10 Powerful Videos All Parents Should Watch

Educational videos can help parents decide if vaccines are safe for their child.

Now, more than ever, powerful information is available to help parents decide if vaccines are safe for their child. Listed below are videos that parents should watch and consider prior to vaccinating their child.








1. Vaccine Nation

In this eye-opening 90 minute film, award winning film director Gary Null uncovers the less than illustrious history of vaccines. Null tackles crucial questions regarding the safety and efficacy of vaccines. While watching this film, one can’t help but question why vaccines are so fiercely coveted in today’s society.


2. Autism Causes: Mercury Poisoning From Vaccines & Environment

This 8 minute clip was produced by Larry Cook and features Dan Olmsted, co-author of The Age of Autism: Mercury, Medicine, and a Man-Made Epidemic.

In this clip, Olmstead addresses the vast appearance of autism, beginning around the same time ethylmercury first became widely used in pharmaceutical products. Olmstead emphasizes how autism is strongly suspected to be a man-made disorder and discusses the role vaccines play in contributing to a toxic overload in many children.


3. Are Vaccines REALLY Safe?

This video features Mary Tocco, with 30 years researching childhood vaccines under her belt, is considered an authority on the topic. Tocco not only questions the safety of administering numerous vaccines at a very young age, but challenges vaccine supporters to receive a weight adjusted dose of the very same toxins found in vaccines. We have yet to hear of anyone accepting the challenge.


4. Lethal Injection: The Story of Vaccination

This 2 1/2 hour film provides a telltale look at the lengthy history of vaccination. This film not only delves into the long-time controversy surrounding vaccines, but also encourages the audience to question the motives of those who stand to profit from continued mass-marketing campaigns.


5. Eric’s Life Before and After the Vaccine

This is the heart-wrenching account of a little boy named Eric, whom after receiving vaccines, suffered permanent and severe brain injury. This 5 minute video candidly provides a glimpse of what Eric’s life was like before vaccines, and how drastically different his life is now. The viewer becomes aware of the many challenges Eric’s family must now be faced with in caring for him.

6. Back to the Future: Parental Concerns About Vaccine Safety

Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center offers an insightful 6 minute commentary on the results of a 2009 survey, published in “Pediatrics”. The survey evaluates the vaccine safety concerns of parents. Fisher mentions more than half of the parents were worried about adverse events following vaccinations. The study also found that most patients rely on doctors for their information. Fisher states that when patients have suffered injuries following recommended vaccines, trust in doctors quickly fades.



7. Vaccine Autism Debate – “Except When They Do”

This 4 minute video comes to us from SafeMinds. Despite being told by experts that the vaccine-autism link has effectively been ruled out, many are not convinced.

The video highlights a well-known court case that ruled in favour of a girl who became autistic after receiving vaccines. The video also features a clip of ex CDC director Julie Gerberding admitting a link between vaccines and susceptible persons later developing autistic traits.


8. Merck Vaccine Expert Tells Truth About Vaccine Dangers

This controversial 10 minute recording features Merck vaccine expert, Maurice Hilleman. We are able to hear Hilleman admit to using monkeys possibly infected with HIV and testing positive for SV40, a known cancer causing virus. It is also revealed that vaccines were contaminated with SV40 caused by infected monkey organs being used in the manufacturing process.


9. The Dangers of Vaccines

A Jefferson City news channel does an excellent job providing an unbiased and open investigation of the link between vaccines and autism. This 8 minute video features input from chemist, Dr. Boyd Haley. It examines the role glutathione plays in eliminating heavy metals from the body and looks at the possible reasons infants are especially vulnerable to adverse effects from multiple vaccines.


10. How Mercury Kills the Brain

A university in Calgary has uncovered the damage trace amounts of mercury can inflict on the brain. This shocking 4 minute video explains how damage is caused and shows a real time clip of neurons being destroyed by mercury.



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