How safe are HPV Vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix? The conflicting evidence which does not add up

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Due to news that has since come to light, a correction needs to be made to a previous article I wrote. British girl dies after Cervarix jab and joins the HPV vaccine death toll It has now been revealed that little Natalie Morton who had indeed died within hours of having the Cervarix HPV vaccine, did in fact have an underlying illness that was unknown. A few days after the incident a post mortem revealed that she died of a large cancerous tumour in her chest. Her father had said in one report before this emerged that his daughters death was a mystery.

In Daily Telegraph – Cervical cancer vaccinations programmes paused after Natalie Morton’s death indicated however that the child had appeared seemingly healthy.

“Natalie´s step-father Andrew Bullock said the news of her death was “raw and sudden”. The schoolgirl had been looking forward to a half-term cruise with the school around the Mediterranean.

Rumours that she suffered from epilepsy were denied by the school´s chaplain, Father Paul Messam: “I have seen Natalie’s file and there is nothing on it to suggest that she had any underlying health problems.”

In the Daily Mail at the time it was reported:-

“About an hour after having the jab Natalie went really pale and wasn’t breathing. I think it was around lunchtime. She fainted in the corridor. I saw ambulance men pumping her chest then the teachers told us to go outside. A lot of people were crying afterwards and we were all very worried.”

It would be unusual for a child suffering such advance stages of cancer not to have suffered some symptoms, however, it appears at the time of the first reports this child did not.

The question as to why she died very shortly after the Cervarix vaccine is still a mystery and is being put down to shear coincidence.

However, a few days after Natalie was reported to be fit and healthy by her step father, he seemed to change his direction and reported to the Daily Mailthe following:-

“Stepfather Andrew Bullock said Natalie, who attended Blue Coat CofE School, in Coventry, had been ‘poorly for some time’.

She had been to see her GP several times and investigations into a mystery illness had been under way, he said.”

If this is true, then why was it ever agreed for her to have the vaccine in the first place, especially at school? This raises the question, are school a safe environment for children to have vaccines and are school nurses equipped to deal with emergences should they occur.?

Although Natalie’s death has not now been related to the vaccine, many parents in the UK are not so sure that these seemingly coincidental unrelated incidences, of children becoming desperately ill after Cervarix, are so coincidental as Glaxo Smith Kilne and the Department of Health are claiming. One such parent is the parent of Stacey Jones. Again, Stacey was a healthy girl who has suddenly become so brain damaged she has had to go into a rehabilitation unit to reteach her basic skills.

The Telegraph -Parents of brain damaged teenager blame cervical cancer jab — Laura Donnelly reports:-

“The parents of the teenager, from Bilston in the West Midlands, are convinced that the vaccination, in March, triggered swelling in the brain, which has been diagnosed as the cause of her neurological problems.

Julie and Kerry Jones say that as a result, their “happy-go-lucky ” girl became paranoid and violent, leaving her family in despair.

Stacey’s parents insist that more must be done to investigate whether their daughter’s symptoms could have been triggered by the vaccination programme.

When the teenager became increasingly emotional in the weeks following her first two jabs, in November and January, her parents thought their easy-going daughter was finally succumbing to adolescent moodswings. But within four days of her third and final injection in March of this year, Stacey suffered an epileptic seizure, followed by 17 more in the following week.

The fits continued for months, while the teenager became increasingly disturbed and psychotic, hearing voices and making murderous threats.”

Stacey’s doctors say her illness was caused by a swelling to the brain and have given parents no explanation as to why this happened.

Epilepsy or epileptic type seizures, are a common side effect, reported after the USA HPV vaccine Gardasil. So often has it been reported in fact that Merck decided in June to change the leaflets to include these seizure like occurrences in the side-effects.

Due to the high volume of reports of young girls fainting and having ‘non epileptic’ seizures after the Gardasil vaccine, Merck have conceded to include these side effects to their packaging and labelling as from 9th June 2009.

