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The Failed MMR Vaccine Policies on College Campuses

Most states have enacted laws requiring college students to obtain the MMR vaccine in order to attend their universities. This vaccine allegedly offers protection against the diseases measles, mumps and rubella. The effectiveness of Merck’s MMR vaccine against mumps has been questioned by many scientists. Meanwhile, the past five years have witnessed skyrocketing increases of […]

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Does the MMR Vaccine Cause Autism?

Does the MMR vaccine cause autism? This is the essential question that each parent should ponder prior to injecting their child with the MMR vaccination. The answer is largely divided between conventional medicine and the holistic community. Evidence supporting the claim that the MMR vaccine causes autism includes parental reports, court case verdicts, multiple research […]

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You Decide: The Risks and Benefits of the MMR Vaccination

Most of us weigh the risks and benefits of medical procedures prior to obtaining them. We sign an informed consent form with an understanding of the potential harm versus the perceived benefits. In the case of vaccinations, the great majority of parents obtain vaccinations for their children, influenced by the “sales pitch” and “scare tactics” […]

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Vaccination, the Poisonous Paradigm

So many doctors and nurses routinely state on social media that in all their years of practice, they’ve never seen a serious vaccine reaction… but they have. If they’ve never seen any clinically obvious severe reactions, it’s likely because children suffering them are generally rushed from home straight to the ER, not back to the […]

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How to: Use a Vaccine Insert

By VT / December 3, 2017

How to: Use a Vaccine Insert Modern communication has provided parents to become more informed on the topic of vaccines than ever before. The Vaccine Toolkit is VacTruth’s guide to defending your child and family from those in the medical community not forthcoming with vaccine safety information. Select an article from our index to learn about a tool or […]

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Forever Damaged From An Untested 8-in-1 Vaccine, Help Needed As Jodie’s Legal Battle Continues

We bring you this current update on one of the most shocking, ongoing, vaccine-related damage cases ever to exist in history. Twenty-four years ago, Jodie Marchant was medically assaulted after the doctor broke the vaccine consent law and signed for the nurse to inject Jodie with an experimental 8-in-1 vaccine, without consent. This combination vaccine […]

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By VT / August 27, 2017

Home News Join Contact Support About Featured Story Why You Should Never Sign the Refusal to Vaccinate FormAs traditional school schedules resume in the coming days, many parents are bringing their children to their health care providers[…]Read More  Recent Stories What Every Parent Needs to Know About Back to School Vaccine Threats and ExemptionsDozens of […]

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