Two-Month-Old Babies Now Being Used as Guinea Pigs for the H1N1 Vaccine in Norway

The world’s youngest with vaccine stab

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Published: 18.nov.2009 07:17
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“The two-month-old girl who lives in Minde is one of 60 Norwegian children aged 8 to 12 weeks that will now get the vaccine. It is also planned that 14 other bergen babies will be part of the experiment.

Vaccine experts want to map both the efficacy and side effects of the vaccine so that even the smallest can be included in massvaccination programme. Research Post on Children Clinic at Haukeland University Hospital has been given responsibility for conducting testing.

Stab in the thigh
No babies like to be vaccinated. So it is with Lykke Larimar Wiencke-Lygre. Although she is too young to understand, screaming she already iltert before intensive care nurse Hildur Grindheim put the syringe in his thigh.

Her parents, Hilda Beate Lygre and Fredrik Wiencke, follows both the daughter of vaccination on Children Clinic.

They say that the advance was little doubt they would say yes to their little girl would be to test. But after talking with both health nurse, who follows up Good luck, and the doctor, they said yes.

– We found that Succeed risk of becoming ill from the vaccine is less than the risk that she will get the flu, says her mother.

Feel safe
The parents also think it is reassuring to ensure close follow-up that comes with testing.

Even before Lykke was vaccinated yesterday, she had to take several blood tests including checking that she was well at the first injection spot.

Until she is 11 months, she will regularly be followed up by staff at the Children’s Clinic. In four months, she returned to Children’s Clinic to take new vaccine dose. New blood tests have also to measure the effect of the vaccine.

Home has Good Lykkes brother Carl August in six years. He is an active first grader at Memorial School. He’s already been vaccinated because he is at risk.

– We have also received the vaccine. Therefore, it is nice that the little sister has been given the opportunity to be protected against the infection already, “says the parents.

The family also love to travel. The first road trip of Lykke is the United States in February.

– We would at least like her to be vaccinated before we left. But she would not become old enough to fill the public the criteria to be vaccinated before departure date. But now we know that she most likely will be immune when we go on a long voyage. We think the vaccine is a good insurance against infection, “says Lygre and Wiencke.

Pioneer Program
At Haukeland is professor and senior physician Ansgar Berg and his colleagues at the research record for children at Children’s Clinic proud that they have the professional responsibility to conduct this important study. Rikshospitalet University Hospital is also involved in the survey. And in addition to the tiny babies who are vaccinated in Bergen and Oslo, to toddlers from Lier and Hønefoss be with.

Berg explains that regular vaccination procedures should be followed in the study approved by the Norwegian health authorities. The smallest of half the vaccine dose, twice.

Best practices

Berg is not surprised that Norway has been chosen to test the vaccine in this age group.

– In this country we have very good procedures for vaccination of children, “he says

Although the study includes only 60 children, experts believe that the scale is sufficient to test both the efficacy and side effects. Thus, even the smallest part in the mass vaccination if necessary, “he says.”

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Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of the website he promotes well-educated pediatricians, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.

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