Can  you imagine your baby crying as the doctor injects them 4,5, or even 6 times with toxic vaccines?

Your pediatrician wants to see your child at least 10 times before the age of 3. Why?

One main reason is to inject your child with vaccines.

As the vaccine schedule has become aggressive over the past 15 years, parents like you have started to become alarmed as to how many vaccines a doctor injects into your child. What is the solution the pharmaceutical industry came up with? Combination vaccines.

Many of the vaccines are now being combined, such as the MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) vaccine, into one injection. The goal of the pharmaceutical companies is to minimize the number of injections into your child without alarming you. However, you should know a vaccine against a single disease may contain several antigens. Below, the word antigen is used to count each stimulation to your baby’s immune system by an individual virus strain, bacteria, or toxin.

The following vaccine schedule is typical if you were to bring your child to a pediatrician’s office.

Vaccine: A pharmaceutical product that contains an antigen and other questionable ingredients to prevent contamination. Vaccines are administered through needle injections, by mouth and by aerosol.

Antigen: Foreign substances (e.g. bacteria or viruses) in the body that are capable of causing disease.

FrequencyVaccineNumber of Vaccines GivenTotal Number of Antigens Injected Into Your Child
Birth (Hospital)Hepatitis B (HepB)11
Total for Visit11
Well Baby Visit #1
(1-2 weeks)
Total for Visit00
Well Baby Visit #2
(2 Months)
Pediarix (Polio, DTaP, HepB)17
Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib)12
Pneumococcal conjugate Vaccine (PCV13)114
Rotavirus (RV) - Oral Drops15
Total for Visit428
Well Baby Visit #3
(4 Months)
Pentacel (Hib, Polio, DTaP)18
Pneumococcal conjugate Vaccine (PCV13)114
Rotavirus (RV) - Oral Drops15
Total for Visit327
Well Baby Visit #4
(6 Months)
Pediarix (Polio, DTaP, HepB)17
Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib)12
Pneumococcal conjugate Vaccine (PCV13)114
Influenza* (IIV)13
Rotavirus (RV) - Oral Drops15
Total for Visit531
Well Baby Visit #5
(9 Months)
Influenza* (IIV)13
Total for Visit13
Well Baby Visit #6
(1 Year)
Diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular pertussis Vaccine (DTaP)13
Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib)12
Pneumococcal conjugate Vaccine (PCV13)114
Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR)13
Varicella (VAR)11
Hepatitis A (HepA)11
Total for Visit624
Well Baby Visit #7
(15 Months)
Total for Visit00
Well Baby Visit #8
(18 Months)
Hepatitis A (HepA)11
Total for Visit11
Well Baby Visit #9
(2 Years)
Influenza* (IIV)13
Total for Visit13
Well Baby Visit #10
(3 Years)
Total for Visit00
Number of Vaccines Given Before Age 3Total Number of Antigens Injected Into Your Child
Overall Totals22118


*  = The first time a baby is given the flu vaccine, they are normally given a 1/2 dose and then the second 1/2 dose a month or so later.

^ = Physicians may use a “Well-Child Care Visit” when no vaccine is scheduled to inject your baby with vaccines if they are not vaccinated according to the Centers for Disease Control Vaccine Schedule.



  • American Academy of Pediatrics Well-Child Care Visits Recommendation
  • 2013 Centers for Disease Control 0-18 Immunization Schedule

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    118 foreign substances, which DOES NOT include any ‘surfactant’ material or preservatives [which I would like to see that information included with this] Before the age of 3!! Persons that are 20/25 years old received only a 10th of these. The rate of Autism and other neurological damages have sky rocketed with this increase in the vaccination requirements. Can someone explain to me, why a newborn is being given a Hep. B injection? This disease is ONLY spread by sexual/bodily fluids and sharing needles, I don’t know about you but I don’t know ANY newborns who are going out shooting up drugs or having sex!! I read an explanation[excuse] from the CDC:” There is a potential risk of being exposed to [Hep.B] within the facility[hospital] For this feeble excuse your newborn is being given a substance that in reality CANNOT protect your child within the 24 to 72 hours that they are in the hospital at birth. The TRUTH is, your infant’s body is INCAPABLE of converting this injection to protect them. Quite simply, Infants have NO ACTIVE IMMUNE SYSTEM to convert the injection to antibodies[that is what protects you from infections] The OTHER reality is it takes time [sometimes weeks!] for a person with an active immune system to convert the antigen given in the injection to antibodies that create protection. My question of why are infants getting this? Answer: The drug manufacturer and the CDC has created an “Award” for Hospitals for giving as many of this injection as possible!! I am an RN for 30+ years, I have NEVER seen the CDC promote ANY vaccination program like this!! I can think of MANY other diseases that are MORE Lethal due to the fact that the transmission of these diseases is from someone coughing, like TB and the Flu; two that I can think of right off the top of my head. I am having a very hard time seeing “Health Care Professionals” pushing this?!?! They have been taught the same as me, but yet they focus some plaque on the wall for being able to inject infants with an unnecessary poison!

