The Saga of Andy Wakefield Continues…

The recent attacks against Dr. Andrew Wakefield for undisclosed business dealings are the latest battles in an apparent collusion by some segments of Big Pharma, orthodox or allopathic medicine, and governments to take down Andy Wakefield in what will become a failed attempt to preserve the current international vaccine agenda.

As the January 13, 2011, New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)Perspective article entitled “The Age-old Struggle against the Antivaccinationistsby authors Dr. Gregory Poland and Dr. Robert Jacobson points out, opposition to vaccination is a long-standing battle.

Nothing shows this more clearly and effectively than the book, Horrors Of Vaccination Exposed And Illustrated: Petition To The President To Abolish Compulsory Vaccination In Army And Navy, written in 1920 by Charles Michael Higgins for which Google reports over a million (1,070,000) search results.

We learn that there are over one hundred (100) books known to be in circulation espousing concerns over vaccines and vaccinations, the listings for which can be seen at: (

After a reading of much of this literature, one finds oneself in almost complete disagreement with the above NEJM authors.  Their conclusion of safety is not supported by facts as this writer reads them.

While it is easy to agree with some of Poland’s and Jacobson’s solutions, they are clearly “a day late and a dollar short.”   One is struck by the apparent naivety of these authors and their lack of exposure to data that have long convinced many of the dangers of our present vaccination schedule and program.

It is not reasonable to conclude, as they have, that “…none of the antivaccinationists’ claims of widespread injury from vaccines have withstood the tests of time and science” particularly when autism—now a virtual epidemic—has been proven causative and/or contributory in courts of law via a growing number of documented cases.

Regarding ‘follow the money’ pursuits, it should be noted that making money is a good thing.  It is HOW one makes money––whether through honest contribution to the betterment of life, or at the expense of others––and HOW one uses money that are important.

Nothing in this writer’s reading of the latest circus of media papers changes beliefs about the character of Dr. Wakefield.  Rather, it raises more concern about the motives, knowledge and/or naivety of Dr. Wakefield’s attackers.

In that context, having scanned the latest “journalistic” attacks upon Wakefield for “undisclosed business deals,” which accuse Wakefield of intention to profit on a new vaccine of his design, one is loath to understand why we’ve yet to hear mainstream media attacks upon Dr. Paul Offit, the physician who writes books in support of vaccines while earning “lottery” style profits from the Rotateq vaccine he co-created with Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania (CHOP) to ‘immunize’ against Rotavirus.

What’s going on here?

At this site: (…) please note authors Dan Olmsted’s and Mark Blaxill’s commentary:  …the extraordinary valuation placed on CHOP’s patents [$182 million sale to Royalty Pharma] raise concerns over Offit’s use of his former position on the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices to help create the market for rotavirus vaccine — to effectively vote himself rich. [Offit’s earnings estimated between $29 & 55 million]

Further the authors note:  The $29 million-$55 million range is consistent not only with CHOP’s published royalty arrangements but with typical medical patent standards:

–At Boston Children’s Hospital, inventors get 25% of “net lifetime revenues” for all income over $500,000. For royalty amounts smaller than $500,000 inventors receive 45-100% of revenues.

— At Arkansas Children’s Hospital, inventors get 35% of “net royalties” after the first $200K and 50% before that.

— At the University of Virginia, inventors get 15% of “total royalty income” over $1 million and a sliding scale of 25-50%for amounts smaller than that.

— At the University of California, inventors get 35% of “net royalties.” [Emphasis added]

Physicians and hospitals often profit from medical patents, as you can see, so why witch-hunt about Dr. Wakefield’s purported business deals, if there were any?

It is noteworthy that the authors of this NEJM paper have reported many significant conflicts of interest in their disclosure forms, which one must account in evaluating their objectivity. We all make money from our work, so attacking Andy Wakefield for such possible endeavor but not Offit, Poland, and Jacobson makes no sense and merely ‘argumentum ad hominum’ [attacks against a person]. In my view, it is motive and distortion of truth, which are the ‘smell tests’ for the ‘conflict of interest’ issues.