Information Pertaining to Labelling Revision for Gardasil

This minor change has taken the drug giants Merck three whole years to put into place, although fainting was included in the small print in 2007. Merck have stated that these seizures are not epileptic in nature, however, even they have to admit that a faint followed by tonic-clonic movement and seizure like activity, which ever way they dress it up, is really saying in the broad sense, a child could have a ‘Grand Mal; type seizure’ after having a Gardasil vaccination. Many girls have gone on to be diagnosed as epileptic after having Gardasil vaccines. Girls like Katherine Kimzey a 14-year-old girl who experienced headaches, fainting, and stiff joints after receiving the second shot of her three-dose Gardasil vaccine battery. A few weeks later, Katherine had a seizure and was eventually diagnosed with epilepsy. Katherine is one girl of many who has encountered a serious adverse reaction after receiving Gardasil.

Other girls in the UK have reported epileptic seizures. Ashleigh Cave has had a couple since being in hospital, although hers was put down to a chest infection.

Carley Steele now has blackouts, since her Cervarix vaccine.

Paige Brennan also has had seizure, her mother says:-

“She was “perfectly normal” until she came home from school with a headache. Within hours she was having seizures and ended up in intensive care.”

Carley Steele now has blackouts. her mother says :-

“And that’s when the blackouts started,’ says Amanda. Several times she found Carly collapsed after what she described as a ‘split-second blackout’.”

Petit Mal seizures perhaps?

In each case doctors have blamed other reasons for these seizures and blackouts but in all cases these children only started to have the problems after the Cervarix vaccination.

It is usual for parents to have to give consent to have their daughters vaccinated with HPV vaccines however in the UK it emerged that their daughters can now decide for themselves That is right, the Department of Health guidelines state that your child can decide for themselves. The Daily Mail — The worries over the cervical cancer jab and the questions that must be answered — Barbara Davies states:-

“According to Department of Health guidelines, the decision over whether or not to have the jab lies with the patient, whatever her age, if she is deemed capable of making the decision by her GP or school nurse.

One leaflet sent out by schools poses the hypothetical question: ‘What if my daughter wants the vaccination but, as her parents, we’d rather she didn’t have it?’ The answer reads: ‘The decision is legally hers as long as she understands the issues in giving consent, but the nurse would much rather have your permission as well.'”

Of course this leads to teachers being able to persuade young impressionable girls that the HPV vaccine is safe and the right thing to do, to prevent them from getting cervical cancer. This will be done, no doubt. with the back up with gruesome films on cervical cancer, supplied most probably by either Glaxo Smith Kline the manufacturer of Cervarix or Dept of Health.

We are told the HPV virus, which is a sexually transmitted disease leads to cervical cancer. In some cases this is true, the HPV virus can lead to cervical cancer.The problem is there are 100 different strains of the HPV virus. Gardasil protects against only 4 of these and Cervarix protects against only 2. So how effective are the vaccines?

The CDC says according to PROVE — Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education the following:-

“The CDC says there are more than 100 strains or types of HPV and over 30 strains are sexually transmitted. [5] Yet the vaccine under consideration for mandate covers only 4 strains . [6] About 30% of cervical cancers can´t be prevented by the vaccine , so women will still need regular cervical cancer screenings. [7].”

In the UK in May at a Parliamentry debate on Cevarix, Dawn Primaralo the then Health Minister, stated 400 deaths are caused by cervical cancer every year in the UK. Now, suddenly since the vaccine has been in use for a year and the adverse reactions mount, that number has risen to 1000 deaths a year in the UK which the Daily Mail states on 3rd October 2009. This is backed up in the NHS guidelines leaflet,which is worrying as this means that since the vaccine has been in use deaths of cervical cancer has actually risen a staggering 150%.

For the USA the CDC state that in the last 40 years the number of cases of cervical cancer and deaths from cervical cancer has actually decreased. So why the sudden urgent need for a vaccine at all? If deaths are decreasing without a vaccine is there any point to having possible side effects from a vaccine that you do not need?

CDC Cervical Cancer Statistics

“Cervical cancer used to be the leading cause of cancer death for women in the United States. However, in the past 40 years, the number of cases of cervical cancer and the number of deaths from cervical cancer have decreased significantly. This decline largely is the result of many women getting regular Pap tests, which can find cervical precancer before it turns into cancer.”

The NHS Direct leaflet is equally fascinating.


“Human papilloma virus (HPV) is the name for a family of viruses that affect your skin and the moist membranes lining your body; for example, in your cervix, anus, mouth and throat. This family of viruses includes more than 100 types.

Around 40 types of HPV infection can affect the genital area. These are classed as high risk and low risk.”