  • Thomas G.

    The amount of toxins injected into YOUR child is nothing short of obscene and criminal. Knowing this, I have always warned my patients, friends, and family about Racine dangers. I am a registered Nurse. I believe it is my duty to warn my patients about potential harm committed against them by the medical and pharmaceutical industries.
    If you are a parent, or even a grandparent, you should be very alarmed at what is being done to your loved ones under the guise of “helping”. Do not, for even one minute, believe that children “need or benefit” from these. The human immune system has kept most of humanity safe for the length of time humans have been on the earth. If that were not the case this planet would not have 7 billion people.
    As well, you may have noticed that diseases for which young people have been “fully vaccinated” are erupting. Hmmmmmm!
    If you are deeply concerned about the health and well being of your child you would be far better served feeding them organic,non-GMO foods. Make certain they get 8-10 hours of sleep at night and keep them away from all products that emit electromagnetic fields. Additionally, buy a Berkeys water purifying system and the filters that remove fluoride. Use only non-fluoride toothpaste. Never allow a dentist to put a silver filling in your child’s mouth.
    If you do the above suggestions your child should be healthy and robust. If you are old enough to remember your grandparents or great grandparents you can rest assured that THEY did not need or receive these vaccines. Most of your grandparents were far more healthy and robust than you or your children. You might want to think about WHY that is.
    Please begin to educate yourself and your children about the dangers of vaccines. There are a number of excellent and well researched books available. The only thing preventing you from learning is YOU! Do not, for one minute, believe what your doctor tells you regarding vaccines. The great majority of doctors have been sold this line of BS regarding the benefits of vaccines, just as you were. These same doctors, however, are not ethical enough to examine the evidence presented in the above referenced books that nullifies their belief system.
    Most doctors have no backbone and will go along to get along with their profession. My doctor was NOT like that. He was very cutting edge and only interested in truth and wellbeing.

  • SocietyisScrewed

    You are a danger to society, and should be de-registered as a nurse.

  • Cody J

    You people have lost the plot. You’re so busy pushing your agenda that you don’t even bother to properly define your terms. An Antigen actually is incapable of causing disease. It’s merely the PART of the virus, bacteria, etc, that the body is capable of recognizing. It’s incapable of causing disease absent the entire virus/bacterial apparatus. You’re too busy obfuscating and obscuring the facts to put any honest or truthful information out there and let people decide for themselves. If your case is so convincing, then stop disinforming people and let it be compelling all by itself.

  • Deborah Morera

    Do you iknow how many antigens an infant is exposed to every day just because they are outside the womb?

  • Grammannie

    Pretty sure there is a vast difference between “exposed” and “injected”

  • Grammannie

    …and the intimidation continues. Most important quality for a nurse is care of their patient; not cowtowing to corporate interests. Scores of professionals are leaving the medical industrial complex because of what they are witnessing within the heathcare industry. I worked it for 5 years and was continually ridiculed for pointing out errors that needed to be fixed. Several of us left because we refused to compromise the care of patients. The older doctors who were well trained diagnosticians were forced out of their jobs for not towing the line. Atrocious & inexcusable.

  • SocietyisScrewed

    I happen to work in the health industry too, and the misinformation you are peddling is in fact putting patient care in jeopardy. Why is it that a doctor can be suspended from the Medical Board for promoting a anti-vaccination sentiment? Because it puts people at risk. Why is there suddenly a resurgence in diseases like measles? Because of nutters like you.

