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$ 1000

More About Baby "C"

At his two month well baby check up in 2013, Baby Cash's pediatrician insisted he receive the routine vaccine doses on the schedule, even though there were concerns Baby Cash suffered from respiratory issues prior to the shots. Two weeks later, he died.

Cash's mother attempted numerous times to obtain a copy of his complete medical record, listing the vaccine lot numbers, etc. and to verify if 8 or 16 vaccine doses were given. The Medicaid office told her all the files on Cash were gone, including the insurance billing records. His birth date and death date are recorded but nothing in between.

Cash's parents were turned down by 3 vaccine injury attorneys who didn’t want to handle this case. With the two year deadline to file a vaccine injury claim involving a death almost passing, the family asked Vactruth for help and the Vactruth team was able to help this family find a good attorney to help them fight this. Their case was filed just in time, before the deadline.

To file their case, it was required for them to pay a $400 filing fee. This financial burden prevents many families from filing a vaccine injury claim. Vactruth was able to contribute $400, which was obtained through your generous donations on the Vactruth website.

After their case was filed, it was required for them to put down an expert witness retainer fee that amounted to more than $2400, which we are trying to raise funds for this, to help this case move forward. If the family is awarded compensation, they want Cash's death certificate changed, to acknowledge the vaccines were responsible for harming him.

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