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Links to Pro Choice Websites:

  1. Robert Scott Bell
  2. The Beginner’s Guide to Natural Living
  3. Stop Calling it Autism
  4. Dr.Tenpenny On Vaccines
  5. Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute
  6. Impossible Cure
  7. Vaccine Fraud
  8. Bob Fiddaman’s Blog
  9. Dr. Tim O’Shea’s The Doctor Within
  10. Exploring Vaccines: Making an Informed Decision
  11. Dr. Renee Tocco’s Blog
  13. The Vaccine Initiative
  15. Classical Homeopathy
  16. MSG Truth
  17. Vaccination News
  18. Holy Hormones
  19. Arnica: Promoting Natural Immunity
  21. Vaccination and Information Choice Network
  22. Dr. Tim O’Shea’s Website: The Doctor Within
  23. Wisconsin Vaccine Information Center
  24. Autism Today Online
  25. Beyond Conformity
  26. Vaccine Safety Website
  27. The Autism Connection
  28. Tracking Vaccinations
  29. New Jersey Vaccination Choice
  30. WHALE
  31. Know Vaccines
  32. Off the Radar
  33. The Informed Parent
  34. The Immunization Awareness Society of New Zealand
  35. Living Wisdom: Australian Vaccination Network
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