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How the MMR Vaccine Caused My Son’s Encephalopathy, A.K.A. Autism
In 2016 I found myself waiting at a Colorado doctor’s office with my 12-year-old son, hoping to qualify for a[...]

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Children are Being Educated in School to Obey the Government’s Vaccination Agenda
Children around the world are being taught in school from an early age to believe that vaccines are safe and[...]
Social Ramifications of Vaccine Injury
When my son David was born in 2001, I was 23 years old and blissfully optimistic about the journey into[...]
Baby Foreskin Is Being Used To Make Vaccines
Warning: Some people may find the information in this article disturbing and the images graphic. Every year, some infants are[...]
Why You Should Never Sign the Refusal to Vaccinate Form
As traditional school schedules resume in the coming days, many parents are bringing their children to their health care providers[...]
What Every Parent Needs to Know About Back to School Vaccine Threats and Exemptions
Dozens of recent news headlines offer threats to parents that a back to school vaccine regimen is required for their[...]
The Dangerous Reasons You Should Never Give Your Baby Tylenol After Vaccines
By the time babies reach twelve months of age, they will have received about two dozen doses of vaccines, if[...]

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