    If you want to put your own family at risk by not getting them vaccinated, go ahead. Just stay away from the rest of the population. Stay away from our schools and daycare as well.

  • Deborah Morera

    Nope, not a vast differemce. Although, if you have scientific knowledge to the contrary, I would appreciate the correction.

  • Jeffry John Aufderheide

    For example, consuming squalene and being injected with it. The results are dramatically different. Do you normally develop antibodies to food items you consume?

  • Lou

    This diagram explains well IMO the immune response process. ANYTHING attached to the antigen will be disposed of.

    This is just how your body works.

    The question for you is how does “vaccination” feck up this 100s of million year old process?

    Oh yes it does feck it upl

  • Lou

    “Why is it that a doctor can be suspended from the Medical Board for promoting a anti-vaccination sentiment?”

    Because the Rockefellers and other eugenicists control the MEDICAL INDUSTRY and they are NOT interested in the health of patients/customers/foolish trusting souls.

    Here Sir is your dangerous measles.

  • Lou

    Nope unless you are “vaccinated” with food products such as peanut products which allows food allergies to develop.

  • Lou

    I would say there is a VAST difference.

    The entire design of your body is to PREVENT foreign proteins and other noxious and pathogenic substances from entering your blood stream.

    A normal healthy human body is quite efficient about censoring toxins from its blood. Those millions of non-self objects are mostly intercepted and quickly disposed of on your skin; in the many and various mucus and otherwise coated body surfaces such as your eyes, lungs, gastrointestinal tract ect.

    But now we are INJECTING many millions perhaps billions of non-self particles into the blood of our babies who do not have fully developed immune systems.

    Each non-self molecule(s) will form an immune complex consisting of the non-self molecule(s) and the immune component which has neutralized it.

    BUT your blood is not equipped to deal with disposing of this VAST QUANTITY of these immune complexes IN ITS BLOOD. MANY times IMO MOST times these immune complexes are not properly disposed of and result in MANY health problems.

    “Circulating Immune Complexes are the antigen (bad guy) plus antibody (policeman) pairs that clog up the bloodstream, can plug the kidneys and even implant in tissue so that the body recognizes itself as being contaminated and attacks itself. That last one is the very definition of autoimmunity. They call it something different in medical texts to cover up the fact that they caused it with vaccines and don’t want anyone to know about it.” Patrick Jordan

    “Pirquet found, by repeatedly vaccinating himself with
    Smallpox and studying infectious disease that the reaction of the body like the pustules of measles WAS NOT THE DISEASE, it was the body’s RESPONSE TO THE
    DISEASE. (Misnomer: Cowpox was called Smallpox vaccine.) What he had to come to terms with, because it was a foreign and rejected concept of the time, was that
    circulating immune complexes of antibody/antigens (the garbage disposal crew of the immune system) caused all of the metabolic derangement that we associate with disease but is not the disease itself. “ Patrick Jordan

    “IF there is gut damage [from the vaccine] what will happen next? Well, the intestines contain 80% of the lymphatic system. This was one clue to what I have coined as the phrase: Lymph Sickness. Any derangement of the tissue of the intestines or the lymph lining the intestines will allow undigested food to pass into circulation thus being tagged as an antigen and thus causing said food, when consumed again (DELAYED HYPERSENSITIVITY = #2 — BONUS!!!!) to be recognized as a threat. Do you see now that the classic definition of Allergy based on IgE responses is
    a fraud to keep you coming in to the clinic for SKIN TESTING to sensitize you to the next thing they want to sell you a neutralizer for ALL THE WHILE THEY ARE
    PUSHING THEIR FLU SHOTS!” Patrick Jordan

  • SocietyisScrewed

    I’m not happy, because there are bat shit insane people in the world that believe in ludicrous conspiracy theories. If you honestly believe that the industry is controlled by Eugenicists and the Rockerfellers, then I don’t think we can have a reasonable discussion.

  • Lou

    Yes you are correct. Now go back to sleep and watch as ALL our children become autistic.

  • agusssia

    Great answer Lu

  • Cristian S

    I read this comment that said “keep your kids away from our school’s and daycare ” i mean if your kids are vaccinated to protect from the disease than you should have no worries right . The nerve.

