Your Child. Your Choice. Sat, 12 Apr 2014 23:53:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Eight Month-Old Baby Dies Just Weeks After Hepatitis B Vaccination; His Innocent Father Is Still In Jail 20 Years Later Mon, 07 Apr 2014 17:00:57 +0000 In 1995, Bryant Arroyo was incarcerated for the murder of his stepson Jordan and sentenced to life in prison without parole. Since that fateful day, Bryant has continued to proclaim his innocence and has spent the past twenty years trying to find out the truth behind his stepson’s death.

In a letter to me, Bryant wrote:

“I am aware that you are not only a former wrongfully accused parent, but an advocate who has utilized her experience to become a journalist to expose this broken system to assist those parents who are sitting dejectedly, in a cell, in some remote part of the entrails of this beast — without a face, or voice, stripped to their naked existence, unrecognizable to the world …”

I am using this opportunity to give back Bryant Arroyo his voice after he was silenced by the US justice system at the time of his trial.

The Day Jordan Died

Bryant Arroyo In Prison

Bryant Arroyo In Prison

The story begins on Saturday, September 25, 1994. Bryant’s partner, Pamela, picked Bryant up from work around 10 pm. When they arrived home, Bryant went into the house to relieve the babysitter, while his girlfriend went out with her mother and some friends. After working a long shift, Bryant felt very tired and fell asleep on the sofa with his stepson, Kyle.

Around 1 pm, his girlfriend arrived home and asked Bryant to check on Baby Jordan. At this point, it dawned on Bryant that he had not checked on the baby and he went to check. Bryant explained to VacTruth what happened next:

“I went upstairs to check on him and was stunned to find him ‘blue’ and unconscious. I rushed downstairs and yelled to Pamela to call 911 while I attempted to revive him using CPR. I didn’t have any formal training, but I gave it my best effort, as any parent would, given the unforeseen circumstances …

The police officers arrived a short time later. Officer Wettlaufer took over for me and removed baby Jordan from a chair where I had him and placed him onto the floor. He continued to administer CPR until paramedics arrived. Baby Jordan was then transported to Lancaster General Hospital. All efforts to revive him were unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead at around 3:40 pm.”

As is usual in such cases, both parents were immediately arrested and interrogated for many hours regarding the care of their stepson prior to his death. Within days, Bryant was charged with first-degree murder and accused of allegedly beating and shaking his eight month-old stepson to death.

The theory of the case presented to the court was that Bryant had anger management issues and that one day, out of the blue, for no apparent reason, he had taken out his anger and frustration on his infant stepson and beat him to death.

Not one of his sixteen character witnesses, including his girlfriend, backed up this theory, and the following points should be noted:

  • Bryant was not allowed to give evidence at his own trial.
  • Bryant was not offered the opportunity to have any experts speak in his defense.
  • According to Bryant, the only evidence given at his trial was a typed confession, which he signed, believing it to be his statement.
  • According to Bryant, the last person to see Jordan alive was his babysitter. [1]

Some Facts About The Case That Were Never Investigated

Like most children, Jordan had received all of his childhood vaccinations on time. In the eight months before he died, he received:

  • 1/09/1994: Hepatitis B
  • 2/07/1994: Hepatitis B
  • 3/07/1994: Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis (DTP); Polio; Haemophilus B conjugate
  • 5/23/1994: Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis (DTP); Polio; Haemophilus B conjugate
  • 6/20/1994: Hepatitis B

In 2005, toxicologist and pathologist Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati PhD, DABT, DABVT, who was brought in to investigate the case, reported that Jordan was in fact a very sick baby who had LOST weight during the 43 days before he died.

According to Dr. Al-Bayati, both Jordan’s mother and babysitter reported that Jordan had become increasingly fussy and was suffering from a cold during the week prior to his death. They also reported that he was sore underneath his nose, on his lips and had a discharge from his eyes due to an infection.

It materialized that Jordan died around nine weeks after receiving the hepatitis B vaccine, dying of inflammation of the liver and gallbladder, sepsis, metabolic disease, immune suppression, weight loss and internal bleeding.

If this were not bad enough, Dr. Al-Bayati discovered that when Jordan had died, he had been suffering from the inherited metabolic disease ‘propionic acidemia,’ which would have seriously inhibited his ability to process certain parts of proteins and lipids (fats) properly.

Dr. Al-Bayati wrote:

Jordan was born on 6 January 1994 by caesarian section at 41 weeks of gestation. His birth weight was 5 pounds, 15 ounces. He was taken to his pediatrician several times for regular checkup between 24 January and 12 August 1994. His last visit to his pediatrician was 43-days prior to his cardiac arrest on 25 September.

Jordan’s weight on 12 August was 15 pounds, 10 ounces, which is identical to his weight on 25 September (15 lb and 10 ounces) after he received 410 ml of fluid IV (weighing about one pound) following his cardiac arrest. These data indicate that Jordan lost about one pound during the forty-three days prior to his cardiac arrest. In addition, Jordan’s thymus weight at autopsy was 13 g, which is about 52% of normal, indicating thymus atrophy and immune depression. Jordan’s mother and his babysitter reported that he had a cold during the week prior to his cardiac arrest.

As noted, Dr. Ross performed an autopsy on Jordan’s body on 25 September 1994 and concluded that Jordan was killed by blunt trauma to the chest and abdomen and that the manner of the death was homicide. However, the medical evidence described in Section III of this report clearly shows that Jordan died as a result of serious acute and chronic illnesses. He suffered from spongiosis of the brain (cerebral cortex and white matter); focal Purkinje cell dropout in the cerebellum; aspiration pneumonitis; weight loss; thymus atrophy; inflammation of the liver, gallbladder, and mesentery; sepsis; metabolic disease; and internal bleedings.

The presence of these significant pathological abnormalities in the brain, lungs, and other organs explain the sequence of events that led to Jordan’s cardiac arrest on 25 September. The brain lesions caused neurological, gastric, and esophageal reflex problems that led to aspiration pneumonitis. This situation caused sepsis, thrombocytopenia, inflammation in liver and other organs, deficiency of blood clotting factors and internal bleedings, lung bleedings and edema, asphyxia, and cardiac arrest.” [2]

Dr. Al-Bayati reported that when paramedics treated Jordan, they found eleven circular marks on his lower chest and upper abdomen, which Jordan’s mother stated had resulted from the CPR.

However, instead of taking into consideration that both Bryant and the police officer had attempted to revive the dying child using CPR, the circular bruises found on Jordan’s chest were put down to Bryant carrying out what was later described as a frenzied attack on his stepson.

It is clear that Dr. Al-Bayati disagreed with the hospital’s findings and, in particular, those presented by the coroner, Dr. Ross. All the way through his 40-page report, he stated that the medical evidence supports the fact that Jordan was an extremely sick little boy.

Did Multiple Vaccinations Cause Jordan’s Immune System To Shut Down?

Many of the vaccinations that Jordan received in the eight months that he was alive have since been found to cause autoimmune disease in susceptible children. We know that Jordan suffered from the inherited metabolic condition propionic academia, causing him to suffer from immune suppression. With this in mind, we need to ask ourselves whether or not it was wise to give multiple vaccinations to such a weak and vulnerable child.

In recent years, scientists from around the world have proven that vulnerable children can develop autoimmune disease after receiving multiple vaccinations.

In 2009, Ken Tsumiyama, along with other researchers, discovered that when mice were repeatedly vaccinated with vaccines containing antigens, they systematically developed autoimmune disease. They concluded that:

“Systemic autoimmunity appears to be the inevitable consequence of over-stimulating the host’s immune ‘system’ by repeated immunization with antigen, to the levels that surpass system’s self-organized criticality.” [3]

If this evidence is to be believed, then surely vaccinating a small baby suffering with an already suppressed immune system would further compound his problems.

Another report stated that, according to scientists, the antigens in the vaccinations are not the only ingredients to be linked to autoimmune disease. In 2013, a paper published in the Journal of Autoimmunity highlighted the discovery of a new syndrome, which was attributed to the chronic exposure to adjuvants.

The paper, titled Autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA) 2013: Unveiling the pathogenic, clinical and diagnostic aspects by Carlo Perricone et al, revealed that, in 2012, scientists Shoenfeld and Agmon-Levin began to use the term ASIA or ‘autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants,’ to describe a group of clinical conditions including Gulf War Syndrome (GWS), Macrophage Myofasciitis Syndrome (MMF), Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and other post-vaccination phenomena. According to Perricone and his team, ASIA is an umbrella term describing illnesses that share similar signs or symptoms. They stated:

“The most frequently reported symptoms include myalgia, myositis, arthralgia, neurological manifestations, fever, dry mouth and cognitive alterations. Moreover, really common is the presence of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), often associated with sleep disturbances or non-restful sleep. These shared symptoms suggested the presence of a common denominator which has been subsequently identified in the adjuvant.” [4]

In section 8 of the paper titled ASIA and Vaccines: The Gift with a Bug, Perricone explained that vaccination reactions differ substantially due to the genetic background of the recipient and wrote:

“It is imperative that science aims to implement tools such as genomics and proteomics, to allow the prediction of population sets more likely to be non-responsive or develop adverse reactions to vaccines.”

He continued by adding:

“A number of autoimmune disorders have been reported following vaccinations. These include limited and organspecific conditions that can occur after routine vaccination as well as more severe and life-threatening diseases. It is evident that a live attenuated vaccine is more prone than a killed vaccine to activate the immunity response. Perhaps, this is the main reason why live attenuated vaccination is more likely to stimulate the development of an autoimmune disease or autoimmune symptom. Notwithstanding that molecular mimicry and bystander activation in a genetically predisposed individual have been called to be responsible, the finger should be pointed at the adjuvants. One in particular has raised several distresses: aluminum. Indeed, this has been used as an adjuvant for the past 90 years but it is also an experimentally demonstrated neurotoxin. Experimental research has showed that alum adjuvants have a potential to induce serious immunological disorders in humans.”


After reading Dr. Al-Batati’s report in full and hearing Bryant’s own account of what happened on the night that Jordan died, I believe that Bryant Arroyo is an innocent man and that this case is in fact an elaborate cover-up by the medical profession, the police and US judicial system to hide the facts of what really happened to baby Jordan on the night that he died.

I say this because the facts speak for themselves.

Jordan was an extremely sick little boy, particularly in the months prior to his death. On many occasions, doctors neglected to diagnose that he was suffering from a life-threatening genetic illness. Instead of giving this baby the special care he so obviously needed, doctors proceeded to vaccinate this chronically sick eight month-old baby with multiple vaccinations containing mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde.