Cervarix however, only tackles 2 of these types 16 and 18.

“Cancer of the cervix usually takes 10-20 years to develop. In the UK, more than 1,000 women die from cervical cancer each year.”

Two questions here.

1) Where did Dawn Primaralo get the figure of 400 deaths?

2)If this vaccine has only been tested for 7 years as stated by Diane Harper Daily Mail then how does anyone know if the vaccine even works at all? Even those in the vaccine trials have to wait another three years to find out if the vaccine works.

Daily Mail on 30th September 2009 Cervical cancer jab girl died from unrelated chest tumour as researcher calls vaccine plan a ‘mass experiment’.

“Dr Harper, of the University of Missouri-Kansas, who was involved in the clinical trials of Cervarix, believes it should have been tested for another four years before being introduced in Britain.

Concerns: Prof Harper claims the vaccine needs more testing

Patient trials have only been running for seven and a half years – not long enough to show whether it continues protecting women into their late 20s and 30s, she said.”

Her concerns match those raised in the document the Presentation of advisory report Vaccination against cervical cancer from the health Council of the Netherlands to the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport


Vaccination protects against persistent infection and the precursors of cervical cancer

The initial effect of vaccination is favourable: vaccination leads to the formation of antibodies against the target hrHPVs and thus to protection against infection by those hrHPVs. This in turn brings about a major short-term reduction in the incidence of the precursors of cervical cancer. It is known that the development of such precursors is a prerequisite for the subsequent development of the cancer. Vaccination against cervical cancer itself. However, whether vaccination does in fact protect against cervical cancer will not be known for many years to come.”

Then it states:-

“It is not yet clear whether booster vaccinations will be needed

The duration of the protection afforded by vaccination has yet to be determined.It is known, however, that high antibody levels persist for at least five years and that immunological memory is created. Protection is required, however, for several decades. The possibility that re-vaccination will be needed in order to provide such prolonged protection cannot be excluded at the present time.”

It carries on

“Although the available data provide an incomplete picture of the effectiveness of HPV vaccination, they are sufficient to support the expectation of significant health benefit: vaccination leads to fewer infections and thus to a reduced incidence of the precursors of cervical cancer. We may therefore move on to the next criterion. Thus, this chapter of the report considers whether vaccination might have any adverse effects that offset the attainable health benefit.

Although the trials so far conducted have involved the administration of HPV vaccine to thousands of women (nearly 12,000 have been given Gardasil and more than 16,000 Cervarix),the numbers are small compared with those that would be involved in general vaccination. If vaccination were made available to all twelve-year-old girls in the Netherlands,that would mean treating roughly 100,000 young people a year. Certainty regarding the vaccine´s safety and insight into any rare side-effects that it might have are therefore very important.”

So obviously after reading this document, what Diane Haper is saying, is 100% correct and this is all a mass experiment and the results are yet to be determined.

The NHS direct leaflet carries on

“HPV infection is transmitted through skin-to-skin contact. Genital HPV infection is transmitted through sexual contact and it is very common. The viruses that cause it can be present all over the area around your genitals and your anus.”

This could translate to, HPV can be caught through skin to skin contact, that could be touching intimate areas, holding hands, kissing, contact sport, even giving birth, the list is endless, all these skin to skin contacts are not necessarily sexual and we have been led to believe that HPV is a sexually transmitted disease.

“You can be infected with more than one type of HPV. Most women have HPV infection at some time during their lives without it causing harm. Your immune system usually gets rid of it.”

If most women have it at some time in their life without causing them any harm and your immune system can get rid of it naturally, why the need for a vaccination?

“The trials also showed that the vaccine protects against these two types of HPV in children and teenagers aged 9-15. The JCVI discussed vaccinating boys as well as girls, but decided that it would not be cost effective in preventing cervical cancer.”

If HPV is a sexually transmitted disease, then how have the trials shown that the vaccine protects against the two types of HPV in children and teenagers aged 9-15 as they should not have it anyway?

“Before considering vaccination, you should tell your GP if the person to be vaccinated has:

a condition that makes them bleed more than normal, for example, thrombocytopaenia, or

a weakened immune system, for example, due to a genetic defect or HIV infection.

