CEO of vaccine company gives presentation on product pipeline and relationships with CDC and academia

Jeffry John AufderheideJeffry John Aufderheide

( How many times have you pondered wondered what the intimate picture of the world of vaccines and pharmacology look like? VACTRUTH has received a video of the CEO of a local Colorado vaccine company that is giving a rather candid presentation on its humble beginnings.

The acoustic and visual quality of the video is rather poor. However, this engaging piece of evidence is merely a drop in the bucket compared to the likes of GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Sanofi Pasteur, and Merck. In the beginning minutes one will clearly see the intimate relationship between the Center for the Disease Control, academia, off shore manufacturing, private sector funding, and ambitions to likely vaccinate vast hundreds of millions of men, women and children.

I won’t play much of a spoiler, but suffice to mention somewhere in the presentation are plans to put genes from the (Yersinia pestis) Plague and smallpox into a single vaccine. Is this a good strategy? I have no idea.

This is called a recombinant vaccine or recombinant vaccine technology. FDA oversight will likely be scant as the manufacturing of the vaccine will likely appear to be taking place in India. I almost forgot about the part about the World Health Organization and GAVI…. oh yeah, no spoiling!

Most importantly, this video is incredibly relevant to the socio-political climate surrounding the current influenza and H1N1 vaccine debate. According to a company press release in June,

“Based on its ongoing avian influenza vaccine research, Inviragen is designing vaccines to protect against multiple influenza strains, including seasonal influenza and the recently emerged H1N1 influenza strain……Inviragen will leverage its success in designing avian influenza vaccines to identify vaccine candidates that protect against pandemic and seasonal influenza viruses.”

I am sure the folks at the CDC and Inviragen have the best intentions. Keep in mind Inviragen is a small fish in a big ocean, for now. The blatant conflicts of interest between government (Center for Disease Control), research and development, funding, and manufacturing must be put into the proper light so all may make better informed decisions.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the presentation, folks. The full version is coming soon…

Full Version

CEO of vaccine company gives presentation on product pipeline and relationships with CDC and academia from VACTRUTH on Vimeo.

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