Four Months of Critical Information is Missing from Alfie Evans’ Timeline

Baby Alfie Evans’ life recently came to an end when the Alder Hey Trust pushed to suffocate and starve him two weeks before his second birthday. Alfie’s tragic death raises more questions than answers – specifically why was hospital leadership’s so intent on ending Alfie’s life?

The publicly available court document appears to skip approximately four months of critical information, from May 2016 to September 2016. [1] You will see there was an indication Alfie was not right as early as July of 2016. [1]

Only Tom and Kate (Alfie’s parents) or medical records can fill this time period of critical events.

Alfie Evans’ Missing Pediatric Visits

My assumption is Tom and Kate brought Alfie to see a pediatrician for “well-baby checkups”. In the United States, that term is a euphemism for getting your child injected with toxic vaccines. As you can imagine, I noticed pediatric visits and evaluations strangely absent from the documentation.

Timing here is important. Why?

Personal experience has taught me doctors rarely attribute sudden health anomalies with vaccines. They normally classify neurological regression or illness following an injection as a simple coincidence. This fact is important – it could be one justification for not including the information into the court record.

Being a father of a vaccine-injured child has taught me to look a bit deeper.

Let’s first have a look at the metadata in Alfie’s documented timeline. We can then see why the timing of events during this four month period is significant.

Alfie Evans’ Timeline and Reported Sequence of Events (MAY 2016 – DEC 2016)

  1. May 9th – The timeline outlined in the court case for Alfie Evans started with his healthy birth at Liverpool Women’s Hospital on May 9th, 2016. It was reported that, “Alfie was a happy smiling baby who seemed to be perfectly well.” [1]
  2. June – No data.
  3. July [mid?] – The court document describes Alfie developed a “divergent squint” in July.[1]
  4. August – No data.
  5. September [mid?] – Alfie was seen by his general practitioner for his first developmental check. His mother was concerned about his smiles becoming less frequent and sleeping. [1]
  6. November 11th He was reviewed at the outpatient clinic in Alder Hey Hospital. On examination he was there found to be functioning in a range appropriate to a six week – 2 month old infant. An MRI brain/spine scan was arranged for 30 November 2016. [1]
  7. November 30th A consulting pediatrician noted “The MRI brain scan done [on November 30th] showed evidence of borderline delayed myelination for his chronological age and unexplained diffusion restriction along sensory motor cortex, the cortical-spinal tracts and fibres leading into the medial temporal lobes.” [1]
  8. December 14th Alfie was admitted to Alder Hey Accident and Emergency Department. His parents reported seizure-like activity. A microbiology test on a nasopharyngeal aspirate (NPA) showed rhinovirus/enterovirus. Alfie was diagnosed with acute viral bronchiolitis and a possible prolonged febrile convulsion. [1]
  9. December 15th Dr. “R” reported sudden unprovoked movements compatible with infantile/epileptic spasms. Midazolam which is a benzodiazepine was administered to Alfie. [1]
  10. December 16th An EEG performed on the 16th December 2016 confirmed hypsarrhythmia (electrical correlate to clinical epileptic or infantile spasms, disorganised EEG). Alfie was commenced on a different anti-convulsant, Vigabatrin. [1]
  11. December 19th Dr. “R” recommended a plan to transfer Alfie to the High Dependency Unit for non-invasive respiratory support. However, due to a rapid decline in his condition, Alfie was transferred to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). This was due to Alfie suffering from pneumonia. [1]

Vaccine Schedule Overlay on Alfie’s Timeline

Next I decided to overlay the United Kingdom’s vaccine schedule over Alfie’s timeline. I made several reasonable assumptions you need to be aware of. As I mentioned earlier, Alfie’s parents or medical records would confirm the following:

  • Assumption #1: Alfie visited a pediatrician or general practitioner.
  • Assumption #2: Alfie was vaccinated. UK vaccine compliance is around +90%. [2]
  • Assumption #3: Alfie was vaccinated on time in accordance to the UK schedule. [3]
  • Assumption #4: Alfie received all vaccines during his pediatric visits.

