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Dangerous Contamination in Vaccines Causes Sinking Profits for Big Pharma

By Missy Fluegge / November 13, 2013

Sanofi Pasteur, the world’s largest manufacturer of vaccines, is currently facing serious troubles, as countries around the world are scrutinizing Sanofi’s products and practices. Recently, they have reported a massive third quarter decline of $1.8 billion in vaccine sales. This news follows a previous second quarter report described by one investment website as “pretty ugly […]

How I Met Jenny McCarthy

By Missy Fluegge / March 15, 2012

Jenny McCarthy’s Twitter account is named “mommywarrior” for a reason. She encourages parents to “do absolutely everything you can for your child, no matter what anyone tells you.” Here’s how I met her…

How Ron Paul Helps You Be a Better Parent

By Missy Fluegge / January 17, 2012

As the presidential race unfolds, citizens of the United States have been introduced to a handful of individuals who are seeking to be the leader of our nation. Do you know which candidate will help you be a better parent?

Take Off the Billion-Dollar Blindfold

By Missy Fluegge / December 18, 2010

When parents do wonder about the safety of the vaccines recommended by our government and our healthcare providers, the information they receive from professionals and websites is often biased and misleading. Are the websites promoting vaccines bought and paid for?

Mind Virus Injected into New Mothers by Pharma and Department of Defense

By Missy Fluegge / October 25, 2010

Through repetition, the “reassuring” voice that many parents crave will soon be injected into the minds of pregnant and new mothers everywhere, thanks to companies with deep financial pockets. The latest trend in building a support system for new parents who may find themselves tired, overwhelmed, and uncertain embraces technology to reach new parents via their lifeline: their cell phone.

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