Roll up, roll up, get your HPV vaccine and take your chances.

Christina England
American Chronicle
September 22, 2009

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All around the world young women are rolling up their sleeves and taking a gamble with their lives by having either the Gardasil or the Cervarix vaccine. The Governments and Pharmaceutical industries are promising these girls immunity against cervical cancer without warning them of the possible dangers. They continue to get rich, as young girls around the world get sick.

So what are the facts? ICAP International Coalition of Advocates for the People, have been working for several months on these very issues. What they have discovered is almost too frightening to contemplate. The injuries and deaths from Gardasil and Cervarix is almost reaching an epidemic proportion.

In the UK, Cervarix has been used for a year now, there have been over 2000 adverse reactions and over 4000 suspected adverse reactions, with 10 of these so serious, that their families are suing Glaxo Smith Kline, the manufacturer of the vaccine.

In the article New HPV Vaccine Making Girls In UK Sick — Susan Brinkmann in The Bulletin it is reported that:-

“A new cervical cancer vaccine, dubbed the “promiscuity jab” in the UK, is responsible for more than 2,000 complaints since the government began administering it to female teens last year. The same drug is currently under consideration by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in the U.S.”

In the Sunday Express this week Lucy Johnson reported similar statistics.

“Last week, health watchdog the Medicines Healthcare Regulatory Authority published figures showing 2000, schoolgirls had suffered 4000 suspected adverse reactions to the Cervarix vaccine. More than a million girls have been given the jab which is offered as they enter their teens”

The adverse reactions that parents are reporting are seizures, paralysis, blurred vision, severe headaches and the loss of feeling in parts of their body said Jackie Fletcher from JABS a support group for victims of adverse reactions and their families, when she spoke to the Daily Telegraph

With the Gardasil vaccine, it seems the problem is even worse. Members of ICAP have spoken to hundreds of families whose children have been injured by these vaccines. Freda Birrell one of three representatives of the UK representing Scotland was so incensed by what she has learned, she has taken the brave step of standing up and speaking out for the young women injured and their families. She has been to the Scottish Parliament and also the UK Government with her concerns on both Cervarix and Gardasil. Armed with bundles of paper, documents and family testimonials she has protested very strongly, showing both Governments the truth of what is happening.

Not only was Birrell one of two UK representatives to write a report that went to 13 top German Scientists at the Robert Roche Institute when they themselves raised concerns over these vaccines with the German Government, but she has recently compiled in her spare time, three papers specifically on Gardasil. The first is a letter to Dr Margaret Hamburg, MD Commissioner Food and Drug Administration explaining in full what she has uncovered through her evidence and research. The Second is a document called Gardasil and how it has affected the lives of young Americans women and their families introducing many of the girls injured and who are now sick and disabled through having the Gardasil vaccination. The third document is probably the most poignant of the three and is a memorial to lives lost. This outlines in full small stories with photos of the girls who have died after they have had Gardasil. It is called A Memorial to those who have died All three documents are written very sensitively and with full permission from their families outlining many tragic stories of young lives destroyed. Freda is very dedicated and passionate and believes that these tragedies must end.

Freda herself said to the American Chronicle :-

“To take such a severe reaction within a very short period of time after vaccination is not “coincidental”, its the body telling you that something serious is going on. I stress that the same symptoms are occurring in America and other parts of the world after the Gardasil vaccination – so if all these illnesses are coincidental, many of them with similar symptoms, then there must be some strange virus attacking our young people and the weird thing is, these illnesses are always occurring after they have been vaccinated with the HPV vaccine. Now that does seem strange doesnt it?”

Freda also made these same comments to the Labour Government. She spent all the time and effort she did compiling these documents in memory of Megan her friend Karen’s daughter who sadly died after having the Gardasil vaccine.

Megan’s story can be found on the Memorial document.

Helping Freda Birrell to compile these documents were Rosemary Mathis (North Carolina), Bert Boyce (North Carolina), Leslie Botha (Colorado) and Karen Maynor (New Mexico) .

All these documents and articles are a strong indication that these vaccinations are dangerous and can in some young women cause them to suffer adverse reactions.

Diane Harper an expert who worked on the trials for both

HPV vaccines said:-

“The majority of them actually occur in what we call the biologically plausible time frame. Up till about 42 days is the time frame in which if there was something that was going to happen it could be attributed potentially to the vaccine and that’s where these cases are happening.”

This is included in A shot in the dark ?

The FDA say however “Based on the review of available information by FDA and CDC, Gardasil continues to be safe and effective, and its benefits continue to outweigh its risks.” So confident are they that they have now approved it’s use in males. In FDA panel approves Gardasil HPV vaccine for males, and competing Cervarix may hit the shelves soon Katherine Harman writes:-

“Despite the male-market bump, Gardasil will likely face new competition on the female side. An FDA advisory panel also voted today that Cervarix—another HPV vaccine, made by GlaxoSmithKline PLC—is safe and prevents infection in girls.”

Advertising for both the vaccines hit an all time high around the world. With both vaccines in a head to head. the Cervarix commercial slogan is ‘Arm against cervical cancer’. Whereas the Gardasil Commercial slogan is ‘One Less’.

With 42 suspected deaths following the Gardasil vaccination this leaves me baffled to what their message is really, saying. As our girls roll up their sleeves and go to have their HPV vaccination according to the evidence that is now emerging, they may well be taking the gamble as to whether they will be another statistic on the VAERS adverse reactions reporting system this year.

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Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of the website he promotes well-educated pediatricians, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.

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