  • conflictingReports

    I’m very confused by this whole debate. If vaccines are so bad, if this website is promoting the idea of not being vaccinated, then what is the solution to preventing all of the diseases that the vaccines eliminate?

    My grandmother had polio. Are you suggesting that polio would not be a risk if my child is not vaccinated?

    I can only assume that this don’t vaccinate agenda is therefore reliant on enough other people vaccinating their children to create a safety net for those that choose not to. But, if that’s the case, are we not therefore encouraging an environment for a resurgence or even worse, a mutation of diseases otherwise eliminated in our society and thus risking toppling the entire vaccination safety net that we’ve come to enjoy?

    Please educate me as to why my concerns are wrong and how to keep our children safe from diseases they would be susceptible to without vaccines.

  • Rosebud

    I must remind you of the very high child mortality rates in past history, and even today in poorer parts of the world.

    Please tell me how my grandmother’s grandmother losing 7 of her 10 kids to childhood diseases would be acceptable today.

  • Lou

    I’m very confused by this whole debate.

    What is the solution to preventing all of the diseases that the vaccines
    eliminate?: “Vaccines” do not eliminate any diseases. “Vaccines” in theory attempt to prevent the disease the “vaccine” targets. NO honest clinical trial has ever shown ANY “vaccine” to do this.

    What is the solution to preventing all of the diseases that the vaccines
    eliminate?: IMO a child replicated to natural salubrious levels of vitamins and minerals with a robust immune system will RARELY become seriously sick from the normally immunosalubrious childhood diseases such as mumps, measles, pertussis ect. There is MUCH evidence this is so. Childhood diseases are intended by mother nature to mature and strengthen our children’s immune systems. “vaccination” prevents this maturation and has left this cohort of children with the most immunocomprimised immune systems in our history. A serious pandemic will mow our children down. In my heart of hearts I believe this is the ultimate purpose of “vaccination”.

    Are you suggesting that polio would not be a risk if my child is not vaccinated? Yes, more than suggest I can assure you. Polio is as artificial a threat as we can imagine.

    I can only assume that this don’t vaccinate agenda is therefore reliant
    on enough other people vaccinating their children to create a safety net
    for those that choose not to.: If you truly believe this you are ignorant of the basis of health. We each stand or fall on OUR OWN immune systems. No one else can help you repel the millions of threats your body DAILY repels. Thousands of “vaccines” cannot do this; YOU do it or YOU die.

    Are we not therefore encouraging an environment for a resurgence or even worse, a mutation of diseases otherwise eliminated in our society.: Society NEVER eliminates any disease. Society eliminates the conditions which favor disease. If we start defecating in the streets disease will return even if every single soul is “vaccinated” for every single disease every single day.

    Please educate me as to why my concerns are wrong and how
    to keep our children safe from diseases they would be susceptible to
    without vaccines.: Please start some INDEPENDENT study into what makes you healthy and what gets you sick. Please treat your children as the precious vessels they are, feed them non-commerical food, learn the thousands of threats they face and arrange their lives so most of these threats are OBVIATED. NEVER trust their lives to PROVEN LIARS who start wars for profit.

  • this is a joke?

    Are you crazy? Do you even know how vaccines work? we have never elimated a disease eh? Then would you like to explain why Canada has been polio free for 20years? and the states since 1979? I think we havr become alittle aggressive in how many and how fast we vaccinate our kids and that some are not really nessciary IE flu vaccine. but all the tried and tru vaccines? you do realize that vaccinating is the only (seriously the only reason!) polio, measles, ect.. no longer are a risk to humanity? I really hope your child does not get sick and you realize its your fault to late. To other mums or soon to be mums, please read the other facts, the real facts and give your child atleast the must basic vaccines.

  • Medical Student

    I think we all stopped listening when you said you were a nurse – You probably don’t even know what ATP is and thus probably can’t explain how vaccines work and how the Pros outweigh the cons. You should be ashamed of yourself for your poisonous words that endanger the lives of uninformed parents that need to vaccinate their children.

  • I know what ATP is

    There is no link to vaccines and autism, however there is a link to non-vaccinated children and the increasing need for little baby coffins – I hope your children dis own you when they grow up (if they make it).

  • I know what ATP is

    So you would rather have measles than a food allergy? Great work Lou, you are making the baby coffin makers a ton of money.

