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Parents in China were beaten when they tried to get compensation for their vaccine injured children

By Christina England, BA Hons / July 29, 2010

In March 2010 it was reported From the New York Times that China had been selling ‘tainted vaccines’. These vaccines had not had adequate storage and yet were sold to the public of China, subsequently allowing the vaccines to be administered to children. As a result, as many as eighty children suffered severe reactions, with four of these children, reported to have died.

Vaccine Trial Targets Kids

By Christina England, BA Hons / July 26, 2010

Parents are being asked to register their children for a worldwide vaccine trial aimed at preventing a common cause of chest infections. These children will receive three doses of a vaccine for bronchiolitis, through nasal drops and will require a follow up blood test. The babies to be used in the forthcoming vaccine trials will not be allowed the luxury of consent.

Vaccines at birth could result in Ritalin for breakfast aged 5

By VT / May 31, 2010

Christina England American Chronicle 05/30/2010 Big Pharma’s only interest in society today is profit. Healthy people are of no use to them whatsoever, after all a healthy person does not need a cure. So bearing this in mind a few adverse reactions here and there do not worry the likes of Glaxo Smith Kline, Merck […]

Hidden Government Papers on the Measles Vaccine Exposed

By Christina England, BA Hons / May 20, 2010

How a mother is supposed to decide what vaccines are safe, when the governments change their minds so frequently, is anyone’s guess. One minute the government makes it categorically clear that the measles vaccine should never, under any circumstances, be given to a child under the age of nine months, the next minute they are […]

Certain vaccines have been known to cause epilepsy for years

By Christina England, BA Hons / May 9, 2010

Christina England 05/09/2010 Over the recent months there have been several articles highlighting cases where children have had seizures after vaccines. This is being portrayed as something new. A sudden rise in children having seizures after the flu vaccine in Western Australia caused the vaccine to be suspended while an investigation took place. The […]

Doctors found guilty of getting rich vaccinating our children

By Christina England, BA Hons / April 30, 2010

Christina England 04/30/2010 A staggering 1,992 Indian doctors were found guilty this week of yet again profiting from the pharmaceutical industries. The Medical Council of India have found that doctors have been violating professional ethics, by excepting gifts, hospitality and financial gains. In the article Nearly 2000 doctors named for taking pharma firms’ gifts-Politics […]

India has sparked global demands to suspend HPV vaccines worldwide

By Christina England, BA Hons / April 15, 2010

. . . Christina England American Chronicle 04/15/2010 The suspension of the HPV vaccination programme in India has sparked a global demand to suspend the HPV vaccinations altogether. Parents and professionals from all over the world have come together and the organisation Truth about have demanded action saying:- “False advertising/claims made by pharmaceutical companies, […]

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