Vaccine Trial Targets Kids

Christina England

In Perth this week, parents have been asked to volunteer their children between the ages of six months and two years, for participation in a vaccine trial.

In their report Vaccine trial targets kids ABC News explains that parents are being asked to register their children for a worldwide vaccine trial aimed at preventing a common cause of chest infections. These children will receive three doses of a vaccine for bronchiolitis, through nasal drops and will require a follow up blood test.

Dr Peter Richmond who heads up the ‘Vaccine Trials Group’ and is the main media spokesperson for VTG studies that are testing the vaccine in Perth, says that they are looking for healthy children for the trial.

It’s really important that we’re able to develop vaccines that can prevent these serious infections in young children and keep them as healthy as possible and out of hospital.

However, should parents ever be asked to use their ‘healthy children’ as drug company lab rats? Using children in experiments is highly dangerous, especially as the group of children required for this experiment are in a crucial stage of their development. If this vaccine has not been tested, how can VTG be sure that their vaccine will not interact with other vaccines that these children will have already had? According to vaccine schedule, children have already had around 18 vaccines by the age of two, some of these vaccines such as the DTaP and the MMR are triple vaccines.

Immunization Schedule In The USA

Birth Hep B
2 months Hep B, DTaP, Hib, IPV, PCV
4 months DTaP, Hib, IPV, PCV
6 months Hep B(6-18 months), DTaP, Hib, IPV(6-18 months), PCV
12-15 months Hib, MMR, PCV, Var(12-18 months)
15-18 months DTaP,
4-6 years DTaP, IPV, MMR
11-12 years Td

If we add another three doses of an untested vaccine, to the cocktail of adjuvants and chemicals that these children have already been subjected to, we could be adding the flame needed to ignite an already ticking time bomb.

We need to consider the fact that vaccines are drugs and to indicate just how dangerous drug trials can be, I would like to reference one drugs trial that went horribly wrong in the UK.

Fiona Macrea of the Daily Mail took up the story at the time in her article Elephant Man drug trial victims ‘injected too quickly’ | Mail Online

The six young men – all fit and healthy before signing up for the March trial at Northwick Park Hospital in North-West London – suffered a host of side-effects, including pain, vomiting and organ failure.

Bar manager Mohamed ‘Nino’ Abdelhady, 28, was described as ‘the Elephant Man’ by his partner Myfanwy Marshall after his head swelled up.

Trainee plumber Ryan Wilson, 20, suffered heart, kidney and liver failure, pneumonia and blood poisoning and was in a coma for three weeks.
While in the coma, he suffered a frostbite-like reaction and has since lost parts of his fingers and had his toes amputated.”

In another report Drug-test victim’s ‘hell’ | The Sun |Newsone victim described his ordeal:-

Then somehow the pain got even worse with the pressure in my head so intense it was like a truck had been parked on it.

It felt like a terrible nightmare. I was aware of nothing around me just the pressure growing stronger and stronger in my skull.

The nurses tried to calm me but suddenly the pain shot from my head to my spine as though the truck had been moved to my back.

This felt even worse than before and I was conscious of bucking and writhing in the bed as they tried to get an oxygen mask on me.

I started to think that these people were killing me and that I was going to die in this terrible place.

As the mask was put on my face I felt that I couldn’t breathe and begged the doctors, Please, please let me out of here. I don’t want the money any more I just want to be free.’

The agony didn’t end until I felt a needle go into my left arm with what must have been a sedative.

Moments later I fell unconscious but it was only the start of the most terrifying hours of my life.”

The volunteers used in this trial, were consenting adults who made an informed decision to take part in this trial. They signed consent forms and knew of the risks. The babies to be used in the forthcoming vaccine trials will not be allowed this luxury but it is the babies themselves that may have to live with lifelong disabilities if this trial goes horribly wrong.

I would urge any parent to think very carefully before considering putting their baby forward for any drug or vaccine trial however tempting it may be, things can and do go wrong.

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