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DDT and the Polio Fallout

By Eric Durak / February 2, 2018

There’s always a member of your family who you truly love. Who you wish you could spend more time with, and who treated you with so much love in return that you just couldn’t get enough of them. That was my Aunt Gerry. When I was a small guy growing up in Lansing, Michigan, she […]

7 Trivia Facts About Polio

By Jeffry John Aufderheide / June 3, 2012

When talking about vaccines, have you ever heard the knee-jerk question, “What about polio?” Here I discuss 7 trivia facts for readers to investigate further about polio and question the motives of those who would profit from vaccines and disease.

Belgian Court Rules AGAINST Compulsory Vaccination

By Catherine J. Frompovich / April 28, 2011

The Belgium court at Tournai recently ruled in favor of individual human rights when it rescinded Belgium’s long-time mandatory polio vaccination law. That is a rather bold concession to and enforcement of individual human rights especially since the World Health Organization (WHO) in May 1974 initiated its Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) to vaccinate all […]

Part II: Rockefeller Vaccine Secret Revealed

By Jeffry John Aufderheide / August 18, 2010

Many people understand the Rockefellers, along with corporate interests, manipulate the United States money supply through the private Federal Reserve Bank. The Rockefeller Institution also had heavy influence pushing through a vaccine as the only answer to the false-flag polio epidemic.

New Tajik Polio Outbreak Prompts Swift Measures From Moscow

By VT / May 30, 2010

Bruce Pannier 05/29/2010 The reemergence of an old disease in Tajikistan has led to an outbreak of a “polio war” between Moscow and Dushanbe. The dispute erupted after news emerged in April that the viral disease, which primarily spreads in areas with poor sanitation and can cause paralysis within hours of contraction, had returned […]

Polio eradication campaign uncovers 89,999 cases of acute flaccid paralysis worldwide

By VT / May 17, 2010

Norma Erickson Examiner 05/15/2010 There were 1,606 cases of polio caused by wild poliovirus in 2009, according to the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report issued yesterday by the CDC. This number is down from the 1988 estimate of 350,000 polio cases. This reduction is indeed a remarkable accomplishment in the global health arena. According to the […]

Exposure to Polio Vaccine Through Aerial Vaccines and Nano Delivery Systems

By VT / May 11, 2010

Hildegarde Staninger, Ph.D., © Sept. 9, 2009 Presented at the NREP 2009 Virtual Conference, Des Plaines, IL Oct. 5 & 6, 2009 ABSTRACT: The use of adenoviral protein envelopes as specific immunization and nano gene delivery systems has been observed in an individual, who was never vaccinated for polio or had parents who were vaccinated. […]

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