When his little body finally gave up and he couldn’t take any more, crucial witnesses were prevented from giving evidence. Instead of being given the true facts of the case, the court was presented with not only a false confession (mentioned by both Bryant and Dr. Al-Batati), but also a misleading and incorrect coroner’s report.

To hear Bryant’s own account of what happened the night Jordan died and the subsequent events that followed, listen to his story, told by him from his prison cell, on prison radio. [1]


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Vaccine-Induced Tissue Scurvy Globally Misdiagnosed as Child Abuse Wed, 19 Mar 2014 05:44:21 +0000 The father of the child in our published photo was jailed for life for child abuse. Many of you looking at the terrible injuries on this small child will immediately assume, as did the doctors who examined him, that he was viciously attacked and it was right to jail his father.

However, what if I told you that it was later proven that this child had in fact been suffering from Kawasaki disease, otherwise known as tissue scurvy, and that his father was innocent?

Well, that is exactly what happened. Due to the wonderful work of Dr. Michael Innis and a team of experts brought in by the family to help, he is well and happy and back home with his family after his father was released from jail as an innocent man.

What Research Tells Us About Tissue Scurvy

Studies have revealed that parents and caregivers worldwide are being falsely accused of child abuse when children develop the autoimmune disease, tissue scurvy, after vaccination.

In a recent paper by Dr. Michael Innis, he stated that:

“Some doctors are unaware of the pathophysiological processes of autoimmunity, haemostasis and osteogenesis and are misdiagnosing vaccine induced tissue scurvy, absence of vitamin C within the cell, as non-accidental injury.”

His paper, Autoimmune Tissue Scurvy Misdiagnosed as Child Abuse, outlined three cases of children suffering from symptoms mimicking those of shaken baby syndrome (SBS) whose parents were subsequently accused of child abuse.

However, it was later discovered that all three parents were innocent and far from being abused, their children had been suffering from the autoimmune disease known as tissue scurvy.

Dr. Innis wrote:

“Tissue scurvy, unlike the “seafarer scurvy” of yesteryear, is a condition in which vitamin C is abundant in the blood but is unable to enter the cell because of a lack of insulin which is required to transfer the vitamin C into the cell.”

He stated that:

“The many faces of tissue scurvy in childhood include sudden infant death syndrome, alleged non-accidental injury, shaken baby syndrome, abusive head trauma, inflicted brain injury, Reye’s syndrome, Kawasaki disease, anaphylaxis and diabetes type I.

All have one feature in common – hyperglycemia, the signature of insulin deficiency resulting from vaccines, and other forms of antigenic stress which damage the beta cells of the islets of Langerhans resulting in hypoinsulinemia and tissue scurvy.” [1]

Dr. Innis firmly believes that doctors are misdiagnosing vaccine-induced tissue scurvy (an absence of vitamin C within the cell) as a non-accidental injury.

In his impressive paper, published last year by the Science Publishing Group, he wrote:

“In all the cases in which appropriate histories and tests were done there was evidence that the doctors either misinterpreted the laboratory evidence or they were unaware of the significance of abnormal tests suggesting tissue scurvy as the cause.”

Tissue Scurvy 2

The father of this child was accused of abuse and put in jail.

A Second Paper By Dr. Innis Reveals Similar Findings

In a second paper on the subject, Dr. Michael Innis stated that it is postulated that Kawasaki disease is tissue scurvy, a disease often found in children under the age five. Children suffering from the condition usually present with a fever, redness of the eyes, blotchy red skin lesions, changes in the mouth and cracked lips, swelling of the hands and feet and lymph node enlargement in the neck.

Describing the case featured in our lead photo in detail, Dr. Innis stated:

“A child presenting with the signs and symptoms of Kawasaki disease was diagnosed as suffering from non-accidental injuries. Investigations were carried out for evidence of insulin deficiency and liver dysfunction.

It was found that there was evidence of hyperglycemia, implying insulin deficiency and the liver function tests were abnormal.”

He continued by stating that:

“Kawasaki disease is an autoimmune disorder following antigenic stimulation in a genetically susceptible child which causes insulin deficiency and failure of the cellular uptake of vitamin C, tissue scurvy, and can be mistaken for child abuse. Vaccines are a proven cause of hyperglycemia in children and may be a cause of Kawasaki disease.”

Throughout his description of the case, he demonstrated how doctors missed vital signs, preferring to jump to the conclusion that the child had been severely abused by the carer, instead of investigating the truth.

In many ways, it is easy to see why this occurred, as the photos accompanying the report are graphic, and to an untrained eye they would immediately raise suspicion. However, the professionals examining the child in question were all ‘highly qualified,’ and should have carried out a full battery of tests before jumping to the conclusion that the child had been abused.

Showing the blood test results in detail, Dr. Innis explained:

“The alacrity with which the admitting doctor declared “trauma level I” colored subsequent clinical and investigative procedures. The possibility of Kawasaki disease was never raised and the ANCA and AECA tests which are sometimes positive in this type of vasculitis were never done. However the presence of hyperglycemia is clear evidence of insulin deficiency provoking the onset of tissue scurvy. The coronary vessels and myocardium should have been thoroughly investigated, as they are a major cause of death in Kawasaki disease.” [2]

Another Specialist’s Perspective on Tissue Scurvy

Dr. Innis is not the only professional who has linked Kawasaki disease to vaccinations. In 2000, psychologist Lisa Blakemore-Brown wrote Reweaving the Autistic Tapestry, a book on autism and interweaving disorders.

One of the chapters centered on a little girl she had renamed Lorelei. Lorelei had reacted extremely badly to the pertussis vaccination and this adverse reaction had been fully documented by the National Health Service (NHS) in the child’s hospital notes. Lorelei was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and Kawasaki disease.

In 2001, Ms. Blakemore-Brown highlighted the case in a rapid response on the British Medical Journal’s website, in response to an article titled A Finnish Study Confirms Safety of MMR. [3] Amazingly, her response was published with a footnote stating that the editor had checked her facts and that the parents of the child had given their permission for the piece to be published.

Ms. Blakemore-Brown wrote:

“In one of my cases of very obvious and indisputable reaction to pertussis vaccine the child in question has been found to have Kawasaki disease, her own immune system attacking itself. She presents as Asperger. There is no autism in the family but the baby had allergies prior to the vaccine. It is scientific examination of cases like this which will enable us to ultimately put measures in place to reassure the public.” [3]

The First Links Discovered As Far Back As 1962

The late Dr. Archie Kalokerinos was one of the first professionals to link vaccinations to scurvy. He first noticed there was a problem while he was working with Aborigine children in Australia in 1962.

While there, he noticed that there was an extremely high death rate among children recently vaccinated. After rejecting the usual explanations, his research led him to the conclusion that the infants were suffering from a severe lack of vitamin C, or scurvy.

Dr. Kalokerinos went on to speak about his experiences worldwide and included his research in many books and papers on the subject. However, when he mentioned his fears to the government, instead of investigating the problem as he had expected, he was met with extreme hostility.

In an interview documented in the International Vaccine Newsletter – June 1995, he stated:

“At first it was just a simple clinical observation. I observed that many infants, after they received routine vaccines like tetanus, diptheria, polio, whooping cough or whatever, became ill. Some became extremely ill, and in fact some died. It was an observation, it was not a theory. So my first reaction was to look at the reasons why this happened. Of course I found it was more likely to happen in infants who were ill at the time of receiving a vaccine, or infants who had been ill recently, or infants who were incubating an infection. Of course in the early stages of incubation there is no way whatsoever that anyone can detect the disease. They turn up later on. Furthermore, some of the reactions to the vaccines were not those that were listed in the standard literature. They were very strange reactions indeed.

A third observation was that with some of these reactions which normally resulted in death, I found that I could reverse them by giving large amounts of vitamin C intramuscularly or intravenously.”

Extremely concerned by his observations, he tried to alert the government to what was happening. However, what happened next shocked him. He explained:

“One would have expected, of course, that the authorities would take an interest in these observations that resulted in a dramatic drop in the death rate of infants in the area under my control, a very dramatic drop. But instead of taking an interest their reaction was one of extreme hostility. This forced me to look into the question of vaccination further, and the further I looked into it, the more shocked I became. I found that the whole vaccine business was indeed a gigantic hoax. Most doctors are convinced that they are useful, but if you look at the proper statistics and study the instance of these diseases you will realize that this is not so.” [4]

Strong words, I am sure you will agree, especially as he concluded the interview by stating that:

“My final conclusion after forty years or more in this business is that the unofficial policy of the World Health Organization and the unofficial policy of Save the Children Fund and almost all those organizations is one of murder and genocide.

They want to make it appear as if they are saving these kids, but in actual fact they don’t. I am talking of those at the very top. Beneath that level is another level of doctors and health workers, like myself, who don’t really understand what they are doing.”

Like Dr. Innis, over the years his conclusions have led him to believe that the trend of parents being falsely accused of shaken baby syndrome is linked to scurvy, and in his final book titled Shaken Baby Syndrome: An Abusive Diagnosis, he wrote:

“After studying more than 50 SBS cases, I have yet to find one where a detailed analysis of the complete individual or family history, or a proper evaluation of all the necessary coagulation/bleeding factors was undertaken. Often, a diagnosis of trauma due to shaking is made at an early stage and any further investigation is considered unnecessary.

It has been known for many years that retinal hemorrhages, subdural hemorrhages and hemorrhages elsewhere can occur in cases of scurvy.” [5]

Throughout his book, he identified vaccination as the main cause of scurvy in young children today.


In trying to help falsely accused parents worldwide, I am currently aware of at least seven falsely accused parents whose children became ill after they received multiple vaccinations. In four of these cases, tests revealed that, far from being abused, the children had been suffering from the autoimmune disease tissue scurvy.

Why are governments around the world burying their heads in the sand and refusing point-blank to investigate this atrocity? INNOCENT parents are being locked up on a daily basis, accused of the most horrendous crimes, and it seems as if no one actually cares.

The evidence speaks for itself: not only are vaccinations harming our children, but that harm is being covered up by blaming innocent parents of abuse.


Full permission was gained in advance for the use of the photos.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the wonderful and continuing work of Dr. Michael Innis, without whom many innocent parents would be still be in jail today.


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GBS is Not Rare After Vaccinations: Here’s How Vaccine Pushers Conceal the Truth Sat, 15 Mar 2014 09:10:16 +0000 We know that statistics may be twisted into the realm of absurdity, but most of us seem to accept them when considering the safety of medicines.

Here’s a typical example: We ask a doctor who recommends a vaccine about the risk of contracting Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), a serious autoimmune condition which may evolve into paralysis. The doctor may assure us that the risk is “probably only one additional case in each million persons vaccinated.”

Why should we accept this statistic without question?

Where do these safety statistics come from? They come from epidemiologists and statisticians whose interest is in the promotion of vaccines and who manipulate the statistics so that vaccines appear to be safer than they are in reality.

