Free vaccine against AH1N1 now available – DOH-3

Joy Hernandez
Philippine Information Agency

(Editor’s note: Pay special attention to the language for words such as “erradicate, safe, efficacious, proven, etc.” as they are all propaganda language “triggers.”)

San Fernando City, Pampanga (4 June) — In a bid to totally eradicate A(H1N1), the Department of Health (DOH) is giving free vaccines against the virus.

The vaccine, according to the DOH, has been recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and guarantees safe and effective results to fight and prevent said virus.

The DOH added that the WHO pledged 9 million vaccine doses as part of an agreement between the health organization and the Philippine government.

The DOH lamented though that this supply of vaccines is not sufficient to accommodate all the public.
(Editor’s note: Artificial creation of supply and demand. They do this to generate demand or desire in the reader’s mind.)

Nevertheless, the DOH assured that those who are much prone to the virus would be prioritized such as health workers, pregnant women, children six months to five years old, those 60 years and above and those with chronic medical conditions.

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