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Time to Say “Enough!”

There comes a time in everyone’s consciousness and life when one realizes that too many things are going off beam and that life is becoming more problematic day by day, especially now when it comes to our health, which probably is our most valued personal possession, and which seems to be undermined in various and […]

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Cow Fetuses Contaminated Vaccines, FDA Did Nothing

Media and public relation campaigns literally portray the U.S. FDA as superheroes. For example, the FDA came to the rescue about E. coli tainted spinach, Chinese-made baby formula containing melamine, and even removing salmonella-laced peanut butter from grocery store shelves. Those aforementioned events ought to be the measuring stick for parents to conceptualize one specific […]

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Vaccine fails to meet US standards

Mark Metherell theage.com.au July 3, 2010 AUSTRALIAN vaccine company CSL is again under scrutiny because of a failure to meet United States manufacturing standards. However, the problems are not linked to the unexplained surge in convulsions among infants vaccinated with its product, regulators say. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has notified CSL of […]

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  • VT
  • July 10, 2010

FDA Gardasil Decision Delayed

NewsInferno 06/17/2010 The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has put off a decision on whether or not it should approve the expanded use of the Gardasil vaccine to older women, ages 27 to 45. The FDA’s decision, which was expected sometime next week, will not come until later this year. Approved in 2006, Gardasil prevents […]

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  • VT
  • June 21, 2010
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