How Statistics are Misused to Make Vaccines “Safe”

Dr. Lawrence B. Palevsky, a widely respected pediatrician in New York, gives a more detailed explanation:

“It is often stated that there is normally no higher number of GBS after vaccination than is found in the population as a whole: This statement is more than dubious. We are told that vaccine safety studies are designed to evaluate whether or not vaccines contribute to the development of adverse events.


When authorities accumulate data in a cohort of people who are given a vaccine or a group of vaccines, they closely monitor them for a period of time to observe any symptoms of illness, usually 2-4 weeks. They then compare the incidence of any reported symptoms in the vaccine study group to the incidence of the reporting of these symptoms in the general population. The incidence of symptoms in the general population is normally referred to as the background rate.


In every vaccine study performed in this way by the vaccine manufacturers, they have come to conclude, through their statistical analyses, that the symptoms reported in the study group after vaccination are no higher in incidence than the rate at which these symptoms would occur in the general population. Therefore, they conclude, the onset of these symptoms in the vaccinated study group is not necessarily due to an adverse reaction to the vaccination(s) being studied. In other words, the symptoms in the vaccinated group were most likely to have occurred by chance, unrelated to the effects of the vaccines.

The next step in the process is to then conclude that the vaccine(s) being studied is(are) safe.


The vaccine manufacturers are using background data from the general population – A POPULATION THAT IS ALSO VACCINATED! (emphasis added)

In this type of study design, the investigators are studying a group of vaccinated people and comparing the data to a background population of people just like them, who are also vaccinated.

We can’t conclude anything about the vaccinated population in this type of study design because the data are being compared to themselves, and not to a set of data from a proper unvaccinated control group. Yet, this is the main type of study design that is used to evaluate vaccine safety. (emphasis added)


In order to do a proper study, investigators would need to accumulate data in a cohort of people who are given a vaccine or a group of vaccines, by monitoring them for a period of time to observe any symptoms of illness, and comparing the incidence of the reported symptoms in the study group to the incidence of these symptoms that are reported in a cohort of people who are demographically similar, and who are unvaccinated. (emphasis added)

This is the type of study that would help us to understand the frequency and severity of adverse reactions that could possibly occur in a vaccinated population.

This type of study, however, has never been done by the vaccine manufacturers. Many attempts to set up this type of scientific study have been thwarted by the courts, the vaccine manufacturers, medical organizations, and the ideology that vaccines are nothing other than safe and effective, and appropriately studied with the highest of scientific standards.”

This method involving misuse of statistics applies not only in the case of GBS but generally regarding other serious, so-called “rare conditions.”

GBS and Other Adverse Reactions to Vaccines are Under-Reported

Another significant factor which contributes towards the false impression that GBS is rare after vaccinations: The number of actual GBS cases after vaccinations is grossly under-reported.

Only a small percentage of adverse reactions are reported to VAERS (US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). It may be as low as one to two percent. Here are some of the reasons why adverse reactions to vaccines are not properly reported:

  • Not all doctors are trained in reporting adverse reactions.
  • It may be difficult to link the reaction with the vaccine. ( Autoimmune conditions may present themselves up to several years after a vaccine.)
  • The adverse reaction, for example, an autoimmune condition, may not even be stated in product information.
    GBS may be incorrectly diagnosed as another condition.
  • There is minimal incentive for doctors to report because it takes time and work.
  • Doctors may fear being contacted by the manufacturer.
  • It may be unpleasant for doctors to admit to patients that a vaccine which was recommended was the cause of the condition.
  • Citizens and doctors are encouraged to report to the manufacturers. This is surely a case of the fox guarding the hen house.

Vaccine safety activist Barbara Loe Fisher wants doctors to file reports directly to VAERS, not through the manufacturer. She says manufacturers’ reports are often incomplete, citing a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association which says that while 68 percent of the adverse event reports on Gardasil came from manufacturers, nearly 90 percent of them could not be tracked or investigated because they lacked the most basic contact information.


Due to both misleading statistics and gross under-reporting, we are given the false impression that Guillain-Barré syndrome and many other serious conditions are rare after vaccinations.

“If medical statistics were compiled by statisticians who had no interest in the outcome, the drug industry would topple into the dust.” – Robert Catalano



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Studies Prove Without Doubt That Unvaccinated Children Are Far Healthier Than Their Vaccinated Peers Wed, 26 Feb 2014 18:27:19 +0000 A study from the 1990s has come to light, proving that compared to unvaccinated children, vaccinated children were more likely to suffer from asthma, eczema, ear infections, hyperactivity and many other chronic conditions. Furthermore, the study identified that there was a ten-fold increase in the incidence of tonsillitis in the children who were vaccinated, and a total lack tonsillectomy operations among the children who were unvaccinated.

In 1992, the Immunization Awareness Society (IAS) conducted a survey to examine the health of New Zealand’s children. Unsurprisingly, the results of their study indicated that unvaccinated children were far healthier than vaccinated children.

Questionnaires were given out to IAS members, their friends and their associates asking various health questions. A total of 245 families returned their questionnaires, giving the researchers a total of 495 children surveyed. Of these children, 226 were vaccinated and 269 were unvaccinated.

Healthy Children and Ethics

The ages of the children ranged between the ages of two weeks – 46 years (obviously some friends were older with older children). Of the children studied, 273 were males and 216 were females. (Six children were unclassified.)

Sue Claridge, who reported on the study, wrote:

“Respondents were asked to provide the year of birth, gender, vaccinations received, whether or not the child suffered from a range of chronic conditions (asthma, eczema, ear infections/glue ear, recurring tonsillitis, hyperactivity, diabetes or epilepsy) whether or not he or she needed grommets, had had a tonsillectomy, or were shown to develop motor skills (walking, crawling, sitting-up etc.). Parents also provided information on breastfeeding and bottle feeding and when a child was weaned if breastfed.”

During the study, another interesting fact emerged. Researchers discovered that 92 percent of the children requiring a tonsillectomy operation had received the measles vaccination, indicating that the vaccination for measles may have made some of the children more susceptible to tonsillitis.

The study also revealed that 81 of the families had both vaccinated and unvaccinated children. Many of these families had vaccinated their older children but had grown more reluctant to vaccinate their younger children, due to their growing concerns regarding vaccine safety.

Researchers concluded that:

“While this was a very limited study, particularly in terms of the numbers of unvaccinated children that were involved and the range of chronic conditions investigated, it provides solid scientific evidence in support of considerable anecdotal evidence that unvaccinated children are healthier that their vaccinated peers.” [1]

Although governments from around the world have continually stated that studying vaccinated versus unvaccinated children would be unethical, the New Zealand researchers are not the only group of researchers to study comparisons.

Vaccinated Children 5 Times More Likely To Suffer From A Range Of Diseases

In September 2011, German researchers carrying out a longitudinal study surveyed a total of 8000 unvaccinated children from the ages of 0 –19. As with the New Zealand study, researchers collected their data by conducting a survey using questionnaires. [2]

Results showed that vaccinated children were up to five times more likely to suffer from a variety of diseases and disorders than unvaccinated children.

Their results were compared to another German study (KiGGS), which examined a larger sample group consisting of 17,461 participants between the ages of 0 –17.

Dr. Andreas Bachmair, a German classical homeopathic practitioner, responsible for collecting the results of the survey from the website stated that:

“Asthma, hay fever and neurodermatitis are seen very frequently today. A recent German study with 17461 children between 0-17 years of age (KIGGS) showed that 4.7% of these children suffer from asthma, 10.7% of these children from hay fever and 13.2% from neurodermatitis. These numbers differ in western countries, i.e. the prevalence of asthma among children in the US is 6% whereas it is 14-16% in Australia (Australia’s Health 2004, AIHW).

The prevalence of asthma among unvaccinated children in our study is around 2.5%, hay fever, 3%, and neurodermatitis, 7%. According to the KIGGS study more than 40% of children between the ages of 3 and 17 years were sensitized against at least one allergen tested (20 common allergens were tested) and 22.9% had an allergic disease. Although we did not perform a blood test, around 10% stated that their children had an allergy.” [3]

(As this study is a longitudinal study, the number of children being studied has since risen to 13,222. To join the study, you can fill in the questionnaire provided by clicking on the link listed as the third reference at the end of this article.)

Although there were four cases of autism reported among unvaccinated children, Dr. Bachair reported that:

“Of these 4 children one tested very high for metals (mercury, aluminium, arsenic); in another case the mother was tested very high for mercury.”

However, this number pales into insignificance when we compare it to the 1 in 88 children currently being reported as autistic by the CDC. [4]

Other Conditions Found To Be Almost Non-Existent In Unvaccinated Children

Dr. Andreas Bachmair continued his report by stating that their study found the prevalence of sinusitis, warts, skin problems and middle ear infections were also much lower in the unvaccinated children, as were the cases of diabetes and epilepsy.

He went on to say that the results demonstrated that the prevalence of many conditions in the unvaccinated children were also significantly lower. These were:

Other disorders and diseases

As we included open questions in our survey we evaluated the prevalence (of the first 10,070 participants) of some other disorders and illnesses. Unvaccinated children show very low prevalences of the following disorders:

  • Dyslexia: 0.21%
  • Speech delay/articulation problems: 0.38%
  • Sensory Processing disorder: 0.28%
  • Anxiety: 0.25%
  • Depression: 0.12%
  • Bedwetting: 0.12%
  • Celiac disease: 0.12%
  • Gluten sensitivity: 0.41%
  • GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease): 0.06%

Dr. Bachair concluded his amazing and intuitive paper by adding a number of statements from parents, which I believe really added weight to her overall findings.


I find it amazing that despite mainstream media and leading government agencies stressing repeatedly that studies comparing vaccinated children to unvaccinated children cannot take place for ethical reasons, groups around the world are taking it upon themselves to do these studies anyway.

While surveys of this kind are often dismissed as being purely epidemiological and passed off as little more than stamp collecting, I believe that studies of this nature should not be dismissed out of hand. After all, many stamp collections contain just one stamp that is worth far more than its weight in gold.

These studies show without doubt that unvaccinated children are healthier than their vaccinated peers and, for this reason, these studies should be given careful consideration by all parents and professionals studying vaccination safety.



Photo Credit

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Voices for Vaccines: 11 Facts Show How it’s a Propaganda Ploy for Emory University, CDC, and Big Pharma Wed, 19 Feb 2014 08:30:33 +0000 Do pharmaceutical companies believe in their product?


They believe in money and power – they answer only to their stock holders. If they believed in their products, they wouldn’t require legal protection from their product harming children through Public Law 99-660 (the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986). Furthermore, they wouldn’t need to force parents to vaccinate their child through mandates (that’s why you need an exemption).