  • Lou

    Tell me friend how much did the “measles vaccines” help reduce measles?

    Please start to think for yourself; Big Vaccine does not need you.

  • conflictingReports

    My grandmother had polio. It crippled her as a child. She was not poor, rather the daughter of (who was at the time) one of Toronto’s largest residential developers. She lived a life of the highest possible standards. Yet she still had leg braces and was embarrassed to move about it public. As an old lady, her polio returned, crippling her and as she became hospitalized during her final days, her legs withered away to nothing.

    It took Canada 39 years to reach a polio free certification status.

    How can you in all seriousness, tell a person that they should not vaccinate their child against Polio.

    It sounds like you’re saying that peoples bodies will automatically repel diseases like polio or they’ll die. That the vaccines do nothing. In that case, have Canadians evolved beyond polio? Are Canadians all suddenly eating the right food and only living safe lives?

    What about India? In India people publicly defecate in many cities. The Ganges river is used as an open sewer, a place to bath and a place to dispose of corpses, often all in the same part of the river. Yet India is a polio free country. How is this?

    You’re preaching that people should not be vaccinated. That everyone will be ok without vaccines. Are you willing to take responsibility for the lives of all those who choose not to vaccinate because of what you tell them? Or would you blame those parents for not feeding their children well or not keeping them away from the wrong places.

    I think you are a conspiracy theorist and the opinions you preach are unsafe. You are a threat to everyone around you.

  • Angie STRS

    Thank you. I’m practicing most of what you had recommended and my son has been doing great. Has not gotten sick in his two years of life just a couple colds. Of course I still breastfeed him. We are drinking raw milk and farm eggs. Veggie ans fruit smoothies. I research everything proa and cons. I avoid chemical cleansers, going for the natural soaps, vinegar etc.

  • Angie STRS

    You’re a brainwashed student that needs to think outside the box.

  • Angie STRS

    Wow, imagen if all those kids survived how more overpopulated the world would be? By the way in those good old days they did not have filtered water, not everyone had toilets but ceptic tanks. All that shit that flies would touch and pass on to the food people ate. No running water. Humans develope immunity naturally and not all are meant to live forever, tht is why our DNA is different. So some die and some survive.

  • Angie STRS

    You are the threat, you mindless sheep. Go cure yourself with a pill and keep eating junkfood. Nothing that she says is wrong. People should be in charge of their health not rely on a doctor to tell them how it

  • Angie STRS

    Iittle scared sheep. I had the measles, chicken pox and mumps. Nothing out of this world, I was a skinny little girl in a third world country, I’m ok, no one that I knew from all the kids in school nor my family children died. We are all adults and we don’t take meds nor have allergies like most people here. Stop trying to make up lies of millions dying. More people die from eating McDonald’s and soda.

  • Debbie Olson

    Wow…a medical student..I am not as impressed with you as I am with the nurse who has the good sense to take an interest in what good nutrition is and its effects on your immune system. I went to the number one nursing school in the country back in the 1980″s.
    Nurses and pharmacists were required to take a nutrition class as part of their bachelor’s degree requirements. For medical students it was an elective. Guess how many were in the nutrition class?
    Three people thought nutrition just might be important to know as a
    healer. Yes…we know what ATP is and the KREBS cycle and many other chemical reactions that occur in our bodies. Do you know the importance of keeping track of your Vitamin D3 levels as part of keeping your immune system functioning? Your body has at least 200 receptor sites for it and not one doctor I have ever seen has asked me to test for it. I request the test myself because I am 62 and find myself periodically borderline deficient. For the most part the doctors I know only know what pharmacutical reps tell them and then they pass some horrible drug to their patients. If you have ever seen a child who has spiked a fever in the middle of the night only to wake up in the morning as a vegetable then you may not be so gung ho about mandatory vacinations. It is a sad and awful thing to have seen what could have been prevented. A now 4 year old girl who can not walk or talk or feed herself because she her parents trusted their doctor to tell them all the facts about vaccines. So when you say that nurse was endangering the lives of children I seriously want to slap some common sense into you.

  • AutismDad

    It’s muddled. For me its about the harm vaccines cause that’s under reported and covered up for the sake of the vaccination programs. Rather than honestlt reporting and admitting adverse effects they say vaccines are sfae and adverse event rare. They are not rare and vaccines cannot be called safe. That’s my issue, the fraudulent marketing of a faulty product.

