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Penn and Teller kick out at anti vaccine lobby

By Christina England, BA Hons / August 18, 2010

In a recently released video ‘Penn and Teller Bullshit – Vaccination’, the pair of magicians Penn and Teller, use their usual male chauvinistic and pratt like abilities, to go all out to prove to the world that vaccines are safe, that they have eradicated illnesses, that they are super efficient and any parent who does not want to inject their little darlings, with a syringe full of poison, is being totally irresponsible.


Breastfed babies less feverish after vaccination

By VT / May 24, 2010 05/10/2010 Breastfeeding protects babies from fever that is seen after routine immunisations. Its common for an infant to have some fever soon after immunisation. The immune system of the babies responds with local (pain, redness, swelling) and systemic (fever, decreased appetite) reactions after vaccination. Post-vaccination fever is usually mild and of short duration. Nonetheless, […]


A spoonful of sugar ‘helps the vaccination go down’

By VT / May 13, 2010

Kate Devlin Telegraph 05/13/2010 Doctors found that giving children a small amount of sugar before an injection made them much less likely to cry. They suggest that the sweet substance should be used before children are given vaccinations, many of which they receive while they are still infants. Previous studies have suggested that sugary solutions […]


Activists: Uzbekistan orders forced sterilizations

By VT / March 2, 2010

Yahoo News MOSCOW – An independent think-tank and a rights group in Uzbekistan claim that authorities have instructed health workers to surgically sterilize women as part of a government campaign to reduce the birth rate in the authoritarian ex-Soviet nation. The Expert Working Group claimed Tuesday that a Health Ministry decree has ordered doctors to […]


FDA Rejects Caterpillar Vaccine

By VT / November 25, 2009

The shot, called FluBlok, is produced in less than two months by inserting flu genes into an insect virus and growing it in caterpillar ovary cells.