HPV Vaccination Campaign Suspension Demanded Globally U.S. Called on to Take Lead


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April 15, 2010, North Hollywood, CA.
The global outrage at reports of injustices inflicted on the children of India from unethical trials and experimentation of HPV vaccines in socially disadvantaged groups extends to women and children worldwide subjected to similar violations. False advertising/claims made by pharmaceutical companies, and legislation mandating vaccination without informed consent, are totally unacceptable, say members of Truth About Gardasil.org.

The Truth About Gardasil.org group members Leslie Botha; Cynthia Janak; Freda Birrell; Janny Stokvis; Karen Maynor; and Rosemary Mathis, who presented research on HPV vaccine dangers to the FDA on March 12, provided information to SAMA, the Resource Group for Women and Health responsible for spearheading HPV vaccine suspension in India. According to Botha, “Efforts to educate women in industrialized nations about the dangers have been successful. Now, Pharma is targeting uneducated, low-income, minority women -populations even more vulnerable to adverse reactions.”

Media reports from Mumbai, India, state: “The [HPV] vaccine is mandatory for girls in Australia, France and the US.” According to Truth About Gardasil.org, this is a deliberate lie that cannot go unchallenged.

No country to date has mandated HPV vaccination, nor should it. Any falsehoods generated by governmental agencies, vaccine distributors, or the media that encourage uninformed females to accept HPV vaccinations are deceitful and false advertising perpetrated upon innocent victims.

Why have the deaths of four girls in India halted the HPV vaccine campaign while the 67 deaths reported to VAERS been ignored by the US government? Mathis states, “We consider this a human rights violation, and request the US take the lead in protecting fundamental human rights by calling for a congressional hearing.” The group endorses the following demands set forth by SAMA:

1. Governments immediately suspend HPV vaccinations/programs until safety, efficacy, and cost effectiveness of planned interventions are re-evaluated by independent entities.

2. Governments establish inquiry committees into vaccine related deaths.

3. Governments establish an inquiry into side effects so that culpability is established and action can
be taken.

4. Any agencies involved in HPV vaccination projects must be held accountable and culpable for
ethical, legal, and/or medical violations exposed during investigations/hearings.

5. Governments initiate immediate action; including providing compensation to families that have lost children, and to children suffering side effects.

6. All victims should be provided proper medical treatment and follow-up immediately.

7. Governments and regulatory agencies place any and all documentation pertaining to clinical trials, agreements with pharmaceutical companies, and/or sponsors regarding HPV vaccine introduction or distribution in their respective countries in public domain.

8. Governments implement a national policy regarding vaccine trials and medical ‘experimentation’, along with a vaccine policy based on public health needs-not pharmaceutical sponsored research and conflicts of interest.

The group (http://TruthAboutGardasil.org) further recommends that any national/federal/state government agency involved with the distribution of any HPV vaccine implement the above guidelines immediately to halt the unfolding travesty on the unsuspecting, innocent women and children of the world.

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Christina England, BA Hons