Getting caught up in fallacious ‘argumentum ad hominem’ does nothing to advance the investigation and safety assessment of vaccines.  Rather than directing more attention to the circumstances of Andy Wakefield, we need to return our focus to children’s health.  Passion, in this context, needs to be first for children’s health, and secondarily, vaccine safety with somewhere trailing down the line––vaccine efficacy.  Attacking or defending Andy Wakefield or Paul Offit does not clarify the role of vaccines in either health or disease.  It just makes for salacious accusations.

Following this ‘rabbit-hole-to-nowhere’ blame game is completely off-point.  If ‘following the money’ demonstrates Andy Wakefield to be lacking in character (which this writer seriously doubts), then so-be-it.  Then, let’s “follow the money” for all who profit from the productions, sales, distribution and injecting of vaccines.

In a video detailing much of circumstances surrounding this media “feeding frenzy”, parents of the twelve children cited in the withdrawn Lancet article, were overwhelmingly supportive of Dr. Wakefield.  The parents spoke about other doctors having failed to properly investigate their children’s symptoms and directing open hostility to them because of these parents insistence on the association of their children’s problems with vaccines. (

These were the parents’ assertions, and not Wakefield’s as Brian Deer has charged. Wakefield merely reiterated the parents’ statements. This is a key fact that Dr. Wakefield’s persecutors are neglecting, intentionally or not. Hearing the moms recount their stories leaves little doubt of their veracity. These truths turned the parents and Dr. Wakefield into pariahs by the medical industry.

In the video one of the parents of Wakefield’s Lancet 12–– meaning the twelve children reported in the withdrawn Lancet article–– reads a very moving letter that the parents prepared collectively to share their defense, deep appreciation, and respect for Dr. Andy Wakefield.  Nonetheless, criticizing vaccines appears to result in a virtual political holocaust, as is clearly seen by what is happening to Wakefield.

Do not, however, lose heart…“the truth shall set us free.”  Many are working tirelessly to prove the ‘age-old’ case of how vaccines contribute to the now epidemic of diseases and disorders that have risen in tandem with vaccines escalating use.  Let’s just hope clarity comes before any more of our children are damaged.

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*BREAKING NEWS––(The BIG Lie II – British Medical Journal Caught Out – Wakefield Fraud Allegations Based On Incorrect Information)

Posted on January 16, 2011––Fascinating information about Wakefield’s persecutor, Brian Deer


This commentary from the October 29, 2010 article on, details an amazing story of a man dying from a bodily shut down due to a severe case of H1N1 influenza.

IV Vitamin C’s Swine Flu Success Story

IV vitamin C made headlines last year when the compelling story of Allan Smith, a man conventional doctors claimed “could not survive” after contracting a severe case of swine flu, hit the airwaves.

Allan’s family refused to accept the hospital’s hopeless prognosis and the subsequent decision to turn off his life support. Instead, his family insisted the hospital try high-dose IV vitamin C.

Initially the hospital refused, saying they “didn’t think it would work,” until the family enlisted a top legal expert to fight for their right to have vitamin C administered.

What makes this story even more remarkable is the fact that once admitted to the hospital with swine flu, Allan was also diagnosed with leukemia, which dramatically worsened his chances of recovery.

Well, not only did the vitamin C cure Allan’s swine flu infection, but after spending nine weeks in an induced coma, he walked out of physical rehab after 13 days as opposed to the predicted three months.

Even more astounding, just over a year later, he also has no further signs of leukemia … (…)

You can watch a video of this story entitled, Allan Smith’s Recovery from Swine Flu and Hairy Cell Leukemia Documented on TV3’s 60 Minutes Programme [sic] here: (…) and more… (…)

This writer authored an article, entitled The Gift of Vitamin C, which you can read at: (…)

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