I preface this article with the following, because Big Pharma and the pro-vaccine lobby know their ship is sinking. Parents are investigating vaccines and asking doctors questions they cannot answer in record numbers, which is shooting holes in Pharma’s bottom line.

How do you plug up these holes to stop the ship from sinking? The answer is quite simple: copy what parents are doing in the anti-vaccine movement.

Enter a blog called Voices for Vaccines.

Perhaps you have seen the recent story hosted on the website Voices for Vaccines entitled, Growing Up Unvaccinated?

As you can probably guess from the title, it is a story of a mother who grew up unvaccinated. The woman in the story changed her mind in adulthood and decided vaccines were really beneficial to her health. [1] While this mother converted to the religion of vaccinology made headlines, there is an even bigger story underneath the surface if you just scratch at it a little.

If you haven’t guessed by now, it has to do with the relationship between the Voices for Vaccines website and the pharmaceutical industry.

The website is a marketing scheme for pro-vaccine interests, no matter how much money or artificial it is. You need to know who owns the website and understand the question, “Who influences the Voices for Vaccines website?” or, put in a different way, “Who benefits?”

Let’s get started.


Fact #1: Task Force Owns the Voices for Vaccines Website

You should know that the Voices for Vaccines website is owned by the Task Force for Global Health, the third largest charity in the United States. Voices for Vaccines claims that it is “a parent-led organization that supports and advocates for on-time vaccination and the reduction of vaccine-preventable disease.” [2]

While the administrators of the website are noted as being two mothers, the energy, as we shall see, is channeled by larger forces.


Fact #2: Task Force is the Third Largest Charity in US

The third largest charity in the United States brings home $1.66 billion a year, according to Forbes. [3] Yet, if you’re not from the Atlanta, Georgia, area, chances are you probably haven’t heard of the Task Force for Global Health.

This fact alone should tell you there is big money involved; you’ll see where the funds come from.


Fact #3: Task Force Employees Work For Emory University

Now that you know the Task Force for Global Health owns the website, it’s time to step into the deeper end of the pool.

Before I show you who is influencing the website, you must know Task Force employees are actually working for Emory University. The situation is a bit more complex when you look at the Task Force’s IRS Tax Form 990.

Page 49 of their 2011 document states, “The Task Force for Global Health Inc. is an affiliate of Emory University, and as such, all Task Force employees are in fact Emory University employees. For both the President and Executive Vice President, Emory University includes these positions in its annual market review of compensated professionals in these categories …” [4]

We’ll come back to this important point in a bit, as you’ll see most of their leadership and members have some affiliation with Emory (and also the Centers for Disease Control).


Fact #4: Proximity of Task Force, Emory University, and CDC

We haven’t discussed the Centers for Disease Control connection yet, but we will.

Let’s take a look at how closely the following three organizations are connected to each other. According to Google Maps, the Task Force for Global Health is located 2.6 miles from Emory University, and the Centers for Disease Control are located on essentially the same campus.

By itself, the proximity of all of the organizations means little. But there’s more to the story.

You’ll notice an intimate relationship between Emory University and the Centers for Disease Control.

Geographic location of Task Force for Global Health


Fact #5: Influence of Scientific Advisory Committee

To understand who is controlling the energy for Voices for Vaccines, and the Task Force organization at large, you need to understand their relationships and affiliations. It’s enough to make your head spin, so that is why at the end of this article I am providing a mind map graphic to make this a bit easier for you.

Here is an example of what I mean.

Alan Hinman is the director for various positions within the Task Force, including his leadership role for the Voices for Vaccines website. The IRS Form 990 for 2011 states he was paid $188,453 for his work. While the program Voices for Vaccines may not accept funding from pharmaceutical companies or government grants, he has his fingers in other pots that do.

Here are a few facts about Task Force director and Scientific Advisory Member Alan Hinman [5]:

  • He is on the Scientific Advisory board for Voices for Vaccines.
  • He is director of Task Force Program Accelerated Measles Mortality Reduction Improving Routine Immunizations in Africa (AMMRIRIA) which is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • He is director of Task Force Program Rabies Vaccine/Immune Globulin Emergency Stockpile (RaVaGES) which is funded by Novartis Pharmaceuticals.
  • He is an adjunct professor at Emory University.
  • He was a former Centers for Disease Control Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer.
  • He was the Director of the Immunization Division at the Centers for Disease Control.
  • He is on the Scientific Advisory board for pro-vaccine organization Every Child by Two, with Dr. Paul Offit. [6]

Here is more about Scientific Advisory Member Paul Offit:

  • He is on the Scientific Advisory board for Voices for Vaccines.
  • He holds a patent on a Rotavirus vaccine with Stanley Plotkin (Mr. Plotkin is also an advisory member). [7]
  • He worked with vaccine manufacturer, Merck, to create the vaccine and receives royalties. [8]

  • He has served as both a paid and unpaid member of a scientific advisory board at Merck. [9]
  • He was a former Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) member for the Centers for Disease Control.
  • He is on the Scientific Advisory board for pro-vaccine organization Every Child by Two, with Alan Hinman. [6]
  • He is on the Advisory Board for the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) with Stanley Plotkin, led by Deborah Wexler. [10]
  • He is the director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Of interest, Deborah Wexler (IAC) and Amy Pisani (Every Child By Two) are also advisory board members for the Vaccine Education Center. [11]


And more about Scientific Advisory Member Deborah Wexler:

  • She is on the Scientific Advisory board for Voices for Vaccines.
  • She is the executive director for the Immunization Action Coalition. [12]
  • The Immunization Action Coalition receives funding from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC Grant No. 5U38IP000290) and pharmaceutical companies. [13]
  • She is an advisory board member for the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. [11]


Lastly, Scientific Advisory Member Stanley Plotkin. He is well-accomplished within the vaccine community, so here are just a few salient items about him:

  • He is on the Scientific Advisory board for Voices for Vaccines.
  • He is on the Advisory board for the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC). [13]
  • He worked for the Epidemic Intelligence Service of the Centers for Disease Control. [14]
  • He was a former Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) member for the Centers for Disease Control.
  • He is an Executive Advisor to Sanofi Pasteur. [15]
  • He is on the Board of Directors for Dynvax. [15]
  • He was Director of Infectious Diseases and Senior Physician at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. [15]
  • He was Professor of Virology at the Wistar Institute. [16]
  • He holds a patent on a Rotavirus vaccine with Paul Offit. [7]


Fact #6: Task Force Board of Directors Have Relationship to CDC / Emory University

You should know that the Voices for Vaccines website falls underneath the Task Force “umbrella.” This means that obviously Director Alan Hinman takes his marching orders from a higher authority.

Even if there are a few members who are on the Emory payroll, it is important to see the relationship between Emory and the CDC with the other board members as well.

On the graphic below, the “red star” icon next to the name mean there is an association to Emory University. A “blue person” icon indicates a relationship to the Centers for Disease Control.

Board of Directors

  1. Jane Fugate Thorpe, JD, Chair: Former Emory University Board Member [17]
  2. Paula Lawton Bevington, JD: Emory University Dean’s Council [18]
  3. James W. Curran, MD, MPH: Dean and Professor of Epidemiology at Emory University, Former Researcher at Centers for Disease Control [19]
  4. John B. Hardman, MD: Emory University Faculty [20]
  5. Charles H. “Pete” McTier: Emory University Graduate and Former Administrator, Board Member Centers for Disease Control Foundation [21]
  6. Mark L. Rosenberg, MD, MPP President and CEO: Emory University Faculty, CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control [22]
  7. Carol C. Walters, Treasurer & Founder: Former Executive Assistant to the Assistant Director of Centers for Disease Control


Emeritus Members of Board of Directors

  1. William H. Foege, MD, MPH emeritus, Founder: Emory University Advisory Board Member and Faculty, Former Director for Centers for Disease Control
  2. Howard H. Hiatt, MD emeritus
  3. James T. Laney, PhD emeritus: Former President of Emory University [23]
  4. Former US Surgeon General David Satcher, MD, PhD emeritus: Honorary Degree from Emory University, Former Director for Centers for Disease Control, Board Member for Centers for Disease Control Foundation [24]


Fact #7: Task Force Started by Rockefeller, UNICEF, WHO, United Nations, and World Bank

Looking at how The Task Force for Global Health was started is also important. According to their web page, they were, “initially tapped to serve as a Secretariat for a consortium of global health organizations: UNICEF, WHO, The Rockefeller Foundation, The United Nations Development Programme, and the World Bank.” [25]

Understanding the motives of the Rockefeller family, as an example, is perhaps the best understood by author and researcher Lily E. Kay. She writes about the Rockefeller philosophy extensively in her book, The Molecular Vision of Life.

On page eight, she explains, “The motivation behind the enormous investment in the new (“Science of Man”) agenda was to develop the human sciences as a comprehensive explanatory and applied framework for social control grounded in the natural, medical, and social sciences.” (notation mine)

“Applied social control”, simply stated, is the misuse of any branch of commerce, science, law, politics, or religion for compliance to an ulterior motive held by those in power.

Lily Kay continues to elaborate, “With that agenda, the new biology (originally named “psychobiology”) was erected on the bedrock of the physical sciences in order to rigorously explain and eventually control the fundamental mechanisms governing human behavior, placing a particularly strong emphasis on heredity.

The “heredity” that Lily Kay speaks of is a concept known as eugenics, or better known in today’s age as genetics. [26]


Fact #7: Emory Owns Stock in Vaccine Company

Emory University stands to gain financially from vaccine research. The university owns twenty percent stock in a vaccine company called GeoVax. [27]

If you look into this company further, you will see the complex set of relationships between Emory University, the CDC, and pharmaceuticals. Dr. Harriet Robinson, co-founder of GeoVax, developed AIDS vaccine technology in her laboratory with researchers from the Centers for Disease Control during her time at Emory University. [28]


Fact #8: Pharma Pays Emory University

As a side note, Big Pharma payouts to Emory University are not a secret.

Emory University and some of their employees receive hundreds of thousands of dollars from pharmaceutical companies. [29] This certainly does not make their stance regarding vaccines a philosophical one. Theirs is backed with dollars.

Go to ProPublica’s Docs for Dollars program and do a search for “Emory University.”

