Bombshell TV Show About HPV Vaccines Reveals Cruel Nature of Vaccine Pushers


Those who were in sorrow and pain were ruthlessly attacked by pro-vaccine people who insulted and accused them of telling lies.

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Blood Donations are Potential Biohazard from Those Vaccinated with Gardasil

Gardasil may contaminate

The huge wave of serious adverse conditions after Gardasil vaccination has caused deep concern across the world. However, the suffering may not only be limited to those who are vaccinated. Blood donated from individuals vaccinated with Gardasil may have horrific consequences for the recipients’ health.

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HPV Vaccines Can Kill And They Do!

HPV vaccines have been documented to harm young women.

On every packet of cigarettes sold, there is a warning, Smoking Kills, to deter people from damaging their health by smoking. Governments around the world decided to put this warning on every packet of cigarettes due to the high death rate caused by the toxic effects of nicotine and other additives. It is a great pity…

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Urgent Press Release: NY Assembly Voting to Give Vaccines to Minors Without Parent’s Permission

Big Pharma is trying to make an end around parental permission for giving your child vaccines.

On Monday, May 6, a new bill is to be brought to the New York State Assembly floor which will allow licensed physicians to administer preventative medical care for sexually transmitted diseases, including vaccines to minors without their parent’s permission.

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Serious Allegations against HPV Vaccine Trials Affecting Thousands of Girls Accepted by Supreme Court of India

Girls were involved in a HPV vaccine trial in India.

The petition outlines a series of serious allegations regarding the HPV vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix.

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The American Medical Association Will Soon Be Able To Force People To Enter Experimental Vaccine Trials

Health professionals are questioning vaccine safety.

The American Medical Association (AMA) recently published a paper proposing the introduction of a new law to force you and your children into experimental vaccine trials against your wishes. Your only way out of this directive would be to sign an ‘opt out form.’ In January, the AMA published a paper by Susanne Sheehy, BM…

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Interview Reveals DNA Fragments Discovered 6 Months After Vaccination


This interview reveals how DNA fragments were discovered 6 months after a young woman was vaccinated.

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Gardasil Vaccine rDNA Introduced at Coroner’s Inquest

More investigations are needed on the harm vaccines can inflict on the body.

According to testimony presented before a coroner’s inquest, “residual HPV DNA fragments from the viral gene or plasmid injected with Gardasil®” have been found six months after that vaccination (series) was given to a teenager who died in her sleep of unknown and unexplained causes.

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Gardasil May Cause Cancer

When we see the term “cancer vaccine” in connection with the HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccine Gardasil we may naturally assume that it prevents cervical cancer, yet there is no evidence whatsoever that this is the case.

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Repeal HPV Vaccine for Girls—Not a Dream: Commonwealth of Virginia House of Delegates Passed Such a Bill

Finally some legislators have come to their senses about the obviously dangerous HPV vaccines!

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