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It is official, the Flu Vaccine has been listed as a Category C drug!

By VT / July 10, 2010

Christina England American Chronicle 07/04/2010 That is right, the American public are being encouraged by the FDA and CDC to inject their tiny babies aged 2 months, with a vaccine, that has been identified as being listed as a Category C drug. This devastating news was exposed by Richard Gale and Dr Gary Null in […]


CDC: GBS risk similar for H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines

By VT / June 4, 2010

Lisa Schnirring CIDRAP 06/02/2010 The risk for the paralytic condition called Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) in people who received pandemic H1N1 influenza vaccine was about the same as the risk among those who receive seasonal flu shots, according to preliminary findings released today by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). GBS is a […]


Agony of doctor’s receptionist paralysed by swine flu jab

By VT / February 1, 2010

By Sophie Borland Daily Mail 01st February 2010 A receptionist at a GP’s surgery has been left unable to walk properly after having the swine flu jab. Alison Dygnas, who as an NHS worker was advised to have the vaccination, also experienced the paralysis in her face, had slurred speech and found eating difficult. Doctors […]


Miscarriage prompts halt to flu jabs

By VT / January 31, 2010

Ministry denies link, launches an inquiry Bangkok Post 01/29/2010 H1N1 flu vaccinations among pregnant women have been suspended after a woman who received a jab lost her baby to miscarriage a day later. The Public Health Ministry yesterday denied any link between the vaccinations and the foetal death, but as a precaution suspended flu shots […]


Swiss warn on flu vaccine with autoimmune disease

By VT / January 22, 2010

. . . Sam Cage Reuters ZURICH (Reuters) – Switzerland’s medical regulator recommended patients with serious autoimmune diseases should not use an H1N1 flu vaccine from Novartis, saying there were no studies assessing the innoculation in that population. Swissmedic said on Wednesday it could not be ruled out that either or both of the adjuvant […]


Stillbirth heartbreak after swine flu jab

By VT / January 22, 2010

Staff Reporter The Standard Thursday, January 21, 2010 A 37-year-old woman’s child was stillborn on Tuesday – just weeks after she received a vaccination against human swine flu (H1N1). The woman was 28 weeks’ pregnant when she was admitted to Tuen Mun Hospital after she reported decreased fetal movement and no heart sound could be […]


Red Bluff man loses his driver’s license after flu shot

By VT / January 5, 2010

. . . Tang Lor Contra Costa Times 01/04/10 With a number of people getting flu shots all sorts of side effects and reactions have been reported, but most people don’t end up losing their driver’s license because of a flu shot. Red Bluff resident Robert Roof claims the shot is what triggered a series […]


Demand down for swine flu shots

By VT / December 31, 2009

. . . By Josh Goldstein Karen Williams had tried to get her twins, Liam and Declan, immunized against the swine flu virus as soon as they were old enough, but a Burlington County clinic in November was postponed for lack of the vaccine. So yesterday, Williams arrived with her 8-month-old boys an hour […]


Child Assaulted by His Teacher for Giving Out Vaccination Information

By VT / December 18, 2009

. . . Christina England 12/18/09 ( Robert, a young student from Breckenridge, says that he was physically assaulted by his Principle when he tried to give other students vaccine information fliers at school. He says that all he tried to do was give out information to students lining up for their swine flu […]

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