Fact #9: Programs Funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a financial contributor to several programs that the Task Force for Global Health operates. [30] To be noted, William H. Foege, founder of Task Force for Global Health, serves as the Senior Medical Advisor for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. [31]

  • Accelerated Measles Mortality Reduction Improving Routine Immunizations in Africa (AMMRIRIA)
  • Polio Antivirals Initiative
  • International Trachoma Initiative
  • Neglected Tropical Diseases Support Center


Fact #10: Programs Funded by Pharma

Programs for The Task Force for Global Health is also heavily funded by pharmaceutical companies. [30]

  • Rabies Vaccine/Immune Globulin Emergency Stockpile (RaVaGES) – Novartis
  • Children Without Worms – Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline
  • International Trachoma Initiative – Pfizer
  • Mectizan Donation Program – Merck, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Neglected Tropical Diseases Support Center – GlaxoSmithKline


Fact #11: Task Force has Partnered with Merck for Over 25 Years

There is an old axiom that nothing in life is for free.

Merck has partnered with the Task Force for Global Health for over 25 years. Through the Mectizan Donation Program, they have donated free pharmaceuticals to eliminate river blindness in third world countries, like Uganda. [32]

Could it be possible Merck uses this “good will” in exchange for peddling their dangerous vaccines for experimental vaccine trials? As an example, in 2012 Merck announced a national Gardasil vaccination program in the Republic of Uganda. [33]

Additionally, in 2013 Merck has launched the Merck for Ugandan Mothers program, spending $500 million dollars to build their medical infrastructure, such as “enhancing” the role of local pharmacies. [34]



The Voices for Vaccines program at the Task Force for Global Health may be administered by a few mothers, but they are not the ones pulling the strings behind the scenes. The information in this article reveals who keeps the lights on for the website and the Task Force organization as a whole.

Furthermore, the past, present and future relationships with the Centers for Disease Control, Emory University, and pharmaceutical companies should immediately raise a red flag for any parent. Especially when the message calls for you to blindly trust doctors injecting dangerous chemicals into your child.

If you want to take action and become an informed parent, there is something you can do. Click on this link right now and download the vaccine ingredients.

As you can see, there are many other relationships not covered in this article. If you would like to investigate the relationships between the people mentioned in this story, you may do so through the mind map graphics below.

To save, right click on the graphic and select "save as."

Map of relationships for the Task Force for Global Health. Click on the graphic to see larger version. 

A Summary

Funding summary of who funds which programs. Click on the graphic to see a larger version.


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  6. Alan Hinman:…
  7. Paul Offit:
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  26. Edwin Black. War Against the Weak. Pg. xvii. Dialog Press. 2012.


Photo Credit

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New Study Discovers Cause of Autism Thu, 06 Feb 2014 14:46:23 +0000 According to a new study, children whose last names begin with D, K, or P and are born on Tuesday or Thursday are more likely to have autism.

Researchers at the NIH-funded Autism Cause Discovery Center studied 2,547 children born between 2008 and 2009 and found a 38 percent increase in autism in children whose last names begin with D, K, or P. The increase rose to 53 percent in children who are also born on Tuesday or Thursday.

“We have yet to fully understand these findings,” said James Forrester, M.S., Ph.D., and director of the center, “but we are excited. What we do know is that people whose surnames begin with D, K, or P frequently live between 108 and 113 degrees north latitude and 31 and 37 degrees west longitude. When we delved a little deeper, we discovered that if these same children were also born on Tuesday or Thursday, the incidence of autism was even higher. That’s when we knew we were onto something monumental. The statistics are indisputable, and everyone at the center agrees that it bears further investigation.”

Dr. Forrester goes on to say that although avoiding last names that begin with D, K, or P could be a challenge, doing everything possible to ensure that most babies are born on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday shouldn’t be as difficult. “It would be easy, for example, for OB-GYNs to schedule inductions on those days,” he says.

Colleague Susan Mahoney, Ph.D., D.Sc., agrees. “So many causes of autism have been proposed, from vinyl floors, household dust, and flame retardant in pajamas to the age of the father, a history of abuse in the mother, proximity to a freeway, and even vaccines. This new discovery can finally put an end to the long, costly search for answers and allow researchers to turn their time and effort—not to mention money—to the real cause and eventually stop autism in its tracks.”

Notice to the readers: This article contains satire. All names are fictitious. Research what is being injected into your child.


]]> 71
Bombshell TV Show About HPV Vaccines Reveals Cruel Nature of Vaccine Pushers Wed, 29 Jan 2014 22:53:53 +0000 Refreshingly, there was a brave attempt recently in a popular show seen by over two million viewers on ABC TV to present balanced information regarding the controversial HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccines. [1]

It was expected that to touch on the subject of vaccine injuries and death would bring down the wrath of the vaccine industry. And it certainly appeared to do so.

In addition to opinions from vaccine promoters, there were interviews with a grieving mother who shared the tragic story of her daughter’s death and a brave young girl who described her suffering after the vaccine. Two doctors gave their opinions. While one was in favor of the vaccine, the other questioned its necessity, given the overall success of Pap testing to screen for cervical cancer.

Show’s Journalist Compelled to Publish Follow-Up

As feared, the show’s journalist, Katie Couric, who was probably under pressure from the influential vaccine industry, added a new video [2] and a post script. It appeared on the show’s web site the next day and ended with:

“We do not want to leave our viewers with an irrational fear of the vaccine and for that reason we’re going to continue the conversation and invite a number of medical experts, journalists and scientists to weigh in here, on our site.”

The aftermath in several discussion threads, with thousands of comments on the show’s website, revealed the true nature of many pro-vaxers. [3,4,5]

Kicking of Sufferers Who Were Lying Down

Countless parents described in detail adverse reactions to the HPV vaccines, which disabled or killed their formerly athletic, active and happy daughters.

Those who were in sorrow and pain were ruthlessly attacked by pro-vaccine people who insulted and accused them of telling lies. There were emotional elements when some who were in grief were provoked by hurtful responses from pro-vaxers, the words spoken by the latter being by far the nastiest and, no doubt, shocking thousands of readers.

Shameful Comments From Pro-Vaxers

Some of these comments were posted by people who have been known to boast about their academic and intellectual backgrounds:

  • “The only thing malignant here is the cancerous spread of anti-vax lies.”
  • “Vaccine injury is one of the biggest lies that anti-vaxers tell.”
  • “Really, you anti-vaxers just pull it out of your rear orifice sometimes.”
  • “ I don’t for a minute believe your daughter had an adverse reaction to the vaccination. I think you’re just here for the attention.”
  • “These parents are falsely blaming Gardasil to get rid of some the pain and guilt resulting from their children’s condition.”
  • “These aren’t victims of these vaccines. They are people that desperately want to blame vaccines because they are too lazy or too dishonest to report the truth.”
  • Grieving mother: “I wish my daughter had made it to 32; she died at 17 as a result of a reaction to this vaccine.” Callous comment by a pro-vaccine person who surely had no access to the daughter’s medical records: “I think we have established that your daughter did not die of a reaction to this vaccine.”
  • “Your story is on Sane Vax. I don’t need to know anything more to know you’re not telling the truth. You hoping for a payout?”
  • “There are people here purposefully misleading others with their lies about the efficiency and safety of the HPV vaccine, assumingly because they like to see people die from cancer.”
  • “Stop reading the holocaust deniers of whale-to and stop siding with cancer.”
  • “There is the troubling statistic that the vast majority of alleged vaccine injuries come from people who believe strongly in a magical Jew who did tricks 2000 years ago.”
  • “You have all the credibility of some loon in the public square screeching that the earth is flat, the moon launch was a hoax and 9-11 an inside job.”
  • “Since the goal is to generate fear, accuracy is not important to you. This is why you omit the evidence that shows that you are lying.”
  • “The Gardasil victims memorial is a tribute to one thing only: the willingness of the anti-vaccination crowd to keep passing on false information long after it has been debunked, because somehow the belief is more important than whether or not it is factual.”
  • “There aren’t two sides to the story. There is science, and there is quackery. And a bunch of Munchausen moms looking for attention.”

Comments from sympathizers of the vaccine-injured, backed by serious research, were attacked by vaccine promoters who responded by posting insults and cherry-picked studies.

No Evidence of Safety For These HPV Vaccines

Evidence of safety is not shown by biased, manipulated research papers posted by arrogant, aggressive vaccine promoters, some of whom have no background regarding vaccines, whose prime concern is often to protect their clients’ interests; nor is evidence of safety shown by presentation of biased studies and statistics from Big Pharma’s databases, an industry known to be steeped in deception and corruption.

The two controversial HPV vaccines are Gardasil, which is produced by Merck and Cervarix, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). When there is widespread knowledge that these companies are certainly not trustworthy, there is surely no reason to trust their products. [6,7]

Proof that these two vaccines are dangerous is shown by the intense suffering which gigantic numbers of previously healthy, active young girls have experienced after the vaccines. However, evidence does not depend on numbers. Thousands, hundreds, ten or even one who is suffering may be proof.

Tragically, young boys have started to experience similar fates. [8]

The Nasty Comments Will Not Go Away

Many sufferers were forced to leave the discussions, having been reduced to tears because of ridicule and harassment.

Several of those who had posted cruel comments also disappeared, some perhaps wisely deleting their obnoxious words.

Original images of their comments have been spread across countless countries of the world. The ugly pictures are archived by many as a permanent reminder of the blatant cruelty of those who support an industry which is based on greed and corruption.

More Obnoxious Comments From Pro-Vaxers

How can people who show such shameful behavior expect to be respected? Many of the worst comments are omitted from this article because they are so utterly hurtful that they should not be repeated.

  • “You are an immensely tedious, deluded twat. And stop drooling.”
  • “You are a frigging loon. Go back on medication please.”
  • “Screw it. I’ll say it. ARE YOU PEOPLE ALL COMPLETELY CRAZY?
  • Do you know why people like myself and xxxx and xxxx engage in debate with crazy people like yourselves? And you lunatics have the nerve to stand up and argue otherwise?”
  • “Sure, but does anyone validate your research? Or are you now a surgeon because you read on how to remove ingrown toenails?”
  • “I see the usual anti-vaccine loons couldn’t quit their yammering and stammering.”
  • “I think they enjoy the endless ridicule. They get to paint themselves as martyrs twice. If they didn’t enjoy it, they would stop doing it.”
  • “There has not been a single death that has been conclusively linked to the vaccine, just emotional, unsubstantiated anecdotes.”
  • “The best you people can do is the money grubbing, lying dishonest ‘age of autism’ website.”
  • “I always find it distressing that anti-vaccine activists like yourself care so little for victims of disease.”
  • “I’m afraid that the judgement of the future on you is likely to be that you are in the same class of folk who worried that the smallpox vaccination would turn them into cows.”
  • “A corpse doesn’t make big pharma any money, but fear mongering is wonderful for big herbal, big farmer, and big alterna, which is really the core issue.” 
  • Sorrowful mother: “My daughter has been sick now for two years following her second Gardasil vaccine. She tries so hard to be strong but the sickness wears her down daily. I cry daily.” Hurtful response: “Somebody needs to call the waaambulance.”
  • “Good anti vaxers read anti vax websites as they’re easy to understand. They’re written in basic English so those who lack the education and intellectual capacity to understand the medicine and the science can still feel intellectual.”
  • Parent: “I spend most of my life helping vaccine injured.” The parent cried because of this response, “And yet you’re so bad at it.”
  • “I think it is sad that you think she is damaged because she can’t have children. My daughters mean more to me than their ability to provide me with grandchildren.”

