The Public Is Kept in the Dark About Many Medical Issues

The 'lights are out' when it comes to the medical community reporting on adverse reactions to vaccines.

The British Medical Journal in its February 28, 2012 issue published a rather remarkable article by Deborah Cohen, Investigations Editor at BMJ, titled “Joint BMJ / BBC Newsnight investigation raises new concerns over hip implants, which may affect more people than the breast implant scandal.” [1]

First, I want to applaud BMJ for pointing out that the hip implant scandal may affect more people than the breast implant scandal.  However, how many more people—especially innocent children—are being affected by the vaccine scandal?

Why are so many young children contracting so many unheard of medical syndromes that did not appear in the medical literature 50 or more years ago, e.g., Autism, ADD, ADHD, childhood cancers, and something termed “Shaken Baby Syndrome” that may be vaccine-related brain damage from multivalent vaccines, especially when no physical trauma presents on the infant’s body.  See my 2-part series how bone density tests can disprove Shaken Baby Syndrome published at International Medical Council on Vaccination February 5, 2012 , and February 9, 2012

Second, if the BMJ is willing to admit that medical scandals have occurred regarding hip and breast implants, why is it so reluctant to investigate the parallel rise in childhood chronic disease rates, seizures, and behavioral problems that coincide with the ever increasing mandated childhood vaccination schedules since the 1980s?

Third, the investigation that occurred in the United Kingdom faults regulators in both the UK and United States for keeping patients in the dark about the DePuy Orthopaedics (a Johnson & Johnson Company) metal-on-metal hip implants that have been found to be releasing metal ions, which may be carcinogenic because of the genotoxic risks of cobalt and chromium ions.  The scientific community has known about those genotoxic risks for more than a year or so—how about decades!  Business as usual, I’d say, since science has known of the neurotoxic effects of mercury and aluminum for even longer, and no one is blowing the whistle on neurotoxins in vaccines pumped into infants starting at birth, then at 2, 4 and 6 months until the child receives a total of 36 before going to school.

If the BMJ and BBC were so willing to investigate the hip replacement system, why are they so loath to investigate things like mercury (Thimerosal), aluminum, formaldehyde, MSG, and an entire witches’ brew of foreign DNA, rDNA, aborted human fetal tissue, and manufacturing chemicals that are ‘thought’ to induce immune response but, probably are ‘killing our kids softly’?

Why isn’t BMJ calling for independent third party investigators to delve into the resurgence of infectious diseases occurring within vaccinated populations since vaccines are supposed to be ‘disease prevention’ prophylactics?  Why is the public kept in the dark about that?

Since Dr. Cohen states that DePuy knew about hip implant genotoxicity back in 2005, what kind of slap on the wrist do you think DePuy will get?  Perhaps independent investigators ought to scrutinize the UK and FDA approval process paperwork to find out what was not included that DePuy probably knew about and should have reported.  Much has been written about how the approval process is skewed in favor of the applicant.  Professor Donald W. Light talks about “The Food and Drug Administration: Inadequate Protection from Serious Risks” in the book The Risks of Prescription Drugs (Columbia University Press, 2010) available on

Cohen further talks about metal-on-metal hip replacements being subjected to only simulated mechanical testing and not how it functioned in the human body. [2] Simulated computer testing is used in a lot of approval processes within U.S. government agencies and they are fraught with disastrous results, I think, otherwise healthcare consumers would not be having all the problems they do with prescription drugs, medical devices, and vaccines.

Probably nothing elucidates safety problems at government approval agencies than “commercial success trumping safety.”  We see that happening routinely in vaccines, especially the HPV vaccine that is devastating young girls who must take a course of  three toxic-laden injections, with boosters later on in life.

Remember the Swine flu pandemic of 2009? Here’s part of what may have been the propelling issue to get it ‘mainstreamed’ globally, according to F. Willliam Engdahl:

The man with the nickname “Dr Flu”, Professor Albert Osterhaus, of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam Holland has been named by Dutch media researchers as the person at the center of the worldwide Swine Flu H1N1 Influenza A 2009 pandemic hysteria. Not only is Osterhaus the connecting person in an international network that has been described as the Pharma Mafia, he is THE key advisor to WHO on influenza and is intimately positioned to personally profit from the billions of euros in vaccines allegedly aimed at H1N1. [3]

Globally, healthcare consumers are waking up to the fact that they may have been had by media spin and Big Pharma’s post-marketing disasters for pharmaceutical drugs.  Public Citizen, a U.S. watchdog group, seems to be concerned about how the public is kept in the dark about issues.

There is no issue that the public has been kept in the dark about more than vaccines, the ‘sacred cash cow’ of modern pharmacology—not medicine. If doctors really knew what was in those vials, they’d stop acquiescing and, instead of ‘divorcing’ families that want vaccine exemptions from their medical practices, they would turn down Big Pharma’s commissions they get for vaccinations and live up to the Hippocratic oath they took.







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