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4 Month Old Baby Donates Organs After Receiving 7 Vaccine Doses
Parents in Wisconsin are grieving over the loss of their infant son following routine vaccinations. Less than one day after[...]
More Evidence Proves Nutrition Beats Vaccines in Preventing Disease
Several doctors are beginning to speak out against the danger of vaccines. In her recently released bestselling book A Mind[...]
Why You Can’t Find Safe Vaccines
The very first vaccine was for smallpox. It turned out to be a disaster, increasing the death rates and incidence[...]
Life with Vaccine Injury: A Mother’s Perspective
What is it like to have a vaccine-injured child? Well, some days, it’s like hell on a bad day. Some[...]
The Dangerous Expansion of Adult Vaccinations
The primary focus for disease prevention for adults, in this country, continues to be vaccinations and the development of new[...]
New Study Warns of the Dangers of Multiple Vaccinations
Time and time again, VacTruth has published heartbreaking stories involving infants who have received multiple vaccinations in one visit. Many[...]

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