It may well be questioned whether the person who posted the following quote should be reported for supplying false information to the authorities:

“Once again an anti vaxer tells us part of a story without any evidence at all. Some of those VAERS reports were put up by me, they’re false. I proved that VAERS is not a source of information on this subject. So how many of these reports are factual and not anti vaxers pushing an agenda?”


More and more are people reaching each other from all corners of the world and sharing their sorrow because of the HPV vaccines. They receive comfort and information from knowledgeable and sympathetic people who genuinely care. [9]

Many of those who are helping have expert and unbiased knowledge of the vaccines. The numbers of voices of those who are suffering in anguish and despair because of the HPV vaccines are growing rapidly day by day. The world is hearing them now.


]]> 678
This Study Reveals Children are Being Vaccinated With Toxic Levels of Aluminium Causing Neurological Damage and Autism Tue, 28 Jan 2014 11:45:02 +0000 A recent study conducted by Canadian scientists Professor Christopher Shaw and Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic revealed that the more vaccines that children receive containing the adjuvant aluminum, the greater their chance is of developing autism, autoimmune diseases and neurological problems in the future.

In 2013, in their paper, published by Springer Science+Business Media, titled Aluminum in the Central Nervous System: Toxicity in Humans and Animals, Vaccine Adjuvants, and Autoimmunity, they revealed that during a 17-year period, the rates of autism had increased significantly in countries that had the most vaccinations containing the adjuvant aluminum.

A Highly Significant Correlation

The researchers compared the number of vaccines recommend by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) during the period from 1991 – 2008 and the changes in the autism rates during the same period. They wrote:

“The data sets, graphed against each other, show a pronounced and statistically highly significant correlation between the number vaccines with aluminum and the changes in autism rates. Further data showed that a significant correlation exists between the amounts of aluminum given to preschool children and the current rates of autism in seven Western countries. Those countries with the highest level of aluminum-adjuvanted vaccines had the highest autism rates.[1] (own emphasis)

They revealed that:

“The observed correlation between the number of aluminum-adjuvanted vaccines and ASD was further tested using Hill’s criteria and met eight of nine of these indicating that vaccines containing aluminum are highly likely to be at least partially causal for autism.”

For those who are not familiar with ‘Hill’s criteria,’ it is a technique used to determine a causal link between a specific factor and a disease. For example, does excess smoking cause lung cancer? Scientists seeking ‘to establish a valid causal connection between a potential disease agent’ now frequently use the technique, which was first developed by British medical statistician Austin Bradford Hill. [2]

Professor Shaw and Dr. Tomljenovic continued their paper by adding that:

“There are other links between aluminum exposure/toxicity and ASD. These include the following: A pilot study showed higher than normal aluminum levels in the hair, blood and/or urine of autistic children; children are regularly exposed to higher levels of aluminum in vaccines per body weight than adults; practically, nothing is known about the pharmacokinetics and toxicodynamics of aluminum in vaccines in children; and aluminum in vaccines has been linked to serious neurological impairments, chronic fatigue and autoimmunity.”

If Professor Shaw and Dr. Tomljenovic are correct, then their results are extremely worrying, especially as autism is not the only condition to which their paper linked the adjuvant aluminum.

In fact, their paper also linked aluminum to the rise in the incidence of Alzheimer’s, Gulf War syndrome and a relatively new syndrome, ASIA (autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants) that was identified by scientists last year.

Toxic Aluminum Levels in Vaccines

In 2012, a paper written by Stephanie Seneff, Robert M. Davidson and Jingjing Liu, titled Empirical Data Confirm Autism Symptoms Related to Aluminum and Acetaminophen Exposure, also confirmed that exposure to a large number of vaccinations containing the adjuvant aluminum at a young age was the most likely cause for the increase in autism and other adverse reactions to vaccines. They wrote:

“In this paper, we have presented some analyses of the VAERS database which strongly suggest that the aluminum in vaccines is toxic to vulnerable children. While we have not shown that aluminum is directly causative in autism, the compelling evidence available from the literature on the toxicity of aluminum, combined with the evidence we present for severe adverse reactions occurring much more frequently following administration of aluminum-containing vaccines as compared to non-aluminum containing vaccines, suggests that neuronal damage due to aluminum penetration into the nervous system may be a significant factor in autism. The fact that mentions of autism rose steadily concomitant with significant increases in the aluminum burden in vaccines, is highly suggestive.” [3]

This is particularly bad news to any parent considering having their children vaccinated, as a growing number of the childhood vaccinations now contain the adjuvant aluminum as an ingredient.

This was explained in depth by pediatrician Robert Sears, in his excellent article published in the magazine Mothering in 2008.

Dr. Sears is another professional exceptionally worried about the effects of aluminum on children’s health. In an article warning mothers about the dangers of vaccinations containing the adjuvant, titled Is Aluminum The New Thimerosal? Dr. Sears explained that aluminum is added to vaccinations to help them work more efficiently.

He stated that although this would not normally be a problem because aluminum is a naturally occurring element found everywhere in our environment, including our food, water, air and soil, he had become worried about the effects that aluminum was having on children’s health. He began to wonder if anyone had ever actually tested the safe level of injected aluminum.

During his research, he came across a number of extremely worrying documents. However, few were as worrying as the one written by the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN). Describing the document in depth, Sears wrote:

“The source of the daily limit of 4 to 5 mcg of aluminum per kilogram of body weight quoted by the ASPEN statement seems to be a study that compared the neurologic development of about 100 premature babies who were fed a standard IV solution that contained aluminum, with the development of 100 premature babies who were fed the same solution with almost all aluminum filtered out. The study was prompted by a number of established facts: that injected aluminum can build up to toxic levels in the bloodstream, bones, and brain; that preemies have decreased kidney function and thus a higher risk of toxicity; that an autopsy performed on one preemie whose sudden death was otherwise unexplained revealed high aluminum concentrations in the brain; and that aluminum toxicity can cause progressive dementia.”

He continued by giving some extremely alarming facts, of which few parents are aware:

“However, none of these documents or studies mentions vaccines; they look only at IV solutions and injectable medications. Nor does the FDA require labels on vaccines warning about the dangers of aluminum toxicity, although such labels are required for all other injectable medications. All of these studies and label warnings seem to apply mainly to premature babies and kidney patients. What about larger, full-term babies with healthy kidneys?”

He explained:

“However, these documents don’t tell us what the maximum safe dose would be for a healthy baby or child, and I can’t find such information anywhere. This is probably why the ASPEN group suggests, and the FDA requires, that all injectable solutions be limited to 25 mcg; we at least know that that level is safe.”

If this is so, then why do the recommended childhood vaccinations include far above the recommend amounts? According to Dr. Sears, the levels of aluminum included in childhood vaccinations are as follows:

  • DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis): 170–625 mcg, depending on
  • Hepatitis A: 250 mcg
  • Hepatitis B: 250 mcg
  • Hib (for meningitis; PedVaxHib brand only): 225 mcg
  • HPV: 225 mcg
  • Pediarix (DTaP–hepatitis B–polio combination): 850 mcg
  • Pentacel (DTaP–Hib–polio combination): 330 mcg
  • Pneumococcus: 125 mcg (emphasis added)

You do not have to be medically qualified to understand that these levels far exceed the safe levels recommended by ASPEN, especially when you consider that a newborn baby is vaccinated with the hepatitis B vaccine, containing 250 mcg of aluminum, at birth!

In fact, according to Dr. Sears, the FDA stated that:

“Although aluminum toxicity is not commonly detected clinically, it can be serious in selected patient populations, such as neonates (newborns), and may be more common than is recognized.” [4] (emphasis added)

If this is true, then why are all newborn infants, including those born prematurely, vaccinated at birth with the vaccine against hepatitis B, which is loaded with more than the recommend safe levels of aluminum?

Additional Concerns for Preemies

It is a recognized fact that many babies are born prematurely. A baby can now survive outside of their mother’s womb as young as 24 weeks gestation. This means that many extremely premature babies are being vaccinated with massive amounts of aluminum on the day they are born.

If this is not bad enough, at the tender age of eight weeks, in line with the CDC recommended childhood vaccination schedules, these tiny, immature babies are vaccinated with as many as nine vaccinations in one day. [5]

For a baby born at 24 weeks, this means that they are still playing a game of catch-up when they are vaccinated because they are “minus eight weeks” and not “plus eight weeks” at the time of vaccination. In fact, many of them will be taken out of their incubator to be legally vaccinated by medical professionals with vaccinations that could potentially kill them!


Aluminum, as these papers have demonstrated, is extremely toxic, especially when children are repeatedly vaccinated with vaccines containing aluminum over the recommended limits. The FDA and ASPEN recommend 25 mcg to be a safe limit and yet, as Dr. Sears has shown in his article, many of the childhood vaccinations contain aluminum far in excess of this amount.

The papers that I have studied make it abundantly clear that the more vaccines that children receive containing aluminum, the greater chance they have of developing autism, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s disease and neurological deficits in the future.

As parents, it is our duty to protect our children at all costs, and yet how many of us know what the recommended vaccinations contain? Parents need to research more thoroughly the ingredients included in the vaccinations with which they are planning to have their child vaccinated and the possible effects that these ingredients may have on their child’s health.

Autism, for the majority of children, is for life and it can affect every aspect of their development. Surely, we owe it to our children to at least be fully aware of the possible dangers of vaccinations, before subjecting our children to as many as 39 vaccines between the ages of zero to six which are known to be loaded with aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and many other potentially lethal ingredients.

Please read the papers referenced below before vaccinating your child, or download a free list of vaccine ingredients.




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Bully Nurse Harasses Parents of Unvaccinated Baby at Michigan Hospital Sun, 26 Jan 2014 04:23:10 +0000 A nurse at a Michigan urgent care center recently berated parents in front of other patients for not vaccinating their baby, arguably violating a federal law that guarantees patients’ right to privacy. Her unprofessional behavior committed a great disservice to nurses everywhere, her employer, and especially the parents who visited the Detroit Medical Center Surgery Hospital in Madison Heights with their son.

According to the parents, who were seeking medical attention for their eight month-old baby, “Oliver,” the nurse who was stationed at the admitting desk diagnosed their son with chicken pox and announced fabricated details about their son’s medical condition to the other patients who were awaiting care.