As with any medicine or vaccine, you should not use HPV vaccine if your child:

is allergic to any of its ingredients,has had an allergic reaction to a previous dose of the vaccine, or is suffering from an illness with a high fever.

However, there is no reason to delay vaccination if your child has a mild fever or infection, such as the common cold.”

This is where the real problems in the UK begin.Children are being vaccinated who have illness, blood clotting disorders, lowered immune systems and who have had reactions to previous vaccines.

Ashleigh Cave had a blood clotting disorder, a genetic condition and a possible lowered immune system and Rebecca Ramagge went on to have second and third vaccine despite reacting to vaccines one and two. She is now like Ashleigh is in a wheelchair.

In fact girls who are deciding not to carry on with course of three vaccines are being threatened Mike Adams – Natural News reports this, being said to classmates of Natalie, who were understandably a little reluctant tp carry on with vaccines.

“Not surprisingly, some of Natalie’s classmates are now concerned about the safety of the vaccine:”

“We have to have three of the jabs in all and a lot of us don’t want to take the rest, but they’re telling us we have to because there will be side effects if we don’t have them all.”

Mike Adams continued,

“Did you catch that? Even after killing one of their classmates, medical doctors are still lying to these girls, telling them that if they don’t continue with all three vaccines, they will have more side effects. This, of course, is an outright lie. But it’s par for the course when it comes to vaccines.”

Although Mike is extremely straightforward and direct in his article, he does say this is in his opinion.

He is not the only doctor to have grave concerns over the HPV vaccines.

Dr Richard Halvorsen told the Mail

“The tragic irony for Natalie was that the injection may have triggered a reaction far more lethal than any future, distant threat of a comparatively rare disease.

And this exposes a fundamental problem about the Government’s growing obsession with vaccinating children and teenagers.

We have to be absolutely sure that the medical and political establishment’s growing reliance on vaccines does not ultimately do more harm than good.

As a doctor, I have been concerned for some time about this issue. I should stress that I am not in any way opposed to vaccinations.

Indeed I run an immunisation clinic which offers a wide range of vaccines as a protection against various diseases. But I am increasingly disturbed by the lack of any debate either about long-term vaccine safety or about the excessive influence of commercial interests.

Contrary to what Government officials and pharmaceutical giants pretend, the health of future generations could be compromised if we are not allowed to question this official fixation with mass vaccination.

In the research for my recent book on this subject, I discovered that not only are inoculations being introduced with less and less research on their safety, but, just as worryingly, they are being promoted for diseases which do not represent a widespread danger to the public.

The cervical cancer jab that Natalie Morton was given shortly before she collapsed is a classic case in point.

For all the hysteria that the Government and big business generated in support of the vaccine programme for teenage girls, cervical cancer only comes in 19th place on the list of cancers that kill women in modern Britain.”

However, this was the press statement from GSK on the death of Natalie Morton on 29th September

“Fatality reported in UK HPV vaccine immunisation programme

Tuesday 29 September, London UK GSK was notified by the UK´s Department of Health on Monday 28 September of the death of a 14 year old girl, Natalie Morton, who was vaccinated at a school in Coventry with GSK´s cervical cancer vaccine, Cervarix, as part of the national HPV immunisation programme.

Dr Pim Kon, Medical Director, GlaxoSmithKline UK said: “Our deepest sympathies are with the family and friends of the young girl.

“At this stage the cause of this tragic death is unknown. Following immediate quarantine of the batch involved last night, we have taken the decision to voluntarily recall this batch as a further precautionary measure while the investigation into the circumstances surrounding Natalie´s death is conducted.

“We are liaising with the authorities to ensure that all healthcare professionals and school nurses are made aware of this action.

GSK will continue to work closely with the Department of Health and MHRA and do everything we can to support the investigation.”

The batch being recalled is AHPVA043BB, which will be tested as part of the investigation. Other batches of the vaccine remain available and are not affected by this recall.

More than 1.4 million doses of Cervarix have been given as part of the national immunisation programme in the UK.

To date the vast majority of suspected adverse reactions reported to MHRA in association with Cervarix vaccine have related either to the signs and symptoms of recognised side effects listed in the product information or were due to the injection process and not the vaccine itself.

GlaxoSmithKline — one of the world´s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies — is committed to improving the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer. For further information please visit”

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Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of the website he promotes well-educated pediatricians, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.