Autistic girl uses laptop to break silence

Christina England

Last year Cynthia Janak and Leslie Botha made an unusual and very surprising announcement on Leslie Botha’s regular radio show Holy Hormones Honey – The Greatest Story Never Told! It was announced that because the girls who had been adversely affected by the Gardasil vaccine could describe their symptoms, that their words could give the silent world of autism a voice. The ‘Gardasil girls’ as they are now known as, described throbbing head pain , tingling sensations, pains in their limbs, excruciating pain in their abdomen and other symptoms that Janak and Botha both feel, may describe why many autistic children, display strange and often bizarre behaviour, such as head banging, rock and screeching.

Just before this extraordinary show was to be aired, Cynthia wrote on her blog Only the Truth about the fourth coming show and what she had discovered:-

I have spent hours on the phone with many of Gardasil moms. On one occasion a mom called and asked me to speak to her daughter because she was having a very bad day. This young woman is in pain every day but on this day was experiencing pain that was so intense that she had gotten to the point where she could not stand it anymore. She had told her mom that she wished God would take her already. Of course I told this distraught mother that I would be honored to speak with her daughter.

During the conversation I shared with this young woman how she has been an inspiration to her family, church and the other people on the Gardasil board. I spoke to her about what she will be able to accomplish in the future when she gets better. I also promised her that some day we will visit the White House and maybe even talk to the President. That made her chuckle and she said, “I would like that,” in a quiet voice because her pain magnified all sound.

She then asked me “why did this have to happen?” It was then that I knew the answer and I told her that “the Gardasil Girls have given the silent faces of Autism a Voice for the first time in history. These children have not mastered speech so when they become autistic they cannot tell their moms they have a headache or that their stomach hurts or they cannot feel their legs or tingling in their legs.

It was at this point that all my research into Gardasil took on a new meaning, a new purpose and a new goal. My goal was to prove that autism does not exist. I wanted to prove by using the voices of the Gardasil girls that Autism is only brain damage because of excessive body burden of aluminum in vaccines.

I spent 10 to 14 hours a day over a period of many weeks researching everything I could to see if the information on vaccinations, aluminum and other heavy metals trackbacked to support  this theory. I read personal stories of parents of autistic children and compared them with the stories of the Gardasil girls. I read hundreds of VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) reports. I read articles about brain damage, reports about aluminum toxicity and all kinds of studies on these topics. I even went so far as to calculate potential toxicity from aluminum prevalent in the environment in combination with the toxic aluminum load found in single and/or multiple vaccines administered at the same time.

After I did all of this I sat back and looked at everything that I had researched with the documents, spreadsheets and graphs that I created during the process.  The connection was there. Looking at the numbers and the side effects side by side, one could notice the direct relationship between the two – the higher the dose of aluminum – the more the severe the side effect.

I presented my findings to my colleague, women’s health advocate and broadcast journalist Leslie Botha.  Intrigued by the data, Botha suggested that I expose my findings on her radio show on KRFC FM , a community radio station in Fort Collins, CO, audio streamed at , 6:00PM Mountain Time. I proposed that the February 16 show be titled “Gardasil Girls Give the Silent Faces of Autism a Voice.” Prior to the show, I alerted the Gardasil and autism communities through various organizations, Internet boards and chat rooms to make them aware of the upcoming radio interview and topic.”

The show was spectacular and a resounding success, sending shock waves through the autistic community, could these ladies have hit on something?

Autism, is sometimes characterised by bizarre behaviour. A sub set of children with autism, often those said to become autistic after an adverse reaction to a vaccine, are prone to sudden screaming fits, arms waving wildly, rocking, head banging and hands covering the ears. Up until now there has been no apparent reason for this strange behaviour, however, had Cynthia Januk and Leslie Botha hit on the reason why these autistic children were acting this way? On the show Cynthia said that these children were displaying symptoms that they were unable to explain, she attributed this to brain damage she said is caused through toxin poisoning. She said that the screaming could be reaction to intense pain, the head banging and rocking could be the throbbing pain in these children’s heads. Janak believes that it is the aluminum in the Gardasil vaccine and other vaccines that many of the autistic children receive shortly before they regressed into their autistic state were to blame for these symptoms and it was in fact brain damage caused by the toxins in the vaccines. Autistic children are unable to describe what they were feeling, so they describe their feelings in the only way they know how.

Since the show, Janak has written much on her theory but it was just a theory, this was until ABC News reported this unusual story.

Mute autistic girl finds a voice –

ABC News showed a film of how a child displaying all of these behaviours of autism, had suddenly, at aged eleven, been able to break out of her autistic state and with the help of a computer, describe exactly what was making her act in this way. Here suddenly was the breakthrough that scientists have been waiting for. Suddenly, a previously wild and mute autistic child, was able to describe in perfect English exactly what she was feeling. What she describes is shocking and heart wrenching:-

You don’t know what it feels like to be me, when you can’t sit still because your legs feel like they are on fire, or it feels like a hundred ants are crawling up your arms.

What do I want? I want to be like every other kid but I can’t because I am Carly.”

Then she described why she banged her head, she wrote-

Because if I don’t it feels like my body will explode, it is like when you shake a can of coke. If I could stop it I would but it is not like turning off a switch.”

Suddenly, here was an autistic child, explaining exactly what Cythia Janak and Leslie Botha had suspected all along.

Leslie Botha said:-

Although tragic, this is a fantastic and exciting breakthrough.  Here is an autistic child, who has suddenly become able, finally, to express the feelings of trauma and pain, that match those of the Gardasil girls, proving that what we suspected was right all along.

Vaccine damage is nothing short than brain damage. The good news is that the brain has the ability to heal itself from the damage it incurs genetically and from environmental toxins if it gets the therapy and nutrients that it needs.

The girls who are damaged from the Gardasil vaccine are experiencing many of the same neurological problems that vaccine-induced autistic children experience and finally we have proof. The Gardasil girls are finally giving voice to these problems that have destroyed the lives of innocent infants for too many years.

Brain damage is brain damage. It can come from many different sources. The emerging field of neuroscience proves this with brain scans and imaging.

Vaccine companies can no longer hide behind their shroud of deceit and deception. The truth will be told and science will back it up.”

Cynthia Janak now feels that this new revelation may offer hope to many families with autistic children and initiate the treatment these children so badly need.

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