What follows is an overlay of the two sets of data.

If Alfie followed the United Kingdom vaccine schedule, he would have received 9 vaccine doses prior to his first developmental check in September 2016.  The doctors would have also observed and recorded these facts somewhere in Alfie’s medical records.

Please note this is the appointment where Alfie’s mother reported he was smiling less frequently and that, “…he [Alfie] was sleeping to an extent that had begun to alarm her…

Sleeping and lethargy are common indicators of encephalitis, a medical term used to describe brain swelling (also listed on vaccine inserts as a side effect).

The Concerning “Divergent Squint”

As we work through Alfie’s timeline, recall it was reported that Alfie had acquired a “divergent squint” sometime in July [see below]. [1] This condition can go by different terms such as exotropia, strabismus, or oculomotor nerve palsy and can be caused by viral infections (which Alfie had). [1, 4]

It’s well known in the medical literature that,

“Enteroviral encephalitis presents with wide range of symptoms…fever, headache, lethargy, drowsiness, altered sensorium, coma, … myoclonic jerks, oculomotor problems (nystagmus, strabismus, or gaze paresis), and bulbar palsy (dysphagia, dysarthria, dysphonia, and facial weakness).” [5]

As a matter of fact, some of these symptoms – including oculomotor palsies – have been observed with infantile paralysis (also known as “polio”, which is an enterovirus) since 1884. [6]


Another piece of the puzzle falls into on December 14th where a Nasopharyngeal Aspirate (NP) test showed Alfie was infected with a, “…rhinovirus/ enterovirus.” [1]

A day later on December 15th, Dr. “R” reported,

[Alfie] remained profoundly encephalopathic/comatose and remained unresponsive to central noxious stimuli (i.e. painful/ uncomfortable stimulation delivered via rubbing of cranial nerve exit points in the area of his eyebrows). [1]

To summarize what we know from this short analysis, we find that,

  1. Alfie had an obvious oculomotor palsy in his left eye;
  2. Alfie was infected with a rhinovirus/ enterovirus, and that;
  3. Alfie’s brain was swollen (with seizures)

Your Arrogance Blinds You

Here is the million dollar question: What virus type was Alfie infected with?

I regard this as a critical question to be answered. I also would expect responsible experts in their trade would have explored all possible angles, wouldn’t they? After all, Judge Anthony Hayden arrogantly wrote about Alder Hey Children’s Hospital that it is,

“… a recognised centre of excellence in tertiary neurology and neurosurgery. It is a well-equipped, new and extremely impressive hospital. It specialises in investigating and treating children with the most complex neurological disorders. The range of investigation that I have set out above has also to be considered in the context of the available facilities at this particular hospital, which can properly be said to hold world-class facilities.” [1]

A world-class facility would have world-class methods to isolate and identify Alfie’s virus.

The Liverpool Brain Infections Group, funded by pharmaceutical companies like Novartis and Sanofi-Pasteur, would have likely looked at Alfie’s scans. [7]

Yet, Judge Hayden writes,

It is recognised that all the doctors have come to the conclusion that Alfie is suffering from a neurodegenerative disorder. Nobody knows what triggered or caused this devastating erosion of Alfie’s brain…” [1]

I don’t believe his response or the analysis performed by the doctors for one minute.


As I stated in the introduction, Alfie’s situation has raised more questions than answers. What do the records at Alder Hey show? What do the records at Alder Hey really show?

Was Alfie infected with a vaccine-derived virus? July is same month where Alfie would have received his first round of vaccinations. July is temporally significant.

Which came first, the “divergent squint” or the vaccine?

My bet is Alfie received the vaccine first.

The circumstances in which little Alfie’s life ended can be used to help parents get a glimpse into those adamant on protecting a corrupt system.

Godspeed Tom, Kate, and Alfie…


  • After publication we were notified of two pieces of information. The first piece is a photo of Alfie’s vaccine records made available here.

  • A screenshot of Kate’s [Alfie’s mother] Facebook feed shows a General Practitioner visit on September 9th, 2016. Vaccine date timestamp match.


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Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of, he promotes well-educated health professionals, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.