  • AutismDad

    People who live in filth get sick. We see where bird flu comes from, in Asia where mud floors in huts are full of chicken droppings, and its where they are butchered for consumption. There are many ways to fight illness, but cleanliness is right up there. Vaccination is used because you can’t change living conditions.

  • AutismDad

    The same old. Trouble is, vaccinated kids DO get sick and parents SHOULD be concerned that faulty, fraudulent products like vaccines are promoted using misinfo, fear mongering and lies. Ask any parent whose vaccinated child get ill with a virus they were vaccinated for.

  • AutismDad

    yes stop obfuscating already!!

  • AutismDad

    Vaccine makers will admit they don’t know how the immune system works. Doesn’t stop the experimentation. And they have little concern about experimenting on babies. You’d think they’d have that at least.

  • AutismDad

    When we see people smoke or drink excess alcohol, we can see what dangers there are in not looking after your health. We now have people so lazy they drive electic scooters because their weak legs can’t carry their obese bodies. PEOPLE do all you can to be healthy, and you will not need to put yourself in the hands of doctors. Otherwise, you will be on pills for everything. Excercise, eat right, don’t smoke/drink and you will enjoy a better life.

  • AutismDad

    Imagine, New Jersy 1 in 49 (1 in 27 boys) Utah 1 in 47 (1 in 32 boys) with autism. And do you hear any government health agency or mainstream medicine sounding alarms?

  • AutismDad

    Why then are we are not dead? You have no idea how many people are not vaccinated, under vaccinated or haven’t had a vaccine of any type during their adult lives. Shouldn’t there be bodies in the streets? Pandemic after epidemics? Explain why its not like this fear mongerer.

  • AutismDad

    So you’re saying you can’t comprehend a difference between a direct assault via injection, an unnatural procedure, and being “EXPOSED” naturally? Ever hear of a baby having measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox at the same time? So why vaccinate for all four at the same time?

  • AutismDad

    If you have leaky gut yes.

  • AutismDad

    Injection is an assault. Anaphylactic reactions, fainting, seizures, fever, migrains, allergies, and death (SIDS) are all evidence of how the body reacts.

  • AutismDad

    Many of us have HAD measles. We are not autistic either. Obviously you suffer from measle paranoia.

  • Lou

    Please present some evidence for this off the wall personal bias.

    Sir you are entitled to inject all the toxic “vaccinations” you desire, please ,make sure there is no heroin or live Ebola viruses in that unknowable contents syringe, just leave us to our own preferences.

    Reasons not to take a needle

    You do not know what is in the syringe The medical person giving you the needle does not know what is in the syringe
    The person who loaded the syringe does not know what is in the syringe The most critical of injected drugs are being manufactured in Communist China
    No vaccine has been fully tested
    Vaccine manufactures have made themselves immune to liability
    In the age of computers no statistics on the efficacy of vaccines are kept. Why?
    Sadly our Rockefeller controlled Medical Industry
    has proven it cannot be trusted Baxter Labs put the deadly live H5N1 virus in millions of doses of “Seasonal Flu Vaccine”.
    Baxter Labs was not punished in any way for almost changing world history in a most negative way by this attempted mass murder but was rewarded by CDC by being awarded with the manufacture of the next seasons “Seasonal Flu Vaccine”. I wonder how much this “vaccine” was tested for live H5N1. This shows us the conspiracy to contaminate “vaccines” with deadly substances extends to the highest levels.

    Is AIDS being distributed in “Seasonal Flu Vaccines”? Why not, live H5N1 is far deadlier?

    You may not “trust” the Medical Industry. After many tens of thousands of hours studying the Medical Industry I do not trust the Medical Industry. Yes most doctors are good ethical people but they do not control the Medical Industry, the Rockefellers et al do. The Rockefellers et al are eugenicists who wish to vastly lower the human population. These are just facts.

  • Lou

    “I think we all stopped listening when you said you were a nurse”

    Yeah you are going to get along well in the Medical Racket.


  • conflictingReports

    also because there’s more to disease prevention than living conditions. Based on your opinion, my grandmother never would have contracted Polio and the ultra-rich in California wouldn’t have children contracting measles. But they do, because they chose not to be vaccinated.

