f understanding. Of course Pasteur’s put forth concepts were the only thing that would support a for profit billion dollar pharmaceutical drug sales empire. Bechamp’s naturopathic based studies produced actually good health and healing; and in which only sick people and selling sickness can make and support pharmaceutical profits.

  • Sue

    Oh really ..isn’t so so vaccine ,… BIG Pharma related.. anything that can prove your army wrong it is made up.. how convenient.. the more you talk the more you look well …. just plane old silly..

    “Nothing limits intelligence more than ignorance; nothing fosters ignorance more than one’s own opinions; nothing strengthens opinions more than refusing to look at reality.”
    ― Sheri S. Tepper,

  • Thomas Johnson

    To be anti-vaccine you have to make stuff up constantly. And you’re a shining beacon of ignorance!

  • Thomas Johnson

    You’re a germ theory denialist. Hard to be an anti-vaxxer otherwise.

  • Thomas Johnson

    Lot’s of other anti-vaxxers like to use Nazi analogies too!

  • Thomas Johnson

    The reason most of those diseases are seen in the poorer countries, and the reason anti-vaxxers aren’t afraid of them, is because vaccines have made them so rare in our countries.

  • Sue

    WHAT.. we have built up a life time immunity that has been put at risk through vaccination.. We have also seen child hood cancers.. ADD/ADHD .. AUTISM
    well we had never even heard of it and now everyone knows a family with an autistic child..The rise of Childhood Type 1 Diabetes …..Allergies have gone through the roof.. Air Infections, use of Grommets…. The list goes on and on..

    If you really believe that it is OK to put toxic chemicals into a new born baby,,.. I mean for goodness sake Hep B.. what the hell for…and if you think it is OK to vaccinate with hardly any testing of the effect different vaccines have together. Not to weigh the baby and give different doses… when did we think it was not good science to do research on what harm it does.. are you
    crazy,,..MONEY MONEY MONEY

    Research needs to be done in comparing vaccinated
    with non-vaccinated. Unbelievably, this work still has not been done.

  • Sue

    Well I suppose people who want the freedom to choose.. and not have medical procedures forced on them and their families can see the parallels in people like you Thomas Johnson….You having the same direction, course, nature, or tendency; corresponding;similar; analogous: as the Nazi’s.. ….

  • Sue

    “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”
    ― Mark Twain

  • How beyond maintaining you intentional and deliberate ignorance, was that statement? You are a germ theory denialist, and I am speaking about the correct version of the germ theory. In regard to those who put forth the real vaccine truth, the issue of germ theory is only a very small part of the entire picture of truth information that has been put forth. Such deliberate and persistent levels of your stupidity and denial.

  • Thomas Johnson

    It would be unethical to do a vax/unvax study. You’d never get it through an IRB. And it isn’t indicated anyway.

  • Thomas Johnson

    But we let you off the hook if you homeschool! I bet the Nazis didn’t do that!

  • Thomas Johnson

    I know, right?

  • Thomas Johnson

    Oh, you believe in the “other” germ theory.

  • Sue

    What the hell.. it would be unethical.. wow.. lets not worry about our children and babies.. I think the problem would be the truth would come out….

    Studies Prove Without Doubt That Unvaccinated Children Are Far Healthier Than Their Vaccinated Peers

    A study from the 1990s has come to light, proving that compared to unvaccinated children, vaccinated children were more likely to suffer from asthma, eczema, ear infections, hyperactivity and many other chronic conditions.

    Furthermore, the study identified that there was a ten-fold increase in the incidence of tonsillitis in the children who were vaccinated, and a total lack tonsillectomy operations among the children who were unvaccinated. In 1992, the Immunization Awareness Society (IAS) conducted a survey to examine the health of New Zealand’s children.

    Unsurprisingly, the results of their study indicated that unvaccinated children were far healthier than vaccinated children. Questionnaires were given out to IAS members, their friends and their associates asking various health questions. A total of 245 families returned their questionnaires, giving the researchers a total of 495 children surveyed. Of these children, 226 were vaccinated and 269 were unvaccinated.

  • Sue

    It just goes to show you then that you should get rid of the IRB if it does not want a study it is not doing its job…. as it is working for BIG Pharma.. or should I say BIG Pharma gives them there funding…. Only in America…

  • Sue

    No they don’t… the powers that be will be coming for the next….

  • Sue

    I don’t see you disagreeing in the parallel….

  • Sue

    You sure do.. that is how you TROLLS are trained .. Lie lie lie.. and if that doesn’t work LIE again…

  • Thomas Johnson

    You know the IAS is an anti-vax group, right?

    “Questionnaires were given out to IAS members, their friends and their associates asking various health questions.”
    Can you even think of a way to introduce more bias into a study?

  • Sue

    Well then prove the study wrong ….. push for a real study .. one you approve of.. an honest study..then we will have our answers.. if the as you call them anti-vax.. I say freedom of choice,,.. thought it would not show how healthy there children were compared to vaccinated children they would not want this to happen, if they are as crazy as you think… but we know the outcome will be .. the unvaccinated children are far far healthier…

  • Thomas Johnson

    IRBs are there to ensure studies are safe and use proper protocols with informed consent, etc. Do you know why we have IRBs and where they came from? They started to make sure nothing like the Nazi medical experiments ever happened again. You hate the Nazis, right?
    And BIG Pharma doesn’t pay for them! The IRB members aren’t paid either! The hospital or clinic where they meet once a month does provide lunch though!

  • Thomas Johnson

    You really think I’m a Nazi?

  • Thomas Johnson

    Lol who in your mind trains us trolls? Do we have secret seminars? Like once a month? On weekends maybe?

  • Sue

    Oh come on.. do you really believe your own dribble.. Of Course the IRB is getting hand outs. .. you are either such a liar or very naive….Wasn’t it America who took a lot of the Nazi scientist after the war.. did the suddenly change their spots eh..

  • Sue

    I see such a parallel of belief.. but never said you were a nazi.. there are a lot of beliefs in all politics.. parallels do not make you a Nazi..

  • Sue

    You tell me you are the TROLL

  • Thomas Johnson

    We already have our answers. Anti-vaxxers just won’t accept them.

  • Thomas Johnson

    I think they’re all dead now but we’ll look into it.

  • Again, this is the basis of what I know to be true, and the correct information. It is hard to imagine how any person could yet remain that deliberately stupid.

    Soil/Terrain Theory -vs- The Germ-Theory of Illness and Disease

  • Sue

    What are you God are you…..The church thought they had there answers when they were burning people at the stake.. and thought the world was flat..

    History will judge this period of time very harshly..and future generations will not forgive what we have done to them..

    “History is a set of lies agreed upon.”
    ― Napoléon Bonaparte

  • Sue

    Oh but I thought you had NO SAY….

  • Thomas Johnson

    What’s stupid is denying germ theory. That’s you. But what else can an anti-vaxxer do?

  • Thomas Johnson

    You should take your own advice.

  • Sue

    What advise.. No advise offered to you Tommy Lad.. I would say you are a lost cause..

  • Sue

    And all your info comes from WHO??? Pro Vaxxers.. OMG you are such a wally… Kettle black….

  • Thomas Johnson

    It because there isn’t any solid anti-vax science.

  • Sue

    Oh Tommy.. you keep telling yourself that and you just might sleep at night.. well that is if you care at all….which I am guessing you do not..