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Multiple Deaths Linked to Childhood Vaccines

New evidence suggesting that forty children have died over the past seven years following a routine childhood vaccination. A Freedom of Information (FOI) data request to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA). The FOI data revealed that childhood vaccinations are suspected to have caused deaths, neurological reactions, epilepsy and a coma.

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Do vaccines cause autism?

Do parents trust studies Japanese and British studies showing data proving that vaccines do indeed cause Autism? Or do parents believe the government, who are lap dogs for big pharma, paid to say that vaccines do not cause Autism?

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Epidemic of vaccine suspensions worldwide, as adverse reactions flood in from around the world

This year alone, has seen India suspend the Measles vaccine, the Cervical cancer vaccine and the HIB vaccine, Australia, the Flu vaccine, Sweden, the Swine Flu vaccine along with Finland and the USA, Switzerland and Jordan, the Rotavirus vaccine. What is going on? Last year the world faced a ‘so called’ Pandemic of Swine Flu, this year however, we are faced with an even worse Pandemic of vaccine suspensions.

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