  • AutismDad

    If I had mentioned your grandmother or California, but I didn’t. Vaccines came about during times when living conditions were not up to today’s modern standards. Polio is a dirty water virus and is still spread in India that way, AND from live polio vaccine that is in feces and can give a mother polio from diaper changes. The point of the vaccine controversy is not so much if they work, but how much damage they cause due to adverse effects, and its massive, serious and covered up. In regards to measles, the so-called vaccinated get measles all the time.

  • AutismDad

    Vaccinated children still get measles.

  • StephF

    I feel the main concern for me is what additives are in vaccines.

    Aluminium, MSG, Formaldehyde, Thimerosal and egg protein. There are vaccines with animal viruses as well asWe aren’t ingesting these additives, and who knows what else, into our bodies, but we are putting them directly into our blood stream. This is what is so harmful.

    We wonder why cancer and other disease is so rampant now days. It is all of the crap we are eating (GMO and processed foods) and directly injecting crap into our DNA.

    I am not anti-vaccine, I am anti all of the additives. I do believe vaccines can help, but it is a tough decision for a parent when weighing the benefits vs. risks.

    I personally know of 3 people who have had severe side effects from vaccinations.
    2 were 6 mo old children who had seizures. They are currently unsure of long term damage.
    And a boy I went to school with and who’s father is a friend of my family, was one of the 1/1000000 who had an adverse reaction to a vaccine and is considered autistic. His doctor and all of his specialists attributed the vaccine to this incident.

    If vaccines do not cause adverse reactions, then why does DHHS pay millions upon millions of dollars to families who have sued them. Check out

    If people would actually look at the charts of infectious diseases such as Polio, one could plainly see that Polio was on the downward slope and within a few years would have been gone before the vaccine was ever given. his is a fact and not an opinion. Ultimately, the vaccine is not what “eradicated” Polio in the US. It would have eventually eradicated itself as viruses have for thousands of years. Look at Ebola, this virus has done the same thing-pops up and then goes away. Again, I believe vaccines have their place, but the side effects almost outweigh the benefits.

    Dr. William Thompson of the CDC, 2004, (CNN) told us that he and others, covered up findings that African American boys, given the MMR vac before the age of 2, were more likely to be Autistic.

    Horse hormones in replacement hormones for menopausal women cause cancer. This is a proven fact in medical science. I have read medical studies where monkey viruses and cells have also caused cancer. Monkey cells and viruses are used in some vaccines. I have read where it has caused cancer.

    Another study has proven that women who suffer from thyroid disease and are on medication up to 15 years are 200% more likely to get breast cancer 200%! If our doctors told us to supplement with Iodine, because thyroid disease is caused primarily buy iodine deficiency, then this would not be a worry.

    But medical school and modern medicine doesn’t relay this to all the mushy brains only reading what others have researched and written. If people would research both sides and see that our Government via the CDC is regulating this garbage, then maybe we’d hold them more accountable. But we listen to our doctors because they went to medical school.

    This is what modern day medicine does to us, and thus, I base my disbelief, irritation, and mistrust in them.

  • Lowell Hubbs

    Polio vaccine did not eradicate polio, and nor sid small pox vaccine eradicate small pox. Those so called diseases ran in cycles and died out on their own. The reason that pertussis and mealses can not be wiped out by vaccine is that the vaccine simply so not work and as well they cause mutations of the pathogens. Also investigate from independent sources the issue of original antigenic sin; and that will give you some more clues.

    The Current Failure of Pertussis and Measles Vaccine

    Failure Of The Continued Polio Vaccine Campaign, (and small pox vaccine campaigns)

    Man made vaccines; MORE harm than good done, always!

    Vaccine Production With – Human Diploid Cells (aborted fetal cell tissue)—human-diploid-cells-aborted-fetal-cell—tissue.html

    (Dr.) Paul Offit- The Real Truth (otherwise better known as,”Dr. Proffit”)—the-real-truth.html

  • Lowell Hubbs

    Shawn Siegel & Marcella Piper-Terry “The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust” 3-14-2013. Manipulation of the polio numbers by the change in diagnosis and the definition of polio, listen to what is said regarding where those at the time, existing polio numbers actually went.