While Oliver’s parents were waiting for their turn to visit with a doctor, the nurse pointed at their baby and  announced to other patients in the waiting room, “This child is unvaccinated!” She then directed the other patients to move to an adjacent waiting room.

Her negligence reached a dangerous level when she urged the parents to vaccinate their son, who was ill at the time.

According to Oliver’s parents, hospital personnel at the Detroit Medical Center Surgery Hospital have failed to respond to repeated attempts to discuss this nurse’s willful misconduct. Oliver’s parents have spoken with a lawyer.

What Good Parents Do

On November 23, 2013, Baby Oliver awoke with cold symptoms and a low fever, the same symptoms his mom was also exhibiting. During that day, Oliver also developed a rash on his face that “resembled acne.” His mom spoke with an after-hours nurse for their pediatrician’s office, who recommended that Oliver see a healthcare provider at an urgent care clinic.

They decided to follow her advice. You might not believe what happened next in the waiting room. Before I tell you about that disturbing story, I would like you to tell you about Oliver’s parents.

Oliver’s parents are first time parents. Their son had been extremely healthy in his eight happy months of life. In fact, he had never been sick. For the first time, his parents were facing the decision that many parents must make when their child isn’t feeling well: Should we take him to the doctor? Oliver’s mom shared:

“We are first time parents, so we wanted to get him checked out for our own peace of mind. We had, at that time, been letting his fever burn and comforting him, nursing him, keeping him hydrated and rested. He had a cold. He was congested and had a mild fever. I was not really concerned about him and wanted to wait until our doctor opened to take him to see our pediatrician, but my husband was nervous and so I agreed to take him in and have him looked at. I thought, what could be the harm?”

Oliver’s parents believe he has enjoyed such good health because of their decision not to vaccinate. It was a decision they did not make lightly. In fact, prior to her pregnancy, Oliver’s mother believed that vaccines were mandatory and didn’t expect she would have a choice about vaccination.

Her midwife and doula were instrumental in the transformation she experienced, as they told her she had a choice about vaccination. She began studying vaccines and their ingredients. She engaged in detailed research that may indeed surpass the heights of professionals who are paid to practice medicine.

Her efforts weren’t motivated by medical school requirements, but rather, great love for her child and a desire to keep him healthy and safe. You can sense wisdom and kindness in the words that she shared with VacTruth about her informed decision not to vaccinate:

“I never realized that vaccines were not mandatory until I became pregnant. I sought a natural birth, and birthed with midwives at a birth center. I took natural birthing classes and hired a doula. I wanted a gentle birth and I knew that at the time of birth I did not want any interruptions or traumatizations immediately, or days following his birth.

My doula and birth educator were the first to discuss vaccine options with me. Neither one of them vaccinated any of their children. I started doing my research and decided the best choice for us was to delay vaccines and wait until our baby was older. So, after he was born he received none of the vaccines, or the vitamin K shot, or the eye antibiotics, and we did not circumcise, either.

I continued doing my research. And then I did more research and am still researching. I probably never will stop.

My husband and I came to the obvious conclusion that the risks of vaccines outweighed any potential benefit. I read scholarly articles, research papers, the CDC ['s website], package inserts, spoke to health professionals, studied the immune system, studied each disease individually, and the treatments for such diseases.

I still research and read all of these things, and more. I am active in anti-vaccine groups and I encourage others to do their research as well. And I mean research, not reading blogs and anecdotal stories about others’ experiences. I have an arsenal of data bookmarked that I am willing to share with anyone who asks or challenges me.

I believe that vaccines should be a choice, and that this “war” needs to stop. It’s fruitless. I pray that people will educate themselves with both sides of the vaccine agenda and make the choice for themselves. I support anyone who makes an educated decision no matter what side they are on. Parenting is hard enough; we should be supporting each other.”

What Bad Nurses Do

So, armed with vast knowledge about vaccination and good health, Mom and Dad took their baby boy to DMC Surgery Hospital, expecting competent medical attention from a facility that offers a 29-minute guarantee for patients visiting their urgent care clinic.

Mom and Dad did everything right. They made their decision to vaccinate in a careful, educated manner. They comforted their baby when he wasn’t feeling well. They decided to seek medical care when they weren’t sure what was causing their son’s symptoms of illness.

In a 41-minute time period, their hopes of seeking reassurance for Oliver’s symptoms turned into a story you will read with disbelief and shock, as a nurse named Lauren ridiculed them and embarrassed them in front of other patients.

The harassment began at the admitting desk, when Lauren asked Oliver’s parents if he was vaccinated. When they told her no, she asked them, “Why?” in an exasperated tone. They opted to answer her question, explaining politely that they chose not to vaccinate their son.

Lauren responded sarcastically, “Well, you are are going to have a lot of fun with measles and mumps, too!”

With her bold words and actions, Lauren disregarded the right to privacy for Oliver and his family, as well as the right of other patients to keep their personal medical information confidential. She told Oliver’s family that another woman in the waiting area was pregnant, then told the pregnant woman:

“Ma’am, you have to go to the to the other lobby. This child is unvaccinated! We need everyone to move out of this lobby and get away from him. He has chicken pox.”

The Health Insurance Portability and Privacy Act, established in 1996 and commonly known as HIPAA, prevents health care workers and others from sharing personal medical information. Lauren may have violated this federal law in favor of pushing her vaccine agenda. [1]

Many doctors pledge to follow the Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm.” In a similar manner, nurses honor the Florence Nightingale pledge, named after a nurse who is known as the founder of modern nursing and famous for her compassionate care. Lauren’s words and actions were unacceptable and traumatizing to Oliver’s parents, and more than that, they violated health care oaths, common sense, patient confidentiality rules, and moral guidelines.

This Nurse’s Most Dangerous Mistake

Amazingly, I have not yet told you one of the most troubling parts of this family’s story. Lauren, in her haste to push her pro-vaccine beliefs on Oliver and his family, was extremely negligent in her repeated desire for his parents to vaccinate him, especially against chicken pox.

Oliver was too young for the chicken pox vaccine.

According to the guidelines established by vaccine manufacturers and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the varicella vaccine against chicken pox is indicated for children ages 12 months and older. [2] At the time of his visit to DMC Surgery Hospital, Oliver was only eight months old.

Furthermore, according to the US government, as well as the thirteen-page package insert from a varicella vaccine, vaccination against chicken pox is not recommended for children who are exhibiting signs of illness or fever.[3, 4]

Oliver’s cold symptoms, fever, and skin rash, as well as his young age, clearly indicated that he should not receive a vaccine against chicken pox, or any other vaccine, until he returned to good health.

The Rest of the Story

Fortunately, Oliver’s mom was armed with the confidence she had developed during the countless hours she spent researching vaccines, as well as the strong support of her husband. Together, they decided to leave the urgent care facility when Nurse Lauren admonished them:

“This woman here is pregnant and I can’t risk her being near your son. It is irresponsible of you to have him around other people.”

When Oliver’s parents told Lauren they were leaving the hospital and seeking care for their son elsewhere, she told them, “Good!” but not before she tried to give them printed information she had highlighted by hand about the dangers of chicken pox and the importance of the vaccine their son was too young to receive, in front of a second waiting room of people, which may have explained why Oliver’s wait had surpassed the 29-minute guarantee.

The parents left the urgent care facility in Madison Heights, driving forty minutes to West Bloomfield with their son, whose fever had subsided, to visit another urgent care facility. At Henry Ford Hospital, their son was immediately cleared of his false chicken pox diagnosis, and he also tested negative for influenza. He was properly diagnosed with a “slight cold” and minor “skin irritation.”


First of all, let me say, I believe that the majority of nurses are highly skilled, compassionate, hard-working health care professionals. For their long hours and their special touches, there is no adequate way to convey sufficient gratitude and respect.

However, for nurses like Lauren, there is no excuse for such inappropriate behavior. You can’t blame it on a bad day, or a long shift, or a lack of judgement. She violated moral guidelines. She violated principles of common sense. She failed to respect patient confidentiality. She may have even violated federal law. She negligently recommended a vaccine that was contraindicated for a child who was too young to receive that vaccine.

Would you also agree that she failed to adhere the standards her employer, DMC Surgery Hospital, and her colleagues in the nursing field, likely expect her to meet?

This is not the first time in recent months that parents have been harassed and ridiculed by health care “professionals” because of their child’s vaccination status. Perhaps you remember the story of the nurse who wrote “LOSER” on a note directed at a mother who brought her unvaccinated nine month-old to the hospital after he hurt his ankle. [5]

If you are reading this article and you are a parent, perhaps for the first time like Oliver’s parents, you might be wondering, what can I do? How can I protect my child from unnecessary and dangerous vaccines? What should I do if I ever encounter a nurse like Lauren?

You are not helpless in this situation. Oliver’s mom shared very powerful words of advice in the hopes that her family’s unfortunate experience might help other parents. She told me:

“Honestly, if my husband weren’t right there next to me reminding me to be calm, I would have clawed that nurse’s eyes out. I was ANGRY! I still am. I am so grateful he was there because me reacting any differently … this would end up being a very different story.

Keeping calm in times like these is very important. People who don’t vaccinate are labeled as crazy. I would hate to behave in a way that would lend any credibility to that belief. I constantly feel I need to bring my big guns with me when I go out in case I come in contact with someone who believes differently than I do. I don’t want to feel this way.

I’m not an idiot. I think for myself and do my research. Our choices are what is right for our family, and if your choices are different than mine and work for you, then by all means, carry on! I want to live in a society where people support one another, not tear each other down for being different.”

If you want to empower yourself with knowledge, as Oliver’s mom has done, she recommends reading How To Raise a Healthy Child In Spite of Your Doctor by Dr. Mendelsohn. You can also download a list of vaccine ingredients to educate yourself and others about the dangerous chemicals contained in vaccines, so you have knowledge and power when faced with the decision to vaccinate, or when faced with an ignorant nurse.


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Father Jailed For Life Without Parole After His 12 Week-Old Daughter Died After Receiving 8 Vaccinations! Thu, 16 Jan 2014 08:17:34 +0000 On January 15, 2014, Mr. John Sanders was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the murder of his 12 week-old baby daughter, Ja’Nayjah, who died just 24 days after receiving eight vaccinations in one day.

Ja’Nayjah Sanders was born a healthy, normal baby and received routine vaccinations, along with her mother, Marrie, before leaving the hospital. Two days later, at a routine checkup, the doctor told Marrie that her daughter had lost a couple of pounds since her birth and asked her to bring the baby back the next day for tests.

However, believing that her daughter was fine, Marrie decided to ignore the doctor’s advice and wait until her next scheduled appointment, when Ja’Nayjah was scheduled to receive her routine vaccinations.

