Epic Response to Jennifer Hibben-White’s Rant About Unvaccinated Children


  My open letter to Jennifer Hibben-White: I feel your concern that your son may have been exposed to measles. However, I am angry! I’m angry as hell that you blame the unvaccinated people for this exposure. Your words: “I won’t get angry at or blame the person in the waiting room. I would have…

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The Scary Facts Most Parents Don’t Know About Vaccine Injury Compensation


Vaccine injures and adverse reactions are massively under-reported, as admitted by the Centers for Disease Control. Estimates show that only one to ten percent of vaccine injuries and deaths are actually filed with the government. In the United States, the government has created a database to keep track of hundreds of kinds of reactions to…

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New Study Discovers Cause of Autism

Doctor banging his head realizing a mistake

Researchers will examine any possible cause to explain the growing incidence of autism in children, so they don’t have to study the real culprit: vaccines.

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Father Jailed For Life Without Parole After His 12 Week-Old Daughter Died After Receiving 8 Vaccinations!


On January 15, 2014, Mr. John Sanders was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the murder of his 12 week-old baby daughter, Ja’Nayjah, who died just 24 days after receiving eight vaccinations in one day.

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Seven Year-Old Vaccine-Injured Boy Refused Compensation For Not Being Disabled Enough


On September 25, 2013, the Daily Mail reported that seven year-old Josh Hadfield had been refused compensation by the UK government, despite being left with severe narcolepsy after receiving the swine flu vaccine in 2010.

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Dangerous Vaccines Found to Cause Symptoms of Shaken Baby Syndrome

Parents are falsely accused of shaking their baby.

Over the years, parents have more and more commonly been blamed of child abuse if their child is diagnosed with the “triad” of injuries associated with Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) after receiving a vaccine. The “triad” includes bleeding inside the brain, bleeding behind the eyes and swelling or inflammation of the brain.

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This Group of Revolutionary Mothers Is Helping Save Children from Dangerous Vaccines


Children are being injured by the toxins in the vaccines. This group of revolutionary mothers is taking action.

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Vaccination – A Very Personal Decision. Are You Informed?

Vaccination is a very personal choice and may not be appropriate for all children.

You are about to become a parent. Soon your baby will be injected with neurotoxins and other preservatives, and their immune system will be challenged to its core. If you aren’t lucky, you may experience what other parents in your situation have experienced: a vaccine-injured child…

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False Accusations of Child Abuse After Vaccine Induced Injuries Destroys Families

Vaccine injuries destroy families.

There are a growing number of parents who have been falsely accused of child abuse. Many of these cases only occur after parents mention that their child first became ill after they received a routine vaccination.

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The Games Grown Men Play

Medical professionals play games with children's lives.

Why is government protecting Big Pharma and vaccine makers instead of innocent children?

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