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Below are the list of vaccines manufactured in the United States. Every effort has been made to maintain the accuracy of this list. You will notice some vaccines listed more than once. For example, if you look for the MMR vaccine you will see it listed three separate times below. This is because one vaccine contains the antigens for measles, mumps, and rubella.

For your ease of use, you can use the column headers to quickly and easily sort by vaccine, brand name, or manufacturer. Instantly download each vaccine package insert by clicking on the ‘PDF’ icon. Notice the search bar on the right side as it will automatically filter the vaccine list as you type.


Vaccine TypeBrand NameManufacturerDownload
ChickenpoxProQuad [MMRV]Merck
DiphtheriaInfanrix [DTaP]GlaxoSmithKline
DiphtheriaKinrix [DTaP-IPV]GlaxoSmithKline
DiphtheriaBoostrix [Tdap]GlaxoSmithKline
DiphtheriaAdacel [Tdap]Sanofi-Pasteur
DiphtheriaPentacel [DTaP-IPV/Hib]Sanofi-Pasteur
DiphtheriaDaptacel [DTaP]Sanofi-Pasteur
Haemophilus BMenhibrix GlaxoSmithKline
Haemophilus BHiberixGlaxoSmithKline
Haemophilus BPentacel [DTaP-IPV/Hib]Sanofi-Pasteur
Haemophilus BComvaxMerck
Haemophilus BPedvaxHIBMerck
Haemophilus BActHIBSanofi-Pasteur
Hepatitis AHavrixGlaxoSmithKline
Hepatitis ATwinrixGlaxoSmithKline
Hepatitis AVaqtaMerck
Hepatitis BPediarixGlaxoSmithKline
Hepatitis BEngerix-BGlaxoSmithKline
Hepatitis BTwinrixGlaxoSmithKline
Hepatitis BRecombivaxMerck
Hepatitis BComvaxMerck
Human PapillomavirusCervarixGlaxoSmithKline
Human PapillomavirusGardasilMerck
Influenza - H1N1RelenzaGlaxoSmithKline
Influenza - H1N1TamifluRoche Laboratories
Influenza - H1N1Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent VaccineID Biomedical
Influenza - H1N1Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent VaccineCSL Limited
Influenza - H1N1Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent VaccineNovartis
Influenza - H1N1Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent VaccineSanofi-Pasteur
Influenza - H1N1Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine MedImmune
Influenza - PandemicInfluenza Virus Vaccine, H5N1Sanofi-Pasteur
Influenza - SeasonalFluMist 2012-13MedImmune
Influenza - SeasonalFluzone 2012-13Sanofi-Pasteur
Influenza - SeasonalFluzone Intradermal 2012-13Sanofi-Pasteur
Influenza - SeasonalFluzone High-Dose 2012-13Sanofi-Pasteur
Influenza - SeasonalAfluriaCSL Therapies
Japanese encephalitisIxiaroIntercell
MeaslesProQuad [MMRV]Merck
MeaslesM-M-R IIMerck
MumpsProQuad [MMRV]Merck
MumpsM-M-R IIMerck
PertussisInfanrix [DTaP]GlaxoSmithKline
PertussisKinrix [DTaP-IPV]GlaxoSmithKline
PertussisBoostrix [Tdap]GlaxoSmithKline
PertussisAdacel [Tdap]Sanofi-Pasteur
PertussisPentacel [DTaP-IPV/Hib]Sanofi-Pasteur
PertussisDaptacel [DTaP]Sanofi-Pasteur
PneumococcalPrevnar 13Wyeth
PneumococcalPneumovax 23Merck
PolioKinrix [DTaP-IPV]GlaxoSmithKline
PolioPentacel [DTaP-IPV/Hib]Sanofi-Pasteur
RubellaProQuad [MMRV]Merck
RubellaProQuad [MMRV]Merck
TetanusInfanrix [DTaP]GlaxoSmithKline
TetanusBoostrix [Tdap]GlaxoSmithKline
TetanusKinrix [DTaP-IPV]GlaxoSmithKline
TetanusAdacel [Tdap]Sanofi-Pasteur
TetanusPentacel [DTaP-IPV/Hib]Sanofi-Pasteur
TetanusDaptacel [DTaP]Sanofi-Pasteur
TetanusTetanus Toxoid Adsorbed [TT]Sanofi-Pasteur
TyphoidVivotif Berna
TyphoidTyphim ViSanofi-Pasteur
Yellow FeverYF-VaxSanofi-Pasteur


  • tigchick36

    Thank you for providing this list

  • Jeffry John Aufderheide

    You’re welcome. I hope it is helpful.

