News of Smallpox Outbreak in India Raises Fear

Early this week news began to break of an outbreak of smallpox in Jharkhand India. Three people in Gumla were reported to have died of the infectious disease and another five people were reported to be ill. The local health department have immediately rushed in to see if the deaths were from the ‘so called ‘ eradicated disease smallpox.

According to the Indian news channel ZeeNews. the Health Secretary AK Sarkar said that the health department was in the process of authenticating reports. However, he later added that he was not in a position to confirm or deny whether the outbreak was smallpox.

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News has sent shock waves and fear around district of Jharkhand.

We should now ask ourselves was smallpox ever really eradicated by the vaccine as we have been led to believe?

The World Health Organization are confident that the vaccine put an end to smallpox. In 1979 they recommended that the smallpox vaccination programme cease worldwide. The only exception has been special groups, such as researchers working with smallpox and related viruses. By 1996 vaccination had stopped throughout the world.

The WHO certainly appear to have believed in the vaccines success. So much so in fact that on the 17 May 2010 in Geneva a statue commemorating the 30th anniversary of the eradication of smallpox was unveiled in front of the World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters by the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Dr Margaret Chan. A press release from the WHO at the time states:

“The eradication of smallpox shows that with strong mutual resolve, teamwork and an international spirit of solidarity, ambitious global public health goals can be attained,” says Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General, WHO.

Statue commemorates smallpox eradication’ (

Certainly a convincing show of solidarity wouldn’t you say? If this latest outbreak of smallpox turns out to be genuine the WHO would look pretty stupid wouldn’t they?

However, supposing the eradication of smallpox was one big hoax to completely convince the public that a vaccine had eradicated a disease. In doing this the WHO could brainwash the world into believing that vaccines could eradicate all diseases and therefore push worldwide vaccination. Many believe that smallpox is still with us but under a new name. Meryl Doyle – Australian Vaccine Network is convinced that smallpox is still around and she is not alone. She says:

“At that time (1960s) , testing for the (smallpox) virus became more sophisticated. You no longer were suffering necessarily from smallpox. They would test it and find that it had different DNA. You’d have monkeypox or camelpox or some other form of pox. But it was still called variola, which is smallpox. And that’s what monkeypox in Africa is called. Clinically, the disease is exactly the same as smallpox. It has the same progression. It looks exactly the same. If you put a smallpox victim next to a monkeypox victim, you will not be able to tell the difference. As a matter of fact, with this outbreak of monkey pox in Africa–I think there have been over 500 cases in a very short time”.–Meryl Dorley (

Others including the expert Dr Kris Gaublomme agree with her. For more information please read reports by several medical professionals and experts here ‘Hiding Smallpox’

JeeNews have since reported that there were indeed deaths in Jharkhand however, these were due to Chickenpox and other ailments. Unsurprisingly not one was found to be smallpox.

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Personally I am not convinced, particularly as it is widely known that governments and pharmaceutical companies have been covering up outbreaks of smallpox for years. It is a fact that vaccines do not and never have eradicated diseases. Vaccines suppress disease at best. If disease could be eradicated by a vaccine then why are VACCINATED children still contracting whooping cough, measles and mumps?

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