A Tragic Vaccine Injury

This is a decision Marrie now bitterly regrets, because shortly before her appointment was due, Ja’Nayjah’s health began to deteriorate and she began vomiting continuously. As Marrie was worried about her daughter’s condition, she mentioned this to the doctor at the baby’s appointment.

However, the doctor appeared unconcerned and told Marrie that Ja’Nayjah was probably ‘eating too much.’ Instead of checking the baby over thoroughly, as one would expect, the doctor proceeded to ignore the warning signs that something could be very wrong regarding the health of this child and instead vaccinated the sick baby with the eight vaccinations listed on her vaccination card. These were the triple vaccine, the DTaP; polio; Rotavirus; hepatitis B, meningitis; and the Hib vaccination.

Marrie told VacTruth:

“After Ja’Nayjah came home from receiving her shots, she just wasn’t the same baby anymore. Before, she was this cheerful, happy baby, but after, she just changed and wasn’t as bright and cheerful as she once was. She started wheezing, was congested and was still throwing up. And when she cried, she would scream an unusual scream, almost as [if] she [were] screaming in pain. After her shots, her dad bought some infant Tylenol, which I would give her twice a day.”

However, once again, Marrie decided that she would not bother the doctor because he had told her that babies often become unwell after vaccinations.

This is a myth told to mothers on a daily basis regarding vaccinations, and in my opinion, could not be further from the truth. It stands to reason that if vaccinations were good for a child’s health, they would not cause a healthy baby to become feverish, develop rashes and have fits.

Due to a recent separation from her partner, Marrie decided to visit John with Ja’Nayjah a few weeks later.

Marrie picks up the story:

“The night before we went to see John, Ja’Nayjah was very fussy and was acting irritated. I eventually fed her a bottle and she went to sleep. I woke up the next morning, left Ja’Nayjah, and left her with John. Within an hour of me leaving, I received a text message from John saying the baby stopped breathing and that he was at the hospital. I called him and he told me that she woke up screaming, and when he was in the kitchen making her a bottle, she stopped screaming, and when he returned, she was unresponsive.

When I made it to the hospital, she was unconscious, and after about a hour of being there, we had to be transported to a different hospital where she had the CT Scan and the doctor told me that she looked as if she had been shaken because of the bleeding on her brain. I phoned John, asked him why he shook my baby, and he said that he didn’t.

While at the hospital, she had to have emergency brain surgery and blood transfusions. She died in my arms after spending about 12 hours in the hospital.”

Marrie says that she absolutely believes that John did not shake Ja’Nayjah and that her daughter only became ill after receiving her routine vaccinations. However, despite this fact, John was immediately arrested for killing 12 week-old Ja’Nayjah.

He has since been jailed for life without parole for her murder.

What Did Kill Baby Ja’Nayjah?

So, was John responsible for Ja’Nayjah’s death, or did she suffer a severe adverse reaction to the vaccinations, as suspected by her mother?

Reading through the autopsy report, I noticed it was full of inaccuracies and raises many unanswered questions. On page 1, it states:

“Ja’Nayjah Sanders, a 3 month old female infant, reportedly presented to McLaren Health Center in cardiopulmonary arrest. Following resuscitation, she was transferred to Sparrow Hospital. A CT Scan demonstrated subdural hemorrhaging. During a craniotomy, the brain was noted to be nonpulsatile. Complications of the brain injury with hypoxia developed, including disseminated intravascular coagulation, metabolic acidosis and pneumonia. The child died while hospitalized. The admission to the hospital occurred on 01.04.2013. The baby was pronounced dead at 22.30 hours.

Reportedly, Ja’Nayjah had not been sick in the recent past and had not taken any medications. There were no known birth defects and the child received appropriate well visits. There was no exposure to ill persons or pets in the recent past and the baby did not attend daycare. The mother began prenatal care at 8 weeks of pregnancy. The baby had no health issues when born and the delivery was vaginal. The child was full term. The baby was formula fed with Enfamil. The child reportedly was normal, happy and playful 24 hours before becoming unresponsive. The body temperature at the hospital was 96 degrees. Between 8 o’clock and 9 a.m. on the date of the death, the father reports going to get a bottle for the baby and that while he was filling it, the baby stopped crying so he went over to check why. At that point, he found the baby unresponsive and not breathing. The father of Ja’Nayjah called his uncle; his uncle came over in a car, picked up Mr. Sanders and the baby and drove them to McLaren Hospital in Lansing, Michigan.” (own emphasis)

The coroner’s report certainly does not tie up with what the mother says.

It is clear that this little girl had been ill on both occasions that she had been seen by her doctor. Despite this fact, the doctor failed to examine Ja’Nayjah and had continued to vaccinate her even though she was clearly a sick child.

Interestingly, the autopsy also states:

“Gastrointestinal system: Representative sections obtained from the small and large intestines are free of significant histopathological abnormalities. The very superficial mucosa of the stomach displays early hemorrhage.”

This could mean that this baby had been suffering from some degree of gastritis, which would have accounted for the baby’s continual vomiting and subsequent bleeding in the stomach. [1]

The coroner also reported that Ja’Nayjah’s lungs were congested. This would be in line with Marrie’s report of ‘wheezing and congestion’ observed after her eight vaccinations.

A Different Child’s Name Appears On The Scans

The autopsy report is not the only report to raise serious questions about the way the evidence was gathered and presented to the court. It has since emerged that several of the scans used as evidence to convict Mr. Sanders appear to have a different child’s name on altogether!!! How is this possible?

Are the scans belonging to Ja’Nayjah in another child’s file?

This is gross medical negligence on the part of the hospital and raises many concerns about how this case was prepared for trial.

Did Ja’Nayjah Have An Underlying Medical Condition?

Baby Ja’Nayjah died just 24 days after receiving eight vaccinations in one day.

Baby Ja’Nayjah died just 24 days after receiving eight vaccinations in one day.

Is it possible that Ja’Nayjah was suffering from a vitamin C deficiency? This condition is often brought on by receiving multiple vaccinations.

In 2006, Dr. Michael Innis wrote a paper published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, titled Vaccines, Apparent Life-Threatening Events, Barlow’s Disease, and Questions about Shaken Baby Syndrome, in which he discussed whether or not the unexplained bruising, subdural hemorrhages, and retinal hemorrhages currently being diagnosed as shaken baby syndrome (SBS) is caused not by parents viciously shaking their children, but rather a vitamin C deficiency brought on by multiple vaccines. [2]

His paper discussed two separate cases of babies who became ill shortly after multiple vaccinations. Both children were found to have suffered fractures and bleeds to the brain.

In his discussion, Dr. Innis stated that:

“As far as we are aware, no one has measured the blood levels of vitamin C or histamine in cases of suspected SBS. The possible existence of vitamin C deficiency is therefore hypothesized from clinical, radiological, and other laboratory findings. There are several features, common to both cases, that predispose to or are consistent with a diagnosis of vitamin C deficiency:

1. The mothers had documented nutritional problems and were unwell during their pregnancies.

2. The mothers smoked during their pregnancies, thereby lowering their own and their infants’ vitamin C levels.

3. Both infants were being formula-fed at the time of their illnesses, and the mothers were not advised to give supplemental vitamin C.

4. Both parents reported early evidence consistent with Barlow’s disease: spontaneous bruising in one infant and delayed wound healing in the other.

5. Both infants had deficiencies in essential and nonessential amino acids necessary for the production of normal collagen, which is essential to prevent scurvy.

6. Both infants had evidence of liver dysfunction.

7. Unexplained fractures were recorded in both children.

In addition to the low amino acid levels, the second infant had additional evidence of malnutrition in that the serum albumin, calcium, and hemoglobin levels were all low.

Animal experiments have demonstrated that administration of vitamin C can counter some of the ill effects of nicotine in newborns. This suggests that mothers who smoke may compromise vitamin C levels in their children.”

Dr. Innis has now studied all the paperwork in Ja’Nayjah’s case and he has confirmed that this child had an underlying illness and that vaccinations could have led to her death. An appeal will be launched to release her father from life in prison.

More Evidence Supports The Dangers Of Multiple Vaccinations

It appears that Dr. Innis’s work and research is in line with a paper written by the late Dr. Archie Kalokerinos, M.D., titled Shaken Babies in a section titled The Role Played by Vaccine Administration. He stated:

“I would like to avoid this subject but cannot do so.

It is not a matter of whether vaccines should or should not be used.

It is a matter of – ‘Is there a role for vaccines in the pathogenesis of the Shaken Baby Syndrome?

In several cases (probably a significant number) the final collapse followed within a very short period of a vaccine administration. In the Sally Clark case, this happened with her two babies. She refused to have her third baby (born after she was charged) vaccinated.

There is no doubt, in my mind (and this is based on long experience) that despite advice to the contrary it is not wise to administer vaccines to sick infants—including infants with ‘colds.’ This is because, with infections (including ‘colds’), endotoxin is likely to be produced in the gut in excessive amounts, and liver detoxification processes are likely to be stressed.

Immediately, some practitioners are going to state that in many situations some infants ‘always have colds.’ This applies particularly to groups such as Australian Aborigines. The answer to that is to supplement, first, with vitamin C and zinc. Risks will then be reduced enormously (but not completely).

Mechanisms involved with vaccine administration include excessive endotoxin formation. Knowing this allows one to follow the remainder of the pathway towards the development of the pathologies found in so-called ‘shaken babies.’” (emphasis added)

He concluded that:

“I have no doubt that this ‘shaken baby’ business will eventually be recorded as one of the worst pages in the history of pediatrics. And the saddest part of it all concerns the fact that, while important doctors are busy collecting ‘evidence’ for the prosecution, vital issues that can save many lives are being not only ignored but destroyed with intense hostility.” (emphasis added) [3]

This is an excellent paper in which Dr. Kalokerinos made his view abundantly clear, especially in the sections that I have emphasized.


Despite Marrie’s obvious concerns that her daughter may have suffered from possible vaccine injuries, vaccines were the last things on anyone’s mind when it came to charging and sentencing Mr. Sanders. In fact, absolutely no expert witnesses from any field of medicine was asked to give evidence in Mr. Sanders’ defense. This case was completely one-sided, hinging on weak, flimsy evidence, all of which was completely circumstantial.

The only way that this prosecution team could know for sure that Mr. Sanders shook his baby daughter to death would have been video evidence or a credible eyewitness account. Since there was no video evidence and no eyewitness account, the prosecution’s account and ‘evidence’ should be counted as nothing more than conjecture and hearsay.

Yet again, this case proves that other possible causes for this child’s ill health, including vaccine injuries, were ignored in favor of blame. Mr. John Sanders should be released immediately and then sue this hospital for medical incompetence, medical malpractice and false imprisonment.


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