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Why You Should Never Sign the Refusal to Vaccinate Form
As traditional school schedules resume in the coming days, many parents are bringing their children to their health care providers[...]
What Every Parent Needs to Know About Back to School Vaccine Threats and Exemptions
Dozens of recent news headlines offer threats to parents that a back to school vaccine regimen is required for their[...]
The Dangerous Reasons You Should Never Give Your Baby Tylenol After Vaccines
By the time babies reach twelve months of age, they will have received about two dozen doses of vaccines, if[...]
UNICEF Vaccinates African Refugee Children with Combination OPV/IPV Vaccines as Part of Vaccination Experiment
In 2014, a report published by UNICEF revealed that, due to an outbreak of polio in Kenya, the charity had[...]
How Do US Vaccine Rates, Policies and Children’s Health Compare to Other Countries?
The United States has higher vaccination rates than any other country. The US also has very high infant mortality rates.[...]
The Failed MMR Vaccine Policies on College Campuses
Most states have enacted laws requiring college students to obtain the MMR vaccine in order to attend their universities. This[...]

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