  • Jagannath

    Great work! God bless you.

  • AC

    Thank you for this list. I was trying to download each PDF but when I got to the influenza ones it began taking me to a place saying the site i requested is no longer available so it looks as if someone isnt happy with this being linked to their site.

  • B

    You don’t list whooping cough

  • Rogue_Hand

    Pertussis is whooping cough.

  • Julia

    Thanks so much for this. Could you please possibly add Priorix, Priorix-tetra, Pediacel and Infanrix-Hexa? Thanks again!

  • catnip

    any inserts for anthrax shots???

  • megan

    How about Allergy shots. They have all that too. I had bee sting shots as a kid and had gut issue. then got shots for half the time and all of it returned. I woke up then! no more shots. no more evil med science. Study Homeopathy; also study oils and herbs.

  • megan

    oops. shots half the time as an adult… again. then woke up.

  • Ryan Marshall

    Don’t feel alone…I did about the SAME thing…then I overhead someone talk about Autism and vacs and I got curious, and ended up here…damn,,,NEVER again!

  • AutismDad
  • aranea

    Could you please add Priorix for MMR vaccine

  • Simon Green
  • dogitydog

    It’s ironic that they want you to remain asleep and unaware but their own actions are actually waking people up.

  • Sri Muruga Hollow Block

    Fine well check. Look us for sand making machine providers.

  • LeeAnn

    Dangerous, ignorant BS. Someone there either has pharma ties or they’re in denial.

  • B

    Why are vaccinated people so afraid of unvaccinated people? If it’s so safe and effective, why so paranoid?

  • VaccinatedAndSmart

    It’s called herd immunity. It’s not fear for ourselves, we won’t catch what you catch. We are not afraid of non-immunized people, we are amazed at the lack of concern or care you have for others. Herd immunity is to prevent disease transmission to children too young to receive vaccines or immuno-suppressed people (i.e. people that have cancer or other health problems) who cannot get vaccines.

    Have compassion for others and read the REAL studies done on autism and vaccines not ones written by someone that has millions of dollars to gain by spreading lies. (the author of the original autism and vaccine study had a patent on a new vaccine that did not contain the ingredient which he claimed was the cause.)

    If this gets deleted it will prove that you are not interested in truth or actual dialogue, just your own agenda.

  • shane

    I find it very intersting that main stream news outlets ie fox, yea im talking about you meaghen kelly and bill oreiley you obvious mouth pieces of Merck, completley disregard the evidence of adverse reactions and all the additives asside from the live virus they put in the vaccines, as minimal as these reactions may be they still obviously happen and are presented in the vaccine inserts of the mmr vaccine by the manufacture of this posion themselves. Its so sweet that they reassure the public that these vaccines are 100 percent safe and effective

  • shane

    Completley ignoring the facts that bad shit can still happen from taking these vaccines. I mean come on people how would you like to be the parents of a little girl or boy who ends up getting pancritus and ends up with diabeties from a mmr vaccine and the fucking government told you you have to give your child the vaccine. Truley dissgusting and i get there is a real teeny tiny chance of this type of reaction but dont you think a fair and balenced news organization would at least metion these potential adverse side effects but no no no . According to our loving govt measels are 100 percent efeective and there is no excuse for not getting your child vaccinated. I dont know about you but at the very least i would want to know if any potential side effects may be associted with any thing im about to put in my childrens bodies. And with that knoledge i can make an informed decision of whether or not i think as a parent its better to get my child immunized from measels or let there god given immune system fight it off and advode the risk of very serious side effects. Listen knowledge is power and do you trust people who i would bet my next pay check have read the inserts and then proceede to lie to us by saying theres no chance of any side effects hurting children really bad ,worse than gettin mumps and or measels. and scold us about not getting vaccines when fucking merck is the one paying there salerys do you understand what is going on here. If this isnt corporate sponsered propaganda i dont know what is. And look im not even arguing against mmr vaccines protecting against the virus but good lord if i feel i would rather risk my child getting mumps than any of the potential side effects which are way worse (just
    look at the damn insert) thats my choice ok. people if the govt isnt going to educate the public and the media isn either we need to educate ourselves of these potential dangers. It doent
    matter how small the risk ,there is a risk we are not being told about. we need to be informed about these risks and make up our own minds. Thank you god bless all of you email me at and i will debate any one who thinks the govt should mandate vaccines for everyone or just wants to disscuss vaccines at any level i have an oppen mind and definatly dont know everything but we deserve to know the negative as well as the positive when it comes to the vaccine issue. God bless everyone remember were all in this together and we need not divide ourselves because of varying viewpoints bit we need to have all the info we can get otherwise the media and govt can shape our reallity any way the want lets take back control of our reality

  • sebastian X There are many other whistleblower lawsuits going on by insiders (even if you believe in them–do you believe in THESE people?)

  • Jeffry John Aufderheide

    You must be equally concerned with the recently vaccinated around immunocompromised children.

  • John

    Thank you whoever posted this. The vaccine brain washing by the government has gotten out of control. People even deny these vaccines have adverse reactions when it’s in the insert. At my university, Queen’s University (Canada), a professor is about to get fired for talking about the dangers of vaccines. Everyone is against the professor, students and administration. It’s quite crazy.

  • logicrules

    Before you condemn the government for your misunderstanding of vaccines you should consider the source of your information; namely the writer of this blog, Jeffry John Aufderheide, a man who lies about his Navy career and claims vaccines contain aborted fetuses and mouse brains, and a leader of the anti-vaxx movement.
    You are placing a lot of trust in a fake oil huckster.

  • Jeffry John Aufderheide

    You must have access to my DD-214 form or testing your copy and paste function. Which is it?

  • joviss


  • Mommy08

    Vaccines do have aborted fetal cells in them!! What do you think human dipolid cells are??

  • Pedsmama

    Please cite where the government or other source “reassures the public that these vaccines are 100% safe and effective.” I would like to shut down that source of inaccurate scat immediately. Quite to the contrary, pharmaceutical companies are required to include any and all possibly-associated side effects found in study and review of vaccines. Medical providers are REQUIRED to hand out VIS (vaccine information sheets) with each vaccine, documents which describe in simple language which adverse reactions can occur. They state the approximate percentage of people that are expected to encounter mild, moderate and serious reactions. The documents have the contact information for the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effect Registry System) so people have a way to report reactions and there is a way to track reactions, even after the product has been approved for use.

    Shane, I just dont understand why you would wantva child to run a much higher risk of suffering a complication from mumps instead of risking side effects of the vaccine. Yes, the list of side effects can be scary, but please read up about the potential complications of mumps and other diseases. Then compare the incidence of those complications to the incidence of serious adverse reactions to vaccines.

  • AutismDad
  • AutismDad

    Daffy Duck….a perfect picture for a dumb duck/

  • AutismDad

    If they told the truth about vaccines the program would lose its power of persuation. Its based on lies, science, experimentation and cover up.

  • matt

    “Herd immunity” is a theory. And has been proven to have been debunked.

  • matt
  • AutismDad

    It won’t be deleted because it has no worth. Why is it Wakefield’s medical intervention of 12 severly ill children is the only “STUDY” trotted out every time? 12 children, no controls. That’s a study? That’s what PROOVES no connection? And they had to threaten the lives and careers of 13 medical researchers when they had this proof? Why, it was in the Lancet. It wasn/t hidden. And where has the study been disected and explained and shown to be WRONG. And provide links to your REAL studies so we can critique them. So thousands of children need immunization to protect a small number who are immuno-suppressed and those too young to vaccinate. Protocol is those instances should be to keep them isolated, not to expect the whole world to act. How ridiculous and impossible.

  • AutismDad

    We are suppose to respect and be impressed by vaccinologists who are pathological liars. By CDC, FDA and other government health agencies that spread conspiracy theories and think we can/t access VAERS or NVICP and see whats really going on. They really do view us as a herd. A herd of stupid, helpless, unthinking fools.

  • Josi

    “They really do view us as a herd. A herd of stupid, helpless, unthinking fools.”

    Who think they need to thin the herd.

    People should be outraged at the government, not attacking each other!

  • tgvas

    YES, we should all trust the Government, they really care about us!

  • llj51

    Hope this link works… it is St. Jude’s guidelines for inpatient visitation… note at the bottom of page where it states about anyone being previously vaccinated. So they know that even vaccinated kids/adults can shed viruses.

    Inpatient Visiting Guidelines

  • Tary Kristie

    Hey….the inserts don’t lie! I hope this guy sues you for defamation. I have my own personal experiences with vaccines and you are the liar here!

  • Nofun

    Anti-vaxx nonsense.

  • BCS

    What do the inserts from the actual manufactures have to do with the character assassination of an individual?

    This information is directly from the horses mouth. Why don’t you actually read the inserts and learn something, instead of mud slinging.

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